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  1. [img]http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/310103_287484617939767_117042784983952_963643_69528328_n.jpg[/img] FLYER HAS SLIGHT ERROR Tournament is gonna be $10 entry Prize is GUARANTEED 2 Boxes of Photon Shockwave to the Top 4(1 Box to First place, 12 Packs to second, 8 packs to 3rd and 4 packs to fourth), With Store Credit and other goodies[i] IF[/i] turnout is as expected. (Will Payout to top 8 and/or increase Top 4 prize IF turnout is as expected) Please come out if you can we are trying to make this one as big as possible Tournament is on Saturday Dec 3rd @ 5:30pm (registration) Decklists required/Adv format Store has a duel terminal Is also a videogame/magic the gathering store. Game Corps 2920 Buffalo Road Erie, PA 16510 [size=4]Phone: (814) 899-2673[/size] [size=4]Email: [email="gamecorpshq@gmail.com"]gamecorpshq@gmail.com[/email][/size] If u have any questions you can also ask here.