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Found 2 results

  1. Classic Hero Beat Deck

    So I've been running Hero Beat for 4 months now and I've gotten to a point where I've started to try out new techs and different monster combinations. As for my tourney record, I haven't been doing to well. I've constantly been going 3-2 or 2-2 and I've always failed to top -.- I've tried bubble beat, Joe Giorlando's Hero Drain, and other builds but I'm just not getting the satisfaction i need. I'm looking forward to all and any of your suggestions. Thx! Monsters: 12 1x Crusader of Endymion 2x Effect Veiler 3x Elemental Hero - Neos Alius 1x Elemental Hero - Stratos 1x Gorz, Emissary of Darkness 1x Honest 1x Evocator Chevalier 2x Thunder King Rai-Oh Spells: 19 3x Miracle Fusion 3x Pot of Duality 3x Gemini Spark 2x E - Emergency Call 1x Reinforcement of the Army 1x Book of Moon 1x Dark Hole 1x Monster Reborn 1x Heavy Storm 2x Mystical space Typhoon 1x Super Polymerization Traps: 9 1x Compulsory Evacuation Device 1x Solemn Judgment 2x Solemn Warning 2x Torrential Tribute 1x Hero Blast 2x Dimensional prison Side: 15 2x D.D. Crow 2x Snowman Eater 2x Cyber Dragon 2x Forbidden Chalice 2x Smashing Ground 1x Super Polymerization 2x Bottomless Traphole 2x Shadow Imprisoning Mirror 2x Skill Drain
  2. miracle gemini

    [size=3]Alright this is my first post so if i screw something up go ahead and tell me, now that thats out of the way lets start with the deck[/size] [size=3]I have played this deck for awhile now and its very good, no bad matchups and a great plant matchup. this deck does great at locals (even though this isn't a great accomplishment) and regionals.[/size] [size=3]Monsters: 14[/size] [size=3]1x Elemental HERO Stratos[/size] [size=3]3x Elemental HERO Alius[/size] [size=3]1x Evocator Chevalier[/size] [size=3]3x Thunder King Rai-oh[/size] [size=3]1x Cyber Dragon[/size] [size=3]1x Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness[/size] [size=3]1x Honest[/size] [size=3]2x Effect Veiler[/size] [size=3]1x Maxx "C"[/size] [size=3]Spells: 17[/size] [size=3]2x E - Emergency Call[/size] [size=3]1x Reinforcement of the Army[/size] [size=3]3x Pot of Duality[/size] [size=3]3x Gemini Spark[/size] [size=3]3x Miracle Fusion[/size] [size=3]2x Mystical Space Typhoon[/size] [size=3]1x Heavy Storm[/size] [size=3]1x Dark Hole[/size] [size=3]1x Monster Reborn[/size] [size=3]Traps: 9[/size] [size=3]2x Solemn Warning[/size] [size=3]2x Bottomless Trap Hole[/size] [size=3]1x Dimensional Prison[/size] [size=3]1x Compulsory Evacuation Device[/size] [size=3]1x Torrential Tribute[/size] [size=3]1x Trap Dustshoot[/size] [size=3]1x Solemn Judgment[/size] [size=3]so reasons for some cards:[/size] [size=3]- I plan on putting maxx "C" up to 2 once my friend who is borrowing them returns to my locals, two veilers has been very good so far so i plan on running 2-2[/size] [size=3]- I run Evocator because imo nova master is the second best fusion, it also makes spark more live and crashing it into thunder king is never bad[/size] [size=3]- Cyber dragon is great against opposing thunder kings, great with maxx "c", +1 out to zenmaines, and allows me to put pressure on my opponent when necessary[/size] [size=3]- Gorz just wins games on his own, i find him completely necessary[/size] [size=3]- The trap line-up is very different than a normal miracle gemini line-up, prison > mirror I think you all can agree on that, compulse is an instant out to synchs and XYZ's of course, but it also allows me to go for game (I bounce their random monster and attack for game all the time), bottomless and warning are both broken together.[/size] [size=3]and thats it[/size]