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Found 1 result

  1. Baltimore Modern Classic Report

    If you read nothing else, just check out round 7. Played Dredge because it's the best deck, list was the stock list with the Fetch mana base, a Tormenting Voice and a Shriekhorn in the 2 flex slots (Over Rally/Haunted Dead), and a Darkblast over the 3rd Loam. Rally is most of the time unnecessary, you end up being the control in most of the faster matchups so I'd rather play more consistency cards like Voice and Horn than a card that's bricked in the hand, and fills a very confused role. Rally is really good if you're expecting a bunch of Scavenging Oozes, it's one of the few cards that actually lets you race an Ooze with multiple green mana, but that's not a big enough deal to play the card. Haunted Dead is cool, it's nice for playing around Anger, and clutch triggering Amalgams, but it doesn't come up often enough to be worth the brick, and even when it does come up you don't usually need it. Scourge Devils is a much more interesting card than Rally. It usually deals around the same amount of damage as Rally (at the cost of not being a real card vs. Ooze) and it triggers Amalgams like Haunted Dead does. It's possible the card does exactly enough to be worth playing, but I didn't have time to test with it, and didn't think it was a big enough deal. I just want to keep as many hands as possible. The deck mulligans fine, but building decks that use a mulligan as a crutch is almost always a trap. Sideboard: 3 Nature's Claim 3 Collective Brutality 2 Surgical Extraction 1 Bojuka Bog 1 Back to Nature 1 Abrupt Decay 1 Lightning Axe 1 Darkblast 1 Gnaw to the Bone 1 Ancient Grudge Last minute I cut Thoughtseizes from the board, which was probably a mistake. Both the matches I lost would've been much more solid with Thoughtseizes in the board, and the Bog and Decay I added were both totally irrelevant. Surgicals should probably just be Ravenous Traps, but both are easily better than Leyline. Bog was something I saw in someone's sideboard in the GP coverage so I figured I'd try it out, never came up. The Shriekhorn in the main is becoming a 3rd Dakmoor Salvage. It'll get boarded out most of the time regardless, but Salvage comes up enough, and the extra dredge 2 does make some hands keepable. Anyway, this was my first MTG event bigger than a local since Avacyn Restored era. I've been playing a bunch of modern locals over the last few months, but this was my first opportunity to play in something more than like 20 people. Played on a yugioh mat, and had a yugioh deckbox for maximum tilt factor. rd1 Jund Smash him game 1, my deck decides to hate me g2 as I get beatdown by Tarmogoyfs while dredging bricks, then game 3 I got Anger of the Gods'd but managed to rebuild while slowly throwing the game. I thought I was playing around removal by leaving a Ghast in grave with a fetch up, but then I milled my last fechable land like a retard and rather than casting a 12/12 Golgari Grave Troll which would've easily locked the game, I just like Faithless Looting to draw 2 cards to try and find a land and eventually just deck out because my clock was too slow. This matchup was one of the biggest reasons I boarded Thoughtseize, you never know what hate card they're on, it could be Cage, Ravenous Trap, Anger, Nihil Spellbomb, pretty much anything, so none of the other cards feel good to bring in. Natures Claims are bricked half the time, and are only good if they're on the worst hate card (though it is one of the more popular ones). Brutalities are "fine" but they never kill anything, and are horrible value in the matchup. I saw none of his hate cards g2, so I left Claims in for game 3, and guessed wrong. I'm also not sure why, but my opponent told me he "forgot to side in Huntmaster of the Fells for game 2" before realizing that he wanted it in his deck for game 3. Not sure why he would want it in his deck vs. Dredge, but he also didn't side out Grim Lavamancer, and Lightning Bolted an Amalgam for no reason in game 1 so I didn't question it. I felt pretty bad for losing that one. 0-1 rd2 Naya Burn He wins the roll, opens Swiftspear. I drop a Neonate, he main phase Atarka's Command to give his team +1/+1, and play an extra land. 1-1 Anyway, Joe, the guy I carpooled with to get to this event, has now dropped 0-2. Just gotta lose 1 and we can go home and just watch GP coverage. rd3 Breachshift game 1 I win the Roll, he doesn't have Anger so I race him. game 2 was kinda crazy, I turn 3 Brutality him and steal his Through the Breach, leaving him with Tribe Elder, Titan, Worldspine Wurm, and Scapeshift with me on 19 life from the Brutality, and his 5 lands. I manage to fade a land for a turn, and throw 7 guys on the board while knocking him to 3, forcing the Scapeshift to clear everything except a Narcomoeba. I spend like 3 minutes on my turn trying to figure out how to give myself the best odds to win this game, I needed a land to bring back the Bloodghast in my yard, but I had no Dakmoor Salvage, and no Loam in grave. I play a looting, miss all of Dakmoor, Loam, or Conflagrate. Cast a Stinkweed Imp, forget to attack with Narcomoeba (!!!) and pass. He plays Titan to grab 2 Valakuts because he's running low on Mountains and wants to be sure he can kill me. I rip a land off my flashback Looting, brought back 2 Bloodgasts and won. Okay, I'm done throwing matches now I promise. After this point I thought I played most of my matches extremely well, but forgetting to attack with Narcomoeba (and the Fetch land misstep 2 rounds ago) was pretty horrendous. 2-1 rd4 Dredge I win the roll and dredge the nuts game 1, and he throws game 2 by making a reverse-lethal attack. 3-1 rd5 Elves He had to read all my cards. Game 1 I dance around an Ezuri, Dark Blast his 5th mana source so Ezuri couldn't threaten to lethal me, and in general outplay him in combat with mp2 Conflagrates. Game 2 he keeps a 1 lander vs. my Collective Brutality. 4-1 rd6 Boros Nahiri lose the roll, turn 2 Blood Moon, turn 3 Anger. Pretty sure this matchup is the actual nightmare. Game 2 I play super careful to make sure as many Amalgams as possible come back on his end step to play around Anger as much as possible, skipping Narcomoebas to ensure it. Lets me attack him down to 11, and Conflagrates finish the job. Game 3 he mulled to 5, and Chaliced me for 1 on his turn 2. It was totally irrelevant and I ran him over. 5-1 rd7 Boros Nahiri ( ) Probably the best match of magic I will ever play in my life, not close. Game 1 he had a turn 2 Blood Moon, turn 4 Ghostly Prison, and a turn 5 Anger of the Gods. Pace my mills carefully to not lose to Anger, and put myself in a position to Conflagrate him out. This is the only non-creature matchup where I don't side out any of the Conflagrates, it comes up all the time where you need the 2nd to close the game, and if they don't have Blood Moon the deck is slow enough that you can just Loam them out and deal like 15 with Conflagrates. Game 2 wasn't really a game, turn 2 Blood Moon, turn 3 Rest in Peace. Game 3 though. He had turn 3 Blood Moon, turn 4 Ghostly Prison, then a Wrath of God, followed by a Gideon. I attack down the Gideon down, get Angered, get Angered again, get another Gideon dropped on me, and anyway, while the entire game was really interesting, a ton of really difficult dredge decisions, playing around Angers, timing the Conflagrates to play around as many cards as possible, I unfortunately can't recall the exact details because the game was like 30 minutes long. the last turn perfectly sums everything up. I have 1 card in deck, 6 mana, 2 cards in hand, no board, 2 Bloodghasts, and one Conflagrate left in grave. He's on 6 life. I know my last card, I windmill the card onto the table: Copperline Gorge. Bring back the Ghasts, tap 4 to attack for 4, tap my last 2 and discard my last 2 cards to deal exact lethal with exact mana with 0 cards left in deck. 6-1 That deck really makes me want to play a Basic Forest, I don't think I lose game 2, and game 3 wouldn't have been anywhere near as close as it ended up if I had a green source for Back to Nature / Nature's Claim under Blood Moon. The deck is slow enough that you can dig for the Claim before they can kill you, the problem is Moon never leaves the board once it resolves, and that bricks all your outs to Rest in Peace too. rd8 Boggles Lose game 1, he mulls to 5 game 2, and game 3 I draw Back to Nature vs. his mull to 6. 7-1 rd9 ID 7-1-1 So I asked Joe to do the math because I didn't trust myself at the moment to not fuck up, he said I was safe to shake hands at 7th place and I trusted him, so myself and my opponent shook hands. Like 10 minutes later Joe comes up and tells me there are 9 people at x-1-1 or better. We were pretty sure that my tiebreakers were stronger than the guy I drew with, and I'd get 8th, but it was close. Breakers were within ~2% going into the round. After a very tense hour, they call my name at 7th, sneaking in front of Jeff Hoogland who won the previous round to get his 22nd point. Top 8 Abzan Evolution Game 1 he didn't really do anything, a bunch of fair stuff like Finks on turn 2 and Seige Rhino on turn 3. Game 2 he has Forgetender -> Scavenging Ooze with 3 mana up, vs. my board of triple Narcomoeba and an Amalgam. I didn't think I was going to be able to win until he decided to tap out for a Orzhov Pontiff. I had 3 dredges to hit a Darkblast and win the game on the spot by Blasting the Forgetender, and Conflagrating his Ooze. Unfortunately I don't hit it until the 4th Dredge, and have to be satisfied with "only" killing his Forge Tender and passing with 4 Amalgams, 2 Ghasts and a Narcomoeba. Attack with an Amalgam, he chumps with Pontiff to haunt his Ooze. He hits me with Ooze, I see I have exact lethal through a Finks if I don't chump, so I take 4 down to 6. In MP2 I realize he's playing Evolution, and and he Evolves the Ooze into a Seige Rhino, knocking me to 3 and triggering the Pontiff that was haunting the Ooze. Untap with 4 Amalgams, swing with all of them, forcing a block, Conflagrate to finish off the Rhino and he has neither the 4th land, nor a 2nd Rhino and that's it. Top 4 RG Tron Game 1: Mull my landless 7 See Reunion, Darkblast, 4 non-dakmoor lands, tank for like 30 seconds before throwing that back too. Not 100% on that one, but I really wanted a faster start on the draw against Tron than a turn 2 Reunion, pitching a dredge 3. Mull an enablerless 5 Keep Fathless Looting, Stinkweed Imp, Insolent Neonate, Prized Amalgam. Scry a non-land to the bottom, rip Steam Vents for turn. We're playing magic now. Lead on Neonate, hit double Narcomoeba at the end of her MP2. Anyway, the game develops for awhile and I suddenly have 7 points of power in play attacking on turn 3. But then an Ugin comes down on turn 4 and I pick my cards up. Game 2 she mulls to 5, never hits a 3rd land. Game 3 I open with 3 lands, Claim, Looting, Reunion, Neonate. She leads on map, and I take my first turn Claiming the map after drawing another land, hoping it bricked her hand. Anyway, I top deck a Grave Troll like a god for my turn, jam Reunion into 2 open mana like a retard and get Warping Wailed. She Stirrings for a Tron piece, and passes back with 2 open mana again. Dredge 6 blanks off Troll, jam Neonate and hit 5 bricks and a Stinkweed, go for Faithless Looting and get Wailed again. Tron eventually gets assembled before my deck wants to do anything and eventually lose to an Ulamog. Meh, shit happens. It was a good run. Current Dredge is probably my favorite modern deck ever. There are so many meaningful decision points even with "simple" things like when to take a draw step vs. when to dredge, or what to dredge. When to transition over to the Conflagrate plan, when do you need to deal with their board vs. when do you just race them. The deck has so many options, but it can't do everything at once. The mirror is a literal abortion, but whatever.