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Found 30 results

  1. Dark Souls Mafia Sign-ups

      Dark Souls Mafia    This is the sign-up thread for Dark Souls Mafia, which will be the first Mafia game for me to host.    This game is going to feature a lot less power roles than recent games, using mostly standard roles with a few slight modifications to fit with flavor or to make them more interesting. Right now it's set up for a total of 20 players but I think I can adjust the numbers slightly.   Game will be 24 hour day/night phases, claiming allowed, no outside communication.   1. Zach 2. Dango 3. Malcolm 4. Zappdos 5. Top_LADD 6. Aurirevoir 7. Francis J Underwood 8. TFJ 9. The Antagonist 10. Josheheh 11. rei 12. iSalty 13. Kahu 14. Senpei Niggapie 15. Nelrick 16. Papasmurfkof 17. hd LSD Druglord 18. Audioslayne 19. JC 20. Juan Direction Subs: My Bloody Arcanine Ammit
  2. Country Mafia Sign-Ups!

    Synopsis: 18 person game.  Each player represents a country, with abilities being characteristic of their aforementioned country.      Rules:  Full claiming allowed Day and Night phases will last 24 hours.  4 posts minimum per day phase.  Modkills will be enforced after 12 hours as per mod discretion. If you cannot meet minimum some day, please pm myself and I'll see what I can do.      Sign-Ups: Please pick a number when signing up.    1. everest 2. aurirevoir 3. Dango 4. Ammit 5. Malcolm 6. Gemstone Mine 7. bringer of death 8. canasian 9. Dark Depths 10. Satchmo 11. rei 12. Zappdos 13. LFN! 14. ozymandias 15. JackNBox 16. Francis J Underwood 17. theamatuer 18. my bloody arcanine   Subs: 1. TFJ 2. Nishi     I'm going to try start this either tomorrow or the following day at 12 am GMT+1 as it's the easiest time for me to keep track of the game. Hopefully it shouldn't be a huge issue for anyone in terms of timezones.   
  3. Mafia: Heroes of Warcraft - Day 3

    In glorious Westfall, where legends are born anew there existed once a legend from a time gone by. Let me put you children within that period, so you may truly understand it.   Long ago, Stormwind had been razed to the ground by orcs fresh from Draenor, determined to slay all in their path. Through great strife and sacrifice, the orcs were turned back and the orcs who were not killed or who fled to Draenor were captured and placed into internment camps strewn across Lordaeron. Stormwind's former King had been slain and his son Varian Wrynn would have to rebuild the once prosperous nation. It was commissioned by the Noble's guild for a man known as Edwin VanCleef to rebuild Stormwind alongside the Stonemason's guild. It was once again a beautiful city.     However, good times must come to an end for everyone. The orcs invaded again, and were even thrown back! But Stormwind, the once great city no longer had the funds to pay Edwin for his work with the Stonemason Guild. In a rage after being offered a noble's job to stay quiet about it, he rioted with his fellow workers in the streets. Edwin did not realize his actions had consequences, and Varian's new wife after having given birth was killed accidentally within the riots by a rock hitting her at just the right place. Edwin was banished along with his cohorts outside of Stormwind to never return, but Edwin wanted revenge. He left with his brothers now calling themselves the Defias Brotherhood invaded the small country of Westfall, and stole the once prosperous mines from the people and built their home base within it, now calling it the Deadmines within the small town of Moonbrook. Their crops no longer prospered and the people lived in poverty and fear and pleaded for Stormwind to aid them in their plight. Stormwind had other issues such as the orcs rampaging after having been freed from the internment camps and the fact that their King had been kidnapped through the work of the Defias and the Dragon Queen known as Onyxia. However, adventurers came to Westfall hearing the call and decided that they needed help.     You will live through these adventurers and witness the story of the Defias Brotherhood, and either come to Westfall's aid, or aid in their destruction.   ((Rules are in the Opening Thread, Role PMs are going out now. Please care about this game. :-( ))   1. Francis J Underwood 2. aurirevoir 3. canasian 4. iSlickz 5. Nishi 6. rei 7. ozymandias 8. Dango 9. Ammit 10. Dark Depths 11. my bloody arcanine 12. Malcolm 13. Forlin 14. soteria
  4. Mafia Rankings

    Mafia Rankings   This thread contains the (official?) DGZ Mafia Rankings, which is a ranked table of all DGZ Mafia players who play on this board. The purpose of this table is to add more of a competitive edge to the game of Mafia, and give players the chance to compete against one another. These rankings will also allow players to see where they actually stand in terms of quality, and players can see from a glance if they are improving or not.   The table of rankings will be based on every official DGZ Mafia Game, and players will earn points depending on both their individual, and factional performances, with the moderator of the game being the person who selects players for each award.   The points list details exactly how players can earn points in games of Mafia, and the details are listed below:   Points List:   Factional Win: +1 Point Factional Loss: +0 Point Factional Draw +0.5 point Most Valuable Player: +1 Point Exceptionally Bad Performance: -1 Point Honourable Mention (Good): +0.5 Point Honourable Mention (Bad): -0.5 Point Quit/Inactive: -1 Point Mod-Killed: -1 Point    I'll go into some of the finer details of the points list, as some things may not be entirely clear. A factional win counts for any player who successfully fulfills their win condition, and anyone who does not fulfill their win condition, has a factional loss. You will recieve factional win/loss even if you die in the game. The quit/inactive points deduction only applies if someone either goes AWOL or quits without any prior notice, or any notice at all, as this can impact the game in a negative way. The modkill rule applies if someone breaks the rules of a game, and the moderator feels that they have to modkill them for this breach. If someone is modkilled/quit/inactive, they will not recieve any points they would otherwise have gained through factional wins, and are not eligible for any other awards.   As far as the awards go, it will be the game moderator who makes the decision as to who should recieve each award. In each game, the moderatore must provide an MVP, who is the candidate who had the best performance in the game. The decision to award players with an EBP, or any Honourable Mention is at the Moderator's discretion, and they can nominate as many/as little players for these awards, within reason.   The way I have structured this points list is so that games now do have an individual competitive aspect to them, but the main and most common points will be picked up through factional wins, so still promotes teamplay and fulfilling win conditions.   I will begin the Mafia Rankings from Logic's Poke-World Mafia game onwards, we'll count the games before this as a warm-up, since a lot of people haven't played before.    Table of Rankings:     Gaia --- [1.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] LFN --- [1.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] JacknBox --- [1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Super Boosh --- [1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] My Bloody Arcanine --- [1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Wry9 --- [1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Wilson --- [1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Scottie Spliffen --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Urthor --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] xXMalcolm --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Kill_switch --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Satchmo8D --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] (3LL4rD00r --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Suicidal --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Rei --- [0 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Biki --- [0 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] iSlickz --- [-0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Revolver --- [-1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Splatt --- [-1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L]     To understand the list, on the far left side is a list of usernames, followed by their total points accumulated, and this is then followed by key statistics laid out in the following format:   [Number of Games Played : Number of Factional Wins | Number of Factional Draws | Number of Factional Losses]   To have your name on the list, you have to have completed at least one Mafia game since the start date of the list, if you feel I have missed you out, or there are any inaccuracies in the list, please let me know ASAP.   I will also do documentation on each game as it goes, which will just be a brief history of the awards given, and factions who won each Mafia game, just to keep a source for the rankings to follow.   Game & Award History:     #1 - Poke-World Mafia (Hosted by Logic)   DRAW
  5. Final Fantasy 6 Mafia Sign-Up

    Rules: Do not discuss the game outside of the game thread. Do not quote or paraphrase anything from your role PM. Do not edit posts. No claiming of roles, characters, abilities (no soft claiming either). Day phases will be a maximum 48 hours; Days will end sooner if majority is reached. Night phase is 24 hours or when NK and all possible abilities are recieved - PMing me "Inactive" if you do not plan on using your ability will hasten this. Self-hammering is prohibited (Inc. voting for yourself). There is a minimum of three posts per 24 hours - you will be prodded and then subbed out or killed if you fail to meet activity requirements. All votes must be in bold. All questions to the host should also be in bold. Please include your role in an ability PM or respond to the quote chain with your role in it when activating your abilities.   DONT SIGN UP IF YOU KNOW YOU'LL BE INACTIVE.   Sign-Up: 1. Wilson 2. Rei 3. ISlickz 4. Sharpman 5. my bloody arcanine 6. XxMalcolm 7. Wry9 8. Zach. 9. Faint 10. SmallDongStudios 11. JackNBox 12. Urthor   Subs: 1. IonCharge 2. 3. 4.   (If the game gets a lot of people I can add a couple of more roles but 12 is what I'm looking at right now.)   Pretty much every character has a role.   Enjoy!