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  1. Livin' In The Fast Lane

  2. itt i give you a marvel character 2.0

  3. Madolche - Discussion

    Yeah, an IF + Anjelly ends in Tiara, Leviair, and a Madolche also (That is if you have a ticket on the field, most of the time you'll add a Chateau though). It has so many uses, plus nuking the field is always nice when you are behind. At least try it out.   I hope I've helped! :)
  4. Madolche - Discussion

    Honestly Effect Veiler won't be a very strong choice come Primal, it's better sided. Especially for the Mirror Match to stop Anjelly/Hootcake. It gives Hootcake fodder, but with Anjelly we already get that pretty fast. Veiler just won't be a strong main deck choice.    You our also only need 2 Messengelato, with two it keeps all the ones you need and they are still re usable. With them being at three there will be more times you open them, even increasing the odds if opening them in doubles. So I'd cut this down to two, at that number you have plenty. Since with it you can rinse and repeat via Chateau and Tiara. You can either add them to the deck or add it and Mew to the hand.   You also only need two TGU, any more can lead to it being a dead draw. And you really only need one set.   I also think Dust Tornado is better sided, due to the fact you won't always want it against Artifacts all the time.   Consider maybe trying out 2-3 Mewfeuille, and 2-3 Rainbow Kuriboh. Also try Instant Fusion, it's pretty nice also. 
  5. [NEEDS UPDATE] Madolche - Discussion

    The Ghostrick engine is actually pretty good.
  6. [NEEDS UPDATE] Madolche - Discussion

    No, not every combo deck should be running Reckless Greed and Upstart Goblin. The only one that should be considered is Upstart, due to you still being able to draw after it's used. But as for Reckless, no it shouldn't be ran. Yeah it may be good to draw so cards, and occasionally when you open 2 it makes it even cooler. But chances are you'll only have one. This deck is not guaranteed to draw into something we can use with Reckless Greed like the other decks that use it. So if you draw into completely dead cards, and then cannot draw for two turns you'll be pretty much screwed.    I really don't know what's not clear to you, Reckless it pretty bad in here. But we've discussed this before, so please read it. Yeah Upstart is nice, and life points don't really matter, but Reckless doesn't apply there. There's actually a lot of ways to get over Tiaramisu, so it won't always be game. Although it does put you in a lot if a better place, since it will most likely be at 2700 and spin two cards.    Thats just my opinion on them. So in short, Reckless is pretty bad. Upstart is pretty cool.   I'm deciding to join this discussion because this will be my main deck for the rest of the format. 
  7. Dueling Network

    This guy says I'm stupid and a bastard. Lol.     He summoned ARK on his first turn BTW, before I had any monsters.
  8. Bujin - Discussion

    Vampire will be banned within a couple days he regains his posting ability.     He's like, literally almost the worst poster on pojo.   _____   Anyway, good job on the OP Telvin, looks really good.
  9. Evilswarm Ophion...?

    This post is literally the most ignorant post I've saw today. This is the absolute worst mindset you could have going into a tournament.
  10. Sharpest Man's Birthday

    (|:|)  Happy birthday Sharpman.  (|:|)
  11. I pos rep every post in this thread. AMA

    I enjoyed reading this a little bit too much.
  12. I pos rep every post in this thread. AMA

    I feel bad now, I didn't know I was that much of a rep whore.   ____ canasian: no, sorry I negged you. I positived you to fix it.
  13. I pos rep every post in this thread. AMA

    I think it's been a lot. Like somewhere near 30-40. Possibly more.
  14. I pos rep every post in this thread. AMA

    Were you temped to neg this post? v