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Found 3 results

  1. A:So I was wondering if my opponent has a face-up Imperial Iron Wall that has been up from previous turns, can I still activate Thunderbird's eff even if I cannot banish? As in would it just resolve without it being removed?   B: If A ends up being possible; Can I activate Thunderbird's effect and then chain MST to Imperial Iron Wall so that when Thunderbird resolves it gets removed?    Thanks in advance. 
  2. So I had a situation come up on Dueling Network today.   My opponent summoned Inzektor Dragonfly and attached Hornet to it. I then used compulse to bounce the Dragonfly. He then activated MST to destroy Hornet. Will Dragonfly's effect happen?   Basically...does dragonfly have to be face up on the field to resolve?
  3. Pretty sure this ruling is well-known as Inzektors have been used heavily in events, but I couldn't find anything solid online about it. Scenario:[list] [*]An Inzektor uses its effect to equip Hornet. [*]MST is used to destroy Hornet in response to the resolution of the equip effect. [*]Does Dragonfly/Centipede still get its effect? [/list] I always assumed yes, but have heard some people saying it doesn't (like "Hornet isn't fully equipped yet" or smth). A clear explanation on the mechanics of this would be greatly appreciated