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  1. im really glad the dude who still plays synchros has his user title as "forever evolving"
  2. crooked josh graham is out to steal your money. trust me, this book is yuge.
  3. please buy my $100 commemorative edition of my book where i talk about how im gonna take back yugioh from the crooked zoo players
  4. finally karakuri tomahawk can become even more inconsistent and messy thanks based konami
  5. the immigrants bought up all the pot of desires which is exactly what we were warned about
  6. dont talk about me like im dead wtf (also dont consider this post signing up for the game, i have honors application due in 2 weeks so i have zero time)
  7. the greatest meme of all is posting earnestly unironically.
  8. glad you have fun joining every game just to get heated but theres more to life than that
  9. shut up markus
  10. make the poll public so the 5 cowards who think yugioh shit is funnier can be outed
  11. soul is very cool and doesnt care about anything which is why hes still in this thread posting about how good he is and how good dgz was 5 years ago after i went to fucking school and came back. incredibly impressed with how much you dont care!
  12. soul youre literally a grown ass adult who for multiple (more than one) years now has only posted a variation of "heh, remember when it was 2010 and this forum was cool???" and you think youre qualified to talk about whether other people are trying too hard lol
  13. its the current year and grimey is mad about something and entirely incorrect. thank god for this bastion of normalcy in our uncertain world
  14. no victory dragon was banned specifically because of the tournament issues that arose with conceding before its effect activated. all the other ones that were printed illegal were made significantly later when konami already put the nail in the coffin
  15. this is actually the reason it got banned so i dunno why you think its worthwhile in any sense