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Found 11 results

  1. Lightpulsar Shaddolls

    For those visual learners: http://i.imgur.com/8aRp4AN.png       This is my first post, though I've been lurking the forums for a bit on my friend's account. Reading through a good portion of the Shaddoll discussion thread, I decided to put this together in light of the post-SECE format.  This particular build is based on the "deal 8k as fast as possible" mentality that Shaddoll already has, but to further it. After seeing the Trapless Burning Abyss build floating around and eventually topping an event, it became apparent that Denko Sekka would no longer be an optimal main deck if BA permanently drops all of its traps.  It's been testing very well against Qliphort and Nekroz, but I haven't had an opportunity to test heavily against trapless BA. It kind of crumbles to the "standard" BA build due to the abundance of removal, but this build was just a theory if BA drops their traps.      Monsters (24)   3 Shaddoll Beast 2 Shaddoll Dragon 2 Shaddoll Squamata 2 Shaddoll Hedgehog  2 Shaddoll Falco 3 Lightpulsar Dragon 3 White Dragon Wyverburster 1 Black Dragon Collapserpent 1 Eclipse Wyvern 1 Dark Armed Dragon 1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 3 Mathematician      Opted to main deck the Lightpulsars. If BA is dropping traps, there is no use for Denko Sekka in the main deck anymore. With that note, I needed a way to chip 8k off as quick as possible.  Lightpulsar Dragon is a light fusion target that can help push in for big damage and manage graveyard for DAD. Considering that BA starts off with an extra deck monster on board, Qli is starting from 7200 or less, and Nekroz monsters can be stepped over by Construct, using Lightpulsar as an offensive Light to beat face in is extremely easy on top of your standard Fusion plays. Opted to have Felis sit this one out. She's situational and does not help me get any damage in if I draw her.    Spells (15) 1 Foolish Burial  1 Snatch Steal 1 Raigeki 3 Shaddoll Fusion 3 El Shaddoll Fusion 3 Enemy Controller 3 Mystical Space Typhoon   The elephant in the room is clearly Raigeki. In the post-SECE format, Raigeki will be decent enough against 2/3 decks in the metagame, so it is worth the slot. Definitely enforces the 8k damage perspective, but could also come out depending on the percentage of BA I'll be going up against. I'd normally play a third Squamata over Foolish, but Wyvern/DAD will help you chip in the final points for game more often than not, and is easier to make live with 5 ways to banish it from the grave. E-Con at 3 is immensely powerful even if you are not tributing Black/White Dragon for it every time. Stealing monsters is absolutely destructive in the meta. Even though BA is dropping its traps, all 3 decks have the power to support Vanity's Emptiness, so 3 MST in the main is my choice. I'd rather draw it dead against Nekroz than to have BA or Qli stop a big power push with Emptiness.     Traps (1) 1 Shaddoll Core     Most people have comprehended that traps in the Shaddoll deck are subpar at the moment. "Staples" are completely slow and will get you killed. Shadow Games doesn't do much to help achieve your goal, and will get you killed when you draw it instead of something disruptive like E-Con. It's only worthy in the mirror match, and your main deck should not be made with the mirror in mind.        Extra (15) 3 El Shaddoll Construct 2 El Shaddoll Winda 1 El Shaddoll Shekhinaga 1 El Shaddoll Grysta 1 Armades, Keeper of Boundaries  1 HTS Psyhemuth 1 Arcanite Magician 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Downerd Magician   A very difficult decision to make is whether to play 2 Shekhinaga or 1 and 1 Grysta. Grysta finds use against Qliphort, but only if you're in a winning position. Shekhinaga is very good, and will only get better with BA eliminating traps. I like Abyss Dweller because it helps put me in a very good position if I cannot get BA to 0 within 2 turns, but Exciton is excellent against Qli so I'm very torn on that. Downerd goes on top when you Snatch Steal Dantes. Psyhemuth is situational, but is guaranteed to work whereas Goyo does not do much for the deck. It's got 400 atk on Psyhemuth, so it could be something to consider with the 8k damage mentality.         Side Deck (WORK IN PROGRESS) (15) 3 Maxx "C" 3 Denko Sekka 2 Vanity's Fiend 1 The Monarchs Stormforth 2 Twister 2 Sinister Shadow Games 2 Mistake        Side deck based on theories, and will definitely change in the future. 3 Maxx is still for BA and the randomest of random rogues like always. Denko Sekka is to clip those Tellarknight players who believe their new Xyz is god and will save them. It's probably not needed in the side, but there's something about spending $100 on a playset of cards that will make you test them as much as you possibly could. Vanity's Fiend is for really everything not named Qliphort, and the Stormforth is to ensure I have tribute means for it, though I wouldn't mind dropping Stormforth for a third Vanity's. The topic of Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer came up in the Discussion thread, but I'd prefer to have this online against the SECE meta. Kycoo is interesting enough to be bookmarked, though. 2 Shadow Games is for the mirror match, and the Vanity's Fiends supports this. The goal of the main deck is to OTK your opponent as fast as possible with the help of fusions, and you can't be doing that in the mirror. Shadow Games lets you play the flip flop game featuring Falco and Beast all day so you don't get stepped on by the opponent's fusions.  2 Mistake makes me sad, because I hate the idea of playing stun traps. Clips Nekroz and Tellarknight, plus an infinite number of rogues. If there were anything faster to play that is hate against Nekroz, I'm open to the idea. I was thinking that these could be Kycoo or even the third Vanity's and a second Stormforth.     I've done a hell of a lot of lurking and research before I started my writeup, so I hope I'm justified in where the theory behind this build comes from. Open to suggestions and would absolutely love to get a discussion going on this thread. 
  2. For those who are not familiar with the concept of the deck:   Disaster Dragon is an Aggro Control deck that plays disruption strategies mixed with lockdown and high aggression to gain and maintain control of the board. It carries a lot of momentum and explosive power as the deck can consistently drop two or more monsters per turn without losing advantage and often times they will be big monsters. This is done through the use of the deck's backbone card, "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon". This card is one of the most powerful dragons in the deck, outclassed only by a potential "White Night Dragon", or "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon". Red-Eyes' effect allows for the constant re-use of monsters from the Graveyard, as well as the ability to bypass the Normal Summoning limit and the requirements for Tributes that many decks suffer from. As a result, Disaster Dragon decks are packing some of the most destructive, highest ATK monsters in the present Metagame because they can bypass the tribute mechanic required to summon them.   Through the usage of cards such as "Koa'ki Meiru Drago", "Exploder Dragon" and "Light and Darkness Dragon" the deck is capable of shutting down and eliminating a majority of plays made by the current popular decks. The deck plays like a toolbox, with "Masked Dragon" working to recruit the dragons you need for tributes, Synchro Summon, Xyz Summon, monster removal, etc and cards like Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and "Genesis Dragon" allowing you to reuse, manipulate, or trade dragons around. Cards such as "Foolish Burial", and "Dragon Ravine" allow you to dump dragons into your graveyard faster while also aiding in the deck's inherent synergy, but some dragons such as "Yamata Dragon" or "Light and Darkness Dragon" cannot be Special Summoned, thus they are unable to bypass their two-tribute requirement via "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" as most dragons would do. Instead, the deck utilizes "Totem Dragon", a self-recurring dragon that can act as two tributes in order to Tribute Summon a Dragon-type monster. Being a Dragon itself, Totem Dragon is a viable target to search with "Masked Dragon" or to dump with "Future Fusion". It can also be revived by Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.   With the release of Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, Disaster Dragon get another incredible supports in the form of Dragon Rulers, which have varied useful effects depending on their Attribute while also providing offensive boosts and fixing most issues that Disaster Dragon deck has ever since "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" is Limited in September 2012 Lists.     Monsters: 20   1x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon 1x Light and Darkness Dragon 1x Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos 1x Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls 1x Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms 1x Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders 3x Koa'ki Meiru Drago 2x Blizzard Dragon 3x Masked Dragon 1x Delta Flyer 1x Exploder Dragon 1x Totem Dragon 1x Eclipse Wyvern 1x Debris Dragon 1x Flamvell Guard   Spells: 10 3x Dragon Shrine 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Gold Sarcophagus 2x Pot of Duality 1x Book of Moon   Traps: 10 1x Solemn Warning 1x Torrential Tribute 2x Raigeki Break 2x Skill Prisoner 2x Castle of Dragon Souls 2x Dragoncarnation   Extra: 15 1x Stardust Dragon 1x Stardust Spark Dragon 1x Scrap Dragon 1x Crimson Blader 1x Trident Dragion 1x Star Eater 1x Ancient Fairy Dragon 1x Black Rose Dragon 1x Queen Dragun Djinn 1x Lightning Chidori 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Number 101: Silent Honor Ark 1x Leviair the sea Dragon 1x Number 11: Big Eye 1x Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack   The deck itself is quite consistent, it is able of controlling the pace of the game very fast through the use of your small dragons (Koa'ki Meiru Drago, Masked Dragon, Exploder Dragon) and big dragons (4 Dragon Rulers, REDMD, LaDD). Now that we have access to the dragon rulers, I feel like the deck is pretty good and can actually held its own againts the meta. Before anyone says that this particular deck is dead since the september 2012 list, I am just gonna say right now that this deck is far from dead. As long as Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is not banned, the deck itself will stay alive and will keep evolving as format changes and as more dragon support are being potentially released.   People seem to forget that this deck greatess strenght is: Adaptabilty and the fact that it can evolve through formats as Disaster dragons has alot of variants to play from. In conclusion, as long as players such as Richard Clarke (The Deck's Creator) and other veteran Disaster Dragon players who loved the deck since its beginning still contributes into this deck, the deck would truly not ''die''.      
  3. Chaos Dragon January 2014

    Back again but with a little tweaks in my deck. Same build, but added another TGU and Chaos Sorc. Still debating on the whether I like Crimson Blader or Scrap Dragon for my Level 8 synchro. Also swapped Queen Dragon Djinn for a Gagaga Cowboy. Hopefully, my deck will be a contender in upcoming events I attend.      Main Deck: 42   Monsters: 35 3x Lightpulsar Dragon 2x Darkflare Dragon 1x Dark Armed Dragon 1x Eclipse Dragon 1x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon 1x Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 2x Chaos Sorcerer 2x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter  1x Ehren, Lightsworn Monk  3x Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress 2x White Dragon Wyverburster 2x Black Dragon Collapserpent 3x Tour Guide of the Underworld 1x Night Assailant 2x Effect Veiler 2x Maxx "C" 2x Tragoedia 1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness  2x Card Trooper 1x Honest   Spells: 7 1x Allure of Darkness 1x Charge of the Light Brigade 1x Dark Hole 2x Forbidden Lance 2x Solar Recharge   Extra Deck: 15 1x Mechquipped Angineer 1x Leviair the Sea Dragon 1x Number 17: Leviathan Dragon 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Starliege Paladynamo 1x Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 1x Shark Fortress 1x Number 61: Volcasaurus 1x Inzektor Exa-Beetle 1x Photon Strike Bounzer 1x Constellar Ptolemy M7 1x Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger 1x Scrap Dragon 1x Black Rose Dragon   Side: 15 2x Genex Ally Duradark 2x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 1x Thunder King Rai-Oh 1x XYZ Encore 2x Smashing Ground 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 2x Royal Decree 2x Dust Tornado   The side deck may vary depending on how my results are in tournaments. Overall, it is pretty standard. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks in advance.
  4. Chaos Dragon December 2013

    I've been playing chaos dragon for almost a year now and the drastic changes within the formats and other decks that are far more superior. This deck has been sleeping for too long but I still enjoy the deck. The deck is really good in my eyes but while dragon rulers, spellbooks, and mermail who completely have a better match up for this deck. I continue to play this deck, and I keep testing different cards and such. Also I couldn't find the Chaos Dragon deck discussion anymore, so I decided to see if I could get help from here.       Monsters: 33 3x Lightpulsar Dragon 2x Darkflare Dragon 1x Dark Armed Dragon 1x Eclipse Dragon 1x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon 1x Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 1x Chaos Sorcerer 2x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter  1x Ehren, Lightsworn Monk  3x Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress 2x White Dragon Wyverburster 2x Black Dragon Collapserpent 2x Tour Guide of the Underworld 1x Night Assailant 2x Effect Veiler 2x Maxx "C" 2x Tragoedia 1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness  2x Card Trooper 1x Honest   Spells: 7 1x Allure of Darkness 1x Charge of the Light Brigade 1x Dark Hole 2x Forbidden Lance 2x Solar Recharge   Extra Deck: 15 1x Mechquipped Angineer 1x Leviair the Sea Dragon 1x Number 17: Leviathan Dragon 1x Queen Dragon Djinn 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Starliege Paladynamo 1x Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 1x Shark Fortress 1x Number 61: Volcasaurus 1x Inzektor Exa-Beetle 1x Photon Strike Bounzer 1x Constellar Ptolemy M7 1x Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger 1x Crimson Blader 1x Black Rose Dragon   Side: 15 2x Genex Ally Duradark 2x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 1x Thunder King Rai-Oh 1x XYZ Encore 2x Smashing Ground 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 2x Royal Decree 2x Dust Tornado   Any suggestions for cards to put in or take out/swap with reasoning are welcome.     When Raiden, Lightsworn Assailant comes out I was thinking of swapping out card troopers for it.    Thanks in advance. 
  5. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-ejyHzz3XE"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-ejyHzz3XE[/url] [img]http://i.imgur.com/DEJvn.png[/img] 1 Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning 1 Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon 2 Archlord Kristya 1 Dark Armed Dragon 3 Master Hyperion 3 Lightpulsar Dragon 2 Darkflare Dragon 1 Chaos Sorcerer 2 Thunder King Rai-Oh 2 The Agent of Mystery – Earth 3 The Agent of Creation - Venus 3 Mystical Shine Ball 1 Honest 3 Magical Merchant 1 Effect Veiler 1 Herald of Orange Light 1 Gorz Emissary of Darkness 2 Tragoedia 2 Tour Guide From the Underworld 1 Sangan 2 Maxx “C” 2 Card Trooper 1 Dark Hole 1 Heavy Storm 1 Monster Reborn 1 Pot of Avarice [Disclaimer] This is a fun deck to combine Chaos Dragon and Agents. I'm looking for advise to make this as competitive as possible. I personally don't give a fuck and i really only play to have fun with an old hobby. Drop advise or drop comments about the deck, just don't take this shit that serious. Ain't no one trying to win a YCS with this shit.
  6. Abdication of Power

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/KrdO3pYxxzA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> 3 Gravekeeper Spy 3 Ryko lightsworn Hunter 3 Lyla Lightsworn Sorceroress 3 Light Pulsar Dragon 3 Dark Flare Dragon 3 Effect Veiler 2 Tour Guide From the Underworld 2 Ally Genex Birdman 1 Goz Emissary of Darkness 1 Sangan 1 Night Assaliant 1 Gravekeeper Guard 1 Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon 1 Dark Armed Dragon 1 Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning 1 Chaos Sorceror 3 Solar Recharge 2 Gold Sarcophagus 1 Heavy Storm 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn 1 Pot of Avarice 1 Charge of the Light Brigade Side deck 3 Royal Decree 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Maxx C 3 Cyber Dragon 3 Thunder King Raioh Extra 1 Hieratic Ass Clow Atum 1 Exa Beetle 1 Gaia Charger 1 Wind up Zenmaines 1 Levithain Dragon 1 Photon Strike Bounzer 1 Temtempo 1 Arcanite Magician 1 Dark End Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Ally of Justice Catastor 1 Gaia Knight 1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
  7. Dragon – Discussion Since its TCG introduction, the monsters with the highest stats have always been Dragon-type monsters. Throughout time, there have been notable Dragons that have deemed powerful enough for limitation as well as forbidden status. There are also some Dragons that work well or are exclusively made for other decks and archetypes. Despite the minimal backing from the player base, the archetype itself can be quite competitive in tournament play through a combination of controlled aggression, numerous soft locks, protection, and recursion. Monsters frequently seen in Dragon decks Outside of the Exodia draw engine variant and some Dragunity variants, this card is the backbone behind many Dragon deck variants. While most players use its inherent Special Summon to summon it by banishing a face-up Dragon, it can simply be Normal Summoned by tribute or Special Summoned through other card effects. In addition, its effect allows for turn by turn recursion which can enable a strong level of control and at times, OTK possiblities. The majority of decks max this card for optimal use. --------------------------------------- While this works for nearly every “Red-Eyes” monster in the game, this is the sole backing card for Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon allowing for a free floating 2800 ATK monster at the end of a turn. At 1800 ATK, it’s a decent attacker but works better when in Graveyard. Most decks max this card out as well. ----------------------------------------- This is the primary recruiter for Dragon decks. Having solid stats for its level, the versatility of Pyramid Turtle & XX_Saber Emmersblade, and a plethora of targets to choose from, Masked Dragon is another Dragon that is usually maxed in most builds. Whether it's to setup for Synchro Summoning for Xyz overlaying with Delta Flyer & Dread Dragon, monster removal in Exploder Dragon or even future floating purposes in Totem Dragon. This recruiter is usually maxed out and makes for a versatile opening monster after a Duality play or in prep to summon a REDMD. ------------------------------------------ Koa'Ki Meiru Drago is a solid rusher for Dragon variants that really benefits being used in a format where LIGHT & DARK Special Summons are prevalent. Preventing the summoning of certain monsters that are known to save or end games such as Judgment Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Archlord Kristya, and even Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning is part of the virtual card advantage that this Dragon applies. When paired with any other Dragon in hand, it's a solid lead-off monster to start with even after a Duality play. Decks previously used 2 to 3 copies of this card but now, maxing it puts a lot of pressure on opposing decks that rely on smaller monsters and/or LIGHT & DARK Specual Summoning. ------------------------------------------- One of the newer Dragons from Order of Chaos, this card is a searchable Genesis Dragon with a much easier cost. It turns any card in hand into any Dragon in your Graveyard and as a Lv4 DARK monster, it allows easier access to Dark End Dragon in the Extra Deck. 1-2 copies of this card is a good fit. -------------------------------------- The main recovery Dragon for the Chaos Dragon build, it boasts a respectable 2500 ATK and when it goes to the graveyard, it has the option to pull back a Level 5 or higher DARK Dragon to the field. While rarely making appearances in other Dragon builds, Its effect stretches to even Dragon Synchros and some Dragon Fusions as long as they are DARK so it can bring back Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon or its Structure Deck counterpart seen below. ------------------------------------------ This Dragon has a bit more versatility as its effect allows you to setup the graveyard while banishing opposing Graveyard threats. The beauty behind this card is sending the Dragons from hand and Deck is a cost so you can still setup your grave w/ REDMD and Wyvern, even if you don't get to banish a card. 2400 ATK is also good for a Level 5 monster. ----------------------------------------------------- Similar to Dandylion, Eclipse Wyvern's effect will trigger whenever it hits the graveyard : by cost, battle, or even as Xyz material, its effect lets you banish a high level Dragon from your Deck. Then once Eclipse is banished, the Dragon you picked comes to hand. Some Lightsorn variants have taken a liking to this card to help fish out Judgment Dragon while other Chaos Dragon build banish REDMD for D.D.R or Escape plays. -------------------------------------- Other Dragon Type monsters seen in Dragon Decks Delta Flyer Exploder Dragon Totem Dragon Debris Dragon Prime Material Dragon Dark Armed Dragon Yamata Dragon Light and Darkness Dragon --------------------------------------------------- Spells & Traps frequently seen in Dragon decks Thanks to Five-Headed Dragon, this Continuous Spell Card enables the deck to load the graveyard, thin the deck, and enable for free-floating summons and advantage. A successful activation doesn't guarantee victory but it does give REDMD a variety of choices to use for its effect as well as allowing Red Eyes Wyvern or Lightpulsar Dragon to bring back a fallen REDMD when available. This limited card is a must play in here. This card is still a high favorite to search out Future Fusion as well as other power cards and when paired with Pot of Duality, searching for them to further solidify one's position in the game is always a huge benefit. Some decks run a pair of this card however a single copy is your best bet. In addition to Gold Sarcophagus, this Spell card can help add critical cards to the hand under slight restriction of halting Special Summons for a turn. The beauty about using Duality is that it can be played in the same turn Future Fusion is activated and vice-versa while at other times can provide assistance to on field cards when shifting to an anti-meta based strategy for the turn. Further, Duality gives this deck a much needed consistency that was lacking previously. Running 3 copies is optimal. -------------------------------------------- Other Spells & Traps used in Dragon decks (in addition to generic/semi staples) Enemy Controller Mind Control Burial from a Different Dimension Burst Breath Call of the Haunted Starlight Road ------------------------------------------------ The Extra Deck The behemoth of the Extra Deck and the sole reason for Future Fusion's existence in the build. It rarely does make an on-field appearance however when it does, it's not easy to ignore a 5000/5000 monster that canonly lose in battle to only a LIGHT monster with equal or more ATK than itself. Only a single copy of this card is needed. In addition to Five-Headed Dragon, there are many different Synchros & Xyz monsters that can be added to create an additional toolbox, most of which REDMD can revive with its effect: Stardust Dragon Scrap Dragon Black Rose Dragon Ancient Fairy Dragon Exploder Dragonwing Orient Dragon Trident Dragion* Iron Chain Dragon Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier* Number 17: Leviathan Dragon Leviair, the Sea Dragon* (* = these monsters cannot be revived by REDMD) ---------------------------------------------- Format Outlook This archetype has always been a blindsiding wild card in the format due to lack of player support. Thanks to the upcoming support in Galactic Overlord, as well as upcoming favorable matchups, this just might be the breakout period Dragons needed. Previous Format Lists
  8. Mike comes up with Darian and Dalton comes over and we just chill. Leave for Kansas CIty on Friday and get there pretty quick. We drop Darian off and go to Tabman's place. Got smashed by Mike in 06 Monarch QQ. Deaton gets off work and we go to his place and he makes the best meta call I've seen. Everyone's on GK nuts and I play Chaos Dragons like a true master. We pass out on the floor and Mike/Deaton jump Dalton and take pics. Get to Cache early and FUCK that place is nice. Best locals I've been too, and they had a Zapdos deckbox and I told Mike that I was going to win the credit just for that. They switch rounds to 60 minutes and no one plays countdown. Mike/Dalton/Tyler scramble for cards like usual. 72 people leggo. Round 1: GB (Why wouldn't people expect the deck to work ) G1: He makes Essedari and does a bunch of shit and is about to lose and the judge comes over and sees Essedari and says its not in OCG (I didn't know) so he gets a game loss when I was going to win G2: He makes Gyzarus and I Effect Veiler and he attacks into my Ryko 1-0 Round 2: Heroes G1: He plays Mask Change and loses lol G2: I Honest his Shining for game ) 2-0 Lunch break happens and I had sleeved with PC purple and I drew shit like Sorc double Veiler and Wyvern all 4 games so I switch to Ultra Pro Purple Round 3: Psychics G1: Blow him out of the water with Future Fusion/BLS G2: " " 3-0 Good job Ultra Pros Round 4: X-Sabers G1: He goes Boggart Fullhelm Faultroll, I D.D. Crow his Darksoul and he attacks into Gorz. G2: D.D. Crow for the 3rd dark and play Dark Armed 4-0 Dalton was playing under a fake name to make double sure he wouldn't get in trouble in any way even though 1k's can't be sanctioned. Some guy tells the head judge and he has to DQ Dalton and tell Konami. Round 5: GK with 44 cards G1: He opens Royal Tribute for my 5 monsters G2: He opens Royal Tribute for my 4 monsters but I win because misplays a Torrential G3: He draws Royal Tribute for his 7th for my 4 monsters and I almost come back but he tops the 1 outer a few times 4-1 Guy was really cool though so its whatever Round 6: Heores G1: He opens Alius set 5 and I make his waste outs on my Lightpulsars/Redmd so I can play Sorc and keep Heroes banished G2: He opens Stratos set 5 and beats me G3: Future Fusion but he plays Heavy Storm but he Gemini Sparks a Trooper that was going to crash with an Alius then I drop Gorz later and summon Veiler and make Blood Mefist to his Alius and set bluffs and burn him in his standby for 1200 for game 5-1 Round 7: Paul Cooper Hieratics G1: I have BLS with Charge/Trooper mills so I win G2&3: We figure out if we tie we're both in so we tie. 5-1-1 Top 8: Inzektors G1: I Sorc all his Inzektors G2: He doesn't think Gorz is a card and goes for it G3: Future Fusion/BLS 6-1-1 Guy seemed like a faggot and smelled awful so I'm glad I opened Future Fusion Top 4: GK Jessie CHoate G1: I would've lost G2&3: Breaker is a beast 7-1-1 Top 2: GK Mike Steinman I drove so if Mikes didn't give me the win, I would've ditched his ass 8-1-1 Monsters: 29 3 Lightpulsar Dragon 2 Darkflare Dragon 2 Red Eyes Darkness MEtal Dragon 2 Chaos Sorcerer 3 Lyla LS 3 Ryko LS 2 Card Trooper 1 Dark Armed Dragon 2 Eclipse Wyvern 1 Honest 1 Sangan 2 D.D. Crow 1 Black LUster Soldier - EOTB 3 Effect Veiler 1 Gorz Emissary Of Darkness Spells: 12 1 Future Fusion 1 Heavy Storm 2 Gold Sarcophagus 2 Solar Recharge 1 Charge Of The Light Brigade 1 Allure Of Darkness 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn 2 Mystical Space Typhoon Extra: 15 1 Blood Mefist 1 Inzektor Exa-Beetle 1 Photon Strike Bounzer 1 Five Headed Dragon 1 Leviathan Dragon 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Ally Of Justice Catastor 1 Armory Arm 1 Brionac Dragon of The Ice BArrier 1 No. 39 Utopia 1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis 1 Gaia Dragon The Thunder Charger 2 Other Shit I cant remember Side: 15 3 BREAKER THE MAGICAL FUCKING WARRIOR 1 D.D. Crow 1 Mask Of Restrict 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Doomcaliber Knight 1 Chain Disapperance 1 Mind Control 2 Electric Virus 1 Forbidden Lance 1 Prime Material Dragon 1 Soul Taker 1 Kycoo Props: Mike Jessie Dalton Darian Everyone else I met BREAKER THE MAGICAL FUCKING WARRIOR THIS CARD IS SO GOOD Deaton Token Overlay Owl $250 Store Credit Slops: The drive Dalton getting DQ'ed AGAIN Guy telling Dalton he could play Josh Turly is a faggot I don't think this counts as a cred
  9. Transformation Chaos

    Note, this is a casual deck. I want to make it as competitive as possible, but I understand that the standard version with Guides is obviously better. [img]http://i.imgur.com/WlARr.jpg[/img] Mainly I need more dragons to keep FF from being dead mid- to late- game, but not sure which I should add and keep from getting shitty hands. Edit: I just realized there's a post above this with the same tags...
  10. WCQ 2012 EC Report

    So, I was not intending to write a report but my friend wanted to see "how my matches went" and I thought 2 birds 1 stone so I'll just write the report down here. Me and 2 of my friends meet up at the Airport and after flight we hit to Milano. We go to our hotel which was booked and organized by one of the friends, but we find out it's shitty (Virgilio Hotel - NEVER EVER GO THERE). The receptionist sucks and the rooms are just made up of beds, bathroom is ugly, there is no fresh air in the room etc etc. So we decide to fuck it and go pay out for a much better hotel. We are bit exhausted but we hit to the venue at day 0 anyway. I find bunch of cards that I've been missing but decide not to register and go back to our hotel. We are bit exhausted and after a little playtesting and writing decklist, we go to sleep. [img]http://i.imgur.com/RXvz5.jpg[/img] So I hit to the venue and see that I forgot my passport in the hotel. FUCK. I go into the line anyway hoping to go in without going back 7-8 stops in the underground train. Fortunately, I have my ID copy(no picture seen though) with me, and the registering staff is cool with that so it's k and I get registered. I'm excited try to chill myself. At some point some United Gosus(wore their t-shirt not sure) guy comes and I give him a common Sangan and I feel like important lol jk. So the rounds start and I'm kinda unsure about my capabilities and if I'll top or not. -Rounds are completely off my memory, might be scrambled or the order may be different- R1: Wind-Ups. -Won die roll- g1: I set eclipse wyvern, he summons w-u rabbit attacks to it(WHY IF I KNOWN I'D SET RYKO WTF). Then he gets some sets and I have very bad hand next turn he loops me. I can't access into chaos monsters and lose this quickly g2: I "outplay" by wasting his shit then going into redmd pulsar. Ezpz. g3: This game drags on long, at some points he attacks with w-u rabbit again to my fd card, this time it is ryko, get smashed plz. Fortunately he is a master and tops w-u monster to loop me. I have 1 cih he goes avarice then not loop wtf. I still lose 0-1, fuck. R2: Rabbit -Lost Die Roll- g1: Opens laggia set 2. I had maxx c for the rabbit so I have charge solar(he negates with laggia). Then I go storm summon lp that I milled and go win. g2: Can't remember but afair, he went laggia mid-game I had virus + monsters for game. 1-1 R3: Chaos Dragon -Won die roll- g1: I don't know the deck so I set wyvern again. He sets monster I flip wyvern atk into ryko so I know it's chaos. After some to-and-fro, I explode on him with DaD and proceed to win. g2: He has future fusion + chaos monsters on the second turn he goes into dad so I lose. g3: He goes some monsters I have set ryko I pop a card, probably future fusion, then mill my drago. He reborns it and I have soul taker + electric virus for the game I've been holding onto. R4: Rabbit -Lost die roll- SUPER CHILL GUY, WOULD BE BETTER IF HE DIDNT DROP 2 ROUNDS LATER BECAUSE HE WAS ILL. g1: He wins with laggia attacks g2: At some time he uses dolkka negate on chaos sorcerer or something and I have 3 darks in the grave. I ride DaD to victory. g3: He has laggia and 3 sets and a macro faceup, also a macro on grave. I mst his macro before he laggia and he goes okay and atk. My standby he flips 3rd macro while I had electric virus for game. Oh okay. At some point he tops rabbit also and says "sorry man this is not game this is pure luck this is not ygo" In fact, thats what ygo is lol. 2-2, not a flamer fuck so its k. R5: Rabbit g1: I again win because I draw good and he doesnt have answer to my pressure. g2: He goes laggia then has tour guide for the OTK, I had a poor hand. g3: He goes laggia set go. I have soultaker lyla future lolkggs. Sorry for that. At this point he rages a little and after he signs the slip, he forgets his pen. I decide this would bring me luck so I decide to keep it. Solid decision imo cos it did bring luck. 3-2 R6: Rabbitwtf. g1: I win because chaos almost autowins vs rabbit g1 if they don't main macro.(my memory is a bit hazy so I pass like this if I had more info in my mind I'd fill you in) This game drags on longer than usual rabbit matchup though. g2: At some point he attacks with laggia to my eclipse wyvern, lol bad choice I special summon tragoedia. Unfortunately he has area b and negates my mst but he wins. g3: I ride 3000-3600 tragoedia to victory. 4-2 R7: Rabbit - Allan Kennard ( I remember because he had battle pack feature match at the website ) Chill guy, hoping to meet with him again somewhere lol. Unfortunately my memory is a bit hazy about this match. g1: He wins iirc but not sure. g2: I have tragoedia again for the victory. This cards fucking mvp. g3: I didn't side in decrees but he had triple mst 2 dark bribe in his deck so he was bound to draw dead. I win because he has 2 cards dead. 5-2 R8: W-u. This guys kinda bad. g1: He has gilasaurus magician shark so this doesnt drag on for long. g2: He loops me again but he waits like 5 turns in fear of gorz. Then he brings tiras attacks and shit, he has 200 at the point. I had trooper I draw 1 off it and he leaves me 900. Lolbad. Then I summon 2 chaos monsters and attack over a leviair. Then time is announced and we draw. 5-2-1 I'm kinda irritated about the draw because at this point I learn that people above 18 or top256 continues day2. Fortunately I'm in with 127th. R9: Rabbits. Come at me bro. g1: I win due to 2500 attacks rampage. g2: He wins because of macro cosmos area b iirc. g3: This game drags on long but I manage to win by outsourcing him with lylas and rykos. R10: Rabbits again. Fucking shark proceed to lose please. g1: I win because I'm 2good. Loljk Chaos Dragon outsourcing no-macro-rabbits again. Preparing for g2, I accidentally flip off one of his card. At this point I was looking at him and immediately shut my eyes when I flip the card so that my opponent understands I'm not trying to cheat. Proceeds to call a judge anyway. I ask "Seriously I was looking at you and shut my eyes when card fell off, how can I possibly look at your card?" he said "You looked when judge came for a second" I'm like "Am I an idiot who would want to get a loss cheating in front of a judge" (I still don't know which card it is) he mumbled shit. I got a warning out of this. g2: He wins because he drew good and I drew bad, also he proceeded to do a nice move to strip me off recources iirc but cant remember what. g3: Mid-game, I cut his deck face-up accidentally. Proceeds to call judge again. Like he summons tgu effect for sangan I cut I see tourguide so fucking what. If that tgu was at your hand you'd usmmon tgu not sangan. Anyway judge says its a minor thing because I was shuffling his deck and cutting. He gets mad whatever. I get 3 darks in grave for dad pop his useless whimy cards and win by going for 12000+ damage was fun crushing him lol. So I make top64 cut by... BEING 64TH YEAH EPIC WIN, as far as I was thinking. I look who was 1st, Jake Quinsee. Fuck. T64: (Jake Quinsee) Again a chill guy, everyone was cool this tourney except the sharking austrian asian. g1: He has rabbit 2 set I go lyla get bottomlessed. He then loops I proceed to return to the game but bunch of xyz's later I lose. g2: Future Fusion next turn topdeck reborn np. g3: He has dimensional fissure loop I try to stand by reborning his tgu next turn so he doesnt end the game. I draw maxx c next turn and extend my hand. Good games man. I wish him luck also congratulating myself over my first top64 in a big event. I was happy I didnt side in decree(saving it for gks countdowns stuff) vs rabbit because tragoedia was much better and people kept their msts which were dead. If I had won at 64, I think I'd go much further than 32 because wu's win vs chaos mostly. Anyway, I am quite happy with my result
  11. [size="1"][img]http://i.imgur.com/s03tM.jpg[/img][/size] So i basically just came back as the title says, tried heroes first, but i didn't really like the deck, so i decided to give dragons a shot. I saw a couple of decklists and chenged them a bit. Although it's testing well, i'd like some opinions about the deck, and some help with my side deck, since i don't really want to just shove random cards into it. Monsters (29): 2 Darkflare Dragon 3 Lightpulsar Dragon 2 Eclipse Wyvern 1 Dark Armed Dragon 2 REDMD 2 Card Trooper 3 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress 3 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter 3 Tour Guide From the Underworld 1 Sangan 3 Effect veiler 2 Chaos Sorcerer 1 BLS-EOTB 1 Gorz, The Emissary of Darkness Spells (11): 3 MST 3 Solar Recharge 1 Heavy Storm 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn 1 Future Fusion 1 CotLB Extra: 1 Five Headed Dragon 1 Armory Arm 1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1 Photon Strike Bounzer 1 Hieratic King of Atum 1 Leviair the Sea Dragon 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines 1 of each djinn xyz 1 Queen Dragun Djinn 1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger 1 Inzektor Exa-Beetle 1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon