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Found 4 results

  1. hiiii   ok so i'll just get right into the meat of it   i was uber excited for my chance to compete in worlds this year and did a lot of practice restructuring my deck based on the flaws in its performance at nationals, and trying to iron out as many kinks as possible as well as tailor it to the meta for worlds (aka dragons)     so here's the list i played:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6k2ZTEhFxI   [26] 3 Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos 3 Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls 3 Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms 3 Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders 3 Maxx "C" 2 Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks 2 Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets 2 Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Drafts 2 Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles 2 Effect Veiler 1 Flamvell Guard   [11] 3 Super Rejuvenation 3 Sacred Sword of Seven Stars 2 Gold Sarcophagus 1 Book of Moon 1 Heavy Storm 1 Card Destruction   [3] 3 Vanity's Emptiness   [15] 3 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 2 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Mermail Abyssgaios 1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger 1 Gem-Knight Pearl 1 Armory Arm 1 Ancient Sacred Wyvern 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Crimson Blader 1 Colossal Fighter 1 Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 "Burei" 1 Scrap Dragon   [15] 3 Puppet Plant 2 Psi-Blocker 1 Swift Scarecrow 1 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 1 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Eradicator Epidemic Virus 1 Deck Devastation Virus   the list looks pretty radically different than it did at nationals, and for good reason. vanity was absolutely coming in the main no matter what, i just decided to use the full 3 copies because my mentality for the mirror was that if i was to see rejuvenation, maxx c, veiler, or vanity and i had a developed board, i was going to win; and that was quite a lot of cards, so i was fairly content with my mirror match.   i took advice from hoban on a lot of other choices thereafter. i was dead set on running corsesca simply because of the whole "you need blaster to otk" thing. that's simply if you're going from no board to a gameshot; and that ignores factors like prior damage and existing board presence. i went with guard simply because i wanted blaster to be the first thing i would sarcophagus for; and turn one colossal is absurdly resilient. i think over the course of the tournament, i dropped colossal a total of 6 times versus the one that i dropped blader, and the 0 that i dropped scrap. the other cool thing about guard was that sarcing for blaster meant i was going to have an out to vanity/jowgen 2 turns later after i used it. horus and puppet plant were probably the best anti-book side i had tried and i thoroughly enjoyed the work that horus 8 had put in my 2 spellbook matchups; and i very much disliked DNA surgery at nationals. 2 veiler was i felt all that was necessary because it did nothing when vanity was on other side of the field, not to out opposing vanity or compound the effectiveness of my vanity. i also never put myself in a position where blader was going to ruin me in the 4 mirrors that i played. i conceded that i was going to lose most of my g1s to spellbooks (even with 3 sarc 3 sword hole at nationals, i lost 3/5 g1s regardless to that deck) so i optimized for the mirror instead   onto the pre-tournament shit:   thursday: flight delayed literally six fucking hours. i get in vegas at midnight. i met with da bassed loly aka alyx juneja aka my pit boss at the airport and him and his friends (kyary from dgz + his friends, lyon, mike, and sam) and we drive, go to the sugar factory for food cause i'm starving, i end up eating a chicken club with craisins in it. pretty ridiculous, I KNOW   friday: wake up for the card shop tour and go to some local that seems ratchet as fuck from the outdoors and actually pretty sick inside and apparently is the top 20 locals in the country or something idk it was neat. we go to the welcome dinner and enjoy some food and get our jerseys, goodie bags, and take our token photos+group photos where the american reps picked me up and held me sideways since every other team was being a bunch of STIFF PUSSAYS and we wanted to be a team. after i get back to the room, alyx tells me we should get a call girl and we fuck this asian girl named sashe and then i sleep for 4ish hours #therapturecame   saturday: after getting my dick soaked i'm amped to play some ygo. rounds get paired, and i see i'm going up against a japanese guy round 1. i didn't notice until just now, but he was the winner of nats in japan   Round 1 vs Hiromi Kudo (Dragon Ruler) g1: i open 2 maxx 2 emptiness going second so i maxx to dig a little further into my deck when he streams, he ends up swording it away, and i set emptiness next turn. i have to use emptiness early to keep from falling too far behind on life but the first one gives him trouble. i make a colossal and a draco and drop him to 2400, and set the second emptiness when he has to wait another turn before he gets storm off of his sarco. i flip the second emptiness on his baby effect then he card destructions away 2 dragons and a trifortresstops; draws lightning vortex and redox and breaks my field and then expends the rest of his resources to put blaster, dracossack, and tempest on board, and flips his last facedown (forb chalice) to push the damage to 8200 g2: i was pretty dejected having lost that game to such a savage series of events but i wasn't going to let it deter me or anything. i open up a hand where i can make a rank 7 and have emptiness but i don't have a veiler so i don't want to big eye and then get blader'd, so i risk the possibility of electric virus and just draco tokens and vanity. he ditches reactan and scarecrow and i vanity and he doesn't really have anything. little hazy on the rest of this game, but i won fairly shortly after g3: as im piling, i flip a veiler over in his deck on accident and get a warning for drawing cards - minor which blows but i'm obviously thankful it isn't a gameloss. he opens badly and i resolve 2 rejuv and draw deck devastation and lock him out of anything with blader; right before he died, the only cards he had were rejuv, tempest, and tidal, with no other dragons graved to even summon them.   1-0   Round 2 vs Chris Mattiske (Dragon Ruler) the oceanics national champion! this dude was super super super super cool. can't be said enough. we made small talk all throughout the match and he was easily the chillest opponent i had (considering 3 of my swiss opponents didn't speak english, it was hard to make small talk lol) g1: he also sarcs storm to answer my 2nd emptiness, but i get rid of it before he does with a +0 rejuv! i drop him to 2400 life points and maxx him as he's trying to make a push against my colossal + dragon at 8000 and he gives me 2 draws before tribute setting a blaster and rejuvenating for 4. next turn, i looked at my hand of 4 dragons and a sarc and basically knew i was going to lose if i didn't just try to kill him and i certainly would've lost had he had scarecrow, but i'm assuming he did not main it as my push was successful. g2: we pile for g2 and the judges take our stuff for a deck check so we make more small talk for 5-10 minutes or so and then a judge comes up to chris and pulls him away and tells me to wait. i'm sitting at the table for 10 minutes and they hand me back my deck and the slip, telling me to mark myself as the winner and sign it, and that my opponent had a problem with his deck. this was super fucking stupid and when i asked chris what had happened, he was told that his sleeves were frayed which was horseshit because the sleeves we were given were just horrendous and it wasn't his fault. i absolutely hated winning that way especially against someone so nice, but nothing could be done about it, so i apologized to chris and moved on.   2-0   Round 3 vs Wing Ho Cheung (Dragon Ruler) this is a feature match that was livestreamed, but i figure there's something that needs explaining so i'll write this out. also i can't find the livestream to rewatch it so if anyone could post that link that'd be swell g1: he goes first and rejuvenates for a bunch. i open blaster, tidal, tempest, redox, vanity, and rejuv, so i initially plan to big eye take draco and rejuvenate for 2 with vanity, but he has a maxx, so i figure that i'll probably get punished for doing so. i give him the +1 for maxx and tribute set redox and vanity hoping the rejuv will dig me into my own maxx or another rejuv so that i'm not ridiculously down in card advantage. naturally it gets me neither, and he does 56 next turn and i draw another dragon and concede to a second maxx g2: i believe i reactan for redox and rejuvenate for 2 (don't recall if i drew a second one) then some number of things transpired and he ends up making red dragon archfiend with 1 card in hand to kill said redox and ends. i figure if it's maxx, he just loses, but it's not, it's veiler. he veils my first big eye, and then the second resolves, and i also get to drop a tempest as well, hitting him for 5400. i set vanity and deck devastation and vanity the first dragon he uses, and he immediately concedes. g3: i hold my maxx about as long as i think i can (i believe i only get a 141 because i waited until he used a burner cause i thought he would just freeze at any other point) so he stops with 1 card in hand, colossal, and 2 blasters, as well as a set. i storm the set book, ditch lightning and redox to summon tempest, summon veiler, make a colossal, banish lighting and redox, summon tempest, get reactan, ditch reactan and blaster, summon redox, make big eye, take his colossal, he veilers, i book, and it resolves. i summon blaster banishing reactan and redox, and hit him for 8400 because colossal is a very good yugioh card. i'm not sure if he was trying to fabricate something because of the language barrier, but there's a part where he tries to say i had used blaster prior to summoning it to seal the gameshot, but a judge and a translator listen while i relay the entire turn perfectly and he concedes.   3-0   Round 4 vs Shin En Huang (Dragon Ruler) so this guy would go on to win the tournament, and i have my gripes about that, but whatever g1: i go first i think for the only time in the entire 6 rounds i play; and it greatly benefits me. i end t1 with a book, draco, 2 tokens, and a maxx in hand; obviously a very stellar defensive setup. he ditches reactan and eclipse wyvern, so i chain maxx because i figure he'll try to make ladd live regardless. he summons another redox and overlays big eye, whom i book. he sets one and ends. i priority tribute draco to target the set and make crimson blader and summon tidal to drop him to 54, main phase 2 setting up a new draco and more tokens. he draws and concedes g2: i only really have dragons and sarco, so i just make what plays i can, freeze on a maxx, and he drops ladd and i die. g3: i open colossal and a set mst, trying to bluff vanity, and it works nicely as he thinks for a bit, and ditches 2 blaster to pop the set and actually says "mystical space typhoon" when i flip it with a smile. i assume he thought i was an idiot but idk lol. he sets 2 and rejuvs for 2, either once or twice. i draw to a hand of 2 maxx veiler and a dragon, so i figure i can put game on board and probably not be punished for it because vanity can't touch my already on-board colossal and if i get booked/scarecrowed, still have plenty of defense. i put tidal and blaster on the board and he flips 2 chalice and concedes.   4-0   Round 5 vs Sergio Saldani (Spellbooks) this guy speaks some english (not a ton, but certainly leagues more than my previous opponents) and is generally pretty nice. i know he's playing books from the get go and i'm not terribly worried about going second because i've already secured my place in the top 8. this is a feature as well, but it's terribly short. g1: he opens the stone cold nuts of set 1 pass and i can barely deal with it by putting 8000 damage on board t1. g2: he opens a pretty poor board of jowgen magician tower set fate, and i scrape by going mst puppet horus 6 t1 and having him concede immediately revealing his 2 priestess in the side   jokes aside, i had the nuts and he did not, and i felt a little bad about how that transpired. he wanted one of my tokens after the event so i found him in the airport on the way back and gave him my last one   5-0   so i finish in swiss undefeated. gruner and silverman tell me i'm under the x-0 curse, which i don't believe in, so i go to sleep earlyish; sadly unable to get too much sleep as nerves get to me. i was excited, not nervous to play in the top 8 tomorrow, but it was a negative for my body's sake. i end up vomiting the next morning but fortunately, one of the US judges, Dan, gets me some pepto and my stomach settles before the actual t8 begins.   Top 8 vs David Keener (Spellbooks) david and i were sad to play each other because we both wanted america to win and the fact that we get a solid 3 reps into the top 8 is counterbalanced by all 3 of us being on the same side of the bracket. regardless, keener and i promised to hug after the match, no matter what happened and we wished each other the best g1: i go second and he opens a good hand of jowgen, defender, star hall, and 1 set. i book the jowgen and he pays 4000 to negate with judgment. i figure i lose unless i pull rejuv off of destruction, but i wiff and he kills me later. g2: i open 2 tidal redox storm mst book, so i dump blaster with tidal and pass. he summons kycoo and hits me for 1800, setting 2. he flips mind drain on my standby, so i typhoon the other, he chains judgment day, i chain book on kycoo. i use tidal in gy to banish redox/blaster to search horus 6 and reactan and tribute horus, swing over it, upgrade to lv8 and pass. he goes summon jowgen, set 2, ditch his last card and pop it, swinging for 200. i storm and he concedes, knowing i have reactan to clear jowgen. g3: he opens very well with magician tower jowgen mind drain fate and 4 in hand while i open rather awkwardly. i know my only hope is in a weird horus play, but i can't get a blaster to the grave and banish it AND play around fate/mind drain, so my attempts at doing anything are punished, and he power masters next turn with hall to make his magician bigger than my blaster and gets more searches going. i nuked his jowgen with puppet plant, but he drew a second one. my next 2 draws are streams and i concede.   so my chances of becoming the world champion are dashed and my second undefeated in swiss loss to spellbooks combo comes to me on a silver platter. on the bright side, i did extremely well overall, a bunch of people supported me, and i have heard sponsor talk, which i am super excited about.   i wasn't so mad about losing to keener (we still hugged) but i was mad that he lost to someone who just drew +6 rejuv on his shit hand and then gets 2 +4s game 2, then card destructions into his third blaster + a fire all the while leaving in 2 veiler against spellbooks. i most certainly feel i could've beaten huang a second time, so i was a bit miffed, but keener still performed well and i congratulate him not for representing america well, but for coming so far for himself, as a player, which i feel is foremost.   props: ALYX AKA DA BASSED LOLY 3 americans in the top 8 that hooker was pretty alright going undefeated in swiss again all my supporters, all my family in the brady bunch playing the best deck enjoying vegas converging with the other american representatives as an actual team dan green for being super super cool in person; i had the chance to speak with him on a few occasions, and i have an autographed token of him   slops: keener getting savaged in the finals chris getting a gameloss for something that was completely not his fault patrick, silverman, and leon all getting sacked in swiss dry heaving/vomiting     as a final note, i feel like i will only be getting better from here on out. i have no intention of letting this be my peak of skill and performance. and i will take a win home next year. not for dgz. not for the brady bunch. not for my friends on vent. not for america. but for me. i understand that might sound selfish, but from now on, my goal in yugioh is strictly self-betterment. if perfection can never be achieved, i'll spend as much time as i can trying to anyway.
  2. Okay, so, Patrick Hoban actually took first, but in a lot of ways, this tournament was a first for me. It was my first WCQ ever, it was the first event where I truly felt like I was really that far ahead of the competition, and it was an event in which I took first place in swiss after going [spoiler]undefeated.[/spoiler]   If nothing else, the people I was talking to in testing for this event inspired me with confidence to the point where I felt like I could not do badly this weekend. So I went into the event brimming with boldness and high hopes for doing well. Everyone around me was really curious as to how I was so confident, but I just was, I can't explain it.   So, on that note, before I begin my report, in no particular order, I would like to extend my thanks to the following people:   Alex Juneja, (A Loli) for basically buying my hotel/flight accommodations and piloting my build with me, and being an excellent friend, roomm8, and testing partner. And cat shirts. Fucking cat shirts. Tony Russell, for inspiring me to be the Best In The World. Jeremy Thibeau, for being one of the best teammates a guy could ask for, and one of the many who gave me the confidence to keep going each and every round without fail. Gilles Gibeualt, for lending me his spellgrounds mat, and later giving it to me as a gift for my performance. All the cards he has lent and is lending me, and again, for being such a friendly and excellent teammate, pushing me to be my best. Brady Brink, for being #1 team mom. Brady, I truly love you c: I'd like to think when you hugged me you had chosen me as your new favorite of the bunch heheheh. But if it weren't for you, I would've never joined Starless which drastically shot up my level of play and was necessary to get to where I am. I enjoyed meeting everyone from the Brady Bunch and I love all of you. Scott Pulera, Chris Hentz, Jon Weigle, John Hubbard, Mike Steinman, Chancy Wigglestove, Brandon Ball, Luke Feeney, Marcus Wheeler, even Jamie, and Tedmund (yes, even Envious) Richard Clarke, for being infinitely supportive of the coming of the Rapture, to the point where he used a favor with a judge to get me a feature in my very last match of the tournament, even though that shit got frayed by my opponent not being able to wait to play up at the feature table due to the possibility of him missing his flight (fuck) and for his gift of Scapegoat poker chips. Patrick Hoban, for being the deserving player of his Nationals win, and for being super friendly with me, and for taking the win not for DGz, but for himself, which he absolutely truly deserved. Wouldn't have minded the championship myself, but I do congratulate you, Patrick. Best of luck at worlds. Jono Ritzau, for being Jono. 'go jono' Shane, for being a bro and betting on me for cash matches hehe BJ Wilson, for showing me this deck initially, and just being a really cool friend. ygo dueling boden because 'ok' Josh Graham, for being really fucking annoying wanting to test all the time and forcing me to practice like crazy for this event as well as just being a good mentor. Christian Centeno, for being the first person I truly thought of as a reason to aspire to get better at the game back when I was just starting out. Absolutely everyone I met from DGz, as well as those I didn't meet, for being super cool, giving me tylenol, and for lending me your energy to power up the ultimate Spirit Bomb to destroy ygo. All of my opponents. Fortunately, every single one of my opponents that I played throughout all 11 rounds of swiss were super nice, never sharked me on a thing, knew all their rulings, and were extremely courteous. I think across all my matches all weekend, I called a judge for a ruling one time, and that was because I was unaware Spellbook of the Crescent didn't reveal the card it added randomly. Truly, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend in terms of sportsmanship.   On to the report, however. A short list of what happened in the interim of the rounds I play in: -Unfortunately, just about everyone from the Brady Bunch gets cheesed out of the rounds early on, and End of the Line is pushed to the line by like round 4/5 at x-2, so they had to play with the pressure of the bubble. A number of them played in side events and saw success in those. Jeremy took a Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon defeating Jeff Jones and Billy Brake in Attack of the Giant Card, and Garon Williams won a Win-A-Mat with a 60-card deck that his friend paid for his nats vacation to pilot (LOL) -Alex buys an authentic spellgrounds only to find out that it has a noticeable brown stain on it, which Gilles refers to as the 'poop mat'. Alex experiences immense buyer's remorse. -Gilles asks Julien Lafon if he had any foreign Maestrokes tehe -Brady shows me this sexy fucking penguin mood ring that told us he was 'happy' at a yugioh convention. 'oh' -Alex manages to sell the cursed poop mat for $250 to someone who believed it was Billy Brake's mat previously ROFL -Our limo driver informs us that Essex means 'making sex to the ass' -painkillers -bathroom trips -painkillers -snacking -painkillers -Shane gets cheated by some faggot in a match where he goes for game with Blaster + Draco + Tidal, and the guy lies and convinced the Judge + Head Judge that the Blaster was summoned visa vi Burner and not by its own effect :|... -holy shit I was sore, more painkillers? -Tony holds up his CM Punk "Best in the World" shirt behind me when I play in my top cut. -Alex plays heroes with no miracle fusion at a side event and beats someone with it. -Alex and Tony get a picture of a dude with fake tits 'okay'   AND NOW   THE EXCITING YUGIOH DUEL MATCH GAMES   R1: Aaron Riker vs Evilswarm Dice Roll: Win G1: I open rather nicely but he has Maxx, so I give him a +1 to Rejuvenate for 4, and pass. He sets three and passes. I Storm, force Judgment, and then Blaster a Compulsory. I play into a Maxx again, and make a Draco only to get it TT'd, but since he's at 4k, I summon Redox and Tidal for game. He scoops. G2: I figured it was either Swarm or just Books with mained Maxxes. The latter seemed less likely, so I sided just blockers and Typhoons. He summons a Rabbit and makes an Ophion, setting 3. I Sarc a Redox, Card Destruction + Rejuv, and draw into my outs next turn. La Tormenta Fuerte gets it in next turn after I take menial damage, and Blaster does its thing.   1-0   R2: Aaron Riker vs Herald of Perfection Agent Dice Roll: Win G1: I go for a Lightning > Tempest play and he maxxes. I have a veiler and just decide to freeze. He summons Venus (hah) and makes a Gachi and passes back, giving my tempest back. I think he Maxxes again, but can't get past Tempest's meager 2200 defense (lol) and I just pass back until I can make a Big Eye that gets heralded, and another that doesn't. He summons a Hyperion and I Veiler and he scoops it up. G2: He opens Rescue Rabbit into Lavalval Chain, dumping Advanced Ritual Art and then plays Preparation of Rites, giving him a t1 Herald which I can't pass. The only time this entire weekend I missed Red Dragon Archfiend ( : ( ) I basically play baby beat as long as I can without making any real plays until he otks me with Reborn + a vanilla + Herald + electric virus for like 7000. Grody. G3: I open double dracossack backed by a veiler, and Electric Virus just doesn't really get him there. He just plays defensively, and Draco punishes him pretty quickly.   2-0   R3: Aaron Riker vs Chain Burn Dice Roll: Loss I haven't played really anything truly real yet, Evilswarm being the closest thing to it, but it's whatever. Even at nats, I guess the variation with rogue is pretty huge. G1: He sets 2 and passes, and I Storm, intending to otk, but he flips Jar of Greed and Threatening Roar, so I'm like 'oh'. I make Scrap and Draco and continue popping things for the entire game for free essentially, but he keeps chaining most of it, getting me down to 700 LP with him still at 8000. I know he has a Scarecrow and he gets under Reckless multiple times throughout the duel, so he's forced to topdeck the burn card for game. Trying to play around Just Desserts, I make a Dracossack in defense, tributing both my Scrap and my previous Draco to summon Redox and summoning Blaster, intending to never make tokens with it. He sets one, passes, I shoot Sack off immediately, with 2 Secret Barrel gone, and basically that and and Chain Strike being the only things that can just outright kill me, and it's Desserts. I Card Destruction his single Scarecrow away and he draws a trap so he scoops. G2: Eradicated. Devastated. Crushed.   3-0   R4: Aaron Riker vs Tinplate Gadget Dice Roll: Loss Still nothing 'real' yet, lol. Have to give this guy credit, he was brimming with courtesy. Absolutely one of the nicest opponents I met all weekend. Even when he lost, he had a smile on his face and congratulated me, and that's just a little thing that I appreciate a whole lot. G1: I don't remember all -too- much about this game, but all I see is an Offering when I Draco it, so I flop between it being Madolche and Gadget. I boarded out my Maxxes when I won and just boarded in Typhoons. G2: He goes Red Gadget, I Veiler, he Kagetokages on summon, and makes King Feral, searching another one. I open kind of poor, and he searches a second on his turn. He Shock Master's me, hits me for 4600, I hole, and he re-establishes with a Kycoo almost immediately. I can't do all too much, so I scoop it up. G3: I Deck Devastate pretty early, hitting a lone gadget, but I get a ton of information (Emptiness, Gearframe, Fortress, Compulse, and Torrential) I veiler Gearframe, he hits for 1800. I play into Vanity's and Blaster something else, leaving him with just the compulsory, and set Book and Pass, feeling pretty safe. He tops Reborn to get back his Gadget, normals the 2nd one, and searches the third. He makes Shock Master, and I book on summon. He drops his hand to make Fortress, and hits me for 2500. I 141 Storm Compulse, empty my hand to Big Eye his Fortress, and synch it with a Veiler for Scrap Dragon. He draws Kagetokage, loses it to DDV, and concedes.   4-0   R5: Aaron Riker vs Spellbooks Dice Roll: Win G1: I think I recall Rejuvenating for a bunch here and getting pretty far ahead. His Spellbook nuts are pretty strong, but Card Destruction ravages him a few turns later, trading his nuts hand for a hand of a bunch of dead cards and 2 Upstarts, which net him 2 Crescents. lol G2: He Solemns my Eradicator, but I just continue banishing all my Dragons away just to hit for damage and he's at like <2000 when I drop Blaster + Psi Blocker on him through his Kycoo for game. This guy was Nicky Reardon's older brother, so in a way, I got my revenge for losing to a 13-year-old at YCS Miami by beating his kin. Felt so liberating.   5-0   R6: Aaron Riker vs Constellar BACK TO NOT DRAGONS/BOOKS WE GO G1: He makes a Pleades and I Storm + Book? I don't recall too much, but I savaged pretty hard. G2: He makes a Pleades again and shotguns Vanity's in the Draw Phase, which is weird, but w/e. I lightning vortex his guy, he bounces Emptiness, hit him for a few with my guys. I think he clears my shit with hole, and then sets 2. Again, shotguns Vanity's in the DP, but this time with Iron Wall as well. I look at my set MST and I'm like 'well'. I think I gamed him with a Blaster, a 1200 Paladynamo, and a Reactan. Really odd, honestly.   6-0   R7: Aaron Riker vs Constellar Dice Roll: Loss 2 Constellar? Even weirder. This guy was AJDaBoneless on DMG/DN, who I'd constantly berated online, but once he introduced himself, not knowing who I was, for lack of reading the back of my shirt (this is all after the match, btw) he got pretty mad at me for being such a dick to him so I told him I'd hug it out and promise not to be such a faggot online to him and he forgave me since we actually had a pretty cool match and enjoyed each other's company in person. G1: Storm? that's about all I recall. He beat with Kaus some and that was more or less it. I hate writing about Storm but with the build I ran, I really focused on digging for my best cards as quick as possible, and saw it in about half my matches, honestly. G2: I'm in a weird position where I kill a Mind Drain and he has Sombre floating (and ready to become a Pleades), an actual Pleades, and a TKRO. When I kill Mind Drain and start doing things, I get Maxxed and am at 1050, so ew. Nonetheless, I gun it, and clear his Rai-oh, Big Eye his Pleades after forcing it, and leave him with the Sombre. He makes a Paladynamo, which gets Pleades'd instantly. He sets a new monster, sets 3, and activates Zombie World. I used Storm to kill Mind Drain because I had to, but Rejuvs had given me three MSTs, so that was kind of nice leol.   7-0   R8: Aaron Riker vs Spellbooks Dice Roll: Loss G1: He plays around Droll well and has a pretty good hand. I have hole but no real push, so I decide to hold it, which backfires on me when he just gets Wisdom the next turn. I don't really do all too much and he wins out. G2: Eradicator steals the game in about 5 minutes. G3: I clear everything he has with Secrets Eternity and Tower in his hand, and I set DNA Surgery, which I shotgun in the Draw Phase, and he rips MST for. However, he didn't have enough shit to do with those 3 cards and lost out in the advantage race and conceded.   8-0   So the round ended for the day, and I was undefeated, Jeremy, Gilles, BJ, and most of their hotel group had dropped, and Alex was at X-2-1, having lost to scrub winston who went Monk > Monk > Kycoo into Shock against him. Alex day 2s but loses out R9/10 I believe to a retard running 3 Priestess, Gold Sarc, and Herald of Green/Purple Light in his sideboard (well ok)   R9: Aaron Riker vs Spellbooks Dice Roll: Loss How have I not played a mirror yet? Is this Miami again? G1: I actually don't remember a ton about this game, but I recall not being able to deal the last bit of damage I needed to do to cinch it, and he wins. G2: He has Tower and I have Eradicator, and he acknowledges it, but admits he can't play around Eradicator, so he attempts to activate Tower, and hopes it's a bluff. It's not, and he scoops. G3: Storm + Vortex + Reactan clears everything he has, leaving him with a meager amount of cards left to play with, and I just play baby beat and take it. He was siding Imperial Iron Wall, which is a thing in the OCG iirc but it never really presented me with much of an issue.   9-0   R10: Aaron Riker vs Dragon Ruler Dice Roll: Win MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL G1: I think I just Rejuvenate for some here and get ahead and he doesn't really catch up. G2: I Deck Devastate him and Crimson Blader free of fear, and lock it up next turn, despite him clearing Blader with Blaster+Blaster. He sarcs a Scarecrow so he can get protection once DDV is in order, but he never gets to see it hehehe   10-0   R11: Aaron Riker vs Dragon Ruler Dice Roll: Loss G1: He opens kind of funky, and goes for Burner into Blaster, Rejuv for 2, pass. I open a hand where it's like I can't really do anything other than punch for game, so he maxxes, and I make Colossal, Blaster, and Tidal. I don't get fucked by a Scarecrow and we move to G2. G2: I think I get DDV'd and lose out. G3: He locks me with Vanity's rather early, as well as TRA, and beats me down, and I feed him LP by setting babies, which is gay. Eventually I draw the Blaster that I need, and I make Big Eye after bringing him to 7200. My life is only 5300, with my 2 sets, Book and DDV. I hold them for as long as I can; at some point he thinks they're both bluffs as he makes Crimson and swings, which I respond to with DDV + Book on his Crimson, leaving me with 2600 and him with nothing really relevant. He rejuvs for some, but doesn't draw into anything that can save him due to Virus. I Blader him myself next turn, clearing his whole board, then just game him next turn.     11-0   They announce the Swiss standings with me in 1st place, so I get to shout 'THE RAPTURE IS COMING' when they yell my name and the crowd applauds me. I'm on the top of my fucking game right now, and I have 0 intention of stopping here. We finally go to the top cut, and I'm looking forward to going as hard as I can.   T64: Aaron Riker vs Spellbooks (Jard; tsgreen) He introduces myself and all my teammates are heckling him saying like "REVENGE FOR TOC" and shit but I try not to give him any shit as he seems pressured, lol. He has no confidence in playing me and I tell him he absolutely should, as he's made it this far; even 64th is still something. Dice Roll: Loss G1: He gets the Spellbook stuff goin' and I get the Dragon stuff going. Card Destruction gets me limited cards and that's pretty sick. G2: He gets the book stuff going pretty well, locking me with Mind + Difi, but Card Destruction is once again a true nigga, and gives me some sick pulls, I double rejuvenate for 2 apiece, and lock him with Surgery (plus he has 2 difi drain and star hall, so he's clogging his backfield a bit) He Jdays for 1 and loses all his blue boys to difi and I just beat with reactan and stream for a while for 7000. Sorry Card Destruction was a card, Jard, but you did play well, and I appreciated meeting you.   12-0   T32: Aaron Riker vs Dragon Rulers I may be getting these two games mixed up, all I perfectly recall is that it was 2-0. Dice Roll: Win G1: I start pretty far ahead with a Rejuvenation, and have hand traps aplenty. Doesn't last too long. G2: He has Gaios and hits me for a lot, bringing me to 1800, and attempts to game me through Maxx, but some crucial veilers keep me in there. He has a Scrap that becomes immensely useful. I pop my Scrap and his Gaios, which he Veilers, but I have the book. I then steal his Scrap with Big Eye, use it to pop Eye + his last guy, and I put over 10k on the board.   13-0   T16: Aaron Riker vs Dragon Rulers Dice Roll: Loss G1: I go for a game shot and get scarecrow'd, which is saddening, but I grind it out for a while, rejuvenating several times, but I pop a bluff Card Des early so I don't really fear decking out. Eventually, he has just a sack on the board after I hole, then I get everything out of my hand, Card Des his 6 card hand away with 9 in his deck, and he loses 2 veiler with 1 in grave. I make a Blader with a Redox'd Veiler and a Tempest and win out after I resolve it. G2: Colossal + Vanity just goes really hard for a looooong while, to the point where he's at 800. He eventually Blasters my Colossal, but goes for Blader with my stream on board, and I veiler, and game him next turn.   14-0   ONE   MORE   FUCKING   WIN   T8: Aaron Riker vs Spellbooks Dice Roll: Loss G1: I tell him 'I'm thinking' about after every search. He reads that I really don't have Droll, but does decide to go for a Jday for 3 that plays around Droll with Hall/Tower/Fate. I Card Destruction 5 dragons away, and double rejuv off my draws, and end up having storm and other shit to really establish my shit. I storm, he starlight roads. :|   :|   :|   :|   I was on tilt, but I knew it wasn't that far out there, but I get blown out even though he can't get the SDD out due to Jowgen. G2: I Tempest ditch Blocker and search Blaster, Redox my Blocker back, call Magician, and set typhoon. He has Kycoo (:/) and kills my blocker. I big eye his kycoo next turn but I don't have the eradicator to really get in there, and end up getting my field blown to shit by Priestess and a 2nd Kycoo (ugh) I Blaster away Jowgen, clear Kycoo with a Tidal, Dracossack his Priestess while he has Secrets, Hall, Hall, Life in hand, Tower on field, no backs, and no monsters. I have Surgery active, and he draws Storm off Tower. I was super super upset, but it's whatever. He had life for priestess anyway, and I probably was losing honestly with no shit in hand, but storm allows him to kill that turn as I'm at about 4600 life.   14-1   So I'm informed I still have a shot at worlds, I just have to win out in my loser's bracket, which has 4 Dragons in it, with the top 4 being 2 Books and 2 Dragons. Rich Clarke (Draigun) talks to me and asks a judge a favor and gets me a feature basically pushing the appeal of a "player who went undefeated in swiss, and just suffered his first loss in top 8, and is now on the bubble for the world's qualifier". The judge totally goes for it, and Rich tells me that I got the feature and I'm fucking ecstatic because I've been wanting one for the whole fucking nats, and the feature writer has covered the goddamn Madolche player FIVE FUCKING TIMES and me a grand total of zero, because apparently going undefeated in swiss isn't "unique" or "special" if I'm not running a suboptimal tier 2 pile. Unfortunately, this feature gets fucked because my opponent just so happens to have a flight to catch pretty soon, and we had to wait for the Dragon Duelist ceremony to finish before we could start our feature, so our feature gets canned so we can play during the ceremony. I was super bummed about that, and also on tilt because of road and storm in the respective games of my top 8 match, so I wasn't extremely happy at that moment, losing a lot of the steam that I had built up over the weekend.   Worlds Playoff, Aaron Riker vs Dragon Ruler Dice Roll: Loss G1: He makes a Redox and rejuvs for 2. I open a mediocre hand where I can basically go for it or turtle and lose. I go for it, he has maxx, and I'm able to make Ancient Sacred Wyvern, Tempest, and Tidal, but he has the Veiler and lives with 900. He goes, does a lot of shit to my field, but I Veiler his Big Eye. I top a savage hole and summon Tempest + Reactan to play around Book only to lose to Scarecrow :/   Okay, this is where my confidence just took a deep drop in the shitter. I was one gameloss away from leaving with some mediocre prizes and being a world's alternate, because someone would obviously just pass up the chance to go, right? But I thought to myself and wondered if I had really come that far to just lose right at the very worst possible point. I couldn't. I fucking refused. Fucking no.   G2: My spirits are lifted a little when I get some cheers from my friends across the border, and I open rather nicely. I ditch reactan and stream for Redox, summon Veiler, make Colossal, set DDV, and Rejuvenate for 2. He reads a vanity's, so he tries to play around it. He Reactans, which I allow, and he still thinks it's a Vanity's, so he ditches double Tempest for Burner, at which point I DDV. He loses the Burner and is left with solely a Blaster, which is the only color remaining besides Redox, which he didn't want to summon due to his low dragon count. He summons Blaster and hits me for 2800, and passes. I steal both of them with Big Eyes, cutting his access to colors besides Tempest while he has 0 cards in hand, planning to kill him next turn. He draws a Corsesca and loses it and scoops to g3.   Alright.   Alright.   I can fucking do this.   G3: I can't fucking do this. My hand is Maxx, Rejuv, Rejuv, Vanity's, and Book. What the actual fucking shit. I'm going to lose my shot at worlds because I opened one of the worst hands my deck could give me? That's fucking fair. Nonetheless, NONETHELESS, I decide to see if I can so much as play it out. He goes for Burner > Blaster t1 and Rejuvs for 2 twice, ditching Blaster/Redox in EP. I draw another Vanity. Oh. That's cool. Helpful. I know there's literally only one hope. I have to get him to commit a +1 to Maxx and dig out some live cards before I just die. I set Book + Vanity and pass. Blaster Bounces, and he goes for Reactan, which I can't Maxx or he'll just freeze. I allow it, he makes Scrap, which I'm forced to Book. He thinks for a bit and decides my backrow isn't relevant. He summons Blaster, which I maxx. He Redoxes back another Blaster, and I draw. He has Tidal and Tempest remaining, so he banishes for Tempest to do exactly 8k. I look at my new Blaster + Veiler, and realize if I can top a baby, I can make something out of this. I Vanity the Tempest and eat 5600. I draw.   Burner.   Holy shit. I don't even care that it's not even another color. It's fucking time. I activate Rejuvenation right away to clear Emptiness, Burner into Blaster, make Colossal with Veiler, and kill both Blasters and Scrap. I set Vanity and activate the second Rejuvenation, drawing DDV and Heavy Storm. I am PUMPED as fuck right now. He lightnings, so I chain the new Emptiness. There's 1 Blaster banished and 2 graved. Outside of storm, he's got jack shit. He sets one and passes. I draw, poke for 2800, and set DDV. He draws again, and passes. I storm, chaining DDV to hit his Veiler/Electric Virus, and I put 5200 on board. He offers the handshake. I let out a huge sigh.   I made it.   I fucking made it.   God damn.   I walk across the stage holding a CM Punk shirt in my hands that says "Best in the World" on it, courtesy of the Thunderclap, Papa Tony, and collect all my winnings (free iPad, neat) I sign a lot of things like DDVs and Colossals (lol) and I watch Hoban 2-1 the Spellbook player in the finals. Congrats to Hoban, excellent work, sir.   I sell Shane my autographed t64 playmat with Paladynamo (#theraptureishere #autism(everyone)) for $140 (<3 Shane) Gilles gives me the Spellgrounds mat that I borrowed as a gift for my performance over the weekend and allows me to keep the cards I borrowed for the time being, so I can test for worlds and stuff. I think some guys asked me for a deck profile, but I never found them after they asked me right before my t8 so that isn't happening, though I think Alex may do one with me sometime later. Jeremy and Gilles and BJ and Alex and Tony and EVERYONE wishes me the best and worlds and we all go our separate ways. Love you guys. Seriously.   Last, but certainly not least, a decklist.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlgtoX-3XB8   3 Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos 3 Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls 3 Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders 3 Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Cyclones 3 Maxx "C" 3 Effect Veiler 2 Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles 2 Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets 2 Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks 2 Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Drafts 1 Dragunity - Corsesca   3 Super Rejuvenation 3 Gold Sarcophagus 3 Sacred Sword of Seven Stars 1 Card Destruction 1 Dark Hole 1 Book of Moon 1 Heavy Storm   3 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 2 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger 1 Mermail Abyssgaios 1 Crimson Blader 1 Colossal Fighter 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Thought Ruler Archfiend 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Ancient Sacred Wyvern 1 Karakuri Shogun mdl "00" Burei 1 Armory Arm   3 Eradicator Epidemic Virus 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 DNA Surgery 2 Psi-Blocker 2 Vanity's Emptiness 1 Swift Scarecrow 1 Deck Devastation Virus 1 Lightning Vortex   Explanations, I guess. I wanted a build that emphasized consistency more than anything. Tech choices like Chalice, Breakthrough, Enemy Controller, Vanity's Emptiness, and Scarecrow mained were omitted because I simply wanted the best game 1 build I could possibly have, and this truly truly got there. Game 2 I saw side cards as much as I wanted. Chalice sucked because everyone was aware and put their sacks in defense as to not get decked out, and breakthrough sucked because holy shit people are far behind. I would play econ or vanity's in a heartbeat, but their relevance in the Prophecy matchup is just non-existent. Scarecrow was something I'd like to have mained 1 of, but there was simply no room, and 41 is bad for quite a myriad of reasons.   3 Sarco 3 Sword 1 Card Destruction was absurd for thinning power. I hit storm so many times it was unreal, and I absolutely loved that ratio. Will probably not go back on it for world's, but I've yet to see what testing yields.   Nothing in the main was really unique. Probably the best card in the deck was Card Destruction. All but one time I resolved it vs Books it flat out decimated them, and the one time I had it g1 vs the mirror was absolutely crucial. Other than that, because the choices were so standard, there's nothing really to say other than consistency is the key.   Eradicator was nuts in the side. I feel like I could've sided 2 and been fine, but it's such a blowout if you're not a retard. Not much needs to be said. Typhoon should absolutely be at 3 in the side, because cheese traps like vanity/iron wall/gozen and difi are real and you need to be able to fuck that shit up. I would absolutely not side 2. Surgery was meh. I was super hyped for it, then ARG went and posted two fucking articles about the card causing it to sell for $10-15 at the venue and the vendors were all sold out of them. Book players were all aware and had Typhoons boarded in every time and it sucked unless it could go uninterrupted. That, and Priestess being a card left me generally unsatisfied. Vanity's was Oppression. Literally fucking insane. Blocker was also insane. I would not cut that card at all. Lightning Vortex was so-so. I had to concede that Wisdom was really huge, but when it got there, it got there. It was also pretty decent vs rogue. Definitely better than Last Day by miles. DDV was the stone cold Steve Austin's. Swift Scarecrow was a card I wish I sided 2 of so I could've seen it more consistently, because gameshots are scary as fuck and Scarecrow is such an excellent punisher.   And with that, I think that's my full report.   Thanks for fostering the player that I am, DGz, and all you've taught me. Wish me the best at world's. : *
  3. So I’m going to start this report off by just saying it’s mostly going to emphasis on the actual weekend and the time spent with my friends and not the tournament, when it gets to the tournament I’ll report it but really there wasn’t much that happened outside of autism :\ This really starts in early April when I first ask Aaron to teach me how this dragon deck works and we find out some early info that the babies are likely going to be imports in LTGY. We waste no time and start testing the deck, all sorts of different techs and shit, either way we get a lot of fucking testing done as a team and it really paid off #therapturehascome. Somewhat relevant, I had a june regs where I played this deck, went 4-0 playing Jcho round 4 (we’ve played like 3 times in events :S) and he tells me I played flawlessly and if I keep it up I’ll top no problem etc, then I go onto lose my next two rounds to fucking macaroni and cheeseswarm god handing me :\ Thursday So I wake up at like 7:30 get all ready and leave for the airport. I meet up with Kyle in Toronto and start my journey to Chicago, nothing really relevant or funny happens until we have to fill out our customs things where it asks us if we’re bringing any “biohazards or snails” we just died because snails are just unreal apparently. We land in Chicago and wait in customs for 1 and a half fucking hours, we figured they caught a snail smuggler and shit was going down. Once I got to the end of the line, I told her I was there to play ygo and just said GL and let me through. We eventually make it to the hotel where BJ (Sanjura) has been waiting infinite hours and we test for a bit. Jeremy and co (Kenny/Alex/Travis) eventually show up we do some more testing and we find out Aaron is now on a train or some shit after flying somewhere else? Who knows he’s fucking crazy. We decide to go get food without him because we’re fucking starving. We end up going to some place called Timothy O’tooles where the best fucking bouncer works. He asks us if we’re all Canadian and when we respond yes he points to the back of our crowd and says “even him?” Jeremy is like me? And he’s like “nah I’m talking to the brother” it was amazing, he says some more racist shit and we go inside to eat. Kyle orders the Timmy Challenge, which includes a giant ass burger and a giant pile of fries and onion rings. He gets a shirt if he finishes it all and I told him I’d pay for it too. He devours it NP with help from me because I stole 2 onion rings. As we’re leaving the bouncer says something like “Are these crazy Canadians stealing you eh?” nobody noticed he said eh except me I had to point it out, stupid Canadians. He tells BJ to make sure we let him go and we leave. Aaron and Alyx(A LOLI) finally show up and complain to BJ because he said we were close and it’s like a 30 min walk lol, me and Aaron test some dragons vs books and I go like 7-0 and he throws Kennys cards everywhere saying fuck shitbooks and Kenny is only upset because of his new sleeves, wut. To this point my build was like 2 cards off what we decided to play but I was convinced to test Aarons exact list Friday at attack of the giant card where we all decided we’d enter for a last day of testing. I rape me some dragon mirrors vs Alyx and we decide to go to baskin robbins which I’ve never been to before because I’m Canadian, we talk about retarded people on DGz and have a good laugh but Alyx and Aaron eventually leave and we go to bed shortly afterwards. Friday We wake up kind of late and head to the venue, I meet up with BJ and some autistic guy named Shane is there fuck. We chill for a bit I pick up some cool cards but no DT TRA sadly but whatever I had ulti fucking lightning vortex. We’re standing in line for attack of the giant card and Alyx comes up to me with an original gray SG tells me he paid 250 for it and asks my opinion. I look at it and it’s VERY faded and has brown stains on it... He says it smells like poop... IT WAS THE MOTHER FUCKING POOP MAT. I tell him to ask Hentz about it because most of what I learnt about SGs is from reading DGz and talking to Jono and he says he learnt it all from Hentz. Idt he showed it to him until Saturday but either way when Hentz sees it he says something like “wtf is this shit all over it” I actually literally died. So anytime I’d walk up to Alyx I’d just sniff really load and give him this disgusted face, it got him rattled every time lol. Also Aaron and Alyx were wearing matching fucking kitten shirts I laughed every time I looked at them. That's the matching shirts (clearly) with the poop mat between them lel So we’re all set for attack of the giant card and we almost all get a round 1 bye, oh ok :\ Alyx asks everyone if they’ve ever seen Jeff Jones eyes because they’re so beautiful it looks like they have kittens inside of them, obviously Alyx gets paired vs him like the next round and tells him that LOL me and Aaron scrub out of attack and Jeremy gets top 8 or 4 I think we just walk around doing trades, Aaron plays some guy for cash and wins obviously. Alyx tries to sell his poop mat but the guy offers him 100$ LOL, I told him to just tell people it belonged to Billy Brake or get him to sign it lel. We get some burgers then decide to head back to our hotels, we miss a taxi and some limo driver asks us if we want a ride. He tells us it will be 40$ for 2 destinations and 6 people, so 7$ each not too bad, I just pay for it and we get in. The limo driver doesn’t waste any time in entertaining us and asks us if we know what Essex means (Aarons hotel was the Essex Inn) as we obviously don’t he explains it as “Sex in the ass”, which we clearly all fucked died too. We get dropped off at our hotel to lighten our load and marathon to Aarons hotel after a 30 minute walk. I rape Alyx in some mirrors and we leave. We obviously wanted to take a cab back but some Bon Jovi concert was going on and they were all packed so we had to walk. Kyle actually ended up going to the Bon Jovi concert and ended up fucking some broad, /highfive! We get back to the hotel, re sleeve my deck shuffle for a bit then go to bed. Saturday This is what I decided to play, the main deck is the exact same as the rest of our team, same as extra but the side was a bit different. DNA vs EEV; in testing DNA was sooo fucking good, to the point I didn't even want eev beside it, I wanted cards that would help me kill them once I set it up, which is why I decided to play a second vortex. DDV; I wish I would have played it, but in testing it never, EVER got me there. I'd throw it off and get otkd :| I played it later in my cash game and it alone won me that match. Decree; since I cut back on on ddv and eev I had space, and I decided I'd play an utter blowout card for rogues decks, because I didn't want June regs to happen again. Wake up and go to the venue, sniff out poop master (Alyx) and Aaron thanks to the poop mat and sit down, I lend Aaron my gfs SG mat (one of the red/purple new classic ones) for the event and we just chill for a bit. Eventually round 1 goes up and they play the original YGO theme song and I get so fucking pumped I just know I can’t lose round 1 Round 1 Dragons vs Books Game1: I lose the die roll, I actually did ALL WEEKEND including in attack of the giant card and fun games and when I played for cash like holy fuck. He starts with Crecant, I also like Aaron forgot you didn’t have to reveal what you add (GO DN TESTING) and he plays around droll perfectly while setting up a jowgen, he beats me down with jowgen and like 3 sb magicians for a bit then I just thin as much as possible and shoot off a card d and draw into hole and LA TORMENTA FUERTE and just otk thanks to no SJ. Game2: He sets 1 pass, I look at my hand, 1 blaster, 1 redox, 1 tidal, 1 tempest, card d and something else and just know it’s all ogre, I shoot off the card d to which he chains JDAY and I just otk. Get shreked. Basically EVERYONE wins r1 which was great obviously we chill for a bit and round 2 comes up Round 2 Dragons vs Evilswarm Game1: He doesn’t know what like any of my shit does because he hasn’t played since pre abyr :L he does play his cards decently tho, he sets up ophion early enough and backs it by MANY f/d carts. My hand is actually insane I go LA TORMENTA FUERTE to which he responds SJ. Oh. Okay, Blaster pop ophion? Safe Zone. Oh. I scoop soon after Game2: I demolish him Game3: I get him low and have really early control with a dracossack and abyss gaios. He asked me what gaios did and I explained “Once per turn during either players turn I can detach to neg effs of all your monsters with lower atk, so basically everything in your deck” so he has 1 card in hand plays 41 and draws, looks at his gy and drops DARK ARMED DRAGON. “Except for him I guess...” he pops my field sets his last card in hand and passes, I pitch reactan and tempest and he flips his newly set VANITY’S EMPTINESS. WHY WASN’T THAT SET THE TURN BEFORE ASDF. I lose. So like we all lost round 2 lel except Aaron obviously, we chill, and Alyx tells me he can sell his poop mat for 230$ if he gets it signed by Billy LOL so we go to look for him but obviously 2349289 people are watching him play so we just peace out. Round 3 Dragons vs Evilswarm Game1: okay so more easy wins right, RIGHT? I’m in huge adv early but a ribbed rabbit into shock master is putting me on 2 turns and all of my draw power doesn’t get me there :| Game2: I obviously just destroy him Game3: looking great for me again, but he’s able to set up shock master AGAIN with mother fucking rabbit to my on field blaster calling monsters, WTF I guess he doesn’t know it won’t go back to my hand? I swing and he has compulse, FFS. Then he ribs reborn for my tidal (YES I HAD BLASTER IN GY) and puts me on 4 turn clock instead of 3 oh ok, and eventually draws a rota which could obv be any monster and finishes it. I was down to 4 cards in deck, 2 of them were fucking decree :\ FUCK MACARONI AND CHEESESWARM THIS IS JUST LIKE JUNE REGS WHERE I LOSE TO IT TWICE IN A ROW FASFDOKDFOSKDFSDOFKSDOFK. I’m actually really good at keeping my cool after losses, and it doesn’t take me long to compose myself but I was fuming after that loss. ALYX COMES UP TO ME AND TELLS ME HE SOLD THE POOP MAT TO SOMEONE FOR 250$ BECAUSE HE SAID IT WAS BILLYS LOL. Then that guy is sitting beside all of us it was so awk LOL. Round 4 Dragons vs Evilswarm Game1: JESUS CHRIST WHY, he goes t1 ophion set 2, shot guns emptiness on me in draw phase :| thankfully I have live blaster pop ophion and he had no safe zone, doesn’t take me long to win after that. Game2: he fucks up majorly while I’m talking about his possible plays out loud and just scoops. Finally beat the mighty Macaroni and Cheeseswarm. Me and Jeremy are 2-2 at this point and Kyle drops :| wasn’t expecting him to do super great because he hasn’t tested like at all since June regs (where he got his inv with dragons). Me and Jeremy are walking around and we walk by Julien Lafaggot, Jeremy is actually literally looking for foreign Maestroke/Temtempo and who better to ask right? So I go up to him and ask him if he has any, he says yes and asks me if I want him to sign them, I told him I had no idea who he was and just wanted them, to which he responded with nice shirt (DGz shirt) and gave me hug and walked away lol, Jeremy was like wtf man I actually want one lol. Round 5 Dragons vs No show So I sit down and Joe Andress and Breakdown are sitting beside me, I introduce myself to Breakdown because I never met him before. 3 minutes comes by and I call a judge over to get the game loss, then 10 minutes come by and we’re all done and I stay there to watch them play then out of nowhere a judge and my opponent show up. Apparently his deck was stolen and he somebody brought it to the front and we were supposed to get an extension but there was some miscommunications :\ they seemed chummy so I was iffy about it but w/e I can’t really argue without appealing then I’d probably get a game loss for sharking. Re: Round 5 Dragons vs Huner Family Game1: He summons mahunder, pahunder then mahunder again, oh lawd shock master again... I had like 5-6 die out and I sigh out loud and say great now he’s going to call spells and I’ll just scoop. He called monsters anyways fff. I can’t play out of it take a couple of hits eventually set a monster but scoop when he puts enough damage on field. I tell him I opened 3 sb magician and couldn’t do anything Game2: I opened a reactan play and he goes “OMG I SIDED FOR BOOKS!” LOL I FUCKING DIED. I obviously win this game almost instantly. Game3: He offers me his deck and I pile shuffle it to be 42, usually 40 :| game over. I sniff out Alyx easily because his skin smells like the poop mat and found out he drew and is sitting at x-1-1 now Round 6 Dragons vs Dragons Game1: I don’t actually remember much from this round outside of the fact that he was pretty good, but no match for me :] I armory arm otkd him like turn 3 or something Game2: I lose this one because I can’t out a emptiness :\ Game3: I open a field of dracossack gaios and he uses his 5 cards in hand (veilerd sack) to out it :| thankfully I had 4 colors online and it took no time to get back control and just outright win the game. Round 7 Dragons vs Dragons (heraldic beast style) Game1: this guy was REALLY slow at playing so I was constantly pressuring him to play faster because of time problems, he had shitty heraldic beast monster in his deck and he kept banishing colors instead of them which made him run low late game and I won because he didn’t have enough recourses. He also messed up an otk, likely because I was rushing him, at least that’s what he says Game2: I open meh and he doesn’t, I set up a board that I’d die to gaia charger+burei because a) he’d either have it and go to g3 or b) he doesn’t play it and I’d win the next turn, I just asked him to reveal them from extra and scooped. Game3: I noticed in g1 that he shoots of his veiler ASAP so he has a dracossack with 1 token he SAW me add corsesca and I leave a big on board and make draco eff for tokens which he veilers, so I summon the corsesca make blader, run over token with draco and blader him in time for obvious win. This is the point we started saying #theraptureiscoming and shit, He was 7-0 and he wasn’t stopping. It was clear to us at this point that our months of testing gave us all a huge edge over 99% of the people there, Jeremy and I took some early losses but we could pull through... or so I thought... Round 8 Dragons vs Dragons Game1: His sleeves look like Simon He just played him and I call over a judge to take a look at them, like even if all he had to do was switch them but w/e. Nothing happens about it and we start playing :\ He opens dracossack with a set. My hand is blaster/burner/burner/reactan/2 cards I can’t remember, I read the set as chalice/book and I wanted to hold the burners to actually pull blasters from deck so I start off with reactan pitching blaster and he flips emptiness :| I basically get otkd the next turn. Game2: My starting hand is 3 veiler 2 blaster 1 rejuv, fuck my life, I obviously have to pass, he makes draco I veiler it and he sets 1 pass :| I guess he thought he went first? I draw and blaster his draco rejuv for 2 and pass back, to which I get otkd. Fuck. So I’m x-3 now and I drop, go watch Aaron demolish another opponent and find out that Jeremy BJ and Alyx all lost (Alyx went to x-2-1 losing to Jarel, wtf you suck man). I personally wasn’t bummed at all, outside of my bad read on the emptiness I feel like I played flawlessly, like I’m sure there was tiny little things here and there but no major misplays that cost me any games in the matches I won or lost, Jeremy was a little bummed but I could tell Aaron performing so well lifted his spirits. We head back to our hotels and get the same fucking limo driver LOL he remembers us too and says “SEX IN THE ASS” LOL. On the ride there he says some weird shit like “If it’s a woman, no sex in the ass. If it’s a girl, no sex in the ass.” We were all kind of awkwardly quiet then he said “SEX IN THE ASS” and we laughed again... he drops us off and Kyle BJ and myself go to find some food. We walk to some McDonalds and it’s fucking closed... We see some Brady Bunch people and I yell from across the street asking Marcus if he actually lost to harpies :| BJ told me I was a dick for doing that but I didn’t believe it lmao. We end up just going back to the same pub and it’s the same fucking bouncer, yes! He comments on how BJ lost some of us but we’re still holding him hostage. I don’t think any of us finish our meals, and as we’re leaving I ask the bouncer what he has against Canadians and he says “you guys are fucking passive-aggressive. One second you’re the nicest people eh? The next you’re on the ice trying to kill people” LOL he told us he actually loved us gave us a black person hand shake I sucked at and we left, never to return. We get back and catch some zzz. Sunday These dumb fucks didn’t wake me up and it’s almost 10 by time I wake up I get showered and stuff and head over to the venue to give Aaron my love and energy. I get there I find out that he’s obviously still x-0 and going to the final round, that’s my boy. Alyx scrubbed out losing to fucking HERALD OF GREEN LIGHT DISCARDING HERALD OF PURPLE VS DRAGON... IN SPELLBOOKS... WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? I watch Aaron play his final round and he wins, 11 fucking 0, what a monster. Like this is basically the rest of the day, we chill watch Aaron destroy people and have a good time. When he lost in top 8 it was so disheartening He told us he was going to ask the judge if he could ask the crowd to give him energy to vanquish his foe with a spirit bomb... LOL. I told people this and during his worlds match we saw him ask the judge something and we just knew, everyone raised their hands and he won. It was fucking amazing. Jeremy and co have to leave because they have early flights; we stick around to watch Hoban win the whole thing. We talk with squiddy for a bit and I tell Josh Graham that you have to be a fucking moron to not be playing dragons right now. We leave shortly after, Aaron, Alex and Tony leave a bit before us and we walk to our hotel, call them up and plan to go there so we can catch some celebratory dinner. We get there, search for food for like 30 mins if not more, find out EVERYTHING is closed and just decide on pizza. BJ works at a pizza place and didn’t want some and said he’d order some take out by a nearby bar, Kyle and I decide to wait with him because we’re good friends I guess, and when I call Aaron to say we’re coming up he says they’re really tired and going to sleep So we catch a cab and he asks us if we’ve seen any police around because he’s going to do an illegal u turn, we all say no, and it’s fine, I’m like “fuck the police” and he’s like no no I love the police. We tell him what Essex means and he says that sounds gay. HOLY SHIT HE MIGHT BE ONTO SOMETHING. The second night he said “if it’s woman, no sex in ass, if it’s girl no sex in ass” that only leaves men! WTF HE WAS GAY!? So yeah we stop at a red light and a cop pulls him over for not wearing his seat belt LOL thankfully BJ, Kyle and I have ours on. He gets away with a warning because he has a clean record and as soon as he drives away he’s like “Fuck the police” LOL. After I was done laughing I told him that wasn’t what he said 5 minutes ago and he keeps ranting lol, he drops us off and Jeremy and co are in the lobby and we get to say goodbye one last time, after they leave, We go upstairs and they left us a note Kyle and I talk about possible ban list stuff and play some games, where I demolish him obviously. We get thirsty and I ask BJ if he wants some juice and he responds with “nigga wtf is juice” it was so funny. We go downstairs and see some people playing in the lobby, they said they were playing for dracossacks but I don’t believe them lol. We go outside to get some baskin robbins and there’s a bunch of brady bunch people like Brady himself, jhub, Scott, Marcus, Hentz. We chill in the street for like idk 30 mins and shoot the shit, they eventually need to leave and we get our Baskin Robbins. When we get back to our hotel I watch the kids play and ask them if they want to play for cash, they agree and before we leave to get my stuff one of them explains that he sided out 2 max and 2 veiler vs the mirror, drew into the 1 max and it drew him the 1 veiler to stop the blader and win the next turn, HOLY FUCK, we walked away and as soon as we got in the elevator we fucked hit the ground laughing, I literally had tears rolling down my face laughing. Go back downstairs, demolish the kid for money and none of them want to play me after that :\ I sell them some cards and eventually just go upstairs to go to sleep. Obviously throughout the course of the weekend I met with DGzers but I don’t remember at what particular time so I’ll just say some of the people I remember meeting (for the first time) Scott, Hentz, Brady, Squiddy, Jhub, Brandon Ball, Justin., Steinman, slashtap, Garon, El Scorcho(or something), audioslayne, uncle Jesse, Moja Jojo, Codaine briant, draigun, sb, tsgreen, I’m obviously forgetting a lot of you, and I feel bad but yeah I met a bunch of people lol, it was a fucking blast. Props: Meeting all of my friends and just hanging out with them, Kyle, Jeremy, Aaron, BJ, Alyx, Shane, Kenny, Alex, Travis. Meeintg a bunch of DGzers Aaron performing so fucking well the whole fucking weekend #therapturehascome 'go jono' Slops: MACARONI AND CHEESESWARM Jeremy and I not performing super well, oh well it happens
  4. Well holy. What a weekend.   Wednesday I head to locals to try out DNA surgery. I had watched a game the night before where books just got demolished by it, showed Aaron and Gilles and all 3 of us were immediately impressed. I was surgeryless so I had to try and find some but no luck. Luckily Gilles finds a couple, and Aaron picks up a bunch too so we manage to have enough. Aaron and Gilles report positive results, and 100% of the time I drew it it got mstd, I kept track. I proceeded to bitch about this and become unsure about siding it, but decide to wait until I get to Chicago to make the final call. Me and my brother play in a ball hockey league and we claim a sick victory racking up a couple points, and then I go to pick up Beatty and Kenny (wry9). They come over, we watch some America's funniest home videos and I crash while they do up their book lists.   Thursday   Travis comes to my house and we head on the flights, it was probably the hottest I've ever been on a plane and proceeded to feel awful until we got to Chicago. Rough beats. Once we get there, we take a cheap shuttle to our hotel... That takes roughly an hour. Whoops. We also sit in the back commenting on everything we see because we are from Atlantic Canada so all this big city stuff isn't quite real to us   We get there after Kyle and Gilles wonder if we are still alive, and I meet the legendary Sanjura and play some book games with him and go 50-50 so I'm okay with that. We go to this pub for supper, and the bouncer is a very large and intimidating black man and looks at us and says "are you Canadian?" He's looking at me, so I say yes and he replies "no I mean the brother" (Sanjura) he accuses us of kidnapping BJ and let's us in anyway. Kyle eats this gigantic burger for some challenge and wins a t shirt. This bar was booked for an event every night except this one so that was cool. We go to leave and some fairly decent looking women walk in the door and the same bouncer, with eyes like a hawk, says to me "get your eyes off our American women". The girls turn and look directly at me. Outplayed He then tells us to let BJ go and have a good night Aaron and Alex (a loli) show up at our hotel. We go over our "rules for dragon rulers" so try and cement our knowledge for the days ahead, I play some mirrors with Gilles and Alex and win a couple so I'm confident in how the next day is going to go.   Friday   We head to the venue, I scout for jhub and find a couple members of the bunch hanging around and get to meet jhub, wiggles, Brandon ball, Luke, Ted, mike, Hentz, Scott, Brady squiddy. I meet infinite dgzers over the weekend I wish I could remember you all but I probably won't El scorcho, islickz, tsgreen, uncle Jesse, tonysk, idisputez, draigun, Moja Jojo (sorry I couldn't say hi I was in the middle of a round when rich introduced you!) and of course Shane the cutie (who also didn't buy me the dinner he owed me for a bet on wind ups topping that ycs in march!) I get to meet Brady too, and pick up my Brady bunch shirt.   I want to play in the attack of the giant card and go to register, we try a tech DDv we have been testing over the last little while and 2 DNA surgery, and much to going against my gut, only 1 scarecrow sided and taking the mained scarecrow out for the third gold sarc and the chalice out for card destruction. Gilles disagrees on DDv, but I want to find out for myself   Round 1 bye - lovely   Round 2 - mirror Game one he leaves a Draco in attack and maxx cs me, I become slightly upset at first but I realized this is probably an outlier and not all my opponents will do this. I go for armory arm ASAP, he lets is resolve so I otk him. Turns out he had the veiler just didn't know how arm worked. G2 I win somehow I honestly don't remember   Round 3 books G1 I win via scrap dragon grind when he opens with a low judgment count G2 he opens d fissure no jday but I know he has fate, so I try to summon draco he warnings. i normal corsesca swing be fates magician and it gets banished, so I card destruction leaving him at minimal outs and get to reju for 4. He bricks off the card des and d fis cuts him off from tower so I win there   Round 4 - mirror I don't remember 100%, but I won Time is getting short, so me Aaron and Alex all decide to run the dragon list. Gilles and Kyle run something a little different, and Travis runs a build with Ladd and redmd. Beatty and Kenny submit their book lists   Round 5 - mirror I believe I misplay g1 and lose because of it, g2 I resolve a disgusting deck Dev when he tries to big eye me and win the following turn. G3 I open tidal blaster blaster burner deck Dev draw burner for turn. I lose this one when my big eye gets veilerd So I was okay with how that went, but didn't test surgery as much as I had wanted to. Gilles and I walked for about 30 minutes to find Aaron's hotel, him Alex bj and Gilles all play some games while I watch and we discuss theory, and we call it a night   The event starts around 11, 11 rounds top 64.   Round 1 - evil swarm (andrew cappy) G1 I can just smell evil swarm when my opponent sits down, and sure enough his opening play is ophion search infection 2 backs. I dig for blaster and pop ophion, make a Draco and pop his infection and reju for a million. He makes papillo and drops dad, but I have book for dad and then kill him the next turn G2 psi blocker control on ophionnnnnn. He doesn't kill the blocker when he's low on cards, so I summon thought ruler call Bahamut with blocker and that's that He tells me I'm for sure going to top, so I hope he's right   Round 2 - mirror (brandon thomas, he t64) All right. A mirror. Not books! I was prepared for this right? G1 I win via colossal fighter crash with a blaster, and then 5200 pokes G2 I have to reactan pass, he virus I maxx c but he otkd me because I don't draw scarecrow G3 he goes burner, I maxx he sets one ends. I read chalice because there was one g1, so I try to Draco to okay around it then punch with colossal. He veilerd my ssack when I tried to get tokens (I figured he'd veiler on summon to protect the fd) and I can only do 5400 with the colossal through blaster so I do that and pass. Turns out he has hole and his set was reborn and I die. I could have otkd him and maybe I should have just disregarded the backrow but hindsight 2020   Round 3 mirror I'm able to take g1 very quickly and lose g2 to an otk I thought wasn't possible, I tried to play around card destruction by waiting to maxx until 3 summons in turns out if I had maxxed right away I would have drawn into scarecrow gross. DDv wins me this one   Round 4 mirror (kristopher malik) I win g1 with blader, g2 he opens Ladd Draco +4 reju. G3 I open double sack he has double veiler, he goes big eye steal my ssack make tokens pop my sack summon angel 07 and let thebeatdown begin. I brick on my maxx and lose, my next card was hole  So now I'm on the bubble as of round 4 (again) and have to win out.   Round 5 - mirror This goes to time, and I won g3 with armory arm   Round 6 - chain burn I see a super poly in his deck box, and think heroes. He goes card car set 4, I Draco summon blaster swing... Into dimension wall. My heart sinks, and I lose g1. G2 I draw about 25 cards before finally seeing eev, and eev seals it. G3 I open eev and draw into another and DDv, so I eev traps and his hand is 2 traps stratos 2 miracle fader crow. Next turn I eev spells, and the turn after I DDv him for game   Round 7 books G1 i have hole book otk and readong wisdom he searched + fate set, but he has gagaga shield and judgment for book.I almost throw this away g2 by not shot gunning DNA surgery, he decides to not chain wisdom thankfully and I win because his hand is dead. G3 he opens poorly I big eye both his kycoos and it over   Round 8 - mirror I take g1 swiftly, so I'm pretty sure I can do this especially when I clear his field big eye set DDv emptiness. He swords into storm, I DDv, and get otkd. G3 I'm way ahead, but I mess up on a crucial turn and don't clear my own big eye when I had the resources to do so he resolves a blader and kills me. I was pretty upset after all the work I'd put into testing and what not to lose, most of us are out except for Beatty and Alex and of course the rapture. I go back to the hotel and sleep on towels on the floor due to space/ lack of blankets from the hotel and seriously consider going back the next day or just selling my stuff   I wake up and Aaron convinces me to play giant card, but I change 1 eev for 1 scarecrow because I was tired of losing mirrors to my opponents going for it. And I had to redeem myself for the whole weekend, I refused to walk away without something.   Round 1 - Books (RJ)   He was a little bit late, and he was very nice. He did a couple questionable things (he mentioned he lost his deck or something?) I'm able to climb back from jday secrets g1 via scrap dragon control because he starts using jdays on my turn instead of his. i lose g2 to some jday secrets difi stuff and i win g3 but forget how   round 2 - constellar   he opens two backrow turn 1 but unfortunately my hand is unplayable and i have to pass, he punches me with pollux kaus and makes pleiades set another. i need any dragon to go off and i hit it, so i storm hole punch for some. he sets 3 backrow the next turn but i just grind it out. g2 he opens pleiades deck lockdown 3 backs so i lose this long before i can get to storm. g3 i get to storm again and am able to easily grind through his backrows   round 3 - books (Loucas)   I honestly feel really bad for how this round turned out. I was watching this guy play earlier and his opponent was putting him through a hard time with the judges because his opponent did not resolve judgment day properly and insisted it was mandatory he search 1 instead of 0, and the judge ruled it as a double game loss for forgetting a mandatory effect. their whole game got reversed, he had had some crazy shit happen to him earlier in another round so i could tell he wasn't really enjoying our match. It became more evident when he opened absolute bricks g1, and i was able to quickly take it. He took g2 after a long game, and we started g3 in time which was unfortunate because going 1st i couldn't bring in DNA surgery. I don't know how i lost track of time but it sure didn't seem like 40 minutes... anyway. My hand is redox redox mst mst blocker and i draw blocker for turn. needless to say i nearly shat myself. I summon Blocker and call magician hoping I get there, he summons Kycoo and swings for 600 while JDay-ing for 2 and getting magician and setting it with fate. If I draw any dragon I think i can take this but its a reactan which is much less than desirable. I MST his backrow, blocker Kycoo and after some calculations make Gaia Charger and punch for 2200. Even with Magician+power+master he still can't get over it because i had MST number 2 for the star hall, kycoo is no good, and he would need some insane priestess stuff to be able to get there. He gets 2 star halls going and powers after using master but he throws it on kycoo, which can't attack because of blocker so that seals the game.    round 4 - Books (jeff jones)   This would be the first time I have ever actually played a "pro" in real life, so needless to say i was nervous as shit especially because I knew he was playing books since he'd been sitting next to me the entire event. g1 he opens absolutely unplayable to my t1 gaios +redox, something like magician kycoo kycoo jday jday jowgen. he sets 2 pass and i know i'm in a good position when he flips JDay dp with no other monsters, so i swing with gaios pass. he draws secrets i believe and powers up kycoo to crash gaios gets magician and sets it with fate, but hes low enough that i kill him the next turn. g2 is over turn 1 as he has jday secrets + 3 backrow while i open no monsters. I storm trying to get info, he solemns, so I MST a random backrow to see what it is he chains the wisdom and i scoop. i don't remember how g3 went, I make some silly play with Gaios on a jowgen on his turn that allows him to get blue guy on jday it made sense in my head i was trying to protect gaios but didn't know he opened fate, it was really stupid but live and learn.  I'm able to clear his board and end with draco+reactan+redox+token and Surgery set, I know all 3 cards in his hand and he has to rip mst/ priestess to be able to crack my board and i shotgun the DNA and he tries to go through a play but scoops because he sided out life and can't get Jowgen back   As soon as that finishes I'm told to slide over and I see Billy come walk over and sit across from me. Billy and Jeff right in a row, how crazy is that?   round 5 - Dragons (Billy Brake)   g1 he opens 4 colors + sarc for hole, but I know the final card in his hand is tidal so I'm able to resolve a crimson blader over his field and then kill him the following turn. g2 he passes without a play I make big eye + emptiness swing for 26 and reju for 4 while having scarecrow in hand, he tries to reactan I think about letting it go but he was saying a lot of things and I knew at 7 cards in hand there was no way he didn't have something he could do so i didn't let him get a monster on board. He Vortexes my big eye, and makes a dracossack. I make draco tidal blaster and try to game shot but he has scarecrow on my blaster playing around book after i punch for 26. I do some calculations trying to figure out how many special summons he could make as i have 21 cards left in deck but only 1 veiler in hand, and this calculation takes me 60 seconds so i get a slow play warning. I make draco in defense and pass back to him. I decide to drop C on the first summon as he only has 3 colors in grave, but he goes to town this turn and i let him big eye one draco holding my veiler for crimson but i draw the second one right before he tries a second big eye so i veiler that so i'm left with one draco. he has on card in hand, and tributes his big eyes for a mommy and ends with a dracossack. i big eye back my dracossack because it has a redox under it i need, and make armory arm. his last in hand is veiler, but i'm able to put enough damage on board since he only has 24 anyway.    so its super lame but i get very pumped about winning both those games in a row, and don't imagine how i can lose the next one until i find out i'm playing books again. i just tell myself what happens happens and to just play my game like the last two.    finals - Books (i want to say josh but that's def wrong, i know it started with a J)   i open veiler double maxx and some other garbage and have to pass, he opens crescent, and i say to myself because i always forget when i play books "no non-book spells" and sure enough he acivates upstart but i don't notice until 2 steps later when he already has a 4 count on jday and want to kick myself. I inform the judge and he agrees the game state is accepted, so we continue but he had to normal jowgen to get this far and he has no backrow. I draw card destruction, summon corsesca, and throw away all my shitty hand traps for some real cards and i draw fairly insane. I run over jowgen with corses, then summon thought ruler MP2 and reju for 4 three times. he bricked hard off the card destruction and scoops. he opens very poorly g2 and i summon thought ruler because i have eev but he judgments it, so i summon dracossack and set DNA Surgery flip it and he has to scoop.    If youre wondering why this is such a big deal, let's get real. I'm from atlantic canada, where the largest regional ever was 79 people and I've been to 2 premier events and been sent packing on day 1 at both. The closest thing I've had to a big victory was that tournament where i played Mike in the finals and punted something fierce, and I've been working a lot with my friends and my team to try and get better. If this weekend has taught me anything, it's that even after thinking I was so far ahead but I was proven very wrong. I lost to some variance but I know that I also could have played better. Maybe I'll be stuck on the day 1 bubble forever or maybe i'll 11-0 a swiss like my boi rapture, but I know that I've come a long way from that guy who three years ago walked into a card shop with a deck playing Junk Synchron, Quillbolt Hedgehog etc and thinking I had a legit shot of getting somewhere. A lot of that is thanks to DGZ warring, and Brady Bunch for getting me to see things in an entirely new perspective when it comes to preparing for things and seeing how much dedication is really needed to be successful. I'm going to teaching school this year so i have no idea how much time I'll be able to bring to the game, but I want to go back to nats next year if i can. meeting you guys IRL and chatting with you, hanging out with you was an incredible experience and something i definitely want to do again. Winning a Giant card is cool and all, and its a nice way to get myself motivated to get there, but I wanted to be standing next to Aaron on that podium (because I knew he'd be there, like jesus that guy is a dragon wizard) and next year I want to be there.   Thanks for reading, if you want to know the list i played check out aaron's report its the same list most innovations were from him I just tried them out when he told me and we discussed things a lot but give the man his cred   props dragons for being one of the funnest decks ever 3 sacred sword my god this card is ABSURD finally picked up a CP lonefire after searching for one for years gilles, kyle, kenny, beatty, travis, alex, aaron, BJ for being such awesome guys and it was an awesome weekend with you all taking a very cheap limo from navy pier to the hotel Chicago for being very beautiful, and Navy Pier too AARON C RAPTURE #THERAPTUREISCOMING   slops all of our room being eliminated by round 10 angel07 reborn having to stay at the airport all night due to early morning flight   The biggest edit: Major props too to all my friends from locals who met with me like every second day to help me test Kevin Scott Kenny Travis Alex Andre and of course my Newshores teamates Chris Tom Nick and Jeremy Lyons i love you all   bonus story:   So me and gilles (relianah) are walking around and run into Julien Lafon, gilles is wearing his DGZ shirt. Gilles runs up to him, asking him if he has any foreign maestrokes. So Julien says he does and asks if he wants it signed. I start to pull out my binder and say no we don't want it signed, I actually want to trade for it. He gives Gilles a hug and tells him he loves his shirt, and I repeat that i'm actually looking for foreign maestroke and temtempo (this is 100% tue, i actually didn't find these) and he turns around and walks away. lel   I'll be back dgz. just you wait.