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Found 1 result

  1. Blackwings [Post DOCS]

    It's everyone's favorite birds again. *is shot*   Deck List: [spoiler] [/spoiler]   [spoiler] Monster(s): - 1 BW Gladius the Midnight Sun - 1 BW Oroshi the Squall - 1 BW Zephyros the Elite - 2 BW Blizzard the Far North - 2 BW Gale the Whirlwind - 2 BW Pinaki the Waxing Moon - 2 BW Shura the Blue Flame - 3 BW Bora the Spear - 3 BW Kalut the Moon Shadow - 3 BW Kris the Crack of Dawn - 2 Maxx "C"   Spell(s): - 1 Allure of Darkness - 2 Instant Fusion - 3 Black Whirlwind   Trap(s): - 1 Bottomless Trap Hole - 1 Solemn Warning - 1 Vanity's Emptiness - 3 Anti-Spell Fragrance - 3 Icarus Attack - 3 Memory Loss   Extra Deck: - 2 Elder Entity Norden - 1 Hi-Speedroid Chanbara - 1 Red Wyvern - 2 BW - Nothung the Starlight - 1 Assault BW - Raikiri the Rain Shower - 1 Black Rose Dragon - 1 BW Tamer - Obsidian Hawk Joe - 1 Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon - 1 Abyss Dweller - 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer - 1 Gagaga-Cowboy - 1 Ice Beast Zerofyne   Side Deck: (under revision) [/spoiler]   Since DOCS is out and brings along an absurd themed Synchro in Raikiri, I was looking into this deck again. It's obviously not meta, but is it totally outclassed? I (personally) don't think so. Among those small Rogues, BWs are actually not a bad choice due to their very design, which allows them to play cards, that are effective against the current meta.   The deck itself has been power-creeped for a long time now and the new meta is going to make things even worse. Shura has been reduced to a mere shadow of its former self and the grind game of this deck is substantially worse than the common Pendulum decks. While BWs are still fast, they just don't have the efficiency, to keep up with those everlasting nightmares.   However, BWs have some attributes, that gives them an edge against them. I'm speaking of these 3: - Trishula: Blackwings can bring out Trishula pretty easily, be it with Oroshi + 2 Level 4s or Blizzard + Level 3 + Level 4. Resolving Trish can still hurt considerably and banishing means, you won't see certain cards ever again. - Norden: This one fixes a big problem with Blackwings; if you lose your NS, you can't swarm since all of them need at least one. With Norden, you can pull out a BW without relying on a NS, which is very useful to create momentum, if you get disrupted (a very likely case with Infinity, Rafflesia and Strike around). Not to mention, it increases the frequency of Synchro or Rank 4 plays, therefore improves access to your toolbox. - Anti-Spell Fragrance: A very important floodgate against Pendulums, as it stops them from setting scales. Blackwings don't utilize a large amount of Spells (Whirlwind and maybe Instant Fusion now), which allows them to operate under this card quite effectively. Because of this BWs are my choice than compared to similar Chicken decks like Harpies or lolRaidraptors, that don't necessarily share these traits (or in general lack power).   The general premise of this deck is to use Traps and floodgates, slowing down the opponent, while taking advantage of your swarming capability. Ending the game swiftly is your priority, as it is quite likely, that you get outgrinded or flooded in due time. To achieve that, you rely on a combination of aggro and burn damage, which is reliant on hitting Nothung + Whirlwind as soon as possible. Technically, it's possible, to go for an OTK with Nothung alone, but that bears the high risk of overextending and is easily foiled by the existence of Damage Juggler.   The monster line-up should be fairly standard. I will only go into some occurences, which may deviate from the norm. [spoiler] - 2 Shura: Oh, poor Shura, what a terrible fate you have met. Since Pendulums don't end up in the grave, it merely becomes a Level 4 1800 Vanilla beater, which is pretty poor. I still play 2 copies, just because it is a Level 4 BW that has enough ATK to search Bora or Gale under Whirlwind for quick Extra Deck access. Memory Loss helps to trigger its effect more frequently as well.   - Oroshi: I think, that Oroshi has reached staple status by now. With the return of Trishula, it gained the use of turning 2 Level 4s into it and is the only way to use the Nothung -> Joe play. Add the fact, that Norden can pull it from the graveyard for re-use just give Oroshi a lot of opportunities to make great plays.   - Gladius: There is currently no other good Level 3 non-Tuner, that could go along the Level 3 Tuners to make Nothung. It's ATK is low enough, to be searched by Gale and Pinaki, so there is that going for it. Its restriction matters less if you consider its role, since you want to make Nothung first and then proceed to use the additional NS for more searching under Whirlwind.   - No other BW: Most of them are just plain bad. Steam is outclassed by Gale and Pinaki, which have vital functions for the deck. Steam's only selling point is Leo or turning Raikiri into a Level 8, while using its effect twice, which is somewhat nice, but its brick potential is too much to ignore. Kochi smells with Shura losing consistency with its effect. So definetly a no-go. It's way past its time now. Sirocco, while having nice potential, has a lot of inconsistencies, you have to take in account (like T1). I prefer to stabilize my consistency, which is not that good in the first place.   I'm currently debating, if I need another Gale. My Tuner count is pretty high, so the 3rd copy was the most obvious one to cut. As Oroshi is important for many power plays, I would probably exchanging it with the 2nd copy of either Blizzard or Pinaki, who are both NS. [/spoiler]   As I play ASF, I'm keeping my Spell count low, though it's inevitable to include some draw power. This deck cannot dream of playing against the Pendulum meta without Whirlwind or ASF. You should priotize hitting them as fast as possible, which isn't possible outside of digging it from your deck. Allure is the best one for having no restriction and PoD digs better than the garbage that is Cards for Black Feathers. I'm not playing Upstart for a 37-card deck. Under ASF, it doesn't replace itself immediately for another card and it extends the grind game, which is terrible.   EDIT: Since PePe is a thing and I main ASF, Maxx "C" is the much better choice. Not only does it replace itself (at worst) or nets an extra draw, it can also force your opponent to stop, if they don't want to give you too much draws (a wise decision against a deck like Blackwings). ***   My Trap line-up is tailored to be used against Pendulums. 3 ASF and Vanity are my floodgates of choice, with the other falling short of having too narrow applications or significant drawbacks, that interfere with my own plays (e.g. Lose 1 Turn). ASF preventing the use of E-Tele, Kozmotown and the entirety of Monarch Spells is still a noticeable slowdown to those other meta decks in Kozmo and Monarchs, though they have themed outs against it. Triple Icarus serves as my main removal. While a lot of things have targeting protection now, backrow and more importantly Pendulum scales are still vulnerable to it and it sends Pinaki properly from the field for its search effect, making it better than Twin Twister.   EDIT: As victor kindly pointed out, cards like Fiendish Chain are currently useless, since most relevant decks can dodge or are immune against targetting. But without any effect negation you are kinda bound to get some kind of problem, especially against Extra Deck interactions or infamous cards like Pendulum . Memory Loss serves a good niche right now, as it doesn't target and switches Kozmo Ships to their weaker DEF mode, which makes it easier to run over them, especially for Shura's effect. ***   For the Extra Deck: [spoiler] - Hi-Speedroid Chanbara I have pretty easy access to Level 5s (Blizzard -> Level 3, Oroshi + Level 4) and Chanbara offers 4600 damage, which helps for OTKs.   - Red Wyvern: Currently the best Level 6, because it can out the Kozmo ships. That's the only reason but the other Level 6s have absolutely nothing to offer, so shame on them.   - 2 Nothung: You need Nothung to take advantage of Whirlwind. 1 doesn't cut it all, as it's quite likely within a game, that you want to go for another copy. Not to mention, losing access to Nothung (because of it being banished) is crippling to the point, that you're too slow and inefficient, to keep up.   - Tamer Joe: It pulls back Nothung or Raikiri, which is pretty important and contributes to OTKs. Not to mention, this is the key of stacking your burn damage and keep swarming with Nothung. You don't need more than 1, as you are only going to summon it, if you already have a BW Synchro in your graveyard.   - Raikiri: If this doesn't show exactly, how much the power creep has gone, then nothing will. Despite having such a ridicilous effect, it's actually pretty mediocre and serves only to pop backrow or scales. Still, a loopable destruction machine under Joe shouldn't be underestimated.   - BRD: Exciton is banned and having a nuke just in case is never bad. To be fair, BRD was/is probably more accessible in the first place, as Blackwings can make it in multiple ways, which is easier than hitting 2 Level 4s.   - Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon Excellent card. Since Blackwings are still very much battle-oriented, being able to grant all attackers the ability, to play around floaters, makes it a great choice against Kozmo and their floating ships.   - Dweller: While the relevance of the graveyard decreases, Dweller still remains somewhat relevant to stop traditional floaters like the Kozmo ships. Not to mention, as long, as graveyard effects are omni-existent, this card will not become irrelevant enough, to be excluded.   - Zerofyne: One of the strongest tools, Level 4 birds can use. Incredibly useful, to turn off the effects of certain scales, that would otherwise cause huge problems, and immunities which allows other cards to do their job again.   - Cowboy: While it may seem a bit weak, it's definetly not in this deck. Blackwings like to stack burn and Cowboy adding more to it can be a quick win-condition. [/spoiler]   Changelog: (09.11.15): Removed Fiendish Chain for Memory Loss (12.11.15): Removed CWS and 103 for Chanbara and Yazi, added Side Deck (24.01.15): Removed Pot of Duality, Torrential Tribute, Yazi for Maxx "C", another Memory Loss and Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon. Removed Side Deck for revision.