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Found 14 results

  1. New format HAT

        Monsters (21)   Traptrix Myrmello x3 Traptrix Dionaea x2 Nekroz of Unicore x3 Nekroz of Clausolas x3 Heroic Challenger - Assault Halberd x3 Heroic Challenger - Thousand Blades Juragedo x2 Kagetokage Maxx C x2 Thunder King Rai-Oh   Spells (9)   Preparation of Rites Raigeki Nekroz Mirror  Nekroz Kaleidoscope x3 Reinforcement of the Army x3   Traps (10)   Vanity's Emptiness Solemn Warning Bottomless Trap Hole Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare x2 Fiendish Chain x3 Mirror Force x2   Extra Deck    Number 80: Rhapsody of Berserk Gagaga Samurai Gagaga Cowboy Number 82: Heartlandraco King of the Feral Imps Castel, the Sky Musketeer x2 Abyss Dweller Evilswarm Exciton Knight Number 101: Silent Honour ARK Number 103: Ragnazero Diamond Dire Wolf Herald of the Arc Light x3           So this deck is a rnk4 deck which focuses on abusing floaters and making advantage         Nekroz Engine         This is in the deck for a couple reasons, Kaleido into Unicore is a strong turn 1 play as well as once you hit that combo then you have a stream of Unicore Floaters which can be used for rnk4s or beat sticks which can be pretty strong, Unicore on its own is pretty tough for some decks to deal with   The only negative with using nekroz monsters is that it can be pretty inconsistent at times when you open up a ritual spell but nothing else so its a 2 card combo     Traptrix Engine        Even now about the Traptrix engine is still pretty strong, and Nightmare hole is very nice against some decks like nekroz and satella       Only downside to the engine is drawing Dionaea before Myrm     Heroic Engine        Assault Halberd is really nice for its recruiting effect and its not that hard to get it off when you draw into it as there arent many trap heavy decks, Thousand Blades is nice to search for through Halberd as it leads to lots of free rnk4s but you normally wouldn't want to search it off rota cus its a dead normal summon normally, although it does work well with Kage, Unicore, Halberd and Mirror.      1 Kage      Often I would find myself left with 2 lvl 4s on the field and nothing to do with them so I added in Feral Imp rnk4 and a Kage which isnt awful, often I'll make plays like ss Halberd and another lvl4 for example Myrm getting the Trap Hole search, attacking with both searching a Thousand Blades then going into Feral Imp and searching Kage which gives me plays for next turn and just gives me advantage although obviously there are many variants of this play     No MST    This deck is rogue, so I don't want to risk opening with a dead card as well as the main deck space is very packed as it is           Overall this deck definitely isnt taking any big tournaments but it could definitely have some potential at regionals. It has a good matchup against Nekroz, rogue and Satella, its alright against Qli and Shaddoll, but terrible against BA which obviously limits its competitive potential but I made this more for fun anyways which it is very fun just racking up the advantage as well as when your opponent is surprised at seeing the nekroz cards alongside the other monsters   I'd love to hear any questions or improvements I could make :)
  2. DN Grind Nekroz

    Visual Decklist: [spoiler]  [/spoiler] Written Decklist: [spoiler]   Main Deck:   1x Dance Princess of the Nekroz 1x Exa, Enforcer of the Nekroz 1x Great Sorcerer of the Nekroz 3x Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands 3x Senju o the Ten Thousand Hands 1x Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz 2x Nekroz of Brionac 1x Nekroz of Catastor 2x Nekroz of Clausolas 1x Nekroz of Decisive Armour 1x Nekroz of Gungnir 1x Nekroz of Trishula 3x Nekroz of Unicore 3x Nekroz of Valkyrus   3x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Nekroz Cycle 2x Nekroz Mirror 3x Nekroz Kaleidoscope 1x Preparation of Rites 1x Raigeki 3x Reinforcement of the Army   1x Torrential Tribute 1x Vanity's Emptiness   Extra Deck: 2x Herald of Arc Light 1x Shooting Quasar Dragon 1x Star Eater 1x Shooting Star Dragon 1x Trishula, Dragon of the Ice barrier 1x Castel 1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Daigusto Emeral 1x Xyz Rebellion Dragon 1x Rhapsody in Beserk 1x Planetellarknight Ptolemaeus 1x Constellarknight Diamond   Side Deck: 2x Fire Hand 2x Ice Hand 2x Denko Sekka 2x Shared Ride 2x Fairy Wind 2x Mind Crush 2x Typhoon 1x Psi-Blocker   [/spoiler]   So I've recently picked up Nekroz but I'm not particularly in the loop (reading through the Deck Discussion from back to front atm), and I needed to make myself a list that would give me the greatest chance of winning against randoms playing rogue decks with the occasional meta deck.    For the most part I think this is pretty standard Nekroz Ratios, so I'll try to focus on my "non-standard" card choices. Mystical Space Typhoon This much seemed fairly necessary with people playing all sorts of floodgates, but also is very useful against the bizarre backrow choices that many people use at lower ratings that are harder to get a read on. Normally if I was playing against proper meta decks like other Nekroz players, and the like, I'd probably side this for something like Secret Village. Torrential Tribute I have a particular fondness for this card as it punishes over-commitment like nothing else. It also is a solid field nuke that helps open up space for OTKs. Nekroz of Catastor This card is a searchable Warrior Returning Alive, and allows for multiple uses of Shurit's search effect, and to quote a certain poster who's name escapes me at the moment, in combination with Unicore is a death-sentence for anything that uses the Extra-Deck Exa, Enforcer of the Nekroz Has a lot of synergy with Valkyrus that I've really been liking, particularly its ability to search out Decisive Armour, which is really useful given the popularity of Towers Turbo which seems to be flavour of the month. It also lets me get additional uses with Shurit after using it with Nekroz Mirror. Dance, Princess of the Nekroz It's a soft-Denko Sekka, and the tribute effect is occassionally useful. Being able to just summon stuff with relative impunity is always good.  Vanity's Emptiness This is a card I've been kind of iffy about since it's a card that benefits the better player most, and quite frankly I'm not sure I'm really getting enough of of this card as a better player, so I've been considering dropping it for something that requires less skill for similar gain.    For the side deck, I will admit I've just pinched most of it from some of the most recent tournament reports, and I've yet to test it because most of my matches result in my opponent quitting after 1 round, lol.   Changes: Out: -1 Raigeki -1 Vanity's Emptiness -1 Torrential Tribute In: +3 Secret Village of the Spellcasters
  3. Hey everyone! My buddy Vincent Paglia recently attended the N. American WCQ's in Nashville, TN. He ran a VERY well constructed version of the deck that i would really like to show you guys. The European WCQ is this up coming weekend so if any of you guys are choosing to play Nekroz take a look at a build that led Vincent to the top cut! I'll post a link to my YouTube channel of the video, but if you aren't able to look at the video or simply don't want to i will be posting the deck list below-- so no worries! Vincent breakdowns the deck and explains why he runs every card he played, and explains his side board and extra deck in it's entirety. I could sit here and tell you it all but i much rather you hear it from the man himself! Vincent as we all know is a 2010 World Championship Finalist, has countless regional wins, a few Shonen Jump and YCS tops 8 and above standings, and this is his second consistent top 32 at a WCQ in a row so i take his advice when it comes to even my own deck recipes. Hope this sparks something in your mind or helps you in the remainder of the format! Feel free to comment and discuss, thank you! Monsters: 21 1x Bull Blader 1x Nekroz of Clausolas 2x Nekroz of Valkyrus 3x Nekroz of Unicore 2x Nekroz of Brionac 1x Nekroz of Decisive Armor 1x Nekroz of Gungnir 1x Nekroz of Trishula 1x Djinn Releaser of Rituals 3x Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands 3x Senju of the Thousand Hands 2x Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz Spells: 16 1x Book of Eclipse 1x Book of Moon 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 2x Nekroz Cycle 2x Nekroz Kaleidoscope 2x Nekroz Mirror 1x Preparation of Rites 1x Raigeki 3x Reinforcement of the Army Traps: 3 2x Solemn Scolding 1x Torrential Tribute Side Deck: 15 2x Droll & Lock Bird 2x Fire Hand 3x Ice Hand Traps 1x Breakthrough Skill 1x Fairy Wind 2x Mistake 3x Royal Decree 1x Vanity's Emptiness Extra Deck: 15 1x Shooting Quasar Dragon 1x Star Eater 2x Herald of the Arc Light 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight 1x Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1x Daigusto Emeral 1x Diamond Dire Wolf 1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1x Artifact Durendal 1x Lavalval Chain 1x Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk 1x Stellarknight Constellar Diamond 1x Tellarknight Ptolemaeus Link to Discussion/Deck Profile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtpFrLce604
  4.       My name is Nicky Reardon (AKA swagynick on Dn) and this is my story on my top 32 NAWCQ report. Before i begin i want to give a sort of back story. To the many of those who know me in real life (and the even larger sum that don't) i am a 15 year old sophomore that live in norhtern virginia about 45 minutes away from DC. Being a 15 year old kid means that i dont have a job and because of school it makes it really hard for me to travel a lot. Im often only able to attend events that are within about an 8 hour drive from me because thats about the distance most of my local friends are willing to drive so outside of that range im really not able to attend many premire events and even some events that are close will interfere with my school work (besides nationals which my mother is kind enough to make a family vacation out of every year no matter where it is). Because of this i think i have a sort of stronger will and determination as to where "if i dont top this event, i wont get another chance for 2-3 months!" More recently i think i have been able to use this to my advantage and makes me more determined when i do my testing. Many of you may know me as an adamant DN warrior as to where thats where i get out most of my yugioh cravings because playing in real life can be a struggle and i have recently started playing in the DNF war scene. I had only really started playing DN that much once the Nekroz deck came out and i feel in love with it and have been trying to stay within the top 10 ranking on the site with the deck. Time rolled around and a lot of friends i knew considered me to have a really good understanding of the deck from watching me play online or through seeing me in real life and two of my now team mates asked me to teach them how to play the deck. Unfortunately for me i was never able to enter any events while prep and brionac were at 3 and the first real event i was ever able to enter with the Nekroz deck was ARG Richmond. One of my good friends Ryan Levine wasn't sure if he wanted to either play the event or judge but i convinced him to pick up the deck and the Thursday night before the event he came to my house where we played open hand mirrors until 3 AM and was one of the only times he had ever played the deck. Saturday rolls around and Ryan had entered the event with the same card for card decklist as me and i was feeling very confident in my chances on doing well at the event. The rounds start and i lose round 1 to getting flooded out by tellar (antispell + spell canceler) and then the next round i lose game 1 to djinn and brick the next game to then drop the tournament at an 0-2 loss. My friend Ryan went on to get his first top and top 16 with my exact list! While i was insanely happy that a buddy of mine topped but i was extremely frustrated that someone with only a week of testing just took my deck and topped when i had been playing 3+ hours a day. Another friends of mine Dilan Solanki went to ARG St Louis piloting a Nekroz deck my brother gave him that i believe was only 3 cards off of mine and he got third place at the event! I was stuck between this place of wanting to be happy for my friends but being jealous that they were topping with my decks and constantly admitted that i was far better at using the deck. It started to make me discouraged to test and play and after the next event i was able to attend (ARG Edison) another finish where i didnt top made the problem much worse. I hadn't really tested at all and the weekend before nationals i realized that i didn't really have a good decklist and i started to worry. I asked a good friend of mine Tyree Tinsley for help because i didnt really have a good idea of what i was doing and luckily he saved me by sending me 2 different decklists to build off of and theriohing with someone i consider to be significantly better than i am improve my game significantly in the coming week. So i'd like to give a huge shout out to Tyree for honestly saving me this event and practically handing me the top because im sure i couldn't have done it without him. Sorry for rambling, but here is the list i used to get top 32 at the NAWCQ.   The Deck:   http://i.imgur.com/xcBNJbC.png   Monsters: (25) 3x Nekroz of Valkyrus 3x Nekroz of Unicore 2x Nekroz of Brionac 2x Nekroz of Clausolas 1x Nekroz of Trishula 1x Nekroz of Gungnir 3x Manju, of the ten thousand hands 3x Senju, of the thousand hands 2x Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz 1x D.D. Warrior Lady 1x Djinn, Releaser of Rituals 2x Maxx "C" 1x Psi-Blocker   Spells: (15) 3x Reinforcement of the Army 2x Nekroz Kaleidoscope 2x Nekroz Cycle 2x Nekroz mirror 2x Book of Eclipse 1x Book of Moon 1x Preperation of Rights 1x Shared Ride 1x Mystical Space Typhoon   Side: (15) 1x Dance Princess of the Nekroz 1x Psi-Blocker 2x Mystical Space Typhoon 3x Fairy Wind 2x Royal Decree 2x Artifact Lancea 3x Mind Crush 1x Vanity's Emptiness   Extra: (15) 2x Herald of Arc Light 1x Shooting Quasar Dragon 2x Lavalval Chain 1x Daigusto Emeral 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Castel, the Skyblaster Muskateer 1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1x Diamond Dire Wolf 1x Number 80: Rhapsody in Beserk 1x Tellarknight Ptolemaus 1x Satellarknight Constellar Diamond 1x Artifact Durendal   I guess ill start by explaining the card choices   The Nekroz Line-up: I would like to think that these 12 is the most standard and in my opinion the most optimal line-up. Cards like Valk are too important in the mirror to not play and Gungnir while it can be a terrible draw in the mirror is an important option to have vs practically every non nekroz deck and makes it so any time your opponent take damage in the mirror they lost next turn. I had considered using things like dance princess, great sorcerer, or a second trish and while i think they are all cute cards in their respective scenarios, they aren't necessary to the deck and i think all the cards i played over it were much better. i knew about the exa and decisive armor thing that Pinney ended up using but after briefly discussing it with tyree i decided i hadn't tested it enough to really know if i thought it was worth using so i just decided that i wouldn't play it for the event.   D.D. Warrior Lady: After discussing this with my brother we just ended up using warrior lady because we thought it was the out that would stick the most. I would rather play a warrior lady that losses to a 2 of side decked lancea that they're not even guaranteed to side deck than a searchable gungnir and i didn't find the fact that keeping a level 4 on the field mattered that much because the overall goal was just to out djinn. i didn't like exiled because i felt if they had the trish or gung and i used it then i would no longer have the out on the board while warrior lady would give me an out the following turn if i can back it with a valk and hope they cant trish me when they have that low resources. i liked armageddon but didn't like how many cards it took up in the main and it suffered the same flaws as exiled. Also ddwl is just better vs dantes and shaddoll fusion monsters   The Odd 1 Ofs (Blocker, Shared ride, MST): Psi-blocker was something that was 100% Tyree's idea. Although the card does have applications in the mirror, it was actually designed to be in the deck for rogue (i even sided it out in the mirror). We had started talking about how we didn't like the hands in the side deck because i only really considered great when fire and ice hand were equally good vs a deck. Shaddolls for example, you can draw a fire or ice hand and be happy because u can kill falcos constructs anomiliths mistakes etc and no matter which one you drew they would overall be the same thing, but vs a deck like Qli fire hand is actually just a useless vanilla 99% of the times and even then most of the time ice hand doesn't get insane value of killing multiple backrows and monsters like it does vs dolls. And lastly vs a deck like BA we wanted an out to the commonly sided monster floods but hands are really just awful vs that deck because everything is chainable and Dante stays in defense. We wanted something that has the versatility of being able to out any flood that was established whether it be monster or trap which is what the hands offered but then enter psi-blocker. Blocker is an out to practically any flood in the game and isn't something that can be easily played around by keeping monsters in defense like hands are. No matter what they drew (tking, anomilith, mistake, secret village, lose 1 turn, emptiness, spell canceler, vanity's fiend) psi-blocker was reliable and wasn't as narrow as something like playing another MST would be. Patrick Hoban also wrote an article about "the problems with Nekroz" where he stated the only 3 win conditions in the mirror were either 1) using a sort of soft lock like djinn to gain advantage and win the game, 2) playing an extremely long grind game as to where the person with more mirrors left will win, and 3) reducing your opponents life points to zero. Game 1 playing a psi-blocker allowed me to have a better access to that third win condition where i could randomly just kill them where i wouldn't have to take a coin flip on djinn or play a long grind game hoping my opponent doesn't resource correctly and then game 2 and 3 i had more blow out strategies like mind crush and lancea that i could rely on. 1 mst is another thing Tyree and I debated on where i think in the list he sent me he was using a second shared ride instead because you're probably going to play more mirrors in 12 rounds of swiss than the other decks so its more important to grab those game ones but i decided that i could enter a tournament just auto-shipping game 1 to a mistake unless i drew psi-blocker or some other really sick out by making dire wolf under it. the 1 shared ride is because i wanted something extra in the mirror and i thought i would be the best card to main deck for it. at one point i was playing 2 shared and 1 maxx c because that card is actually just terrible in the mirror unless your opponent draws awful or is just a complete idiot but i decided to switch those ratios to help better my BA and doll match up.    Spell Djinn Outs: I think the books are by far the best because they help you play around all the traps that really matter (AKA effect negation) and book of moons is crazy good vs BA and provides another win condition in the mirror. You can also just set books to mess with your opponent's valk plays and allow you to trish them the following turn. i didn't think raigeki was that great either because books can be a lot more defensive and raigeki didn't help me clear floods vs qli and didn't let me punish a djinn lock as much   The Side Deck: Dance princess as an out to village and being really good vs the general doll and BA trap line up. i'd like to think Mst's and decrees and staple because decree is too good vs BA and tellar. i choose 3 fairy wind because i wasn't going to use hands for previous reasons already listed and i didn't like that denko only had a very small opportunity window to be good and is easily played around and typhoon while slightly better vs dolls i didn't like that vs qli if i chained it to a flood gate i just had to hope i could push through their other backrows to stop the scout while just having a fairy wind take care of multiple floods and relives the otk pressure that scout puts on so even if they do have more traps you have multiple turn to push through them. i used lancea because i wanted a reliable hand trap in the mirror (unlike maxx c and veiler) that also allowed me to play a lot more aggressively without fear of trish that could also help protect my djinn locks. Mind crush is probably by far my favorite card in the mirror because 99% of people use it incorrectly because you never really have to mind crush on a kaleido or any other mirror unless you fell threatened of getting trished but even when they do u can just chain it to something else you know in their hand like maybe a brio from last turn or a mirror they searched that turn and now they just have a dead trish on the board they have to clear them self and any other time you can just call valk with it and they die. i didn't want to use more gimmicky cards like village or mistake because i felt in 12+ rounds that a strategy like that wasn't reliable enough for me to use and i would rather use a more fair strategy and rely on my technical play to be able to win.    Artifact Durendal: There isn't ever really an exact scenario where i can say this card is amazing but it can random steal games in the mirror or make it so if they happen to top deck the one outer you can stop it with durendal. not really necessary but came in clutch once during the tournament.       I believe that's as far as it goes for the card choices, but if you have any questions/comments i love to hear feedback =].      Round by Round:   **disclaimer, i have terrible memory so i may just blatantly forget some rounds or if any my opponents are reading this feel free to correct me**   Round 1 Shaddolls   Game 1: I win the die roll, he goes first, does a standard math play and sets three where i make exciton with a book and he cant overcome the plus 4 i get and he dies.   Game 2: i go first and i think i just summon ju search pass. He does some underwhelming Shaddoll things and i cant remember what happens but it gets to the point where he has a shekinaga, mathematician, a face up attack shaddoll beast and a set falco with 3 backrow and a shaddoll card in hand to my 2 jus on board. He attacks and i valk, then next turn i summon psi-blocker, call shek, and exciton him for his entire life savings (and he couldnt add back the fusion spell with shek because of blocker which i though was kinda neat) and then i summon more nekroz guys and win from there   1-0   Round 2 Tellars   Game 1: he goes first and has deneb set 4 and because i didnt have a ju or book to help grind through backrow he eventually stabilizes into a triverr and i concede   Game 2: i opt to go first and go unicore set 2 pass. He responds with a deneb set 4 pass and i flip an EP decree which auto wins me the game   Game 3: Don't remember much but he does standard tellar things and i do standard nekroz things and am able to win a couple of mintues before time   2-0   Round 3 Nekroz   Game 1: i recognized the name because he used to be on a DNF war team i was on and for some reason he used to always accuse me of cheating even though we had never talked before and he had never seen me irl so i knew he was just a fan. He djinns me this game and i don't see an out   Game 2: We get to a sort of simplified gamestate where i realize my hand is significantly worse and i realize my only win condition is to summon a valk and set mind crush and just hope i can time the mind crush well enough to punish him even though he had seen it in my hand because of his own mind crush. he searches a kaleido by banishing a mirror in grave then rotas for shurit. he summons a ju and adds uni so he has a total of 3 cards in hand (2 of which i knew) and activates kaleido and waits for me to use my mind crush but i dont because i knew that nothing a kaleido could do was threatening enough to waist my wind crush on. my opponent is alarmed by this and sends a level 12 to summon valk and unicore (so i know the last card in his hand is shurit) he makes castel and attacks but i valk then he tributes to clear his field and passes. i summon the ju i drew off valk the previous turn and am able to otk and use the mind crush i had set to call valk. (had i used mind crush on the unicore earlier in that game he would've just summoned the valk tributing shurit and adding a trishula then sack his ju and valk to trish my but because i conserved my mind crush he wasn't able to trish me)   Game 3: he makes me go first and i open pretty poorly where i kaleido for uni add brio set a shared ride and pass. his first play is activate kaleido ss uni and when he uses herald i chain the shared ride. he thinks a little and just adds valk then crashes and passes. off of either my shared ride draw or draw for turn i draw a ju that allows me to play a grind game where i eventually win. (first game of two that i drew shared ride and it won me the game)   3-0   Round 4 Nekroz   Game 1: i see that im playing that Travis Smith faggot who is a known cheater and banned from ARG for cheating in the finals so just because i decided he was a complete faggot i djinn'd the fuck out of him just to make him salty and i won the game   Game 2: i go first and kaleido for 12 tribute a shurit from my hand to draw one and search a brio, set 1 and pass. He does a standard ju kaleido cycle unicore valk play and with his shurit searches trish. he attacks over my unicore then makes emeral and tribs both. he starts thinking about what mirror to add and because ik he has trish in his hand i purposefully look really dissapointed and fan out my hand and he immediently adds nekroz mirror and tries to trish my but i just lancea him and trish him the next 2 turns in a row. (not only was he trying to stack earlier but i summoned 2 monsters and left them on the board so i obviously had a lancea but i know that cheaters are always greedy so i bluffed the fact i would get trished and he fell for it like a retard, not only did he try to cheat but he was fucking awful). as the game goes on i trish him 3 times in the game and it gets to the point where he has all 3 valks banished and 4 mirrors banished as well. he clearly doesnt have a win condition but keeps playing anyways. it gets to the pong where his banished is bigger than his deck and only has 5 irrelevant monsters in grave but practically everything banished. i watch him try to reposition his grave and banished as to where it looks like his insanely large banished pile is his grave and when i ask to see his grave he hands me his banished pile as if i was stupid enough to know that wasn't his banished and when he hands it to me i say "nice try" and he tries to act like it was a mistake but im not that dumb and i obviously win after trishing him 3 times and after that he says his loss was due to that fact that "jus like you more, i never draw jus"   this is why i absolutely fucking hate cheaters (shoutout to Calvin Tahan)   4-0   Round 5 Burning Abyss   Game 1: he goes first and draws 5 then says pass. i summon psi-blocker, unicore, and valk and attack with all leaving him at 1600. i psi-blocker call trish assuming he's playing the mirror then sack it off with valk, set a book, and pass. he goes galaxy cyclone, raigeki, summon 2 irrelevant ba's make dante and attacks me but i just kill him next turn.   Game 2: he makes me go first and my hand is 2 jus, dance princess, shurit, djinn, i summon ju and brio>claus>cycle and cycle back brio tributing shurit and djinn and add trish and pass, he sets a monster set 3 and then crushes me on my stanby phase tributing scarm but then i just summon my second ju and make dweller and he cant recover   5-0   Round 6 Satellar   Game 1: he draws a lot of fiendish chains and calls and i cant grind through all the backrow before he makes triverr   Game 2: dont remember but i win.   Game 3: We come very close to time and are at table 4 with a lot of people watching. it gets to the point where he has 3 monsters and 2 face up call of the haunteds but i somehow mind game him into not making triverr (where i wouldve 100% lost if he did) and instead get him to rhapsody my mirrors that didnt matter cuz i had a ju in hand.   Round 7 Nekroz   Game 1: dont remember much but i think he djinns me   Game 2: i brick pretty bad and he just kills me   6-1   Round 8 Ritual Beast   Game 1: he summons 1800 guy set 3 and i kill him   Game 2: it looks like im in control but then he has only 2 backrows and flips a set soul charge and combos me for infinite and i lose   Game 3: i start of bricking really hard but luckily he does too and once we both get things going he has a d fissure than eventually banishes all my guys andi cant do anything   6-2   Round 9 Qli   Game 1: dont remember, i think i lose   Game 2: dont realy remember either. i think he doesnt draw scout and i win   Game 3: i exciton for 5 backrow 4 monsters and 2 pendulum scales and otk him the next turn in time   7-2 going into Day 2   Round 10 no show   8-2   Round 11 I have literally no recollection of this match but i won   9-2   Round 12 Burning Abyss   Game 1: he makes double dante pass and gets dweller+brio'd   Game 2: chooses to go first and just passes. i look at my hand and see that i have game and get crazy excited that my top is locked up and otk him on my turn!   We wait for a looong time for them to announce standings. i come in 11th after swiss and my brother Collin (many of you may know him from here) gets his first top and comes in 54th. We do the math with our friend Mike Albanese to see who we play and realize that we would actually have to face each other in top 64!!!!   Top 64 Collin Reardon (my brother) Nekroz   Game 1: i open cycle cycle kaleido clausolas rota. i cycle back the claus and use mirror to summon valk and draw into maju and a book of eclipse. Collin had only been playing the deck since thursday and i remember in our testing he really didnt know how to play around book of eclipse so i set it and surely it is he plays into it and despite the awful hand im able to make a slight comeback by trishing him but i think he late game djinns me and i dont draw an out and lose   Game 2: he goes first and tries to djinn me but i have lancea and get to see his hand. next turn i trish djinn him and he dies.   Game 3: i draw another very lackluster hand where i summon uni add brio set shared ride and pass. i dont remember exactly what he does next but i think i shared ride for a plus one which is enough to get my cards to grind with and eventually win with   kinda sad i had to play my brother in top cut but also kinda cool at the same time. glad at least one of us was guaranteed to advance.   Top 32 Burning abyss   Game 1: i brick and just cycle back a claus with shurit add brio and pass. he raigekis me and makes double dante and i dont have enough to push through his set 3.   Game 2: i choose to go first and open up decree, book of moon, cycle, kaleido, trish. my hand was soooo close to being perfect but i am able to stall for a few turns becuase of book of moon but i never draw one of my infinite combo cards to unbrick that hand and unfortunately get knocked out due to bricking     Conclusion: I was really glad to break my dead streak with Nekroz and finally get the top i had been working for! It was also awesome to see my brother get his fist top along side me and meet a lot of friends i knew from DN or FB like Omar, Alex, Mitch etc. It was also insane seeing one of my friends from my DNF war team Max Schrack get his first konami top and invite to worlds!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you become a champion buddy =]   Shoutouts: My sponsor The island games (theislandg.com) for supporting me and just helping me out for events like always My teammates Ryan, Dilan, Ginger, Nishaad (SQUIDS~), my brother Collin, and Tristan Based Loli and Rapture and brady bunch (or whatever the fuck their gay ass name is) being A1 Day One swagynick fans My DNF team [BOTE] and mainly Kennyk and Pokerkid for helping me therioh a lot and Pokerkid helping me do a lot of testing on DN the week before the event Tyree again for the list Whoever beat Jarel and Calvin because if either of them went to worlds i would've ended my life. All the fans back home who kept rooting for me and believing in me, it means a lot =]   Soryy for making this so long but i really wanted to get all my points across. Please leave feed back!        Thanks,            Swagynick =]
  5. This is the current build I have for my Nekroz deck.  I plan on taking this to a regional soon but I'm not sure yet (there's one in Philly on the 30th that I can probably get to).  I want to know if it can stand up to the meta, or if there are any changes I could make to boost me up a bit more.  My locals have a lot of Nekroz and most of the people there have said that they're trying to go to the regional.  I don't know if this will be an actual indication pf what will be there though, so I'd like to be prepared for anything.  I don't usually do too well against Nekroz, probably because my skill is lacking.  I usually beat Shaddolls unless they randomly main Mistake or Secret Village (can anyone tell me how to beat that?  Dance Princess?), I haven't played against any BA or Tellars, and Qli is really easy for me.  Another deck I have a lot of trouble against though is HEROs.  I can never beat Dark Law with the amount of disruption that they main and just the sheer pain of trying to search for outs under Dark Law.  I main 2 Dark Hole and 1 Raigeki and its usually not enough.  Is there one card that works really well against them?  Probably Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror but I don't have access to that.  Ritual Beasts can go either way.  I usually lose on the grind game but if I open the tits, I can overpower them early.  Not really siding much against them that isn't about as good against Nekroz. [spoiler] Effect Monsters: 14 1 Armageddon Knight - Pitch Farfa or Djinn, depending on the situation.  I usually side it out against anything other than Nekroz, and sometimes Tellars.  Its a good, searchable out to the Djinn lock or any big Xyz. 1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning - Nice powerful tech that serves as an alternate boss monster.  Even if I just manage 1-for-1, its worth it to get rid of something big or annoying, like Construct, Winda, Triverr, Delteros, or even just something small that could cause problems, like a face down monster.  Also pushes for a ton of damage when I need it.  I have a combo to search it that I'll detail further down. 1 Djinn Releaser - The Djinn lock.  I'll list the combo and if anyone has anything easier, let me know. 2 Effect Veiler - Best effect negation for in and against Nekroz, and can also Synch into Herald if I really want to.  I've done it before and it can be pretty annoying.  There's no way that I can afford Ghost Ogre, so don't remind me. 1 Farfa, Malebranche - Djinn out and can get rid of problem Xyz or let me push for game around big monsters.  I usually side it out if I don't need it. 3 Manju - Basic Ritual searcher and combo enabler.  Needs to be at 3. 1 Phantom of Chaos - This is an interesting tech that a friend suggested to me.  Its basically a jack-of-all-trades as it can do anything for me at basically any time.  One of the big things it can do is be a normal for the Djinn lock out or I can even banish BLS and get off either of his effects.  Other notable targets are Decisive Armor, Brionac, Clausolas, Gungnir and Valkyrus. 2 Senju - I'd main 3 if I dropped another tech.  Its basically 3 more copies of Manju, thanks to Claus, so it doesn't really matter which I start with. 2 Shurit - I learned that 2 is better, in order to not clog, and by the time I use both, I'm usually out of Trish, Claus and Brio anyway.   Nekroz Rituals: 14 2 Brionac - Searcher.  Has to be at 2. 2 Clausolas - This has been ideal so it doesn't clog.  I've never run out of them, and late game, I search by banishing anyway. 1 Decisive Armor - For a couple crazy duels, I dropped him completely, but I need him as a beater.  Usually summoned with Mirror, banishing Shurit.  Good against Qli (beats over everything but Towers, and discarding him with Valk or Trish on the field beats over Towers) 1 Gungnir - Great effect.  Usually to protect agaist a board wipe but sometimes can get rid of problem cards and disrupt Xyz plays.  Basically negates Mask Change. 2 Trishula - My favorite card of the deck.  Wins against anything that can't avoid it.  Really strong first turn play, though I'm sure most of the players at a regional will know to empty their hand or leave an empty grave when they don't know what they're up against. 3 Unicore - Recycling, negation and some big Xyz plays.  Cornerstone of most of my combos. 3 Valkyrus - Battle protection and draw power.  When I have monsters to tribute, I plus the hell out of him.   Spells: 12 2 Dark Hole - Usually works as a Raigeki and outs a lot of things for me. 2 Nekroz Cycle - The best spell in the most situations.  Especially good to bring back Trish, and also doesn't fall (usually) to chained D.D. Crow or Mind Crush, unless they call Shurit (which has only happened in this situation a couple times. 2 Nekroz Kaleidoscope - Big early, for searches and helps in my combos.  Usually used to summon Unicore, or Unicore and Valk. 2 Nekroz Mirror - Great late game when I topdeck a Brio and search it by banishing, because it usually lets me banish Shurit and summon anything. 1 Preparation of Rites - Amazing topdeck late game and also just a good enabler early.  +1 for free is fun. 1 Raigeki - Staple. 2 RotA - Search Shurit, Claus or Armageddon Knight.  Good in any situation, no matter what. [/spoiler]   Extra [spoiler] 2 Herald of the Arc Light - Kaleido target for Unicore.  Continues combos and pays for the Kaleido that is used to send it. 1 Ultimaya Tzolkin - The actual card here doesn't really matter.  It just has to be Dark.  I'll explain below, but I may swap for Five-Headed Dragon or Red Nova Dragon for the Phantom of Chaos play. Abyss Dweller - For BA or Shaddolls, though I don't manage it much.  I can't really find anything to replace it with so I'm not worried. Cairngorgon - For the one time I've made it, its protected the Djinn lock for a short time (took a Compuls away from it).  Not too useful and a friend of mine wants to run my copy anyway so I'm dropping it, probably for Heartlandraco. Castel - Bouncing floodgates and really dangerous bosses.  Works really well when I need it.  I like to bounce the Fiendish Chains used against my bigger monsters then attack for big damage.  That works well, especially on Valkyrus. Dark Rebellion - Big beater and can get rid of just about anything except Towers.  I don't make him much but he works better than any other option. Diamond Dire Wolf - Destroys a card and doesn't leave me open to Trish.  Also lets me search for a spell.  Just more removal. Exciton - Staple.  For bad situations. Cowboy - For game, and can also be another small removal of a big monster.  Not as good as my other options, however, but not bad. Lavalval Chain - Two very powerful effects.  Good combo cog and just in general is awesome. Honor Ark - Good for bad situations and for things I don't necessarily want to bounce, like a Rank 4 Xyz in a Rank 4 spam deck.  One-time destruction immunity is always nice. Ragnazero - For Qli, and also a good way to get rid of Rhongomyniad a little earlier than my opponent plans.  Since its a quick effect, my opponent won't use Decisive Armor much either.  Also works against Honest, though I don't know why my opponent wouldn't attack this with their Honest'd monster at that point. Diamond Crab King - More emergency beaters and is also a wall if I need it.  Crashing with Towers is nice. Rhapsody in Berserk - Never make this but works well as a win-moar or to help stop comebacks. [/spoiler] Yes, I know I should have Daigusto Emeral, but I can't scrape the money together.  I'm working on it.   Side [spoiler] 2 Lancea - For Nekroz and Ritual Beasts.  Better than Iron Wall because it doesn't sit there and its quick.  Stuns them late game and usually lets me push for game next turn. 2 Kycoo - Stuns Ritual Beasts entirely and works well against any deck if I draw it against a clear field.  Banishing is always nice.  This is also a Spellcaster for against Secret Village, but its not searchable. Decisive Armor - For that extra power against Qli, and is a good card to side anyway.  Works well against HEROs becuase of their battle traps. 2 Zefrasaber - Helps beat Secret Village and Anoyatilis.  Sided against Nekroz and Shaddolls if I expect it, or if I side out other things.  Always tributed from the hand so I can then banish it for Mirror. 2 Book of Eclipse - For Nekroz and just siding out things that suck in a matchup.  Also lets me stop battle for a turn and reuse Armageddon Knight, Manju or Senju. 1 Book of Moon - Versatile. 3 MST - For big floodgate decks and Qli.  Also works to side out bad cards, as with Eclipse. 2 Shared Ride - I like it over Maxx "C" against Nekroz, because it lets me leave just this face down on the field, then chain it to any card that searches to load my hand and not worry about Trish.  The Trish play usually requires 1-3 searches so it always pays for itself and frequently gets more.  Also sided against Qli because its always possible to break even and sometimes sided against Tellars for the same reason. [/spoiler]   Combos [spoiler] Instant Topdeck of any card (namely BLS) Manju/Senju, Kaleido, Unicore, and Valk or a way to get them in hand (I can search for a piece with the Ju) (this requires no previous graveyard setup) 1.  Normal the Ju 2.  Kaleido, sending Ultimaya (or any level 12 Dark) to summon Unicore and Valk 3.  Make Chain 4.  Topdeck the card that I want by detaching the Ju (or either, if you tribute Chain for step 5) 5.  Valk's effect to tribute Chain and/or a card in my hand, making sure to get a Ju to the grave 6.  Banish the Dark target and the Ju for BLS, or just utilize whatever I searched.   Easiest Djinn lock (that I know of) Manju/Senju, Unicore and Kaleido in hand, or a way to get them (if I have a Valk and a Claus already in place then I can send Ultimaya to get an extra draw or two rather than a search) 1.  Normal Ju, searching whatever combo piece I need 2.  Kaleido, sending Herald if necessary, or Ultimaya if I can 3.  Chain, mill Djinn 4.  Claus for Cycle, then summon it 5.  If I have a Valk, tribute that and/or Chain for more draws [/spoiler] Any more tips would be well appreciated.   Some questions I expect to be asked: [spoiler] No Denko?  I don't have any irl and its money.  I feel that a lot of people have dropped all their backrow in antisipation of this card being in the top two decks of the format, so if I don't run it, it shouldn't hurt me too much.  It would, however, help out a ton in the HERO matchup. No mained Books?  I run Armageddon Knight, so I think that and Raigeki and Dark Hole are enough outs to the Djinn Lock.  The only other thing that it helps with is forcing my opponent to have a hand in their end phase so Trish is live but this hasn't been reliable enough to justify maining. No Mind Crush?  I don't have access to my copies anymore.  I may talk a friend into a trade but he's not likely to go with it.  That's going to be the first thing I grab when I have money. No Traps?  I know a lot of people only run one trap, maybe a couple copies (Scolding, Torrential, Vanity's), but I think I'll be a lot faster without teching any relatively useless traps. No Smashing Ground?  My friend actually told me not to run this until it gets Limited, because he's predicting that, and I'll run one if that happens, but I think I might want to run it if I cut the rest of the deck down a bit. No other non-Ritual Nekroz monsters?  The only one my friend ever ran was Dance Princess but I feel like it doesn't really help that much.  I have to burn through my deck a lot for her to become really useful and that rarely happens. [/spoiler] Has anyone taken Nekroz to regionals recently, or is there anyone that's played at bigger locals, maybe in Philadelphia that can help me out?  What should I expect to see the most of this week?  Any help or feedback is appreciated.
  6. Greetings DGz! Haven't done one of these in quite some time, because frankly, I haven't had much reason to, the last premiere event I made the top cut of was the WCQ in 2013, as much as I wanted to, I didn't have the opportunity to attend anything else that year. Starting off the year 2014, that was quite possibly my worst year of YGO ever, I scrubbed every major event I attended from one of 3 things, absolute horrible deck choices ( I played Wind Up Artifacts at YCS Philly, let that sink in.), played an alright deck with just terrible card choices (Spellbooks, Gears, BA) or just severely under-prepared for the event (I went to YCS Anaheim on a total whim, I just wanted a reason to go to Cali, and never seen a Qliphort card irl prior to this) so yeah, 2014 was a slump, and it came at my own hand, I ended up not going to Nationals because I didn't meet the "Invite through a premiere event" threshold. I told myself that this is seriously gonna change, it was awesome seeing so many friends compete and do well, but I wanted to be up there with them, I knew I could do it too, I just had to respark my interest again.  Starting off fresh in 2015, I didn't have much going on with me outside of work/school so I started to get into full swing yugs, I attended YCS Charleston, but I ended up oversleeping and missed registration day 1, I didn't have the confidence nor drive to play with a loss and win 9/10 so I just kicked it with people, and bullshitted in side events. I've recently had a promotion with my civilian job that's had me move across the country last month, and changing units in the Guard between states is quite the pain in the ass, so ygo had to take a backseat for a while, I honestly wasn't even planning to go to ARG Richmond until I got a call earlier in the week from my unit in VA telling me that we were mobilizing for a relief effort in Baltimore next week, I let my job know, then I booked a flight a few days early so I could see my family back home and attend the ARG before I leave out on Tuesday.  I was not expecting to do remotely well at this event, I even joked with Calvin about going to see Avengers again after we both scrubbed, my deck is fairly outdated, and the man who I call my friend Tyree who is suppose to keep me in the loop with shit, doesn't so I'm playing with a dinosaur, but hey, why not not try? I'm already here.  So this is the list I played, if I could go back and change things, I'd change D.D. Warrior Lady for Bull Blader, I think that card is vastly superior to DDWL because g2/3 Lancea wrecks DDWL and Bull Blader staying on the field can actually prove useful in taking down a Djinn Lock, then using it to Djinn your opponent back because he provides the extra body to make a rank 4. My side is atrocious, Shared Ride is shit, I didn't even know wtf Artifact Lancea was until this weekend, I'd def max on those, and I would not use Mirror ever again.  I did not test with Solemn Scolding to give a proper weigh-in on that card, due to the steep cost, it's one of those cards where you have to learn the proper time to use it to keep yourself from dying from it. I would also play Emptiness and have a Cairngorgon in my Extra. Everything else I really liked, but those small card choices I knew would eventually be my end, but here is my list for those of you who have not checked ARG's webpage already     3 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands 3 Senju of the Thousand Hands 3 Maxx " C " 2 Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz D.D. Warrior Lady Djinn Releaser of Rituals 3 Nekroz of Unicore 2 Nekroz of Valkyrus 2 Nekroz of Trishula 2 Nekroz of Brionac 2 Nekroz of Clausolas Nekroz of Gungnir 3 Reinforcement of the Army 2 Book of Eclipse 2 Forbidden Lance 2 Nekroz Cycle 2 Nekroz Mirror 2 Nekroz Kaleidoscope Preparation of Rites Raigeki 2 Herald of Arc Light Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree Star Eater Five-Headed Dragon Number 80 : Rhapsody in Berserk Gagaga Cowboy Abyss Dweller 2 Daigusto Emeral Lavalval Chain Evilswarm Exciton Knight Zubaba General Diamond Dire Wolf Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 3 Denko Sekka 2 Fire Hand 2 Ice Hand 3 Shared Ride 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Mirror of the Ice Barrier   Like I said, I was expecting to go my usual 3/4-2 drop and then do something else lol, so yeah nothing too spectacular happened to the time leading up to the tournament so let's get right on to it.    Round 1 I get a bye. I go watch my favorite white ape Mike Kellz play Pa(trick) Ho(ban).   1-0   Round 2 Me v Alex Gomez Satellar Seraphs   Game 1:  I start off with an early dominating position, despite my first turn Djinn play being brought to a halt, but I exhaust every blue card outta my deck and a timely fiendish chain on my Gungnir brings me to a complete stop, and then he is able to crawl back into the game and slowroll a win, I re assess everything I did throughout the game and tell myself I need to take the foot off the pedal just a bit. I hit my side for my Denkos and MSTs.   Game 2: I don't remember this game at all, I obviously won though because I vividly remember game 3.   Game 3: He opens like 4 in the row and passes, I summon a Ju, and try to set it off, he has Emptiness, I poke with Jew for a few turns until he tops Rigel and takes control of the game, I cannot see a Denko or MST for the life of me, I do sit on my big butt monsters for a few turns and then he gets greedy by summoning a Deneb which makes Denko an out to VE now, he complicates this even more by flipping a Spell Fragrance.  When I finally see Denko, I have an on field Shurit, set Cycle and set Mirror, I summon Denko and attempt to swing over Deneb, he thankfully doesn't have Honest, I activate Cycle first to put Gungnir in play and then I flip Mirror and Trish comes down and levels him, I keep his Spell Fragrance in play because his only out is Raigeki, he can't flip nor can he set it now, and any attempts made on Denko get stopped by Gungnir, he goes to Stick-Chair me, I let it ride then I use Gungnir to blow away one of his guys so that he cannot make an xyz because it requires 3 material, and the game is shortly over.   2-0   Round 3 Me v Alex Thorne Heroes   Game 1: He AHLs for a Mist and sets 3 in the row, I activate Kaleidoscope he chains Mask Change, I chain Lance on his Mist then he responds with Mind Crush on Unicore this forces me to summon Gungnir with Shurit and search Brio, he attempts to Mind Crush Brio and I discard it to target his Shadow Mist and completely level him.   Game 2: I was told that I'd be going first, my hand is kinda weak, so I Scope for a Unicore and search a Gungnir set Lance and pass, he uses AHL and I chain Maxx "C" giving me Denko Sekka, I was thinking of the best way to not give off that I had Denko, but given that I set the Lance it wasn't really possible, but using the Lance on his end phase was definitely the worse way to do it, so my turn starts, I Lance his Mist, he chains MC, and I summon Denko and proceed to unleash fury. Post game he showed me his other cards and he had a CCV set, that could have gone really horrible for me had he used CCV instead.     3-0   Round 4 Me v Austin Tydings Nekroz   Game 1: I won the roll take second, and he tries to Djinn me with no protection, one Book of Eclipse and Trishula summon later we are already side decking.   Game 2: Details on this game are extremely foggy but he slips and forgets a Shurit search, and I am able to take advantage of his loss of advantage after that.   4-0   Round 5 Me v Mike Albanese Nekroz   Game 1: This was supposed to be a feature match, but it isn't up on the site yet, anyhoo, he wins the rolls, takes second, and I open a Djinn lock with Lance, Trish and Gungnir,  he attempts to Bull Blader my Claus and Gungnir prevents it, he can't break the lock and I take game one.   Game 2: I just get outright outplayed in this one, he has the better deck and it showed here, Lancea was a killer.   Game 3: I open a Djinn lock and he wasn't able to Lancea to prevent it because I drew the Djinn, so we got close to time and I just started throwing shit on the board and swinging for the fences.   5-0   Round 6 Me v Nishaad Lorengo Shaddolls   Game 1: 1/3 of my matches I've played someone I know now.  I don't recall who wins the roll, one of my Trishulas fail, by him using his Call of the Haunted to pull his Veiler out of the grave (only monster) then he tribs it for a Shaddoll Beast, I then summon a second Trishula and he can't answer my huge field on so little resources   Game 2: It's a solid back and forth, things spiral out of control fast for me when I get baited into a Trish and he El Shaddolls his last card in hand, I fall way behind in cards and life so I scoop it up and go to game 3, I have yet to see Seraphs, so I am not sure on whether I want to keep Cs in, then banter between him and the guy playing to our right the guy says something along the lines of "well you're using my seraph stuff" THANKS KID!   Game 3: I allow him to start, he summons Rai Oh and sets one to the row, I set Ice Hand, Eclipse and MST he summons Squamata and attacks Ice Hand, I destroy his Mistake and he passes, I turn Fire hand to attack crash into Squamata and blow away Rai-Oh, then I summon Ju and Trish+Dweller him and pass. On his turn he Dark Holes me, I chain Dwellz and he passes, I top into nothing DDWL, I banish for my Ritual and summon Warrior Lady to attack, he then summons Stick specials Chair, and Chain C, he puts Delteros in play and blows away my field and after setting one, I summon Unicore, then Gungnir, then Trish in case I need to chain Gungnir to dodge Veiler, he chains El Shaddoll and ends up losing Dark Hole from his hand and an on field Construct.  Next turn he summons BLS and banishes Unicore then my following turn I use Gungnir to blow BLS away and attack for game   6-0     Round 7 Me v Austin Jones Qli   Game 1: This guy goes to my lolcals, back home, and every time we have played, same result, he doesn't know how to conserve cards it's almost as if they burn a hole in his hand, almost all my games end up resulting in the same way, he Fiendish Chains Ju, then that leaves him open to the Exciton/Trish I put into play. He's playing terrorism to the max, he mains Towers, trip Veiler, trip Fiendish Chain, trip Mind Crush, then sides Majesty's and Vanity's with Necrovalleys and Iron Walls. We get deck checked, so I end up winning the roll and I inform him he is going first, our decks come back I am A1, and he is issued a game loss.    Game 2: He opens Helix and a set card. I summon Ju and wait for the inevitable response, he doesnt let me down, he Veilers it, my hand is now Unicore, Cycle, Mirror, Maxx C, and I want to say Gungnir, I activate Cycle to keep the pressure on him while he doesn't have Scout, his compulsion kicks in, and he flips Mind Crush and calls Shurit, so I discard a Shell and I bat over Helix, he tops Art and plays it for Scout grabbing Saq, then plays Monolith, I chain Maxx to Monolith and he summons his Helix back in def and Equips, I draw into Ju out of 1 of those 2 cards and search Brio, I wolf away his Helix and and he opts to not use Saq's effect to keep himself handless, I then summon Gungnir and that's all she wrote.     7-0, first top cut finish of something higher than a regional in nearly 2 years   Round 8 Me v Jake Phinney Nekroz   7-0-1   Jake is my son, I told him if he didn't ID with me, I'd ground him, he complied.   7-0-2   Round 9 Me v Chris Pobee-Mensah Nekroz   This would have made the 7th match I had to play someone I knew, besides my bye round and round 3, I knew everyone I played lol. I was playing down at this point, and he wanted this ID, and he had something I wanted, his older sister, I'm a very reasonable man and we came to an agreement, I expect her number very soon Chris.   So I use the downtime to go eat because I am starving and just relax, I realize that today is just the result of me just having a real run of luck, then top 16 is called, I find out I am first in swiss and that I'd be playing Mike again, not looking forward to it because I know Mike has a superior deck to me, and luck can only bail me out so much. So I relax for the night stream the shitty Mayweather fight, everyone with good sense knew who was gonna win, even though I didn't want him to.  I missed the Spurs v Clippers Game 7 unfortunately, but oh well. I got some sleep and wake up and go to the venue the next morning.     Top 16 Me v Mike Albanese     Game 1 I knew I was in for a fight, but I started thinking over our previous match and realized he did not play any form of spell removal for Djinn, and figured that could be my ticket, Djinn lock with Gungnir on field or board to out Bull, Trish in hand to out Farfa and I got there. Gungnir was especially effective on field as it could pop set Scoldings. So we are told we would be on stream and I lose the roll and I am to open, my opening hand was 2 Uni prep Eclipse and Geki.  He opens Djinn and Chain backed by Scolding C and Veiler and I draw a Ju, I attempt to Eclipse it is answered by Scolding, then I summon Ju, he Veilers, I Raigeki, and I have to use Prep to get myself a Clausolas, and then Scope then Maxx Cs me, I think to myself how much more could you have?! So I threw my balls at the wall and go for Djinn and he can't answer the lock and the Scolding reducing his life didn't help either.   Game 2 He allows me to go first, I Djinn lock without interruption with a set Ride, Trish and Valk in hand, he starts off by attempting to Blader, I Valk it and I think he realizes the end is imminent, I keep the pressure going until I get to top8, it's unfortunate our matches had to end this way Mike, Djinn that is, much respect. Or you can just watch the video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=v-i4vFGaaqs   Top 8 Me v Maxwell Shrack   Game 1 It was a solid back and forth, I tried to not Djinn lock without Lance because he used trip Book and Geki but I ended up stealing the game when he attempted to Veiler my Trish and I had another Trish in hand.   Game 2 and 3 To put it simple, I was outplayed. My lack of testing and inferior deck choices (not playing Lancea) finally caught up with me as it should and Max was able to put me away, but thanks, I learned a lot, great games.   So I collect my prizes and kick it with some friends before I finally decide to head home, I hope you enjoyed the read and I hope to do one after Columbus, after I'm done with the relief effort in Baltimore I'm hopefully diving into the tank to prep myself.
  7. Nekroz deck for YCS Bochum

    Hey!   I am attending YCS Bochum and I think that this is the best place to get some advice for my build.     The Decklist is   Main Deck: 26 monsters  14 Spells 3 Manju 3 Senju 3 Shurit 2 Effect Veiler 2 Maxx "C" 2 Nekroz of Brionac 2 Nekroz of Clausolas 2 Nekroz of Trishula 3 Nekroz of Unicore 3 Nekroz of Valkyrus 1 Nekroz of Gungnir 3 Nekroz Cycle 2 Nekroz Mirror 2 Nekroz Kaleidoscope 1 Preparation of Rites 2 Rota 1 Raigeki 3 Book of Eclipse   Side Deck: 1 Maxx "C" 1 Effect Veiler 3 MST 3 Denko Sekka 3 Shared Ride 1 Vanity's Emptiness 1 Dance Princess of the Nekroz 2 Breakthrough Skill   Extra Deck: 1 Dragon Master Knight 1 Star Eater 2 Herald of the Arc Light 1 Lavalval Chain 2 Daigusto Emeral 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Number: 101 Silent Honor Ark 1 Number: 80 Rhapsody in Berserk 1 Number: 104 Ragnazero 1 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Diamond Dire Wolf   So what I am mostly considering is the Djinn. My thoughts on not playing it is because of that i do not run any backup traps/ spells for it such as lance or scolding which makes going into the djinn a mostly 50/50 situation which i do not want to be in. If I am never going to djinnlock the mirror, then i figured it is better to drop it since it is a brick.   The 3 shurit and 3 Cycle has been great in the way that if i am in the lategame, i can easily go into almost any of my rituals by simply drawing shurit, rota or brionac since i will almost always be able to search cycle from the other rituals.   2 Veiler and 2 Maxx "C" is a new addition and i felt like since maxx outclasses veiler in many rogue matchups and in the BA matchup, it felt solid to have 2 of it while still having 2 veilers for mostly the mirror and satellarknights.   The 2 Trishulas are also new but they are there because of the increasing popularity of veiler in the main, and to be able to go trish 2 turns in a row when the opponent thinks he is safe or when my first trish gets banished.   The Breakthrough Skills in the side are there for the BA matchup since i am expecting them to side in fiends and spell canceller.
  8. Hey guys it's sidedragon here with a top 8 regional tournament. For this event I decided to take nekroz as I think it is hands down the best deck and I've been playing the deck since release. I have had a lot of practice with the deck, especially against the mirror match and felt confident enough to take it all the way to Leeds. Anyway without further ado, on with the report.    Friday   I finished college earlier than normal which gave me more time to get ready and head off to Leeds. I got on the train and because of delays, instead of taking an hour and a half it actually took something along the lines of three hours -.-. I got to Leeds and my brother met me at the train station. We took the bus back to my dads and i just chilled out and played naruto with my brother for the majority of the day. I did a little testing on dueling network but in all honesty I wouldn't consider dueling network to be proper practice.   Saturday   Got up at like 9:30 and got ready for the event. Unlike the last events, this event I actually got a good amount of sleep and I felt refreshed and ready for yugiohz. I got ready and got to the event at around 10 and registered. I had around 2 hours before the event actually started so I mainly just made sure I wanted to play the version I had of nekroz or maybe change a few cards. I actually went retarded mode and put in a third mst last minute just because of the amount of tellars and shaddoll and i didnt want to lose to mistakes game one and shit like that, I hate floodgates. Eventually the round gets posted which was a relief. 7 rounds, 120 players, lets go.   Round 1: Me Vs Nekroz   Never seen him before so I had no idea what he was playing, I won the roll and opted to go second because nekroz.   Game 1 He thinks for a second and then ends. I then proceed to FTK   Game 2 I side wrong as I don't think he could be actually playing nekroz because his sleeves were like dirty and stuff and on top of that I just didnt see anything game 1. I turn one djinn lock doe because when shuffling he reveals what he's playing basically. Djinn works out for me for a while until he top decks the raigeki out before hes about to lose next turn and then counter djinn locks me and i just lose due to having no outs -.-.   Game 3 This game was probably the only blurr to me. I dont remember what happened but I know I won. I think I might have Djinn locked him again but I'm not 100% sure in all honesty.    I was glad to win the round 1, especially against nekroz.   Round 2: Me vs Shaddoll I also had no idea what this guy was playing, I won the roll again and once again opted to go second.   Game 1 He upstarts, sets a monster and two backrow and ends. I draw and have this hand where I can go all in or naw. I decide to play super aggressively going denko, claus get cycle, cycle shurit to get out claus, shurit search brio, brio into unicore, kaleda unicore to search trish and then mirrored into trish and banished his in hand rageki and his facedown falco i believe. I then swung for 67 and ended. He then goes for the construct play and attacks into denko and I chain my claus eff when he attacks so he essentially loses it for himself.   Game 2 I remember this game going down to a point to where he has a shek on the field to my ark and I attempt to make the rhapsody play to banish things in his grave but I was thinking to much and misplayed, I should have banished his spells but instead banish his monsters since I'm Thinking tooo hard for no reason and it costs me the whole game as when i attached rhapsody to ark and attack he adds Shaddoll Fusion and im like "HOW COULD I FORGET HE HAD THAT URRRGH".   Game 3   It comes to a point where he has 2 backrow and a shek on the field and I just out it with trish and he just loses all momentum from there. His sets were 2 el shaddolls and he had nothing in hand, i just beat him for 3 turns.   Round 3: Me Vs Yosenjus I think I won the die roll a third time and opt to go second. I was so ready for like nekroz or whatever this guy had to throw at me.   Game 1 It was weird times, I summon unicore, he tt's, i try and summon trish, he vanities??? I just lose to that xD.   Game 2 I literally trished him twice and he lost all advantage he never had. Whenever he tried to get advantage by attacking i just valked him.   Game 3 This was very similar to game 2 except he opened no backrow this time so it was even easier for me to win.    The game actually finished in like 15 minutes so I was able to have a 50 minute lunch break . I got fish and chips.   Round 4: Me Vs Nekroz I'd heard of this guy before, he won england nats in like 2013 or 14. I assumed he was playing nekroz since best deck soooo.   Game 1 He opened kind of bad and was forced to cycle into brionac and then set 4 backrow. I had a pretty good hand and just outted his brionac and kept resources on the field because i had a veiler to back it up. He did do one cool play which was Salvage back into shurit and claus to get mirror. I complimented him on the idea, i thought it was pretty cool and innovative. He then went for the trish play and i veilered it. I then went for an excition play and then ditched unicore and chained exciton. he lost his 4 backrow and trish and had just fallen so behind so he scooped.   Game 2 I literally opened god awful. Like this was the only time i had opened super unplayable this whole tournament and to add insult to injury, he went first and djinned xD. gg me.   Game 3 He did the same thing he did game one except he didnt end with 4 backrow. He just ended with a brio with trish. My hand was good but i couldn't get trish out turn one. i didnt want to over commit to the field to get trished knowing he had trish in his hand. This ended up being a bluff as his hand was actually pretty bad past that. He beat me down with brio too much and i lost because of it. I played passively and i was crushed because of it. Even when i could have come back he lancea'd two turns in a row.   After the game we talked a bit and he showed me his hand and how he had outbluffed me with no way to actually get trish out. I felt bested but not to bad about it, i wasnt salty or anything, I felt like i lost fair and square. He was a nice guy anyway and said about how he had tested a hand similar to that a lot.   3 - 1, not so bad, I know I have to win the next 3 to guarantee topping.   Round 5: Me Vs Burning Abyss   I think I won the roll and made him go first   Game 1 He ended with a set monster and 2 backrow. I went straight in with a valk play and he karma cuted it ditching irreverent spell. I then went for the trish play and he karmaed again ditching lake (revealing what he was playing). He drew and ended, I drew and went manju into unicore and then went for the uncore play and attacking into the scarm he had set. I then m2 went for the dweller. He then drew and set a backrow, I then attacked with dweller and he attempted to ring and I chained book of eclipse. From there he just lost to dweller beat down.    Game 2 He used a lot of resources and got a darklaw out but then i just trished him and won from there.    In all honesty this match up was probably the easiest match up of the day, there's just so many outs you have in your deck to what they summon, I think the only out they have is vanities.    4 - 1, the dream, its almost there   Round 6: Me Vs Nekroz   Game 1 I think he said it was something on the lines of he opened bad but i believe he misplayed at some point. I can't remember exactly what he did but he didn't have to let me trish him, also on top of that he book of tai when he didn't have to and gave me mad pluses to put me even more ahead of him.   Game 2 This game was kind of sad for two reasons. He technically did something that could have got him a game loss which was at one point my banished pile was kinda close to my deck. So instead of picking up my banished pile he went for my deck, he had been kinda derpy the whole duel and was like "fack i didnt mean to do that" and then he looked at me and said "I looked at your deck, you can call a judge if you want man" I looked at him and thought "well i mean i can see you didnt intend to" so i let it slide, in all honesty, winning like that is like the worst way to win and it feels illegitimate. The second reason this was sad was because I let him trish and veilered it, leaving him with no much and one ritual spell left and on top of that i had been holding raigeki and senju for a while now so i was in a very good position. I went for the trish and banished his trish and left him really low, He then proceeded to top deck senju and rageki my board and i was like -.-. He admitted without the senju he had nothing going for him lol. When this round was over, time was called resulting in a draw. I can still top so i wasnt toooo fussed but still ya know.   4 - 1 - 1, there's still a chance i did the maths   Round 7: Me Vs Shaddoll   Saw him play in round 5 where he sacked super hard, he was also 4 - 0 - 2 so he hadn't lost yet.   Game 1 This was savage as fuck. Like literally so bloody savage. I opened like playable but i didnt want to waste resources so i just claused for a cycle and ended (having valk in hand) he then proceeded to otk with this card that makes it so I cant activate cards in the battle phase (it requires 3 materials and he used the sceptar + chair combo to make it). I can't remember what the card was called but I was more astonished about this card than losing. Kinda cool.   Game 2 I thought "this is it, imma lose like i normally do" but then im like "no i got this, he fluked that super hard and he's shaking, stay calm". I let him go first and he went sceptar into chair and ended with two backrow. I went manju into unicore and then attacked into sceptar with unicore but when i went to attack manju direct he chained coth. He then special summoned two chairs and drew two so he had 3 cards in hand. I then was like "oh i can excition" and what do you know, i did. When excition resolved he was left with 3 in hand, i then went valk and drew two to get excition off of the field so he couldn't shaddoll fusion. He had nothing going for him and just set a monster, i then just trished him and he lost from there.    Game 3 In all honesty, he opened like absolute jank. Like he couldn't do anything, i went first and just put pressure on the board and he couldn't do anything about it. Like the last shaddoll player, he drew tooo many fusions and couldnt use them. Sad times for him. I just beat him down and won with a trish play aswell, on top of this I djinn locked him.    So 5 - 1 - 1. There were 3 of us that were the same score. I was nervous, I could not top so it was risk. When the list gets posted, I squeezed in with that 7th place . I got the mat and 40 pounds store credit. I pulled a valk from 10 packs which was even better!! If you guys are interested in my deck profile i could post it later. otherwise thanks for reading :3   Props: -topped ofc -pulling a valk -Vanitiys emptiness being clutch (should have mained it)   Slops: -No deck box (for the third time -.-) -My friends not being there -Playing 3 mst because im bad   Again thanks for reading, will be uploading decklist on request, peace.
  9. RedeemedOne's Nekroz Deck

    Here is my Nekroz decklist for April 2015 Advanced Format. I'll list the deck then go over some card choices...   Monsters: 25   Nekroz of Valkyrus x 3 Nekroz of Unicore x 3 Nekroz of Brionac x 2 Nekroz of Clausolas x 2 Nekroz of Gungnir x 1 Nekroz of Trishula x 1 Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz x 3 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands x 3 Senju of the Thousand Hands x 3 Effect Veiler x 3 Djinn Releaser of Rituals x 1   Spells: 12   Nekroz Kaleidoscope x 2 Nekroz Cycle x 2 Nekroz Mirror x 2 Book of Eclipse x 2 Book of Moon x 1 Preparation of Rites x 1 Raigeki x 1 Reinforcement of the Army x 1   Traps: 3   Solemn Scolding x 3   Side varies daily and Extra is pretty standard except I include Leo. Reason behind Leo is that because After I've summoned Trishula without using my normal summon I can summon Effect Veiler and Synchro into Leo. It's come up a few times. Other suggestions of other Synchro monsters I could use in this way are greatly appreciated. If you wanna see the deck in it's current incarnation is here...http://i.imgur.com/giLnNJj.png.   I wonder if four outs to the Djinn Lock is enough but so far it has been working out. Mainly because my Meta is the DN Ranked Meta at the moment and I don't always face meta decks.   Solemn Scolding is obviously for a more secure Djinn Lock or for just about anytime really. It can disrupt your opponents plays if left alone by MST. Not my original idea but it's been putting in good work so far. Just while it's that singleton on field it tends to get hammered by what was up until now unusable MSTs played by your opponent.   I want to find some room in the side for Breakthrough Skill because as has been mentioned before this deck gets shit on by Spell Canceller.    And also I haven't noticed a real difference in my speed using only one ROTA because the deck searches itself really well can most times I ran out of targets for ROTA without using AK. Anyone else experiment with this?   Well, hopefully you guys can offer me some input. Help me streamline this deck, please. Thanks.  
  10. RedeemedOne's MailRoz Deck

    Can anyone help me streamline my deck. Trying something a little different. Excuse the format...http://i.imgur.com/mgOpGWB.png. Trying to utilize a Mermail engine with my Nekroz but I don't think I've quite got it. My instincts tell me that I want to include Linde and Sphere but Sphere's spell restriction kills. Also, is there some way to use rank 7s with Megelo or Steus? Aqua spirit for easier rank 4? Suggestions? Or just tell me to forget about it cause it can't be done. Let me know something, guys. Thanks.
  11. Ellie

    2 Shaddoll Beast   3 Shaddoll Squamanta  3 Shaddoll Falco (Falco Loops with beast are the most important loops in this deck, making this the most important monster) 3 Mathmatician (First turn Falco plays are how you win, Village, squa into falco, set shadow games almost always wins you the game) 2 Shaddoll Dragon 1 Shaddoll Hedgehog (originally a third dragon, but I hated drawing dragon without village, and always randomly wanted to search whatever shadow I needed, I guess searching the fusion is nice as well, though not nearly as prevalent)    3 Secret Village of the Spellcaster (Win Con) 3 Upstart Goblin  2 El Shaddoll Fusion 1 Shaddoll Fusion (This deck does not need a high fusion count, and actually prefers a lower one due to not having to draw them as often... I have honestly considered playing 1/1, but found that El Shaddoll does allow for a lot of random tricks. Once one fusion is in grave you have access to it all game with 3 core, and the fusion monsters) 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Book of Moon 1 Foolish Burial  1 Allure of Darkness   3 Shaddoll Core (spellcaster, loops fusions. You have to play 3 the same way with old Shaddoll's you had to play 3 of each fusion. Your fusion monster is not always going to grave, and this card is too important to not constantly have access to). 3 Sinister Shadow Games (Falco + Shadow games.dek) 3 Vanity Emptiness 3 Mistake (second Win Con      Side Deck 2 Shaddoll Fusion  1 El Shaddoll Fusion 3 Denko Sekka 3 Puppet Plant 1 Twister 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Terraforming  1 Shaddoll Beast 1 Shadoll Dragon 1 Raigeki   I am tempted to play a second terraforming in the side, any thoughts on what to cut? Basically you side into semi standard shadow vs none secret village matchups.   I know this idea has been discussed before on Dgz, and I have put a fair amount of testing into it. It is extremely good against the meta, and mostly has issues with Burning Abyss, and the mirror. Have not played to many stellar vs it, but I would image the matchup would be probably 50/50 pre side.    Let me know any thoughts, I would love to make this a viable strategy as it is a hell of a lot of fun. Obviously if you are going to anything larger than regional level's take Nekroz, but this is viable for regional and lower, it can be viable for Ycs etc, but it definitely needs some fine tuning before I would take it.    I feel this is the way you have to run Shaddoll's now. You get outpaced in oak builds and just lose to Valk, Quili is your worst matchup in oak builds. Just main decking mistake and slowing the deck down to play like OG shadolls is not enough, Village really gives the deck the edge it needed vs the Meta, and can completely keep your opponent from even playing the game.    Thanks all the Dango love in the world.
  12. Alright, so I'm back with yet another tournament report! This past weekend I was able to get my 4th regional top!    So to start things off, I had only picked up Nekroz a few weeks after release piecing the deck together bit by bit. Before this regionals I had only played in two locals with the deck and did rather well in both, so I felt pretty confident that I was going to do well this past weekend. Also I tested a few hours a day everyday for the past week leading up to saturday as I really wanted to learn the ins and outs of the deck as much as possible, the combos, siding vs certain matchups, beating the mirror, etc. So I ended up being well prepared for the event.    Decklist and explanations:   Monsters: 22 3x Nekroz of Valkyrus 3x Nekroz of Unicore 3x Nekroz of Brionac 1x Nekroz of trishula 1x Nekroz of Clausolas 1x Nekroz of gungnir 2x Shurit 3x Manju 3x senju 1x psi-blocker 1x Djinn   spells: 18 2x Kaleidoscope 2x Nekroz mirror 2x Nekroz cycle 2x Shared ride 3x preparation of rites 3x mystical space typhoon 2x book of eclipse 1x book of moon 1x raigeki   side deck: 15 2x fire hand 2x ice hand 2x kycoo 3x twister 1x shared ride 2x royal decree 3x mind crush   extra deck: 15 1x blue-eyes ultimate dragon 1x star eater 2x herald of arc light 2x daigusto emeral 1x lavalval chain 1x exciton knight 1x 101: silent honor ark 1x castel 1x diamond dire wolf 1x abyss dweller 1x gagaga cowboy 1x ragna zero 1x rhapsody in berserk     Going into the event I felt that since it was a regionals I just wanted to play a rather straight forward and consistent list because I wasn't always going to play against meta, so I didn't want to try too many techs, etc. Before the tournament my list consisted of 3 upstart goblins, I liked upstart for the fact that it gets you to your combo pieces even quicker than the deck already does. But in the end I ended up cutting them for 2 shared rides and a psi-blocker. Now these were the techs I felt that were ok enough to maindeck for this event as they aren't neccessarily awful vs rogue but they definitely aren't great. The logic behind these techs were that I still wanted to beat the mirror game 1 and I feel the deck is so powerful that if I can win against rogue in my early rounds that I'd eventually face mirrors and I wanted to beat them.    The maindeck was really solid as I only lost 4 games all day and some of the losses were out of my control. I'll explain the stuff I feel needs explaining.   1 Psi-blocker - this card was absolutely nuts in the mirror, it let me otk once vs one of the mirrors I played and at other times he stopped key cards that just let me win, even game 1 against qliphorts in my last round he didn't open scout, I created a field and summoned blocker and called scout and he just couldn't win. Definitely glad I played this card, also being able to negate face-up continuous effects was one of the big reasons I played this card.   0 Decisive armor - One of the guys I came down to the event with was so high on this card and said I should play it, so I'll give an explanation why I don't play it. I feel decisive armor actually really does nothing to forward your gamestate, he just makes bad hands even worst, I'd also much rather save my kaleidos for unicore plays or valk/unicore plays, etc. This card really just sits in your hand until a monster tries to run over one of yours and I really just don't like it. The 3300 body is nice alongside the popping of set cards but I just felt it was not worth it as every other nekroz monster is much more important.    4 outs to djinn (2 eclipse, 1 BoM, 1 raigeki) - Now in playtesting the week before the event I was only losing games in the mirror to the djinn lock because I could not draw the outs, at this point I had only 3 outs because I didn't play the second eclipse, I felt that since eclipse was the best out to the lock so I needed more of it, I needed as many outs as possible if I wanted to play yugioh. I could have straight up played 3 eclipse but I felt that BoM and raigeki has uses in other matchups as well so I just felt this 4 card lineup was the best one and it worked out great for me in the end so I wouldn't change it.    as for side deck and extra deck explanations:   the hands - These were amazing, vs qlips, vs rogue, they just have the power to clear pretty much an entire field simply because of one normal summon, I played 2 and 2 cause I felt that since they are normal summons they can still clog so 3 and 2 or 3 and 3 might have been too much. Although I did consider 3 ice 2 fire but I'd probably keep the same lineup.   kycoos - These were strictly for the mirror and they were amazing, yes the downside is they are normal summons, but after siding I usually reduce the number of normals in my deck anyways. In the 2 mirrors I played against this card just basically outright won me the games in which he was summoned. Being able to stop valk, mirrors from grave, swinging for damage and banishing cards, it was just a multi purpose card and it was great.    3 twisters - now even tho I have 3 MST and the hands vs qlips, I still had too many cards in the maindeck that were just outright dead against qlips so I felt siding the full 3 was actually good, It can potentially clog but I wanted atleast 1 copy of a side card or an mst in my hand when I play vs qlips because the floodgates are so important to hit or else you just lose. So the 3 copies never actually clogged for me and I drew them when I needed too. I could potentially cut them down to 2 but for now 3 was fine.   2 royal decree - This card was way better than denko sekka in my opinion, I tested denko a lot during the week and everytime I had it, I had stuff like manju/senju in my hand and my hand ended up being slow. So it being a normal wasn't as great as I thought it was, also most of the cards that hurt you are face-up continous cards so I felt that even if I draw decree late game it can stop already face-up cards unlike denko, now decree also goes in vs certain matchups whereas cards like twister would go in vs others, like for example I wouldn't side decree vs qlips but I would side it for BA. Also all the decks that denko was good against, They all had somewhat easy outs to the card. Mind you protecting denko with valks is really good but I just felt decree was better for this event in the long run.    3 mind crush - This card was amazing, having knowledge of your opponents hand really helped a lot and hitting key cards was important too. everytime I drew it it ended up helping me immensely. So I'd probably keep the full 3 copies.    2 daigusto emeral - I felt that in the grind game in the mirror this card would be very useful at 2 but I never summoned the second. In the end I'd probably drop it for a zubaba general just in case of towers so I wouldn't auto lose.   everything else was fairly standard if there's any questions just ask and I'll be sure to answer them!    As for my rounds/matchups/etc.   Round 1: 2-0 vs Yosenju record: 1-0   game 1: I win the dice roll and opt to go second, he activates tenki and searches a kama 1, activates duality and gets a kama 2. he activates his maindecked necrovalley and passes. I look at my starting hand and I think for a second if I can otk him, I had like the perfect hand (gungnir, brio, valk, manju, unicore, mirror) I was able to manju for kaleido, dropping unicore and valk, then brio for shurit, then mirror to drop gung for game.    game 2: he goes first and tenkis for tsujik, activates necrovalley and passes, but I summon manju searching unicore, I kaleido for unicore and search for brio then valk wtih brio. I swing with both monsters and mainphase 2 make ragna zero set mind crush and pass. He goes dark hole, summon kama 1 and then summon tsujik and swings for damage but I valk. he sets one and EP they bounce to his hand I flip mindcrush and hit 2 kama 1s out of his hand. I draw twister for turn, I had an mst that I saved for when I needed it, so I wister the necrovalley and mst the set which ended up being mistake, do some searching from grave with kaleido then trish him. He was left with basically nothing, he top decks a torrential sets it and passes, and just swung with trish constantly until I had game.    round 2: 2-0 vs blue-eyes dragon ruler record: 2-0   game 1: he goes first sets 4, I knew he was playing blue-eyes because I seen him play a friend of mine in round 1, I make lavalval chain and he divine wraths it discarding honest. so I pass, he passes, next turn I apply pressure with a senju and valk and was able to just beat him down because all his draws were draw cards and no monsters.    game 2: he makes me go first and I djinn lock him with lavalval chain on the field, he summons blue-eyed maiden....I just summoned more monsters and swung and all his cards were dead again so I won this entire match in less than 5 minutes.   round 3: 0-2 vs yangzing... record: 2-1   game 1: Now this guy is from my locals and I helped with his deck and it was his first regionals, he's not a bad player by any means and knows his stuff and how to play his deck, but it was rather embarassing I lost to yang zings. Or should I say, I lost to vanity's, skill drain, necrovalley. Anyways game 1 he goes first and summons red yang zing and sets 4 and passes. I summon senju and he skill drains, I had no out, so I just kept recycling valk the whole game and still couldn't draw an out, his other backrows were emptiness, creation, bottomless, so I really just couldn't win as I watched him beat me down and floodgate me to death.    game 2: I have 8 out to flood gates, and game 2 was much of the same as game 1, I go second, he opens a jiaotu combo into yazi unaffected by spells I believe and sets 2, which were skill drain and vanity's..my opening hand I kaleido trying to drop unicore and valk and he vanity's, I pass, he topdecks necrovalley, and then just continued to gain advantage as his other backrow was skill drain and I couldn't draw an out to anything after reusing valk about 5-6 times. All my outs to floods were near the bottom of my deck and there was just nothing I could do to win, I was a little salty after losing but I got over it and went on to the next round. Good for him tho as he started off his first regional going 4-0 and first time ever beating me. He Finished the regional in 10th place.   round 4: 2-0 vs mirror match record: 3-1   game 1: he won the role and let me go first. I did the valk/lavalval chain combo to dump valk and cycle it back and was able to draw 2 clearing my field and unicore the valk back and set shared ride and pass. he goes senju and I shared ride, he gets brio and searches valk so I get the plus one, he  kaleidos into unicore and makes lavalval chain after searching for clausolas, he dumps djinn and cyles the clausolas back putting me under the lock, at this point he way over extended and i eclipse his field and was able to drop trish on him an win from there.    game 2: he lets me go first I didn't open all that well and manju for brio into valk set shared ride and pass, he trishulas me but I got a few draws off ride again, he hits nothing important and next turn I trish him. he dark holes my trish and passes. I summon psi-blocker summoned valk and unicore and valled valk and killed him that turn as he had nothing.    round 5: 2-1 vs mirror match record: 4-1   game 1: I win the role and go second, he goes lavalval chain and valk and stacks valk, tributes them to draw 2 and passes, I opt to djinn lock him with chain and clausolas set shared ride and pass. he raigekis, and msts my ride.  but didn't have a follow up play so he passes, I summon valk and unicore and swing and he valks, I tribute to draw 2, and pass. he passes again, I do the exact same combo with unicore and valk and swing for big damage, next turn he draws an unicores to get valk back, I draw search for nekroz mirror from the kaleido in grave, and then unicore to get my valk back aswell, summon manju and search for brio and get shurit then summon valk, he was at 2800 so I swing with manju he valks, I chain book of moon then valk kills him.    game 2: I go first and open manju for brio into valk set shared ride again and pass, at this point I left myself open to trish which I shouldn't have done and he trishs me, and otks me that turn through shared ride. his field was kycoo, unicore, valk, trish.    game 3: I go second, he chains and valks stacking swift scarecrow, tributes to draw 2 and passes I was able to djinn lock him and he had no out, I summoned kycoo and was able to deal 7200 damage with kycoo alone banishing all his stuff and he couldn't valk, he scarecrowed to protect him from dying but I had gungnir and trish in hand to protect my clausolas from anything that wasn't eclipse, so I just won with kycoo, he also had 4-5 backrows at this point so my guess is some were shared rides so I didn't do any searching so he couldn't draw an out.    round 6: 2-1 vs qliphort record: 5-1    game 1: He doesn't open scout, summons carrier after using upstart goblin, sets skill drain an mst and a mind crush and passes, I brio into clausolas and he mind crushes, it then i mirror into trishula and he skill drains and i chain mst. I banish his carrier, a random card in hand, and the upstart in grave, i summon psi-blocker calling scout, kept swinging as he topdecked a scout and summoner's art so I just win.    game 2: this game was rather back and forth as he didnèt open scout again and played the beatdown game with carrier, my hand was slow and I don't remember much of what happened but he eventually gets his pendulum scale up and was able to trampolynx with scout, pendulumed, bounced scout, made castel to shuffle a monster on my field back into the deck, and tributed carrier for vanity's fiend, he then mind crushes 2 valks out of my hand and I drew an ice hand way too late, had it been fire hand I could have cleared the majority of his field but I lost.    game 3: he opens scout and searches carrier and sets emptiness and mirror force and passes, my had was 2 ice hands, a fire hand, a twister, and a raigeki, I don't remember much of wht happens next but all I know is that I was forced to eventually raigeki his field and tried to swing in an open field with ice hand and he mirror forces me. i was able to twister his scout, and clear his emptiness with the next ice hand. I was able to make some plays and push for damage, and time was called, I was up by like 2400 life points and had a brionac on my field, along with a unicore, in time he kept pendulumming and paying for scout until I was up by 4k life and I had gungnir and 2 valks in hand, and he just wasn't able to deal me damage and push through the valks so I won in time. I know I'm forgetting a lot about this match but valk was the mvp.   so I finished 5-1 and got my 4th regional top! My buddy who I came to the event with got first place with the same list! So it was a good day. It may have only been 6 rounds but I still had a blast and didn't really misplay all day! maybe once or twice! It sucks I didn't get top 4 cause I really wanted that red deck box but oh well!    I wanna say congrats to JT (sharpman) as well for topping and going x-1 with Nekroz! Also going to say congrats to my teammate Michel Hachey for getting 9th with shaddolls! Unfortunate he didn't top but still!    Positives for the day: - subway in the morning and drinking lots of powerade and water really helped playing hungry and thirsty sucks - beating the mirrors - making 200$ on selling cards and decks I didn't care about - seeing everyone I haven't seen in quite some time! - new york fries after regs - a lot of things I'm sure I'm missing   negatives: - losing to yang zings - no deckbox   In the end it was a great day and I really enjoyed the event. Can't wait till the next event I go to, hopefully going to the 150th YCS and/or Nats in Nashville this summer!   Thanks for reading and give me feedback! I know I forgot a lot of things but I hope this was thorough enough and if it wasn't let me know!                
  13. Ice Barrier Dragons Unleash! (Nekroz Deck)

    Being the Ice Barrier lover I am.... I could not help but give this deck a try.     This is my take on Nekroz:   Main Deck:   2 The Nekroz of Trishula (main boss, extremely searchable, best ran at 2) 3 The Nekroz of Brionac (it searches everything key piece of the deck! A staple at 3) 2 The Nekroz of Gungnir (secondary boss due to its fantastic disruption power, and a good card to keep in hand to protect your rituals. Not as good as Trish as a boss monster, and not always needed as a protection. So it is best ran at 2) 3 The Nekroz of Unicore (best turn 1 play with Kaleidomirror and Herald... it also recycles every key card needed)  2 The Nekroz of Clausolas (always good to have access to this card -with ROTA, Senju, Manju, Caster, Brio, and Preparation of Rites- but 3 only clogs) 2 Shrit, Caster of the Nekroz (much like Clausolas, Caster is needed 70% of the time. 3 would only clog. Best ran at 2) 3 Senju of the thousand hands (you ALWAYS want to see this card. A +1 on summon, and a very useful one...) 3 Manju of the ten thousand hands (idem above) 2 Nekroz Exomirror (the ratio of 2-3 Mirrors gives the deck enough to function without clogging. Since Kaleidomirror is your ideal turn 1 play, I choose to run it at 3 and Exo at 2.) 3 Nekroz Kaleidomirror (see above) 2 Reinforcement of the Army (see Clausolas and Caster) 3 Preparation of Rites (if we could run 6 of this card... we would!) 1 Pot of Dichotomy (late game recycling and draw power. The set up needed makes it best ran at 1) 3 Upstart Goblin (this is a combo based deck after all... Upstart helps you get to that final piece you needed to complete the combo. Or to that s/t removal you have been waiting for to kill those troublesome floodgates cards). 3 Twister (the deck primarily looses to floodgates (Vanity, Skill Drain, Main Drain, Mistake, Macro, D Fissure, etc. S/T Removal is absolutely necessary!) 3 Mystical Space Typhoon (same as above)     Extra Deck:   1 Shooting Quasar Dragon (we all know the combo... right?) 1 Shooting Star Dragon (see above) 1 Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier (for those rare situations when we use Kaleidomirror to summon Brionac) 2 Herald of the Arc Lght (this card makes Kaleidomirror and Unicore so much better...) 1 Mirage Fortress Enterprisenir (this card is just pure evil...) 1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger (Quasar Combo) 1 Inzektor Exa-Beetle (Quasar Combo) 1 Outer God Nyarla (Abusing Herald's eff...) 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight (staple) 1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK (staple) 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer (staple) 1 Number 106: Giant Hand (for those decks that do not XYZ... or the mirror) 1 Number 103: Ragnazero (always good to have. Qliphorts do change their atk after all...) 1 Diagusto Emerald (a late game card to help you recicle)        (I guess it goes without saying that Divine Grace - Northwemko is just a proxy for The Nekroz of Gungnir)         Any constructive feedback is much appreciated.   Thanks!
  14. So, I was testing out Nekroz, and I was thinking about how good Denko Sekka is in that deck, especially once people side in (or begin to main) Shared Rides, Mistakes and Mirror of the Ice Barrier. One thing I liked about Sekka was that it would prevent my opponent from using Shared Rides, Mirror, and Mistakes (unless they activated it before I summoned) but it would prevent me from using my own Rides. And then I came back to this card:   If your opponent adds a card(s) from their Deck to their hand, except during the Draw Phase, you can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard. For the rest of this turn, neither player can add card(s) from their Deck to their hand. (Drawing cards is also considered as "adding a card to the hand.")   This card essentially does what Shared Ride does, but it's both impervious to Sekka, and doesn't give your opponent the option to push through.I think this card will prove to be very valuable in the Nekroz mirror match. I would love to discuss this card with people who have more experience with the deck, maybe i'm overlooking something? maybe it's not as impactful as I thought?.