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Found 1 result

  1. Top 4 Toronto Regional

    So I just got home a little while ago from Toronto. Tired as hell but am still going to do a report. I decided to play E Dragon for the event and I have been talking about different choices (main, side, extra) and theory with my good friend Cody Gravelle (Starstrukk) I wasn't sure how popular prophecy would be so stuff like Droll and Lock bird I was on the fence about.   End up getting to the Convention Centre pretty early. I pull crap from my packs and then I start to talk to Bo Tang about the deck and getting some ideas from him. I end up changing a few cards after having some long discussion with him and Sorosh.    360ish players so it was going to be 9 fucking rounds of swiss, a long day as usual in Canada :/ Anyway:     Round 1: vs. Chain Burn I was thinking to myself why me. Why the fuck do I have to play vs this lol. I end up winning game 1 and 2 through Dracossack and Scrap Dragon 141. However, he did drop Metaion and Grand Mole several times which got really fucking annoying.    1-0     Round 2: vs Evilswarm  Game 1: I honestly don't remember much about these early games. I think I used tempest to seach for blaster to pop ophion. Rejuv to draw 4 and then next turn go of. I didn't lose any life here. One point he Judgments a dracossack and I know I have the game from there.   Game 2: He gets me down to 2650 but then I clear Ophion with electric virus, Infestation Terminus his backrow and the ophion and then go off with dragons and otk right there. Side note: I have terminus after this regional. I am never siding it again. Too many times I would open/ draw it before I saw the electric virus.     2-0       Round 3 vs. Evilswarm again....   Game 1: I lost the die roll but I was able to out Ophion plus 4 backrow!.... with the help of storm of course  ;)  So I cleared ophion with a blaster and made dracossack and controlled from there.     Game 2: I couldn't deal any life to him and he swiftly beats me. Don't know what really happened just got pooped on.   Game 3: Refer to game 2. This time he had a Fossil Dyna with 4 backrow to protect it. I had the tsukyomi to book it but no follow ups. Only dragons I was was redox and a blaster.        2-1   Thoughts: I was a little upset I lost so early but I was not about to let that deter me. Even though the Toronto meta is REALLY WEIRD. I saw so many constellar, chain burn and other rogue flying around.       Round 4: vs Frog Monarch.   Game 1: ezpz game. I made crimson blader and lock him out.   Game 2: He got me down to 1100 after using creature swap to take my crimson blader  o.o  But I was able to steal it back with big eye, go into a dracossack, flip Vanity's Emptiness to shut down fader, trag etc and win.     3-1     Round 5 vs Mirror Match   Game 1: He gets me down to 5,000 with a couple pokes after I maxx c  but then I lock him out with a crimson blader.   Game 2: This game took sooooo long. This guy drops an obelisk on me. I can't do shit. I attempt to make blackrose and he has a veiler. We are getting into time after a long protect myself from obelisk battle. He got me down to 5400 I have 2 dracossack and like 2-3 tokens out but am down in life. he makes a dracossack and i end up using veiler to stop token spam. What happens next is a real beauty. I have a full grave, he has 2 cards in hand 1 being a tempest. I use my dracossack's to clear some room on my field by popping tokens and themselves... I go into armory arm he has no response. I equip it to his Dracossack and special blaster and tidal and ram into his dracossack and he dies from armory arm burn damage! Seriously that card is degenerate as fuck! It wins you games you have no right to win haha.   After the match this guy was still wondering what the fuck happened. He couldn't believe I stole that game. But FUCK TIES lol   4-1      Round 6: Mirror Match again <3   Game 1: EZPZ. This guy is playing Ladd LOL. He is able to get me down to 2800 but I have the BT skill to neg Ladd on my turn, steal it with big eye and proceed to win because he used so many resources to bring it out and then get rid of it.   Game 2: I didn't lose any life. I had a random dragon OTK and went for it.     5-1        Round 7: Vs Evilswarm again  <+<   Game 1: I don't really remember what happened. Honestly I just hate this matchup. He got me down to 3500 but like an idiot he decided to judgment a dracossack when I have many resources to play with myself. I get over ophion and beat him.   Game 2: I didn't lose any life. I think he drew horrible but I had a rejuv play and was just able to dracossack poke. Oh he did warning my 1st dracossack which helped a lot.    6-1     Round 8: vs Evilswarm...   Game 1: I was actually able to win a die roll! I lost most of my other rolls so thank God I won this won because this guy mained deck lockdown. I started with a dracossack and draw 2 off of rejuv. He used deck lockdown to stall me out but he couldn't deal with the draco already on the field.    Game 2: This game did not take very long. I was able to get him down to 2800 but he secured the game with an ophion after he cleared my threats.   Game 3: We ended up going into time.  I didn't lose any life but neither of us could push. He had the answers to my dracossacks. He was able to make a Bahamut steal my dracossack take out 2 tokens. On my turn I cleared his board and made another dracossack. His turn comes (we are in time) He is able to make another Bahamut and take my sack again >.> This time after he clears my token he decides not to make tokens for himself because all I have is a redox in grave and 1 card in hand. If he detached then I can bring shit back.   So my last turn I draw to 2 cards in hand..... I drew a blaster! I pitched both blasters in hand to pop the draco giving me a tidal, tempest, and redox in grave. he had a bahamut on field with a pandemic set I went into draco to run over bahamut. I set my reactan because I was up in life and this sealed my victory.     So by this point I am very tired. Well I was all day actually. It was hot in there and I had to piss like every 20 mins from all the water required to stay hydrated. I was also on the bubble which sucked.   Anyway,   Round 9: vs Ervin So Dragon Mirror   Game 1: After our deck check I won the die roll. I opened with something like  flamvell guard, rejuv, gold sarco, maxx c, return and something else. I decided to set return and end. he sets 1 backrow and passes. I draw and I wanted to get things rolling so I pitched guard and burner to bring out blaster (search from sarco for burner) I really have no other plays but I do get to draw 4 off of 2 rejuv.   Ervin's turn comes around and I am assuming he thinks he has to push after I dug off of rejuv so he storms my return and goes to push and I maxx c. he stops with a tempest and redox in def. ( I waited to c off the 2nd special summon)   On my turn I make a big eye, take his redox, summon a veiler go into crimson blader and run over tempest. I was able to go for game next turn.     Game 2: I think he might have opened pretty bad again. I opened 2 electric virus and return. I was able to steal a dracossack after  a couple turns and return sealed the game bringing back a tidal and blaster. He didn't see any hand traps at all otherwise the game could have easily been turned around.       So I finished 5th after swiss. We played out our top 8 match and I 2-0 the mirror. The guy played Ladd and I was just able to crimson blader lock after I stopped him from maxx c.         Overall, the regional was really fun. I would not have done so well if it wasn't for Cody helping me out the week before and even Bo and Sorosh helping me with last minute deck changes.    Pros:    Dracossack mat is fucking sexy E Dragons Super Rejuv Armory Arm Armory Arm Bishop ruling incorrectly and it ended up in my favor <3  oh... and Armory Arm.       Slops:   Evilswarm. Long ass drive in a tiny ass car with 5 people. Playing the yugz for almost 10 hours Nobody to buy my prophecy :(       I will post pics of the mat, and my deck tomorrow when I have a camera available but for now the deck I used:     Monsters: 29   20 Dragons 3 Veiler 3 Maxx c 1 Guard 2 Droll&Lock Bird     Spells: 9   1 Heavy 1 Card D 1 Book of Moon 3 Gold Sarc 3 Super Rejuv     Traps: 3   2 BTS 1 Return       Extra: 15   3 Big Eye 3 Dracossack 1 Gaia 1 ARMORY MOTHER FUCKING ARM 1 Black Rose 1 Karakuri Burei 1 Wyvern 1 Colossal 1 Scrap 1 Crimson Blader 1 Thought Ruler           Side: 15   3 Electric Virus 2 Tsukyomi 1 Droll Bird 3 MST 3 EEV 1 Terminus 2 Vanity's Emptiness