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Found 1 result

  1. Forest Fire Mafia Sign Ups

    This is the sign ups for Forest Fire mafia, which is a 9 player open set up game of the same name: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Forest_Fire The games consists of a 2 arsonist mafia team, with the town containing a firefighter and 6 trees that will stump upon being lynched. Arsonists have a single factional night action. They may choose to prime a single target, or to ignite all previously primed targets. Firefighter, Trees, Tree-stumps, and Arsonists are all vulnerable to being primed and ignited. Players are not told when they are primed; Arsonists are not told if the priming was successful. Firefighter blocks the priming of a target ONLY on the night in which they are being primed. Trees become Tree-stumps upon being lynched, allowing them to continue posting in the thread. Tree-stumps cannot vote, and do not count as a vote for endgame purposes. Quota is 4 posts, stumped players are still required to make quota. Ties end in no lynch. Self voting is not allowed. Full claiming is allowed. Phase length is either 24/24 or 48/24, I can do whichever people prefer since my schedule is slightly less hectic than usual. Players: 1. TheGoldenTyranno 2. BuildTheWalia 3. Sophocles 4. Wunterslaus 5. Jazz 6. Malcolm 7. Faint 8. J.C. 9. PSK Subs: 1. Cunning mastermind 2. ZeroPassion 3. SageRhapsody 4. ニック 5. As always, any help keeping the above updated is much appreciated.