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  1. Care Bears Mafia signups

    NVM don't put me in put the other guy
  2. Care Bears Mafia signups

    put me in goach
  3. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    Ok, I'll move forward with writing my game, thanks
  4. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    @Malcolm Are you going to be ready to host next game or should I get ready?
  5. Care Bears Mafia signups

    I have power back so I'm available as a sub
  6. Care Bears Mafia signups

    https://www.sfchronicle.com/california-wildfires/article/PG-E-issues-unprecedented-power-shutoff-watch-for-14498454.php I would really love to play but I don't want to flake due to losing my power. I messaged Walia on Discord and asked him to sign up as a regular played instead of sub but I don't know if he's seen it yet
  7. Care Bears Mafia signups

    OK bad news, I received word that power in a few counties, including mine, will be shut off for a week starting in a few days, so out
  8. Care Bears Mafia signups

    i did love the first table i joined, soah was one of the best players i've ever played with
  9. Care Bears Mafia signups

    when this section inevitably dies again i might, i'm an on and off player. if i do i'm not joining a mash cause i realized i've never liked them
  10. Care Bears Mafia signups

    my tag was "remember" i only played 1 good game and 1 game that made me switch off it (zork's LOTR game, i flaked lol)
  11. Care Bears Mafia signups

    i know u from universe
  12. Care Bears Mafia signups

  13. Broken's 1st aftergame thread

    i usually err against "mechanically or statistically optimal" plays in this game for a variety of reasons, some of which i tried to explain during the game, i just dont think were gonna agree
  14. Broken's 1st aftergame thread

    also i'm not gonna comment on the setup balance but i'm seriously disappointed that you called this setup bastard. insane psychologist? town vig? there isn't a single bastard role in this game
  15. Broken's 1st aftergame thread

    dude now u cant use that anymoe