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Found 42 results

  1. Matrix6 Mafia[Day1]

    https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Matrix6 Standard rules. (Full claiming. Flip upon death. 1 player carries out NK's. Roles can target the same player every night if they want to.). 1 vote quota per day phase required and 2 post quota.There won’t be modkills for activity for days that end early around 24h dayphases. nightphase 24h "or when all night actions are received". All questions for the host are to be made via PM Scum can’t communicate in the QT or equivalent chat posthumously. Ties will end in No Lynch. And of course site rules apply 1) @Winter Multi(Modkilled Town) 2) @Silver 3) @Zappdos 4) @iSlickz 5) @Solstice 6) @Nelrick 7) @Markus 8) @Wunterslaus 9) @Nate1080 @TheGoldenTyranno got shot by an assassin after he made discoveries about the Mafia underbelly of DGZ. He survived but was sent to a safe house where he currently resides hosting the game. Day starts now and ends at 1 PM Central Standard Time slightly over 24 hrs from now or when Majority is reached Host Note: If you did not receive a role pm you are vanilla town.
  2. Matrix6 Mafia[Sign-up/Discussion]

    https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Matrix6 Standard rules. (Full claiming. Flip upon death. 1 player carries out NK's. Roles can target the same player every night if they want to.). 1 vote quota per day phase required and 2 post quota.There won’t be modkills for activity for days that end early around 24h dayphases. nightphase 24h "or when all night actions are received". All questions for the host are to be made via PM Scum can’t communicate in the QT posthumously. Ties will end in No Lynch. And of course site rules apply 1) Winter Multi 2) Silver 3) Zappdos 4) iSlickz 5) Solstice 6) Nelrick 7) Markus 8) 9)
  3. St. Louis Mafia Aftergame - Scum Wins

    Alright, so this game clearly boiled a tonne of peoples blood. The play on town's side was not good at all. Before I hit more on that, The Set Up was rolled by my fancy smancy 14 sided-die the RNG and gave an 11! What town did not expect for them to happen was to lose the watcher, and the back up who turned into the watcher so quickly. That really stunk. That Day 3 no lynch? Oof. Then the final 2 days were hammered rather quickly when they really should have been days that you make sure you prepare yourself for mylo/lylo if it becomes that scenario. Is it the player's ignorance in how to play mafia? Something to keep in mind for everyone because we shouldn't be viciously attacking other players over the game - it is not constructive at all. That said, I do not have much time to focus on this AG as much as I'd like to, but to highlight: - Do not ever falseclaim without thinking about what purpose you use it for, especially taking regard of site meta. It caused unnecessary suspicion. - No Lynch is frowned upon for reasons which I think were evident on day 3. Avoid by all means boiiiizz - lolquickhammers Roles and Night Actions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yzeIQ-mGyps9dOv5TW53mZ6j4Zi5AzB61NNLzM_c7ZY/edit?usp=sharing Scum QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/XX6Ewj2pi4A Host Notes QT from how much I had done w/ it. Late game I was lazy with it: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/QuGvS2wvKM8?m1=-1&mN=-1 I do not have a tonne of time to contribute to this AG due to irl focuses needing to be elsewhere, but these are a few of my thoughts. I will make sure to go more in depth about the game and give other opinions in a nearby future, but otherwise, discuss. I have a poll asking about flavoring for the game/hosting and what I can do to improve it. Admittingly I'm a bit dry with flavor (imhotbh) but I think I'm a p good host.
  4. St. Louis (Matrix14) Mafia "Ah, St. Louis. Wonderful place. Okay, so maybe the crime around here isn't so grand in some neighborhoods, but it's pretty good elsewhere!" "...So why did I come here again? Well, for college, especially considering the scholarships I got to go here. I'd be a fool to pass them up. It's really beautiful and there are a lot of things to see, such as..." "...The St. Louis Cardinals..." "...The Gateway Arch..." "...Forest Park..." "...Yogi Berra..." "...And many more places where I will take yo....WAIT A MINUTE, HOLY SHIT, YOGI BERRA!? AREN'T YOU DEAD?" "Yes I am, and soon, you will be too, for being a Cardinals fan!" Yogi Berra grabs his bat and starts bludgeoning ZeroPassion to his untimely death. "Our 27 championships don't compare to your 11! Ha!" I was killed by Yogi Berra. I was... The Set-Ups So we are playing Matrix14, and the link to it is: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Matrix_14 We will be using the NAR stated on the page, and the following differences: - Allow universal daytalk - Backup would receive the number of shots remaining from a role (In this case it would only affect the commuter and strongman. A commuter who used all their shots and is the first PR to die will make the backup essentially useless). Potential Set-Ups, for reference: Note that for any scum factions, anyone can carry out the kill. The Rules (Template from the new thread :^) ): Host Pre-Game Notes Let's get those potential role PMS back 'ere... The Players: Living in Missouri: 1) @Winter Multi 2) @Malcolm 3) @Mascis 4) @Jazz 5) @Solstice 6) @Nelrick 7) @iSlickz 8) @TheGoldenTyranno 9) @SageRhapsody 10) @Digbick 11) @Sophocles 12) @Wunterslaus 13) @confuse rei Dead in Misery: Getting bullied by ZeroPassion in his dorm room (Modkilled - don't make it happen): ANYWAY... Day has begun and will end at 5:00 PM CST on 4/22/17! GO AND HAVE FUN!
  5. St. Louis (Matrix14) Mafia Sign-Ups

    “Hello one, hello all! Welcome to the wonderful St. Louis, Missouri! Home of the Cardinals, Blues, Rams (They actually aren’t in Los Angeles, guys), Toasted Ravioli, Italian Culture, Arch, Crime, Ferguson, and more. What do I actually know about this place? I don’t know, I’m only from Wisconsin. Maybe I should tell you guys all that I know about down here. Hey, that’s a great idea! Come along with me…” (Actual literal picture of me, guys! Hype!) “...and maybe, just maybe, you’re gonna have a bad good time… ...just don’t cause a scene and you’ll be good. Or, maybe someone will cause a scene and kill you, who knows.” Alright, y'all get the idea. Matrix14 Sign-Ups! We will be using the Matrix14 setup from the good ole' mafiascum site: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Matrix_14 Long story short, I will be rolling my 14-sided die use the RNG to determine the set ups based on the rows/columns/diagonals. Ignore the set-ups listed in the wiki because a few are inaccurate and look at the actual matrix to determine the set up, plus 6 Vanilla Town and 1 Mafia Goon. I'll get the comprehensive list of set-ups on the sign-ups or game thread when it starts. We will be using the NAR stated on the page, and the following differences: - Allow universal daytalk - Backup would receive the number of shots remaining from a role (In this case it would only affect the commuter and strongman. A commuter who used all their shots and is the first PR to die will make the backup essentially useless). Oh, and I made the Role PMs that'll be sent out when the game starts: The Rules (Template from the new thread :^) ): - Claiming is allowed - Ties will end in No Lynch. - All questions for the host are to be made via PM - Day phase will last 48 hours or until a voting majority is reached - Night phase will last 24 hours or until all night actions are received - Lylo/Mylo will be announced - Minimum posting quota is 4. Failure to meet this will result in bully; seeking for a sub; modkill; ban; in that order. I can do 3 by myself but I'd have to beg for the other. :^) - Scum can’t communicate in the QT posthumously. Dead scum tell no tale. - There won’t be an ability table - There won’t be modkills for activity for days that end early - Site rules apply and the liking - Remember: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/170249-new-mafia-rules-and-punishments-next-game-can-start/&page=1 Let's get a few of the host's pre-game notes! - I will do my best to put flavor, along with a vote count at the top of each page, if I'm able to. St. Louis is one helluva city. - Speaking of flavor, flavoring will not be indicative of any roles in the game. Don't correlate it. - This is my first game hosted on here, but I've hosted quite a few elsewhere, so I should have an idea of what I'm doing, but I can also be fallible. Please respect what the host does and flame him in the aftergame for thoughts/improvements. - If you do get heated over the game, please take a moment away from the keyboard and cool off before making very irrational posts. We're human, we can be sensitive, but we have to be adults over it. While this is a part of the rules, please consider this. Please ask if I need to clarify something beforehand in terms of rules/notes. Players - You can't have a game without 'em! I need 13!: 1) Faint aka winter multi 2) Malcolm aka faggot #1 aka pride 3) Mascis aka Gravekeeper's Russian Spy 4) Jazz aka inferior to silver in goats 5) Solstice aka c++ 9 eclipse 6) Nelrick aka nelbae 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) Subs (So not mainstream): 1) etc) Wow, this was a long sign up thread. I hope everyone has fun playing!
  6. Thingyman Mafia 2016 Selection

    See poll.   This is the yearly mafia game we were invited to last year that we sent Gaia to. Good luck this year.   People added to poll are veterans of the section who have played in multiple games and are still active.   If you feel you should be added, let me know ASAP.
  7. Rules: Day Phases will last 24 hrs. Night Phases will last 24 hrs or until I receive all night actions. Minimum Quota of 4 posts per day phase. Majority Vote will determine the lynch or lack thereof (ie no lynch). The day will end if majority is achieved. Quota modkills won't be enforced if majority is achieved within 12 hours of the day. Beyond this point they will occur at my discretion. They also won't be enforced at LYLO / MYLO. No editing of posts. No posting in the thread during the night phase - this will result in modkills, (almost) no exceptions No communication outside of the thread except for the Scum QT. Full claiming is allowed. Screenshots are not. No ability table. Do not quote/falsely quote or refer to me when playing the game to gain an advantage. Do not quote or refer to your role PM or lack thereof. If you haven't read your role PM within 24 hours of the start of the game, you will be subbed out/modkilled. If you haven't received a role PM, PM me. Don't post in the thread saying so. Kills or lack there of will be announced ie X was killed or No one died. No organized or intentional modkills. The format of the game can be found jere http://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Matrix6 You can find a picture of me fucking a fruit somewhere in the internet. If there's any questions, PM me. I will be rolling my cat to decide which setup is used. 1. Francis J. Underwood 2. iSlickz 3. The Antagonist 4. my bloody arcanine 5. Me. 6. rei 17. Malcolm 8. Nick 9. Gemstone Subs: (After may 5th) 1. JC.
  8. Welcome to Undertale Mafia! So this world has a few unique rules in place, so let's get down to it.   Each day, in addition to the vote to lynch someone, you will also Vote: Genocide or Vote: Pacifist. Whichever one gets a majority vote, determines which powers are active at night. Certain characters in this game have different abilities dependant on which of these are active. A tie will result in an effective roleblock, aka people who have to pick between 2 abilities will have neither ability active.   Also on Day 1, you the players will be voting to send Temmie to college! This is a pricy endeavor, and unfortunately if you do send them to college you will be unable to afford a noose anymore (Day 1 will result in No Lynch). However, if you do send them to college something special will be enabled for the Temmie character. Choose wisely! So for Day 1, either Vote: College or Vote: No College as well as the Genocide/Pacifist vote and the vote to kill someone.   On top of it all, there is NO CLAIMING in this game. None whatsoever. Enjoy it!   Other than that, the rules are your standard set of rules with a quota of 3.   So instead of doing flavor for day 1, I'm going to keep it simple like this since we have some new rules to keep in mind and I'd rather lower the amount of confusion.   1. Francis 2. Nelrick 3. JC. 4. Gemstone Mine 856. Sophocles 6. Top_Ladd 7. iSlickz 8. Jap Nick 9. Satchmo 10. the Antagonist 11. rei 13. LFN 15. Malcolm   DAY 1 BEGINS NOW. DAY 1 WILL END AT 9:00 AM EST on Friday, April 15, 2016.
  9. Discuss nomination of a representative and anything else to do with the tournament here.   Original details of tournament can be found here.
  10. League of Legends Mafia - Day Three

    Rules:   24 Hour Day/Night Phases Full claiming is allowed. However, no copy/pasting or screenshots of role PM's.  You must make a minimum of 4 posts during each day phase. Absolutely no editing of posts.  Please do not post during the Night phase, as I do not have the ability to lock threads. No discussion of the game outside of this thread, unless it is in an approved QT or in private communication with myself or PSK.    Breaking these rules will result in a modkill.    There will be no ability table.    All times I post will be in Central Standard Time (CST).   If you have any questions, PM myself or PSK (though it's likely he will refer you to me, he can reach me if I am not on DGZ if necessary).    If you did not receive a role PM, please let me know as soon as possible.    Player List:   1. Top_LADD 2. Logic 3. my bloody arcanine 4. The_Be(a)sT 5. Sophocles 6. Paraliel 7. Francis J Underwood  8. Malcolm 9. Gemstone Mine 10. LFN 11. rei 12. The Antagonist 13. JC.   Welcome to League of Legends Mafia.   Day 1: Good Luck, Have Fun   “Welcome to Summoner’s Rift.”   The thirteen Champions blinked in confusion as they heard the ethereal voice hanging in the air. It wasn’t unusual for them to be summoned for a battle at unexpected times; however, there were certain elements they had come to recognize as the standard for such events, from which they were now deviating.   First, there were thirteen of them. Each battle on the Rift only consisted of five Champions per team, or on occasion, six. But never more. To add to their confusion, they had been summoned onto the center of the Rift, not in opposing bases. There was no indication of any affiliation for any of them.   “Champions, it was discovered that a Summoner of the League of Legends was slain by none other than one of you Champions. It has been decided that you will be tasked with discovering who, and, if possible, why.”   Silence followed. The Champions looked between each other in suspicion, some weary, some excited. This was a new scenario, one that none of them had encountered before.    DAY ONE BEGINS NOW AND WILL END AT 9:00 PM CST, OR WHEN A MAJORITY OF SEVEN (7) IS REACHED.   
  11. League of Legends Mafia - Signups

    League of Legends Mafia 24 Hour Phases Everyone will have an ability Full Claiming Allowed   1. Top_LADD 2. Logic 3. my bloody arcanine 4. The_Be(a)sT 5. Sophocles 6. Paraliel 7. Francis J Underwood  8. Malcolm 9. Gemstone Mine 10. LFN 11. rei 12. The Antagonist 13. JC. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.   I still have up to twenty spaces available for the game but whatever number we get signed up in a reasonable amount of time will work. 
  12.                                                      DGz - Nick - DN ========= Audioslayne - "Town Certifier" - Audioslayne Gemstone Mine - "Floatstone" - BetterOnPaper Logic - "The Ten Dollar Man" - RToTheZappicky     Format        Wins       Losses Goats                        0                        1                                                    Tough Titties
  13. Dark Souls Mafia Sign-ups

      Dark Souls Mafia    This is the sign-up thread for Dark Souls Mafia, which will be the first Mafia game for me to host.    This game is going to feature a lot less power roles than recent games, using mostly standard roles with a few slight modifications to fit with flavor or to make them more interesting. Right now it's set up for a total of 20 players but I think I can adjust the numbers slightly.   Game will be 24 hour day/night phases, claiming allowed, no outside communication.   1. Zach 2. Dango 3. Malcolm 4. Zappdos 5. Top_LADD 6. Aurirevoir 7. Francis J Underwood 8. TFJ 9. The Antagonist 10. Josheheh 11. rei 12. iSalty 13. Kahu 14. Senpei Niggapie 15. Nelrick 16. Papasmurfkof 17. hd LSD Druglord 18. Audioslayne 19. JC 20. Juan Direction Subs: My Bloody Arcanine Ammit
  14. Country Mafia Sign-Ups!

    Synopsis: 18 person game.  Each player represents a country, with abilities being characteristic of their aforementioned country.      Rules:  Full claiming allowed Day and Night phases will last 24 hours.  4 posts minimum per day phase.  Modkills will be enforced after 12 hours as per mod discretion. If you cannot meet minimum some day, please pm myself and I'll see what I can do.      Sign-Ups: Please pick a number when signing up.    1. everest 2. aurirevoir 3. Dango 4. Ammit 5. Malcolm 6. Gemstone Mine 7. bringer of death 8. canasian 9. Dark Depths 10. Satchmo 11. rei 12. Zappdos 13. LFN! 14. ozymandias 15. JackNBox 16. Francis J Underwood 17. theamatuer 18. my bloody arcanine   Subs: 1. TFJ 2. Nishi     I'm going to try start this either tomorrow or the following day at 12 am GMT+1 as it's the easiest time for me to keep track of the game. Hopefully it shouldn't be a huge issue for anyone in terms of timezones.   
  15. Mafia: Heroes of Warcraft - Day 3

    In glorious Westfall, where legends are born anew there existed once a legend from a time gone by. Let me put you children within that period, so you may truly understand it.   Long ago, Stormwind had been razed to the ground by orcs fresh from Draenor, determined to slay all in their path. Through great strife and sacrifice, the orcs were turned back and the orcs who were not killed or who fled to Draenor were captured and placed into internment camps strewn across Lordaeron. Stormwind's former King had been slain and his son Varian Wrynn would have to rebuild the once prosperous nation. It was commissioned by the Noble's guild for a man known as Edwin VanCleef to rebuild Stormwind alongside the Stonemason's guild. It was once again a beautiful city.     However, good times must come to an end for everyone. The orcs invaded again, and were even thrown back! But Stormwind, the once great city no longer had the funds to pay Edwin for his work with the Stonemason Guild. In a rage after being offered a noble's job to stay quiet about it, he rioted with his fellow workers in the streets. Edwin did not realize his actions had consequences, and Varian's new wife after having given birth was killed accidentally within the riots by a rock hitting her at just the right place. Edwin was banished along with his cohorts outside of Stormwind to never return, but Edwin wanted revenge. He left with his brothers now calling themselves the Defias Brotherhood invaded the small country of Westfall, and stole the once prosperous mines from the people and built their home base within it, now calling it the Deadmines within the small town of Moonbrook. Their crops no longer prospered and the people lived in poverty and fear and pleaded for Stormwind to aid them in their plight. Stormwind had other issues such as the orcs rampaging after having been freed from the internment camps and the fact that their King had been kidnapped through the work of the Defias and the Dragon Queen known as Onyxia. However, adventurers came to Westfall hearing the call and decided that they needed help.     You will live through these adventurers and witness the story of the Defias Brotherhood, and either come to Westfall's aid, or aid in their destruction.   ((Rules are in the Opening Thread, Role PMs are going out now. Please care about this game. :-( ))   1. Francis J Underwood 2. aurirevoir 3. canasian 4. iSlickz 5. Nishi 6. rei 7. ozymandias 8. Dango 9. Ammit 10. Dark Depths 11. my bloody arcanine 12. Malcolm 13. Forlin 14. soteria
  16. Mafia Rankings

    Mafia Rankings   This thread contains the (official?) DGZ Mafia Rankings, which is a ranked table of all DGZ Mafia players who play on this board. The purpose of this table is to add more of a competitive edge to the game of Mafia, and give players the chance to compete against one another. These rankings will also allow players to see where they actually stand in terms of quality, and players can see from a glance if they are improving or not.   The table of rankings will be based on every official DGZ Mafia Game, and players will earn points depending on both their individual, and factional performances, with the moderator of the game being the person who selects players for each award.   The points list details exactly how players can earn points in games of Mafia, and the details are listed below:   Points List:   Factional Win: +1 Point Factional Loss: +0 Point Factional Draw +0.5 point Most Valuable Player: +1 Point Exceptionally Bad Performance: -1 Point Honourable Mention (Good): +0.5 Point Honourable Mention (Bad): -0.5 Point Quit/Inactive: -1 Point Mod-Killed: -1 Point    I'll go into some of the finer details of the points list, as some things may not be entirely clear. A factional win counts for any player who successfully fulfills their win condition, and anyone who does not fulfill their win condition, has a factional loss. You will recieve factional win/loss even if you die in the game. The quit/inactive points deduction only applies if someone either goes AWOL or quits without any prior notice, or any notice at all, as this can impact the game in a negative way. The modkill rule applies if someone breaks the rules of a game, and the moderator feels that they have to modkill them for this breach. If someone is modkilled/quit/inactive, they will not recieve any points they would otherwise have gained through factional wins, and are not eligible for any other awards.   As far as the awards go, it will be the game moderator who makes the decision as to who should recieve each award. In each game, the moderatore must provide an MVP, who is the candidate who had the best performance in the game. The decision to award players with an EBP, or any Honourable Mention is at the Moderator's discretion, and they can nominate as many/as little players for these awards, within reason.   The way I have structured this points list is so that games now do have an individual competitive aspect to them, but the main and most common points will be picked up through factional wins, so still promotes teamplay and fulfilling win conditions.   I will begin the Mafia Rankings from Logic's Poke-World Mafia game onwards, we'll count the games before this as a warm-up, since a lot of people haven't played before.    Table of Rankings:     Gaia --- [1.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] LFN --- [1.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] JacknBox --- [1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Super Boosh --- [1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] My Bloody Arcanine --- [1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Wry9 --- [1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Wilson --- [1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Scottie Spliffen --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Urthor --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] xXMalcolm --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Kill_switch --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Satchmo8D --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] (3LL4rD00r --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Suicidal --- [0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Rei --- [0 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Biki --- [0 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] iSlickz --- [-0.5 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Revolver --- [-1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L] Splatt --- [-1 Points] --- [P1 :0W | 1D | 0L]     To understand the list, on the far left side is a list of usernames, followed by their total points accumulated, and this is then followed by key statistics laid out in the following format:   [Number of Games Played : Number of Factional Wins | Number of Factional Draws | Number of Factional Losses]   To have your name on the list, you have to have completed at least one Mafia game since the start date of the list, if you feel I have missed you out, or there are any inaccuracies in the list, please let me know ASAP.   I will also do documentation on each game as it goes, which will just be a brief history of the awards given, and factions who won each Mafia game, just to keep a source for the rankings to follow.   Game & Award History:     #1 - Poke-World Mafia (Hosted by Logic)   DRAW
  17. Final Fantasy 6 Mafia Sign-Up

    Rules: Do not discuss the game outside of the game thread. Do not quote or paraphrase anything from your role PM. Do not edit posts. No claiming of roles, characters, abilities (no soft claiming either). Day phases will be a maximum 48 hours; Days will end sooner if majority is reached. Night phase is 24 hours or when NK and all possible abilities are recieved - PMing me "Inactive" if you do not plan on using your ability will hasten this. Self-hammering is prohibited (Inc. voting for yourself). There is a minimum of three posts per 24 hours - you will be prodded and then subbed out or killed if you fail to meet activity requirements. All votes must be in bold. All questions to the host should also be in bold. Please include your role in an ability PM or respond to the quote chain with your role in it when activating your abilities.   DONT SIGN UP IF YOU KNOW YOU'LL BE INACTIVE.   Sign-Up: 1. Wilson 2. Rei 3. ISlickz 4. Sharpman 5. my bloody arcanine 6. XxMalcolm 7. Wry9 8. Zach. 9. Faint 10. SmallDongStudios 11. JackNBox 12. Urthor   Subs: 1. IonCharge 2. 3. 4.   (If the game gets a lot of people I can add a couple of more roles but 12 is what I'm looking at right now.)   Pretty much every character has a role.   Enjoy!