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Found 3 results

  1. Top 64 NAWCQ - T.G. Madolche

    Rode out to Detroit with Nate Forte and some other friends from Cleveland, staying at a friend’s uncle’s house which was really nice. Nate and I had been working closely together on T.G. Madolche since Anjelly was announced, and played very similar builds. I had also been tutoring Diego Haltom to play the deck for around two hours a day the week leading up to the event, and all three of us managed to make top 64.   Since ARG Philly, I had decided to main the two Maxx C’s and take wiretap out of the main in anticipation of Sylvans, which I predicted would be one of the most popular decks and my hardest matchup. Interestingly enough, I had to play against 4 Sylvans day 1 while Nate and Diego barely played any. Admittingly, the main decked maxx definitely won me several game 1’s, and I didn’t lose a single match to Sylvans. The build I played was as follows:     Have a really hard time remembering some of my matchups day 1, but have recorded them to the best of my ability.   [Round 1] [Madolche vs Madolche]   Game 1: He wins the die roll and opens with anjelly. I have the tiramisu combo with lance in my open and win from there. Game 2: I flip trap stun when he has two backrow, but because I’m paranoid about book of moon I chain full house to blow up my field spell and set mst. They were both traps but he couldn’t come back from my tiramisu play. Current record: 1-0   [Round 2] [Madolche vs Sylvan]   Game 1: Have the maxx for his first turn lonefire play with hootcake in hand, and win from the advantage. Game 2: I open something like double crow, double veiler, spell striker messengelato. When he goes to soul charge for Sage and Hermitree he complains that I have the double crow even though I negged. Eventually draw into anjelly, but he has the rivalry. I just start beating him down with a messengelato and a spell striker and win without using the second veiler.    Current record: 2-0   [Round 3] [Madolche vs Sylvan]   Game 1: Lost. Game 2: Won.   Game 3: This game he locks me down with a rivalry for so long that I’m left with 15 cards in deck without having drawn one out of the three mst. He plays charity without sylvans in hand and spins his 5 card hand back to deck. Eventually I top the space and he doesn’t have the second rivalry.    Current record: 3-0   [Round 4] [Madolche vs Madolche]   This round was funny because I get paired with someone from my locals, whom I knew wasn’t an exceptionally good player. He wins the roll and I see he’s playing the mirror, then he plays tenki and I realize it’s the SUPER mirror. I ask him if he copied the build Nate used to win ARGCS DC and he laughs and says pretty much. He get’s 2-0’ed fairly quickly and is a good sport about it, saying he didn’t expect to beat me since I was much more familiar with the build.   Current record: 4-0   [Round 5] [Madolche vs Darkworld]   Game 1: Won. Game 2: He opens up deck dev and I open double messengelato.   Game 3: Game goes into time and I misplay by not reading dark smog and banishing anjelly off hootcake instead of a level 3, which he banishes with smog. Would have had a leviar acid golem play to get over grapha and attack for game, but he makes giant grinder the next turn and burns me for game instead.    Current record: 4-1   [Round 6] [Madolche vs Sylvan]   Can’t really remember anything about this match, besides that I had the handtraps for his opening plays.    Current record: 5-1   [Round 7] [Madolche vs Bujin]   This match was on some bullshit because we get deck checked and I get a game loss for writing “Number 101: Blackship of Corn” on my decklist. Completely my fault I know, but it seems I’m always getting game losses for things like showing up late and this is the first I’ve ever lost a match because of it.   Game 2: He loses because he didn’t power shuffle after the deck check, and all his cards are organized by type. He shows me a hand of double turtle double hare and his deck has 3 kaisers stacked together. Game 3: He opens with Yamato and Kaiser, with a decree the next turn. I played my ass off this game, but just have a hard time dealing with it because I never draw mst. He drops majestys fiend on me with an xyz on board, and I have to go into barkion to answer it. Next turn I normal hootcake and make a tiaramisu play by crashing hoot with anjelly and ticket out. We go into time, and I spin his XYZ and decree for fear of the bujincarnation. Unfortunately this made his set fiendish live, and with a fiendished Tiaramisu under Kaiser I couldn’t do any damage.    Current record: 5-2     [Round 8] [Madolche vs Sylvan]   Game 1: He wins the die roll and sets mushroomo, flipping it next turn to mill princessprout and cherubsprout. He activates sage in hand as link 3, and I chain maxx C to draw 3 cards and win from there. Game 2: This game there is an issue when my opponent uses felgrand on my hootcake which I’d specialed off anjelly, saying it would be destroyed by battle. The judge I call over sides with me, but my opponent calls for a head judge who rules in his favor saying anjelly was a continuous effect. I lose because of it, which really put me on tilt because this kind of thing always happens to me whether it’s a locals or a premier event.   Game 3: I open anjelly, warwolf, and the field spell which lets me put leviar on board and get a ticket search off the field spell. On his turn I veiler his lonefire, which he tributes and soul charges back. I have the warning too, and he scoops it up.    Current record: 6-2   [Round 9] [Madolche vs Mermail]   Game 1: Won Game 2: Lost.   Game 3: Have the torrential for one of his pushes, and when we go into time I make acid golem with spell striker and warwolf to creature swap for his tidal. He can’t get over my monsters summoned off anjelly, and it burns him for game.   Current record: 7-2   [Round 10] [Madolche vs Bujin] This guy was pretty nice and recognized me from ARG Columbus, saying he played Evilswarms at the time and looked up to me for topping with them. Unfortunately I can’t remember much from the match, besides that we went into time and I barely won game 3.   Current record: 8-2   [Round 11] [Madolche vs FAT (Steve Silverman)] Didn’t know what Silverman looked like, but recognized the name. I’d only played against FAT a few times. Interestingly, he was the third player on the ARGCS Philly mat I played at a premier event.   Game 1: I win the die roll and open with anjelly. He tenkis into bear and gets over hootcake, and I search out anjelly off ticket. On my turn I summon anjelly off mewl. He ignitions my set bottomless to search bealg, and then flips the second ignition to pop it. At this point I realize he cheated because he couldn’t activate ignition on my backrow when he had 5 sets, but the judge ruled it as an accepted gamestate because I saw his second ignition. Another issue comes up when he brings out the bealg and flips two moraltechs he had set without waiting for a response. When I try to breakthrough his bealg, he says it was too late and that I didn’t say anything when he asked (I did not remember him asking). Judge rules in my favor. I play tenki to search out warwolf and he answers my hootcake. Then I play mind control on his bear and use it to pop bealg and xyz with it into 101, winning shortly after. Game 2: He opens up with myrmeleo and set 4. He answers my anjelly, then flips full house on my  endphase later on to clear my backrow, bring out 2 Moraltechs, and attack for game next turn with a normal summon.   Game 3: I open up with double messengelato but draw the anjelly as my 6th. Go into hootcake and special anjelly, set 2 trap stuns and pass. He opens up with tenki and clears my monsters with bear. Next turn I draw into warwolf and summon messengelato. He flips sanctum when I go to crash with bear, and I trap stun. Next turn he summons another bear, attacks, and searches out wolfberk. On my turn I topdeck into hootcake and flip the second trap stun. Summon hootcake with no monsters in grave, and pitch D.D crow to banish his only bear. Go into tiramisu and leviar, adding anjelly off ticket and spinning back 1 of two backrow + bear to make the wolfberk in hand dead. On his turn he summons fire hand and starts crashing, leaving me with no cards on field. He’s at 3100 lp at this point, so I go leviar off of anjelly and special back his bear to search my tenki and attack for game.   Current record: 9-2   [Top 64] [Madolche vs Lightsworn Ruler]   Game 1: I open pretty good with anjelly, warwolf, and the field spell. I go into hootcake then leviar to bring back anjelly, and play chateu to get a ticket search. On his second turn he otks me by specialing JD to clear the board, specialing redox to banish wyvern and add + special Diablos, then normaling a wyvern to attack for game. Game 2: He uses xyz universe on my tiramisu and leviar, but I have the torrent for his draco and a follow up tiramisu later on.   Game 3: I open really dead with mewl, the field spell, spell striker, light pris, torrential, and black horn. He sets wyvern on his first turn, and on his second turn I torrent when he summons raiden. He has the lance, and I chain light pris to his wyvern effect. For some reason he forgets he can mill with raiden, and just attacks for 900. On my turn time is called, and we only get 3 turns in top 64. I decide to set mewl and pass, and black horn his black rose the next turn. He specials a redox and sits on it. I have to game him the next turn and topdeck the anjelly. He has one card set which I knew was xyz universe because he set it his first turn and it wasn’t decree or lance. Unfortunately I have no spells for striker and am forced to make tiramisu and play into his xyz universe. Later I realized I would have won if I just set or normaled spell striker, which would have allowed me to go into alucard and acid golem to attack for game.     I felt I misplayed an unforgiving number of times at the tourney, punting several matches while Nate watched. Especially since I’d previously took pride in not misplaying at past premier events. I attributed this a few reasons:   1.    Madolches were far less linear than the previous decks I’d been playing (Evilswarms, worms, etc), and taking too long to think of my plays led me to lose in time. 2.    I was very unused to playing in time, which almost never happened in previous events. My mentality was not accustomed to making optimal plays under those circumstances, and I was left a bit on tilt.   Even though I missed out on getting Giant Hand, I still had a great weekend and was happy that both Nate and Diego were able to move on to top 32. Also got to meet up with a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in some time, and I’m pretty satisfied with top 64 knowing I was lucky enough to topdeck out of several games and make day 2.   Slops: -No Giant Hand -Lost to misplays -Lost to deck check/bad rulings -Wasted $12 on a regional flight because we had to leave in the middle   Props: -Always had the maxx/veiler -Won vs my hardest matchups -Made top 64 with my friends
  2. Been trying to perfect worms over the past few weeks, managed to day 2 at Philly and get 21st at ARG DC but felt the deck still had some major consistency issues. I ended up replacing Rank-Up Magic the Seventh One with a cardcar and adding back Offerings to the Snake Deity. Can't remember the details of some matches, but I have the gist of them. The following was my build:       [Round 1] [Worm vs Constellar Artifact]   Game 1: I lose the die roll, opponent goes into first turn Pleiades. He runs it into a d-prison, and doesn't have many plays from there. Game 2: Late game I manage to set up my board with a King of the Feral Imps and a Cairngorgon. He goes to ignition his own backrow on my turn, and I use Cairngorgon to target the bottomless he dualitied. He picks my card up and reads it, and goes "Fooook, I scoop". Current record: 1-0   [Round 2] [Worm vs Pile of Cards]   This dude was playing some variant of Chaos Dragon I guess, with like 3 enemy controllers and some weird monsters I've never seen used. He made some synchro plays with the lvl 4 light and dark dragons, but essentially my monsters just easily answered his with backrow to follow.   Game 1: Won Game 2: Won     Current record: 2-0   [Round 3] [Worm vs Sylvan]   Game 1: I notice this guy is playing all 4 dragon rulers. Luckily I never got lonefire soulcharged all match, and a late game nebula wins me game 1. Game 2: Long grind with me putting him at 200 lp with Heartlanddraco. He somehow comes back and manages to summon three dragon rulers to push for game. Game 3: Had the maxx C for his early push, answer his big monsters with breakthroughs and somehow win from there.     Current record: 3-0   [Round 4] [Worm vs Traptrix Ninja]   I was engrossed in the corner of the store reading some bestiary book of a game I've never seen before, and the round starts without me. I arrive 6 minutes late getting a game loss.   Game 1: I get to go first, and just start farming cartaros while answering his monsters. He just starts setting upstart ninjas, and I win from the +1 advantage every turn. Game 2: He opens by pitching off upstart ninja, and I chain maxx. He lets me draw 2, and I just dark hole him and win easily. Current record: 4-0   [Round 5] [Worm vs Geargia]   Game 1: I lose the die roll and he opens with set a armor and 4 backrow. I go first turn cardcar and set an offering to the snake deity and breakthrough, but he warnings my xex next turn and otks. Game 2: I open with cartaros set 5, and on his endphase I flip triple nebula meteorite and he scoops it up.   Game 3: He doesn't open many monsters and I just answer his arsenal with bottomless, and win from there.    Current record: 5-0   [Round 6] [Worm vs Infernity]   Game 1: Won. Game 2: Have the maxx C for his first turn combo, he lets me draw 3 and his end board is subpar enough for me to grind him out with traps and a late-game rivalry.    Current record: 6-0   [Round 7] [Worm vs Geargia]   Game 1: I lose the die roll and he sets an armor and 2 backrow. Has the geargiagear on my endphase and the wiretap for my torrential, I lose from there. Game 2: I open one of the worst hand possible with worms, with 2 yagans, 2 xex, cataros, wiretap. I go set yagan wiretap pass. He sets 4 and has the double geargiagear, and just otks me his next turn.    Current record: 6-1     [Round 8] [Worm vs HAT] Was somewhat on tilt because I just lost 0-2 and my opponent is also asian, and he seems pretty good even though he is playing on holographic anime sleeves.   Game 1: Worms just have a pretty good matchup against hat, and I grind him out with cartaros and eventually draw into the nebula. Game 2: I don't draw into very many monsters, and he just starts beating me down with a 101. Ended up filling my backrow too, so I couldn't play the duality I drew into. Eventually he tries to push for game with a call of the haunted on ice hand after attacking with 101, and I manage to answer it with cl1 breakthrough cl2 torrential cl3 second breakthrough. Draw into a cartaros with a nebula set and win from there.    Current record: 7-1   [Round 9] [Worm vs Evol] Apparently there were rumors going around of a really good evol player that day, and I ended up getting paired with him at table 3 in the final round. Since I played evols for a while I didn't have to read his cards, which was probably an advantage I had over the people he beat.   Game 1: As soon as I won the die roll I was feeling pretty confident, open up with a myrmeleo and some backrow. He goes to set westlo 5 backrow, and I just dark hole on my turn. He doesnt draw into relevant monsters and loses. Game 2: I resolve a nebula early game, but he dark holes me and somehow manages to outgrind me.   Game 3: I open up all monsters and start to curse my deck, but my 6th card is the fuckin nebula and I go xex + yagan set pass. He's looking pretty happy when he searches out a najasho with diversity, but when he goes to set it I flip the nebula and bounce it to hand with yagan. He debates setting a backrow, but just passes and I +2 and special King. On my turn I just make King of the Feral Imps and otk him with kagetokage.    Final record: 8-1   Wound up placing 4th, which I'm happy with because I finally won the deck box I missed by 1 place the last time. Sold the mat to someone I know for $50 on the spot, but my friend who also made top 8 sold his for $40 + a XYZ Symphony mat worth 100. Salt.   Slops: -Worst, most uncomfortable regionals location -Game loss for showing up late AGAIN -No one was selling drugs   Props: -Back to back regional top 8's -Got the deck box -Topped with my favorite deck -Two of my friends top 16'ed
  3. The name’s Eaton Guo, DN admin by the name of (TCG) PirateWeasel. I took worms to the regionals at Cleveland today, trying to make at least top 8 since I had already received my invite the last time around. Again, it never fails to surprise me how great my matches are at regional events, and once again I had some of the most fun dueling I’ve had this format. My finishing record was 7-2, placing me at 19th of about 300 initial players. Slightly worse than my 18th place at Columbus a month ago, but I am glad to be doing at least consistently decent. Another upside was that I got to meet up with Whinesilencer again, who I had dueled in the final round back at Colombus for my invite. He was seated to me two consecutive rounds, and luckily he got his invite this time going 6-3. [Round 1] [Worms vs. Mermails] Although this player seemed like a nice enough guy, he either was really ignorant as to how his deck worked or else he blatantly tried to cheat me on at least 3 separate occasions. Game 1: Won I lost the die roll, he sets one monster, two backrow and passes. I open cartaros and meteorite with 4 other backrow, and set 4. He sets another backrow and passes, and I flip meteorite on his endphase for massive plusses. From there I pop one of his backrow, which turns out to be heavy (he tells me he was afraid of starlight; I didn’t even have protection), and summon thunder king. I attack the monster, which turns out to be controller. Apparently he had drawn into his second controller, and he scooped within a few turns. Game 2: Won He sets one backrow again, and I open a solid hand of rai ho, dimensional fissure, and at least 3 other backrow. He phoenix wing blasts my dimensional fissure before I even declare an attack, but does nothing in the next turn and eventually fissure locks him down. Late game, he begins cheating hardcore or something. First, he tries to use infantry’s extra normal summon to summon undine, which I point out is not a sea serpent. Then he mixes up the banished zone and graveyard, and tries to use surface. I go back and walk him through how each of his monsters were banished. He then tries to add infantry and megalo to his hand with surface, but I am like pls sir what are you doing and he scoops. Didn’t look happy at all, walked off without saying a word. Current record: 1-0 [Round 2] [Worms vs. Wind-ups] Not much to say about his character, he was not one for small talk. He was clearly serious about winning, as was I. I firmly believe that he attempted to cheat me game 2, though it could have been an accident. Game 1: Won I lost the die roll, he sets a monster and a few backrow. I open cartaros and meteor, but do not flip it on his endphase because I am scared of snowman or assailant. I grab another cartaros with cartaros, then flip meteor on his endphase, which turns out to be a magician. From then I plus massively and summon king, and take the game from there. Game 2: Lost. I opened yagan, honest, gozen. He opens rabbit factory and plusses every turn. I flipped gozen when he made the magician shark play. He makes soul of silvermountain and freezes one of my backrow. Later however, he claims he targeted a different backrow than the one he actually selected, after I was checking my backrow for a response to his attack. However, both targets in question were dimensional prison and didn’t actually matter, so I let it slide even though I was rather unhappy about it. He eventually draws into MST and wins from there. Game 3: Won Opened a solid xex, meteorite, 3 backrow, and cartaros. He summons tour guide into sangan and sets two, and I endphase mst one. Next turn I blind mst his torrential. I flip yagan to bounce sangan, then attack with both xex and yagan. He mirror forces, and I flip starlight. He scoops soon after, with no answer to stardust and utopia with cartaros plussing. Current record: 2-0 [Round 3] [Worms vs. Chaos Dragons] As always, I play against at least one Chaos Dragon matchup every major event I attend. And as always, chaos drags are one of my hardest matchups with cards like lyla, ryko, and decree messing up my backrow. Game 1: Lost Can’t recall much, was probably a standard game where I didn’t have enough answers to his beaters. Game 2: Won I open xex and 4 backrow and warning his trooper, though he flips decree on my next turn. I kept beating him down with xex, and he never draws into another summonable monster. Topdeck another xex with reborn in hand, dump and reborn worm king for game. Game 3: Lost A very difficult and stressful game for both of us. I had nebula in hand, and late game draw into a xex. On his turn he dark holes, and I activate starlight. At this point I have nebula and warning set with xex and yagan on the field, to his giga brilliant. He summons Lyla and targets my warning, but I negate with stardust. Next he mst’s my warning. I didn’t flip meteorite in response to lyla because I wanted to save it for the battle phase, as he has at least 4 in hand and I knew he would have big beaters. Next he detaches 1 from giga, drops DAD, and targets meteorite, which I chain and bounce DAD with yagan. He then pitches two for a lightpulsar in grave, and drops DAD again for game. Felt pretty shitty to lose round three, but I still had my hopes up. Current record: 2-1 [Round 4] [Worms vs. Agents] I 2-1’ed the guy, I remember very little of this match for some reason. Game one he had venus and earth on the field to my xex, yagan, and two backrow. I pretended to realize that earth was a tuner and groaned because he could go into black rose. Of course, I starlight his black rose and win game one from there. He admits that he had suspicions that I had starlight, but my acting had convinced him. Current record: 3-1 [Round 5] [Worms vs. Chaos Dragons] 2-0’ed a younger kid playing chaos dragons trying to get his invite, who also went to my locals. I almost felt bad, but at the last regional in Cleveland he had 2-0’ed me playing the same deck with decree. In the end, he did barely get his invite, and I was glad for him. Current record: 4-1 [Round 6] [Worms vs. Agents] A nice guy, a fun match. Roach put in work like no other in this matchup, and for that I give the spiky reptile my respect. Game 1: Won I win the die roll for the first time. He dark holes my thunder king, while I have lance and call of the haunted set. He banishes venus in hand for hyperion, tour guides into leviar and brings back venus, and makes phoenix with two shine balls. He pops my call of the haunted, and tries to attack for game. I lance his phoenix and survive by 500 life points. I had xex, mirror force, and meteor in hand, and run over phoenix with xex. On the next turn, he uses duality, which was a godsend for me. After it resolved, I flipped meteorite to bounce his hyperion. He attempts to suicide leviar into xex, but like everyone always does, fails to notice that xex is not destroyed by battle. I draw 2 and summon worm king, then attack for massive damage on my turn and summon roach. I negate hyperion and he uses monster reborn on it, pops my prison, but attacks into a mirror force. He scoops soon after, pointing out that if he had summoned an extra shine ball or used his reborn in hand, he would have had game. Game 2: Won I sided into an extra mst, knowing all agents sided decree. He sets one backrow and passes, and I summon thunder king and set 4. He decrees on my end phase. From then on I sit behind rai ho, which he does not attempt to get over with zenmaines. Eventually I draw into mst and put myself into a much better position. Late game I had a roach on the field, and he scooped to me, showing his hand of double hyperion and cyber dragon. Current record: 5-1 [Round 7] [Worms vs. Wind-ups] He was a nice kid, we had a mutual friend and were talking to each other throughout the tournament. I sacked the shit out of him by opening cartaros + meteor and 4 backrow both games, along with double gozen match game two. I tried to apologize for sacking so hard, but he was cool about it. Also I never really mind sacking winderps, considering what a retarded deck it is. Current record: 6-1 [Round 8] [Worms vs. Lightsworn] A serious but nice enough player. Sacked the shit out of me game three, which is the only game that really left an impression on me and possibly scarred me for life. Up to his point, I hadn’t actually drawn into worm king, which was extremely lucky on my part. Unfortunately my luck ran out, and I opened him games two and three. Game 1: Won I win the die roll, open xex. He sets a monster and passes. I automatically assume that it is probably chaos dragons, and go into a shock master after much deliberation. He has no answer to this and loses within turns, showing me a hand of double trago and gorz. Game 2: Lost He opens heavy and hits two of my backrow. From then on he wins by summoning beaters like jain, and I had a hand full of yagans. Game 3: Lost I open 5 spell/traps with worm king, set 4 and pass. He blind night beams my solemn judgment, and then heavies me for three cards. At this point, I wanted to cry. I manage to get a fissure on the field, which prevents him from doing much. Late game he goes into leviair, brings back lyla to pop a mirror force that I had revealed from duality, then drops BLS and attacks for game. It was heartbreaking knowing I wouldn’t be able to top 8 after coming all this way, and to a blind night beam no less. Current record: 6-2 [Round 9] [Worms vs. Mermails] One of the best matches I had that day. The guy was quite friendly, and we really hit it off. He was competing for his invite, but I really didn’t feel like yielding. Even though he lost to me, he did get his invite, and I was happy for him. Game 1: Won I lost the die roll, as always. He sets linde and a backrow. I open xex meteorite and thunder king, with a few msts. He left his extra deck face up and I saw gungir, so I knew he was playing mermail. This made me want to save my mst, but I fell into the torrential. Later on I lock for a while with thunder king, then flip a meteorite with a yagan and win from the advantage of worm king. Game 2: Lost. I open a solid hand of rai ho and dimensional fissure, but have no answer to his diva into black rose play, which costs me four cards. I resolve a meteorite later on, but he had answers and later dropped moulinglacia for game. Game 3: Won The closest game I had all day. Once again, I opened a solid thunder king with warning, dimensional fissure, and macro cosmos. He had an mst for both, then considered for a long time before summoning diva and attempting to go into scrap dragon. He hinted that it would be “an interesting play”, so I knew he also probably had abyssphere set. I warning the scrap dragon, and chain mst to his sphere on the next turn when I declared my attack. I duality into mindcrush, and call the diva he had added back to his hand with surface. He darks hole my rai ho, and attacks me twice with dragoons while I have no monsters. At this point time was called, with my turn being turn 0. I dark hole his dragoons, and knew from mindcrush that he only had infantries in hand, which he set. Our lifepoints were something like his 4900 to my 4200. On turn 3, I rib a cartaros and set it. He sets his other infantry, and on my turn I grab a yagan and go into a papilloperative, which put me in the lead. On turn 5, he tops marksman and scoops. Final record: 7-2 Final Notes: The utility of my extra deck monsters, listed in the order of times summoned: Stardust Dragon, Steelswarm Roach, Shock Master, Abyss Dweller, Gagaga Cowboy, Photon Pappilloperative, Maestroke, Utopia. Not summoned: Utopia Ray, Chimeratech Fortress Dragon, Thunder Spark Dragon, Evigishki Merrogeist, Gem-knight Pearl, Black Corn. Side deck cards ordered by amount of times sided: Mystical Space Typhoon, Soul Taker, Dimensional Fissure, Macro Cosmos, Mindcrush, Gozen Match, Needle Ceiling, Cyber Dragon. (Did not use at all) Main decks that made top 8: 2 Mermails, 3 wind-ups, 1 geargia machina, 1 macro rabbit, 1 six samurai. (Approximately accurate)