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  1. If your meta is full of zombies i would definately be playing 3 scape goats as they will be having a rough time getting through them, aslo TER is insane against them. Also i would consider dropping the 2 AK for 2 ZAborg. AK  looses much of it playability with exarion legal esp if your meta is full of zombies. Zaborg is a powerhouse try him out . I also would suggest trying out dekoichi at some point if you havent as itsfantastic. Additionally your side deck is kind of crazy. Berserk is pretty terrible and so is new doria the solemns seem out of place as do the enemy controllers. I would suggest looking throughout this thread to get an idea of what a proper side deck looks like , they have some great examples in here   - 1 brain control -2 AK +scape +2 zaborgs
  2. Newgioh Team Tournament

    2-0 over skully to complete the cycle
  3. Newgioh Team Tournament

    indego team jser12 2-0 over violet team doom engine
  4. Newgioh Team Tournament

    i(indego) got gyzarus29/natedog29(red) 2-1
  5. 1. jser12 2. central 3. Free agent  4. jser12
  6. Troop Dup Format - March 2007

    In terms of skill id say PCM is probably the most because of all the different options you have on a turn to turn basis. Standard Monarchs are pretty skill based too knowing how to get the most of your monarchs is really important and knowing whether to set treeborn/deko/spy/tomato is also pretty important. Gadgets and Machines aren't completely straightforward to play (especially the spy/raiza builds) but they are also not the most complicated deck in the format either. Generally Demise and standard Thero are pretty opening hand dependent. DDT is pretty under-powered in the format especially after people learned to play against it and Dustshoot  became a 3 of in every deck.(hence the lack of tops towards the end of the format) It can still win games vs the best decks but in reality it gets out tempoed by PCM Thero Machines and Gadgets. DDt is also pretty unforgivable if you dont play it perfectly.   Id recomend making 2 machine(a peddle and a raiza/gkspy build), a pcm , and a standard monarch deck and play those against each other maybe also some mirrors too of thoese 3 those are the most fun and less sacky match ups in the format imo. If youd like to play hit me up on dn jser12
  7. Troop Dup Format - March 2007

    Yo how did noone mention he forgot machine.dek in the OP?
  8. Top 10 TV Shows

    Game of Thrones The Walking Dead Survivor House of Cards Vikings Sopranos Homeland Nathan For you The League Friday Night Lights
  9. Vikings

    This show so far is vastly exceeding my expectations.  I highly recomend this to anyone debating whether or not to watch. When i first saw the commercial for this i thought it was going to be another corny medieval war series with shitty acting. Thankfully i was  wrong this show really has some potential and is made with amc quality, definitely my 2nd favorite medievalish tv show next to GoT, not on the same level but still very good in its own right. Cant wait to watch the rest of the season pan out.
  10. The Walking Dead

    Fuck Andrea
  11. Monarch - Discussion

    Havent had time to test this yet but in theory im really digging the idea of using a couple Obelisk because of how good it is vs firefist because of his body and immunity to pretty much everything except mirror and dhole. Your worrying too much about veielr into catastor,which i really dont see many ff playing, also now that windup is gone the amount of maindecked veielrs will decrease.  Also even though its not  completely insane vs mermail if you can play around divas they will have a bitch getting him off the field.   Also, as someone already stated fader seems pretty essential to set up plays vs mermail and samurai  to avoid otks and to keep bear from generating those +s.   I was thinking about maining raiza again now too since it can really put ff in a tough spot bouncing a trap booster to the top to make a dead draw and then running over their bear/tiger/gorilla ect. And I think mermail have alot of cards that can become spinnable dead draws, it can give mermail dead draws aswell like megalo or any atlantean if they have no way to discard it. Not to mention its pretty good at eliminating shiens/catastors/xyz ect     I really feel monarchs are going to be an excellent choice this format, now i need to go start testing
  12. Dino Rabbit - Discussion

    Because in DW it stops just Snoww and TGU, now let's say in WU or mermail a match where it shines, it doesn't do the same, vs DW TKings size is irrelevant unlike vs Mermail or WU, he also isn't cutting off an entire series of cards like Facotry, non Magician+Shark produced xyzs, abyss pike and Undine. Vs the mirror he is not hard to get over or clear, and is ugly to look at vs anything that's established. Dont forget about Snoww can easily run over TKR and Grapha also shits on it pretty hard
  13. Top 10 overrated movies

    Tron Legacy Avatar Sherlock Holmes 2009 Benjamin Button Gran Torino Shawshank Chinatown One Flew over the Coo Coo Nest Casino The Last Airbender
  14. Game of Thrones TV Show

    [quote name='Sir Faint' timestamp='1338460509' post='3195456'] [quote name='N e J i' timestamp='1338337908' post='3193876'] [quote name='Faint' timestamp='1338290762' post='3193470'] (not read the books...really need to but I'm on a student budget so can't afford them) [/quote] [url="http://diasworld.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/martin-george-rr-ice-and-fire-1-game-of-thrones.pdf"]A Game Of Thrones[/url] [url="http://www.polvoestelar.com.mx/babilonia/Libros/George%20R.%20R.%20Martin/A%20Song%20of%20Ice%20and%20Fire/02%20-%20A%20Clash%20of%20Kings.pdf"]A Clash Of Kings[/url] [url="http://diasworld.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/martin-george-rr-ice-and-fire-3-a-storm-of-swords.pdf"]A Storm Of Swords[/url] [url="http://www.polvoestelar.com.mx/babilonia/Libros/George%20R.%20R.%20Martin/A%20Song%20of%20Ice%20and%20Fire/04%20-%20A%20Feast%20for%20Crows.pdf"]A Feast For Crows[/url] [url="http://dl.get.freesoft.ru/7004522612/140054/A_Dance_With_Dragons.pdf"]A Dance With Dragons[/url] No excuses. [/quote] I fucking love you dude! [/quote] Anyway i could get updated links to storm of swords and a feast for crows?
  15. Magic Warring

    if anyone wants to play some cockatrice standard games hit me up if you see me on here or aim : chelebear621