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Found 7 results

  1. Let's Do It Again

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNw8A5pwbVI     Monsters:   [3] Mystical Shine Ball [2] Archlord Kristya [2] Card Trooper [3] Herald of Orange Light [2] Honest [3] Master Hyperion [3] Maxx "C" [3] The Agent of Creation - Venus [1] The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter [3] The Agent of Mystery - Earth [1] Thunder King Rai-Oh   Spells:   [1] Raigeki [3] Transmodify   Traps:   [1] Bottomless Trap Hole [3] Call of the Haunted [2] Mirror Force [3] Mistake [1] Vanity's Emptiness   Side Deck:   [2] Fire Hand [2] Ice Hand [1] Psi Blocker [3] Mystical Space Typhoon [2] Shared Ride [2] Fairy Wind [3] Mind Crush   Extra Deck:   [1] Ancient Sacred Wyvern [1] Ascension Sky Dragon [1] Black Rose Dragon [1] Crimson Blader [1] Herald of the Arc Light [1] Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier [1] Constellar Hyades [1] Constellar Ptolemy M7 [1] Daigusto Phoenix [1] Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss / [1] Armades, Keeper of Boundaries [1] Gachi Gachi Gantetsu [1] Herald of Pure Light [1] Leviair the Sea Dragon [1] Number 17: Leviathan Dragon / [1] Abyss Dweller [1] Number 96: Dark Mist   Hello there, dear reader! Ever wanted to OTK your opponent with ease? Ever wanted to make absurd set-ups such as Trishula + Archlord Kristya + Mistake? Ever wanted to play a deck where you can finally put that precious prize card Ascension Sky Dragon to actual use?   Well say no more, because I've got the deck for you.   So essentially I've always adored Agents due to their nice ability to side and not lose to degenerate decks such as the upcoming Chicken Race Gishki hype and the like. Plus they OTK with ease. However they lose pretty hard to certain hand-traps, but they are fun so I usually don't care.   Essentially with Transmodify, the deck doesn't rely on Earth to get your plays going so you are able to main cards like Thunder King and Mistake to be incredibly disruptive / outright make your opponent not play the game and then follow up with a turn 2 OTK.   Also while Vanity's may have gone to 1, Agent's have always had a walking boss monster that acts as Vanity's Emptiness while also adding a card back to your hand which can include Agent's natural disruptions in Honest or Herald of Orange Light.   Trooper + Call or Transmodify + Call is also useful for fueling Turn 2 OTKs which is what you will be doing most of the time.   You play Jupiter as another level 4 target for Transmodify but also it's another card that you can Transmodify into that kills Evilswarms that are infesting rated right now due to the turbo Towers Qliphort hype.   Herald of Orange Light is also very disruptive in the current format (especially Qliphorts, fuck you Scout).   The side deck definitely needs a lot of work as generally the main cards I wanted to side wee Fairy Wind, MST and the Hand Engine. The rest were cards I thought were decent side board cards while I figured it out.   The extra deck is very hard to figure out because it's incredibly tight since Agents can toolbox into almost every level and XYZ from rank 2 to rank 4.   OTK: Venus, Hyperion, Transmodify   Summon Venus. Pay 1500 to summon 3 Shine Balls. Transmodify one Shine Ball into another Venus. Overlay the two Shine Balls into Daigusto Phoenix. Overlay the two Venus into Leviathan. Summon a Hyperion. 3000 + 2700 + 2700 = 8400.   Cool Set-Up:   Summon Earth, do X things and pass.   Next turn, Summon Venus, make 2 Shine Balls, make Trishula, drop Kristya and watch your opponent cry.   There's a lot of other OTK's that are possible with this deck but it'd take a long time to list them all out so I'd say just go out and try them. I hope you enjoyed this!
  2.       My name is Nicky Reardon (AKA swagynick on Dn) and this is my story on my top 32 NAWCQ report. Before i begin i want to give a sort of back story. To the many of those who know me in real life (and the even larger sum that don't) i am a 15 year old sophomore that live in norhtern virginia about 45 minutes away from DC. Being a 15 year old kid means that i dont have a job and because of school it makes it really hard for me to travel a lot. Im often only able to attend events that are within about an 8 hour drive from me because thats about the distance most of my local friends are willing to drive so outside of that range im really not able to attend many premire events and even some events that are close will interfere with my school work (besides nationals which my mother is kind enough to make a family vacation out of every year no matter where it is). Because of this i think i have a sort of stronger will and determination as to where "if i dont top this event, i wont get another chance for 2-3 months!" More recently i think i have been able to use this to my advantage and makes me more determined when i do my testing. Many of you may know me as an adamant DN warrior as to where thats where i get out most of my yugioh cravings because playing in real life can be a struggle and i have recently started playing in the DNF war scene. I had only really started playing DN that much once the Nekroz deck came out and i feel in love with it and have been trying to stay within the top 10 ranking on the site with the deck. Time rolled around and a lot of friends i knew considered me to have a really good understanding of the deck from watching me play online or through seeing me in real life and two of my now team mates asked me to teach them how to play the deck. Unfortunately for me i was never able to enter any events while prep and brionac were at 3 and the first real event i was ever able to enter with the Nekroz deck was ARG Richmond. One of my good friends Ryan Levine wasn't sure if he wanted to either play the event or judge but i convinced him to pick up the deck and the Thursday night before the event he came to my house where we played open hand mirrors until 3 AM and was one of the only times he had ever played the deck. Saturday rolls around and Ryan had entered the event with the same card for card decklist as me and i was feeling very confident in my chances on doing well at the event. The rounds start and i lose round 1 to getting flooded out by tellar (antispell + spell canceler) and then the next round i lose game 1 to djinn and brick the next game to then drop the tournament at an 0-2 loss. My friend Ryan went on to get his first top and top 16 with my exact list! While i was insanely happy that a buddy of mine topped but i was extremely frustrated that someone with only a week of testing just took my deck and topped when i had been playing 3+ hours a day. Another friends of mine Dilan Solanki went to ARG St Louis piloting a Nekroz deck my brother gave him that i believe was only 3 cards off of mine and he got third place at the event! I was stuck between this place of wanting to be happy for my friends but being jealous that they were topping with my decks and constantly admitted that i was far better at using the deck. It started to make me discouraged to test and play and after the next event i was able to attend (ARG Edison) another finish where i didnt top made the problem much worse. I hadn't really tested at all and the weekend before nationals i realized that i didn't really have a good decklist and i started to worry. I asked a good friend of mine Tyree Tinsley for help because i didnt really have a good idea of what i was doing and luckily he saved me by sending me 2 different decklists to build off of and theriohing with someone i consider to be significantly better than i am improve my game significantly in the coming week. So i'd like to give a huge shout out to Tyree for honestly saving me this event and practically handing me the top because im sure i couldn't have done it without him. Sorry for rambling, but here is the list i used to get top 32 at the NAWCQ.   The Deck:   http://i.imgur.com/xcBNJbC.png   Monsters: (25) 3x Nekroz of Valkyrus 3x Nekroz of Unicore 2x Nekroz of Brionac 2x Nekroz of Clausolas 1x Nekroz of Trishula 1x Nekroz of Gungnir 3x Manju, of the ten thousand hands 3x Senju, of the thousand hands 2x Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz 1x D.D. Warrior Lady 1x Djinn, Releaser of Rituals 2x Maxx "C" 1x Psi-Blocker   Spells: (15) 3x Reinforcement of the Army 2x Nekroz Kaleidoscope 2x Nekroz Cycle 2x Nekroz mirror 2x Book of Eclipse 1x Book of Moon 1x Preperation of Rights 1x Shared Ride 1x Mystical Space Typhoon   Side: (15) 1x Dance Princess of the Nekroz 1x Psi-Blocker 2x Mystical Space Typhoon 3x Fairy Wind 2x Royal Decree 2x Artifact Lancea 3x Mind Crush 1x Vanity's Emptiness   Extra: (15) 2x Herald of Arc Light 1x Shooting Quasar Dragon 2x Lavalval Chain 1x Daigusto Emeral 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Castel, the Skyblaster Muskateer 1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1x Diamond Dire Wolf 1x Number 80: Rhapsody in Beserk 1x Tellarknight Ptolemaus 1x Satellarknight Constellar Diamond 1x Artifact Durendal   I guess ill start by explaining the card choices   The Nekroz Line-up: I would like to think that these 12 is the most standard and in my opinion the most optimal line-up. Cards like Valk are too important in the mirror to not play and Gungnir while it can be a terrible draw in the mirror is an important option to have vs practically every non nekroz deck and makes it so any time your opponent take damage in the mirror they lost next turn. I had considered using things like dance princess, great sorcerer, or a second trish and while i think they are all cute cards in their respective scenarios, they aren't necessary to the deck and i think all the cards i played over it were much better. i knew about the exa and decisive armor thing that Pinney ended up using but after briefly discussing it with tyree i decided i hadn't tested it enough to really know if i thought it was worth using so i just decided that i wouldn't play it for the event.   D.D. Warrior Lady: After discussing this with my brother we just ended up using warrior lady because we thought it was the out that would stick the most. I would rather play a warrior lady that losses to a 2 of side decked lancea that they're not even guaranteed to side deck than a searchable gungnir and i didn't find the fact that keeping a level 4 on the field mattered that much because the overall goal was just to out djinn. i didn't like exiled because i felt if they had the trish or gung and i used it then i would no longer have the out on the board while warrior lady would give me an out the following turn if i can back it with a valk and hope they cant trish me when they have that low resources. i liked armageddon but didn't like how many cards it took up in the main and it suffered the same flaws as exiled. Also ddwl is just better vs dantes and shaddoll fusion monsters   The Odd 1 Ofs (Blocker, Shared ride, MST): Psi-blocker was something that was 100% Tyree's idea. Although the card does have applications in the mirror, it was actually designed to be in the deck for rogue (i even sided it out in the mirror). We had started talking about how we didn't like the hands in the side deck because i only really considered great when fire and ice hand were equally good vs a deck. Shaddolls for example, you can draw a fire or ice hand and be happy because u can kill falcos constructs anomiliths mistakes etc and no matter which one you drew they would overall be the same thing, but vs a deck like Qli fire hand is actually just a useless vanilla 99% of the times and even then most of the time ice hand doesn't get insane value of killing multiple backrows and monsters like it does vs dolls. And lastly vs a deck like BA we wanted an out to the commonly sided monster floods but hands are really just awful vs that deck because everything is chainable and Dante stays in defense. We wanted something that has the versatility of being able to out any flood that was established whether it be monster or trap which is what the hands offered but then enter psi-blocker. Blocker is an out to practically any flood in the game and isn't something that can be easily played around by keeping monsters in defense like hands are. No matter what they drew (tking, anomilith, mistake, secret village, lose 1 turn, emptiness, spell canceler, vanity's fiend) psi-blocker was reliable and wasn't as narrow as something like playing another MST would be. Patrick Hoban also wrote an article about "the problems with Nekroz" where he stated the only 3 win conditions in the mirror were either 1) using a sort of soft lock like djinn to gain advantage and win the game, 2) playing an extremely long grind game as to where the person with more mirrors left will win, and 3) reducing your opponents life points to zero. Game 1 playing a psi-blocker allowed me to have a better access to that third win condition where i could randomly just kill them where i wouldn't have to take a coin flip on djinn or play a long grind game hoping my opponent doesn't resource correctly and then game 2 and 3 i had more blow out strategies like mind crush and lancea that i could rely on. 1 mst is another thing Tyree and I debated on where i think in the list he sent me he was using a second shared ride instead because you're probably going to play more mirrors in 12 rounds of swiss than the other decks so its more important to grab those game ones but i decided that i could enter a tournament just auto-shipping game 1 to a mistake unless i drew psi-blocker or some other really sick out by making dire wolf under it. the 1 shared ride is because i wanted something extra in the mirror and i thought i would be the best card to main deck for it. at one point i was playing 2 shared and 1 maxx c because that card is actually just terrible in the mirror unless your opponent draws awful or is just a complete idiot but i decided to switch those ratios to help better my BA and doll match up.    Spell Djinn Outs: I think the books are by far the best because they help you play around all the traps that really matter (AKA effect negation) and book of moons is crazy good vs BA and provides another win condition in the mirror. You can also just set books to mess with your opponent's valk plays and allow you to trish them the following turn. i didn't think raigeki was that great either because books can be a lot more defensive and raigeki didn't help me clear floods vs qli and didn't let me punish a djinn lock as much   The Side Deck: Dance princess as an out to village and being really good vs the general doll and BA trap line up. i'd like to think Mst's and decrees and staple because decree is too good vs BA and tellar. i choose 3 fairy wind because i wasn't going to use hands for previous reasons already listed and i didn't like that denko only had a very small opportunity window to be good and is easily played around and typhoon while slightly better vs dolls i didn't like that vs qli if i chained it to a flood gate i just had to hope i could push through their other backrows to stop the scout while just having a fairy wind take care of multiple floods and relives the otk pressure that scout puts on so even if they do have more traps you have multiple turn to push through them. i used lancea because i wanted a reliable hand trap in the mirror (unlike maxx c and veiler) that also allowed me to play a lot more aggressively without fear of trish that could also help protect my djinn locks. Mind crush is probably by far my favorite card in the mirror because 99% of people use it incorrectly because you never really have to mind crush on a kaleido or any other mirror unless you fell threatened of getting trished but even when they do u can just chain it to something else you know in their hand like maybe a brio from last turn or a mirror they searched that turn and now they just have a dead trish on the board they have to clear them self and any other time you can just call valk with it and they die. i didn't want to use more gimmicky cards like village or mistake because i felt in 12+ rounds that a strategy like that wasn't reliable enough for me to use and i would rather use a more fair strategy and rely on my technical play to be able to win.    Artifact Durendal: There isn't ever really an exact scenario where i can say this card is amazing but it can random steal games in the mirror or make it so if they happen to top deck the one outer you can stop it with durendal. not really necessary but came in clutch once during the tournament.       I believe that's as far as it goes for the card choices, but if you have any questions/comments i love to hear feedback =].      Round by Round:   **disclaimer, i have terrible memory so i may just blatantly forget some rounds or if any my opponents are reading this feel free to correct me**   Round 1 Shaddolls   Game 1: I win the die roll, he goes first, does a standard math play and sets three where i make exciton with a book and he cant overcome the plus 4 i get and he dies.   Game 2: i go first and i think i just summon ju search pass. He does some underwhelming Shaddoll things and i cant remember what happens but it gets to the point where he has a shekinaga, mathematician, a face up attack shaddoll beast and a set falco with 3 backrow and a shaddoll card in hand to my 2 jus on board. He attacks and i valk, then next turn i summon psi-blocker, call shek, and exciton him for his entire life savings (and he couldnt add back the fusion spell with shek because of blocker which i though was kinda neat) and then i summon more nekroz guys and win from there   1-0   Round 2 Tellars   Game 1: he goes first and has deneb set 4 and because i didnt have a ju or book to help grind through backrow he eventually stabilizes into a triverr and i concede   Game 2: i opt to go first and go unicore set 2 pass. He responds with a deneb set 4 pass and i flip an EP decree which auto wins me the game   Game 3: Don't remember much but he does standard tellar things and i do standard nekroz things and am able to win a couple of mintues before time   2-0   Round 3 Nekroz   Game 1: i recognized the name because he used to be on a DNF war team i was on and for some reason he used to always accuse me of cheating even though we had never talked before and he had never seen me irl so i knew he was just a fan. He djinns me this game and i don't see an out   Game 2: We get to a sort of simplified gamestate where i realize my hand is significantly worse and i realize my only win condition is to summon a valk and set mind crush and just hope i can time the mind crush well enough to punish him even though he had seen it in my hand because of his own mind crush. he searches a kaleido by banishing a mirror in grave then rotas for shurit. he summons a ju and adds uni so he has a total of 3 cards in hand (2 of which i knew) and activates kaleido and waits for me to use my mind crush but i dont because i knew that nothing a kaleido could do was threatening enough to waist my wind crush on. my opponent is alarmed by this and sends a level 12 to summon valk and unicore (so i know the last card in his hand is shurit) he makes castel and attacks but i valk then he tributes to clear his field and passes. i summon the ju i drew off valk the previous turn and am able to otk and use the mind crush i had set to call valk. (had i used mind crush on the unicore earlier in that game he would've just summoned the valk tributing shurit and adding a trishula then sack his ju and valk to trish my but because i conserved my mind crush he wasn't able to trish me)   Game 3: he makes me go first and i open pretty poorly where i kaleido for uni add brio set a shared ride and pass. his first play is activate kaleido ss uni and when he uses herald i chain the shared ride. he thinks a little and just adds valk then crashes and passes. off of either my shared ride draw or draw for turn i draw a ju that allows me to play a grind game where i eventually win. (first game of two that i drew shared ride and it won me the game)   3-0   Round 4 Nekroz   Game 1: i see that im playing that Travis Smith faggot who is a known cheater and banned from ARG for cheating in the finals so just because i decided he was a complete faggot i djinn'd the fuck out of him just to make him salty and i won the game   Game 2: i go first and kaleido for 12 tribute a shurit from my hand to draw one and search a brio, set 1 and pass. He does a standard ju kaleido cycle unicore valk play and with his shurit searches trish. he attacks over my unicore then makes emeral and tribs both. he starts thinking about what mirror to add and because ik he has trish in his hand i purposefully look really dissapointed and fan out my hand and he immediently adds nekroz mirror and tries to trish my but i just lancea him and trish him the next 2 turns in a row. (not only was he trying to stack earlier but i summoned 2 monsters and left them on the board so i obviously had a lancea but i know that cheaters are always greedy so i bluffed the fact i would get trished and he fell for it like a retard, not only did he try to cheat but he was fucking awful). as the game goes on i trish him 3 times in the game and it gets to the point where he has all 3 valks banished and 4 mirrors banished as well. he clearly doesnt have a win condition but keeps playing anyways. it gets to the pong where his banished is bigger than his deck and only has 5 irrelevant monsters in grave but practically everything banished. i watch him try to reposition his grave and banished as to where it looks like his insanely large banished pile is his grave and when i ask to see his grave he hands me his banished pile as if i was stupid enough to know that wasn't his banished and when he hands it to me i say "nice try" and he tries to act like it was a mistake but im not that dumb and i obviously win after trishing him 3 times and after that he says his loss was due to that fact that "jus like you more, i never draw jus"   this is why i absolutely fucking hate cheaters (shoutout to Calvin Tahan)   4-0   Round 5 Burning Abyss   Game 1: he goes first and draws 5 then says pass. i summon psi-blocker, unicore, and valk and attack with all leaving him at 1600. i psi-blocker call trish assuming he's playing the mirror then sack it off with valk, set a book, and pass. he goes galaxy cyclone, raigeki, summon 2 irrelevant ba's make dante and attacks me but i just kill him next turn.   Game 2: he makes me go first and my hand is 2 jus, dance princess, shurit, djinn, i summon ju and brio>claus>cycle and cycle back brio tributing shurit and djinn and add trish and pass, he sets a monster set 3 and then crushes me on my stanby phase tributing scarm but then i just summon my second ju and make dweller and he cant recover   5-0   Round 6 Satellar   Game 1: he draws a lot of fiendish chains and calls and i cant grind through all the backrow before he makes triverr   Game 2: dont remember but i win.   Game 3: We come very close to time and are at table 4 with a lot of people watching. it gets to the point where he has 3 monsters and 2 face up call of the haunteds but i somehow mind game him into not making triverr (where i wouldve 100% lost if he did) and instead get him to rhapsody my mirrors that didnt matter cuz i had a ju in hand.   Round 7 Nekroz   Game 1: dont remember much but i think he djinns me   Game 2: i brick pretty bad and he just kills me   6-1   Round 8 Ritual Beast   Game 1: he summons 1800 guy set 3 and i kill him   Game 2: it looks like im in control but then he has only 2 backrows and flips a set soul charge and combos me for infinite and i lose   Game 3: i start of bricking really hard but luckily he does too and once we both get things going he has a d fissure than eventually banishes all my guys andi cant do anything   6-2   Round 9 Qli   Game 1: dont remember, i think i lose   Game 2: dont realy remember either. i think he doesnt draw scout and i win   Game 3: i exciton for 5 backrow 4 monsters and 2 pendulum scales and otk him the next turn in time   7-2 going into Day 2   Round 10 no show   8-2   Round 11 I have literally no recollection of this match but i won   9-2   Round 12 Burning Abyss   Game 1: he makes double dante pass and gets dweller+brio'd   Game 2: chooses to go first and just passes. i look at my hand and see that i have game and get crazy excited that my top is locked up and otk him on my turn!   We wait for a looong time for them to announce standings. i come in 11th after swiss and my brother Collin (many of you may know him from here) gets his first top and comes in 54th. We do the math with our friend Mike Albanese to see who we play and realize that we would actually have to face each other in top 64!!!!   Top 64 Collin Reardon (my brother) Nekroz   Game 1: i open cycle cycle kaleido clausolas rota. i cycle back the claus and use mirror to summon valk and draw into maju and a book of eclipse. Collin had only been playing the deck since thursday and i remember in our testing he really didnt know how to play around book of eclipse so i set it and surely it is he plays into it and despite the awful hand im able to make a slight comeback by trishing him but i think he late game djinns me and i dont draw an out and lose   Game 2: he goes first and tries to djinn me but i have lancea and get to see his hand. next turn i trish djinn him and he dies.   Game 3: i draw another very lackluster hand where i summon uni add brio set shared ride and pass. i dont remember exactly what he does next but i think i shared ride for a plus one which is enough to get my cards to grind with and eventually win with   kinda sad i had to play my brother in top cut but also kinda cool at the same time. glad at least one of us was guaranteed to advance.   Top 32 Burning abyss   Game 1: i brick and just cycle back a claus with shurit add brio and pass. he raigekis me and makes double dante and i dont have enough to push through his set 3.   Game 2: i choose to go first and open up decree, book of moon, cycle, kaleido, trish. my hand was soooo close to being perfect but i am able to stall for a few turns becuase of book of moon but i never draw one of my infinite combo cards to unbrick that hand and unfortunately get knocked out due to bricking     Conclusion: I was really glad to break my dead streak with Nekroz and finally get the top i had been working for! It was also awesome to see my brother get his fist top along side me and meet a lot of friends i knew from DN or FB like Omar, Alex, Mitch etc. It was also insane seeing one of my friends from my DNF war team Max Schrack get his first konami top and invite to worlds!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you become a champion buddy =]   Shoutouts: My sponsor The island games (theislandg.com) for supporting me and just helping me out for events like always My teammates Ryan, Dilan, Ginger, Nishaad (SQUIDS~), my brother Collin, and Tristan Based Loli and Rapture and brady bunch (or whatever the fuck their gay ass name is) being A1 Day One swagynick fans My DNF team [BOTE] and mainly Kennyk and Pokerkid for helping me therioh a lot and Pokerkid helping me do a lot of testing on DN the week before the event Tyree again for the list Whoever beat Jarel and Calvin because if either of them went to worlds i would've ended my life. All the fans back home who kept rooting for me and believing in me, it means a lot =]   Soryy for making this so long but i really wanted to get all my points across. Please leave feed back!        Thanks,            Swagynick =]
  3. auri's 2015 KOTF campaign

    In a lot of ways I had the typical journey as a poster on dgz.  I joined the site in August of 2009 but didn't start posting until early 2012.  I more or less lurked for two and a half years, just trying to absorb information and improve my yugioh gameplay.  I made the progression from some kid who consistently X-2'd an 8-person locals with his dedicated Crystal Beast deck to someone who actually knew what they were doing.  I rarely made it out to big events but I have a couple of regional top 8's to my name which is neat.   I didn't really post at that time because I thought the environment in the yugioh sections were pretty intimidating, even moreso outside of the yugioh sections.  I remember browsing the CSK and being afraid to click the "if you click this topic you must post" thread because I thought moderators were patrolling the thread 24/7 and would hunt down anyone who didn't post.  :P   Dueling Network and the thread that popped up because of it was really what got me started posting on DG.  I posted a couple of neato screenshots from games I played, then later on I started the DN administrator gig.  It got me more comfortable posting in the thread and I was able to come through with some unique content.  Apparently I was ok with the admin stuff too:   yeah pretty much this i don't recall the last time i've had to wait 20 minutes for an admin and it's really appreciated   Anyway yugioh sucks and I moved on to other things.  I creeped around the music section for stuff to listen to, and Clayton's one share thread was pretty cool as was my first exposure to tracks other than your typical top 40 stuff.  I picked up MTG and started hanging around that section.  Then Clayton hosted the first mafia game on the site.  I hadn't played mafia in seven years and while that game was an abortion the games kept popping up and it's been a lot of fun since.  I also frequent the Hearthstone thread, the Smash thread, the wrestling thread (mainly during WWE ppv events though I wouldn't mind seeing more NJPW), and of course CSK.   I'm relatively new to the KOTF scene around here but I'm making my campaign because I represent many parts of the community.  I mean, I'm a half-Mexican living in America with a French username and an avatar with an 18-year old woman from New Zealand, like come on.  I've got a challenging first group featuring established users such as based nafe, the entire continent of australia and yugioh crusader bodan, and the ygo organization overlord NeoArkadia but I think I could get through a round or two with your support.   Again, I'm just glad to be here but it would be great to have your support.  unvote Batman vote auri
  4. 'bout that time again where people attempt to better themselves by starting a year off fresh. I'm going to be a little more realistic about it.   Post something that you'd like to accomplish in 2015 but not necessarily something you'll start on new years or haven't already started.       My list is obnoxiously long but I'll use one of mine as an example:   I just started running again. At some point in 2015 when the weather gets nicer, I want to grab my cousin, who I'm coaching and is an active member of his high school XC/Track team, and go to a park and keep up with him.... because that's how out of shape I feel as far as my stamina.   Boom. Something I've already started working on now but it's a goal I want to accomplish in 2015.   Make it big, make it small, make it something that can make you better.   I CHALLENGE YOU ALL. DO SOMETHING.
  5. Hello everybody. I am gonna try to keep this small and with not too many details. San Antonio has been known as the worst Regionals in Texas (South) for sometime now. Mainly because of the bad accommodation to players. Granted, Heroes and Fantasies is a hugely successful anime/comic book store, the only issue with the place are the extremely uncomfortable seats and play space. Round 1 through 4, your usually interlocking elbows with your neighbors and sharing the same play mats. By round 5-8 your ass is completely numbed by the pain. I heard Magic hosted tourneys in the same area and MANDATED the store rent actually tables and chairs for their players. It is a sad thing to bring up first, but I have to set the setting because that is how strenuous it is to play their for so many rounds. Anyways, I used Shaddoll. My goal was to be the first in Texas to top with it. The tourney only gathered about 240 or so and was 8 rounds. A surprisingly low number considering Houston and Dallas Average 480-520 at there regionals. I will try my best to recollect the rounds as there weren't too many. Round 1 vs Shaddoll (2-0) Game 1- I beat him purely with Squamatas and Falco. Once he hit 2000. I made Tempest Magician for exact game. Game 2- It is hard for me to recollect, but I know I took a direct Winda attack. Somewhere down the line I must of beat him with Super Poly or De-Fusion. I honestly do not recall. Round 2 vs Shaddoll (A. Bockenstedt 1-1) My most difficult match of the day. Alex is a friend of mines who watches a lot of Me, Jimmy and Scott's games. I know he is very patient and studious, plus he knows about 90% of my techs and side choices so I knew going in this wasn't gonna be easily. Game 1- We had an EXTREMELY long game 1, as I expected with Shaddoll Mirrors. I made a mistake towards the middle of the game feeling overconfident and he ripped a BLS to continue to pressure me. We went through both Constructs and both Winda. Because we only had 3 minutes left in the round and I had Leo and Vanity's Lock vs top-decking Shaddoll with all the fusions gone. My life was 1200 to his 2100 and I decided to scoop and give him the win, because I felt he deserved to win that round and I did not want either of us to go into time with only 1 round. Game 2- I sided in my Hands/Defusion/NightBeams/Cylinder and took out every lifepoint card (Gorz/Warning/Soul Charge) after it became clear I had to play for the draw and inflict the most damage. I ended up inflicting the most and won Game 2 for the Draw after I surprised him with fire hand. Round 3 vs SylvanPlants (2-0) This was my easiest match. Game 1- I open Math finally for the first time today. He does some play involving Peacekeeper, One for One and Copy Plant. I remember winning easily. Game 2- He elects to go first. Use One for One to pitch Dandy. Spore for Formula with a Token. Sets a Card and passes. I was surprised he didnt make the LIbrarian/Form play. Because I had Hedgehog and I wanna keep formula on the field. I set Hedgehog pass and warning. Next turn he attempts to use Spore and I D.d. crow it.  Then summons Lonefire, tributes it and I warning. On my turn, I search and fuse from the deck. Sometime later, he used 2 Miracle Ferts, which I MST'd only to be followed by a third and he made a Draccosack with sage/copyplant and destroys and Construct. Next turn I just fuse from the deck and win the game. Round 4 vs Evilswarm (2-0) Game 1- He goes first. Opens Ophion and set 5. Search the Trap. I set Squatmata. Next turn he attacks and I destroy it. He summons Kerkyion and I Veiler it. I later Summon Dragon to attack and he responds Infestion to search another Kerykion. I set Warning and Pass. He Summons and get Warning'd and I won the game. Game2- I won fairly easy. He opened Ophion again, grabbed spell, set 4. I set Fire Hand and 2 backrow. Next Turn he searches for The Infestion trap, Summon Keryion grabs Heliotrope and summons it. Then declares attack with Kerkyion and ask "Do you have response to attack declaration"... I smiled and asked... "Do you pass prority to me?" He looked so shocked, it was priceless. He decides to retain priority and activates Macro Cosmos. AMAZED, I chain double Shadow Games and sent Dragon and Beast to destroy Macro Cosmos and draw a card. No replay happens and it kills Fire Hand, I pop Helio and summon Ice Hand. He decides to pass. Next turn I Summon Dragon and attack his keryrion. He decides to shuffle it into deck and get Kerkyion. I then Super poly his Ophion and Dragon into Winda. Pop a S/t and attacked some more. Next turn he summon Kerykion and I either veiler or negate it somehow to win the game. Round 5 vs FAT (2-0) Game 1 He goes first Set 2 and passes. I set Hedgehog. He draws and sets one more. I flip Hedgehog to grab Fusion and he breakthrough skilled. I summon Math. Sent Squamata/Falco. and attacked and he used sanctum and popped with Moralltach. Next turn he blind Ingnitions my Vanity's then summons Myrmeleo searches Void Trap Hole. Attacks with everyone, sets and passes. Next turn I confirm the only face-down I dont know. Fuse AD and Hedge for construct. He voids. I grab back fusion and search Dragon. I Set Dragon. Use AD Changer to flip it and won the game shortly after. Game 2 I space his Tenki and get his hands to miss timing. I win shortly after the game starts. Round 6 vs LIGHTSWORN, DRAGONRULER,CHAOS, GORZ, WHITE STONE, EHREN.dek by Christian Solorzano (2-0) Seemed like an okay guy but his deck just seemed so disrespectful. I had so many slow games, where I just outplayed and outplused my opponent and I didn feel like getting sack. Game 1- I ended up getting him to 4300 after I turn 2, He uses Michael to Banish my Fusion but I won the game shortly after. Game 2-Went almost exactly the way. I fuse and got him down to 4300 again. He even asked me what the life is and I said "Same as last game". He draw brick and I wound up beating him in 3 turns.... Just looking at my useless soul charges in my hand. Round 7 vs Shaddoll (2-0) Game 1- Another hard Match considering his Raiden got him so much so early on turn 1 and I decided not to Effect veiler, Next thing I know I am faceing down a Raiden and a felice with company. I later fused and beat his monsters leaving Raiden and set 2 cards. MST and Shadow games. He decided to make a Construct and set 2 more new cards which I blew up. Next turn I fused for Winda, flipped Beast and made No. 61 Volcasaurus for game. Game 2- Game 2 was much more simple. I used Math and Shadow Games. Turn 3 I fused for Winda and popped his f/d, once he revealed Book of Moon, I used De-Fusion to bring back Dragon and Beast and began to beat him down with Beast/Dragon and Math. Later he fused for Contruct and began to attack my monsters, but since they were Special Summoned I was gaining there effects. After I used Ice Hand to help seal the win!!! I began to clap, I was so happy my goal to top was complete!! Round 8 vs Mermail (1-2!!) I got paired down table 2 to a guy who wanted his first top. People asked me to give him the win and I considered it $$. If I beat him and the first guy(evilswarm) lost at Table 1, I could possibly finally win a regional!! Game 1- I let him go firstand he Gold Sarc for Tidal and search Dragon Ice. At that moment I began to feel afraid. 2 turns later I lost to double Sphere, heavy infantry on Math, Dragon Ice, Tidal, Megalo, Beelze, Undine. Game 2- I locked him down early fight through his sphere and used Super Polymerization (1 I sided out) to beat him in 2 turns. Game 3- Almost the exactsame thing happened and I lost to Tidal, Megalo, Teus, Goons, Sphere, Heavy In, Dragon Ice, Salvage. Final Results: 6-1-1 (7th place) I am so happy I accomplished my goal. I worked on the Shaddoll deck the most out of my group chat and people told me they expected me to top, but you know. I don't like to listen to that and stay focused. Pros: Scott Page topped (with mystery deck) Billy almost topped (Burning Abyss) Alex, my round 2 friend, earned his invite Made more money Cons: Couldn't stay in San Antonio and play Melee Apparently I am the Only shaddoll player smart enough to realize Felice and Soul Charge are not that good. Soul Charge, Soul Charge, Soul Charge. It was terrible. Shoutouts: Epik Cards and Games Legacy Jimmy Nguyen Alex Jack DP People who let me borrow cards. Mike Barnes/ Michael Fazi/ Rodrigo Based Loli Steve Klaus who helped me out Bohdan My idol, Jeff Jones
  6. Ratchet and Clank movie

    http://ca.ign.com/articles/2013/04/23/ratchet-and-clank-animated-movie-headed-to-theaters Seems interesting. Hopefully they do it well and get some of Qwarks funnier moments in there :)
  7. Finding Dory

      I really hope they don't fuck this up. I liked Nemo.