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Found 2 results

  1. Kizumonogatari

    http://www.kizumonogatari-movie.com/   This is legit, it got posted on the official Monogatari website, and the site is registered to someone related to sonymusic and aniplex.   The countdown on this seems to be counting down to finish at roughly the release of Owarimonogatari.   Is the wait finally over?   Also, there's a Hanekawa ascii in the site source code!
  2. Zefra Yang Zing

    I've recelntly started playing Zefra Yang Zing after stumbling over some results from Local Legend Tourneys. The deck apparently did well at some of these events and so it got me interested. I had wanted to play Yang Zing ever since the deck came out but figured it was too expensive for what it (or rather) I was capable of doing. Now the cards are cheap and the Zefra build gives option to a) play more active (less reactive) and b) use the pendulum mechanic, which I really enjoy.   My decklist:     [spoiler] 2 Bian 2 Bixi 3 Chiwen 3 Zefrathuban 3 Jiaotu 2 Suanni 3 Zefraxiton 3 Zefraniu 3 Zefraxi 2 Maxx "C" 3 Chicken Game 2 Dark Hole 3 Oracle 2 Path 3 Terraforming 1 Divine Strike [/spoiler]   I want to go though the decklist and explain some of the cards and combinations.   ~The Yang Zings~ The only really important card here is Jiaotu. Basically all other YZ are mainly just Jiaotu fodder or Jiaotu tutors. You do not play the floating game here in the way that you let you opponent destroy your YZ and ss the ones you need to make huge synchro after some turns of grinding. You want to resolve Jiaotu or synchro with Jiaotu and an already on board Zefraniu into Baxia. Baxia is what the deck does. Baxia is your advantage machine, your win-condition and what makes the deck.   ~The Zefras~ I play all of the YZ Zefras as well as the Tellar Zefras. The YZ Zefras both serve triple purposes - one far more than the other, but still. Zefraxi is mostly Jiaotu fodder as well as scale. Its effect to make another YZ/Zefra a tuner can come in handy but is not the reason why I play it. Neither is the level, nor the attribute. It's decent but also a sometimes unpleasant necessity. Zefraniu on the other hand is alsmost broken in this deck. Its the second most important card of the main deck after Jiaotu, because these two make Baxia. In addition, he is scale (but only on rare occasions, which you actually want to avoid), he is a 2600 wall, but most of all he searches half of your deck. The ability to search spells and traps, which then search other Zefras, recycle, or come in as a Barrier-like card is just superb. It's super easy to resolve and gives you speed and consistency. The Tellars on the other hand are mostly scales. Their effects are OK, if you are in a good position already, but wont forward your game much. You need to play them, but hate hands of too many of them.   ~The Support~ The support consists of Dark Hole, Path, Oracle and Divine Strike. While the first three help you to go through your deck and get your setup, the last is there to enable you to retain your setup. They are searchable (exept Dark Hole). Oracle also has great interaction with the draw engine of the deck. I am currently not willing to pay 50 or more for Eccentricks. Would play them, though.   ~The Draw Engine~ I play three of each Oracle, Chicken Game and Terraforming. It's pretty standard by now to include Chicken Game and Terraforming into almost everything that runs fieldspells, but here it's particularly great. That is because Oracle is opt. Therefore hand of Oracle and Terraforming or multiple Teraformings would be super bad without Chicken Game. But with the card, you can first search and use Chicken Game and after that use Oracle and search, while also denying your opponent the search eff.   ~What You Do~ The main combo the deck is the by now well known triple Baxia Combo which needs 1 Jiaotu, 2 YZ and to matching scales in hand. You don't have that too often. Anyway, here it is once again: [spoiler]Jiaotu eff, discard 2, ss Zefraniu and other YZ. Synch for Baxia. Use Baxia eff to destroy the other YZ summoned with Jiaotu, ss Jiaotu and another Zefraniu. Set up scales and ss back the two Zefranius, search Divine Strike. Use 2nd Baxia eff to destroy a card other than Zefraniu and summon back Jiaotu. Make 3rd Baxia and repeat the last step to finally summon Void Ogre Dragon. Overlay two Baxias for Felgrand and set Divine Strike. You now have field of Void Ogre, Baxia, Felgrand and Divine Strike with no cards in hand.[/spoiler] In other games you mostly play the pendulum game and try to out-advantage your opp with Baxia summons, Tellar effs, Paths, Trish or lock them out with Chaofeng. Another wonderful play is the Baxia/Herald lock perfectly executed by Jeff Jones during yesterdays finals of ARG Indy. Baxia can re-summon Herald from grave with his eff and once you have double Herald your opponent will have a hard time doing anything.   ~What You Dislike~ Of course this deck hates Fire Lake, Winda and to a certain extend Unicore. For Towers you side Star Eater or Armory Arm. For Winda you can side in a Taotie. Fire Lake is pretty devastating when it resolved and you don't have a YZ immune to traps or floaters.