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Found 2 results

  1. From a world of data was born two beings. One being a being a light formed from nothingness, and formed to destroy itself. Another being, made of darkness, formed from a spurg of data, with no goal it caused balance, salvation as much as destruction. By nature the two beings hated each other. And during their fight came a being of chaos and madness a fusion between the light and the shadow, and that being formed a name for itself, Unitymon. Unitymon stopped the fight between light and darkness and formed a new world.The digital world. And yet the three legendary beings were soon rusted a away by new technologies and new powers led by dark creature formed and fought . And during this conflict a silent whisper in the wind awakened form the ground awakening into a secret lair. “Castlemon, bring me the digivice” said cold humanoid figure cloaked in a bed a stars and hand made of shadows. “Yes master, Dominionmon” said a small robotic figure with a alligator skull a cat-like silver body, holding on a platinum platter a blue device holding a screen showing Dominionmon himself in a form similar to that of the gameboy and two buttons on the bottom, up top held a scanner and on the very left held a card swiper. “Perfect” said the star cloaked emperor as he held in out into his hands. And then he swiped the top, Dominionmon suddenly disappeared of the screen suddenly the real dominionmon burst into a flash of light. Out of the flash of light a new being, holding a specter of shadows in one hand and star in the other and great dragon descended with wings of silver and gold and a bronze body. “Master, Dominionmon?” asked Palacemon. “No not Dominionmon” said the dragon “I am now Stellardramon”. Then Castlemon asked a question “But now that you are out of the digivice who os going to the human world?”. Stellardramon smiled aand ate Palacemon. The robotic cat alligator faced digimon disintegrated in a second and then an egg showed up in his place. Stellardramon swiping the digivice at the egg watched it disappear and the appearance of an egg appeared on the digivice. Then a screen from behind Stellardramon blinked on. “Hello, Stellardramon” said a female voice from the computer. Immediately the dragonoid digimon began barking order “Itorimon, open the gate to the digital world. “Yes sir” sated the computer changing to a picture of Earth. Stellardramon dropped the digivice into the computer. The second it touched the screen it passed through it disappearing from the world of 1’s and 0’s. “What now master?” asked the computer. “Now, Itorimon, it’s time for project SILVER_GATE”. “Yo, Hakuto” yelled a bombastic voice from across the room “Wanna check out my new Digivice!”. The voice came from a spiky brown haired teen wearing a blue shirt and an athletic wrist watch that held the time and fitness rate of its wearer. “In a second Fujito” said another boy this time wearing red and white holding an old digivice in his hand under the desk and beginning to walk towards his friend. “The new Great Miracle device eh.” he said to the spikey haired helper “Those are pretty expensive. How long did you have to save for it?”. “Well I was originally saving up for the Genesis Spiker, you know the one with Miraclemon and the like but that one got out of print and with the Star Killer on it’s way out I couldn’t really get any, besides this one just called to me. Weird right!” said Fujito response. “I know what you mean Fujito. Sometimes i wish the monster were real.” replied Hakuto. Fujito let out a somewhat forced laugh “Yeah but think of the property damage.” responded the brown haired boy. “Yeah I know” replied Hakuto. “So you have any new ones?” asked Fujito. “No not really, maybe saving up for the Red Spiker. And with all the chores mom’s making me do. It’d only take a week” joked Hakuto. Somewhere “It’s awfully stormy today isn’t it.” said a gruff brutish voice. “Yeah it seems no to be large enough for a digital transference.” said a female voice. “No no it isn’t. But it’s odd don'tcha know” repeated the gruff one. “Well they aren’t very common are they. We should expect some regular storms now and again.” countered the female voice. “Yeah but still” the gruff voice trailed off as the storm flew over into a certain young boy’s locker. Later “Yo Hakuto, you wanna eat lunch with us” asked Fujito. “Yeah I’ll come in a second” said Hakuto opening his locker and out of it fell a blue toy. Hakuto picked it up “A Digivice toy. With an egg in it. I Haven’t seen this type before” he commented “But who the hell would put it in my locker?” he sighed. The egg in the device pulsated. “Nothing to show who owns this. It doesn’t have a namer. And they put it in my locker… is this … a … present?”. Hakuto stared at the item for a few seconds “Come on Hakuto Your gonna be late!” yelled the spiky browned haired buddy of Hakuto’s. Hakuto put the digivice in his locker “I’m coming I’m coming!” At home “The hell was this in my locker” said Hakuto to himself. He looked at the egg it seemed to have hatched. He tapped the second button, a bunch of statistics appeared on the screen Pulimon Stage:Baby Power:-1.5 Guard: 1.2 Chances in combat: .0001% Evolution: UNREADY The newly hatched digimon, a silver and gold blob with one eye and distinct similarities to Butamon, played around and jumped in circles. “This is surreal” said Hakuto looking at the stat screen. “Well whoever owns this egg and device. Better have told them it hatched.” he repeated to himself. A older female voice rang up to Hakuto “HAKUTO! HAVE YOU DONE YOUR HOMEWORK!!”. “Yes, mom” said Hakuto “I’ve done my homework. Finished like half of it at school!”. “WELL GOOD!” the female voice yelled up “YOUR FRIEND FUJITO IS HERE”. “Tell him to come up!” yelled down Hakuto. “Alright” she said simply as the blue shirted hyperact barged into the room. “Yo Hakuto!” yelled Fujito “What’s that new Digivice you got!”. ?Hakuto looked at Fujito right in the face “I honestly don’t know. I found it in my locker and then it hatched.” he said honestly. He then said” And then there’s this.”. He opened the menu again, and showed it to Hakuto. “What the hell?” he said confused “Negative stats. 00001% chance of victory. Is this from fricking China?”. “I don’t know.” Hakuto replied “I found it in my locker.”. “Eh some kid probably gave it to you as a prank!” Hakuto exclaimed “ You should probably throw it away.”. “Nah, I’m gonna keep it” said Hakuto. “What?” yelled out Fujito “That thing is probably made out of Chinese Glue and Sweatshop Labor worker skin! I doubt it can even evolve!”. “Hey look it’s ready to evolve.” said Hakuto ignoring Fujito. Hakuto pressed the second button again. The screen flashed a bright light and went blank. Then data whirled around the disk. Finally a new monster appeared the screen. Hakuto clicked the second button to open the menu. Settlemon Stage: In-Training Power:2 Guard: 2 Chances of Winning: 5% Evolution: UNREADY. Fujito peered over Hakuto’s shoulder. “At least it has normal looking stats now.” he said as the boys counting hanging out oblivious to the storm clouds forming overhead
  2. Digimon Frontier Au bubbles (not really anything concrete yet) - Opens with Takuya trying to go to the Train Station but is stopped by a mysterious humanoid creature calling itself Flamemon. - He then encounters Koichi calling himself "Ghost" and cynically commenting on Takuya's outift. - Takuya and Koji then meet up with Flamemon who believes himself to be Takuya and is trying to convince Takuya not to go to the train. - Sudden attack by Duskmon - Takuya takes the digivice and it changes to a new design causing Flamemon digivolves into Meramon and hit's Duskknightmon causing it to reveal it was an illusion created by amysterious masked man and his partner Trailmon - Meramon vs Trailmon fight - Now they can't go on the train cause it's already left and they are too busy fighting Masked Man. - Some hiding Flamemon (whose convinced he's the real Takuya). He then breaks down crying at the fact that his family won't even recongnize him) - Takuya befriends Koichi who takes him to visit his mom who actually told him about the divorce. - Had an encounter with his brother. - Doesn't Wanna talk about it. - Takuya is bro. He understands. - They begin researching a symbol on Masked man jacket - They find it's connected to the TRAIN MAKING COMPANY GoingLoco (hint towards later digimon) - They attempt to go to the building but it's blocked by guards. - Suddenly digimon attack. - It's a Tsukaimon - Game of hunt the Tsukaimon beofre it causes more trouble - Capture Tsukaimon - Tskuaimon befriends Koichi. - Koichi get digivice - Suddenly Monzemon attack - Meramon can't handle it. - Tsukaimon digivolves to Bakemon to take it down. - Combo - The two decide it's their job to fight evil digimon who enter the real world. - Masked Man watching in the backround. - Sinister Smile - If this sounds like Tamers, it kinda is. - Except Takuya ain't Takato. Masked Man ain't Rika. And Koichi definently ain't Henry. - Fight with Devimon - Meramon and Takuya have an arguement of which tactic to use causing Devimon to escape. - Devimon plotting - Dark Fog envolps the city - It's Takuya and Flamemons fault - The two are still fighting over who is the real Takuya. - Agnst over not feeling like he's real. - Meramon glitches out and is possesed by Devimon who fuses with him to make Hellmon - Hellmon vs Koji - Doesn't go well - Hellmon tracks down Takuya to kill him. - Attack Takuya's brother. - Reminds him of Takuya - De-Fuse - Now it's Flamemon and Devimon - Takuya evolves Flamemon to Meramon - Compromises to work toghether - Meramon beats Devimon - Turns to egg. -Fog still there though - Ominous Lucemon face - Now Takuya's brother (who I'm naming Akira) now knows about digimon but nobody thinks it's real. - He like 8 btw. - Meanwhile study the fog time. - Turns out to be code - Suddenly a beam of ICe is blasted at the protagnist. - Fire Blast from Meramon to counter. - Nearly hits Koichi - The two argue a little and then just apologize - Meanwhile Akira's at the park - Mom comments on the fog "Awfully foggy these days" - The other kids tease him for seeing monsters - Frustratedly he peels a stone tablet off a rock - Here comes Lucemon - Congrats Akira you awakened Satn - Well he has amnesia. - Basically Yuma and Astral - A thing pops up on Masked Mans Mask - Dark Trailmon attack - Turns into your worst fear reveal. - Through monolouge - Takes form of Azulongmon - Mini Rant from Lucemon Minus Memory "Why does this being have such a pull on me? Does this have something do with my past?" - Akira tries to protect Lucemon - Azulongmon attacks Akira. - Lucemon tries to help - Akira gets digivice. - Lucemon digivolve into Balanancemon - Literally half Angemon half Devimon - Reveals its just Dark trailmon. - Continue fighting - Takuya and Flamemon sees whats going on - THEY FREAK OUT - Meramon and Balancemon + Bakemon beats Trailmon. - Forced to retreat (Masked Man) - Shows Takuya his digivice. - More hiding antics - Escpiically sesne Akira wants to show everyone Lucemon. - Sudden shot of Masked Man - He's working for some shadowy figure - Cute interaction between him and Dark Trailmon - Now Takuya has to go to school - And Flamemon watches. - Turns out Koichi's going to his school - Meets up with a girl named Furika - Intrested in the ocean - One kid in class notices Flamemon without him knowing - Some of Takuya's hyperactive brother and Lucemon - Lucemon acts like Astral and Akira's Yuma - Just love their dynamic. - Masked Man and MAster - This times he's videoing to him - It's revealed digimon are coming to the real world throught train portals. - A digimon named Kumamon is there. And it's his job to hunt him down. - It's revealed Masked Man is the kid who noticed Flamemon. - Puts on Mask which counts as sensor. - Takes out odd gear on his backpack. - Gains eyes - Digivolves to Dark Trailmon - Takes off - Kumamon sends him on a big chase and end s in the school forcing him to try to hide both DarkTrailmon and Kumamon - Takuya discovers this and has Flamemon attack DarkTrailmon. - Flamemon tells Takuya Kumamon''s a good digimon. - Kumamon creates a massive fog. - Some fighting between DarkTrailmon and Meramon. - Meramon breaks Masked Man's visors - It's kid in the classmate - It's his best friend - Meramon can't attack him - Takuya rushes towards him to find the kid - Flashback to explain why they're friends - His name is Misuno Harashi btw - Other subplot is that the marine biology girl is the newspaper club and watches the digimon fight but nobody believes her becuase she doesn't have pictures as she lost her camera. - He escaped and Kumamon escapes leaving Takuya in a state on confusion - IT's revealed that Kumamon is in fact Misuno's boss - And he's working with 3 other digimon. - Lobomon, Silphymon and Beetlemon - To bad Takuya - Now it's Akira's episode - He hangs out with Lucemon and Takuya and Flamemon - Then suddenly fog creeps in. - Then Beetlemon attacks - Akira evolves Lucemon into Balancemon and Lucemon wonders in Beetlemon is part of his past. - Meramon is unable to attack Beetlemon cause it was his friend. - Beetlemon reveals it too has a digivice and uses it's secret purification power causing Balancemon to become an Angemon - Severly weakened by the lack of his Devimon half - Beetlemon becomes Metalkabuterimon and completly bloodthrisrty - Meramon still unable to attack - MEtalkabuterimon nearly kills Angemon and Akira but is stopped by Kumamon who is Yandere for Akira. - All around a really bad day for the two. - Meramon and Takuya get into an arguement - It winds up turning to Misuno - The two apologize - Meanwhile Mamiko the newspaper girl watches them, with her camera this time but it's destroyed by Kumamon - It then rearanges into a digivice which Mamiko picks up noting it's strange and then returns home - Mamiko is attacked by a Ranamon the next day while she is holding her digivice. - She sees it's purification button and remebers when Beetlemon used it to weaken Balancemon. - She uses it on Ranamon and she comes back to her senses. - "Where am I" - Takes Ranamon under a playground as something begins chasing after them. - Turns out to be Silphymon - Silphymon challanges Ranamon to a beauty contest and has a few digimon she pulls out - Ranamon is still very vane so refuses to not support the beauty contest. - Now there forced into a beauty contest in Silphymon's weird ass pocket dimmension - They go into a glammer tank and do to nervousness Ranamon de-digivolves to her true form Betamon - Mamiko decides to help her out. - Turns out do to some evil monlogging from Kazemon in her mirror to Lobomon that Ranamon holds something that would allow her to digivolve that can only be given up throught a contest. - Betamon comes out and the judges are revealed (Seadramon, Renamon, and Kartenmon) and Betamon uses her pheramones to atract SEadramon winning the round thank to Mamiko's strategy. - KAzemon is super frustrated at the this and breaks her mirror revealing a flashback that while in the state of Darkness it was controlled by someone Lobomon calls "the great enemy" - Nest round judged by Renamon - Kazemon wins - Ranamon feels hopeless and they overhear KAzemon's evil plan - Once she spirit gains the thing from Ranamon, she'll kill them both and attack the city - Mamiko and Ranamon get worried - Nest round showmanship - Judged by Kartenmon - Bribery - Ranamon puts on a rain show attracting Kartenmon - But She's injured during Kazemon's wind show so thus can't do an immpressive move - KAzemon wins - But Mamiko reveals her secret trick - She spotted Ranamon bribing and took a photo of it. - Kazemon destroys the camera - Mamiko yells it's expensive - This triggers the secret switch sending her with the monster she was gonna use to kill Ranamon - Ranamon is now Betamon and Mamiko's partner