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Found 43 results

  1. Goat Format Exclusive Discord Channels

    I'm proud 2 announce we've diversified our ygo channels on our discord so ur Goat format discussions will no longer get clogged with current meta discussions and vice versa. https://discord.gg/YYTzE29
  2. Please answer the above poll. I plan on bringing back DuelistGroundz Yugioh warring in the near future (maybe in 2 weeks if I get everything figured out). "Warring" for those who don't know, is the act of forming online teams of Yugioh players and battling each other for pride and for prizes. It's obvious that our two most popular formats here are the normal, Konami-approved, advanced format and the 2005 Goat format. What I am trying to figure out is what extent there is overlap in the interest of these formats. That is, do most current format players like goat format as well? Do most goat format players like the current format, or are they playing goats specifically to avoid the current format? The way that people answer this poll may affect how I decide to combine or separate current format/goat format warring, so please be honest (no one is going to judge you if you admit to liking or not liking a format). For the purposes of this question, assume that goat format would be without Exarion Universe. In the poll, "strong interest" indicates a format that you know you would be excited to play. "Mild interest" describes a format that you ordinarily don't play too much, but you think that there is a pretty good chance that could learn and enjoy. "No interest" indicates a format that you know that you would not enjoy (ie you probably have tried it and hated it). For example, I have answered "mild interest in current format, strong interest in goat format" because I enjoy goat format very much, but I also would be down to learn a bit about the current format and play some matches from time to time, even though I wouldn't consider it to be as good as goat format.
  3. How to Side in Goat Format ~from the Perspective of a Goat Player~ As the most popular retro format and still growing, Goat Format has been explored to an extent that few formats ever have. While the community is smaller than the Advanced TCG, being an ‘eternal’ format has one serious advantage: time. Over the past few years we’ve witnessed the perfection of the Standard Goat list by Kris Perovic, the establishment of credible Tier 1 challengers, improvements to various rogue decks, and advances in tactical theory. Gone are the days when Goat claimed the top spots in virtually every tournament with little resistance. But does that mean the Goat archetype has been displaced from its Tier 0 pedestal? Is it time to rename the format to reflect this new reality? As an avid Goat player, I believed the answer to these questions was an emphatic “no,” and thus I set out to learn the lost art of ‘How to Side in Goat Format.’ During the final few months of Dueling Network’s glorious existence, I worked tirelessly with a testing group of Quantumman, TheAntiMetaAzn, and Tin_Glissando to perfect the side deck for the Standard Goat list. We had two big goals in mind. First and foremost, we wanted to win the post-side matchups against Goat’s two most consistent challengers: Chaos and Zoo variants. Second, yet equally crucial, we wanted the side deck to handle a vast array of rogue decks, including Dimension Fusion Turbo (DFT), Monarchs, Burn, and all the Alt-Win decks of the format. To cover these bases, we sought versatility above all else. Cards that specifically countered a single matchup, even if more effective than another option, had no business in our side deck. As Tin_Glissando likes to say, the Goat Deck should be like Water: fluid, elusive, and relentless in its pursuit of eroding the opponent’s resources. Without further ado, here is the list: The most striking aspect of this side deck is how it fits alongside Kris Perovic’s Standard Goat list: all the ratios are perfectly balanced. Every card in the side is either present in 2 copies, is the 3rd missing copy from Perovic’s list, or is limited to 1 in the format. Aside from the aesthetic value, none of these cards would necessarily be terrible choices in the main deck. These are some of the best cards in the format that didn’t make the cut in Perovic’s list because they were subpar in the mirror match. But damn are they versatile. That’s great for us, because our side is meant to improve the dozen or so non-mirror matchups we might encounter, and to hard-counter Chaos and Zoo variants. The other theme to note is how this side deck is suited to work cohesively within the game plan of the Standard Goat list: to grind out advantage while being able to play conservatively or aggressively at any moment. This side deck fine tunes the Standard Goat list, but it does not stray from its higher level concepts. In the next section of this article, I will discuss each card individually and note the decks it is particularly suited to counter. Then, I will briefly review cards that were considered but ultimately did not make the cut. To conclude, I will delve deeper into the Chaos and the Zoo matchups, noting which cards I might replace from the main deck, along with my thoughts on how to combat those decks. D.D. Assailant (Zoo, DFT, Zombie, Gate, Ben-Kei, Rescue Cat)D.D. Assailant is our answer to aggressive decks against which Exarion Universe and Airknight Parshath are ineffective. In the Goat Mirror, it fails to punish Sheep Tokens, but versus decks that lack Scapegoat and Chaos Sorcerer, D.D. Assailant is an excellent lead attacker. Notably, it allows the Goat player to play aggressively against the Zoo player--to strike for damage and establish field presence without the fear of being overpowered by a Berserk Gorilla. It also clears the field of pesky monsters such as Abyss Soldier or Mystic Swordsman LV2. Finally, against Dimension Fusion variants, D.D. Assailant fuels your own banished pile with a big booty. It is truly amazing how strong D.D. Assailant is in these matchups. After years of naively thinking it was a useless relic from 2005 lists, I have come full circle to believing D.D. Assailant is one of the most valuable cards in my side deck. D.D. Warrior Lady (Zoo, DFT, Zombie, Gate, Ben-Kei, Rescue Cat, Empty Jar) As I alluded to above, D.D. Warrior Lady is the one card that stands alone in the side deck because it is limited to a single copy in the format. However, it is effectively the same as D.D. Assailant in its use as a lead attacker, and it can be searched out via Sangan, which mitigates the inconsistency factor. In a pinch, it has the added ability to banish smaller monsters in battle--one example might be if it manages to attack a Morphing Jar in the Empty Jar matchup. Most importantly, D.D. Warrior Lady is an excellent replacement LIGHT monster when 2 Airknights or 2 Magical Merchants come out of the main deck. Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive (Goat, Chaos, Monarchs, DFT, Burn, all OTKs, possibly Zoo) I have an unnaturally deep affection for this card. Dekoichi is the only card I consistently side for the Goat Mirror. I want it in my deck any game that I am going first, because I will generally be ‘up on the summon’ and won’t have to use normal summons to clear set monsters. Dekoichi is a card I also want against any alternative win-condition deck, because I want to dig to my outs such as Dust Tornado, Delinquent Duo, and Trap Dustshoot as quickly as possible. Where this little train truly shines is against Chaos variants--because while those decks deal well with face-up attackers, they struggle against face-down flip floppers such as Dekoichi, who become imposing floaters. Against decks that do not use Thousand-Eyes Restrict or Mystic Swordsman LV2 to clear set monsters, I will take my Dekoichis to war every time. Mystic Swordsman LV2 (Burn, Seal Lock, Gravekeeper, Last Turn, Empty Jar) Perhaps better than any card in the format, Mystic Swordsman LV2 can handle passive decks that rely on floodgates and face-down monsters to extend the game. Being Level 2 is a huge asset, and having 900 ATK is nothing to scoff at when attacking directly. Mystic Swordsman puts pressure on those decks like nothing else, and the only option they likely have to stop it are your typical battle traps. It’s debatable whether it would be an effective card to use against Chaos variants, but I would argue it’s not, because I would prefer to side Creature Swap instead. Creature Swap (Chaos, Seal Lock, Gate, possibly Zoo) Creature Swap is my favorite card to side as a Goat player, because it builds on what makes the Goat deck unique--its use of multiple Scapegoat. One advantage I have as a Goat player going against rogue decks is that I am the only player using Scapegoat, which means I can use 2 copies of Creature Swap quite easily. When I have Sheep Tokens, Tsukuyomi, Sangan, or Sinister Serpent, Creature Swap becomes a potent weapon that non-Goat decks will struggle to guard against. It’s particularly effective against Chaos variants, as they are somewhat passive, they are prone to telegraph plays, and they have the juiciest monsters to steal. Against Zoo, I might not use it for fear of Solemn Judgment, because stealing their generic beaters isn’t that great, or because they might have floaters such as Mystic Swordsman or Sangan to contend with. However, I would strongly consider using Creature Swap against Skill Drain builds. Scapegoat (DFT, Gate, Ben-Kei, Rescue Cat, possibly Zoo) Having a 3rd copy of Scapegoat in the side feels like a very safe choice. Despite the fact that OTK decks are typically prepared to counter it with cards such as Lightning Vortex, Tribe, and tramplers, it is still fairly effective. The 3rd Scapegoat makes your Metamorphosis plays more reliable and consequently allows you to remove Magical Merchants from your main deck for Dekoichis, which can inflict damage more quickly. Against Zoo variants, I am a little more hesitant to include the 3rd copy of Scapegoat, although I am much more likely to do so if I suspect Skill Drain. If I want to use Creature Swap against Zoo, I would certainly include the 3rd copy of Scapegoat. Dust Tornado (Zoo, Burn, Seal Lock, Gravekeepers, Last Turn, Empty Jar)I have been siding the 3rd copy of Dust Tornado for as long as I can remember, and it never seems to let me down. In a slow format with a single copy of Mystical Space Typhoon, the 3rd copy of Dust Tornado is an absolute must to handle floodgates. It’s surprisingly useful in rogue matchups, especially in contrast to other Traps which are much less effective. I would strongly consider using it against Zoo as well, if anything to hedge against the possibility of Skill Drain. The fact that Standard Goat already mains 2 copies of Dust Tornado means we are somewhat committed to the ‘Dust Tornado Strategy’ to deal with traps, which not only makes it easier to side the 3rd copy, but also makes it easier to exclude Jinzo, Mobius, and Royal Decree, saving valuable space in the side. Seven Tools of the Bandit (Zoo, Seal Lock, Last Turn, possibly Burn) Seven Tools of the Bandit was one of the final additions to the side, and I have to give credit to Kris Perovic for being the first person I saw using this card in Goat Format. What Seven Tools does better than any card is negate Solemn Judgment, which is otherwise one of the most difficult cards to answer in the format. Solemn Judgment is what arguably makes Zoo a consistent Tier 1 deck. It took me a while to appreciate this, but Seven Tools fills a very different role than Dust Tornado. Instead of trying to guess which S/T you need to destroy, you can make aggressive plays backed by Seven Tools without incurring much risk. Crucially, this allows you to take monsters with your Thousand-Eyes and follow up by pressing with an attack. Seven Tools also allows you to get more use out of your Dust Tornados by holding them for cards like Premature, Call, or Snatch, as you would in the Goat Mirror. As a final bonus not to be overlooked, Seven Tools almost always wins the 1-for-1 trade with Solemn when you consider Life Points. A timely Seven Tools on a Solemn can flat out win the game. We can also expect to get decent use out of Seven Tools against decks like Seal Lock, Last Turn, and possibly Burn, because like Zoo those decks rely on Solemn Judgment to counter your best counters. The greatest drawback to siding Seven Tools is that the Life Point payments could begin to add up, considering Premature Burial and Delinquent Duo are usually staying in every game. Trap Dustshoot (Chaos, Monarchs, DFT, Seal Lock, all OTKs) Just as D.D. Assailant best plays the role of lead attacker in some matchups, Trap Dustshoot best plays the role of trap-based monster removal in other matchups. I often use Trap Dustshoot to replace my Sakuretsu Armors in matches I don’t expect to get much use out of them. For example, against Chaos I am far more concerned about removing monsters before they hit the field, because what they do in the Main Phase is more threatening than what they do in Battle. Another advantage of Trap Dustshoot is the fact that it is chainable. If a Monarch player uses Brain Control, we can disrupt a tribute summon with Trap Dustshoot. If a DFT player uses Giant Trunade, we can prevent a Chaos Sorcerer or Bazoo from loading the banished pile. The major drawback of Trap Dustshoot is, of course, the 4 card in-hand requirement to activate it. This is somewhat easier to accomplish against decks that use Thunder Dragon, and luckily those are also the decks that Trap Dustshoot tends to excel against. Finally, we have the option to use Trap Dustshoot when going first against any type of opponent, but I would advise against it in most cases, as drawing into Trap Dustshoot late game is unbelievably frustrating and very difficult to manage. Other cards that were considered: Jinzo - For Burn and possibly Zoo. Not worth the investment considering the existence of Spell floodgates, Solemn Judgment, D.D. Assailant, and Exiled Force. Replacing Airknight Parshath with a non-LIGHT is not ideal. Conflicted with Dust Tornado. Turns off your own battle traps. Ultimately we decided not to play any tribute monsters against Zoo because of the pressure the deck exerts and the ever present threat of Solemn Judgment. Mobius the Frost Monarch - For Burn and possibly Zoo. Similar problems to Jinzo. Like all Monarchs it is weak to Tsukuyomi and not good with Premature Burial and Call of the Haunted. Very redundant with Dust Tornado. Zaborg the Thunder Monarch - For Chaos, Burn, and being a LIGHT. Like all Monarchs it is weak to Tsukuyomi and not particularly good when targeted with Premature Burial and Call of the Haunted. Certainly a more viable choice to replace Airknight being LIGHT, and having a more relevant effect against your more typical decks in the format. However, Airknight is either strictly better or we are better off with no tributes + DDWL as the 5th LIGHT. Asura Priest - For Chaos, possibly Goat, and being a LIGHT. Strong synergy with Creature Swap, but it was too difficult to find space for 2 copies in the side and dropping to 1 copy seemed superfluous. If we want to improve the usefulness of Creature Swap, we are better off bringing in the 3rd copy of Scapegoat, as it covers more matchups. Asura is a fun card, but a bit redundant with Exarion. In testing, it was surprisingly fun to use as the attacker against Chaos because the deck has few outs to it, but ultimately it was not worth the space. Blade Knight - For Chaos, Zoo, Alt Win, and being a LIGHT. One of the first components of our Toolbox, I think even before we understood how important D.D. Assailant was. It seemed to be good in every matchup, but like Exiled Force, it wasn’t great either. It could take out facedowns against Chaos or Alt Win, but quite unreliably because you could easily have other monsters on your side of the field when you need to use it. It could take out Exarions and Abyss Soldiers against Zoo, but that’s all it could do, and only late game when you had a small hand. We gave a little extra credence to Blade Knight because of ‘Smokescreen Zoo’, a deck that converts from Zoo to Chaos. Des Koala - For Chaos, Alt Win decks, or being in a spicy mood. I always liked the idea of having a little burn in the side deck as a surprise. Ultimately it was too similar to Dekoichi but not as good. Don Zaloog - For Alt Win. I believe hand disruption is the best strategy to take down alt win decks, and this card would have worked well with either a Warrior Toolbox or Tomato-box engine. Conflicts somewhat with Trap Dustshoot. Ultimately we didn’t have room for it. Exiled Force - For almost any matchup, or almost no matchup. A largely neutral play, yet always solid, its greatest strength is to repurpose Call of the Haunted and Premature Burial when we take out the Airknights. This was the final card cut from the side deck along with Reinforcement of the Army, and the two of them were replaced with the 3rd copy of Scapegoat and the 2nd copy of Mystic Swordsman LV2. This eliminated the mini Warrior Toolbox we originally had, yet allowed us to see Mystic Swordsman LV2 at the same frequency against Burn decks. Most importantly, this final change created an extra slot to insert the 3rd copy of Scapegoat. Mystic Tomato - For Zoo and to establish a Tomato-box. Strong synergy with Creature Swap, but conflicts with Scapegoat. Ultimately not as strong as the D.D. monsters and useful in fewer matchups. Its strongest advantage over the D.D. monsters is against Skill Drain builds. Newdoria - For Zoo and to establish a Tomato-box. Has similar strengths and weaknesses to Mystic Tomato. Night Assailant - For Zoo and possibly Chaos. While the ability to soft-counter Delinquent Duo is a nice luxury, this card is simply inferior to Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive. It is also somewhat redundant with D.D. Assailant as monster removal against Zoo, or with Creature Swap as monster removal against Chaos. Spirit Reaper - For Alt Win. Similar to Don Zaloog, but Reaper sneaks under battle floodgates to boot. Ultimately we didn’t have room for it. Brain Control - For Zoo and possibly Chaos. This card would have worked especially well with 2 copies of Mobius the Frost Monarch, replacing either 2 Airknights or Call of the Haunted and Premature Burial. Ultimately, it is too similar to Creature Swap and requires 2 additional slots devoted to Monarchs to get the most out of it. Mind Control - For Chaos Turbo. This card seems great in theory, being able to banish Sorcerers or disrupt flip-effect monsters. In practice it has two fatal flaws. First, it always returns flip effects to the opponent, meaning they can still hurt you with Book of Moon or Tsukuyomi. Second, it is not a versatile card in this format, only being useful in the Chaos matchup. Reinforcement of the Army - For almost any matchup, or almost no matchup. Establishes a mini-Warrior Toolbox any time at least 3 warriors are sided in. I realized it was effectively not worth the space because it required us to use Exiled Force as the bridge warrior in every matchup. Rarely did we want to use the D.D. monsters and Mystic Swordsman together, so despite having so many Warriors, we were not using the Toolbox to its full potential. Smashing Ground - For Zoo. A solid removal card that could clear out Abyss Soldiers and Exarion Universes reliably. It also sets up Magician of Faith for some early game usage in a pinch. Ultimately it is good but not great, and only works well in one matchup. Bottomless Trap Hole - For Zoo, DFT, Zombies. Another solid removal card that has the ability to functionally replace Book of Moon in its use against Breaker the Magical Warrior. Ultimately the card is a horrible top deck and plays awkwardly in a format with Priority and little emphasis on Special Summons. Ceasefire - For Chaos, Burn, Alt-Win. One of my favorite cards from back in the day, but difficult to justify without time being an issue. As a one-of, it’s difficult to rely on this card. It seems fun, but not necessarily appropriate for the goal of this side deck. Raigeki Break - For Burn and all OTK decks. A solid, chainable removal card that has added synergy with Thousand-Eyes Restrict, and has the extra ability to clear your own field clogged with Ojama or Sheep Tokens. Works much better when combined with Night Assailant in the side. I might have included it had I been more concerned about Alt-Win than Chaos and Zoo. The fact that this card fails to double as a card I would side for Chaos or Zoo really hurts. Royal Decree - For Burn, Last Turn, and possibly Zoo. This card conflicts with and is redundant with Dust Tornado, which we have already devoted 2 copies to in the main deck. Unlike Dust Tornado, it does not deal with Spell floodgates. Against Zoo, it could potentially turn off many of their bets cards, but it could just as easily grant you an unplayable hand. Ultimately too much of a double-edged sword and not enough synergy to make the cut. Sakuretsu Armor - For Zoo. A solid removal card that also protects your Life Points, unlike Smashing Ground. The reason I exclude it is because we already run 3 very similar cards in 2 mained Sakuretsu Armors and Mirror Force, so adding a 4th such card might be ‘too many cards that do the same thing.’ Zoo decks are also known to side Mobius the Frost monarch these days. It could possibly make the cut in a future version of the side deck. Solemn Judgment - For almost any difficult matchup. This card could be an answer to anything your side deck doesn’t already cover, but paying half of your Life Points is generally a very steep cost. Of course this cost is minimized against Alt-Win decks, as your life point totals are typically less important to them. The fact that we are not playing a particularly aggressive deck makes me skeptical of using Solemn. I didn’t test this card very much, but it could be worth revisiting. I think I would want to side 3 copies to get the most out of it, so I don’t know how to fit them without drastically altering the entire side. How to approach the Chaos matchup: The typical Chaos deck wins by maximizing the effects of Graceful Charity, Card Destruction, and Chaos Sorcerer before the Goat player can establish control. The deck leverages mathematical probability to get to these cards as quickly as possible by deck-thinning. Thunder Dragon is an integral component of this strategy, but so too are 3 copies of Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive and Magician of Faith. Chaos consistently pushes the envelope, putting pressure on the Goat player to respond to its actions early and often. This can either be incredibly successful or it can backfire badly. If either flip-effect monster is purged by Nobleman of Crossout, the deck gets closer to its power cards. There is little downside to this strategy because Chaos does not depend on Magician of Faith to be a LIGHT for its summoning requirements. In my opinion, the biggest weakness of the Chaos deck is its linearity. With so many cards run in 3 copies, the deck lacks versatility. Every game follows a similar pattern, culminating in the reliance on Chaos Sorcerer to establish field presence. Usually this practice works well for the Chaos player, as Sorcerer is easy to summon, has excellent stats, and has one of the best effects in the format. Not surprisingly, some players attempt to prevent Sorcerer from dropping in the first place, using cards like Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer or Soul Release to banish LIGHTs and DARKs from the Graveyard. I find this strategy to be completely underwhelming. I approach the Chaos matchup from a different perspective, asking the question: ‘How can I exploit the deck’s dependence on Chaos Sorcerer?’ The answer I came up with has three components. First, I want to adjust my monster lineup to be less vulnerable to Sorcerer. This is actually fairly easy. Since Sorcerer only banishes face-up monsters, cards like Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive are effectively immune to its ability. Second, I want to adjust my trap lineup to be more appropriate for the monsters in the Chaos deck, including Sorcerer, which typically become floaters before they attack. This means I will get more mileage out of a card like Trap Dustshoot than Sakuretsu Armor. Dustshoot provides tremendous leverage over the deck’s linearity, often leaving the Chaos player with an extremely predictable or very poor line of play. As a bonus, Dustshoot is easier to activate because Thunder Dragon inflates the size of the Chaos player’s hand. The third and final component of my side strategy is to capitalize on the Chaos deck’s lack of field presence outside of Chaos Sorcerer. The best card for the job is undoubtedly Creature Swap, which allows the Goat player to convert floaters, Spirits, and tokens into permanently stolen monsters. Not only does the Chaos player lack Scapegoat to thwart Creature Swap in a chain, but the deck is often behind on pace before Sorcerer drops. The fact that the Chaos player does not press with monsters such as Exarion Universe or Airknight Parshath can be exploited by Creature Swap. For example, this lack of pace can allow weak monsters such as Sangan or Sinister Serpent to survive for a turn while face-down. Then on the following turn, the Goat player can summon Tsukuyomi and activate Creature Swap. This line of play highlights how the Goat player can ensure a successful Creature Swap, playing around outs such as Phoenix Wing Wind Blast or Ring of Destruction. To make room for all of these cards I would consider removing the following cards from the main deck: Airknight Parshath, Exarion Universe, Tribe-Infecting Virus, Book of Moon, Delinquent Duo, Premature Burial, Call of the Haunted, Dust Tornado, Mirror Force, and Sakuretsu Armor. I certainly wouldn’t side all these cards out, but I can see an argument for each of those cards being less effective against Chaos than they are in the Goat Mirror, especially when we consider what our deck might look like in Game 2. My best advice is to focus on the functional replacement of subpar cards with like cards that perform a similar role, and to keep in mind how the cards you bring in might work together as a cohesive unit. How to approach the Zoo matchup: The typical Zoo deck wins by being hyper aggressive early and often with cards such as Abyss Soldier, Berserk Gorilla, Exarion Universe, Mystic Swordsman LV2, Solemn Judgment, and Trap Dustshoot. Some Zoo players prefer to use Skill Drain instead of Solemn Judgment, or prefer not to use Trap Dustshoot at all, which can make their Trap-lineup difficult to predict. The central goal of the Zoo deck is to create an awkward, tense game-state for the Goat player. One method to achieve this goal is to create dead cards for the Goat player, since the Zoo deck does not run commonly played cards such as Scapegoat, Thousand-Eyes Restrict, or Flip-Effect Monsters (at least in Game 1). This turns cards such as Airknight Parshath, Book of Moon, and Nobleman of Crossout, which are assets in the Goat mirror, into major liabilities in the Zoo match-up. In a sense, Zoo makes Goat feel like a combo deck that struggles to get going, and by the time Goat mounts a push, there is a strong chance Zoo will have either Solemn Judgment or Skill Drain to counter. Zoo is a highly efficient aggro deck that creates beautifully simplified game-states, in which the odds are stacked in its favor to emerge victorious. It’s a great anti-meta strategy that is highly challenging for the Goat player to overcome. In my opinion the biggest weakness of the Zoo deck is its inability to increase its own card count. Zoo is designed to force the Goat player into making poor trades that cause him to lose cards. If the Goat player can resolve his bread-and-butter plays, the small but important combos like Sinister Serpent+Metamorphosis, he can begin to make inroads into the Zoo player’s resources. You could say that the best weapon the Goat player has to combat Zoo is time: if we can fend off Zoo’s initial onslaught, we can reach the better plays in our deck. Getting the most out of cards like Magician of Faith, Thousand-Eyes Restrict, and Black Luster Soldier is how the Goat player will likely win, if he is going to win. Some players might think the best strategy to extend the game against an aggro deck is to bring in battle floodgates, like Swords of Revealing Light or Messenger of Peace, but the Zoo deck is well-equipped to handle these cards with answers like Abyss Soldier, Mobius the Frost Monarch, and Mystic Swordsman LV2. Further problematic, these battle floodgates don’t fully support the game plan of the Goat deck. They force the Goat player to become one dimensional, but a major strength of Goat is its ability to play passively or aggressively at the opportune moment. Arguably, the Goat deck already runs a far more versatile and natural battle floodgate, Thousand-Eyes Restrict, and we should focus instead on bolstering the reliability of that built-in answer. The primary goal I have when siding against Zoo is to make the cards in my deck more useful early and mid-game. Instead of adding battle floodgates, I prefer to beef up my field presence in the form of monsters that don’t roll over in battle. That’s why D.D. Assailant and D.D. Warrior Lady are such excellent counters--they hold the field more effectively than the battle floodgates, and they can be used both offensively and defensively. Siding the 3rd copy of Scapegoat is as passive as I want to get in this match-up, but unlike Swords of Revealing Light or Messenger of Peace, Scapegoat supports our game plan by being chainable and setting up reliable Metamorphosis plays. I would also consider siding Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive, simply for being a decent use of a normal summon that can turn into a strong floater. Finally, I want counters for the Zoo deck’s counters, because when I’m ready to make a push, I want to ensure that it goes through. I like Dust Tornado and Seven Tools of the Bandit for this job, because they let us respond with our power plays that are fundamentally more advantageous than Zoo’s. To make room for all of these cards I would consider removing the following cards from the main deck: Airknight Parshath, Exarion Universe, Tribe-Infecting Virus, Tsukuyomi, Morphing Jar, Magical Merchant, Book of Moon, Nobleman of Crossout, Premature Burial, and Call of the Haunted. Again, I wouldn’t side all these cards out, but I can see a case for each. All of these cards can be dead at times against Zoo, and as I’ve discussed, creating dead cards is a critical component of Zoo’s anti-meta strategy. One thing to note: we probably can’t remove both Airknights and Magical Merchants, even though we might want to. That would leave our LIGHT count dangerously low, and Black Luster Soldier is one of the key advantages we want to maintain over Zoo. How to approach Alt-Win matchups: Since there are so many Alt-Win matchups in Goat Format, and each one is unique, I want to discuss my general approach to Alt-Win matchups instead of talking about each of them individually. When I am facing an Alt-Win deck, I consider taking out nearly every card in my main deck. Some cards that we consider staples, such as Snatch Steal, are surprisingly useless and even counter-productive in an Alt-Win matchup. Conversely, some cards that we think are totally useless actually have a hidden purpose--for example, Airknight Parshath, which through Metamorphosis is a gateway to Dark Balter the Terrible, one of the best answers to Alt-Win. I try to use as much of my side deck as possible against Alt-Win. This means I consider cards like Trap Dustshoot and Dekoichi near staple additions, because while they are not always great, they are much better than some of the cards I might have kept in my main deck. It’s a bit harder to ‘own’ the Alt-Win matchups with a side deck that is designed to aggressively fight off Chaos and Zoo. Unfortunately, we have no room in our side deck for specialists like Neko Mane King or Royal Decree, but I think we have enough options to hold our own in every matchup. If we play well against the Alt-Win decks, we should be able to beat them without tailor-made counters. I recommend practicing against lots of Alt-Win decks, being creative with how you use your side, and being willing to make unconventional plays. You can think of each Alt-Win deck as a unique puzzle to solve. Final Thoughts I want to end on a cautious note, a disclaimer, and then an optimistic note. First, the caution. As I said earlier, every card in this side deck could also be used in the main deck. The 15 cards in this side deck are versatile and generic, like a Swiss Army knife. It is very tempting to over-side, especially against Chaos and Zoo variants. Every change we make has a rippling effect on the deck’s performance as a whole. If we remove too many cogs, that well-oiled machine might fall apart. Now, the disclaimer: this side deck is quite possibly imperfect. While we put a lot of work into it, and I enjoyed writing this article, I want to say that this is only the beginning of a broader discussion. It is still a work in progress. It’s very possible there are flaws. It’s very possible that different side decks will work better for different people. And it’s overwhelmingly likely that different side decks will work better in different metagames. Finally, I want to thank every Chaos player, every Zoo player, and every Alt-Win player for expanding what was already an immensely deep format. I may have complained about these decks in the past, and I can’t always say that I enjoy playing them, but they certainly pose a new and interesting challenge for us all. Without pushing the limits of what we can do, we will never truly know all that there is to know about Goat Format. I hope that ‘How to Side in Goat Format’ is merely the beginning of another chapter that we can write as a community. Thanks for reading.
  4. PKA vs tn

    Arabs N Scarabs - Arabs N Scarabs Sunnyd2293 - sunnyd2293 SqirmyWurmy - Jabronii <3<3<3<3<3 vs <3<3<3<3<3 kewl`kat - kewl`kat Lucas. - CuStOm Randy_Carter - deathknight777265 Matches:
  5. No Combo, Goats Only, Final Destination DG - DN - Skyep <3 crazymeatmountain - Crazymeatmountain - mattossi00 MavsBoy - MavsBoy - MavsBoy Soul - A$AP Yugi - ??? [vs] team name <3<3<3 Lucas. - CuStOm Kewl`Kat - Kewl`Kat dicepod - dicepod Games: 0 Lucas < crazymeatmountain 2 (-1 <3 team name) 2 Kewl`Kat > crazymeatmountain 1 (-1 <3 NCGOFD) 2 Kewl`Kat > Soul 0 (-1 <3 NCGOFD) 2 Kewl`Kat > MavsBoy 1 (-1 <3 NCGOFD) 0 Randy_Carter < MavsBoy 2 (-1 <3 team name) 2 Kewl`Kat > crazymeatmountain 1 (-1 <3 NCGOFD)
  6. Goat format war!   Tough Titties ♡♡♡   Jazz  | JazzDgz ♡♡ InfusionsCap | InfusionsCap ♡ nippie | nippie ♡     vs.     No Combo, Goats Only, Final Destination ♡♡♡♡♡   DGZ - DN - skype crazymeatmountain - crazymeatmountain - mattossi00 ♡♡ MavsBoy - MavsBoy - MavsBoy ♡♡ Soul - A$AP Yugi - ??? ♡♡   War History: crazymeatmountain > nippie 2-1 crazymeatmountain > InfusionsCap 2-1
  7. Tough Titties (3) Jazz - JazzDgz (1) InfusionsCap - InfusionsCap (1) nippie - nippie (1) versus team name (4) Lucas. - CuStOm (1) Kewl`Kat - Kewl`Kat (1) Randy_Carter - deathknight777265 (2) war history: Kewl`Kat > InfusionsCap 2-0 Kewl`Kat > Jazz 2-1 Lucas. > nippie 2-1 Jazz > Lucas. 2-0 Jazz > Kewl`Kat 2-1
  8. Tough Titties ♡♡♡♡  Jazz  | JazzDgz ♡♡ InfusionsCap | InfusionsCap ♡♡ nippie | nippie ♡   vs.   Improvise ♡♡♡♡♡  tsgreen - tsgreen ♡♡  Nelrick - Nelrick ♡♡ (GON) Blitzkrieg - (GON) Blitzkrieg ♡♡ War History: Nelrick > nippie 2-0
  9. Super Scum Bros.   Audioslayne ~ Audioslayne  Gemstone Mine ~ BetterOnPaper   Logic ~ RToTheZappicky     We're Gay for Sangan ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  >>) Metal Gear Salad - Metal Gear Salad ♥  >>) Tygo - DGZ - Tygo ♥ ♥ >>) Dapper Dan Man - gangstarr1 ♥ ♥   History: Tygo > Audioslayne 2-0 Logic > Metal Gear Salad 2-1 Dapper Dan Man > Logic 2-0 Dapper Dan Man > Logic 2-1 Dapper Dan Man > Audioslayne 2-0
  10. 5 hearts double elim?   Scum Super Bros - 1   DGz - Nick - DN ========= Audioslayne - "Town Certifier" - Audioslayne (1) Gemstone Mine - "Floatstone" - BetterOnPaper (1) Logic - "The Ten Dollar Man" - RToTheZappicky   Figuratively Nuts - 2   Name - DN - skype white-bordered swamp - acpennington - Allen Pennington !_Chandelier - ! Chandelier - Garret Hayslip (1)   War History: logic > white-bordered swamp (2-1) white-bordered swamp > gemstone mine (2-0) white-bordered swamp > audioslayne (2-0) white-bordered swamp > logic (2-1) white-bordered swamp > logic (2-0) gemstone mine > !_Chandelier (2-1) audioslayne > white-bordered swamp (2-1)
  11. 5 hearts double elim   We're Gay for Sangan (1) Metal Gear Salad - Metal Gear Salad Tygo - DGZ - Tygo Dapper Dan Man - gangstarr1   Figuratively Nuts (5) white-bordered swamp - acpennington - Allen Pennington !_Chandelier - ! Chandelier - Garret Hayslip Doom Engine - Doom Engine - kagan.bragg   War History: white-bordered swamp > Tygo (2-0) white-bordered swamp > dapper dan man (2-1) white-bordered swamp > dapper dan man (2-0) white-bordered swamp > Metal Gear Salad (2-0) white-bordered swamp > Metal Gear Salad (2-1)
  12. We're Gay For Sangan vs. Prosecution

    <3 <3 <3    We're gay for Sangan     >>) Metal Gear Salad - Metal Gear Salad (2) >>) Tygo - DGZ - Tygo (2) >>) Dapper Dan Man - gangstarr1        <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Prosecution  [+] Urthor - Urthor (2) [+] MZAAZM - MZAAZM (2) [+] YGA - YGA (2)                                                                                  War History:                                                          MZAAZM 2>1 Dapper Dan Man                                                          MZAAZM 2>1 Dapper Dan Man    
  13. 笑あほ vs NaCl

    笑あほ    wυмвologιѕт « WUMBOLOGIST <3 <3  gojιra « GODZILLAFAN <3 <3  grιмey « XENA! <3 <3   <3 <3 <3 <3 <3   NaCl     HououinKyouma - hkyouma <3 Mazen2892 - Mazen2892 <3 <3 Tom Brady - Tom "GOAT" Brady <3 <3     War History Gojira > HououinKyouma 2-0 Gojira > Tom Brady 2-0 Gojira > Tom Brady 2-0
  14. Tough Titties <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Jazz - JazzDgz <3 <3 InfusionsCap - InfusionsCap <3 <3 nippie - nippie <3 <3 Previously Known As... <3 <3 Arabs N Scarabs- Arabs N Scarabs <3 <3 Sunnyd2293 - sunnyd2293 <3 SqirmyWurmy - giraffe99 :( War history: InfusionsCap > SquirmyWurmy 2-0 InfusionsCap > SquirmyWurmy 2-0 InfusionsCap > sunnyd2293 2-1   --formatting will happen when I'm on a non mobile platform, brah
  15. Improvise ♥ 1. tsgreen - DN: tsgreen ♥ 2. Nelrick - DN: Nelrick  ♥ 3. (GON) Blitzkrieg - DN: (GON) Blitzkrieg ♥♥     We're gay for Sangan <3 <3 <3 <3 >>) Metal Gear Salad - Metal Gear Salad <3 <3 >>) Tygo - DGZ - Tygo <3 <3 >>) Dapper Dan Man - gangstarr1 <3 <3       War Story Dapper Dan Man 2>1 tsgreen Dapper Dan Man 2>0 nelrick Dapper Dan Man 2>1 nelrick
  16. Improvise vs. Prosecution

    Improvise <3 <3 <3 <3  1. tsgreen - DN: tsgreen <3  2. Nelrick - DN: Nelrick <3 <3 3. (GON) Blitzkrieg - DN: (GON) Blitzkrieg <3 <3             Prosection (5) [+] Urthor - Urthor (2) [+] MZAAZM - MZAAZM (2) [+] YGA - YGA (2)   War Story MZAAZM 2>0 tsgreen MZAAZM 2>0 tsgreen
  17. Improvise vs. NaCl

    Improvise ♥ 1. tsgreen - DN: tsgreen ♥♥ 2. Nelrick - DN: Nelrick  ♥ 3. (GON) Blitzkrieg - DN: (GON) Blitzkrieg ♥   NaCl ♥ HououinKyouma - hkyouma ♥ Mazen2892 - Mazen2892 ♥ Tom Brady - Tom "GOAT" Brady ♥   War Story tsgreen 2-1 HououinKyouma HououinKyouma 2-0 Nelrick HououinKyouma 2-1 (GON) Blitzkrieg tsgreen 2-0 Mazen2892 tsgreen 2-1 Tom Brady HououinKyouma 2-0 Nelrick
  18. Prosecution   [+] Urthor - Urthor (2) [+] MZAAZM - MZAAZM (2) [+] YGA - YGA  (2)       Previously Known As   <3<3 Arabs N Scarabs - Arabs N Scarabs  Sunnyd2293 - sunnyd2293  SqirmyWurmy - giraffe99     History    1 MZAAZM 0 Sqirmy Wurmy   1 YGA 0 Sunnyd2293   1 YGA 0 Sunnyd2293   1 MZAAZM 0 Sqirmywurmy   1 Arabs N Scarabs  0 MZAAZM   1 Arabs N Scarabs  0 Urthor   GLHF
  19. WeRQtpies vs Improvise

    5 Hearts/Double Elim   WeRQtpies ♥♥ Zeh - Zeh  Down in Flames - Down in Flames ♥♥ Zakrok - ! Emma Watson<3 ♥   Improvise ♥♥♥ tsgreen - tsgreen ♥♥ Nelrick - Nelrick ♥ (GON) Blitzkrieg - (GON) Blitzkrieg ♥     War History: Down in Flames 2 - 1 (GON) Blitzkrieg Zeh 2 - 0 Nelrick Nelrick 2 - 1 Zeh tsgreen 2 - 0 zakrok tsgreen 2 - 0 zeh
  20. NaCl vs Previously Known As...

    NaCl <3 HououinKyouma - hkyouma Mazen2892 - Mazen2892<3<3 Tom Brady - Tom "GOAT" Brady<3   Previously Known As... <3<3<3<3 Arabs N Scarabs- Arabs N Scarabs<3<3 Sunnyd2293 - sunnyd2293<3<3 SqirmyWurmy - giraffe99<3<3   War History Tom Brady 1 < Sqirmywurmy 2 HououinKyouma 0 < sunnyd2293 2 HououinKyouma 0 < SqirmyWurmy 2
  21. Previously known as... <3<3<3<3<3   Arabs N Scarabs / Arabs N Scarabs <3<3 Sunnyd2293 / sunnyd2293 <3<3 SqirmyWurmy / giraffe99  <3<3   vs.   Handsome Boy Modeling School <3<3<3<3   Itswhatever / itswhatever0 <3 Andrew81090 / Andrew81090 <3<3 Yung Monet / iGay <3<3   Round 1: Sunnyd2293 vs Itswhatever0 = Sunnyd2293 2-1
  22. you have got to be kitten me:   <3 <3 <3    captainameowica - keeperofthestars   <3  white-bordered swamp - acpennington   <3 <3 rap-tan - rapture   <3         Handsome Boy Modeling School:   <3 <3     №1| Itswhatever »itswhatever0   <3  №2| Andrew81090 »Andrew81090     №3| Yung Monet » iGay   <3 <3           War History:   white-bordered swamp > itswhatever 2-1 andrew81090 > captainameowica 2-0 white-bordered swamp > andrew81090 2-1 captainameowica > andrew81090 2-0 yung monet > rap-tan 2-0
  23. you have got to be kitten me:   <3 <3 <3   captainameowica - keeperofthestars   <3 <3 white-bordered swamp - acpennington    rap-tan - rapture   <3 <3           Super Scum Bros:   <3 <3 <3    Audioslayne - Audioslayne   <3 <3 Gemstone Mine - BetterOnPaper   <3 Logic - RToTheZappicky   <3        War History:   white-bordered swamp > logic 2-1 gemstone mine > white-bordered swamp 2-1 captainameowica > gemstone mine 2-1 gemstone mine > white-bordered swamp 2-1
  24. The first (of hopefully many) Goat Control tournaments will be held at MTG Deals March 1, with registration starting after round 2 of the Secrets of Eternity Super Edition tournament.  Decklists will be required for entry, but Fusion deck will not need to be filled out. I'm still looking into making a solid date for the tournament, which I should know in the next few weeks.  The entry will be $10, with 2 Astral Pack 6.  Prizing is as follows:   1st: Super Book of Moon + 10 Packs of Secret Forces 2nd: Super Bottomless Trap Hole + 10 Packs of Secret Forces 3rd: Super Metamorphosis + 8 Packs of Secret Forces 4th: Super Phoenix Wing Wind Blast + 8 Packs of Secret Forces   It'll be a Swiss tournament of the April 2005 TCG format with everything up to but excluding CRV. Exarion Universe is okay, however burn/mill/OTK and all the other dumb stuff is not okay. For example, Morphing Jar and Cyber Jar are okay. Cyber Jar and Book of Taiyou fall into a gray area. Cyber Jar, Book of Taiyou, and A Feather of the Phoenix are not okay. That said, everything in the gray area may or may not be okay depending on the rest of your deck. (Note that you may proxy your extra deck.) If you're unsure if your deck is legal, just ask me now and I'll tell you because once Round 1 starts, it'll be too late to make changes to your deck and you'll get DQ'd. Once more, there will be a zero tolerance policy here. Please use common sense.   Decklists may not be changed between rounds and rounds will be timed (50 minutes).  Note that once the time limit is reached, your match may be put into sudden death procedures at any time. The number of rounds will depend on how many people show up, and the same goes for how many people can make it into top cut. Both will be announced at the player meeting.    I encourage anybody interested to purchase the cards from either TCGPlayer or MTG Deals themselves sooner rather than later, because there is a chance certain cards will become scarce, or might not come in time.  The most common list for this tournament is Kris Perovic's from SJC Boston, but you can make any sort of deck that you choose to, as long as it falls into the category outlined in the first paragraph.     Once more, if this goes well, I will expand to more venues and possibly look into more things with it.  Be sure to advertise and let me know if I missed anything.     Thanks a bunch for Kris to writing up the first post for guidelines with his tournament, I am really excited to see how the turnout might be.
  25. Fuck Goats; Get Paid.

    more of a "I want to write about this sweet deck" than a tournament report, so let's start off with the list I played:   Goatless Zoo   Monsters: 18 3 Exarion Universe 3 Berserk Gorilla 2 Abyss Soldier 2 Bazoo the Soul Eater 2 D.D. Assailant 1 Sangan 1 Exiled Force 1 Sinister Serpent 1 D.D. Warrior Lady 1 Tribe-Infecting Virus 1 Breaker the Magical Warrior   Spells:9 2 Nobleman of Crossout 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Pot of Greed 1 Premature Burial 1 Reinforcement of the Army 1 Heavy Storm 1 Graceful Charity 1 Delinquent Duo   Traps: 13 3 Sakuretsu Armor 3 Trap Dustshoot 2 Dust Tornado 1 Mirror Force 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Ring of Destruction 1 Skill Drain 1 Call of the Haunted   Side: 15 3 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 3 Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive 3 Book of Moon 2 Rush Recklessly 1 D.D. Survivor 1 Tsukuyomi 1 Chiron the Mage 1 Smashing Ground   Extra: 31 3 Every Legal Fusion I could find. Never know when someone is gonna Exchange you a Metamorphosis.   Let's start with the big ideas behind the deck:   1. Nobleman of Crossout is a 2-of staple in every deck. This is the big point I start most of my goat format brews on. If we start the game with 0 monsters in our deck to set, and our opponent draws a Nobleman of Crossout, that's very similar to resolving a Delinquent Duo. NoC is so good against a majority of the field that you can exploit how inbred the metagame is by simply not setting monsters, and get a huge edge against the field.    2. Trap Dustshoot is an insane Yugioh card. However, grindy control decks are very poor at utilizing it. The best Dustshoots are backed by strong pressure, something the Goat deck just isn't able to do early on. The information the goat deck gains off a turn 1 dustshoot is quickly made irrelevant as the draw-go game goes on longer, however, when you're trying to tempo your opponent out and lock the game up early, knowing all their cards for a turn or two holds incredible value. Is is dead occasionally? Sure. Is that risk balanced by the number of games it wins almost singlehandedly? Definitely.    3. Standard goat decks are garbage for the first few turns of the game. It's just true, and it isn't that apparent until you start brewing the format. If all you play are goat mirrors, both decks are slow so you don't really notice too much, but the tempo difference between Zoo and Goats is disgusting, and even when games don't end quickly, they often need to use so many cards to stay alive that you win the long game. While I say the deck wants to end the game by turn 6-7, I don't necessarily mean I need my opponent's life at zero, I just need their resources spent enough that cleaning up becomes trivial. Every Scapegoat they activate might keep them alive, but it digs their hole deeper. Their Exarions end up trading with D.D. Assailants after they get damage in, or worse: eaten by Berserk Gorillas / Bazoos.   4. Hindsight is 20/20 There is so much stuff that just wasn't explored fully during goat format, but found to later be insane. Trap Dustshoot is the obvious example, but Skill Drain is another. People didn't really realize the value of "Stick Drain, all my guys are bigger than yours so I don't care if my effects are negated" until probably 2010 (?) when Jeff Jones won the (First? Anaheim?) YCS with that Destiny Hero Skill Drain deck. The value of floodgates in general was under appreciated for a very long time. The first drafts of this deck, probably a year or so ago started with 3 Skill Drain (and 3 Return, lol) over time, these numbers got trimmed down as drawing multiples was a bigger problem than seeing zero copies of each card. It's definitely weird to see a singleton Skill Drain in a decklist given the kind of card it is, but the card is just so high-impact against goat control I don't see any reason to cut it.  Solemn Judgment was the most interesting hindsight card, I'm actually curious how people playing standard lists analyzed Solemn as I heard a lot of people were running the card. In the end, Matt informed me a lot of people were going to be running Solemn, which was really the final straw in cutting the card from the deck. I'm not even sure if Solemn is correct in general, in a field of no Solemns. Sakuretsu often fills the same role, without the drawback of making us real weak to topdecked Rings of Destruction.    Matt and I were running Snatch Steal for the longest time because "it's Snatch Steal." It rarely played well, and always got sided out, but "it's Snatch Steal." I realized we were just being retarded and cut it entirely a few months ago, a move I don't think Matt agreed with until Saturday morning where I was prepared to hide every copy of Snatch Steal he had just so he couldn't play it.   The most recent addition to the deck was the Abyss Soldier package, which as you may have read in Matt's report, "is either the monster in the format, or a La Jinn that doesn't die to Tsukuyomi" Which isn't that impressive until you consider Exarion is, almost all the time, just a La Jinn that doesn't die to Tsukuyomi. And we play 3 of it. Yeah, Abyss Soldier is the nuts. Before Abyss, we didn't have any reason to run Sangan or Sinister, two of the best cards in the format, in this deck. So really in adding 2 Abyss, we had to find room for 4 more cards, which led to some pretty drastic restructuring of the lineups, and led to us cutting Return from the main.   The side is kinda cool, though there's a lot of room to do stuff with it. (Un?)fortunately, nobody seems to realize how terrible Nobleman of Crossout is against this deck, so Dekoichis rarely go in, but when they do they're absolutely insane. When you go Dekoichi + Sakuretsu Armor turn 1, it's like you're playing 2007 Gadgets against 2005 Goats, it isn't even fair.    There's a lot of fear of Royal Decree as you can probably tell, in every matchup I'd side out a fair portion of my traps for Books, Rushes, and the Smashing to try to devalue their Decrees, continuing with the deckbuilding principle of "I'd rather brick it than answer it." After I see Decree, or Messenger of Peace, I'll board in the Chrion, but I typically don't bring him in blind. The Kycoos stem from a, probably irrational, fear of the Chaos decks, which this deck struggles with (2300 > 2000) and Kycoo basically autowins against that deck, so I figure making a difficult matchup into a good matchup was worth a couple side slots, even if it's unlikely I see the deck. The singleton Survivor is just a solid "gotcha" for the people playing a RotA toolbox, and Tsukuyomi punishes the other difficult matchup: Monarchs, and the mirror.   Anyways, the obligatory tournament report: Somehow in the car ride there we start talking about Allen Pennington, and Kevin mentions that he's constantly mistaken for him, but doesn't really know who Allen is. So naturally, we blast Allen's hit single, "Master of Cards" and watch a couple Fruit Reviews during the 2 hour ride to Toywiz. In summary, Kevin knows the following facts about Allen walking into Toywiz: 1. Allen is the MC, Master of Cards. 2. Allen is "always fresh," and "Never wears a dirty tee." 3. Allen never drops a game, and always says "GG." 4. Allen thinks Pineapples are user friendly. 5. Allen does not think very highly of Prickly Pears. 6. Allen's catch phrase is, "Not everyone can be a master." 7. Allen knows Value when he sees it.    Armed with these 7 facts, we aim to convince as many people, for as long as possible, that Kevin is Allen C. Pennington. Fact 7 is particularly interesting, as while Allen might know value when he sees it, Kevin most certainly doesn't. So to avoid blowing his cover over something stupid, we inform him to avoid using the word "value" entirely.   We thought his cover was blown immediately as soon as Kris asks Kevin's name, "You might know me by my other name ... ... ACP" in the most awkward tone of voice possible, both Matt and I erupt in laughter, thinking it was over before it even began, but Kris is apparently the most gullible person alive, and believes him. This is when we talk to everyone that might possibly blow his cover and tell them what's going on, they all think it's hilarious and agree to play along.   Armed with his 3 Des Koala Goat Control list, 'Allen,' fresh off his trip from Florida to play some goats, sits for his round 1 feature match, which should hopefully be posted on Thursday according to Perovic.    Anyway, my round 1 went poorly. I start with a t1 Dustshoot to ship his only monster: Serpent, then get Duo'd. I start off strong, 3 backrow and a good board, but he tops CotH for Jinzo before my ring can deal lethal damage, and I never find an out to the Jinzo. Game 2 I Rush Recklessly over his Airknight, which was his only real play all game. Game 3 he had turn 1 Duo + Grace, followed up with an early BLS. Rough beats, whatever.   Round 2 I play Ned, and have basically everything game 1, it was a hodgepodge of cards, no trinity or anything, but the perfect answers to all his plays. Game 2 was so disgusting though. Turn 1 Pot + Grace, pitching serpent. Turn 2 Duo + Storm. No coming back from that. Game 3 I duo him, but he breaks even by playing a Pot on his first turn. I eventually find a spot where I'm comfortable activating Grace to sculpt my hand without Serpent, and block all his set monsters with NoCs, and Exiled Forces.   Round 3 I play Hector and 2-0 him pretty quick, I basically just summoned Gorillas until he ran out of cards. Might've been some trinity involved, I really don't recall, but they weren't particularly close games.    Round 4 I play Jazz. Every game my deck did what it wants to do, game 1 Skill Drain got in there, game 2 he managed to draw with a Ring of Destruction in a gamestate that looked pretty lost for him, then game 3 I did zoo things again and took the match 2-0 in a very long 3 game set. Great games man, had to get you back for the loss in the war league :P   Top 8 I play THE Allen C. Pennington. Matt played him in round 2 and got blown out by Decrees (which I let him borrow) However, I'm much more prepared for Decree than Matt was. Easiest 3-0 of the tournament tbh. Game 1 he tried to be the beatdown, which started off alright for him as he had a draw with plenty of big monsters, but I stabilize with a Skill Drain on his Tribe, and wrap the game up while at 200 life. Game 2 I feel like I'm in a solid position no matter what my draw is, but when my topdeck turns out to be Pot of Greed I'm pretty confident. Then that Greed draws me into Grace + Serpent. Nice game. Game 3 Dekoichi drew like 3 cards in combination with a Tsukuyomi I accidentally left in the deck while smokescreening.   And that was the fall of the master. Afterwards he goes to play friendlies with Perovic and gets 3-0'd there as well.    Top 4 vs. Matt, we agree to split. The mirror is miserable and we both know it. Game 1 was a disaster. We draw our opening hands, I show him I accidentally left a Dekoichi in my deck and side properly, shuffle back up and we're good to go. As is tradition when I play Matt, I, of course, end up unintentionally cheating him. I had read somewhere that the psv wording on Dust Tornado was the most recent wording during goat format (which is obviously wrong after some basic research) and played an MST the turn I set it: hitting his would-be lethal Ring of Destruction. Apparently Furman had told Matt the same thing was true, so he didn't even question it. Naturally, I'm like, "damn, I just made this sick play 90% of people would overlook, and it just totally won me the game" to which I'm told the card does not actually work that way, and I just cheated on camera :( Though I suppose in true 2005 spirit, "I cheat so wut I win."   Game 2 I feel like I'm going to wrap the game up real easily...Until he flips the Return I forgot he was siding. RIP. Game 3 I have the Abyss Soldier + Premature loop and he just concedes to it. Game 4 I get Returned from a winning position again, then g5 I spend like 5 or 6 minutes trying to find the best play I had, and end up prematuring Gorilla, summon Abyss, pitch Tribe to bounce Premat, then Premat Tribe. Attack over his 1900 Bazoo and pass with a real strong field, and 2 set backrow. Then he has Storm + Exiled + Smashing + Premat to kill me. Happens. Yeah, probably finding room to put Return back in the main, even with only 2 Bazoos.    Both Matt and his opponent go full-helmet in the finals match, and Matt miraculously wins the series 3-2 in what could've easily been a 3-0 sweep for either player.    Allen escapes with his cover in-tact, Goat Control didn't make the finals, and I vicariously won the tournament through Matt.    11/10, would travel 2.5 hours to toywiz for goat again.    Fuck Goats; Get Paid.