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  1. Barclays Premier League 2016/17

    I watched Wijnaldum for Newcastle a lot last year has bags of talent but also goes missing when it really matters. Definitely wouldn't say that I disliked him but not too upset that he left.
  2. Limited Format Discussion

    Yeah I think lsv would give it at least a 2 for effort Edit: Pack 2 Pick 1 Dovin Baan, Pick 2 Confiscation Coup in draft 1 hope I can pull it off Went 2-1 lost in round 1 to screw into flood should have gone 3-0 just need to run it back now Ended 11-4 lost last round getting flooded in all 3 games and ended up getting rolled Last post tonight because I'm knackered played this sick GW deck should have been a 3-0 deck can't help the way I lost though
  3. Limited Format Discussion

    Currently 7-2 at GP London Started out 2-2 with one bye and won out beating Petr Sochurek along the way with RW average stuff. sideboarding was weird mostly bringing in built to last and hijack for things like skysoverign and gearhulks.
  4. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Both were mirrors round 1 was screwed on 3 lands with double Gideon in hand and mull to 5 against perfect curve and then in round 7 I was losing in both games to evolutionary leap couldn't crawl back in game 1 and in game 2 I managed to win on the last turn in time to top deck 3 cmc or less creature into ormendahl for lethal also made top 4 of 2 PPTQs this past weekend with Andrea menguccis list. I don't think it matters too much which list you choose right now although I'd probably be main decking some amount of tragic arrogance/ planar outburst. i also have the worst tie breakers of all time
  5. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Went 6-1-1 at England WMCQ, finished 10th on tiebreakers Played GW Tokens, deck was great tiebreakers were not Creatures: 15 4x Sylvan Advocate 3x Hangarback Walker 2x Den Protector 2x Lambholt Pacifist 4x Archangel Avacyn Instants and Sorceries: 8 4x Dromoka's Command 2x Declaration in Stone 1x Secure the Wastes 1x Tragic Arrogance Enchantments and Planeswalkers: 12 4x Oath of Nissa 4x Gideon, Ally of Zendikar 4x Nissa, Voice of Zendikar Lands: 25 4x Fortified Village 4x Canopy Vista 8x Forest 7x Plains 2x Westvale Abbey Sideboard: 15 2x Evolutionary Leap 2x Lambholt Pacifist 1x Den Protector 1x Clip Wings 1x Hangarback Walker 1x Linvala, The Preserver 1x Stasis Snare 1x Tragic Arrogance 1x Planar Outburst 1x Declaration in Stone 1x Secure the Wastes 1x Hallowed Moonlight 1x Silkwrap Hope to get there next time though
  6. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Don't remember exactly the contents of the 6 but I would assume I didn't have much of an aggressive draw like Fleecemane into Anafenza which is what you need in the match up to stand a chance The new mulligan rule wouldn't have helped either as the hands weren't even close to keepable but i definitely would have kept a close 1 lander on 6 if I had those aggressive cards
  7. Constructed Standard Discussion

    He kept at 7. My 7 seven wasn't great then didn't see another land till my 3 card hand. Would have kept a 1 lander at 4 and 5 though just unfortunate the way the draws lined up. Even played an Elspeth in that game and would have stood a chance if I drew a tragic arrogance just before I lost.
  8. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Lost on the bubble at he English wmcq. Played abzan aggro lost to abzan control twice shame I had to get my worst match up at that point and had to mull to 3 in game 3. Deck list 4 Fleecemane Lion 4 Hangarback Walker 4 Siege Rhino 3 Den Protector 1 Warden of the First Tree 4 Anafenza the Foremost 1 Sorin Solemn Visitor 1 Ajani Mentor of Heroes 4 Dromokas Command 4 Abzan Charm 2 Heros Downfall 2 Ultimate Price 4 Sandsteppe Citadel 4 Temple of Malady 1 Temple of Silence 4 Windswept Heath 3 Llanawar Wastes 3 Caves of Koilos 3 Forest 2 Plains 1 Urborg Tomb of Yawgmoth 1 Mana Confluence Side 4 Thoughtseize 2 Self Inflicted Wound 1 Ultimate Price 1 Tasigur the Golden Fang 2 Elspeth Suns Champion 2 Tragic Arrogance 1 Surge of Righteousness 1 Glare of Heresay 1 Unravel the Aether Also played in the Pptq on the Sunday and came 9th by 3% on T2 tiebreakers player more or less the same list lost to Abzan control again and this weird GW aggro deck with main deck banishing lights and silkwraps Deck list 4 Fleecemane Lion 4 Hangarback Walker 4 Siege Rhino 2 Den Protector 1 Warden of the First Tree 4 Anafenza the Foremost 2 Wingmate Roc 1 Sorin Solemn Visitor 4 Dromokas Command 4 Abzan Charm 2 Heros Downfall 2 Ultimate Price 4 Sandsteppe Citadel 4 Temple of Malady 1 Temple of Silence 4 Windswept Heath 3 Llanawar Wastes 3 Caves of Koilos 3 Forest 2 Plains 1 Urborg Tomb of Yawgmoth 1 Mana Confluence Side 4 Thoughtseize 2 Self Inflicted Wound 1 Ultimate Price 1 Tasigur the Golden Fang 2 Elspeth Suns Champion 2 Tragic Arrogance 1 Surge of Righteousness 1 Glare of Heresay 1 Unravel the Aether Going to the other 2 wmcqs don't know how I'll do in the modern one but should be ok in the standard one
  9. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Top 4d the London rptq with esper Dragons. I'll do a full report when I have the chance to
  10. Preparing for the Tournament   My preparations for the event came the eve of the Pro Tour; I had little to no knowledge of the format, my block constructed experience came in form of watching people play Innistrad before the bannings of Lingering Souls and Intangible Virtue. To say I was underprepared at this point in time was an understatement. I barely knew what any of the cards did or even looked like but by the end of Friday night I was more familiar with the colour combinations and synergistic strategies of the block and felt comfortable with the deck choice I was about to make.   Watching Patrick Chapin play his deck to a 9-0 normally wouldn’t (or even shouldn’t) be enough to choose a deck solely on a day 1 performance. However, the way the deck was built was fantastic and to me the clear choice for Manchester.  Obviously Chapin went on to win the tournament with a decent amount of luck and playing very well as you would expect a hall of famer to.   Play testing was a very strange experience this time around I only left myself with a couple of weeks after picking a deck I liked. The first thing I did was drop a Mana Confluence for a forest (I’ll talk about how stupid this was later), dropped a Silence the Believers from the main and completely changed the sideboard. The first list as you can tell was not very good, didn’t work well together and probably I should have been losing more of my matches than I ended up losing. Most of my matches ended up about 50/50 after the first round of testing and gave me very skewed results especially towards UW Heroic and variants of that. The second part of my testing went a lot better with a lot fairer results in the aggro match ups but unfortunately not enough to make me change my deck which would go onto be the worst thing to happen since the deck to play that weekend was any form of Naya compared to Chapin’s Junk list. After this part of testing which was a week before the event I saw a lot more of cards like Ajani, Mentor of Heroes and Feast of Dreams, I also saw Swan Song being played in UW Heroic also which would be a feature of the weekend.   My list was starting to take place with a day or two before the event and I managed on Thursday daytime to watch Dzyl’s stream, it was great to get someone else’s insight on the deck since I felt I still had more to learn about the deck as well as some choices in the side. By the end of the stream he had 2 feast of dreams for the White aggro decks, 2 Arbor Colossus for multiple match ups, 2 Ajani’s in the main and 1 in the side and only 1 Bile Blight just to name a few interesting cards making up the numbers. I rode down on the bus with Levi and Max who were kind enough to let me stay in their room split 3 ways which was great considering how much it would have cost by myself.     Friday – Grand Prix Manchester Grinders   The first thing I want to show is the decklist that I had compiled over the 3+ weeks of testing and discussion with people in my area:   Main Deck 60 cards   5  Forest 3  Mana Confluence 2  Plains 3  Swamp 4  Temple of Malady 4  Temple of Plenty 4  Temple of Silence 25 lands 3  Brimaz, King of Oreskos 4  Courser of Kruphix 4  Fleecemane Lion 1  Reaper of the Wilds 4  Sylvan Caryatid 1  Polukranos, World Eater 17 creatures 1  Banishing Light 4  Hero's Downfall 1  Read the Bones 3  Silence the Believers 3  Thoughtseize 1  Unravel the Aether 13 other spells 1  Ajani, Mentor of Heroes 4  Elspeth, Sun's Champion 5 planeswalkers Sideboard 1  Arbor Colossus 1  Reaper of the Wilds 1  Ajani, Mentor of Heroes 2  Unravel the Aether 2  Bile Blight 2  Deicide 2  Drown in Sorrow 2  Glare of Heresy 1  Read the Bones 1  Thoughtseize 15 sideboard cards           At this point before the tournament there is so many reasons as to why my testing wasn’t very good it’s unbelievable, only 1 Arbor, 2 Bile Blight, 3 Unravel and 0 Feast of Dreams. Unsurprisingly I had my deck found out by Naya pretty quickly and got stoved into the ground by any aggro deck but I was very stubborn in my choice to play the deck despite all the signs pointing towards actually playing the Naya deck.   I bought an all day ticket for the event and went over to the vendors to sell pretty much anything for a price I thought was good. The first stop I made was to MTG Madness and traded 2 Cryptic Command and Sword of War and Peace amongst other bits and pieces and my mistake was undervaluing my cards to a point where I pretty much gave money away and after a little regroup decided to go over to Gamekeeper Online. I highly recommend these not only was the guy I was trading with very polite, their prices were much fairer and honest compared to the market and they have definitely earned my business again (They also gave away dice, sleeves, deck boxes and score pads). The next thing to do was to finally enter a Grand Prix trial. I was in GPT 10 and I sat down to find my opponent wasn’t here and didn’t turn up till he already had a game loss. When he did eventually sit down he chose to be on the play.   The match starts of slow with him making no play and I Thoughtseize away a Battlewise Hoplite and leaving him with 2 Brimaz, 1 Eidolon of Countless Battles and a RW Temple. The problem was I didn’t really have the land or spells to deal with anything. Maybe a mistake to keep my 7 card hand but I felt I had enough removal to draw into. My first decent play of the weekend came in the next game though I have a monstrosified Fleecemane Lion and not much else against a Brimaz with a bestowed Eidolon of Countless Battles and 2 tokens. I feel like I can get him by attacking with my Lion and then Banishing Light the Eidolon. This works out as he blocks the Lion and I Banishing Light, turns out he didn’t know what was happening and asks me if he could God’s Willing which he obviously can’t and I take control of the match with him on more or less nothing for the rest of the game till I kill him. He also asked me what he should have done which was probably  just chump with a token and keep my Lion back to block but even then my long game will be better as I have more removal and threats than he has threats and evasion.   My next opponent was at this first Grand Prix and you obviously feel like you can win these more than most but my match up turned out to be awful and I got crushed and knocked out very quickly. There wasn’t much to tell other than he played a Stormbreath Dragon then activated monstrous and then responded to my removal spell with monstrous which just shows how well this match was going.   That meant I was out and there was no other GPT’s happening at this point which meant I got a refund and 0 bye’s for the Grand Prix which was the start I didn’t want or need. The Friday night was very eventful however with me changing my deck first of all. This is the decklist I ended up playing for the Grand Prix.       Main Deck 60 cards 4  Forest 4  Mana Confluence 2  Plains 3  Swamp 4  Temple of Malady 4  Temple of Plenty 4  Temple of Silence 25 lands 3  Brimaz, King of Oreskos 4  Courser of Kruphix 4  Fleecemane Lion 1  Reaper of the Wilds 4  Sylvan Caryatid 1  Polukranos, World Eater 17 creatures 1  Banishing Light 4  Hero's Downfall 1  Read the Bones 4  Silence the Believers 3  Thoughtseize 13 other spells 1  Ajani, Mentor of Heroes 4  Elspeth, Sun's Champion 5 planeswalkers Sideboard 2  Arbor Colossus 1  Reaper of the Wilds 1  Ajani, Mentor of Heroes 1  Unravel the Aether 1  Bile Blight 2  Deicide 2  Drown in Sorrow 2  Glare of Heresy 1  Read the Bones 1  Thoughtseize 1  Feast of Dreams 15 sideboard cards   This deck was a lot better than my last one, the mana base was better the sideboard was as good as I could get it, the creature line up was great and probably the best part about the deck.  Although I did like side deck but I just had too many bad match ups to even think about day 2 never mind the top 8. There was also the fact that the England football match was on Friday evening and I wasn’t going to watch that without having a few drinks. Went down to the bar and managed to watch all 90mins of the garbage Rooney, Hodgson and Co. were serving up and somehow we won 3-0, went back upstairs got around 7 hours sleep in sweltering heat just what you need the night before a big tournament.       Saturday – Grand Prix Manchester   Took around an hour getting ready after I woke up wrote my decklist the night before but I needed to purchase a Silence the Believers, this one cost me £5 but I only blame myself for not getting the 4th one because i’m an idiot. The food court in the Trafford centre was fantastic and anything you wanted you could get because of the vast array of fast food places and great restaurants, for once food was never a problem that weekend. With everything sorted I sat down for the player meeting to a nice surprise. Glenn spoke on the tannoy about 2 packs of Worldwake under 2 random seats and to my shock as my luck with these sorts of things is terrible I find a pack under mine.     After they take the deck lists in I show off the pack to the people I came down with saying they couldn’t believe my luck, I was hoping this was an omen for the weekend. They put the pairings up and find I have to play somebody from my locals.   Round 1 – David Greenwood – UW Heroic I very quickly lose game 1 after he mulliganed to 6. Favoured Hoplite into Ordeal of Thassa is one of the better draws against me as we found out during testing and it was very demoralising for him to get it after a mulligan. I easily win game 2 after he stumbles on mana and God’s Willings and Ajani’s Presence. Game 3 went all the way, on the final turn of the game I have a Fleecemane Lion monstrosified on the field and Hero’s Downfall and Silence the Believers in hand but I only have 5 mana and just drew a Temple which I play and pass. He has a Fabled Hero, a Favoured Hoplite with an Aqueous Form and 2 +1/+1 counters and 1 card in hand which I believe to be a God’s Willing or Ajani’s Presence. He draws and plays an Aqueous Form on Fabled Hero and I respond with Downfall but he actually has the God’s Willing. Unfortunately that top decked Aqueous Form was enough to kill me but I can’t help feeling I threw away this game somewhere.   Matches: 0-1 Games: 1-2   Meet up with some other people who came down and most of them aren’t doing too well which is a shame but there’s enough magic to be played that you can crawl back from bad starts.   Round 2 – Tom Kellock – BUG Control   This was the match up I had the most experience with and felt very confident in it. I lost the dice roll and went second which is fine if they don’t get the Caryatid into Courser start. He got that start with some Thoughtseizes and Planeswalkers and I was scooping shortly afterwards. The second game was very one sided and involved me having Courser and him not having Courser and ended in a very quick game once I established control. Game 3 however was a very tense mid game that went to time with him having a Prognostic Sphinx and me having an Elspeth, eventually I get to ultimate Elspeth with time having just been called and kill him from 31 life after he gained a bunch of life with multiple Courser of Kruphix.   Matches: 1-1 Games: 3-3   Round 3 – Seenda Brug – Mono Red Devotion   Not much to say about this match other than I quickly 2-0 her with not any real resistance but she did steal my Brimaz and make her own copy and I ended the game on 5 life both times.   Matches: 2-1 Games: 5-3   Round 4 – Zhang Gong – Junk Constellation   Three very long games in this match which again involves me losing game 1 and making a comeback in games 2 and 3 winning in the end very easily. In all 3 games he had 3 or 4 Eidolon of Blossoms and multiple Courser of Kruphix on both sides. In game 3 though he takes my Drown in Sorrow with a Brain Maggot and he can’t really do anything else since at the end of the day Brimaz isn’t just a 1/1 do nothing.   Matches: 3-1 Games: 7-4   Round 5 – Nicholas Guidez – BUG Control   This is where I thought it would start to go badly for me I get a judge call me over before the round had started which is never good and we find out which card I was missing on my deck list (Reaper of the Wilds), So I start off the match with a game loss. I choose to play first and quickly finish off game 2 with him stumbling on mana and attacking with 2 Fleecemane’s and a Brimaz. Game 3 went a very similar way with him not getting past 4 mana and mulliganing in both games down to 5 and attacking with effeicient guys like Fleecemane Lion, Polukranos and Reaper of the Wilds. I was very fortunate this game and luckily my deck pulled me through it.   Matches: 4-1 Games: 9-5 (1 Game Loss)       Round 6 – James Cogbill – GWB Good Cards   Probably the match of the weekend and definitely the most dramatic of my card playing career so far. This match had everything misplays, sideboard errors, late drama, miscalculations and ultimate planeswalkers. Three very weird games that developed into a great match. In game 1 my running theme of mulligan into loss continues as I get repeatedly battered with a Fleecemane Lion (on the opposing side for once). Game 2 was me playing Elspeth and my opponent not having a sufficient answer or a credible threat and Courser of Kruphix gaining enough life to put me out of sight.   Finally in game 3 which can only be described as an instant classic if you were playing, there’s only 11 minutes left on the clock we both started playing Courser of Kruphix but I had mistakenly sided Feast of Dreams in instead of Unravel the Aether but I killed his first Courser with it so no harm done. He starts taking over the game with removal and Elspeth but I manage to gain a very important 4 life of my Courser. It gets to the point in game where i’m at 17 and I make an attack with a normal Fleecemane and 2 tokens at his Elspeth and he blocks with 2 tokens and a monstrositied Fleecemane. Then next turn he ultimates’ his Elspeth and attacks for game... However he has it written down that i’m at 16 and not 17, so I drop to 1 life and untap. I ultimate Elspeth immediately and play a Reaper, this keeps me in the game longer than it should and I eventually draw and Ajani and +1 into another Elspeth.  He eventually draws a Hero’s Downfall against my board of at least 12 Soldier Tokens, Courser of Kruphix, Reaper of the Wilds and the 2 Planeswalkers. He decides to kill the Elspeth which doesn’t matter at this point and we get the score in the picture below. Yes I went from 1 life to 101 with Elspeth in a Grand Prix when I was dead on board.       Matches: 5-1 Games: 11-6 (1 Game Loss)   I’m obviously over the moon since at points in that game I was pretty sure I was dead and somehow even besides my bad side boarding managed to scrape through by the skin of my teeth but this is where is really does start to go badly for me.   Round 7 – Paul Graham – RW Heroic   I wish I could say more than he just utterly destroyed me. Game 1 was very one sided as in the dark I kept a 2 Thoughtseize hand and not much else and got quickly dispatched with a Titan Strength. In game 2 it was a lot closer but he plays with 3 mana all game and beats my Elspeth with a Glare of Heresy after I block with the tokens, at this point he has 2 Phalanx Leader and Launch the Fleet and after that he also had double Leader and Coordinated Assault. I block in a way that makes me no die to a Ajani’s Presence or a Titan Strength but he has a God’s Willing so I lose regardless. Not much I could do in either game except draw a Drown in Sorrow but I didn’t and got crushed.   Matches: 5-2 Games 11-8 (1 Game Loss)   Round 8 – Richard Steedman – GWB Good Cards   These games were not very close, I win the dice roll which didn’t happen very often but I have to mulligan to 6 and find a very mediocre hand which leads to another game 1 loss with him opening up Fleecemane Lion into Courser into Brimaz and destroying me. The exact opposite happened game 2 which ended almost straight away with a couple of Fleecemane Lions and a Hero’s Downfall and in game 3 I realise that he hasn’t sided out his Sylvan Caryatids, which would usually put me at an advantage unless I draw pretty bad off a mulligan into an aggressive start from him. I eventually die on turn 8 to 3 Courser of Kruphix.   Matches: 5-3 (Dropped) Games: 12-10   After I dropped I sulk around for a bit before waiting for other people to finish their side events and get some food. Saturday night was Froch vs. Groves which I didn’t want to miss, so Levi turned on a stream we got some drinks in and watched Groves get knocked out in comedic fashion. http://gfycat.com/ConstantSpeedyDuckbillplatypus. There wasn’t much else to do other than sleep and look at conspiracy spoilers so I at least have an idea of what to do tomorrow.   Sunday – Conspiracy Draft and Meeting old Yugioh players   After getting a better night sleep than the previous day it wasn’t hard to shake off the disappointment of the day before, woke up at around 11, quick shower and packed up what I needed for today mainly the Worldwake pack in the photo from above. The venue isn’t that far away so we had time to have some food and walk over there. The draft started at 2:30pm, but I had time to chat to some people that i’ve known for years now which is one the best reasons for these event.   http://www.wizards.com/magic/magazine/article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/eventcoverage/gpman14/day2#16   When the draft started I thought there would have been more people interested, turns out who wants to see 8 random people nobody’s ever heard play some random draft nobody cares about. Can’t really blame by the middle of the draft I didn’t even want to watch anymore. The problems with limited get multiplied in these sorts of drafts; the power level of cards is far too steep such as Swords to Plowshares and Sulfuric Vortex. If you haven’t got a decent strategy or balance in your pool you’re going to have a bad time and if you took the time to learn the set or learned to play limited better, it’s a multiplayer game so they’ll gang up on you. However if you like multiplayer games with stupid mechanics and ‘interesting’ drafting styles then I suppose this is the game for you. Luckily this one was free because you’ll never see me paying for it. I did however give them some constructive criticism in that you can probably solve the format very quickly with stuff like the Traveller’s Cloak and lot’s of first pickable cards. Whether they take that advice or not though is another question. I’ve also posted the deck I drafted with the spare cards I got.   Everything Else   There is honestly not much else to tell really, I won’t be playing much magic until Standard becomes a proper format again Modern isn’t that great probably play a bit now and then if I can get a hold of the cards. The trip back to Newcastle is as depressing as you would expect with some fat Geordies making it miserable with the children they can’t control and it also being boiling for most of the trip and the driver not being arsed to turn the air conditioning on. If I was to sum the trip up I would definitely say it was mostly positive with some negative.   Pros   All the people I don’t get to usually see Being 0-1 to 5-1 England Winning 3-0 Froch beating Groves Conspiracy drafting before most people got to Being cheap enough so I didn’t lose that much money   Cons   5-1 to 5-3 Trip back home was awful MTG Madness prices Having to buy a Silence for £5
  11. Top 32 UK Nationals 2014

      Remember that I made t16 last year ;)   I gotta say congrats Bowman, you deserve this. Your report may have inspired me to come back into the game sooner rather than later!   Thought you T32'd sorry. Hope I still have a room
  12. Top 32 UK Nationals 2014

    Well played Alistair, nice to see people from our area doing well this weekend. You know especially after what happened Sunday. Shame we can't seem to get someone past top 32 like apart from Danny once. Also nice to see Stephens doing so well too (saying this here incase he doesn't make his own thread). Anyways I'll speak to you more Saturday I'll be in town getting ready for GP Manchester got some testing to do.
  13. I've started playing a lot more recently also almost got 2 decks together more than happy to help you out. Theres been a lot of interest from other people lately and when I next see john i'm going to ask him if he can set up a league or casual tournaments.
  14. Gatecrash Discussion

    [url="http://forums.mtgsalvation.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=138331&stc=1&d=1357166843"]attachment.php[/url] This has been leaked by mistake. So Thragtusk, Sphinx's Revelation and Elixir of Immortality are a lot worse now. This is a cheap, efficient and will likely be used in 4's in every Red based Aggro deck. Edit: Can't link the image properly, just going to have to click it instead
  15. Duelist League 14 Cards

    They were giving these out at UK nationals at the weekend. Apparently there aren't very many of them around and my friend has a playset of Kabazauls already. Don't think anyone took any of the other cards.