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Found 17 results

  1. Burning Abyss now with Links!

    With the advent of a BA link monster and the ever increasing pool of link monsters I wanted to bring the archetype up for discussion. They’ve got a few new plays. Did you know from three BAs or one tour guide you can put over 8k right through two attack position monsters or just clear their board and go for the kill? First let’s talk about the two powerhouse link monsters. This card is very good as it allows you to tutor your whole engine and toolbox while giving access to other level 3’s like Blackwing - steam the cloak (which will become relevant later in the discussion). It also allows you to have monsters other than ba’s and shields your plays from ghost ogre and board from wipes. When you use the effect make sure you have another card on the field so you don’t lose it to ogre. Also keep in mind you can summon it off Beatrice or Cir. The most important part of the card is that it sends as a cost which means you can send steam without worry and often makes itself not a great target for negation. Going first you can pull ghost ogre right out of the deck and itself provide set-up/disruption through shooting riser dragon or t.g. wonder magician. Going second is where it really shines in this deck though and it will become clearer why. Now, why BA? BA has the ability to force responses and play through fields, the latter part is more so due to the ever increasing number of generic extra deck monsters. The monsters have either advantage or tool box effects which make them ideal for baiting responses. They aren’t ns reliant and can make the same plays without using it. They can play around negation like ash thanks to chain links. I didn’t realize how nuanced playing with the deck could be until I stopped using it as a splashed engine and instead played it as its own deck. That is the most important part when playing the deck imo as sometimes it can be easy to overlook something and realize after the fact you could’ve just played differently and had a much better outcome. For example, when I first started playing around with the deck I never would have thought to go into a Dante and use it with steam to make needle fiber and make ash unusable due to the chain order. I’ll demonstrate this in a short video after describing the otk. The otk starts in the same way but can take multiple different directions. It all revolves around a little card called Tin Musical Battlemech. First you go into Needlefiber with Steam the cloak and summon Mecha Phantom Beast O-lion. Steam will summon a lvl 1 token which you will use to synchro into Battlemech since O-lion is lvl 2. O-lion will summon a lvl 3 token and Battlemech will summon steam back. Then you can either go into Crystron Quardriongandrax and stuff or Borrelsword and Armory Arm. If you’re going the armory arm route you may want to run Link spider so you can turn the token that O-lion summoned and steam into Borrelsword. Then you’d use the newly spawned lvl 1 token and Battlemech to make Armory Arm. Here’s video of how to do various forms of the otk. I also included two set-ups in the video. The first otk doesn't use Borrelsword and so uses more of the extra deck. The effect of the card is: Borrelsword is a pretty crazy card for being generic – it can generally do 7000 by itself and means you need less stuff to put up damage. With Armory Arm it does 8000 on an empty field and more if they have atk position monsters. Generally though you go for Quardriongandrax because it is slightly safer. You’r opponent could safe ogre for the armory arm equip or for the Borrelsword honest effect. However, Quardriongandrax floats and could be protected by Cherubini and they can’t use it on the effect that spawns the double attack. Most of the time people use it well before then though. They’d have to know what you were trying to do. In general I think that if you have a trigger material like alich, farfa, or Cir into them and run fairy tail then that is enough to stop most plays. Needlefiber and ogre help to have coverage against face up s/t. Most decks Konami makes have the same flaw in that if their ns gets stopped then so do most of their options, which isn’t true for this deck. I still favor going second though unless I know my opponent is playing like a grass deck (snow) or extra link spam. I won’t talk too much about card choices but you should run 2 Needlefiber and Cherubini in case you use them T1 or they get negated/disrupted. The rest of the extra deck stuff can be ran at 1. With the way the deck is 1 dante is all you need, which is good for ocg players. Trapless is definitely the way to go since you want to have the greatest chance of making plays. Pure ba is best as you have a plethora of good ns and want to maximize playable and good hands – traps and phantom knights would just reduce that. Not to mention extra deck space is quite limited. You could side a single boots and fog blade for when going first against high ceiling decks, but I don’t think it is necessary. This means Light of Sekka is a card you should highly consider running – you don’t need spell/trap cards. Now for some miscellaneous card tips. I think lava golem is a great side card due to better economy than a kaiju and being able to do 7k from just borrelsword and most of your ns cards can get the same effect if you just discard them with a troymare. Gallis the star beast is like another BA that can get a lucky mill and gives purpose to Draghig. You have a small chance of hitting something you don’t want like O-lion or sekka but odds are you’ll mill something useful and you can always just fix it with Draghig. You could run mx-invoker, new six sams (Kizaru and Fuma), and bulb and make nat beast off of nearly any hand – a lot of hands you can make Beatrice too. Cherubini protects beast form ogre. It could be sided if Brandish really takes off. Math man can send steam to tribute a face-down monster (if you’re opponent had snow) and from those two cards you can otk. I encourage you to try out the deck and hopefully we’ll see the cards in the tcg soon.
  2. Burning Abyss

    Note: Spoilers added because it takes up too much space and is painful to read. Original [spoiler] I've had a lot of trouble figuring out how to deal with the current meta using a deck that has fallen out of favor. However, I definitely think Burning Abyss can compete with Pepe, water, and Kozmo even post-BOSH. Last format, a counter-trap heavy (horn of heaven, divine wrath, etc.) deck worked well for me as it covered the bases both with Kozmo and with pendulum decks (with ASF) but the same sort of concept didn't come close to working post-BOSH.  1 Alich, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 2 Barbar, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Cagna, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Calcab, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 2 Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Draghig, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 2 Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Libic, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Rubic, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Fiendish Rhino Warrior 1 Tour Guide of the Underworld 3 Droll & Lock Bird 3 Maxx "C"   1 Raigeki 2 Dark Hole 1 Foolish Burial 1 Good & Evil in the Burning Abyss 3 Twin Twisters   3 Anti-Spell Fragrance 3 Typhoon   2 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1 Virgil, Rock Star of the Burning Abyss 3 Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss 2 Downerd Magician 1 Mechquipped Angineer 1 Muzurhythm, the String Djinn 2 Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction 2 Number 47: Nightmare Shark 1 Number F0: Utopic Future   3 Cyber Dragon Core 3 Effect Veiler 3 Magical Spring 3 Karma Cut 3 Traveler and the Burning Abyss     For the monsters, Tour guide, Cir, Graff, and Scarm are all maxed as they are either the strongest floaters (Cir, Graff) and provide really desirable grave effects (Cir, Graff, Scarm.) Tour Guide is the only normal summon needed (with 3 Rhinos in main) as Crane Crane and Mathematician provide no effects when discarded (like rhino does.) I vastly underestimated the strengths of Fiendish Rhino Warrior, as I was stuck in last format's mindset where I was more limited in terms of engine, relying heavily on traps to keep the field either clear or weak enough to roll over with 8k. At best, FRW can work as a Foolish Burial, sending a necessary BA effect to the grave in order to either create more XYZ fuel (Cir, Graff,) to clear the field (Farfa,) to reduce the chances of backrow impacting this turn's OTK (Calcab,) or to just set up more BA effects for the next turn (Scarm, Cagna + G&E.) I haven't tested it at all or thought about it enough yet, but I think FRW could have a useful interaction with Giga-Brilliant, as one could set up more attack points on the field with FRW, GB, and 3 BAs (with attack averaging at 1400, though one could get more out if one knew the field was clear) than one could with 3 Dantes or 2 Dantes and 1 Muzurhythm (with Farfa as a material and 1 monster on the opponent's side of the field.) This setup would also be superior if the opponent has a Damage Juggler in hand or Trick Clown on the field, as you're essentially wasting less attack to get over their defenses.   A single Calcab, Alich, and Draghig are present as they are, at worst, an extra special summon from hand or a dead mill. At best, Draghig (when milled) can function as a slightly weaker FRW, guaranteeing a certain BA effect necessary to clear the field or set up a stronger field. Honestly, Alich's effect sucks pretty damn bad right now so he's only useful for the free special summon. Calcab is hit or miss but is still worth running as this deck relies on either clearing the field and going for the OTK or preventing a board setup and then going for the OTK. I run a single Rubic as I have enough space in the deck taken up by other BA monsters that are exclusively for special summons, so having more than 1 of a BA that gives absolutely no grave effect, even if it's a tuner, reduces the probability of a workable hand, even slightly. Cagna is at 1 for getting rid of G&E, not really much to explain there. I've considered upping him to 2 as he has 1500 attack, though I'll have to think about that more. Although I run a single Libic, he may be worth bumping up to 2 but I haven't played around with the idea yet. Barbar and Farfa are at 2 because I find Farfa's effect to be the best behind the staple 3 BA effects while getting Barbar milled more often can put extra points of damage that are necessary. For example, I've often found myself dropping my opponent to 3000 after attacking directly with 2 Dantes. Had I burned for just 1, that would've put them at Nightmare Shark + Barbar range next turn, as there's a decent chance my opponent will be able to clear my field and lower my LP significantly. There will almost always be BA monsters in the graveyard that don't have much use once milled, such as Scarms after the first one in grave, Cagna once you've gotten rid of G&E, Alich because he's terrible, etc. Burning for 5 (obv not in one turn) allows for safer options for game than would otherwise be possible without the extra burns.    For the hand traps, Maxx "C" is especially good this format as most decks set up their fields with many special summons, so using Maxx "C" gives them the option to either set up their field optimally but grant me significantly more resources or to leave their fields in a less-than-optimal state but to not give me such free resources. On the other hand, Doll & Lock Bird works really well in preventing them from setting up at all. Since you can use DLB after cards as simple as Upstart, your opponent will have a lot of suboptimal cards in hand (Guiturtle without the effect, other Upstarts, Monkeyboard, Luster, etc.) One thing to point out is that DLB also works against Maxx "C," so if they use Maxx "C" on your first special summon, they will, at best, go +0. This allows you to play freely instead of leaving yourself with a weak board. I think that Maxx "C" works better when I go second and use it their turn (so I can work with a stronger field) rather than DLB, which would only reduce their field possibility. On the flipside, I think DLB works better when I go first and use it on their turn, as I'll already have a field set up, so preventing them from setting up will allow me to have a greater probability of the OTK on the following turn. A downside of running both is that I can't use both on the same turn unless the timing is magical, as DLB prevents me from drawing anything with Maxx "C." However, I have played against some Pepe variants that don't search enough to warrant DLB, so I can just side it out for Veiler or Magical Spring.   Against non-Kozmo decks, Raigeki and Dark Hole are pretty simple board wipes that equate to less of my monster resources being needed to do the same job. I've been on the fence with G&E recently but I think it's worth keeping. While it has a ~1/8 chance of being completely dead in hand (excluding as discard fodder,) it can set up stronger plays for the following turn. If this deck had a higher chance of OTK, I'd remove it. However, I don't think the chance is high enough to warrant removing the card. Twin Twister is a stronger MST in that it both gets rid of 2 backrow and affords me a grave eff, which could be a Calcab for a sweet little -3 on their backrow or anything, really. I've had it come up where I had to discard another Twin Twister to activate Twin Twister, so it's essentially identical to MST in that instance.    Anti-Spell Fragrance is just a damn good card, though susceptible to being hit by generic quickly backrow hate, Castel or Diamond Dire Wolf. It is both good against the pendulum decks and against Kozmo, so it's certainly worth keeping in main. It's typically dead in the mirror match or against the old guard (Satellarknights) but I have cards in the side deck that replace it easily. Typhoon can either be a lifesaver or a weaker MST. Chaining it to the activation of a pendulum scale's effect (monkeyboard, for example) is typically the ideal usage, as hitting their search ability is, in my opinion, worth going -1.    I think the extra deck is relatively straightforward. 3 Dantes is a given. I have 1 Virgil as I'm running 1 Rubic and haven't found a second Virgil necessary at all this format. I run 2 Chimeratechs for the Kozmo matchup, as the first one is a strong board clear but may not guarantee an OTK (I haven't tested this much this format, as you can still normal FRW and special summon as many BA as you want even with the Chimeratech on the board) while a second one allows you more shenanigans the following turn, if they manage to recover some sort of field. I run Downerd at 2 as I haven't found the third one to be necessary and there are other cards that come up more often. I've found Angineer to be good for making a board marginally safer but mostly for either using Barbar during their draw/standby phase for game or for using Farfa on their turn to disrupt plays. Acid Golem is a simple beater that doesn't run the risk of being hit by Effect Veiler, Ghost Ogre, or Skill Drain like Muzurhythm can. I've had the need for a second one come up in about 10% of my games, which is a bit higher than it is for any of the cards I'm not running. Two Nightmare Sharks comes up more than it should because I'm bad at the game and miss better plays I could make, so it may not be optimal but it's close, for me at least. Muzurhythm has cool interactions for the OTK, as I can use his effect, detach Farfa, banish with Farfa, and then replay the battle if the banished monster was Farfa. This allows for 8k with him + 2 Dantes even if they have a monster on the field. He'd probably be the next card I'd take out if I needed to, which I am currently considering to do for Giga-Brilliant for reasons mentioned in the first paragraph. F0 is good both in the Kozmo matchup and against odd fields where you're playing the slow game but are also not afraid of him getting banished or returned to hand. I don't really know how to explain his general use as well as I should be able to.    For the side deck, I wanted to run Cyber Dragon Cores against Kozmo, and three turned out to be the ideal number as I have multiple ways of getting rid of them (for their grave special summon effect) and they replace the Raigeki + 2 Dark Holes. Karma Cut is really good in the mirror match and I'd replace the ASFs with them. Effect Veiler, Magical Spring, and Traveler are (relatively) nonspecific replacements for cards in the main if they become obsolete, such as how something 9 of the cards in the main are useless against Satellarknights, so I just side in Veilers, Travelers, and Karma Cuts. If I'm going to be honest with myself, the side deck still needs some work but the answers I'm looking for haven't become obvious to me yet.    While I don't include Giga-Brilliant in my extra deck, I think it has decent OTK capability with FRW and regular BAs but I haven't really looked into how often this would come up. It would also be useful for the detach effect (maybe Calcab for backrow removal) it has that doesn't weaken the damage my field can do, while Nightmare Shark will weaken my field (as it'll be the only one that can attack,) Muzurhythm needs to be attacking a monster to get its detach, and Angineer also weakens the field as it sends something to defense.    Any criticisms or comments are more than appreciated. [/spoiler] Edit: 2/1 and 2/3 [spoiler] Currently testing out Mask Change II and Forbidden Chalice along with fewer monsters, no DLB, typhoons sided, and slightly different side deck with an odd extra deck card in side. This is to remind myself to update this post when I have a few more dozen matches played. In theory, these changes should round out the deck's weaknesses (such as getting Dweller'd on my turn) and whatnot. Perhaps something like this: 2 Barbar, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 2 Cagna, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 2 Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Draghig, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 2 Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Libic, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 2 Rubic, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Fiendish Rhino Warrior 1 Tour Guide of the Underworld 3 Maxx "C"   1 Raigeki 2 Dark Hole 1 Foolish Burial 1 Good & Evil in the Burning Abyss 3 Twin Twisters 3 Mask Change II 3 Forbidden Chalice   3 Anti-Spell Fragrance 2 Masked Hero Dark Law 1 Virgil, Rock Star of the Burning Abyss 3 Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss 2 Downerd Magician 1 Mechquipped Angineer 1 Muzurhythm, the String Djinn 1 Number 20: GIga-Brilliant 1Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction 2 Number 47: Nightmare Shark 1 Number F0: Utopic Future   3 Cyber Dragon Core 3 Karma Cut 3 Traveler and the Burning Abyss 3 Typhoon (I will likely be cutting this, for what I don't know yet) 2 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1 Masked Hero Dian   Onto the small changes made here. Mask Change II has a lot of versatility this format, as decks will either have to waste a lot of resources to out (excluding Raigeki, Dark Hole, etc.) and have materials banished or if they do search, they'll go neg. If this card can make pepe waste 2 or more cards to out, it's definitely worth whatever investment I made because I'll (more than likely) get some BA effects to still go off. If I have fragrance up as well, the only reasonable ways they can out both are with cards that I've not seen run much of, so they'll be able to clear one but not the other. The sided Dian is good, in theory, as it's a precaution against Flying "C" and adds 3 more outs to the card.   I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with the last spots in the side, as I don't think Typhoon is necessary right now. I added Giga-Brilliant in place of the second Acid Golem because the likelihood of the OTK with Giga-Brilliant and FRW is greater than that of needing a second Acid Golem. I dropped the Alich and Calcab to add a second of Cagna and Rubic as both of those BA are more important than the small likelihood of getting an extra special summon from hand with Alich and Calcab. I added Forbidden Lance because it's a significantly better out to Dweller than Veiler is, as I can't use Veiler during my turn so Dweller can really fuck my shit up. It also allows for me to use it if Dweller uses its effect during Battle Phase, which I would not be able to do with Veiler. I dropped DLB because a few people that are a lot better than me seemed to think it wasn't good in BA, though it would be good to run in Pepe and other decks like that. I think the current setup is fine without DLB, so I may just side it against Water (even though Dark Law makes it close to impossible for that deck to play.)   The current iteration did well at Supergames last night, though it could've done marginally better as I made 2 Dantes (one with Tour Guide) and set Fragrance against an Ariadne pepe player. I should've made one Dante with the BA I special summoned and made the Tour Guide into Angineer (with Farfa as the searched monster) in case he made DDW/Castel to out Fragrance (which he did.) That matchup seems really dependent on draws, moreso than other pendulum variants.  [/spoiler] Edit: 2/9  [spoiler]   1 Alich, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Barbar, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 2 Cagna, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Calcab, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 2 Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Draghig, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 2 Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Libic, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 2 Rubic, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Fiendish Rhino Warrior 1 Tour Guide of the Underworld 1 Raigeki 2 Dark Hole 1 Foolish Burial 1 Good & Evil in the Burning Abyss 3 Twin Twisters 3 Book of Eclipse 3 Forbidden Chalice 3 Spell Shattering Arrow   1 Solemn Warning 1 Solemn Scolding 2 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1 Virgil, Rock Star of the Burning Abyss 3 Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss 3 Downerd Magician 1 Mechquipped Angineer 1 Number 20: GIga-Brilliant 1 Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction 2 Number 47: Nightmare Shark 1 Number F0: Utopic Future   3 Cyber Dragon Core 3 Maxx "C" 3 Anti-Spell Fragrance 3 Karma Cut 3 Traveler and the Burning Abyss     I have no clue how the new format will pan out, though I imagine the pepe (or pe) population will thin out to the point where main-decked Fragrance won't be necessary anymore. This small change of 3 cards allows us to have a much stronger second, compared to us wanting first with Fragrance in. I think the monster lineup will remain relatively unchanged, barring the movement of Maxx "C" to the extra deck and the addition of 1-ofs of the crappy BA monsters that can be used as special summon fuel. The strength of Mask Change II + Dark Law has also gotten weaker with pepe falling off. The cards are almost entirely undesirable against Kozmo and are easily outable by Monarchs. While they do prevent water from playing entirely, the number of water players is not (currently) large enough to warrant this strategy, at least in the main deck. While it is more than likely overkill, I think Spell-Shattering Arrow (currently at 3) is a decent card in the coming meta, as it's another out to the monarch lock and it burns for a little bit of damage. The deck currently has 12 outs to the monarch lock, assuming no March of the Monarchs, and 9 otherwise. I haven't gotten a chance to play around with Book of Eclipse enough but I think it's powerful, both as an out to the monarch lock (doesn't target and prevents Domain from applying) and as a preventative tool for board setups. Granted, letting your opponent plus (assuming you do it on their turn) isn't a good thing. However, doing it on my turn allows for an easy board clear (so they don't plus) and doing it on their turn can leave their board weak enough for the plus to not make up for the lost resources. I had no clue what to do with the last two slots so I just added a Solemn Warning along with a Solemn Scolding. In theory, I should be able to resolve Scolding most of the time I draw into it. Both are good against  every current meta deck. Again, I couldn't really think of any better cards to put in their place but they likely do exist. It testing, the Deskbots matchup came up once and it was pretty convenient how the Cores + Chimeratech worked out so well, as you can easily get a 4k Chimeratech on the field, almost for free. I'm going to be pretty busy the next few weeks, so these ideas probably won't get enough testing or theorycrafting.   [/spoiler]   Edit: 2/17   Above list is complete crap, didn't know facedown monsters still worked for domain. Gonna take a break for a while from this.
  3. Hey all, my name is Fletcher Thomas and I made Top 16 this past weekend at the 150th YCS playing Burning Abyss.  I’ve been playing this deck a lot recently including at the previous YCS Chicago where I finished X-2-1 after Swiss in 42nd place.  Well now after a new set release gave BA some nice new tools, I made some significant changes to the deck I played in Chicago and took the following to Columbus.     Main (40) Monsters (19) 3 Absolute King Back Jack 1 Alich 3 Cir 2 Draghig 1 Farfa 3 Graff 1 Libic 1 Rubic 3 Scarm 1 Tour Guide From the Underworld   Spells (2) 1 Foolish Burial 1 Soul Charge   Traps (19) 2 Breakthrough Skill 1 Crush Card Virus 3 Fiend Griefing 2 Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss 2 Karma Cut 3 Mind Crush 3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 2 Raigeki Break 1 Vanity’s Emptiness   Side (15) 2 Artifact Lancea 2 Effect Veiler 2 Maxx “C” 2 De-Fusion 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Raigeki 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Breakthrough Skill 1 Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss   Extra (15) 2 Virgil, Rock Star of the Burning Abyss 3 Dante, Traveller of the Burning Abyss 3 Downerd Magician 1 Ghostrick Alucard 1 Mechquipped Angineer 1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon 1 Number 20: Giga-Brilliant 1 Number 31: Acid Golem of Destruction 1 Number 47: Nightmare Shark 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines       The Deck Basically, to have any chance at beating Nekroz with BA, you need to draw traps.  Brio and Trish just absolutely annihilate the deck.  This is one reason why I like Back Jack so much.  Even if you open with too many monsters, you have a reasonable chance of milling a Back Jack which gives you at least a 50% of getting another trap (much higher if you don’t search off Scarm).   Fiend Griefing was an amazing addition to the deck.  It ups the consistency a ton by giving you another card to access your key early cards, Graff and Scarm.  It also acts as disruption frequently netting you a +1 on each resolution.  Alternatively if you already have your engine rolling, you can send Back Jack to replace the Griefing with a new trap.  This card is amazing and I can’t see playing anything except 3.  It only really sucks in the Qli matchup which is pretty good anyway.   I played 7 discard traps to try to remedy the main problem with Back Jack, drawing it.  Discarding Back Jack off of a trap is similar to sending it with Griefing in that you just get a new trap after the first resolves.  It’s a lot of disruption for your opponent to try to deal with.  Also leaving yourself with 1 card in hand with a discard trap is surprisingly effective for making your opponent summon Trish.  If this interaction occurs, it usually leaves you far enough ahead to win the game.   It seems to me that many people aren’t a fan of the new monster, Draghig, who stacks a Burning Abyss card.  I like this card mostly for his synergy with Back Jack.  If you don’t have your engine going yet, you can stack Scarm/Graff and mill it with Back Jack or if you already have a field, stack Fire Lake and set it up on your opponent’s turn.  If you have a discard trap with Back Jack or Draghig along with a Fiend Griefing, you can just set Fire Lake from your deck.  This is amazing against pretty much anything that isn’t Nekroz, Shaddoll, or sometimes the mirror.  I may cut it down to 1 in future builds though I’m not sure.  He also synergizes with Traveller which I didn’t really consider for this tournament but think may be worth a slot.   I only played one of Alich, Farfa, Libic, and Rubic.  I think Alich, Farfa, and Libic are fairly obvious choices at 1 since you don’t really want to draw them.  You just want the option of searching them if they are needed to out something.  Alich is especially important for the Nekroz matchup since you can chain Fiend Griefing or a discard trap to their ritual spell putting Alich on the chain after their ritual summon providing a way to negate Trish. Rubic isn’t as clear cut, but I guess the deck has more searching power from Fiend Griefing, and you don’t want to draw more than 1 Rubic which makes it seem fine as a one of.   I’m not going to go too in depth on the side deck since I think all of these choices are fairly standard and have seen play in other decks.  I put Bottomless in since I thought Qli would have a fairly large showing and I had too many dead main deck cards that I wanted to take out for them.  Here’s how I sided for some common matchups:   Nekroz I was mostly afraid of Denko and Decree in this matchup post siding so I wanted hand traps. Out: 1 Back Jack 1 Draghig 1 Fire Lake 1 Raigeki Break 1 Soul Charge In: 2 Lancea 2 Effect Veiler 1 Raigeki   Shaddoll Out: 1 Fire Lake 1 Draghig 1 Crush Card 1 Mind Crush In: 2 De-Fusion 1 Raigeki 1 Breakthrough Skill   Qliphort Out: 3 Fiend Griefing 2 Breakthrough Skill 1 Vanity’s Emptiness In: 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Raigeki 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Fire Lake   Tellar Siding for this depends on first/second.  I put in the 3rd Lake for first over I think Soul Charge.  I don’t really like Mind Crush because they have Call/Oasis/Altair/ROTA to get their monsters going again.  All they need is 1.  I also might have sided in Raigeki for Diamond going second. Griefing really shines in this matchup. Out: 3 Mind Crush 1 Crush Card In: 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Breakthrough       The Journey The crew, James, Joe, Jon, Mark, Ryne, and I, left from Minneapolis Thursday night in Jon’s Taurus with 3 of us stuffed in the front with the fold down seat and 3 in the back.  Fortunately I have relatives in the Chicago area (shoutout and thanks to them even though none of them will read this) so we could stop there after about 7 hours of driving and leave the remaining 6 hours or so to Columbus for early Friday morning.  That night we just watched some TV, got some pizza, and using some solid Theory-Oh, I made a bunch of changes to my side deck that I hadn’t really liked at some locals earlier in the week.   We were pretty worried about the tournament filling up since Konami was saying they’d cap it at 2100 entrants.  So we left at about 7AM on Friday thinking that would get us there at about 1PM for the start of preregistration.  Well we forgot about the time change, so we ended up getting there closer to 2:30.  In the hour before we got there, there was talk online saying that somewhere around 1700 people had already registered.  Needless to say, we were nervous about making it putting us in a big rush.  I had to let a bunch of people pass me in line as I scrambled to finish writing out my deck list.  Fortunately there was really no need to worry as only 1763 people even ended up registered.  Friday afternoon/night I played a few test games against Joe’s Qliphorts, walked around the city, and helped others decide on some last minute deck choices.     The next morning, I got up, had some (very unsatisfying) complimentary breakfast and got to the convention center where I resleeved and prepared myself for the coming rounds.       Round 1 vs Lucas with Tellars Game 1 he goes first with Deneb set 4, but my Dante goes through and I think I had about 3 traps.  I get a Back Jack or 2 and force 2 Alphas on my Fiend Griefings on Altair’s effect letting my Fire Lake resolve on 3 Back Row.  I take the game from there.   Game 2 he goes first. I think he had less (or maybe just worse) backrow this time and I’m able to get the Fire Lake off even more quickly. This leads to a win fairly soon.   1-0     Round 2 vs Brian with Shaddolls Game 1 I resolve a Wing Blast on Winda during his end phase when I know El Shaddoll was set that turn.  He never finds another Fusion as I take the game after 2 turns of hits from a Dante and a Cir.   Game 2 he gets off the Fusion while I have Dante, but I’m able to grind him out of it with some good traps including a Mind Crush on Fusion after he adds it back.  He’s down to El Shaddoll and a Core.  I make a new Dante (probably not something I should have done), and he draws a monster next turn in Mathematician allowing him to get the ball rolling by adding Fusion back off Core and overwhelming me.   Game 3 I open a Dante with scarm searching Tour Guide and time is called at the start of his turn.  He sets 4 backrow and passes (ouch).  D.D. Ground is flipped in my Standby so I just make a second Dante and hit him for 2000 since I can’t mill.  I Downerd them both so I can pierce anything he puts in defense since to win in time.  He has an El Shaddoll, but I still have traps and it’s simply not enough.   This guy ended up making Day 2.   2-0     Round 3 vs Nekroz (forgot to write down his name, but I think he said he was from Nashville) Game 1 he Maxx “C”s my turn 1 Dante made with Farfa and Cir.  I detach Farfa instead since I didn’t really want to get a special off Cir.  I set Lake and Mind Crush leaving 1 card in my hand, a second Lake.  This is a mistake on my part since he’s playing Nekroz and I should have played around this.  He starts his turn with 7 cards and summons Manju to search Kaleido and I Mind Crush his Unicore when he activates it.  He reveals Book of Eclipse, Brio, Valk, ROTA, and Clausolas.  This easily lets him summon Trishula even after the Mind Crush and he wins shortly after.   Game 2 I go first opening Graff, Veiler, Mind Crush, Wing Blast, and Fiend Griefing.  I set the traps and pass.  He uses Clausolas for Kaleido and I call Unicore on Mind Crush when he uses it but I whiff losing my Veiler.  He reveals his hand of Maxx “C”, Decree, an irrelevant card I can’t remember, and summons Valk tributing Shurit to search Trish.  He hits me with Valk and tributes it in MP2 to draw a card.  He uses the Kaleido in grave to search Mirror and I’m ready to Griefing his Shurit when he activates it since he neglected to search Brio first earlier.  Well the card he drew off Valk was Denko so I lose.   Fortunately this guy finished day 1 X-2 so he was a good tie breaker.   2-1     Round 4 vs Ousama with Tellars Game 1 I go first with a Dante made with Scarm and Cir searching Graff with 2 Wing Blasts and Crush Card set.  He tells me his hand is bad as the game is starting and it definitely isn’t great as he Vegas into Deneb making Constellar Omega (not sure why) and only has 2 backrow.  I blind Wing Blast 1 to get my Graff effect and set him back a turn.  His one remaining trap is Compulse and he uses it on the Dante during Standby letting me special Graff with the Cir material and make  a new Dante to kill Omega.  The card I spun was Raigeki and he starts his turn by using it. I then use Crush Card to get rid of his Altair and an Unuk leaving him with no plays.  I try to finish him off next turn forgetting about Crush Card, but it doesn’t matter as his topdeck doesn’t do anything for him.   Game 2 he starts Deneb set 3.  He forgets to use his sideboard Mischief of the Yokai before I make a Dante with Graff and Cir specialing Scarm setting Lake.  The Lake resolves on a bunch of his cards and I take the game shortly from there.   3-1     Round 5 vs Brandon with Nekroz Game 1 I open a Dante made with 2 Cirs (ouch) setting a Karma cut and a Wing Blast.  He starts poorly as well with ROTA for Clausolas for Cycle tributing Shurit to summon back the Clausolas and searching Trish.  I mill a Graff off of my detached Cir from Dante and he Maxx “C”s so I just pass after summoning a new Graff and Cir.  He summons Trish, but I Karma Cut it discarding my last card in hand, Back Jack, getting me a Griefing Fiend.  He uses Book of Eclipse when I overlay for Dante next turn giving me a draw.  I forgot what happened the next few turns, but he runs out of resources and scoops when I chain Griefing targeting Djinn on his activation of Cycle.   Game 2 he goes first with just a set monster.  I assume it’s a Djinn and attack it with my Dante that has a specialed Cir under it.  Unfortunately I didn’t think enough about it and it’s a Fire Hand. I hit Unicore with Mind Crush on his Kaleido next turn.  He reveals his hand of MST, Swordmaster, Ice Hand, and Bull Blader so I feel pretty good about winning this game now.  It takes a while for me to get through his cards, but I’m way up on resources the whole time eventually leading to a win.   This guy also finished X-2 day 1 giving me another lucky good tie breaker.   4-1     Round 6 vs Shante with Yang Zing Game 1 I open with 4 backrow pass.  He activates the Zefra field spell and I panic a little because I have no idea what the vast majority of the Zefra cards do and I hate reading everything. Fortunately he’s actually playing Yang Zing as he searches one of their new Zefra cards.  He summons the level 2 Dark Tuner guy and pitches two including the one he searched.  I Breakthrough and he chains Book of Moon.  This next part is weird as he just doesn’t flip it facedown from Book and I somehow forget he has to do this, and he just resolves the effect. Neither of the monsters he summoned are tuners so I Wing Blast the level 2 discarding Scarm. He passes with no backrow so I search Tour Guide and the 2 specialed Yang Zings are banished (I had no idea this happened as I guess I’m more unfamiliar with Yang Zing than I thought).  Next turn I Guide for Graff and hit him with Dante Cir.  I mind Crush the lvl 2 in his Standby and he scoops.   Game 2 takes a while.  He opens with 3 or 4 backrow and a set monster.  I don’t attack for the next 3 or 4 turns as I set up a field of defense position BA monsters and stack a Lake with Draghig.  He just keeps setting cards and maybe using a few traps to little effect on my plays.  I draw the stacked Lake.  Resolve it for 3 of his backrow adding it back off Dante.  Set it again.  In his next End Phase I use MST on his last backrow chaining Lake on his 3 set monsters.  They all miss timing and he has 0 cards left.  I take it from there.   5-1     Round 7 vs Jordan with Burning Abyss Game 1 I open 5 monsters going first getting me 2 Dantes and a Graff in defense with Back Jack milled in graves and a trap stacked.  If he was playing Nekroz, Shaddolls, or Tellars I probably would have lost, but fortunately a field of just monsters is good in this matchup.  He Virgils and I use the Back Jack trap on it.  He makes a Dante or something too and sets 3 backrow.  I try to Virgil forcing one of them.  I believe the other two go off in my Battle Phase, and I set my own drawn trap with a Dante still on board.  I don’t remember the rest of the specifics, but I mill another Back Jack at some point for a very relevant trap and stick a field of Virgil Dante to his 1 or 2 cards in hand getting me the win shortly.   Game 2 he goes first and I have Maxx “C” for his Dante play using Graff and Cir.  he plays through it specialing Scarm giving me 3 draws.  He then has no backrow or Maxx “C” (bad hands are bad).  I start my turn with 8 cards, 3 Graff, Scarm, Cir, and 3 solid traps.  I make a Dante specialing Rubic off Graff to make Virgil losing Scarm and a Graff to no effects but removing his Scarm.  There are some back and forth turns and we enter time at 8000 life each.  He summons a BLS to my empty board at some point and I have to use Griefing to send Farfa and prevent the damage.  On my next turn he has 1 trap left.  I make a Virgil and he thinks for a while on the trap. He opts to not use it and I Virgil away BLS.  I go to Battle and he Wing Blasts my Virgil getting a Graff of of his Cir discard.  He can’t push any damage through my newly drawn Karma Cut and we finish both at 8000 resulting in a drawn game and a match win for me.   6-1     Round 8 vs Galo with Nekroz Game 1 I Mind Crush his Unicore on Kaleido activation.  The rest of his hand isn’t great.  He summons a Cameraclops to kill my Dante.  I leave it up after my next turn to delay him getting any spell searches.  I go way up on cards after a little while and take the game.   Game 2 his hand is even worse than the first game.  I get another good Mind Crush leading to another win.   Galo also made top 16 so a big congratulations to him as well as thank you for the tie breaker.   7-1     Round 9 vs Marjanco with Nekroz   Game 1 I resolve Crush Card causing him to lose 4 cards.  That’s all you need to know.   Game 2 I opened 5 traps, set 4 to keep discard traps online and maybe bait Trish.  He summons Denko and Brio and I scoop it up after drawing another trap.   Game 3 I go first with Scarm, Farfa, Fiend Griefing, Raigeki Break, and Lancea.  I special the Farfa and he Maxx “C”s me so I set the traps and pass not wanting to give him a bunch of draws when I can stop his next turn regardless of what he has.  He has Denko, but I Lancea when he activates Mirror with Trish in hand and Brio Clausolas in grave.  The Mirror fizzles and he reveals Trish, 2 Forbidden Lances, and Djinn.  I draw Alich and kill his Denko next turn after making Dante searching Guide off Scarm.  He searches Cycle from grave banishing Clasolas.  When he activates it I think for a long time about what he could have drawn and what I should do because of it.  I eventually decide to Griefing the Brio, but he tributes Shurit summoning Trish hitting my Guide from hand and Dante on board.  I should have Raigeki Breaked the Cycle discarding Alich to negate Trish.  Instead I make things even worse by choosing to use the Farfa from under Dante banishing his Trish.  This lets him search another ritual spell to summon the Brio he searched tributing Djinn.  My Raigeki Break is useless against his 2 Lances and I can’t break the lock.     This game was quite possibly (even probably) winnable.   7-2     I was pleased that I made day 2 at a second YCS in a row, but it would have been much nicer going into day 2 at X-1 with less pressure.  Mark and Ryne also make Day 2.  We order pizza and get to sleep since Sunday starts at 9.     Round 10 vs Michael with Qliphort Game 1 I open with 2 Dantes and set Breakthrough and Griefing.  He plays Scout, searches Stealth, activates Carrier, pendulums 2 Helix, tributes for Stealth destroying both of my useless backrow and spinning the Dante with an Alich under it.  The Stealth kills the other Dante with Cir and Graff under it giving me a Graff and a Rubic on board.  He sets 2.  I make Virgil and special Scarm off Graff.  I discard Cir to shuffle in Scout, but he uses Fiendish Chain.  I special Draghig from grave and make a Dante with it and Scarm.  I summon Guide and he uses Re-qliate.  The detached Draghig stacks Lake.  I set my drawn Mind Crush and put Downerd over the Dante to protect it from the potential Stealth/Carrier.  Mind Crush hits the Stealth he searches off Scout. He pendulums backs the 2 Helix and tributes them for his drawn Odd-Eyes.  It attacks over Guide and he passes.  I draw Lake.  Downerd crashes with Odd-Eyes giving me Cir.  I normal Cir and set my last card, Lake.  I Lake his relevant cards during his Standby sending Cir and Virgil.  Win from there.   Game 2 he starts with Scout, Saqlifice on Helix, and 2 backrow.  I make 2 Dantes milling a Back Jack off of a Draghig detach letting me stack Lake.  I also set Mind Crush.  In his Standby I banish Back Jack to set the stacked Lake, use it to destroy Helix, Scout, and a trap.  He searches Scout.  I Mind Crush it.  The game is over.   8-2     Round 11 vs Imran with Nekroz Game 1 I Raigeki Break his Trish on summon discarding my last card in hand.  Then when he tries to Mirror, I use Griefing to shuffle in Shurit causing it to fizzle.  The Black Jack I discarded off of Raigeki Break got a Mind Crush which I use on his next turn hitting the Shurit he searches.  All he has left is spells so I win.   Game 2 I make a Dante with foolish and Graff along with set Breakthrough and Vanity’s.  I Breakthrough his Manju.  He Raigeki’s and I use Graff to summon Rubic.  He sets 1 backrow.  I make a Virgil to shuffle in the backrow ending with Virgil, Cir, Dante, set Vanity’s.  I flip the Vanity’s on his Kaleido and he never finds an out as I continue to use Virgil’s effect almost every turn.   9-2     At this point, I feel fairly confident about making top cut since I knew a bunch of my early opponents did well giving me pretty good tie breakers despite taking my first loss really early in Round 3.  I sneak in at 30th.  Unforunately Mark, who also finished X-2, had worse tie breakers and finished at 41st.     Top 32 vs Justin with Nekroz Game 1 we get deck checked and it’s taking longer than normal.  The judges come back with my deck out of the box and my deck list in hand.  Apparently I forgot to write 2 Fire Lake in the trap column and neither me nor the judge that reviewed my deck list at registration noticed that I was 2 short of 19 traps and the 40 card deck total that I had written down.  So I start top 32 with a game loss and a warning for mismatched extra deck sleeves which I honestly didn’t know was a rule.  I’ve been deck checked multiple times at regionals with mismatched extra deck sleeves without anything happening.  We go to game 2 with a time extension without siding.   Game 2 I make a Dante with Cir specialing a milled Draghig with a backrow or 2.  He summons Denko and kills the Draghig and I choose not to stack because I want to draw a trap.  He passes. I kill the Denko while making a second Dante and he scoops on his next turn.  I’m not sure what he’s playing so I side in Veilers, but not Lanceas in case it’s Shaddolls.   Game 3 he chooses first and searches Cycle with Clausolas summoning it tributing Shurit to search Brio and setting 2 backrow.  I have Scarm, 2 Graff, Tour Guide, Raigeki Break, and Fiend Griefing.  I activate Scarm and he Mind Crushes it.  I Guide for Cir into Dante specialing Scarm and milling a Back Jack.  I special Graff for a second Dante without milling, Downerd them both to protect against Brio, set my backrow, and pass.  He flips Decree in my End Phase.  Fortunately his hand is slow so he just summons Unicore and clears both Downerds by changing Clausolas to attack mode and setting a backrow.  I special back a Dante with the Graff into a Cir on first Downerd kill, add Cir Graff off the Dantes, and Rubic off Scarm.  On my turn, I summon Cir and kill the Clausolas.  He just kills Cir with Unicore, I special Scarm, and he sets another backrow.  I normal Rubic to make Virgil, attack over Unicore, and spin the Decree.  He chains his two backrow, both MST, to clear mine.  I empty my hand by making another Dante with a Libic from Graff and Cir from hand detaching Libic to special last monster in hand, Graff, and set my drawn Breakthrough Skill.  He draws Prep giving him a lot more plays.  He summons Brio tributing Shurit and I chain Breakthrough to the Shurit search so he can’t negate it with Trish which he does search.  I use the Back Jack from earlier randomly hitting Karma Cut (very solid).  He ends his turn with Unicore and Brio on field and Valk and Trish in hand.  I detach Cir from my Dante chaining Breakthrough in grave on Unicore and specialing Farfa to make Mechquipped with the leftover Graff.  I try to kill Brio with Virgil in Battle and he Valks, but I use Mechquipped to negate it.  Dante kills the Brio.  I crash my other Dante to get Virgil fuel.  I try to shuffle in Unicore but he negates it with Trish.  I set my drawn Soul Charge and search off Scarm for one card in hand for Karma Cut.  He tops Manju to search Brio.  I Mechquipped detaching Farfa to banish his Unicore so he can’t make an Exciton or something.  He summons the Trish, but I just Karma Cut.  The game is mine from there.     Top 16 vs Benedict with Qliphort Game 1 he goes first with Scout and Monolith, pendulum Helix and Carrier, tribute for Stealth, bounce Scout, replay and search Re-Qliate, set one, and draw 2 in End Phase.  I have a very mediocre hand of 2 Cir, Alich, Rubic, Lake, Breakthrough.  I normal Cir to make Dante with Alich but don’t hit any BA off the mill.  I special Rubic to turn on Lake.  I use it in his Standby to clear Scout, Monolith, and Stealth.  He has the second Scout and the game is over.   Game 2 I go first with a Dante and a few backrow.  He summons Helix with Saqlifice and 2 backrow.  He flips Emptiness when I try to special but I chain Wing Blast and his other backrow is Lose 1 Turn which is fortunately irrelevant against my deck.  I use a Dante to mill Back Jack and detach Draghig to set up Fire Lake.  I believe I Lake the monster with Saqlifice and his Backrow giving him a Scout search, but I just set up Lake again on my next turn and take the game.   Game 3 he goes first with Scout, Monolith, pendulum Carrier, tribute for Helix, set 2, and draw in end phase.  I have 5 monsters and a Raigeki Break.  He flips Emptiness on my Scarm special.  I set it and Raigeki Break.  He searches Carrier with Scout and tributes Helix to pop my Raigeki Break which I chain discarding Farfa on his 1 remaining backrow, Book of Moon, to remove Emptiness.  He Pendulums 3, kills Scarm, hits me for 5400, sets 1 trap, and draws off Monolith.  I search Rubic off Scarm.  I make Virgil and he thinks on his trap but opts not to use it.  I spin his Scout and make a Dante killing both of his Carriers leaving him with 2 Helix, a backrow, and Monolith to my Virgil, Dante, and set Karma Cut.  He has the second Scout giving him the game shortly.   I question if there may have been some way to play my Virgil turn that would have allowed me to stack Lake with Draghig, mill it with another Dante, and crash Dante to add it back while leaving 2 BA on board.  Or maybe I should have made 2 Dante instead to try to maximize the chance of hitting a Back Jack for the Lake.  I’m not sure, but I haven’t found the line of play yet.  My hand was Cir, Graff, Draghig, Rubic (which could have been something different from the Scarm), and Karma Cut with a clear board to his 2 Carrier, 2 Helix, Scout, Monolith, and 1 backrow (which ended up being Bottomless that he chose to not use on Virgil, but use on Cir).  Because he had the second Scout, I think I would have needed to Virgil the Scout AND get Lake to have a chance at winning.  Also, maybe I should have set Graff instead of Scarm after he used Emptiness since I knew I would have to chain Raigeki Break on his set to remove Emptiness when he tributed Helix, but discarding Graff wouldn’t get me his effect while Scarm would.  This play somewhat depends on him using the 2400 Carrier to remove my set so he couldn’t kill the Scarm/Rubic I got off Graff. I doubt he would have done this after seeing me discard Scarm off of Raigeki break.  Maybe it would have given me a better chance though.     Overall, it was a great weekend.  The top 32 mat looks pretty sick.  They’re mailing me a complete set of Crossover Souls (does that mean every card in the set?  Does it include every rarity of the card as well?  If anyone knows, that information would be great).     We drove back to my relatives’ place in Chicago on Sunday and spent the night before a leisurely morning and finishing the rest of the drive on Monday.  Shoutouts to James, Joe, Jon, Mark, and Ryne for help on deck decisions and being great to travel with.  Also to the UMN Yu-Gi-Oh Club and Minnesota players in general.  We have a Youtube page for the club which I’ll shamelessly link here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdFz8euecqUmVUZwUN0IVOw.  It’s not that active right now, but I hope to put up a deck profile pretty soon.   Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.  If you have any questions about my list or whatever feel free to ask.  
  4. This past weekend (Saturday November 8th) we had yet again another regionals in New Brunswick and I managed to grab a spot in the top 8 for a third time in a row.    The day before the regionals I was playtesting a BA list at locals that was running 18 BA monsters. After reading Hobans article he made some very good points about the deck and how it needs to shift in order for it to compare to the other decks. The only problem was I was so lost with building a consistent version of the deck. I was still running cards like mathematician, vanity's fiends in the main, and a large trap lineup. This lead to constant bricking. Usually I never had many problems building a solid deck but that day I was just so dumbfounded with my results and the deck I had put together. So I turned for help, I turned to JT (aka Jeremy Thibeau, Sharpman on DGZ) JT and I have talked a lot in the past and he's a player from the maritime area as am I. JT has had a lot of success as he has 7 tops and I knew he was playing BA for quite some time now so it made sense that he could be the one to help. So Friday night I messaged him and asked him certain opinions on cards and such and asked him if he had a list. He also head judged the event so he couldn't get to play his list so I guess you can say I played it for him and it all worked out and he deserves the credit for putting together a solid list.  This is the list he ended up sending me but I played 1 card difference.   Monsters: 22 1x BLS 3x Tourguide 3x Scarm 3x Graff 3x Cir 3x Calcab 3x Alich 3x Rubic   spells: 12 3x Upstart Goblin 2x The beginning of the end (JT's list had 3 and 2 upstarts) 1x Rank-up magic astral force 3x Mystical space typhoon 1x Allure of darkness 1x Foolish burial 1x Soul charge   traps: 6 3x Vanity's Emptiness 3x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast   As for the maindeck everything worked out amazingly. The beginning's of the end got me so far into the deck and most often they were live turn 2 or 3. The only downside to having the 18 BA lineup is that drawing multiples of the same ones wasn't that great, often enough I sided out 1-2 alichs and 1-2 calcabs as they're the worst of the malebranches. Everything else worked perfectly. There were lots of times I did miss having more traps but the deck was able to make some pretty big boards and that's how I won most of my games. This event was held on the same day as the ARG so if I could have went back, I think maining lake would have been very beneficial.    side deck: 15 3x flying "c" 1x vanity's fiend 3x creature swap 2x forbidden chalice 1x raigeki 2x fairy wind 2x non-fusion area 1x fire lake   the side deck was very solid throughout the day as all I played against was meta (minus 1 hero beat deck)   -as for some explanations, I felt 3 flying "c" would have been the best against the mirror with the updated builds. There was other people playing the same or similar lists to me so I felt it would have been the strongest card in that regard and I did play 2 mirrors and they worked great. - 1 Vanity's Fiend was the MVP card of my sidedeck, it won me my round 2 and 4 against shaddolls as they could not do anything and I just kept swinging until I had game. Definitely wish I played more copies looking back. - 3 creature swap. This was JT's idea. Now this card in theory was really good, Giving your opponent a floater and you get their giant monster in return  seemed pretty strong (outs to leo and yazi). Running 18 BA monsters this card seemed to pair well with them but in the end I never sided a full 3 copies and sided 1 or 2 copies here and there and never drew into it. Looking back I would probably change these for stormforths and more vanity's as stormforth is also an out to big problem monsters. - 2 forbidden chalice, this card was the best card in my side besides vanity's, it was better than breakthrough as it does not get stopped by trap stun/wiretap which was pretty popular cards also being able to negate set shaddoll monster effs and that 400 attack gain could also be used on your own monsters to beat over problem monsters if you ever needed to use it for that situation. Card won me about 3 games on its own. - 2 fairy winds, this was clearly for qliphorts and is better than shattering arrow for this deck for the simple fact it also hits skill drain and vanity's. Wish I played a third. - 1 fire lake, now looking back I sided this card in almost every game and it was a blowout, so definitely wish I either sided more copies or mained them.    Extra Deck: 2x virgil, rockstar of the BA 1x Constellar Pleiades 3x Downered Magician 3x Dante, Traveller of the BA 2x Ghostrick Alucard 1x Tri-edge Levia 1x number 30: acid golem 1x number 20: giga-brilliant 1x wind-up zenmaines   Everything in the extra deck was good. Tri-edge only came out once and it was vs the mirror in my last round and I would have went undefeated and made a gig-brilliant aside of it for game but misplayed and made something else and lost because of it. Looking back if I would make any changes I would run the chronamally crystal chrononaut and heraldry crest as all the qliphorts were maining towers and i actually lost to towers game 1 of my round 5 vs qlips. Other than that everything was good.   This is my first time writing a report I believe so it may not be the best read there is. But I definitely give a lot of credit to JT for a solid main deck and I ended up topping because of it. AS for my record I went x-1-1 losing to the mirror in my last round and drawing with Qliphorts round 5.    It was a great weekend overall got to see a lot of faces I haven't in a while and it was definitely worth the trip!    Thanks for reading and if there's anything I can do to improve my reports or explanations or list or anything comment below!         
  5. Blown Away

    [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd-tBL_6RmI[/youtube]       Monsters: 21 3 Batteryman 9-Volt 3 Batteryman Charger 2 Batteryman Fuel Cell   3 Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Tour Guide From the Underworld   1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning     Spells: 3 1 Foolish Burial 1 Raigeki 1 Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force     Traps: 17 3 Karma Cut 3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 3 Trap Stun 3 Vanity's Emptiness 2 Portable Battery Pack 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss     Extra Deck: 3 Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss 3 Downerd Magician 2 Constellar Pleiades 2 Ghostrick Alucard 2 Number 47: Nightmare Shark 1 Number 20: Giga-Brilliant 1 Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines       Side Deck (Work in progress; hopefully testing will bring to light what I need to be siding for which matchups): 2 Vanity's Fiend 1 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole   3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Monarchs Storm Forth   3 Fairy Wind 3 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror (against the decks I'm siding this in against, I have considerably more options than they do while this is up; that and Trap Stun to turn it off if need be; SIM is extremely powerful against the decks it works against this meta; arguably not worth it; needs more testing)     Reasoning Behind this Bizarre Combination:   Personally, I'm fascinated with the Batteryman Combo, which throws 6800 damage on board with the usage of a single monster, Batteryman Charger (with the ability to sacrifice 2000 of that damage to return a card to your opponent's hand). Batteryman as an archetype falls very short, however, as there are only three monsters in the deck worth mentioning (Industrial Strength is extremely sluggish to set up and is super easy to play around, and the rest of the monsters are very lackluster).   With this in mind, pure Batteryman is just an underwhelming mish mash of cards that has one strategy, which is basically to throw down Batteryman Charger as quickly as possible to put game-ending damage on board. This is hard to do, as even if you're able to get Batteryman Charger into your hand, he's a level 5 monster and requires a tribute summon, something not facilitated by the Batteryman Engine itself. Fuck.   The Burning Abyss Engine, on the other hand, has kind of an awkward predicament in the meta right now. While it's extremely quick, consistent, and is effective at maintaining card advantage, it does not apply an adequate amount of pressure against the other two behemoths of this meta (Shaddoll and Qliphorts), thus generally getting overwhelmed in the mid-late game by the monstrous presence those two decks are capable of pumping out compared to the underwhelming power level of the rank 3s Burning Abyss can churn out. I don't feel the cards received in NECH added anything to the deck itself, unless you wanted to literally take an all out approach and run 18 Burning Abyss Monsters with 3 TGU and 3 Fire Lake... something which I have yet to test because the other 3 Burning Abyss monsters added in NECH are very underwhelming.   So here is why I combined the Batteryman Engine with the Burning Abyss Engine: Burning Abyss provide easy tribute fodder for Batteryman Charger (keep in mind that due to TCG SEGOC rules as applied to optional When; Can effects activated on Tribute Summon, only Scarm may use his effect when tributed) Burning Abyss provide excellent board presence through Dante + Cir loops, but Burning Abyss is not always adequate at maintaining heavy board pressure (as scary as a 2500 ATK Card Trooper can be). The Batteryman Charger combo allows for temporary openings in an opponent's field set up to be exploited into game-ending plays, hence the chainable traps. Portable Battery Pack, an amazing card for a mediocre archetype, is fueled easily by Dante mills. Portable Battery Pack => Charger + Charger/9Volt (into Charger Summon) => Pleiades => Bounce Portable Battery Pack for re-usage. Both engines are relatively small and easy to combine, allowing me to adhere to Burning Abyss' general gameplan of running a billion traps. 9Volts can also fuel potential discards. The Batteryman Engine prevents me from getting completely shut out of the game by Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. 9Volt is an adept Denko Sekka killer, a card utilized by Shaddolls which I feel is very overwhelming for Pure Burning Abyss to deal with. Denko Sekka => Flip Vanity's Emptiness on summon (or already have it Face-Up) pretty much spells game against BA; two cards which aren't exactly that uncommon to see. That or Denko Sekka => Massive field presence (Construct in particular), something which Pure BA also cannot get over easily.     Card Choice Reasoning:   Arguable card choices (Definitely subject to change based upon testing or good arguments): 3 Trap Stun 2 Portable Battery Pack 1 Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force 1 Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss 15 cards from the Side Deck   Questionable card choices (Unlike the above category, I have some reasoning provided below for these choices):   Raigeki - I am still shocked ( B}) to see this card unbanned this format, but it's honestly not all that surprising considering what YGO has evolved into over the years. Raigeki has a lot of usability this format, despite the entire format being dominated by floaters: Against rogue decks with monsters that do not float, this card is an absolute blow-out. Against the big 3, Raigeki serves to create temporary windows of vulnerability through which I may apply pressure.   In pure BA, the latter point is kind of underwhelming, as clearing a board of floaters does not allow you to really do much other than attack with a couple of rank 3s. In this bastardized hybrid, Raigeki opens up a small window through which my 6800 damage combo be thrown into, often ending the game before their floaty powers becomes a factor (I don't care if you grab Shaddoll Fusion off your Construct, a BA monster off your Dante, or gain the ability to summon all of your cliffords again next turn).   This is also my explanation behind Compulsory Evacuation Device.   Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force - I really don't care what people say about the inconsistencies of this card; going into Dante has always been incredibly easy to do for Burning Abyss, and Pleiades is just a very fucking strong card. I do not need other rank 5s, as Pleiades literally almost does it all (plus I don't want to dedicate three slots in the extra to the Volcasaurus combo for a singleton card). Unlike in Pure BA, I only need one copy, however, because I do not want to see multiple copies of this card, as the Batteryman engine provides alternative win conditions (and I only have two Pleiades). It's an incredibly powerful option for me to use when I draw it, but I won't lament if I never see this card.     Feel free to criticize my card choices or to call me a faggot (provide reasoning either way; the insight helps me out a lot.) I'm open to just about any recommendations you guys can provide at this point. I'll provide further analysis after I complete further testing with this deck.   Let me know what you think!
  6. Dreams and Nightmares

      3//. Scarm, Malebranch of the Burning Abyss 3//. Graff, Malebranch of the Burning Abyss 3//. Cir, Malebranch of the Burning Abyss 3//. Tour Guide from the Underworld 3//. Mathematician 2//. Raiza the Storm Monarch 2//. Effect Veiler 1//. Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning M//. 20   This is a fairly basic BA monster lineup with the only debatable things being 1 or 2 Veiler and main board Raiza. Raiza has been amazing for clearing Shaddoll monsters and, coupled with Wind Blast, puts your opponent so far behind that they just scoop it up. The extra Veiler is for more effect negation (because having extra outs to Mathman amongst other things) is never a bad thing, plus it's another non-Dante light for BLS.     3//. Supply Squad 1//. Allure of Darkness 1//. Foolish Burial 1//. Raigeki S//. 06   Fairly standard Spell lineup. I've been back and forth between Upstart and Supply and Supply has just been so clutch. They either burn the outs they'd use on your backrow on it or they don't and then the advantage just snowballs. Raigeki is just flat out amazing. Yes, everything floats this format and yes, it's been written off more than a few times, but it's so amazing for tempo swings and game shots when Nightmare Shark just isn't enough.   3//. Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 3//. Vanity's Emptiness 3//. Karma Cut 3//. Trap Stun 2//. Breakthrough Skill T//. 14   There's really nothing to say about the trap lineup. Like, literally. Breakthrough Skill is literally the only trap card not worth running at 3 in the lineup, as seeing multiples is just aids, but milling it off Dante is like a pseudo plus.   3//. Dante, Traveller of the Burning Abyss 3//. Downerd Magician 2//. Ghostrick Alucard 1//. Muzurythm the String Djinn 1//. Number 20: Giga Brillant 1//. Number 30: Acid Golem 1//. Number 47: Nightmare Shark 1//. Number 49: Fortune Tune 1//. Temtempo the Percussion Djinn 1//. Tri-Edge Levia E//. 15   To be honest, everything outside of Dante, Downerd and Alucard, everything is extremely situational. I don't know how to feel about Tri-Edge, I may play a Leviathan Dragon over it. This is honestly where I need help since I'm unsure if I've overlooked something or not.   2//. Mobius the Frost Monarch 2//. Caius the Shadow Monarch 2//. Majesty Fiend 2//. Vanity Fiend 2//. Puppet Plant 3//. Mystical Space Typhoon 2//. The Monarchs Storm Forth S//. 15   I really like this extra. The deck kind of smokescreens into a Monarch BA deck and the monsters sided in are dependent on match up. I'd kind of like to fit in a pair of Lance or possibly Pulling the Rug for the mirror but I dk.   Overall, this has been a great deck to play, and the claims of this being the best deck this format is undeniably true. I just hate that I hopped on the bandwagon too late. :3
  7. What's up guys? Won't give you a long introduction, other than just to say that I didn't even know I was going to the event until about 6pm the night before. But yeah, after I decided to go I sat down with my friend Chris PM to work on the deck for the event which eventually led to us both running the deck with maindeck Raigeki (I will go into detail on this later)   Anyways so it's like 370ish people 9 rounds. Leggo   Round 1 Shaddoll Artifacts G1 - I open Raigeki and Tour Guide with traps so that's nice, I end up Raigeki'ing a Construct and Falco and going for game relatively early G2 - This one is a bit grindier. I just remember going for game with Puppet Plant   1-0 neat   Round 2 Chris PM - Burning Abyss So this sucks because we are playing the exact same main/extra and our side decks are only like 4 cards different. G1 - He opens mathman with 2 sets searching guide. I go mathman, and I'm met with bts. I crash to draw and feel pretty good setting 5 with a scarm in hand. He proceeds to flip his trap stun, make double dante, milling a veiler on the second one to give him a light for bls and giving him exactly 8k on board.  So that bums me out and he keeps apologizing over the entirety of side decking G2 - I don't remember much outside of using trap stun to turn off my emptiness 3 different times and winning the game via grinding with raiza and nightmare shark on board (I was afraid of puppet plant) G3 - I remember even less of, just know I locked him under his own emptiness at one point and he never recovered.   2-0. Sucks I had to play Chris this early but winning is never a bad thing, especially how the match started.   Round 3 Satellars G1 - Went for game relatively early, locking him out of his deneb via karma cut. Not much else to say. G2 - I opened mathman double trap stun and some other traps going second. I get greedy by slamming my mathman/scarm combo right into a shadow mirror. Next turn he forces out my trap stun and a discard trap separately, but has wiretap. I try to recover but I'm too far behind in advantage. G3 - I open relatively well and remember clearing his 4 backrow via trap stun double mst and tgu into alucard, then flipping emptiness. I do every bit of damage with the same alucard.   3-0 yay   Round 4 Dragons ft Ko'aki Meiru Drago G1 - He goes Diamond core to search drago and goes shrine soul charge to end with spark. I have to set scarm and a few traps, praying he doesn't have trap stun. He swings his drago into scarm, then when he attacks with spark I attempt to pwwb and he lances, so my scarm lives. I summon raiza next turn spinning spark and try to swing over drago but he has lance. He summons blaster and another drago (crap) and swings. I raigeki and tgu into dante and take the game with a few key traps. G2 - There was some grinding involved but the game ended with me having Vanity's Fiend and Majesty's Fiend on board. Oh.   4-0 Vanity's and Majesty's are gewd.   Rd 5 Thomas Feaster - Burning Abyss G1 - It's over pretty quickly. I use pwwb and raiza to keep spinning his only monster (cir) to the top of the deck. He can't keep up. G2 - He draws better than g1, so it gets grindy. I had maxx c turn one for his normal scarm and ss graff/cir, so I have tons of good stuff which eventually overwhelms him.   5-0 I hate mirrors smh   Rd 6 Chaz Shoop - Shaddoll Artifacts G1 - There was a clutch Raigeki early and I had some good traps. G2 - I seriously can't remember much about this, I believe Vanity's/Majesty's was involved in the win.   6-0 getting tired, 3 more pls   Rd 7 Burning Abyss G1 - I had better traps early, and opened Raigeki. I get to a point where I have a Dante with a graff, and a scarm on board. I don't make Downerd because I can detach my graff to mill 3, and go for game with Raigeki if he doesn't put up a big enough board. Sure enough he doesn't and I get it.  G2 - I misplayed this game. He dropped a Majesty's Fiend and swung over one of my xyz. I had a fortune tune with 2 materials, so if I just put a downerd on it, it can run it over. For the life of me I can't figure out WHY I didn't do it. I suppose I was thinking Vanity's fiend? Idk sucks to suck G3 - So we end up going into time after I do a good amount of damage. I believe I win by 600 lps, it was close.   7-0. One more till guaranteed top.   Rd 8 - Satellars G1 - Once I see deneb I instantly lose all the fear of losing. I win by trap stunning 4. G2 - He makes a Ragnazero mid game which puts him close on advantage, I clear it then he ends up making ANOTHER one, but in the end the traps are too much for him to handle.   8-0. Yicheng is also 8-0 so I tell him we are going to duel to be king of our lolcals.   Rd 9 Yicheng Li - Shaddoll Artifacts We get deck checked and errything is okay G1 - He opens VERY well to my 4 monsters + allure and trap stun. Allure gets me upstarts which gets me more monsters. I try to hang but it's over quickly. Savage G2 - I opt to go first and set a scarm and 2 backrow. He sets a monster, and on my turn I tribute for Majesty's Fiend and he insta-scoops. Iight. G3 - So there was a point where I had a dante compulse and karma cut. He fusions and dragon pops my karma cut. He has a board of double moral and construct. I karma cut one of the moral (plieades here would've just been deadly) and pitch cir to ss graff. He summons falco and I'm like "okay if he makes michael I'll just compulse. I have a raiza in hand and if he swings over graff I'll be iight." Well he makes leo which is MUCH scarier. He doesn't attack for a few turns to try and just get enough damage for game. He gets to a field of Leo, Moral, Mathman, with a set Falco. I draw Raigeki and he scoops em up.   9-0 sweet   So yeah overall the day was a success. First place is neat.    Decklist:   3 Tour Guide 3 Cir 3 Graff 3 Scarm 2 Mathman 2 Raiza 2 Veiler 1 BLS   3 Upstart 1 Foolish 1 Allure 1 Raigeki   3 PWWB 3 Karma Cut 3 Trap Stun 3 Emptiness 2 BTS 1 Compulse   Extra: 3 Dante 3 Downerd 2 Alucard 1 Muzurythm 1 Giga Brilliant 1 Nightmare Shark 1 Acid Golem 1 Fortune Tune 1 Temtempo 1 Tri-Edge Levia   Side: 2 Maxx "C" 2 Majesty's Fiend 2 Vanity's Fiend 2 Puppet Plant 2 Mobius 3 MST 2 Monarchs Stormforth   Deck Profile  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNp5jey4l-Q   But yeah Raigeki. So the point of it is to use it as a tempo card. Breaking a big board is one of the main issues with this deck. They may be able to recover their resources but the point is to clear a board and sorta reset the game. It also acts as a pseudo out to emptiness which can be a problem. Feel free to ask any questions regarding it. It was really good all day.   Props: Topping regional number 5 (omg I'm a legend) Jake and Yicheng also topping Keller spilling water and wearing that ridiculous hat Jeff's legoman arms Boybands not sleepjudging Yicheng telling his opponent he flew to the regional from raleigh Chris for collabing on the deck Koter for convincing me to go Seeing everybody Idk probably forgetting a ton   Slops  Bryson not coming Playing Chris rd 2 Lack of sleep   Thanks for reading
  8. So this weekend I heard Kirwan's Game Store (aka the best local in the northeast) was having a regional, so I decided to go. My buddy Chris and I drove 3 hours with mi Madre to get there, and we pulled up at 8, and registered. The tournament began at 1230 (of course) so I decided to get ripped off on a fortune tune, pick up a spellground to look like even more of a douche than I already did, and met up with the meme master aka Mike Albanese and Steed aka Chris LeBlanc. For the event I decided to play BA because it was the best deck of the format and I like really wanted a top (shoutout to Zach McLaughlin for letting me use the deck, you da real MVP). I toyed with it for a day or two and came up with this trash Monstahs 9 BA 3 TGU 3 methmatician 3 raiza BLS -no veiler: I just hate that thing so much. Like its just such an awful card. Dante sheds enough light for bls to be live Spells 3 upstart goblin foolish allure -allure isn't even that good really, I like always sided it out -foolish helps turn 1 plays a ton but I sided it out from time to time -no supply squaaa: so my idea with this card is that like its a good card, but it doesn't contribute to anything the deck lacks. It has draw power, and a lot of people purposely play into their own squads to draw, and go minus anyways. Looking back, I might have played it, but i was never in a situation when I needed it. Trap Houses 3 wind blast 3 karma cut 3 emptiness 3 trap stun (this card is absolutely stupid and a win condition) 2 BTS 1 compuls 1 warning (always sided it out) Typical BA extra, with 2 dante 3 downerd, no astral force because the card is essential a minus and never accomplishes anything the deck can't already do by itself. Side: 2 vanitys fiend (the sole reason why I didnt bubble) 1 mobius (sole reason why I won round 1) 2 back to square one 3 MST (mediocre, only sided a copy in like twice) 1 raigeki- sided in twice, never pulled it off :( 2 chain disappearance 2 mind crush 2 dust tornado ( honestly should've replaced them with end pieces of bread because they were about that useful) Now lets get the tourney: R1 against satellar, based tucker lau g1 he starts off with ukulele and no call or soul charge so I win G2 he savages me late game with soul charge for 4 and I topdeck a raiza G3 we go into time, he has a backrow and no field with a searched altair. I make alucard to pop the alpha, he topdecks vega and I mind crush calling altair for the win R2-green shirt guy with BA G1 I go first and make double dante set 3 search cir at ep, so that pretty much means win G2 he starts off slow with like 3 sets, I draw double chain disappearance scarm karma wind blast trap stun. He doesn't play trap stun so I win R3-black shirt guy with BA G1 has the dragons for my emptiness wind blasts for my dantes etc etc and I make a last ditch temtempo play and get karma'd G2 double dante followed by triple downerd next turn backed by trap stuns is cool I guess. He makes a acid golem I think and I flash BLS for game G3 made tweetie bird aka the birdhouse in time and sat on an emptiness and rode into the sunset on it R4-glasses with yang zing Loved the kid, hated the match G1 he goes math into some archfiend thing and sets creation emptiness and has a soul charge. I dont have trap stun :( G2 I try to deck him out after he makes a godzilla thought ruler that has like 628287 different properties but I realize I have like 13 less cards in deck than he does and go cry 3-1 at this point R5-beard guy with shaddoll G1 I keep spinning his raidens with raiza and he mills 3 fusions. yeet G2 I don't draw into back to square one or vanitys fiend and he just goes nuts and sends his whole deck to grave G3 he has a hand of like 6 cards he always keeps in his hand and I have no reads on them. He rips a charge and drops his whole hand of white+black dragons and chaos monsters and makes leo thought ruler baby dragon for game gotta go fast and win 4 matches to top Chris dropped at this point RIP R6- cool guy with batterymen, not azad surprisingly G1 emptiness> batterymen G2 ^ R7-kid my age with batterymen G1 dante set 4 search tour guide, emptiness his reborn and his tribute summon guy G2 he locks me out with a macro and my own emptiness, no trap stuns in sight G3 he draws 3 fuel cells and I have the trap stun for call on his 9V and I ride fullmetal alchemist aka downerd magician to victory 5-2 at this point, nervous as hell because im a sheer noob and this was kind of a big deal to me R8-cool guy who sounded like Jordan Peele with disaster hieratic dragon ruler REDMD soul charge deck ft. Koaki meiru drago G1 drago makes it so I cant play G2 I karma cut his dragos and emptiness becomes my best friend after I wind blast his hieratics G3 I strap on my saddle, put my feet in the stirrups, kick my vanitys fiend in the ass, and ride that bastard like the lone ranger into round 9. Messed up way for him to go tbh R9-red sweatshirt guy with shaddoll G1 I keep spinning his cards to topdeck and never lose advantage even after he super polys m G2 tour guide resolves 3 times, he keeps setting a hedgehog and I keep wind blasting/raizaing it until he offers the handshake and I stop hyperventilating Finished 7-2, 12th place. First invite because im noob and I got 4 cheeseburgers at mcdonalds on the way back so I mean it couldn't get much better Shoutouts to mike albancheese getting eighth, tim leduc getting seventh, joe bogli coming back hot and getting first. Also shoutout to alex medina just because Pros -vanitys fiend -mcdonalds -selfies with azad -tour guide -zach McLaughlin Cons -yang zings -the smell of yugioh players -chris dropping round six Thanks for reading guys, hopefully i can actually top something real next time :)
  9. As the title would suggest, this past weekend I got 5th place at the Collinsville regional and, at the request of my friends, have decided to write this report!  Traditionally I would not take the 5 1/2 hour trip to just a regional after already having my invite, but my friend Erik was not only judging this event, but had decided to get a hotel he would let me stay at for no cost should I simply pitch in for gas, so I decided to take the trip.  We left on Friday and about around 11 while we were driving the hotel called and told us they overbooked, but had gotten us a new room at a different hotel, and they would pay for the room instead.  With everyone having a little more money, we got there around 1:30 so we had some Jack in the Box (Worst restaurant I have ever been 0/10 would recommend to any living being) and then got a few hours of sleep before the event.   We get there with a few hours to go, and my friend Chumlee Doublestack had sent me the list I would be using for the regional.    Monsters - 19 3 Cir 3 Graff 3 Scarm 3 Mathematician 3 TGU 3 Vanity's Fiend 1 Shaddoll Dragon   Spells - 6 3 Upstart Hoban 1 Allure of Dankness 1 Foolish Burial 1 Raigeki   Traps - 15 3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 3 Karma Cut 3 Vanity's Emptiness 3 Trap Stun 1 Solemn Warning 1 Compulse 1 Breakthrough Skill   Side 3 Maxx c 3 Raiza 3 Chain Dissapearance 3 Malevolent Catastrophe 3 MST   Extra 3 Dante 3 Downerd Magician 2 Ghostrick Alucard 1 Leviair 1 Giga-Brilliant 1 Acid Golem 1 Nightmare Shark 1 Fortune Tune 1 Temtempo 1 Zenmaines   I knew before the event that I was playing BA, but wasn't sure with the new format what changes to make, so Chumlee came up with this list for me and all credit for it goes to him.  The only thing to note is that he didn't originally have me playing Maxx c, but I was unable to find Ally of Justice Cycle Reader before the event started, so I improvised.    The last thing I have to say before going into the rounds is that this event was run outright terrible and the judge staff and TO should be ashamed.  For starters, they had no time clock, and gave one to two indications of time early on and then nothing at all in round 3 or later (this plays a big role later).  Additionally, the judge staff was very poor(though my friend was one of the better ones) with most breaking the dress code, and all of them ignoring trash and messy tables, to instead talk to friends.  When I tried to bring any of this to the head judge's, Garret Baumont's, attention he chose to ignore me and say I didn't understand his stress.  Apparently this "stress" caused a 214 person, 8 round event to go from 11 to 9:30, with each round taking an hour and 20 minutes on average, which is simply unacceptable. Well, enough venting, onto the rounds!   Round 1 - Lightsworns As I sat down this round my opponent said to me he saw me and my friend playtesting before the event and that he really likes Burning Abyss as a deck.  I was worried about my opponent having that kind of information on me, until he put his deck on the table with a Judgment Dragon face up.  I win the Die roll and elect to go first.   Game 1: I tour guide into dante, load a scarm search, and set wingblast and emptiness.  He tries to attack with ehrin, but I wingblast it, pitching a cir, and he passes without any sets.  I sack the scarm I brought back for vanitys fiend, then push for damage and set the karma cut I drew for turn.  He tried to attack my dante with ehrin again, and scooped after I flipped cut.   Game 2: He summons Lyla and mills honest and 2 luminas.  I special and sack cir for vanitys fiend and run his lyla over without fear, and then set double wingblast. He sets one backrow and passes.  I summon mathematician and send dragon to pop his emptiness and push for damage.  He sets a monster and then scoops when I wingblast it in the end phase.   1-0 Round 2: Shaddolls As I sit down I notice my opponent is one of the guys who was sitting next to me round 1, so I knew he was playing Shaddolls.  Before this round started another major problem regarding the judge staff occurred as well.  Their printer had broken down and the match slips were unable to print, so instead of starting the round and addressing the problem while the players were actually playing, they had us wait 15 minutes while sitting with our opponents for the slips to print before we could finally start.  Having won the die roll I decided to go second as I feel the extra card is better against shaddolls so he started off when we could finally play.   Game 1: There is very little to talk about, as the only monsters I drew all game were a Vanity's Fiend and a single Cir.   Game 2: Little to talk about again as I had Vanitys fiend with protection and he didn't see a Dragon or Squamata to clear it.   Game 3; This game goes back and forth a lot and the Head Judge informs us there is 5 minutes left, so I decide the best thing for me to do with little resources left would be to stall so I make a fortune tune which puts me up 300 life as time is called.  He's unable to clear it so I win via time.   2-0 Round 3: Shaddolls Nothing bad happens somehow and the round starts alright.  I had seen this guy playing before so I once again decided to go second after winning the die roll   Game 1: He sets 2 and passes.  I go tour guide into alucard, detach scarm and pop his set Dragon.  I set wing blast, karma cut, emptiness, and compulse, searching for cir in the end phase. He draws and use fusion, that my emptiness stops, after which he passes.  I draw mathematician and attack with alucard and pass.  He draws, sets one and passes.  I draw trap stun, attack and pass.  He sets a monster and passes, that I wingblast in the end phase killing my emptiness in the process.  I draw for turn, flip trap stun, summon math and attack for game.   Game 2: I don't remember much about the early stages, however we eventually reached a very simplified gamestate of myself with a math on board, and a tour guide in hand and my opponent with a dead chaos sorc, I had wingblasted it previously, and he topdecks soul charge.  He brings back enough to make two dragons and falco and makes leo, leaving himself at 2500, just out of nightmare shark range. I draw foolish for turn which is completely dead but decide to use it as a deterrent of attacking with leo for fear of wingblast or another out to leo, and make a fortune tune to attempt to stall until I can get an out to his leo.  He either takes the bait of fear of my set, or simply doesn't think it worth it enough to kill my fortune tune, but summons sorc and banishes math and passes.  the game progresses very slowly with him drawing seemingly dead backrow and not attacking my fortune tune as it gives me more and more life until time is called as he draws a fusion for turn.  at this point I am up close to 8000 life on him, and he is only able to kill fortune tune each turn, never dealing damage so I remake it every turn until I win.   3-0 Round 4: Shaddolls Again, nothing of note and I lose the die role so my opponent elects to go first.   Game 1: He looks visibly upset with his hand and sets one backa nd one monster and passes.  I special a graff and a cir to make alucard and pop his backrow, a set bts.  I then summon TGU and get scarm, making the second alucard which pops his set hedgehog that grabs him a dragon.  I attack with both, go into double downerd and set emptiness and trap stun, searching cir in the end phase.  He sets one monster and passes again.  I draw raigeki for turn which was more insult to injury than anything else, and it clears his squamata and the Downerds attack for game.   Game 2: He opens not much better and sets just a monster and passes.  I tgu into alucard and pop dragon, then attack and make a downered before setting double emptiness wing blast, searching cir in the endphase.  He activates fusion, I emptiness, he mst's and I decide it to be worth it to use my second vanitys to stop the play, which ultimately is correct as he sets a monster and passes, which I wingblast and search a tgu.  I take a dante and push for damage then set a fresh wing blast.  He sets the same monster and scoops when I wing blast it again.   4-0 Round 5: Shaddolls Its during this round another major problem I had with this event occurred, though itll be covered later on.  My opponent wins the die roll and elects to go first.   Game 1:  I don't remember much about this game except for the ending, it reaches a point where I have a dante on board and a set trap stun, and a tour guide in hand.  My opponent has 2 in hand, and top decks soul charge, and brings back enough to drop himself to 1400, while making a dweller and castel to clear my board.  My trap stun resolves on his 2 sets that eventually turn out to be bluffs, and nightmare shark steals the game.   Game 2: Again I don't remember much, but the game reach a point where I knew I was behind and running out of resources, so I asked a judge how much time we had left in the round, as the TO had decided to not put up a time clock.  He responded to me with "I don't know" and just walked away.  I asked a different judge and he told me we had around 10 minutes or so left.  Deciding I likely wouldn't win this game, I decided to scoop to conserve time and go to game 3.   Game 3: As we draw our hands for game 3 the head judge calls time in the round.  Very confused, I asked the judge who told me 10 minutes why time was called so early, he responded with, "Sorry, guess I was wrong."  I was staring at a hand of 2 upstarts and Solemn Warning.  I unfortuneately lost this game due to half my cards being essentially blanks, and my opponent having the savage nuts with BLS, dark armed, and fusion with squamata and a beast.  I know I likely should have sided out upstarts and warning with only 10 minutes left in the round, however I feel very heavily cheated out of this round by the judge staff.   4-1 Round 6: Burning Abyss I try to calm down from my most recent loss and clear my head as my opponent elects to go second after winning the die roll   Game 1: There isn't much to say as he had 5 burning abyss monsters and his shaddoll dragon   Game 2: Very early on he flashed his BLS in hand to me without noticing it, so I dictate my game by playing around it and spinning his Dante's via sided in Raiza's, and the game eventually reaches a point where I have to give him a light in grave, and end with a board of a 2500 downerd, a mathematician, a set breakthrough and trap stun, and a tgu in hand to his just BLS in hand, while im at 2000 life.  Unfortunately, he draws MST for turn and blind hits my breakthrough so he can summon BLS and I can't stop its second attack for exact game sending us into game 3.   Game 3: This game was another quick one as I had double chain disappearance hitting both scarm and graff for 3 copies.   5-1 Round 7: Shaddoll-Satellars My opponent wins the die roll and chooses to go second   Game 1: I set dragon emptiness, trap stun, and wing blast. with scarm in hand.  My opponent sets a monster and 2 backrow.  I draw graff and set scarm.  My opponent tries to shadow games and I trap stun.  He tributes his set squamata without flipping to set  beast and another backrow and passes.  I draw, flip dragon to bounce his beast, and he chains shadow games. He soon learns that knowledge is power and that his ebast wont get a draw and sends a hedgehog to search a falco.  I flip scarm to let it die and load a search at which point my opponent attempts to super poly my dragon and scarm and learns for a second time how cards work as my scarm will die before anything else can be used.  I attack, set wing blast and search a tgu.  He sets hedgehog and super polys discarding beast, and I wingblast the Winda.  I make alucard, pop his falco and chain emptiness, then push.  He sets a monster and passes, my alucard then pops his set Altair, and I summon mathematician without effect and push, and drop vanitys fiend the following turn to seal the game.  I still don't know why he set the altair to give me more information on his deck, but he wouldn't answer me when I asked after the match.   Game 2: He opens weak with a single set monster and back. I mst his set emptiness and alucard pops hedgehog.  He tries to fusion which I have my emptiness for, and I then warning his deneb summon.  I sack for vanitys fiend, set wingblast and the match is sealed.   6-1 Round 8: Burning Abyss I know my opponent as hes a friend of a friend so we both know eachother is playing BA.  He wins the die roll and decides to go first.   Game 1: He opens subpar with a turn one dante via a cir and scarm, and no backrow.I special cir sack for vanitys fiend, and set 2 wing blasts and a trap stun with scarm in hand to clear his dante and the game is very one sided from there.   Game 2: He goes first and turn one makes a dante with a few backrow.  I Don't remember much about my plays, but he brought back the scarm in his grave to which I chain disappearance it and 2 from his hand, and then he summoned a tourguide into my second chain dis which let me win out from there.   After that the tournament ended pretty quickly and they announced I was in 5th!    Pros: -Regional top #2 -Had an alright time -Noone payed for the hotel -My friends bought me steak for dinner at Ponderosa as a congratulations   Cons: -Regional was run like shit and the head judge was garbage -The judges fucked me with time round 5 -Had the worst meal of my life ( Seriously, never go to Jack in the Box, its terrible) -Got 5th so I didn't get another deckbox   Thanks everyone for reading and once again a big shoutout and thanks to Chumlle for giving me the decklist to use!
  10. I have always been a huge fan of chaos decks, but I never enjoyed Lightpulsar and Darkflare, I always felt that they were underwhelming. I started putting in some Shaddolls in place of the Dragons, added in the baby chaos dragons, found a nice tempo and kept changing things up. This jumble of a deck is the end result. I at first made this deck with the intention of it being something just for laughs. After playtesting it and continuing to tweak it, I discovered that it actually began to play really nicely. Everything felt like it had massive synergy with everything else, and all the plays felt rewarding. This build is capable of making more plays, opens better, and makes better comebacks. It is focused on mid game tempo, as most chaos decks are.   This is one of those decks that seem very scattered in theory, but actually play out really well. The best way to understand this deck is to actually just take down this decklist and play it. The theory starts all coming together through actual playtesting. I'll go way more into detail on everything in the actual decklist, which I will get into right now!   The decklist can be found here.   Monsters (33): Pretty standard for a chaos deck to have a high monster count. When you mill cards, you want to be sending lots of monsters to the grave, not a bunch of spell or traps. The only spell/traps you run are very important ones.   Chaos Engine 1x BLS - Envoy of the Beginning   2x Chaos Sorceror   1x Dark Armed Dragon   2x Gorz   The core of any chaos deck. BLS and Chaos Sorceror are easily summonable due to you milling light and dark monsters into the grave very quickly. BLS and Sorc are extremely relevant in the meta, and can get rid of so many problem cards while making sure your opponent doesn't get that Dante plus or that Shaddoll Fusion back. 2 Gorz are your offensive "backrow" in this deck, they will get you through so many bad situations and bad hands. Watch your opponent swing into an empty field, thinking they have game. Proceed to laugh at their face when they try to push for game. I've excluded Tragoedia because he is horrible in the late or even mid game, but Gorz is still a consistent threat so he remains in.   2x Black Dragon Collapserpent   3x White Dragon Wyverbuster   2x Plaguespreader Zombie   1x Glow-Up Bulb Anyone who has to question running the baby chaos dragons has not played with them. I was hesitant to put them in, but I playtested them once and realized just how much they can do. They help you get around your normal summon limit in a high monster count deck, they let you make plays after your first one was stopped, they let you synchro and then add the other dragon so you can synchro again, they make an Xyz after you've used a Lyla effect, they make plays with Raiden on the first turn... And Plaguespreader is there just because he is needed in any Chaos deck, just helps you make synchro plays without using your normal summon.   Shaddoll Engine 2x Shaddoll Beast 2x Shaddoll Squamata   2x Shaddoll Falco   2x Shaddoll Hedgehog 1x Shaddoll Dragon   The Shaddoll engine is a bit bigger than before because I run Fusion now. I only run 1 Dragon because it is the worst one to open with. You can only set it and pray that your opponent doesn't just normal something and swing.   Lightsworn Engine 3x Raiden 2x Lyla   Lyla is pretty standard for a chaos deck as she pops spell/trap cards and then gets you monsters in grave. You can also use her for xyz/synchro fodder after you pop something. Raiden is a tuner and lets you mill stuff. Milling Shaddolls is always awesome, and you can mill a Scarm too. Overall, they just fill up your grave for Chaos stuff if nothing else.   Tour Guide Engine 3x Tour Guide   2x Scarm   Scarm lets this engine work much better than in previous chaos decks. You can mill a Scarm or set one, which then cycles you into a Tour Guide. Tour Guide just opens up some nice plays, as making an Alucard to pop a backrow can help clear the path for a big play or boss monster. Leviair can get back anything banished from your various banish outlets, and most importantly, can get back a banished Plaguespreader allowing for 2 more uses (1 on field and 1 in grave).   Spell/Traps (7): 1x Allure of Darkness 2x Shaddoll Fusion 1x Soul Charge 1x Charge of the Light Brigade   1x Vanity's Emptiness   1x Solemn Warning Allure of Darkness helps you cycle through bad hands, and you run a ton of darks anyway. Shaddoll Fusion is a given because you can make good plays even if you don't fuse from a main deck. Popping a S/T with Lyla and then fusing it into Construct is great. Soul Charge is mandatory because your grave fills up with nice monsters to Charge back very quickly.Charge searches Lyla or Raiden usually and gets you some mills. I do not like Solar Recharge because it can dead draw easily. The warning would be another emptiness if I had one.   Extra Deck (15): El Shaddoll Winda 2x El Shaddoll Construct Standard. I run less of each because I have limited room and do not need to fuse often anyway. These numbers have never given me problems so far. Armades   Goyo Guardian   Black Rose Dragon   Hot Red Dragon Archfiend   Stardust Spark Dragon   Star Eater   My synchros of preference. You want to make sure you have at least 2 level 5 and level 6 synchros each because you will make them a lot due to Plaguespreader, Spore, and Glow-Up Bulb all being level 1/2. 101: Silent Honor ARK   Evilswarm Exciton Knight   Lavalval Chain Dante   Alucard   Leviair   My Xyz of preference. Leviair is pretty mandatory because of reasons I mentioned somewhere above (getting back Plaguespreader is really nice). Lavalval is great as it lets you stack a BLS or mill a Shaddoll.   Side Deck (15): I have absolutely no clue what to put in this side deck, considering there is very little I would ever want to side out in the first place. Help me out here.   So yeah, that's pretty much it for Chaos Disco. Feel free to leave any comments, feedback, criticism, or suggestions you have!
  11. Okay so I'm showing my lack of understanding of mechanics here, but this came up in a duel and I couldn't find anything online to help resolve it.    Player A has a non burning abyss monster on the field and normal summons Scarm. Player B responds with Chain Disappearance.   My question is when/how does scarm's self destruction effect apply? I know chain dis is a legal activation, but as a continuous effect shouldn't scarm apply immediately on the summon and not be face up on the field when Chain Dis resolves? Or would the destruction effect only apply after the 'summon response window'.   Thanks in advance.  
  12. Just got home from an epic victory meal at Steak n Shake in the deep south and am doing my absolute best to ready some sort of coherent tournament report:   As the title indicates, after 9 rounds of swiss I placed #1, having only lost the final match of the day but having dropped not a single game before that point (16-0 out of 8 rounds). The story of this event is a sad one and starts with a lonely journey down 95 alone in my car. Having already awoken a fucking champion via defeating my snooze button with relative ease despite being awake on DN not even 2 hours prior, I was ready to win. However, I had to make sure to get to the convention center somewhat early, as I had no idea what build it was that I would actually be running. To be completely frank, one of the first parts of my daily morning rituals is to play a match on Dueling Network, however sad that seems. Even weekdays before work, I need to allot myself enough time to cure the itch and cram a match in. So at the ungodly hour of 6ish AM, I awaken to test my build that I had "settled on" merely hours before.   I had spent literally every waking second of the last week back from my time at Philly Regionals (where I went 8-2 with a mighty fine variant of the deck, placing 10th overall out of ~550) testing various Burning Abyss builds. These builds all greatly varied in structure and were essentially not even remotely similar to one another. They all had their perks, and I had fallen in love with at least two of them. Finally, at like 12AM the night of, Urthor pretty much takes a stand and says "ok duelist you need to pick a build and go print yourself out a decklist now" or something along those lines, and so I did. I went with the most broken Burning Abyss build ever imagined, and I even slept on it! After awakening, it was time for my morning duel. I got paired up against Shaddol Bujins and recieved the most brutal 2-0 in recent memory. Saddened but not deterred, I quietly packed my remaining items and ventured south to regionals.   BTW, all my friends had literally bailed on me the night before (Daniel D, who sponsors my decks [I own literally 0 Yugioh cards], was hungover since it was his Birthday on Saturday, and two of my other close friends dodged for no apparent reason; additionally, Ryan, my dueling/testing partner from Philly who placed 2nd with my exact same build, was judging this event and wouldn't be riding with me.) It was time to hit the road solo!  I listened to some screamo to get hyped and then listened to some pop punk to remind myself that I'm shit and always will be (it's good to stay grounded before these things) and eventually I had arrived. Fortunately I was simultaneously greeted by Tyree Tinsley + team upon our respective arrivals. Tyree knew I would be running BA, and when I mentioned that I had "roughly 5 builds I was messing around with but came here without a clue", he directed me towards Jeff Jones' build, which hadn't yet been officially released but was one we were able to construct a pretty good idea of based off feature matches and other things. In a sense, this regional was interesting because both Indy and LA had happened just the day prior and there were some interesting builds floating around. Tyree seemed to particularly think that it was gangster as fuck for Jeff to not be running any spell cards, and he spent like 30 minutes trying to convince me to do so. I went as far as getting the majority of the shitty trapcards I needed but didn't have, but upon my failure to acquire super Mind Crushes in a timely fashion (and subsequent super tilt that my sponsor was hungover and asleep miles away), and my inability to possibly remove my super Foolish from my main deck, I decided against Jeff's build. It also ran Traveler which gave literally all of us aids.   Still, I really admired the Shaddol Dragon theory Jeff had been putting to use. It's funny because literally a day after Philly, Ryan messages me on FB (who was still on his high from receiving his very first top) and asks if we should consider Shaddol Dragon "over Felice". I told him he was shit and always would be. I suppose I owe him an apology for that, because that card is fucking broken in this deck. Major shoutouts to Tyree for convincing me to tech it for the day. Anyway, the clock was running out and so were my options (since I literally only had my build-to-be [the one that lost on DN to Shaddol Bujins) and like a pile of extra BA cards (Squads, Rank-Ups, Felice, random assortment of Monarchs, D Prisons, etc). Literally only the 1 deckbox that Daniel had left me with. So, I decided to go ham and play it safe, varying literally as minimally as possible from the Philly build. I cut Felice for Dragon and Chaos Sorc for 1 Vanity's Fiend before it was time to move onto the sidedeck theory, which I mostly need to attribute to Urthor.     Anyway, for those who literally only care about this part, I've conveniently placed it here in the middle for you so you have to at least read some of this:   Monsters: 23 3 Raiza 1 Vanity's Fiend 3 Mathematician 1 Shaddol Dragon 3 Cir Guys 3 Graff Guys 3 Scarm Guys 3 Tour Guys 2 Effect Veiler 1 Black Luster Soldier   Spells: 5 1 Allure of Darkness 1 Foolish Burial 3 Mystical Space Typhoon   Traps: 12 3 Phoenix Wing Blast 2 Karma Cut 2 Breakthrough Skill 1 Compulse 1 Solemn Warning 3 Vanity's Emptiness   Side: 15 3 The Monarch's Storm Fourth 2 Caius 2 Vanity's Fiend 2 Mobius 2 Non-Fusion Area 2 Chain Dissappearance 2 Malevolent Catastrophe   Extra: 2 Nightmare Shark 3 Dante 2 Alucard 2 Downerd 6 cards I literally didn't make at all but you can watch the video down below to find out what they were ---- Anyway the rounds started soon and so would I!   Round 1: Shaddol Game 1 I massacred him. Incidentally, it was at this point that I decided to make an executive decision (I'm told I'm supposed to make absolutely zero decisions since my theory-oh sucks and my technical play is subpar, but fuck it). That decision was made as an attempt to experiment and quite possibly even learn something valuable before Dallas. I would be spending the day making a callback to my last regional top before my hiatus, which was back in Philly early 2013 (I forget exactly when) which was I think Wind-Up format with Rabbit and stuff. I don't know if I had the year right but I had netdecked Steinman's Wind-Up deck on DN which was factoryless with Thunderkings and loved it more than any deck I had played to date. I decided to take it to the next level because I was utter shit at this game and literally just side out my Wind-Ups every game. So I'd Mage Shark wombo combo game 1, side out literally all my mages and sharks and rats and keep in Thunder Kings and Rabbits and just side in Snowman Eaters plus generic flavor of the month side cards vs Dino Rabbit. Every game I won I would literally just beat them down with Thunder King and my opponent would show me like 2 Veilers and a Maxx C in hand and be like "man I drew soooo dead" and I'd snicker to myself as I'd sided out my entire fucking engine. I also ran Gale in the main so I could make Armor Master but we aren't going to talk about that right now. Anyway, I decided during this point in time of sidedecking that today would be similar. I proceeded to side out literally all of my Tour Guides and BLS/Veilers/Allure/other shit cards for literally 9 Monarch cards and the 2 Non-Fusion Areas. Sure enough my opponent had dead dirges and chain D's that literally just got Mobius'd into oblivion because hey I don't fucking run Tour Guide.   2-0 games   Round 2: Lightsworn I don't even think I sided anything and just chose to beat him fairly 4-0 games   Round 3: Burning Abyss or Shaddol same as round 1 6-0 games   Round 4: Shaddol or Burning Abyss same as round 1 8-0 games   Round 5: Gladiator Beast!!!! This was fucking legendary because it was at table 1. I didn't know what he was running but we were both feeling particularly talkative and he shared with me that he had an "incredibly easy time" thus far with all his matches, and I asked what he played. "3 Burning Abyss and 1 Yang Zing". Well fuck. This might not end well... he beat 3 of The Guys with "relative ease". I'm surely done for.   Of course my thoughts on the matter quickly changed when game 1 he summoned Laquari and swung directly for 1800, tagging out into my Vanity's Emptiness. Game 2 Mobius came in and Stormforth'd over his glad, destroying Chariot and some floodgate that wasn't going to do anything vs my unsided Tour Guides anyway. 10-0 games   Round 6: Satellar Knight Game 1 he elects to go first, summons 1800 guy milling Deneb and playing Soul Charge, making Giant Hand (Guess somebody told him I was running Tour Guide) and setting 1 and passing. I spaced the fuck out of his backrow, special'd Graff and Tributed for Vanity's Fiend, swinging over Hand. He had to set Altair two turns later and just conceded. Game 2 Mobius 12-0 games   Round 7: Shaddol This match was really unfair and was over in 10 minutes. First time of the day I genuinely nutted (Wingblasts, Raizas, Math, g1 over) Game 2 I drew like 2 Caius and a Raiza and he had T set so it was just over too   14-0 games   Round 8: Burning Abyss Game 1 I win because I'm running Karma Cut Game 2 starts slowly with like 4 backrow from him and 2 from me. Him passing once more and me normalling a Tour Guide (the only copy I had kept in, I wanted at least one in there for a power play if need be). He tanked and activated Chain D. I responded with my own and it was curtains.   16-0 games   Round 9: Nutella Knight Garon calls me a terrorist and rage quits the building. Game 1 I literally massacre him with Dragon via Math blowing out COTH and crashing into Deneb for the plus infinite. 17-0 games Game 2 I open all copies of Vanity's Fiend at which point I'm not even sure I'm supposed to have them in (I guess I got baited by its success vs Giant Hand kid) and he bricks too and we spend eons passing before he unbricks sooner than I do and I lose. 17-1 rip the dream I tilt and lose the last game in time.   Match Record: 8-1 (First Place) --- Overall I feel that this event was a great experience for testing and had a pretty good turnout. The world of Yugioh changed a lot this weekend and Jeff Jones is the real hero here, so please read his profile instead of this one whenever he puts it up. In the mean time, if you want to hear more about my deck choices/tournament experience, or long for Tyree's Mocha voice, please do not hesitate to view this video of me attempting to explain myself.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbBRmzDiK_0   It's tired and I'm late.   Thanks team,   -Calvin Tahan Duelistgroundz          
  13. 9th Place Seattle Regionals

    I don't invest much into this game in real life, so I'm usually the kind of guy to take bad decks like heroes or 3-axis to regionals, but a week before the event a friend told me that he'd lend me burning abyss if I could get 1750 rating with it on dn.  I thought he was joking at first, but I kept my end of the deal and he ended up keeping his.     After a lot of testing, this is the build I came up with: http://i.imgur.com/2vUjNy4.png   Before I start the actual report, there are a couple things I want to mention. First off, people might call me crazy but I don't think BLS is necessary in this deck.  It's obviously an amazing card, but to play it you either need to main cards like veiler or Felis, or bank on just banishing a dante for it.  All in all, I was making sub-optimal deck choices/plays just to keep one good card live.  In testing there were some games where I didn't even want to make dante, but felt I had to because bls had been sitting in my hand doing nothing for 2 turns.   A lot of people have cut supply squad, but I still think it's worth maining.  In the mirror if your opponent draws it (and doesn't completely brick) and you don't, it's extremely hard to win.  This alone made me want to play it, because I didn't want to just lose to someone because they played it and I didn't.  It's not even bad in other match-ups; raiza is easy to summon with 7 discard outlets, and against shaddols he and your traps is your win-condition, which supply helps you dig for and in turn helps trigger supply. Back to square one is surprisingly a pretty good card.  Against shaddols one of the most annoying things is when they would set falcon with shadow games.  This helped deal with that, along with being a good way to summon something for raiza in a supply unit build. Even though I played it, I admit astral force is kind of awful.  It can be game-winning in certain situations and I couldn't think of anything I'd want to replace it with, but looking back a third mst would've been much better.   Anyways the regionals was something like 395 people with 9 rounds   Round 1- Shaddols Game 1: I lose the die roll, and my opponent sets 2 backrow and a monster.  I know him from locals and that he's playing dolls, so I just go math, dump scarm and attack.  It's a hedgehog.  I set pwwb and karma then add tour guide.  On his turn he fuses with a wyvern and dragon for construct, banishes DAD dumps beast, and targets my pwwb which I chain, ditching scarm.  I add a BA, then on my turn go tour guide, he flips vanity and I chain mst and from then on it's little monster beatdown with traps. Game 2: This went a lot like game 1.  He had 2 stygian dirges and I didn't draw any msts, but I didn't really want to xyz anyways.  Just poked with tour guides and their BA buddies and had traps to stop his plays.   1-0   Round 2- Burning Abyss There honestly isn't much to say about this match. The guy was really nice, but just drew garbage game 1 and 2 while my hands were playable.   2-0   Round 3- Shaddols Game 1: I think I went first this game, summoning math and setting solemn and vanity, then added tour guide.  He summoned lyla and I solemnd.  On my turn I went tgu into graf then attacked with everything until he used magic cylinder on my mathematician.  Wut.  Anyways most of this game is pretty fuzzy but I remember using vanity on his fusion and a lot of poking like in my round 1 match. Game 2: I open 2 discard traps 2 other traps a raiza and squad going 2nd.  I guess his hand wasn't so great either because I was able to stall a bit until drawing a mathematician 3 or 4 turns later but I was low on life and he already had game. Game 3: Sorry I just can't remember anything from this game except I got to back to square one into raiza and spin two cards.   3-0   Round 4- Shaddols Game 1: He starts off strong, with an early soul charge play into key beetle protecting a backrow.  After losing a lot of life over the next couple turns I rip back to square one to deal with the beetle.  I still wasn't in a great situation though; I had to ditch graf, and my only backrows were an mst and bts.  His own vanity ended up fucking him over though, as his hand relied on special summoning and couldn't get over a 16 beater.   Game 2: I think this was the first game I got to use non-fusion area, but I drew multiples and he didn't draw any super polys or fusions into very late game.  He does shaddol stuff, that my backrow can't deal with, msts my set non-fusion are then castels away the face up one (I used it before he could summon any monsters to play around super poly).  After that he makes construct and I'm down to two cards; he shows vanity and I scoop. Game 3: I do what I always do against shaddol; sit on backrow and poke with guest appearances from raiza.     4-0   Round 5- Shaddols   Game 1: I opened mathematician+supply squad and drew traps.  Living the dream. Game 2: I open 5 purple cards and a graf.  I use non-fusion are and just like last match, my opponent doesn't really seem to care.  He makes caingorgan actually and I wingblast before he has any other cards on the field, ditching graf and getting scarm, but eventually gets rid of it and uses vanity on the tour guide I searched.  At one point I think this guy also had koaki meiru drago out on me, showing a DAD. Game 3: He sets hog and a backrow.  A friend came around this time and sat next to me.  He looked at my hand then got up and walked away.  Vanity's fiend, 5 traps.  It was something like emptiness, 2 wingblast, compulse, breakthrough.  He flips hog and just attacks.  I draw and pass. He summons math, and I breakthrough it then he attacks with both.  I draw scarm and pass.  He just attacks with both again, then I wingblast a backrow.  He has 3 other backrow at this point, and I know one has to be emptiness so I go for cir over tgu. I try to attack with cir but he compulses it.  He uses fusion and I chain my emptiness, so he just attacks with both again.  I draw another cir, summon one and beat over the hog.  He sets a backrow and passes.  For turn I draw a third cir, and his backrow is intimidating but I tell myself that they're just emptinesses and chain disappearances, so I tribute for vanity's fiend.  A lot of shaddol decks only have squamata/dragon as outs to this, so I was confident that I was pretty safe since he already used compulse.  Eventually won after a few turns of attacking with him and tour guides.   5-0   Round 6-Shaddols   Game 1: This one was so long I can't remember much.  I don't remember if it was first turn, but early on he fused an eclipse and falco for construct, sent beast, banished DAD then set a shadow games and emptiness.  Going 2nd I drew some good traps to control the game a bit in my favor.  Despite this, early on I thought for sure I would lose and I'm pretty sure my opponent did too.  Luckily, he made some small misplays, like flipping a second falcon with shadow games when I had bts in the grave.  Eventually he made construct with a squamata and white dragon, then while looking at his deck told me he ran out of targets.  I had compulse for the construct, and he scooped. Game 2: He fuses with beast and I think hedgehog (it might've actually been black dragon) for winda, adding dragon, and set a couple cards.  I went math for scarm, set backrow and added graf.  On his turn he tried to attack and I compulsed winda.  He then set a monster and passed.  I figured it was falcon so I tibuted math for vanity's fiend and attacked into it.  Next turn he set another card and passed.  It was a dragon this time so he bounced my guy.  I don't remember if he did anything this turn or his next one, but I ripped math, tributed for vanity's fiend on the next turn and won from there.   6-0   Round 7-Shaddols Game 1: Math+supply+backrow, the best. Game 2:  At one point he soul charged for a castel and evilswarm nightmare but raiza took care of that.  Later on he made another soul charge play that ended in a blackrose+stardust spark.  I thought about using karma cut on raiden, but decided to let blackrose happen and hit spark.  At this point he had 1 in hand and an open field, I added tour guide and drew to two.  Tour guide went into scarm for dante, I set my backrow and added cir.  He uses doll fusion, but I chain raigeki break to hit my dante, fusion fizzles, dante adds a cir and cir summons dante.  I slowly start poking for game; he draws another fusion and tries to use it but I let him know my dante came from the graveyard.   7-0   Round 8-Burning Abyss Game 1: I go first, set 3 backrow and pass.  He uses supply squad, summons tour guide and I use bts.  He pokes, sets 2 backrow and passes.  I activate supply squad, summon graf and attack into him with a wiretap for vanity if he has it, but he msts my squad so only he draws.  After the crash I get cir and attack.  He uses foolish for graf into scarm then summons cir to make alucard, I compulse it and he gets back graf then adds tour guide in the end phase.  I couldn't find a way to get rid of graf without just triggering supply and letting him grab a cir, so I made a dante in defense and passed.  He summons another BA, makes alucard to pop wiretap then gets scarm while triggering supply. I played the game out, but after a while supply just gave him way too much advantage for me to keep up. Game 2: I don't remember how this game went really, but tour guides and BA buddies did their thing and he scooped when I used flying "c" Game 3: Sorry, this one's pretty fuzzy too (I was basically napping between rounds at this point, way too low on sleep I guess) but we went into time and I was planning on going tgu into graf into nightmare shark, but he had a solemn that I had to wiretap, then emptiness.  On his turn I wouldn't have any floaters and he could've made up for the damage lost by solemn, so I scooped.  Losing sucks, but along with being really nice, my opponent was a good player who put a lot of thought into his moves.   7-1   Round 9- Shaddols Game 1: Last round I go against a friend of mine, which felt awful.  Game 1 I remember he had a bit of a slow start and I remember doing around 2000 life to him.  He makes a soul charge play for 3, knowing about nightmare shark and that going under 2000 without multiple backrow is a bad idea.  I go tgu into graf for shark, bring him down to 1000 and then make downerd.  He has fusion in hand, does shaddol stuff, kills downerd so I get cir, kills cir, kills scarm then hits me directly for some amount of life.  I add tour guide in end phase and he has a pretty strong field to my 2 cards in hand, but I just make a 2nd shark and swing for game.  2 shark 2 good. Game 2: he lets me go first and I open tgu 2 BA 2 supply squad.  I figure I have to dig for traps, so i go tgu for graf into leviathan, detach and get scarm then draw 2.  The 2 cards I drew were monsters. In the end phase I added anohter guide.  He says his hand is awful, sets 4, sets a monster then uses allure, and discards fusion and lyla.  He then soul charges for lyla, hits a supply and mills a beast in the ep to draw a card.  I draw another monster, then go mathematician, dump cir for scarm, draw (another monster) then attack his lyla and his set flying "c".  I'm not sure why he really felt he had to allure, but it worked out for him as he then drew fusion and everything went downhill from there. Game 3: Another monster-flooded hand, with squad.  He summons raiden and mills a dragon to pop squad, I think I summoned mathematician so he attacks over that and in the ep milled falcon.  I only remember bits and pieces after this, but I probably could have played better than I did. Time was called, but scooped on turn 3 knowing he'd win the next one anyways.   7-2   I get 9th, being the highest 7-2, with 8th being a 7-1-1.  Got my packs, got dinner, went home and slept harder than I've ever slept before.
  14. Burning Herpes

    Monsters: 21 3 Dark Simorgh 3 Harpie Channeler 3 Harpie Queen 2 Cyber Harpie Lady 1 Harpie Lady 1 1 Harpie Dancer 2 Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Scarm, Malebranch of the Burning Abyss 3 Tour Guide from the Underworld   Spells: 9 3 Soul Charge 3 Hysteric Sign 2 Harpie's Hunting Ground 1 Elegant Egotist   Traps: 11 2 Hysteric Party 2 Breakthrough Skill 2 Vanity's Emptiness 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Solemn Warning 3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast   Total = 41   Extra Deck: 15 1 Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon 2 Lightning Chidori 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Lavalval Chain 1 Ice Beast Zerofyne 1 Downerd Magician 1 Levair the Sea Dragon 1 Number 47: Nightmare Shark 2 Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss 1 Number 30: Acid Glem of Destruction 1 Ghostrick Alucard   Side Deck: 15 1 Vanity's Fiend 1 D.D. Crow 2 Maxx "C" 1 Harpie's Hunting Ground 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Chain Disappearance 3 Non-Fusion Area 3 Light-Imprisoning Mirror     This deck may look a bit strange but it played much better on paper than it appears. The minimal burning abyss engine is about 8 so if I open just one piece I can potentially cycle into 3 tour guides. They are also dark so they allow me to play dark simorgh who can be a pretty big powerhouse if you can summon him when you go first especially against decks like burning abyss or satellarknights that rely heavily on their backrows. If you can rank 4 turn one you can either go into lavalval chain to send graff for scarm and then summon simorgh from hand. Alternatively you can send dark simorgh and soul charge it back, though I typically only do that if I can set at least one backrow. Some interesting notes about dark simorgh is that the opponent can't play a card that would put something face down on the field, including cards like book of moon or the effect of shaddoll falco.   The harpie engine gives you access to rank 4 plays such as lightning chidori which can be pretty nice when shadolls try to set their monsters. You also have a lot more options with this deck such as cairnogorgon as if you summon him you can potentially force them to mst or raigeki break a card like hysteric sign before they can get rid of your floodgate cards, including vanitys emptiness, non fusion area, or light-imprisoning mirror.   The burning abyss engine I chose this specific amount as I've tested the deck with more of them, up to 7 including cir but he just wasn't usually very useful. The 2 graff and 3 scarm also feel like the perfect amount to ensure that I can cycle through all 3 of my tour guides and still have enough targets to use each one's effect. I also don't care that much about just summoning a dante in defence through cir, and found that normal burning abyss decks just have problems with power plays if you don't draw a card like raiza or rank-up magic and are forced to rely on a ton of traps. Lavalval chain also helps me see a burning abyss monster if I don't end up drawing into any of the 8 cards for the engine. I also dislike how normal burning abyss decks are basically just tour guide with a ton of traps. Also if you draw multiple burning abyss monsters your play doesn't change too much other than you might just have more than one way to potentially get to tour guide which could be redundant and is why I like the minimalistic approach with my burning abyss line-up. If one of their effects resolve then I can potentially get through all of them.   Harpie's and dark simorgh give me ridiculous play potential and allows me to abuse soul charge as well. Dante milling cards also has synergy with hysteric party and dark simorgh. If I don't have a harpie but I have a tour guide and dark simorgh, there is a pretty solid chance of milling a harpie with dante. I don't play the full 3 hysteric party though as I'm running less harpies than older harpie builds with only one dancer and it can be a bit cloggy at times. I also needed room for more defensive traps.    Phoenix wing wind blast is also very dirty when discarded with wing blast and can just give you way too much advantage over your opponent if they are drawing dead next turn, potentially will lose all of their backrows with the field spell and could be drawing dead for 2 turns if you make a lightning chidori. Also another sacky play is to just summon pet phantasmal dragon. A lot of burning abyss lists don't have a single way of getting rid of that card. Shaddoll can also have problems clearing it so it can just steal you games if you bring it out after a party or soul charge play in addition to nightmare shark as another potential direct damage source.       I'm looking for advice with regards to the extra deck. I really want to fit in a castel or 101 for clearing monsters like black luster solider - envoy, but I'm having trouble making room. I either want to cut acid golem, abyss dweller, or the second lightning chidori. Any thoughts or opinions about this?   Also I will likely be playing this at a regional this Saturday. The deck is super sacky compared to normal burning abyss and can be really fun to play. There is also the surprise factor I have going for me, people may not expect harpie cards or burning abyss cards in the same deck or they may improperly side against me.
  15. Artifact Abyss

      - Astral Force was a recent cut, it's really not that great when you realise you can't SS on the turn you play it. - Soul Charge seems good for the Artifact engine - Side Deck needs real fixing. - Deck seems to have issues getting over big monsters and runs out of extra deck pretty quick