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  1. no victory dragon was banned specifically because of the tournament issues that arose with conceding before its effect activated. all the other ones that were printed illegal were made significantly later when konami already put the nail in the coffin
  2. this is actually the reason it got banned so i dunno why you think its worthwhile in any sense
  3. victory dragon is actually just straight worthless cuz anyone who knows they cant out it just scoops before its effect becomes relevant.
  4. does anyone here really think tribe-infecting virus would be playable cuz in a world where raigeki and dark hole exist as nonstaples im failing to see where tribe does anything
  5. so dgz i had a dream last night where me and my family went on a 2 week holiday to Nice with the musician la roux and her family. When we went to pick up our hire cars, la roux insisted on having the larger and more comfortable car of the two. I suggested we swapped after the first week, but she flatly refused. I thought it was really selfish behaviour and, as a fan of her albums, she really went down in my estimations. i know it was only a dream, but there is no smoke without fire. dream journal 2k17 awaken
  6. dont worry though i promise there is probably a differential equation for something ygo maybe lets go on this journey and find out
  7. me. im gonna go to your event solely so i can crack this open and start reading it to you during my turn
  8. allen was just gonna add some meme choices but i said "no, it needs to be string input"
  9. youre welcome dgz
  10. thank you
  11. yeah emeral is p cool. the only other rank 4 i can possibly imagine being more than just blank spaces for going second is illumiknight and thats probably way too ambitious.
  12. thats not even how the song goes you piece of shit
  13. sucks to suck