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  1. Final Fantasy Tactics

    if you want more tactical choices focus on leveling out of squire and chemist. squire and chemist are really only good for hitting attack and throwing items. once you get magic users and archers the things you can do opens up dramatically.
  2. Forest Fire Mafia Sign Ups

    i have finals starting tuesday. also no one tag me for games ever, if im able and willing to play im also able and willing to click on the mafia section and find a game thats in signups, thanks.
  3. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    hey! dont fucking sexually harass people! dont fucking sexually harass people! dont fucking sexually harass people! dont fucking sexually harass people! dont fucking sexually harass people!!!!
  4. Which one of these two people should I hire??

    he was really hoping wed all come in and tell him its okay to get a bro job, but im the only one who came through. cowards.
  5. Goat Duel Review Thread

    the best way to wait for options is to not get options by not drawing cards. gonna offerings to the doomed myself for the most options ever.
  6. hi

    if anyone gives you shit tell them they probably liked rollercoaster tycoon at one point
  7. Which one of these two people should I hire??

    no girls in the store isnt a problem if you start giving and receiving bro jobs. think about it
  8. New Mafia Rules and Punishments

    also literally lol at defending jazz "im leaving the site cuz i think it sucks shit" "okay then you lose your staff position" damn thats not hard to get
  9. New Mafia Rules and Punishments

    dgz used to have it years ago on several iterations of software back but i doubt its coming back without some digging to make it work.
  10. March 2010 - Arvin Format

    nice meme dudes!!!!!
  11. Discord Categories Poll

    my girlfriend is visiting from australia in december and im gonna rawdog the shit out of her so actually yeah im like infinitely better than you lol
  12. Discord Categories Poll

    the caliber of people voting no is about what i expected lol
  13. heart reacts only

    unicode is public domain. different os's have different looks as an internal matter (ie the recent blowup where apple made gun a squirt gun and no one else did)
  14. Cat Mafia - Day 5 - :3

    *claims cop and lives multiple days* wow how come that guy was scum

    hey grimey dont you have pho servers to not tip