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Found 3 results

  1. Lightsworn deck recipe

    Use all Lightsworn spells and monsters for support and try to get those level 6+'s out as fast as possible. Lightsworn2.ydk
  2. With josh graham's new CSP system you too will learn to become a Card Stealing Pro   Don't have enough money to actually buy cards? with this new system, you Can Stop Paying whenever you want!   As I'm sure you all remember (and many want to forget), Josh Graham a few months ago debuted his Card Sharp Pro system.   We reviewed that system, and deemed it to be lacking of value. It wasn't garbage, it just wasn't 97$ worth of information. You'd honestly get better results spending that money on better cards for your deck. This aside, Something else came up during the thread, that had come up many times before, and like usual, was overlooked and ignored.   Josh Graham had stolen $4000 back in 2011 from a DGz user by the name of xXShadowXx, or as we will refer to him from here; Sean.   Sean came to Atem, in seek of assistance.       Earl took interest, and the following was sent to him.        Naturally, Earl got me involved, and the conversation between Sean, Earl and I began.   http://i1091.photobucket.com/albums/i392/s_rohan08/Screenshots/terms.png   http://i1091.photobucket.com/albums/i392/s_rohan08/Screenshots/received.png   http://i1091.photobucket.com/albums/i392/s_rohan08/Screenshots/lies.png   http://i1091.photobucket.com/albums/i392/s_rohan08/Screenshots/coverup.png   So Josh is a scumbag, the sky is blue. But this continued on for a few more months. At this point in the tale, we're only at February 28th, 2014.   Earl played devils advocate, and raised the concern of doctored screens, because this is a very serious accusation. He recorded the entirety of his facebook chat history with josh from 3 years till present. Videos of that can be found below (and the raw footage which is much easier to read can be requested).             And here we entered a new area. Josh made an arrangement to actually pay the guy back.   On march 12th, 2014       People deserve second chances, and maybe the money he cons from CSP could actually see Sean get his money back. So let's hold back on launching any projects or publishing any videos and see how this plays out.   March 26th,2014       April 1st, 2014         April 18th, 2014     -Sean     - Azrael     It is now July 1st. Canada Day, and my first day off from work in a month; so I had time to buckle down and put this together. We wanted it to be 'near the wcq' so that it could remain relevant long enough for him to not be able to trade as effectively there.    Personally, I wanted to also upload and publish his CSP videos free for everyone else, since Sean has clearly paid for over 400 peoples worth of viewing. After some discussion, we decided this is a bit much, and not that warranted.   I was going to use my website to post this, but that's a bit too tabloidy, so we figured we'll take it to DGz directly; and also link it to the Hearthstone Subreddit. We want the Hearth community that he's now a big part of to be aware of what his character is. He recently won 750$ there, and has now got a coaching job there. Guess how much of that $750 Sean saw.    There isn't anything we can really do to get Sean his money, and we're not asking you guys to pay him any money, This is purely a 'josh is a dick awareness' thread. Most people knew that already, but it's an issue we felt the need to post about.   Effective Immediately, the no-trade tag has been added to his account.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCSMpDLBdM0   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS1eOZ04cK4  
  3. Gotta stay fresh

    Hi everyone, the name is vivarooney but you can call me freaky. The reason i joined the site is because I want to get better at dueling, and I heard this was the place to do so love traveling, dueling, football, cooking and acting all freaky just randomly. Hope to be a + for the community, so if you got any questions dont be shy.