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  1. if you click on this topic you must post

    I can't remember the last time I posted here. What is life?
  2. SSB 4 (OP contains player list)

    Respect the thought, implementation sucks. At the same time if that's the case just make it a free bonus. Rosters should ideally be universal, so all forms of non-free or requirement-reliant characters are poor implementation really.
  3. Dueling Network

    That's a pretty massive "let them." That mistake they made easily changes the outcome of the game. It was a huge mistake as well, basically changing all kinda of things about the gamestate before deciding he wants to collect on those monsters. Willingness for a clean game should not require strait up rule bending on the part of either party.
  4. Binding of Isaac Rebirth

    My only tip is if you have any single-target damage items or whatever (i.e. Bob's Rotten Head) you save them for the Carrion Queen because letting it fuck up the map with a buncha red-poop is a huge problem once you're trying to dodge around and realize you're gunna take damage for no reason.   As far as the item-lookup goes, I would agree. The caveat in this case that I'd propose is this game offers a unique space in which I can have my cake and eat it too.   Due to have played the shit out of the first Isaac (all characters, chest, etc. didn't plat god because some things were boring and [insert mundane excuse here]) I know what every single base game item does, either via wiki-lookup or just using them. Because of that it means I enter this game knowing the majority of the item pool; while they really did add a fuckton of content the fact remains that the base game represents the majority of the content available.   Ultimately, I know enough of the enemies and content that I can afford to be unaware of the new content. I can grab poor choice items and still be able to actively correct a run even if new items cause me to falter, and when new items work out for me it's just way more fun.   In other news, I got the consumes-hearts version of Bum Friend and he was my fucking herooooo. Input red heart drops, output spirit heart drops. He makes Azazel insane and can provide major sustain to any run that is already successful. Speaking of Azazel he is easily my favorite.
  5. Binding of Isaac Rebirth

    So yeah that Boss Rush shit is insanely fun, if you shrekt Mom in 20 minutes or less (as in from start of game to finish blow under 20:00) you get access to a large room with four items. Taking one will cause the other 4 to vanish and then you fight allllllllll the normal floor bosses. All of them. In Mortal Kombat.   I mean this is probably old information because wiki's exist and therefore secret content does not but since this game still has that shining veneer of "new" on it I haven't been looking anything up that I haven't found yet and have been letting everything be a surprise. It's been a pretty great experience.
  6. Binding of Isaac Rebirth

    Well as far as I understood it if you got ringworm/wiggleworm you did a hit for ever individual twitch it made and could do circles inside of a boss' model in order to get major dps because of it's already weird properties
  7. Binding of Isaac Rebirth

    I dug the game in it's first form and I have a feeling I'll like this one, too. A lot of the new items and powers are absolutely sick. The Ludovico Technique looks like you can end up with all kinds of weird combos.
  8. if you click on this topic you must post

    Damn that sounds down honestly. ANNNNNND DITTO fuck that granular shit I actually remember watching someone legit try to like get a sauce going out of that. It didn't end well.
  9. if you click on this topic you must post

    What then topped this pasta?
  10. if you click on this topic you must post

    So in other news I binge read Monster (the old manga, Dr. Tenma and friends) and that was a very optimal use of my time. Especially on Hallow's Eve.
  11. gamergate

      This is a pretty great question as far as clarifying the issue goes, but I kind of wager, for NOT the knee-jerk reason people might assume, that it'd stay the same.   I feel like the misogyny bred the game(s) as opposed to the game(s) making people feel more comfortable with being openly misogynist, and that people coming from other media with the same kind of social equality issues (read: nerd shit full of power fantasies i.e. comics b-movies and all that) and that you kinda gotta cast the net bigger.   This is some serious shit that has been swept under the rug for way too long, but I feel like you gotta get even bigger than saying "gaming community is misogynist" and get a little more direct and truthful; pretty much every community centered around the kind of stuff that had a geek/nerd social stigma of some sort has similar, if not directly connected, issues with harassment and misogyny. Like I feel that whatever the reason for that being a recurring pattern is becomes the thing you have to fix.   Edit: This was a really shitty way of expressing a much simpler opinion that I realized I failed to express at all. Why did anyone think it was a good idea to take something that's a shitty part of society in general and then label in a gaming community problem? And I don't mean like "it's not their responsibility" I mean like "in hindsight people totally should've realized this would backfire."
  12. if you click on this topic you must post

    My professor assigned homework due online same-day before a certain hour. On Halloween. Friday. When I could be doing so many various social, non-soulcrushing things besides Geology. I've got the 1st-world-problems baaaaaaad right now.
  13. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Well see what it feels like everyone is implying at this point is that you just kind of lose if they resolve a deck fusion ever. Like how dismal is testing going that people feel like you've already fucked up if a construct reaches the board? There might be some unrealistic expectations of how much control this deck can exert over the gamestate going around, clearly. Realistically speaking they're going to combo and gain advantage at SOME pony regardless how much control we pack into our list of 40 because we've put in so damn many to begin with all for none of it to quite get the job done anyway. That's the only reason I even felt like speaking up about the Dark Core question anyway; the amount of control people are actually looking for over the gamestate against Shaddolls probably isn't possible at this point. You're just going to have to accept that a fusion is likely to resolve and you need to be able to clear threats and win despite that. That's the only reason to even out Dark Core into consideration (which I mentioned was a hugely debatable point because it doesn't advance your position).
  14. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    No yeah its a shitty phrase to describe a real thing. I just meant it doesn't have to be set first so I talked about it as being "agressive" were any sane person wouldn't just used "I don't have to set these." And also I can think of a way to rebut the point you just reiterated (I actually got a different vibe from his post as opposed to yours and suddenly this is all in a different light) because what other cards are left for gamestate control that someone can run... Which BA don't already? Like literally players are stuffing in all of the good discard traps, and Vanity's, and the good limited disruption, and they've tried main deck Vanity's Fiend and Majesty's Fiend already, like seriously what is left that we should be focusing on? I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you feel this deck is truly lacking in ways to control the gamestate at THIS point, find a side deck card you feel comfortable mainboarding post-NECH, or pick up Shaddolls, because I can't see much else to toy with. Maybe I'm just bad, but yeah honestly what more cards can this deck one to get any more out of turn 1 than what it already runs?