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Found 1 result

  1. Aw Herro   Ore wa Dominic Ho Desu   I made sacked my way into top 4 at Oceanics. I'm going to skip some of swiss because I legit cannot remember what happened except going X-0 until round 6 against Qli (Piloted by Spadaro 3), getting deckchecked and bricking like there's no tomorrow in round 7 both games (Nekroz) as well as winning my 8th round against another guy on the bubble. Luckily, I was playing up in Round 7 and yeah. I was 12th by round 8 and thank you tiebreakers.   Just before round 1 of swiss, I ate a bagel. It had poppy seeds. I'd post a pic of it but it's just a bagel with a poppy seeds. Tasted ordinary.   Swiss: Round 1 Nekroz: 2-1 I lost 2-0 to this guy at Nationals (but it was k because I losing to this guy only puts me on the bubble) but basically I won because I don't even remember any details and I 2-1'd him   Round 2 Rouge: 2-0 He bricked both games because he played a bajillion hands and opened 3 fires. I pretty much meme'd him out of both games, and I think I tasted salt. After the match I got a V from my hotel room and drank it. I'd like to think it helped.    Round 3 Volcanics: 2-0 He Scattershot me for 2 early on. I fiendished all his Firestorm guards then rhapsody'd his scattershot and that was game 1. Game 2 I opened a Soul drain early and that pretty much shut down half his engine. I sided in veilers to jam it into his Firestorm guards.   Round 4 Qli: 2-0 I played optimally, won. He also owned 0 lose 1 turns.   I know I played YGO here for round 5 but I don't recall details. I think it was Nekroz. I meme'd on him and won the matche and whatnot   Round 6: Qli 1-2 I don't really recall what happened on my end but I think I pretty much got floodgated out of the game with 3 MSTs and 2 Typhoons. We're talking about one of Oceania's best players anyway, so I was okay losing this. For more details click here   Round 7 Nekroz: 0-2 I got deck checked and I bricked like there was no tomorrow. All I can recall was Opening 2 COTH, a Soul charge and other horrible cards game 1 and awful game 2. So yeah, no room for error from this point. I was also playing up so it was k.   Round 8 Nekroz: 2-1 He was a bit annoyed I kept repeating public knowledge and even told me that he's not obliged to reveal information when I'm trying to confirm and stuff but it was okay because I didn't let him play YGO game 3. I was on the bubble but it was k because I played up last match and it made me to king of all X-2's.   Top 16 Nekroz from round 7 grudge match: 2-1 While we were still shuffling, he told me "I hope you brick" and I was like "weow dick move mate". Game 1 he misplayed with a Book of Eclipse and I punished him for it by killing him. Game 2 he won because I don't even recall what happened. Game 3 I opened TKRO at my 5th card, summoned it and prayed he didn't climb over it with a Kleido Unicore, dark hole, book of eclipse or fire hand. But it was okay because my Ulti Raioh pretty much made that guys "5 searchers" hand into 5 card "legoland" (brick city). So I normal'd summon Altairs (aka 1700 vanilla) and proceeded to chip away his precious life points, praying I don't get djinnlockv2 (setting a djinn) out of the game. But anyway he scooped because karma ripped him a new one from telling me to brick in top 16. I heard he was salty but to be fair that was anything but a good game. I'd be annoyed too if something like that happened to me. In other words, I just got handed a trophy for skillfully letting the guy cut me a TKRO as the 5th card. okay.jpg   Top 16 Nekroz: 2-1 I was boarderline in tears for winning this. I would have been okay if I lost to him, because I knew he was a beast with Nekroz deck. Game 1 I think I harrassed him out of the game with a Triverr. Game 2 he just tore me a new one. Game 3 was pretty much game 1, but then I made a Rhongo Bongo and just went ham because why not. I was planning to make a Trivver very late in the game when I realized both my Trivers where used - One was dead and the other one was looking dead at me in the face from the board (that smug little memelord) so I made nothing and went ham with altairs and denebs. In the event he set a hand next turn (Rohmygod was down to 3 materials), I somehow managed to rip my Warning, set it and from there I knew I had this. His next set was a manju so yeah, another topdeck win :/   Top 8 Nekroz: 0-2 Game 1 I bricked. Game 2 I brick AND I GOT Giant Handed. I lost with style. People were telling me I did a good job and that I lost to a $1200 card, but in reality, I felt bad for letting the Queenslanders down. Sorry, but Karma finally caught up to me for being a dick to people, especially Gavin and Jye (I dislike Jye because he RQ'd to Rank Up bujins with max power geargia+salt but more importantly disrespected a few people, especially my close friend Carl.)   I ended up going into top 4 at Oceanics, arguably the best Helmet player in Oceania and best lucker QLD.    Oh yeah, the pile of cards I topped with. Rightyo.   FAQ: >How did Honest work out? It's not a bad "get out of Jail free card" if you're planning to brute force your way out of Djinn lock as well as Winda. I didn't play any Mirrors not Dolls at Oceanics, but at Nationals this card made some sick DPS on people. Honorable mention to the guy who tried to climb over a TKRO in swiss at Nationals by going straight into Unicore and just getting punched in the nuts by an honest - Yea... no.   >Y u no 3 mind crush Because it bricks, horrible card to top when you're behind and because my other 1 is a common. I played with 1 CP and 1 ultra because I blew my money on Super 1st ROTAs, Ultra 1st MSTs, Super French Upstarts, Super 1st Geman chains, ulti 1st german warning, super 1st Spanish (I think, cbf checking) Raigeki, ghost 1st honests and also alcohol.   >Y no compulse or BOM Because I don't own a super italian BOM and Compulse does little against decks that don't really special summon from Extra.    >Walk me through side deck 2 Veiler to mess up Manju Senju, Kycoo for Infernoids as well as Nekroz, Dark hole to clear the board for Kycoo and Nekroz, Twister for floodgates and mirror, Black horn for Mirror, IIW as Decree-able Kycoo, SIM for Dolls (I actually don't think I needed this, but it's k because it was DT) and Soul drain for hands and dolls.   >What could you have done better? played better, meme'd harder and not brick (Also, be Jeffery Chan)   Pros: -I got to see Jye not make top cut in either events after paying for flights and accommodation. -I topped Oceanics. 1st time Oceanics. -All QLD players who made top cut are going home as Heroes with Trophies. Fun fact - We all played different decks and are of different ethnicity -I have a trophy saying that I'm a sad nerd and that I'm not god-awful at YGO -We realized Klays = best brown player in Oceania -I have this Ascension sky dragon card which does nothing at all but sit there like a overweight panda chewing on bamboo and this El-doll annoyotron mat which is rarer (as 8th of June) than my Spellground -I got fried chicken and it was cheaper than it was in QLD -Nobody was judging me when I was watching le pr0nz on the plane to melb -shook hands with great players that I've heard of in AUS and had them sign my blank mat -I woke up this morning and realized I'm not Jye -I didn't have to deal with Gavin   Cons: -IF I LOST TOP 8 TO HAYDEN I COULD HAVE MADE IT TO KFC BUT IT WAS CLOSED BY THE TIME I LOST TOP 4 -someone didn't pay for the taxi to gg's on day 1 so was down 5 dorra before Nationals even started -Trophy too heavy, asked Taxi guy to put it into the boot (it was in my suitcase at the time) and he told me I shouldn't have packed so many things and I was like :/ -I could have made potato gems but I forgot to buy foil so I wasted like $3 and potatoes -I ordered a bag weeks ago off ebay for this event because I needed a new one and it never came after 3 weeks. it's still not here as of today -I miss Carl. -I'm still unemployed with a Master's degree -I'm still terrible with topic tags   Much love, Dominic "Kirito-kun" Ho