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Found 6 results

  1. bed things

    okay so I'm realizing that I have a lot to improve on when it comes to sex with women   I think the biggest change I can make is being more assertive/dominant once the clothes start coming off but also just like foreplay and dirty talk during sex.    idk if im allowed to post this in this section but if anyone has any resources or like advice on what to say/do, I'd really appreciate it    
  2. I've been building on a competitive level for four years, but have only attended a few locals before this. After playing infrequently for so long (went a couple years not playing at all), I decided to start going to regionals/ycs to attempt to get a nationals invite. I also started going back to my locals recently. One of my friends works at the shop; He had friends from New Orleans coming in that were judging/playing and they were really good (one of them was the Geargiakuri player that won Tuscaloosa regionals last weekend). After some discussion, I dropped two Mirror Force and Compulsory Evacuation Device for two Dimensional Prison and Torrential Tribute. Stayed up ridiculously late of course, but made it with time to spare.   I'll start off with the decklist:   Monsters: 14   3x Infernity Archfiend 3x Infernity Necromancer 2x Summoner Monk 2x Stygian Street Patrol 2x Dark Grepher 1x Armageddon Knight 1x Archfiend Heiress   Spells: 12   3x Upstart Goblin 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 2x Instant Fusion 1x Reinforcement of the Army 1x Foolish Burial 1x Book of Moon 1x Infernity Launcher   Traps: 14   3x Infernity Barrier 2x Infernity Break 2x Fiendish Chain 2x Dimensional Prison 2x Trap Stun 1x Bottomless Trap Hole 1x Solemn Warning 1x Torrential Tribute   Extra: 15   1x Abyss Dweller 1x Darkfire Dragon 3x Diamond Dire Wolf 1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Kamionwizard 2x Lavalval Chain 2x Leviair the Sea Dragon 1x Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1x Number 66: Master Key Beetle 1x Number 101: Silent Honor ARK   Sideboard: 15   2x Black Horn of Heaven 1x Dark Hole 2x Debunk 1x Dimensional Fissure 2x Needle Ceiling 2x Overworked 1x Soul Drain 2x Twister 2x Zombie World   Round 1: Rock Stun - lost the die roll   Game 1: This guy has not kept up with the game for a few years. I see a Diamond Dire in his extra deck and he still has to read mine along with every other card I play. I'm able to combo out and seal the win.   Game 2: Opening hand: Zombie World, D-Fissure, Barrier, Break, Necromancer, Fiendish. Next monster is a few cards in and it's another fucking Necromancer. I'm stuck with two dead fiendish chains and trap stun/mst in hand. I scoop it up in an attempt to avoid going into time.   Game 3: I monk into key beetle, chain and archfiend turn 1 only to get wrecked by mirror force and a set fossil dyna that I knew were there because of duality. I could have prevented this by using key beetle again before battle or just making smarter decisions in general but my anger has pushed out my common sense at this point. I try to swing with a stygian in turn 5 of time to get 100 lp more than him but he has the fucking book for it. I scoop it up and go smoke a cigarette to calm down.   Round 2: Chaos Dragons - won the die roll   Game 1: He shrines a tri-horned and I'm just like wtf. He tells me it's his own teched build and I give him props (he was very nice and fun to play with). Barrier on eclipse wyvern and trag for gg.   Game 2: He fiendishes my lavalval chain so I can only swing for 3600. Next turn I go for game and he tries to drop gorz with his fiendish still out. GG.    Round 3: Geargiakuri - lost the die roll   Game 1: He trap stuns into double burei and scrap dragon to my set necromancer and frozen backrow. I scoop it up to make him blind side.   Game 2: He end-phase decrees me, I don't chain break in an attempt to keep necromancer fodder in. Completely wrong call as he shows me that he can go for game. Worst way to find out that geargiakuri doesn't suffer from d-fissure bar hand traps. Did I mention this guy was 14? Not as aggravating as round 1, but still upset nonetheless.   Round 4: Hanzo.dek - lost the die roll   Game 1: He Hanzos into super transformation and sets three, I set up for exciton but he doesn't read it. I blow his field; He tries to insist that Exciton can't start his own chain so I get a judge after the game to clarify for him.   Game 2: He summons king tiger wanghu of all things. I thank my higher power that I wasn't able to find a second kamionwizard and go for exciton again only to be stopped by a maindecked starlight road. Probably not the best call on my end in hindsight. I upstart into a combo and put 8800 on the board then follow up with cowboy for game.   Round 5: Fire Fist (Dragon build) - can't remember die roll results (probably lost because Infernity)   Game 1: He summons Dragon, so I'm not worried at all. Another nice player/fun match. I combo out for the win.   Game 2: I end up regretting putting in zombie world as it locks out my diamond dire plays (I was expecting it to get destroyed so that I could flip my overworked). I get my overworked and another trap frozen, so my turn I read mirror force and key beetle one of my frozen traps to make a push. Grind it out for the win and have the answers for bear.   Round 6: Dragunity - won the die roll   Game 1: I go off and he says "Oh boy, this deck." I just laugh a little and keep going. He summons a dragunity and I ask him how it runs without ravine. He tells me it runs but it won't with two barrier set. Barrier on dragunity effects and bottomless on tempest takes it easily.   Game 2: Mid-game he gets a field wipe and he ends up with no hand or field to my three set backrow. I topdeck into stygian and go into beatdown with it; He sets a card and looks at his graveyard so I flip Soul Drain (Not sure if that is a situation where a judge could be called to penalize me [if it is please tell me in the comments; I need to know more about event rules]). He mirror forces stygian and I'm able to topdeck an Infernity Necromancer to take the win.   Round 7: Fire Fist - won the die roll   Game 1: Another really cool guy, he came into town from Houston with DNA (the comic shop hosting the event). I think his build was the +1 build with duality and upstart, but I didn't see cardcar all match. I take a classic ten-minute Infernity turn going through all three diamond dire wolves and both leviairs ending with key beetle, leviair, lavalval chain, Infernity Archfiend, and four backrow. I leave him with 100 lp and he scoops it up.   Game 2: I open Archfiend Heiress, mst, and traps (some sideboard). He is a bit despondent about his matchup and goes duality into mst, mirror force, and upstart (chooses upstart and draws into nothing). He reads incorrectly for d-prison and doesn't have a fire formation, so he tiger kings right into my black horn. I go into heiress beatdown and topdeck another blackhorn. He has two level fours on the field and is considering scooping to my four backrow. He asks if I have another black horn and goes into tiger king; I reveal it and he scoops. I told him during the match that I was playing for my invite, so he was nice enough to stay in and not dick me out of my chances.   Round 8: Mermail - lost the die roll   Game 1: This was probably the coolest guy I met all day. He came in from Houston with DNA comics and about halfway through the event we played a couple of fun games and looked at each other's builds/sides. When we ended up at table 11 together we were just like awww hell. His buddy came to sit in on the match. He opens by setting a monster, so I (admittedly unfairly) read linde, make abyss dweller, and get an archfiend search. He comes back with double teus and double pike and I just can't come back after drawing archfiend heiress.   Game 2: He starts shuffling and I ask if he's siding. He says he'll only side if I do or if he loses. After some inner debate, I decide against it since I've seen two skill drain and three crevice in his side (among other things that would wreck me). I'm able to make a nice field and he spits out megalo, but I fiendish it to limit his marksman targets. He ends up with teus and marksman on the field and makes dewloren, I hesitate but end up using warning which ended up being the correct play. I end up taking this one (MST on Sphere is real).   Game 3: Neither of us sides. I open ass with heiress, stygian, and mostly dead cards; He opens up decent is able to keep the pressure on me. I 101 his teus and swing at his undine, which is a terrible call on my part since I left him with pike on field and controller in hand (I even calculated that he could black rose and still left pike out, but I like the guy and the match so I shrug it off without really getting upset). He recklesses and I chain trap stun with no real backrow on my side. He black roses and specials teus with linde, swings to put me around 1000 lp, and ends with gaios and dweller. My hand is heiress, infernity archfiend and mst. I draw bottomless for turn and scoop it up. He figured Mermail would get hit hard in April and sold his deck after the event, as did most other water players (they were very well represented).   For my first big event, I feel I did alright; I did experience some tropes such as getting sacked/bricking  and misplaying by ignoring my instincts, but overall I'm not too upset about my performance and am planning on going to more events to get my invite/more experience. Ended up X-3 at table 11 in an 8-round event with 178 players netting 44th. Only 24 got an invite; most players I beat dropped and the two that beat me before round 8 didn't end up at the top tables.   Props: Trading away my battle city mat and token for super foolish (TU02), secret Italian grepher, three overworked and an extra abyss dweller that I lent out the night before the event Getting a custom tele-dad mat Cool judges who didn't fuck me My buddy getting third with a unique Bujin build Pulling Ghostrick Mary from my entry packs 2-0ing four rounds in a row Meeting cool people Getting event experience Selling/Trading and NOT getting fucked or fucking anyone Slops: Misplaying against rock stun and losing round 1 because of it Getting 2-0ed by a 14-year-old Geargia player that tried to black horn my Archfiend summon off of necromancer (In hindsight, he probably knew he couldn't but thought I was a scrub and tried to bluff me into letting it go) Losing to rock stun Fucking rock stun Getting fucked by the vendor I traded my battle city mat to (I had to throw ten bucks in because of course he overvalued his shit and undervalued mine) Losing my cool in round one Not siding in round 8. It would have been a more skillful matchup and I could have had more specific outs. Something else I'm probably missing
  3. http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304626804579358943360702878?mg=reno64-wsj&url=http%3A%2F%2Fonline.wsj.com%2Farticle%2FSB10001424052702304626804579358943360702878.html
  4. Imitation Inzektors

    Alright so I'll just cut straight to the list and explain the choices.     Let's start with the side deck, I suppose its one of the more interesting parts of the deck   Kaiser Colosseum - I wrote a nice little discussion on Kaiser and its applications in decks that can control and apply pressure through one monster, you can read it here : http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=155933   Prohibition - I use this as a side for decks that rely heavily on a single card / abuse of it. E.g. Grapha in dark worlds, and yamato in Bujins. Not too sure of how good its been to be perfectly honest, like its ok but there are times where it can be really subpar and shit to draw, but w/e.   Gozen match : For decks that run Multi-attribute : E.g. Wind-up   Rivalry : For decks that run multi-type, E.g. Wind-up   Royal Decree : Ummm, this is actually fair trash but I feel that i need a card to permanently shut down stupid decks like deep-draw exodia and chain burn.   Imperial Iron Wall : Dragons, and any other deck that relies on banishing stuffs.   Please suggest stuff for the sidedeck its incomplete and needs help :).   Also while we are here, the extra deck   1x Dweller 1x Cowboy 1x Gaia Dragon 1x Exa-Stag 1x Chain 1x Leviar 1x Maestroke 1x Mechquipped 1x Leviathin 1x Acid Golem 1x Volca 1x Master Key Beetle 1x Photon Butterfly 1x Tiras 1x Zenmaines.   Now to the mainboard, I'm quite confident of how the deck has been testing and I'm attributing to this success because of the strength of the mainboard.   3x Centipede 3x Ladybug 2x Trooper 2x Maxx C 1x Hornet 1x Dragonfly 1x Hopper   3x Typhoon 3x Duality 3x Lance 3x Imitation 1x Book 1x Inzektor Sword 1x Foolish   3x Threatening 3x Fiendish 2x Call 1x Sixth Sense 1x Warning 1x Bottomless 1x Compulsory   Now Insect Imitation, to a person who has never seen the card before its text is as follows:   Tribute 1 monster. Special Summon 1 Insect-type monster from your Deck whose Level is 1 higher than the Tributed monster's.   Now for a full list of its applications.   Ladybug/ Maxx C becomes : Dragonfly, Hornet, Centipede Card Trooper/Dragonfly/Hornet/Centipede becomes Hopper. Hopper becomes : N/a.   So Imitation is usable on every monster except for Inzektor Hopper. Although It's best application in my opinion is by using it on an Inzektor Ladybug T1 to recruit Inzektor Dragonfly. By the way, if they chain maxx c to the imitation don't fret, rather special summon an Inzektor centipede from the deck, equip the ladybug and search out Hornet/fly/sword, no plusses for them.   Imitation also makes call more alive as you will have more monsters joining the battle thanks to imitation.   Why I don't run the Following : Dark Armed, Gorz, Giga-Mantis, Allure.   Dark Armed : This card can be trash if you open it with no monsters or if you draw it late game with far too many darks in the grave. Not to mention evilswarms are a deck.   Gorz : Triple fiendish and double coth. Evilswarms exist aswell. Not to mention that I'm not a fan of Gorz aswell, so yeah.   Allure : You really never want to banish darks from your hand unless you have searched for all of your ladybugs from centipede's effect etc, but if you have done this you are probably already winning. Allure is just a card that is only good when you are in a winning position thus making it bad.   Giga-Mantis: I honestly never like drawing this, unlike sword it is trash unless you have hornet live :/.   So What is the goal of the deck? : To search for hornet whilst having field presence and protecting it as quickly as possible. This is why triple imitation is run along with triple duality, a beautiful confliction that I unfourtunatly find neccesary to keep the consistency of the deck.   Why not run Mirror/D-prison: I prefer cards that respond to the summon as cards like fire fist bear can prove a problem for inzektors to deal with and you want them to leave the board or negate their effects rather then stop them attacking.   Why Run Lance in Dragon format : Lance is actually really cool. So you have the obvious stuff assosicated with lance stopping over s/t from affecting it and the whole damage step shenanigans, but then you have the other stuff, lance lets you get around shadow mirror and skill drain by making the inzektor monster unaffected by it and then you can pop it with hornet. Also note that you can still equip inzektors if your inzektor monster is being affected by forbidden lance, it will just not gain the ATK/DEF and levels from that Inzektor monster being equipped to it.   If there are any other questions/ suggestions please post them the sideboard is incomplete and I am looking for help to properly build it, thanks.
  5. Nationals Report

    So im poor and decide to go to national to sell all my crap which turned out to be an ass mauling and i only made $500 or some lame shit. I get on the train, yes the fucking train and spend 14 hours wanting to killmyself(its free but only half worth it) 1st sitting next too an abo chick and i felt i should be polite and offer her some petrol but decide against it because i need that to get through my day, next some old lady that had a tissue over her mouth for two hours and looked like she had leukimia then some bogan chick that looked like you could slide a hotdog down a hallway. ANYWAY after 14 fucking long ass hours and 3 bags i get there and after getting what station im ment to be going to wrong my main niggah kurt and friends(ryan chris and holokosc for those who care) get me and we get rather dissapointing japanese food after we go back to the hostel place that looked like itd be better to sleep on the street to find a hungover bodan whose nose i shoved wasabi up cause i can cool story bro etc pretty sure that was followed by more heavy drinking by him later but i was alseep so cuntnuggets. The next day we go to GGs at noon and i try and sell some stuff but everyones a greedy cunt or just moreso than expected and i only make a whole $500 which wasnt enough in my eyes i didnt want to then spend what i made to run rabbit or even dragons cause i thought thats what everyone was using so i ran fucking cuntdown. this night was shaped up by bodan doing a huge shit chris saying what a holo kosc which then leads to the next night being 8000000 kosc jokes along with him running around like a bunny going ABABABABA. So after eating subway 5 times in two days im stuck on the toilet just before nats starts and think id rather finish my shit then play so ill chillax, i make it back in time which was just a bonus in my eyes tbh. Round one vs inzectors Guy cant win sits there for ages figuring out how Win in time with golden ladybug/lava golem umadetc his friend comes up and goes YOU SHOULD HAVE SIDED ERADICTAOR EPIDERMIC VIRUS LIKE ME im like wat game two vs heros how do i lose? how do i lose? game three vs dragons how do i lose? milled the decrees game 4 vs rabbits(the nats champion) get ass mauled by rabbit tour solemn and mst my arse was rather sore after that one i get up two many cards more like broke for escape didnt drew well enough it was time he got through me it was quite a good game for what it was and wasnt mad i lost at all he was a very nice guy and hoped he toped because he knew how to play well game 5 vs dragunity OTK i set legacy jar and fortune chain all to ravine get OTK'd(i double sarc for countdown peace and had frozen in hand) so i was mad game two i set roar he heavys makes stardust and sets decree so needless to say i lose and im super pissed, this guy scrubs out after and i do end up comming 33rd with top 32 so yea FUCK YOU, YOU FAT COON round 6 heros etc his friend said TOLD YA YOU SHOULD HAVE SIDED YOUR OWN COUNTDOWNS the people here are just awful round 7 evolzars or w/e i figure im not gunna top but ill just be happy if i do so i try to win he is really dumb and swams his board with crap that cant negate shit so i win and the entire time next to us two gusy are arguing over crap and one was playing sams and all i cant think is THANK GOD IM NOT PLAYING HIM the guy also always opned gateway etc and im like csb game two i win with ladybug in time after he made laggia LOL I COME 33rd FUCK YOU oh and some absolute garbage toped he is an EG of one guy he plays one day of peace using burn his opp swings and he uses scarecrow oh and it gets worse next turn he does one day again sets 5 his opp msts he chains one guy chains decree and he chains all his burn traps this guy toped nats and i didnt ya im salty so i feel this deck is really good only loses to rabbit and then the following trash decks(well burn and wind up are kinda viable i guess) exodia burn samurai wind ups The day after i spend several hours looking for a gift for my finace and settle for chocolate willem keeps looking decides to go back and its closed get raped, also fucking chris short making us sit in that jap shop for an hour, willem just looked at the porn section for a bit and we discussed how much hep C we would get it was grimmy and awful will update if i remeber anything else Props: cuntdown subway kosc topping like a champ bodan topping with fiends the winner was actually good chris hanson/nathan kosc are the funniest people alive and ryan crispy ashley are cool dudes and kurt is my main niggah CANT FORGET BRODAN kosc jokes hello joe let the baby sleep in the crib iron helps us play Slops: not topping dragunity OTK smelly ygo players not winning DS didnt make enough money ygo in general also heres my list duelists 3xswift scarecrow 3xcuntdown 3xupstart 3xduality 3xgold sarc 3xone day of peace 3xroar 3xwaboku 3xthunder of ruler 3xfrozen soul 3xlegacy 3xjar 3xhope for escape 1xaccumulated fortune extra laggia shinning hyulani etc also lobo de flor side 2xlava golem 2xstealth bird 3xgoldne ladybug 2xthe fool 12xrainbow life 3xmst 1xheavy
  6. Scrubbing at Nats

    So I scrubbed at Nats. I was like fuck. Anyway, I’m gonna write a report anyway cuz I don’t have anything else to do. First report ever etc. And this was my first live tournament since 2-3 years. I came back to the game September format. I’m still not sure if I regret it. It’s more about getting back to ygo than the format. It’s like a drugggg. I had my friend order all the cards from trollandtoad. Told him I won’t be able to pay him at the moment and he said it’s fine which was sweet, props to him etc. Sadly he forgot to order Hope for Escape. : / It’s cheap but somehow hard to find. I talk to my friends on msn before I hit the road. Before that listened to master duelists from dgz theoryoh-ing on aim. Props to them. Got some advices what to main and side etc. Changed my list compared to first how it was. I travelled with a bus. I was told it’s arriving at 11.00 pm. Sadly it arrived one hour late. Waited for shit. Got asked like 10 times when’s the bus from Greece arriving. How should I know that? Then I got to my bus and had an old guy sitting next to me who talked to me all night, was a nice guy but I was trying to sleep and couldn’t. It wasn’t because of him tho. My sleep schedule is fucked up. So my trip was like 5-6 hours long. From my town to Istanbul (Turkey) it was like 5-6 hours. We wasted like 1 hour at the border for passport check etc. I arrived at 5.30 am in Istanbul. Waited for hours for my friends to come and get me since I don’t know Istanbul at all and I don’t have anything to do at that hour anyway. Wasted my time at the “cafeteria” for my caffeine addiction. Then they came and got me. We wasted like an hour to get to the hobby shop where the tournament was being held the next day. Friend who got me the deck came there 2 hours after us. So I couldn’t play shit for a while. Before that we ate at McDonalds’. Then when my friend came at the hobby shop I learned that he forgot to order Golden Ladybug, I was like FUCK, I need that card. He’s like you don’t. He got me my deck etc so I can’t blame him but fuck I needed that card at the tournament a lot. Ended up to side shit (Emergency Provisions) cuz I didn’t have that card. Anyway, my friends playtested a lot. Sadly, I couldn’t playtest, rly. I played a little but I wasn’t really caring and still regret it. Not that I misplayed during the tournament. I played a few and didn’t drop a game but It was nothing since neither of my friends’ deck was a bad matchup for me. Oh and I had two friends of mine who don’t play ygo anymore to come see me at the shop. We chilled for an hour or so. Ygo friends played sealed and didn’t open shit. I refused to play. Oh and we opened a lot of packs, almost a box and still didn’t get TGU. Next day 2 randoms opened last few packs we didn’t open and got 2 TGUs. SICK LIFE. So more or less, that was how my Saturday went. I slept over at last year’s national champ (Can Beyazduman) so didn’t have to pay for hotel etc. A lot of props to him. He was going to judge this years’ nats cuz he didn’t play for a while and didn’t have a real deck. I felt asleep at like 10 pm. He played lol all night, I think. I didn’t hear a thing cuz I didn’t sleep for 2 days. And he was quite anyway. Sunday, we woke up at like 10-11 am, had a breakfast and then go to the hobby shop rly fast for the tournament. At first there weren’t a lot of people. According to the players there, this years’ tournament was better cuz there were 2xparticipants than last years’ nats. I don’t remember the exact count but still it was a small tournament. 7 rounds played. Oh, I should mention that I found 1 Hope For Escape Saturday from a small kid and Sunday found another 2 from a friend who isn’t from Istanbul but Ankara. He came to play obv. He had his invite from regs tho. He finished 9[sup]th [/sup]that day . Couldn’t find Ladybugs tho. More or less, before the tournament I got to meet a lot more people so I can put faces to the nicknames from the Turkish ygo forum. And there was a guy who came from Germany to play. He run Hero.dek. I was surprised. Anyway, let’s get straight to the tournament. Round 1 vs some Randomizer shit with PWBB, Des Lacooda ( I think? ) etc. (he’s the guy who got 2[sup]nd[/sup] last year) He asked me what I’m playing and didn’t tell him before the match obv. He was surprised and worried when I played Countdown. G1 Basically I win. He couldn’t do a lot of shit. Even 3 times infernity barrier couldn’t save him. G2 He wins cuz I’ve gone through 2/3 of my deck and still didn’t get countdown. Barriers, PWWB and some shit owned me. Then I ask the judges about time. One says there’s 10 mins. Other says 25 mins. I’m like what the fuck. I wasn’t really keeping track of time. I was actually but wasn’t sure. According to my watch there were 7-8 mins left. So I side for a long time, waste time shuffling my deck, then my opponent’s. He’s worried but couldn’t do anything obv. G3 My opening hand is like 2 Metaions, 2 Lava Golem (cuz he overextends a lot obv, he did it g2) and some shit that couldn’t stop him attacking. Time was called. I was like FUCK. I can’t believe I’m gonna lose. People gather to watch. Then “head” judge says time starts from my 1[sup]st[/sup] turn and it’s counted as 1[sup]st[/sup] turn instead of turn 0. Oh okay. He had the answers. Attacked me for little damage. Had PWWB for my Metaion, I think. Didn’t overextend till his 2[sup]nd[/sup] turn. I lost. I wasn’t happy because if it was counted from turn0 I could win with Lava Golem burn etc. Then Judges don’t know how time works and they tell us if time’s called and it’s game3, it’s a draw no matter what players’ LP are. OH OKAY. Then after a big talk among them and players complaining, it was back to the normal. 0 – 1 Round 2 vs some kid who runs Dragunity Nothing to write about really. He didn’t stand a chance. He wanted to buy my deck. Lol I told him the price, he thought about it but didn’t say anything. Then offered me Gaia Dragon for it. Oh okay. 1 – 1 My friends are doing okay. There were 2 Countdowns and my friend is 1-0-1 with it. I’m 1-1. The Randomizer guy’s 2-0 which is good for me. Round 3 vs I don’t remember what exactly It was something random. I remember he didn’t even side. And I didn’t need to really. I won in like 20 mins. 2[sup]nd[/sup] match that time wasn’t called on me. I didn’t need it. Both opponents for r2 and 3, played pretty fast, passed their turn pretty fast when they saw the attack negating card. But props to my opponent for wishing me good luck, good manners considering what I was playing. Round 4 vs DW ( a guy I know) G1 I was pretty comfortable. It was like turn 18. My field’s good, so is my hand. So I think I’m gonna win. Then he won . o_o He was surprised, too. He didn’t know he was going to win by doing that. First he played Card Destruction. Then flipped Mor Jar and decked me out. Oh my yugi. G2 He flipped Decree and it’s like turn 12-14. He still lost. How? He misplayed as fuck. Metaion helped me a lot, too. I was telling him to hurry and he did. Lol I didn’t wanna time being called during this game. G3 I side for time because It was close to it. Time was called when I was like 11000 lp, he’s 8000. He had Upstart in his hand when he played Dragged down. Huh? 3 - 1 Round 5 vs some shit I didn’t get what it was I remember I won pretty easily both games. I didn’t need to side again. Props to this guy, too. He shook my hand and wished me good luck. I checked my round 1 opponent, he was 4-1. Lost to my friend playing Inzektors. And he said his matchup’s actually good. 4 – 1 Round 6 vs Rabbit (the guy who won Nats for the 2[sup]nd[/sup] time) So I’m like fuck, my worst matchup. I was still confident tho. G1 I grinded a lot. Forced Laggia and Dolkka negations. Then it’s turn 19. I have 2 cards in hand and no field. He has Dolkka with a negation and 2-3 cards in hand iirc. My hand is Fader and Waboku. I set Fader (lol) and Waboku. When it’s his turn I activate Waboku, he chains Lance thinking he won. (he drew a vanilla or had it, idr) Then I call a judge. He says according to the text, my opponent’s right. I’m like well yeah but check it out online if you don’t what I mean. Then 2[sup]nd[/sup] judge came and told us he’s gonna check it. After wasting like 5 mins there, they saw I was right. So I won. My opponent’s tilted here. G2 I played a Countdown. But that was it. He drew the nuts and I couldn’t stop him. Even with Lava Golem. He was like at 4000 because of Lava but then nut hands again. I scoop’d. I could waste time and play for a draw but I didn’t want it. Scoop’d planning to win g3. I was greedy. G3 We’re told we’re getting extra 5 mins. I’m siding for like 4 mins. Then shuffling decks for 2 mins. Time was called. Starting turn 1 with me. Lol I open attack negations, Yata-Garasu and Emergency Provisions. Then like his t2 he plays rabbit. I’m like ok. Then summons Laggia. I chain Emergency Provisions. He thinks about it for a while, then says ok. So I’m ahead there. He was forced to negate with Laggia anyway but I don’t remember what it was. I think One Day Of Peace. Then it’s his last turn and I’m still ahead. I had 2 cards left and more LP. I set an irrelevant monster again and Waboku. He plays his 2[sup]nd[/sup] MST WHICH HE OPENED. Then proceed to summon tgu for rabbit and games me. He opened Rabbit and TGU which was fine with me. But opened 2 MSTs with that and that was too much. He hit the table and was like FINALLY. He was really annoyed. After the match he’s like good matches, you have built a good deck etc. lolll He was really relieved. A lot of people were like woah. That was the only match left so a lot of people were watching. Well, thank you based yugi for this experience. 4 – 2 So I’m like fuck. Round 7 vs a good friend Good friend who doesn’t play really srsly. He has a regs win this year tho. Loll Wish I saw him play competitive all the time. A friend who got an invite in case he wanted to go to Milano. So I win. 5 – 2 There were a lot of 5-2s. Friends thought I’m going to top. Oh btw top 12 got invites. Then standings were out. I was 8[sup]th[/sup]. Lol Top 8 was going to be played. Top’d decks were Chaos Dragons, Hero, LSS, 2 Inzektors, GK, Rabbit. So my friends are like you should win this tournament. And they’re like you’re gonna play Inzektors in top 8. They’re like win this etc BUT little did I know based yugi’s playing tricks with me all day Top 8 vs Inzektors (a friend actually) G1 I play countdown and win pretty easily. People watching are like FC is a lot of “fun” to watch. Esp this matchup.. Oh and I heavy’d 4 backrows. There were like 1 Warning and 1 SJ. I knew Warning was there and I wanted to waste it for a reason. But he didn’t SJ my heavy. I was surprised. Thought about it but didn’t. G2 I know he’s siding Trap Stun instead of Decrees. And since he’s a friend I told him to main Roar (since he doesn’t have 2 Safe Zones but only one) and side Messenged Of Peace. He didn’t. Anyway, I’m grinding all match. Made him waste all his Trap Stuns to push. He didn’t win with those pushes, of course. Such a trickster etc. Then it’s like turn 20. His turn. Since I was grinding all match to waste those Trap stuns etc. I was low in resources. I had 2 negations but that was it. Didn’t have a hand trap. I set them since I think he had 1 mst left. He mst’d one. Then his turn, I activate the other one but he had SJ. So I lost in turn 20 to MST and SJ. And he wasn’t saving MSTs vs me. He doesn’t save MSTS vs any matchup, sadly. He just drew it last turn, I think. Anyway, I’m still okay, I’m like it happens. Let’s get straight to game 3. G3 I’m confident at first. I play it out well. But then he resolves SJ and Warning. I’m like FUCK. And he didn’t realize it was good for him actually. He wasn’t thinking about Hope at all. He wasted some MSTs and Trap Stuns iirc. But I’m getting low in resources. Then it’s turn 17. I have Hope for Escape and Scarecrow. He’s at 2500. I was at 6000, I think. There wasn’t a way to let him attack and make Hope live. Not to mention he was attacking in random order most of the time thinking it doesn’t matter. So I set Hope anyway. His turn I’m forced to Scarecrow. Then it’s my turn and it’s turn 19. I’m like COME ON inside. My deck is full of outs. 95% of my decks is good right now. But then I draw another Hope for Escape. I’m like fuck, I lose. WHAT THE SHIT etc. Then I set it and pass. Everyone watching’s like it’s turn 20 and it’s over cuz I have 2 sets. Then I look at my opponent for a long time, playing around etc. He doesn’t know what to do at all. He’s worried obv cuz he’s gonna lose, last turn etc. That turn took like 4-5 mins. Loll And he MST’d my newest set. Why? I don’t know. Like I’m not gonna chain it if I was winning with that. He saw Hope. Then he’s still worried. And took like a lot of time to declare attack. When I showed him my set he was relieved. Everyone laughed to what just happened. He lost in the final to Rabbit. Rabbit player misplayed all day. But still, congrats to him! I know him, too. He didn’t chain lance to BoM targeting snowman (which was in atk pos) so he can Guaiba and then get an Evolzar. And played TGU while he had SIM out. His round 1 match he summoned Rabbit and then realized he didn’t have any targets left (vs my friend playing GK who topped, too). Anyway, that’s what Nats was for me, more or less. Scrubbed but got my invite to EC. First live tournament for 2-3 years. I guess it’s fine? I’m not happy with this. At all. My last tournament, BG Nats I got 9nd. Screw this shit, I’m going home. Props My friend who’s Splatt here for telling me it’s okay if I don’t pay him now My friend who got 9th giving me 2xHope, life saver Theryoh-ing of master duelists and giving opinions about the deck on aim Meeting friends Sleeping over at last years’ nat champ, props to him a lot (Saturday) Sleeping over at this years’ nat champ cuz I missed my bus, props to him (Sunday) GK friend topping Inzektor friend playing in the final even though he beat me, wanted him to win Props to all of the people I’ve met for the first time, not gonna point out names cuz I’ll forget someone for sure Slops How retarded my losses were My good friend missing to get his invite A good friend who scoop’d twice to teammates since he had his invite and that cost him topping; he didn’t lost a single match (had draws); he was the other guy playing FC; his list was diff than mine tho NOT WINNING Oh decklist was generic more or less, played 7 monsters tho, 3 faders 3 crows 1 metaion mained; and had 1 yata-garasu mained; I don't really wanna post it cuz it was changed after a lot of theoryoh-in of master duelists and it's possible their gonna play it and I don't wanna ruin that after mentioning it. If I remember something else, I’ll edit this; Now I'll try to make a new deck and go to Milano for EC.