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  1. i mean beyond the issues specific to myers-brigg static personality is in itself a myth. your personality is frequently changing as a result of events in your life and even things considered as immutable as introversion/extroversion can change
  2. static personality is a myth
  3. arguing implies a sense of resolution neither will ever be capable of having anyways nowadays im mostly doing school. im good at mafia. i play ffxiv in my offtime. ive dont databend art but thats kinda a pain to make look perfect. lotta stuff.
  4. the thing about the people i like least is i dont like to talk about them unless theyre being particularly bad i dont like hats very much heres another funny number: if youve ever heard of the rule of 70 (or sometimes 72) for calculating doubling time for compound interest, that is actually referring to the number ln2, 0.693, since its an exponential growth function
  5. i actually didnt dodge on twitter, i just replied to the original prompt so everyone could see it
  6. 142857 is a funny number because it is cyclic haha gottem.
  7. are you #woke to anime girls being bad if theyre not big ol dd boob havers serious replies only
  8. Soellbooks were another hybrid deck with Judgment, or after that if you were a casual noob, World. Yu-Gi-Oh has historically been very light on control which certainly has contributed to the current game.
  9. maybe if you were better at synchros you would have evolved to the point where you understand you need control formats for a slower game
  10. im really glad the dude who still plays synchros has his user title as "forever evolving"
  11. crooked josh graham is out to steal your money. trust me, this book is yuge.
  12. please buy my $100 commemorative edition of my book where i talk about how im gonna take back yugioh from the crooked zoo players
  13. finally karakuri tomahawk can become even more inconsistent and messy thanks based konami
  14. the immigrants bought up all the pot of desires which is exactly what we were warned about
  15. dont talk about me like im dead wtf (also dont consider this post signing up for the game, i have honors application due in 2 weeks so i have zero time)