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Found 1 result

  1. Alright, Kind of gets boring playing goats every now and then but this was a pretty fun format. Stein was annoying so we can ban stein.     The format revolved around Summoning Chaos Sorceror's and then end game flipping return for the win. This was the format where Floaters really became important in the game as you could flip summon Zaborg and have field presence.   There were monarchs that topped along with dark world and Chaos return.   People did tech 1 stein along with 1 last will, but I always though stein was Dumb, and should be banned from here.   NO OTK / FTK / Burn / Stall For Obvious Reasons.   All Sets till Enemy of Justice are legal. POTD is NOT Legal.   Post your DGZ / DN so we can get some Chaos Return games going!   Yellowlink - Invixious Cornish - BZCornish Confizzle - Le Confined One Suicidal - Thoraya AMP Thenewguy - AMP thenewguy bigdevilyogi - bigdevilyogi Faint - DGzFaint Pacading - Pacading Canadian - Canadian Sykotic - LiLB"theBasedGod" Jazz - SolarShadow   The banlist -   http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/April_2006_Lists       ADVANCED FORMAT LIST EFFECTIVE APRIL 1st   [Spoiler] I. Forbidden Cards You cannot use these cards in your Deck or Side Deck: Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of The Beginning Butterfly Dagger - Elma Change of Heart Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of The End Cyber Jar Dark Hole Delinquent Duo Exchange of The Spirit Fiber Jar Harpie's Feather Duster Imperial Order Last Turn Magical Scientist Makyura The Destructor Mirage Of Nightmare Monster Reborn Painful Choice Pot Of Greed Raigeki Ring Of Destruction Sinister Serpent The Forceful Sentry Time Seal Tribe-Infecting Virus Witch Of The Black Forest Yata-Garasu NEW! - Cyber Jar, Dark Hole, Exchange of the Spirit, Last Turn, Time Seal II. Limited Cards You can ONLY use one of the following cards in the Deck & Side Deck combined: Book of Moon Breaker The Magical Warrior Call Of The Haunted Card Destruction Ceasefire Confiscation D. D. Assailant D. D. Warrior Lady Dark Magician Of Chaos Drop Off Exiled Force Exodia The Forbidden One Graceful Charity Heavy Storm Injection Fairy Lily Jinzo Last Will Left Arm Of The Forbidden One Left Leg Of The Forbidden One Level Limit - Area B Lightning Vortex Limiter Removal Mage Power Magic Cylinder Mask Of Darkness Metamorphosis Mirror Force Morphing Jar Mystical Space Typhoon Night Assailant Pot Of Avarice Premature Burial Protector Of The Sanctuary Reckless Greed Right Arm Of The Forbidden One Right Leg Of The Forbidden One Sacred Phoenix Of Nephthys Sangan Scapegoat Snatch Steal Swords Of Revealing Light Thousand-Eyes Restrict Torrential Tribute Treeborn Frog Tsukuyomi Twin-Headed Behemoth United We Stand NEW! - D. D. Assailant, Drop Off, Graceful Charity, Last Will, Level Limit - Area B, Mask of Darkness, Mirror Force, Pot of Avarice, Treeborn Frog III. Semi-Limited Cards You can ONLY use two of the following cards in the Deck & Side Deck combined: Apprentice Magician Creature Swap Deck Devastation Virus Emergency Provisions Good Goblin Housekeeping Gravity Bind Magician Of Faith Manticore Of Darkness Nobleman Of Crossout Reflect Bounder Reinforcement Of The Army Upstart Goblin NEW! - Apprentice Magician, Deck Devastation Virus, Magician of Faith, Nobleman of Crossout, Reflect Bounder NEW! - The following cards are no longer Limited: Abyss Soldier, Book of Taiyou [/Spoiler]