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  1. I'll take the tie with the Walia modkill as our d1 lynch over killing townies
  2. You must read the writing on the wall with how eod played out
  3. With so many people reading and NOBODY posting it's obviously DADT, and saying "He hasn't been here" when he has is just a bunk defense, he's been reading without saying anything
  4. We're tied right now so somebody move
  5. BB has 3 with jazz's vote
  6. rei has been reading the thread for an hour look at the user list, saying he's not here is a cop out
  7. Or were you just posturing for when Francis flips town without actually meaning that?
  8. How does this progression make sense MBA
  9. Thanks for waiting an hour to say that. I don't even think rei is playing a towny game. His progression doesn't line up with his vote. I think I'm gonna keep my vote on you. None of this is making sense to me.
  10. Jazz, you're literally not making sense. You said Francis should have realized this is TvT - He did because he wanted to lynch rei over BB and said so several times Then you said he never voted off of BB except to self - when I point out he voted rei you said it doesn't count because it's close to eod? What?
  11. You interested in lynching rei or not? You, myself, and Francis would do it. Unless it isn't in your best interest.
  12. He's voted rei twice
  13. Quoted for page 31 re: Francis
  14. This misrep is just sad And I've been trying to load your post history and my internet is simply chugging, but even if you posted a comment about rei you really aren't doing anything about it now
  15. He's literally been voting off bb's wagon all day and nobody is biting
  16. I don't know, I'm just getting confident that this is TvT and I know that certain people who aren't seeing it should have seen it by now
  17. I think rei has had a horrible day with a progression that doesn't make sense tied with his vote and I think Jazz needs to die for not pushing on it, since it seems to be one of his favorite pastimes
  18. BB, you're impossible. Everything you disagree with is suddenly anti-town or the most retarded thing you've ever seen. Try to see someone else's perspective for once
  19. There's no sense of urgency at all around these wagons, scum has just set up a cross between two townies to die and have gotten complacent, that much is obvious