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Found 1 result

  1. Holy shit, it's been almost a year to the day since my last report and first regionals. I'm a poor college student so Regionals are my only chance to show everyone how not bad I am. The night before I scramble to get everything and have about everything except 2 Dracosac, Big Eye, 2 Emptiness, and a Trigon. Play a little with friends but no one is playing a serious deck, which turns out to be the theme of the whole event.   I drive up with my bud Gavin, and 3 others, they put me in the middle, I'm 6'3 wtf -_-. Day of I scramble to find 2 Dracosac, friends lend 1, I buy another, and someone lends me a Big Eye, and some chill fuck just gives me a Trigon. Lots of notables are out of state for the YCS, and the usual crowd of notables from out of state aren't here either, so it's looking to be an easy day.   Also Funny Picture [spoiler] [/spoiler] Decklist [spoiler][/spoiler]   R1 - Water G1 He seems very confused the whole time, and we just trade cards, but I don't see a Cowboy play coming and he steals the game. He takes a while, at least 5 minutes to side which ends up fucking me later on. G2 Dragons is a better deck, and I win with Vanity/Blader. G3 I'm in decent control, but we go into time which prompts him to drop double Abysstrite somehow, and I just get walled out of game, as I'm sitting with 2 dead Cards of Consonance.   So I'm pretty bummed because I lost R1 at nationals and ended up missing the top cut due to losing R11(also R7),  so I was not excited at the prospect of grinding out to R8 and then losing, but I tried anyway. All my friends won R1, just like nats too.   0-1   R2 - Dark World Anyone who knows me well knows I hate children, this kid would not shut up and I stomped as fast as possible because he was so annoying and I was legit 5 seconds away from exploding. He makes a comment about some guy's Pokemon mat, calling it so 90's, I'm like, were you even alive in the 90's brat? Anyway easy win, ego boost, etc.   The Head Judge makes an announcement about bears being in the area, because they have regionals in butt fuck CO Springs instead of Denver, ensue bad FF Bear Jokes. We go to lunch, me and my only black friend and Gavin get lunch at Popeyes, there some confusion about round start time we end up starting a little late.   1-1   R3 - ????? It's quite possible I played another Water, but this entire round is a blur, I recall getting hit by that 2200 Atlantean at some point during the day, it may have been this round. I won though.   2-1   R4 - Evilswarm G1 I saw BTH, Book, and Fiendish while he was shuffling, he did it on a slant, but nothing else, I figure Thought Ruler is the best course of action going first. Turns out it was Evilswarm, and Thought Ruler/Scrap just win it for me. G2 Evilswarm is real and I can't do a damn thing. G3 He can't put Ophion on board and I beat him down quickly with Synchros.   I regret siding E-Virus, and not investing the spot for Terminus after the fact, and pray that I don't come up against any more Swarms for the day.   3-1   R5 - Madolche G1 He wasn't very good and just loses because Dragons is better, and he can't stabilize under Maxx C G2 I Trap Stun 5 of his backrow, and summon Black Rose Dragon.   4-1   R6 - Madolche G1 Madolche Tea Break rapes my set return and I get wreck'd G2 I Flip Skill Drain to which he replies he has no outs. G3 I side in my 3rd Skill Drain cause apparently he had no outs.   5-1   R7 - Water G1 I know this guy from tournaments and he sometimes comes to YGO Friday's @ Canes, which is basically a bunch of YGO players with not so good decks, and we hang out, and they eat shitty Canes' chicken. Oh i guess I should talk about the game I win with Blader/Vanity. G2 I misplay and send my Tidal to the grave when my Scrap get's Veiler'd he either didn't notice or didn't say anything, and rams his Gaois into Scrap and them attacks with his only 2 other cards for game, both smaller than tidal. I hate myself because if I lose Game 3, I'll know i got knocked by my own misplay. G3 We get really close to time and I have to rush him because I didn't want to lose the same way I did R1, I win after flipping Return and some other stuff. 4000 /3800.   I actually get paired against a dude I know is playing Dragons and was excited to play a mirror instead of some randy jank, but we get repaired and I end up playing Blackwings.   6-1   R8 - Blackwings G1 This guy looks like the guy I played first round's twin, he had the same confused demeanor too, anyway I win because this isn't 200whenever Blackwings were relevant. G2 He makes Zerophyne twice locking my Ravine down for 2 turns straight, he miscalculates life and attacks me for what he thinks is game, when he realizes his mistake he concedes.   7-1   I get 5th. So Jonny Nagel tops with freaking Gravekeepers -_-, but the rest is Dragons and 1 Infernity and maybe 1 Evilswarm. Leo Anaya 8-0s our regionals with a deck he built 10 minutes before(Infernity). I told my friend Luke that I was going to play Debunk, before the event started, while he played Refpanel cause it was also good against Burn/Stall, can blow out Dragons, and also is good against Water, worked out well. I'm kinda bummed as all I played was rogue despite how hard I practiced for the Dragon Mirror. Most of my not bad friends get their invites at least, I sell the mat for 65 and a Draccosac for the same(the same I paid for it) putting me in the green for the day. We go to BWW (yeah more chicken). My friend Kenny (darkblaze557) tells us he's being promoted to Head Judge, and we're having another Regionals next month if they can find a venue.   Gavin warpspeeds back to Fort Collins, good day overall.   Props -Trap Stun -Trigon -Black Rose Dragon -Chicken -Winning 7 straight -.Sean being at the YCS   Slops -No Meta -Potheads -Backseat -Losing R1 -My mexican friend playing a lot of mirrors and losing R8