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Found 13 results

  1. Fourshot [vs] Essex

    Fourshot ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ •• Sidereal ~ Cr0ssfad4 •• Chris Hentz ~ rap game chris hentz •• Jhub ~ TheJhubSound •• TS Fearless ~ crossfadTHREE •• Samuel Pedigo ~ Samuel Pedigo •• Daltonbousman ~ DaltonBousman •• TINA FEY ~ TINA FEY Essex ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ •• Relianah ~ Relianah •• Sharpman ~ Sharpman •• TonySK ~ Tony SK •• Gojira ~ godzillafan •• Chumlee Doublestack ~ Mikki To The D Chumlee Doublestack 2 > 1 Samuel Pedigo Sidereal 2 > 1 Sharpman Sidereal 2 > 0 Gojira Sharpman 2 > 1 TS Fearless Sidereal 2 > 1 Relianah Jhub 2 > 1 Chumlee Doublestack Daltonbousman 2 > 1 Relianah Sharpman 2 > 1 Sidereal Chris Hentz 2 > 0 Chumlee Doublestack
  2. Starless [vs] Essex

    Starless ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ •• Soul ~ DGz-Soul •• ygo duelist bodan ~ Ashley J. Nicole •• jono19942010 ~ jono19942010 •• raika ~ die Entruckung •• Sanjura ~ Sanjura •• A Loli ~ [DGz] A Loli •• Brandon Wigley ~ OG Brandon Wigley Essex ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ •• Relianah ~ Relianah •• Sharpman ~ Sharpman •• TonySK ~ Tony SK •• Gojira ~ godzillafan •• Chumlee Doublestack ~ Mikki To The D Brandon Wigley 2 > 0 Chumlee Doublestack Relianah 2 > 1 Sanjura raika 2 > 0 Relianah raika 2 > 1 Relianah Chumlee Doublestack 2 > 1 Brandon Wigley Sharpman 2 > 1 Sanjura ygo duelist bodan 2 > 0 Chumlee Doublestack Sharpman 2 > 1 A Loli Brandon Wigley 2 > 0 Tony SK raika 2 > 0 Sharpman A Loli 2 > 0 Tony SK
  3. Essex [vs] Uprising

    Essex - ♥♥♥♡♡♡♡ ♥♥ Relianah | Relianah ♡♡ Sharpman | Sharpman ♥♥ TonySK | Tony SK ♡♡ Gojira | godzillafan ♥♥ chumlee doublestack | Mikki to the D   Uprising - ♥♥♥♥♥♡♡   ♥♥ Urthor \ Urthor ♥♡ jhadd1996 \  jhadd30 ♥♡ Momo4sho\ Momo4sho ♥♥ edayeee \ BLS4GAME ♥♥ Brian Clark \ Onmercury ♥♥ Squiddy \ muscularsquiddyblackguyman1998   Urthor 2 > 0 Gojira Urthor 2 > 0 Gojira jhad1996 2 > 1 Sharpman Sharpman 2 > 1 jhad1996 Urthor 2 > 1 Sharpman Relianah 2 > 1 Momo4sho
  4. Lotus [vs] Essex

    Essex - ♥♥♥♥=== (DGz :: DN)   Relianah :: Relianah ♥= Sharpman :: Sharpman == TonySK :: Tony SK ♥♥ Gojira :: godzillafan ♥♥ Chumlee Doublestack :: Mikki To The D ♥♥   VS   Lotus - ♥♥♥==== (DGz :: DN)   Edd9000 :: Edd9000 == ZachSavage :: ZachSavage ♥♥ Dinobones12 :: Dinobones12 == Kev2op ::  Pikapower ♥♥ Kanade :: Xero ♥♥   :: War History :: Dinobones12 2-0 Relianah Chumlee Doublestack 2-0 Dinobones12 Relianah 2-1 Edd9000 Gojira 2-1 Dinobones12 Edd9000 2-1 Sharpman ZachSavage 2-1 Sharpman Chumlee Doublestack 2-1 Edd9000
  5. Essex [vs] Limitless

    Essex - ♥♥♥♥♡♡♡ ♥♥ Relianah | Relianah ♥♥ Sharpman | Sharpman ♥♥ TonySK | Tony SK ♡♡ Gojira | godzillafan ♥♥ chumlee doublestack | Mikki to the D   Limitless - ♥♥♡♡♡♡♡ ♡♡ Evolution` - ! Evolution ♥♥ itswhatever - Itswhatever0 ♥♡ Whinesilencer - Whinesilencer ♥♡ Garon - Garon1337 ♥♥ Bergy - AndrewBergen ♥♡ adjd2007 - adjd2007   Whinesilencer 2 > 1 Gojira Chumlee Doublestack 2 > 1 Garon Garon 2 > 0 Gojira BrawlBalls 2 > 0 Evolution ` Chumlee Doublestack 2 > 0 Evolution ` Chumlee Doublestack 2 > 0 Whinesilencer Relianah 2 > 1 > adjd2007 itswhatever 2 > 1 chumlee doublestack
  6. Formula One vs Essex

    Essex: 0 Hearts Relianah | bags_of_milk@hotmail.com | Relianah  rapty | raptdrag | Rapture  chans0 - chans0 wry9 | kenny_wry@hotmail.com | xwryx9  ygo duelist bodan | bodanpwn | chief_keef_sosa3hunn  jono19942010 | jonolelel | jono19942010  A Loli | [dgz] A Loli Sharpman - Sharpman   vs   4 Hearts   Paraliel - Paraliel   Oh_The_Irony - Oh_The_Irony   siickwon - siiickwon   Cynical Cyanide - nero=nero   sittin on the bouble - Zero Hoots Gang   :{D outplayedimo - trollinthedungeon
  7. Essex: 1 Relianah | Relianah rapture | Rapture Sharpman | Sharpman wry9 | xwryx9 ygo duelist bodan | DGZ-Supernova jono19942010 | jono19942010 A Loli | [dgz]A Loli   Xavier Institute for Higher Learning: 1 Kd24 - Emblem Mercurial ` - Mercurial Fierce - StevenByerly Mattyholt99 - Team Smogon Guylaroche5 - Guylaroche5 Audioslayne - Audioslayne Saiko - Saiko rapture > mattyholt 2-1 mattyholt > rapture 2-1 rapture > stevie 2-1 mattyholt > sharpman 2-0 jono > mattyholt 2-0 bodan > mattyholt 2-1 mattyholt > sharpman 2-0 jono > mattyholt 2-0 mattyholt > rapture 2-1 mattyholt > rapture 2-1 mattyholt > rapture 2-1 wry9 > stevie 2-1
  8. So just a little back story on how my ygo life has been recently, after nats I honestly couldn’t care about this game at all, the only thing relevant to me was Toronto coming up which we had a good idea would be new format (confirmed by time worlds came around) and I honestly had no motivation to play, it got to the point that Aaron and Jeremy had to force me to test for Toronto. Toronto came around, I played books and lost to EEV, twice, then getting raped by dragunity yay. After Toronto I again didn’t give a fuck about ygo, there was no upcoming events, although the ban list was a huge + on Konami I still generally am not a fan of them and I was strongly considering quitting to play MTG because Wizards > Konami. Then ARG Montreal was announced, and for some reason I wanted to go really badly.   So right away, I start actually playing ygo again, first locals I play dragunity ruler and quickly realize I literally did the same play EVERY game at some point to ‘win’, which to me doesn’t sound good, it seems to fragile, and the reliance on ravine when my opponent has access to AFD sounds really scary. So I start playing trigon build and know that’s what I’ll be playing (or books if I have the balls to draw playable/dodge eev all weekend). I tested all sorts of different things from main deck MST, trident, 3 breaks no pwwb and main deck veilers. I was actually playing veilers until Friday, where I added compulse because it’s basically another BoM (better tbh but stun/tools are things) and the dyna which I didn’t like until Friday night.   So this is what I ended up playing, it’s super standard (outside of like 2 side deck cards) which is fine, I decided to build my deck like we did for Nats, no ‘blowout’ spicy techs, just play standard and out play my opponents.             Friday   So because my friends car is basically a piece of shit we had to bus there with last minute decision, which was kind of cool that we could both chill and talk instead of him focusing on driving (we honestly slept most of both rides) so we left for Montreal from Sudbury Thursday/Friday morning at Midnight, we sleep the whole way to Ottawa then transfer on a bus to Montreal, where I spend the whole ride catching up to the 2 mafia games I’m in rofl. We arrive and walk to our hotel (20 min walk) and it’s p nice, we got there at like 10:30 we’re both starving and go out and find some cafe and have a huge breakfast. By time we get back to our hotel we just start testing like crazy, Friday testing is usually my favorite. At some point we go to the pool to take a break and just discuss our testing and shit, and we’re both feeling veiler just isn’t good enough, as much as I wanted to play it because it’s been testing fairly well it’s just not unfair enough, and you have to use it at the absolute perfect situation for it to be “blowout” so we start discussing what to put in its spot. I could tell you all the cards but that would take forever, but basically it came down to real traps + tools vs emptiness + stun. I liked emptiness more because it can be blowout and it’s a free warning, and t stun can make it SUPER blowout, by shutting off my emptiness comboing then their turn its back online (def my fav interaction in my trap line up) and tools can’t out a face-up IIW which a lot of MTL players were siding into with gunity rulers. So go grab some food at some fancy restaurant and when we get back I get on skype with Jeremy and we discuss my last minute changes and work on my side. Before I had the veilers I sided more for mirror so I had extra slots for rogue and he said I should play hole and smashing for the fact that they didn’t target NK+bujinns, I was def on board for that shit! Sleeve up write deck list and head to bed.   Saturday   So I wake up get all cleaned etc. And we head to the venue. When we get there it’s actually p small but enough for about 220 people, I easily spot out Bishop + Matt/Ervin+Jcho and Marcus talk to them for a bit, talk to Alex (loaded Dice) Andrew (#s) and Indignation for a bit. I even see BIGDONGSTUDIOS AND HIS AMAZING MUSTACHE AT PLAYER MEETING! So yeah everything was ready to go and round 1 was called, here we goo   Round 1 - Dragons   Game 1: I lose the die roll and he opens a few sets + ravine, I open sarc and 5 traps oh boy, I sarc set some shit, he punches me with a blaster and I draw a sword : | draw into more traps and when I try to stop his push next turn he has lance.   Game 2: I open up fairly decent with sarc and sword with a two sets (pwwb/stun), he sets 4 and passes, I draw ravine, bring up blaster he maxx’s I swing and he wing blasts it which I let resolve and pass , his turn he normals dyna and swings, I draw blaster wing blast dyna he chains lance I play ravine search corsesca run it over, make colo MP2 and stun his wing blast, he ends up with like 2-3 E-virus in hand that can’t out the colo.   Game 3: we’re going back and forth and at 1 point I make colo and have emptiness set, he goes to push back and I emptiness and he can’t out it, chumping with e viruses and maxx c’s etc. Until he dies   1-0   I’m pretty sure like everyone won r1 which is always good, I go outside to catch some air and use my phone (venue had NO service at all) come back and wait a bit for round 2.   Round 2 - Constellars   Game 1: I don’t really remember how this plays out, but we get to a turn where I have return set to his like 4 sets, I force it all out except 1, flip return he warnings down to 2400 and I’ve yet to use blaster.   Game 2: he opens 4 sets pass, I summon fire ferret he has to read it, next turn I try to punch with a tidal but he flips a gozen, I had MST but I held it and kept killing with ferret, he eventually rotas for pollux to crash, I draw return and he flips a IIW, I set and pass, he draw passes and I draw a second mst, so I mst his IIW, he flips his newly drawn second one and I mst that as well, I return 2 tempest and a debris, make draco with them, get tokens tribute it for gozen then BRD, then kill him with all my colors.   2-0   Pat lost this round to mermails (same guy Bishop later loses too due to tuners scheme LOL) we go get food quickly at this point, some place called Valentine, just had some hot dogs, come back and wait a few for round 3.   Round 3 – Dragunity Rulers   Game 1: I don’t remember this much, but if I remember correctly at some point either maxx or some shit and he stops and I’m able to blader, and apparently I had return, we talked about it after rofl   Game 2: I again remember bladering at some point, which kind of locks the game :# I don’t really remember much of the match either then that and the fact I was down to 300 because I was trying to get recourses, blader sealed it though   3-0   So Pat lost his deck at this point -.- I tried not to think about it because there’s fuck all I can do about it.   Round 4 – Geargia   Game 1: I open with like 2 maxx and he opens with a arsenal play, I decide to chain one because my hand isn’t very live, and draw into my third :< he sets armor and like 1 set and passes, I’m p sure I end up scrapping it and punching for 28, then next turn I max him again and draw into return, need I explain more?   Game 2: He opens a set armor, and has a gozen for my play then a MF, then I have maxx for his push (which was 8200) and I crow on the second attack so it would be less dmg if he had book or some shit, considering the first attack was like 800 and a level 4 so if he could make cowboy I was ded, I can’t answer though, I mst gozen go for brd he has warning.   Game 3: I open 3 colors (one being tempest) and drain, so I make sdd and set drain and stun, he makes a colo runs over sdd, I send trigon with ravine and debris into a brd basically sealing the game.   4-0   Bishop lost his last round to tuners scheme LOL Matt was still 4-0 and Marcus was 3-1 (lost feature to Matt). P sure Jcho was like 2-2 and Ervin lost to hunders ROFL from this point on all my games were at table 1   Round 5 – Dragon Rulers   Game 1: I actually opened insane like ravine 2 colors sword return stun, I just first turn set up the ravine and he afds it but I just scrap it then return for game :|   Game 2: he opens way better than me and I honestly can’t keep up, I’m basically chumping for the longest time vs a dyna as he misses kill shot after kill shot but I can’t get back into the game.   Game 3: I knew this would go into time so early on I try to pressure as much damage as possible, so we go into time and he has a dyna, and I set my own. He runs into it and that seals the game as he can’t answer it.   5-0   So Matt took his first loss beside me to McCabe like otking him twice with Constellars rofl. Going into round 6 there’s only 3 x-0 left, myself McCabe and some Montreal guy (could go search his name but cba) with Ali Yassine being x-0-1, I got paired up vs the Montreal guy with McCabe playing Ali   Round 6 – Dragunity Ruler   Game 1: I can’t remember much details about game 1 except I resolved a blader and it basically won me the game :v   Game 2: I’m in a REALLY good position, have a sword and drew into tidal so play it and he ref panels me :( I check what I would have drawn and it was dd crow which would have sealed the game. I actually just can’t keep up to it and lose when he combos me   Game 3: we go through the motions of getting late ish game and at 1 point he activates to SS blaster and I chain Maxx c to which he swings and passes with no sets and I know the game is done looking that I have all colors. My inner nats testing comes out, ss redox banishing tempest, search corsesca make colo, bring up blaster/tidal and kill him.   6-0   Ali beat McCabe so I’m the only X-0 left and have for sure top, yay :] I go for a poo (lel) and have to take Tylenol and just wash my face because I’m starting a headache/feeling sick, check round and I’m playing Ali.   Round 7 – Dragon Rulers   So I ask him if he wants to draw but he decides not too because he’d have to win out the final round, I tell him I’m glad because I had to avenge Jeremy for knocking him out at Toronto :)   Game 1: He opens 2 live CoC, and ravine, has mst for my ravine and I have a lot of trouble keeping up to his advantage. Late game he has stardust spark, debris in hand (searched previously) and access to 1 color, while I’m at 3100, swift and dyna in hand, games clearly done by making eater, sparking eater swining over dyna then eater games me through swift, but heh let’s give it a shot, I set the dyna and watch him make star eater, enter BP and swing with spark, my eyes light up as I flip it and declare it destroys everything, he tries to chain spark but it’s damage step. SADLY I can’t come back from the advantage he has even with my swift :(   Game 2: We both open fairly well and he does a good job at keeping my ravine off the board with msts, we eventually get to a point of both being really low on recourses and after calculating for a while he starts his push and I respond with a dd crow and it just ends the game.   Game 3: He starts with 2 live CoC AGAIN but I open fairly well this time and he has no answer for my ravine, similar to g2 we’re both low on recourses pushing back at each other, and he tries to blader me but ddcrow saved my life once again and I win the match for elemental hero sharpman!   7-0   Matt wins his match so he just has to tie, and Marcus is x-2 and needs to win his last round. Ervin is x-3 and going for that top 32! I go downstairs and get a text from Jeremy saying ‘beat him for me!’ I guess he saw coverage that I was playing him... ‘I already did ;)’ ‘I love you so much’ go back upstairs and see I’m playing McCabe, I quickly think if it’s worth playing him to see if he’d get knocked out of top if I won, but there was no way an x-2 wouldn’t top (lol) so we just draw and I get to watch Marcus play, and just chill. He ends up beating Sehabi but that guy tops anyways with x-2-1, cool. We stick around for everything to be called out and I’m in first obviously and playing vs Sehabi in top 16. Marcus, Jeff, Ervin, Charles, Pat and I go out for dinner and we discuss our opponents considering Marcus played mine and I played both of theirs (Charles also topped). Get back to the room I have a terrible head ache and go down to the pool to cool down then just go to sleep.   Sunday   Wake up pretty early, go shower and pack up my shit and head to the venue, when we get there we have to do player interviews and Bishop is doing mine (http://articles.alterealitygames.com/arg-metro-series-montreal-top-16-player-profiles/) just generic stuff and I have to give in my deck for a deck check, we chill for a bit then we go sit down, quickly called to go do the feature etc.   Top 16 – Dragunity Ruler   http://articles.alterealitygames.com/top-16-gilles-gibeault-dragon-ruler-vs-sehabi-kheireddine-dragunity-ruler/   Game 1:  I actually open really good to his spark/ravine couple sets, I could have gone aggressive and made an AFD but I would have outright lost to a pwwb so I decide to set compulse so I can just control the game, but his return wanted nothing to do with that. His plays were legit bad too, if I had an out to the return the game was OVER, emptiness/stun/swift ANYTHING, like had he just played his hand like normally then had return to seal it would have been a lot better, but I can understand him wanting to just end it without me being able to set anything up. Going into siding I wasn’t going to side dd crow because I knew he sided into 3 IWW so I just brought in 3 MST.   Game 2: Wow... just wow, my hand is unplayable, I could have made a colo turn 1 but that would have killed both my debris which doesn’t sound good at all, I was hoping to draw into a color tbh, then I saw ANOTHER tuner :\   Welp, it’s all done, wish I could have taken a loss to bad hands on the previous day but you don’t get to choice when you lose sadly. I lost quickly enough I could enter the xbox1/ps4 tournament, bright sides!   Marcus also loses to unplayable and Charles gets rapped by Alis side, at least Matt wins top 16 but then gets raped by Sehabi as well. I talk to Jim for a bit get my points and give him my info for my prizes and round 1 for xbox tournament is called.   Round 1 – Dragon Rulers   Game 1: playing vs Alis brother, he does some very similar plays of opening CoC and having mst for my ravine. He resolved a return and forgets to do some searching then attacking me for game but I have swift... Sadly I can’t capitalize on the fact he misplayed because it put him way to far ahead.   Game 2: I’m in complete control, have a emptiness face up to his 3 set and add a blaster to my hand from sarc and he chains Heavy Slump, I chain trap stun and he flips a SECOND HEAVY SLUMP... I draw into double tidal rofl, send to grave, bring up blaster search corsesca swing for 3600 and make spark, wow I’m coming back from slump, his draw phase he wing blasts my spark :< games over   I actually play the next round but I was just out of it, clearly wasn’t my day and drop after it.   Spend the rest of the day trading getting shit for what I think will be good next format and talked to Jim for a good 3 hours about all sorts of things, he’s a great guy and what he's doing for the community (these events) is fucking amazing.   I do a deck profile with the guy doing ARG coverage somewhere in here too   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rmClzqz-TM   We eventually head back, go out for dinner and just go to sleep, wake up super early to bus home in a blizzard weeee     Props:    Going undefeated ARG events - seriously it's so much better Jeremy for helping me with testing and listening to me talk about the same cards over and over Alyx for bugging me about veiler sucking, eventually me switching it probably had to do with him Aaron telling me how to do well at events  Essex chilling with everyone   slops:   Tuner Tuner Tuner yeah the 4th tuner Kenny not being able to make it Venue having no cell service blizzard
  9. Revealed vs Essex

    Revealed 2 Hearts   ________________________________ 1 |»| 2 |»| 3 |»| 4 |»| 5 |»| 6 |»| 7 »|7hhzz7 »|R3vealed323 (Skype) »|7hhzz7   ________________________________ 1 |»| 2 |»| 3 |»| 4 |»| 5 |»| 6 |»| 7 »|the2ndcoming »|r.the.rebel (Skype) »|rskillz   ________________________________ 1 |»| 2 |»| 3 |»| 4 |»| 5 |»| 6 |»| 7 »|Tidal »|None »|Drug Deal   ________________________________ 1 |»| 2 |»| 3 |»| 4 |»| 5 |»| 6 |»| 7 »|Syrus Jones »|syrus.jones (Skype) »|Syrus Jones   ________________________________ 1 |»| 2 |»| 3 |»| 4 |»| 5 |»| 6 |»| 7 »|Tag »|kiearrawilliams (Skype) »|SuperTag   ________________________________ 1 |»| 2 |»| 3 |»| 4 |»| 5 |»| 6 |»| 7 »|Onlyaaron17 »|taisakunoshouri (Skype) »|Onlyaaron17   VS   Essex 7 Hearts   Relianah | bags_of_milk@hotmail.com | Relianah rapture | raptdrag | Rapture Sharpman | sharpmanjt | Sharpman wry9 | kenny_wry@hotmail.com | xwryx9 ygo duelist bodan | bodanpwn | Chief_keef_sosa3hunn  jono19942010 | jonolelel | jono19942010 A Loli | [dgz]A Loli
  10. Essex [vs] Order of the Phoenix

    Essex - <3<3<3<3<3<3<3   Relianah | bags_of_milk@hotmail.com | Relianah rapture | raptdrag | Rapture Sharpman | sharpmanjt | Sharpman wry9 | kenny_wry@hotmail.com | xwryx9 ygo duelist bodan | bodanpwn | DGZ-Supernova jono19942010 | jonolelel | jono19942010 A Loli | [dgz]A Loli     Order of the Phoenix - <3<3<3   .Slick - .Slick Fates - Inhale Mascis - Mascis mystic piggy - mystic piggy Spreme - dgz spreme oh fish - ex-cre AJ Tiplady - AJTiplady   Sharpman 2 > 0 Fates Relianah 2 > 1 .Slick rapture 2 > 1 .Slick jono19942010 2 > 0 Fates
  11. Essex [vs] Upstart

    Essex -  ♥♥♥♥♡   Relianah | bags_of_milk@hotmail.com | Relianah rapture | raptdrag | Rapture Sharpman | sharpmanjt | Sharpman wry9 | kenny_wry@hotmail.com | xwryx9 ygo duelist bodan | bodanpwn | DGZ-Supernova jono19942010 | jonolelel | jono19942010 chans0 | burnt_hands0 | chans0   Upstart -  ♥♡♡♡♡   Gagaga Magician - Hieratic Paraliel - Paraliel King_Confined - Confined Fates - Surfboard 9 Justin Spyers - Uzi Mugen Daas - Mugen Daas Whinesilencer - Whinesilencer Relianah 2 > 1 Justin Spyers Relianah 2 > 1 Paraliel Relianah 2 > 1 Patrick Whinesilencer 2 > 1 Relianah Sharpman 2 > 0 Whinesilencer
  12. Essex [vs] Harold and Kumars

    Essex - ♥♥♥♥♥♥♡   ●● Relianah | bags_of_milk@hotmail.com | Relianah ●○ rapture | raptdrag | Rapture ●● Sharpman | sharpmanjt | Sharpman ●● wry9 | kenny_wry@hotmail.com | xwryx9 ●● ygo duelist bodan | bodanpwn | DGZ-Supernova ●● jono19942010 | jonolelel | jono19942010 ●● chans0 | burnt_hands0 | chans0   Harold and Kumars - ♥♥♥♥♥♡♡   ●● sb24stk | sb24stk | sb24stk ●● Ygoglaceon | n/a | person@! ○○ el pinguo | n/a | el pinguo ●● Andwizzle93 | Andwizzle93 | Andwizzle93 ●● jonzilla16 | n/a |mouth from the south ●● Inversion | n/a | kr3tur3 ●● rainycityduelist | n/a | rainycityduelist   rapture 2 > 1 el pinguo el pinguo 2 > 1 rapture Relianah 2 > 0 el pinguo
  13. Essex [vs] Last Kings

    Essex - ♥♥♥♥♥♡♡   ●○ Relianah | bags_of_milk@hotmail.com | Relianah ●● rapture | raptdrag | Rapture ●○ Sharpman | sharpmanjt | Sharpman ●● wry9 | kenny_wry@hotmail.com | xwryx9 ●● ygo duelist bodan | bodanpwn | DGZ-Supernova ●● jono19942010 | jonolelel | jono19942010 ●● chans0 | burnt_hands0 | chans0   Last Kings - ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ●● (AX) Destroyer shadowgamer666 ●● Audioslayne Audioslayne ○○ VicKing (TR)VicKing ○○ A Loli [DGZ] A Loli ●○ TonySK Tony SK ●● Fawaz Fawaz ○○ Laza Laza   Relianah 2 > 1 Laza Relianah 2 > 1 VicKing Sharpman 2 > 0 VicKing A Loli 2 > 1 Sharpman Relianah 2 > 0 Laza TonySK 2 > 0 Relianah rapture 2 > 1 A Loli rapture 2 > 0 A Loli rapture 2 > 0 TonySK