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Found 2 results

  1. Been trying to perfect worms over the past few weeks, managed to day 2 at Philly and get 21st at ARG DC but felt the deck still had some major consistency issues. I ended up replacing Rank-Up Magic the Seventh One with a cardcar and adding back Offerings to the Snake Deity. Can't remember the details of some matches, but I have the gist of them. The following was my build:       [Round 1] [Worm vs Constellar Artifact]   Game 1: I lose the die roll, opponent goes into first turn Pleiades. He runs it into a d-prison, and doesn't have many plays from there. Game 2: Late game I manage to set up my board with a King of the Feral Imps and a Cairngorgon. He goes to ignition his own backrow on my turn, and I use Cairngorgon to target the bottomless he dualitied. He picks my card up and reads it, and goes "Fooook, I scoop". Current record: 1-0   [Round 2] [Worm vs Pile of Cards]   This dude was playing some variant of Chaos Dragon I guess, with like 3 enemy controllers and some weird monsters I've never seen used. He made some synchro plays with the lvl 4 light and dark dragons, but essentially my monsters just easily answered his with backrow to follow.   Game 1: Won Game 2: Won     Current record: 2-0   [Round 3] [Worm vs Sylvan]   Game 1: I notice this guy is playing all 4 dragon rulers. Luckily I never got lonefire soulcharged all match, and a late game nebula wins me game 1. Game 2: Long grind with me putting him at 200 lp with Heartlanddraco. He somehow comes back and manages to summon three dragon rulers to push for game. Game 3: Had the maxx C for his early push, answer his big monsters with breakthroughs and somehow win from there.     Current record: 3-0   [Round 4] [Worm vs Traptrix Ninja]   I was engrossed in the corner of the store reading some bestiary book of a game I've never seen before, and the round starts without me. I arrive 6 minutes late getting a game loss.   Game 1: I get to go first, and just start farming cartaros while answering his monsters. He just starts setting upstart ninjas, and I win from the +1 advantage every turn. Game 2: He opens by pitching off upstart ninja, and I chain maxx. He lets me draw 2, and I just dark hole him and win easily. Current record: 4-0   [Round 5] [Worm vs Geargia]   Game 1: I lose the die roll and he opens with set a armor and 4 backrow. I go first turn cardcar and set an offering to the snake deity and breakthrough, but he warnings my xex next turn and otks. Game 2: I open with cartaros set 5, and on his endphase I flip triple nebula meteorite and he scoops it up.   Game 3: He doesn't open many monsters and I just answer his arsenal with bottomless, and win from there.    Current record: 5-0   [Round 6] [Worm vs Infernity]   Game 1: Won. Game 2: Have the maxx C for his first turn combo, he lets me draw 3 and his end board is subpar enough for me to grind him out with traps and a late-game rivalry.    Current record: 6-0   [Round 7] [Worm vs Geargia]   Game 1: I lose the die roll and he sets an armor and 2 backrow. Has the geargiagear on my endphase and the wiretap for my torrential, I lose from there. Game 2: I open one of the worst hand possible with worms, with 2 yagans, 2 xex, cataros, wiretap. I go set yagan wiretap pass. He sets 4 and has the double geargiagear, and just otks me his next turn.    Current record: 6-1     [Round 8] [Worm vs HAT] Was somewhat on tilt because I just lost 0-2 and my opponent is also asian, and he seems pretty good even though he is playing on holographic anime sleeves.   Game 1: Worms just have a pretty good matchup against hat, and I grind him out with cartaros and eventually draw into the nebula. Game 2: I don't draw into very many monsters, and he just starts beating me down with a 101. Ended up filling my backrow too, so I couldn't play the duality I drew into. Eventually he tries to push for game with a call of the haunted on ice hand after attacking with 101, and I manage to answer it with cl1 breakthrough cl2 torrential cl3 second breakthrough. Draw into a cartaros with a nebula set and win from there.    Current record: 7-1   [Round 9] [Worm vs Evol] Apparently there were rumors going around of a really good evol player that day, and I ended up getting paired with him at table 3 in the final round. Since I played evols for a while I didn't have to read his cards, which was probably an advantage I had over the people he beat.   Game 1: As soon as I won the die roll I was feeling pretty confident, open up with a myrmeleo and some backrow. He goes to set westlo 5 backrow, and I just dark hole on my turn. He doesnt draw into relevant monsters and loses. Game 2: I resolve a nebula early game, but he dark holes me and somehow manages to outgrind me.   Game 3: I open up all monsters and start to curse my deck, but my 6th card is the fuckin nebula and I go xex + yagan set pass. He's looking pretty happy when he searches out a najasho with diversity, but when he goes to set it I flip the nebula and bounce it to hand with yagan. He debates setting a backrow, but just passes and I +2 and special King. On my turn I just make King of the Feral Imps and otk him with kagetokage.    Final record: 8-1   Wound up placing 4th, which I'm happy with because I finally won the deck box I missed by 1 place the last time. Sold the mat to someone I know for $50 on the spot, but my friend who also made top 8 sold his for $40 + a XYZ Symphony mat worth 100. Salt.   Slops: -Worst, most uncomfortable regionals location -Game loss for showing up late AGAIN -No one was selling drugs   Props: -Back to back regional top 8's -Got the deck box -Topped with my favorite deck -Two of my friends top 16'ed
  2. Took Evilswarms to Garden City regionals in MI, exact build I used at the ARG Circuit except I swapped deck dev for a twister in the side deck. Could not get my hands on a 6th sense before the tourney started, which sucked but it was alright because nobody flipped 6th sense on me all day. 340 people total, crowded and stuffy as all hell seriously my least favorite event location. Carpooled with 4 people in the backseat, 2.5 hr ride shit was rough I'm tired as hell. This regs did not even feel like a konami event lol most of the players were garbage and I played vs 6 rogue decks and only 2 dragons. I ended up getting 5th which sucks I really wanted the deckbox but  I'm okay with it I just wanted to get my invite out of the way.    [Round 1] [Evilswarm vs Blackwings] I was doing wager matches vs my friend's blackwings for hours the night before and was pretty familiar with the matchup. My opponent looks at the matchslip and asks me if I was the one that got 2nd at the ARG circuit with evilswarms, I told him I was playing dragons and didn't know what the circuit was. Both robbie khol and my friend were sitting next to me and knew what I was playing, and it was pretty funny. Game 1: Won I won die roll, overpowered him with good cards. Game 2: Won He opened TRIPLE WHIRLWIND bora on me with no backrow, I take his bora with bahamut and swing with both. Next turn he clears my board and summons Armades on me, I endphase mst an icarus (lol)? I top a kerykeion and go into 2nd bahamut for game.    Current record: 1-0   [Round 2] [Evilswarm vs Madolche] I ended up sitting next to my friend playing hieratics who just beat madolches round 1, and this round both of our opponents were playing Madolches LOL. Game 1: Won I won die roll, easily beat him with msts. Game 2: Won He pitches maxx C and banishes it with hootcake, I chain warning. He uses ticket to add anther hootcake to hand, uses double summon. Awkward times ensue when he realizes he banished his only monster in grave already and has no followup.    Current record: 2-0   [Round 3] [Evilswarm vs Evilswarm] Pretty much one of my least favorite mirrors, but my main and side are pretty well suited for it. Game 1: Won I won die roll, open ophion set 2. He opens bahamut, I flip safe zone on my ophion and win from there. Game 2: Won He opens ophion, I open bahamut and take it. Next turn he uses bahamut to take my bahamut and then the ophion. On my next turn I summon 2nd bahamut to steal his bahamut and then the ophion, and he scoops.    Current record: 3-0   [Round 4] [Evilswarm vs Inzektor] I've had a deep hatred for inzektors ever since the format everthing was at 3, because fuck that overpowered shit. Game 1: Won He wins die roll, dumps hornet off Armageddon knight and makes lavalval chain somehow to put dragonfly to top of deck. I beat over chain with helio, and torrential dragonfly on his turn. From then out he doesn't draw into inzektors, and I just beat him down. Game 2: Lost He opens Centipede ladybug and searches sword. I hit him with an overworked that doesn't do much and he otks me with dragonfly gigamantis.   Game 3: Won I open thunderbird set 3, he blind spaces my macro cosmos. I bottomless his centipede and just win with beaters.    Current record: 4-0   [Round 5] [Evilswarm vs Spellbook] Probably the matchup I was worried about most, hadn't played vs spellbooks in tournament for months. Game 1: Won He opens justice to search secrets and priestess. I open rabbit with kerk and hit him with a lot of damage early on, he ends up losing to ophion with pandemic. Game 2: Won He opens crescent into tower, normals kycoo and sets 3. I open ass also and run over kycoo with helio, and mst his tower on his turn. Then I normal another helio and keep beating him down, then get my cowboy fiendished. Next turn I top and mst and chain it to cowboy for game.   Current record: 5-0   [Round 6] [Evilswarm vs Dragon Ruler] First meta matchup all day, I was feeling pretty confident about it. Game 1: Won I think I win the die roll and win with an Ophion open. Can't remember much from games 2 and 3.   Current record: 6-0   [Round 7] [Evilswarm vs Jurracs] I get paired down to someone who is x-0-1 playing Jurracs have no idea how the deck works but figure it out pretty quickly, then proceed to LOSE TO JURRACS. Felt shitty, but I didn't feel too bad because it was pretty much a natural counter to my deck the way he played it with 3x lance, shrink, and dress. Game 1: Lost I lose to guaiba and can't get over laggia. Game 2: Won He sided into decree I think, or else he mained it. I control with infection and ketos, popping his cards and making sure I have no monsters on field whenever he attacks. Late game I diamond dire to set up my grave to drop DAD, and win from there.   Game 3: Lost I held much of the advantage early game, he hits my infection with mst leaving me with a field of maestroke and a live kerykeion on field to his two cards set and none in hand. He tops a monster that lets him summon guaiba from grave, and attacks over kerykeion going into dolkka. I top thunder king and then DAD, and he tops monsters to go into laggia.   Current record: 6-1   [Round 8] [Evilswarm vs Madolche] Madolches are somehow all over the top tables I didn't mind too much but madolches can go off and it's not a matchup I'm 100% confident about. Game 1: Won I win die roll, hit his duality with a refpanel game 1. The first and last time I resolve a refpanel all day. I win from my advantage basically. Game 2: Lost I didn't draw into msts, and he gains heavy advantage with ticket and field spell. I scoop it up when I have 2 cards to his 7+.   Game 3: Won I'm able to control early game with soul drain. He pitches maxx C and banishes it with hootcake, I chain maxx and he goes off to put me down to 900 life points. On my turn I go into king of the feral imps + blackship (to get over zenmaines) with infection set, search out azzathoth and swap for kerykeion. On his turn a monster and passes, I bounce it with ouroboros and attack for game.   Current record: 7-1   [Round 9] [Evilswarm vs Dragon Ruler (Parker Roberson)] I had no idea who Parker was going into this round, or about his stacking business but someone next to me told me he topped a ycs and lots of regionals so I knew he wouldn't be terribad I guess. Was kind of a dick after I won, implying my deck was terribad or something and some other salty shit. Game 1: Won I lose die roll, he opens dracosack with field spell. I don't open an out but I make ophion to search infection, then upstart into a safe zone. I chain safe zone to dracosack next turn, and topdeck a dress to beat over it and he scoops it up. Game 2: Lost He encores my ophion and flips return on his 2nd turn for game.   Game 3: Won I open up something like iron wall, allure, gozen, soul drain, warning with no monsters. Chain soul drain to his 7star, I warning his black rose after he msts my gozen and he hits me for 2800 with blaster. Next turn I top a castor and he flips skill drain. I activate allure and chain iron wall, and he rageki breaks it I think. I'm down in life but I take a risk and just twister his skill drain and pass. He has no grave setup and sets 6th sense and passes, I endphase mst it. On my next turn I top a mandragora and summon both, making him scoop with no outs to Ophion.   Final record: 8-1   I probably missed top 4 because I lost after getting paired down, really wanted the deckbox so it was kind of disappointing but I was happy with top 8. Really weird experience playing vs basically only rogue decks at a regional, and like I said the players weren't exceptional.    Props: -Top 8 -Didn't get 6th sense resolved on me -Beat that cheater Roberson -Didn't go into time -Two of my friends top 16'ed   Slops: -Worst most uncomfortable regionals location -Dead refpanel every match -Lost to JURRACS