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  1. vote nelrick i'm out of ammo i'm just going with my gut i can't say anything more
  2. This is so unbelievably dumb. If you don't understand why my claim is towny I don't know what else to do. I'm not nearly as good enough as a scum player as you think I am to emulate a town game like that for a week straight. I was the one who kickstarted day 1. When scum lies low I practically made the entire game about me. Scum doesn't do this. Especially without knowing what and how many investigative PRs are in the setup. That's suicidal for scum to do. I have the most powerful interactions with confirmed scum that we know of in the game so far. If you want to look through them they should be obviously genuine. I've heard of scum theatre but I've never heard of scum theatre that doesn't collapse after two phases or so. My play is archetypal for a townie. I encouraged conversation on multiple players even when we had that horrible weird dichotomy post that Kahu made to just wagon on. My day 1 is usually pretty hit and miss and I'm better in the lategame but this was definitely a hit game for me. It sucks to see it get thrown away like this just because I decided to claim a role when I wasn't even under any pressure to do it. I came into today with hard questions and logic but this didn't go how I envisioned it would at all.
  3. I've been doing these at basically random now, I don't think they're important anymore
  4. N1: iSlick. N2: Winter. N3: Markus. N4: Wunter. N5: Nelrick.
  5. I wish I had more to talk about right now
  6. Okay. That's really frustrating. This is also frustrating. Why can you "get" why I don't buy the above if you think I'm scum?
  7. Also, brb
  8. Do you still believe in it after our conversation?
  9. OK. Who besides Nelrick do you think it is? I'm kind of taking this as a given for now. What do you think of Francis' town read? Wunter? Me? My claim?
  10. Dude, I'm down for this vote and all, but the majority is 4 right now and we are clearly having issues that need to be resolved. You have voted like 3 people now. I'm worried that you're shutting down and you're going to keep changing your vote. Just unvote until everything is clear.
  11. Scum cannot "preserve stasis" there. This concept is getting a bit too pretentious for me to stomach. It's just luck based on if anyone on the Malcolm wagon reads the thread. There isn't anything advanced to this. If I were scum there I'd take the chance for town points as soon as I read that because it's the obvious vote. I thought it was Nelrick for sure and slightly leaning on Wunter being the second but your intuitive townread doesn't seem to fit with the style you said you played with earlier. You simply said that you do not do townreads and now you're going to risk the outcome of the entire game based on speculation. It seems like deep nonsense. I'm not sure how else to logic you out of it and I think you would have realized that your town read is just dumb by now. Take it from me. I know town reads. It's the basis for my entire play.
  12. I'm actually starting to believe that you're scum over Wunter because your posting right now is degrading in sense rapidly.
  13. 1. I don't know how to respond. This logic is flabbergasting me. Winter's post calls attention to Winter's claim already. Nobody needs help reading the thread to realize within 2 seconds that Crei is obvious scum after that post by winter. 2. Without outing X? What the fuck? There's literally no difference between Wunter voting Crei, then changing to Malcolm, or Wunter just voting Malcolm without ever voting Crei there. Either way it would be obvious he is a mafia.
  14. Your argument is boiling down to Wunter being on to vote = Wunter town. Others being not on to switch their vote = Others not town. This is forum mafia, not live chat mafia. Things aren't that convenient.
  15. No, he doesn't take that option away at all. He can always change his vote if Markus doesn't show up in your hypothetical scenario. (hypothetical because we have no clue what was going on in the scum qt at this moment)
  16. First sentence: Wunter can always change his vote from Crei to Malcolm. Nothing stops this. Second sentence: Okay. How does this make Wunter's vote towny. You said it yourself. Scum wouldn't want to sacrifice anyone but Markus.
  17. ...? So? Who cares? Are you saying that if Wunter was scum they'd have sacrificed Markus instead of Wunter? Why? Wunter was under the radar and quite a few people were pushing on Markus that day.
  18. confirmation bias you are completely throwing out legitimate criticisms of your townread that doesn't make sense forgive me for thinking so, but after your performance for this entire game this doesn't seem like something i'd have expected for you to do as town here
  19. Someone has a role claim that basically confirms crei as scum, then someone else decides to vote on Malcolm anyway? This is total confirmation as scum from everyone who votes Malcolm after that post, especially in synchonization with crei
  20. The amount of confirmation bias you're using to justify this spurious townread is starting to seem uncharacteristic.
  21. Lol? For every person who votes Malcolm there another scum is confirmed. If they need your vote, tough shit. Do you honestly think scum is going to throw 3 members to get rid of one mislynch? This is asinine.
  22. OK. He could have done nothing at all. Then crei and Markus would have still blitzed the vote, but he wouldn't have gotten any town points for jumping onto the lynch. Out of all of the things in this thread that you choose to out gutsy intuitive townreads on you choose one of the most basic decisions for any player to do. Your thinking is shortsighted right now.
  23. This is reaching. You're assuming incompetence from the scum team. Are you really scumhunting here or are you trying to fill a narrative that's already in your head?
  24. Wunter's vote has no impact on anyone else's vote there. Fact of the matter is that anyone who was on the thread when Winter claimed would have done the same thing. I was practically kicking myself when I logged onto DGz and saw that not only had Tyranno pushed the vote to L-2, but scum blitzed the vote solely because I decided I wanted to go to sleep early.
  25. I don't understand what about the Malcolm wagon makes you TR Wunter, necessarily? From where I'm standing the expendable scums who already looked terrible blitzed on a wagon because everyone else who was voting on it was already asleep. Once Winter claimed his role, it was incredibly obvious that crei was scum. The ONLY play for anyone who was reading the thread was to vote Crei that day. If I was awake when that happened, I would have switched. If Slick was on the thread when that happened, he would have switched. If tyranno was on the thread when that happened, he would have switched. And I'm damn certain that scum would also vote crei there. Logically any townie would so scum has to follow suit unless they want to reveal themselves, like Markus did. Worst of all is that I think you know all of this already, or should, anyway. Your posting has sucked for two phases now. As soon as MYLO has started you've been pushing some logic that isn't very thought through at all.