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Found 1 result

  1. Dino Rabbit Post March 1st, 2013   Monsters:   2x Rescue Rabbit 3x Kabazauls 3x Sabersaurus 3x Jurrac Guaiba 2x Cardcar D 2x Snowman Eater 2x Tour Guide    TOTAL: 17   Spells:   1x Heavy Storm 1x Dark Hole 1x Monster Reborn 1x Book of Moon 2x Mystical Space Typhoon 3x Forbidden Lance   TOTAL: 9   Traps:   1x Solemn Judgment 1x Solemn Warning 1x Starlight Road 1x Compulsary Evacuation Device 2x Bottomless Trap Hole 2x Dimensional Prison 2x Fiendish Chain 2x Macro Cosmos 2x Torrential Tribute   TOTAL: 14 Main Total: 40   Extra Deck:   1x Stardust Dragon 1x Wind-up Zenmaines 1x Number 17: Leviathan Dragon 1x Leviair the Sea Dragon 1x Temtempo, the Percussion Djinn 1x Maestroke, the Symphony Djinn 1x Number 39: Utopia 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Photon Papilloperative 1x Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1x Fairy King Albverdich 2x Evolzar Laggia 2x Evolzar Dolkka    TOTAL: 15   Side Deck:   1x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Fiendish Chain 1x Macro Cosmos 2x Level Limit Area B 2x Maxx "C" 2x Dust Tornado 2x Trap Stun 2x Soul Taker 2x Thunder King Rai-Oh   TOTAL: 15   Please post what you like/dislike and what you would change with the deck. Feel free to ask any questions too! :)