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Found 5 results

  1. Follow My Voice

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAPbYqCiU3Q       1 Rescue Rabbit 3 Maxx "C" 3 Evilswarm Castor 3 Evilswarm Mandagora 3 Evilswarm Kerkyion 3 Evilswarm Heliotrope 3 Evilswarm Thunderbird   1 Book of Moon 1 Reinforcement of the Army 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Infestation Pandemic 3 Forbidden Chalice 3 Upstart Goblin   1 Solemn Warning 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Infestation Infection 3 Vanity's Emptiness   1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Dark Hole 1 Dimensional Fissure 1 Soul Drain 1 Macro Cosmos 2 Black Horn of Heaven 2 Needle Ceiling 3 Debunk 3 Light-Imprisoning Mirror   3 Evilswarm Ophion 1 Evilswarm Bahamut 1 Evilswarm Nightmare 1 Evilswarm Excition Knight 1 Number 101: Silent Honor Ark 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1 Number 85: Crazy Box 1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle 1 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Diamond Dire Wolf 1 Maestroke, the Symphony Djinn   Thoughts? I will give explanation for card choices upon request.  
  2. Geargia for YCS Philly

      Deck List: 40 Monsters: 13 3x Geargiaccelerator 1x Geargiano 3x Geargiano Mk-II 3x Geargiarmor 3x Geargiarsenal Spells: 9 1x Book of Moon 1x Dark Hole 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Soul Charge 3x Upstart Goblin Traps: 18 2x Black Horn of Heaven 1x Bottomless Trap Hole 2x Call of the Haunted 1x Compulsory Evacuation Device 2x Fiendish Chain 3x Geargiagear 2x Mirror Force 1x Solemn Warning 1x Torrential Tribute 3x Wiretap Extra Deck: 15 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Daigusto Emeral 1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight 3x Gear Gigant X 1x Ghostrick Alucard 1x Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 1x Number 101: Silent Honor ARK 1x Number 103: Ragnazero 1x Number 20: Giga-Brilliant 1x Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk 1x Soul of Silvermountain 1x Temtempo the Percussion Djinn 1x Wind-Up Zenmaines Side Deck: 15 1x Ally of Justice Cycle Reader 2x D.D. Crow 2x Maxx "C" 1x Dimensional Fissure 1x Mind Control 2x Breakthrough Skill 2x DNA Surgery 1x Macro Cosmos 2x Mind Crush 1x Soul Drain   Hey DGZ! As the name implies, this is the deck that I intend to play with at YCS Philly next weekend. However, I'm aware that this isn't as good as it can be. I've been a little out of touch lately with the latest techs and strategies for the post-PRIO format, so I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing to prepare for it other than expect the obvious increase in play of Scraps and Madolches, as well as the introduction of Artifacts. My main concern is with the Side Deck, which is constantly changing. What are the best cards to side for this event? Overall though, I believe that every aspect of the deck could be improved to some extent. So please, give me any constructive criticisms that you may have, and I'll do my best to either replicate the advice, or explain to you why I choose not to make that decision. Thanks for reading!
  3. DG Live #3: YCS Philly 2014

    DuelistGroundz Live #3   Signing up: Post your DN username in this topic The first 16 players (32? If enough interest) to sign up on this thread are added to the participants list. (Sharpman has granted me permission to host this tournament.)     General rules: TCG, April, 2014 banlist. with the following included: Everything up to and including English sets Legacy of the Valiant Raiden, Lightsworn Assailant Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn Primal Origin JP001-JP080 Ghost of a Grudge Beezle of the Diabolic Dragons The Manga Version of Black-Winged Dragon Number C6: Chronomaly Chaos Atlandis   All duels must be hosted without watchers password. Deck changing Is NOT allowed after a won match, however there's no need to send a decklist for this tournament. Screenshots of your match victories must be kept in case of disputes. Remember you must be in constant contact with the Tournament Hosts, be it via Skype or other ways they set up!   BRACKET: http://challonge.com/DGLive_3   Participants: dumbBeaner91 ImpacTCG How Ninety Nine Patraic Junior Bucks Emblem Dgz/biki
  4. i debated in my mind if i really wanted to write this or not but now im here in my room and i don't want to start actually doing school work yet so i'm going to go for it and write a tournament report. ok whatever.   anyway some backstory. I sold pretty much all of my collection almost exactly a year ago. I've been to a locals once in the past 6 months. I play this game online  sometimes a lot during one week but sometimes not at all during others. I keep tabs on the game because I grew up with it and I still think that its really interesting and can be fun sometimes, but I admit that there is SO MUCH that is absolutely god awful about this game.    so regional in philly is coming up and hey i live in that city maybe i should go play i'll meet up with old friends and have fun. I pretty much just had everything for blackwings except for dualitys and emptinesses because i played blackwings when it was next level top tier #omgsopro. I talk to my yugi-friends from old locals during the weeks leading up to it and they can get me the cards i need so im not worried.    My list is pretty much the same as Jazz's list. I tried a bunch of different varitions and different ratios of cards in bw but im pretty sure that his build is just correct. Maxx C is shitty in the main. I don't even like it that much in the side either. I just forgo having to hunt the card down and just cut it from the list lol.   the night before the regional my roommates are all, "hey lets be edgy and underage drink! #socollege" but i try to explain to them i have to yu-gi-oh in the morning. they don't care and instead we all drink and celebrate this one girl's birthday and i eventually pass out at like 3 am.   wake up at 7 am because its friday saturday and its time to duel hungover i guess. hop in the shower, grab my stuff, go on the subway to center city, then get some coffee and donuts from dunkin because real americans run on that shit. i meet up with my friend Ale and the first thing he says to me is, "man i just hate yugioh players" and i laugh because i feel the same way. In general yugioh players are all pretty selfish and unpleasant to be around. I've played in a lot of Chess tournaments and a MTG GP and everyone i talked to there was really nice, at least in comparison to yugioh.  So i ask for Ale the stuff i need to borrow from him to fill out the rest of the deck for me and he has everything except the emptinesses and i'm all "well...fuck." But then out of nowhere he just ask some random guy he knows if he could still borrow the emptinesses and then just hands them to me and i'm giddy with excite because i get to play yugioh. In thanks i let him borrow my hannah montana cards because he doesn't have dracosac tokens.    i register, but when they check my deck i only have 14 in my extra because i miscounted and i didn't have a random extra deck card so i just man up and play 14.    w/e  Round 1 vs. Constellers Game 1: I win the roll so i get to set up first hehe. He summons FF Bear vs. my Shura and backrow so i think he is Fire and i'm all "oh cool this should be fun." Then he enters battle and attacks me. 'ok'. He plays lance into my obvious kalut so i get a free blackwing. thanks bro. I just start grinding him out and he goes for some plays with Consteller guys that I have to read because i have no idea what any of them do and they don't seem that good so he just looses.  Game 2: He goes first and yeah does all this consteller bullshit where he bounces my d-prison to my hand. i lose. Game 3: I open Double Whirlwind Duality into Shura w/ Book and other traps. There was nothing he could do. 1-0 Round 2 vs. Herald Game 1: I win the roll and set up with set Kalut with Blizzard in hand and set Icarus/Comp/Prison. He goes off with herald summoning and gets out a Herald and Tethys with two fairys in hand. He doesn't attack which doesn't matter because I burn the fiarys in hand with icarus and comp druning his endphase and then summon blizzard into Catastor which proves to just be too much for him. Game 2: Royal decree is a bitch even when you get mst. I chained anti-spell fragrance to the activation of decree to see if he would burn a card/to have card open for zeph in the gy to return an im p sure he though that he had to set his spells still lol. I lost Game 3: Vanity's Emptiness + Whirlwind/Shura. I OTK him turn two ; ) #yugioh 2-0   Round 3 vs. Spellbooks Game 1: I lost the roll and he goes library for Fates/Tower/Secrets and im p sure i hit fates because he didn't play either of the latter two sooo. He sets 3 and summons Jowgen. Idk. I summon Zeph and attack over and he is like, k. Set Icarus and d-prison. He summons Temperance and tries to use Power over it but I chain d-prison and he chains fate to set his guy ok.  He sets another and I icarus the fresh set and another backrow. I just get ahead and win because thats how you win yugis Game 2: He opnes the water spellbook searcher for secrets and master to tower but I have shura+whirlwind and I pretty much ride that to victory off of an eventual second whirlwind and anti-spell fragrance.  3-0   oh yes lunch time. i grab wawa becuase there is no wawa in north philly becasue they don't want wawas in the ghetto for some reason : ( i would go to reading terminal but like its so crowded during lunch and its expensive af   Round 4 vs. Dragons Oh neat table 5 look at me guys im the next billy breake Game 1: #Dragons like free cards are free cards man. I don't think he even played that well he just got up so much compared to me. Consistency kills, and while i try my hardest to fight i know that my game 1 isn't that strong vs. dragons so i just loose. Game 2: Double Vanity's Emptiness +Stardust lockdown. I thought about making Key Beetle but I wanted to have a better postion vs. Blaster's destroy effect so I opted for Stardust and everything worked out. Game 3: I open Shura and 4 backrows but he has breaks/msts for all my stuff. good cards, man, good cards.   3-1   After this match I meet up with arroganceclause who is checking out his goat decks and i introduce myself and we talk and he is a cool guy. I tell him that I want to play him in goats and but i kinda don't want to lose next round.   Round 5 vs. Dragons Game 1: guy keeps trying to use a dragon effect more than once so idk if he just sucked or if he was just an idiot. It didn't really matter though because he just played real aggressive since he had return from the dd. nice Game 2: didn't see any of my side cards which was p awful. Im able to blader him turn but it doesn't buy me enough time.  3-2  i drop it's funny because on my registration sheet for the event i wrote "Philadelphia Regional #Joe2Drop" hehe im like a fortune teller or a wizard or something . For some reason people get delusional in philly regs and think that x-3 is fine and you should keep playing when you are x-2 but they are stupid and bad its x-1 and better or bust.   i meet up with arroganceclause again and we play a bunch of goat games and chat about how much this game sucks but how much we still love it. he heads out and I go home a little later after trying really hard to get a game of "Everyone's a Winner" going but to no avail. Get off the subway and eat some crown fried chicken because i live in the hood guys idk if i mentioned that.  then i get drunk and go to a frat party. #edgy   alright props/slops i guess   props: MY FRIEND ALEJANDRO FOR LETTING ME BORROW A LOT OF CARDS THANKS FRIEND (he is never  going to read this) arroganceclause aka Matt you are a cool dude and you have a fishy t-shirt breast cancer awareness walkers who were also at the convention center they were really nice and full of energy unlike these yugioh weirdos wawa Icarus Attack Black Whirlwind Stardust Dragon random guy who sold me a key beetle fake yugioh cards goat format underage drinking having hannah montana/miley cyrus tokens before it was cool being edgy hashtags pokemon x/y discussions    slops: x-2 dropping lol that rule where all your sleeves have to be the same color like what random guy who sold me a key beetle for being kind annoying and for ripping up the fake card i gave him to thank him constellers aren't good. blackwings aren't either though. judges where were they? whenever i needed one to confirm a match result i need to wait SO LONG we didn't get to play "Everyone's a Winner" septa where was Luke Feeney? i didn't know he was Sqirmywurmy on here we met before a few times but i did not know you were dg ALSO JJ SNATCH i thought i saw you there was two guys with coolers were the more physically fit one idk i didn't want to be wrong you looked like you could beat me up and im pretty annoying irl so i was scared you punch me in the face if you didn't like me. irrational fear but im sorry i would have let you borrow my fiendish chains i just hope you got them.  being 2013 and not 2008   yeah thats pretty much it thanks for reading sorry i didn't do so good peace to everyone on dg you guys make me laugh   ; )      
  5. Prepre event: So for this event i had planned to go from the start with Andrew(andrew8190), but with the recent departure Ryan from Maine we are sort of scrambling to find People to go with, In the end we just end up taking two people i know from locals, and Mike our friend from New Jersey as it’s a convenient stop. Thursday: So Thursday is pretty uneventful for me, being done with the semester already i end up just playing League of Legends all day and fucking around. For this event i planned on playing chain burn as my friend sold his rabbit deck i planned on using, but yolo. My build was pretty good i feel, it originally was a build i got from Chris(drama), but changed a few cards. We end up leaving for New Jersey around 5 pm to avoid all traffic, and we did PUICE. On the car ride though i realized 1 of the people that i brought from locals was rather odd, he and Andrew had an 2 hour conversation about anal sex, and listened to shitty metal for the rest of the ride. No KPOP for me. We get to New Jersey around 10 pm stay up and test and screw around as we get ready for the Ycs. Friday: Like true duelists the call to yugioh all woke us up at like 7 am, even though we didnt plan on leaving until like 1 because prereg started at like 3. So as it approaced lunch time, we all wanted to eat (except andrew, more news at 11 on this subject), We all walk to subway. As we approach the subway we cross (jay walk) a small side road as its much quicker to the subway than the crosswalk down the street. Apparently the police did not like us duelists crossing the road because he flashed the blues and pulled us over. He might have been borderline retarded, he thought we were in high school which is w.e since we are all young, but he askes us where we are from and we say Maine and he thinks that it's a college in New Jersey. We say the state of Maine and he still has 0 clue, we show him a college ID to prove we arent in high school and he asked us what part of New Jerseys was University of Maine in, SMH. After this close encounter with the law, we get subway and i had a declicous sub and was ready to embark on our way to philly. So as we leave Andrew obviously had to wait and not eat with the rest of us and takes an hour from him to get popeyes, it was really awkward as we were the only white people close to this popeyes. After this we finally get on the road to the great state of Pennsylvania. We do not encounter much traffic and arrive at some convention center. With just my luck, one of the people I was looking forward to see was randomly on the other side of the street Thai (kyocarnage). I meet up afterwards with Hoban(Love.Hate.Cherish.), Goofy (Goofy master), and Weigle (wiggles). We go to some pizza place and test and stuff. We end up going back to the convention center and I get registered and it was all pretty easy. Toward the end of the day I end up seeing Alex(breakdown(worldbystorm55)), and Nick(giving tree). We end up seeing them later at their hotel and I play vs Nick and savage him pretty quickly 2-0. After we end up getting a hotel as our previous housing arrangements has 25 people staying there, and I plan on sleeping and showering so we get a room at the red roof inn. Like a true duelist the moment his head hit the pillow Andrew feel asleep, we woke him up apparently and he threatened to kick us all out of the room if we didn’t shut up so we went to dennys. We spend literally two hours there as we go twice, but this was a good decision. We then hang outside of our room in this picnic area and theory-oh and go to sleep. Saturday: Brief Round summary: R1: Samurai, apparently topped with samurai last summer G1: T1 shien, t2 Nat beast GG G2: he is actually quite bad and i win G3: lose because he thinks macro stops scarecrow, which it obv doesn't but it does stop the sangan i need to win. R2: Heres G1/G2, it basically doesnt matter this kid is just a free win. R3: Chaos Dragon G1: not even a fight G2: i end up losing to an ep mst or smething G3: i savage him despite opening 6 traps to decree R4: Rabbit g1: I almost lose to a kaboozle attack me several times, but am able to come back and just win G2: So i get him to 5500 off small burn, in the mid game i go for a 5300 push as i have another burn card t set next turn etc, I go c1 reckless, c2 waboku, c3 secret barrell, c4/c5 chain strike. he doesnt understand how chains work and solemns my last chain strike, he was furious when i informed him that he lost the game. R5: TGs G1: he was honestly awful and minused himself when he didnt know what i was playing, and i win. G2: he just pokes me down as a draw pretty dead. G3: so it comes to late game, he has a rhino 3 trio tokens, i lava golem while he is at 1200 with 3 turns of stall cards. He draw phase comuples. Draws sets, i play golem again, he compulses again. I play golem again as i had another trio, he draws sets and plays drain. In this time where i needed to draw 1 burn card i drew literally every dead card i ran and lost. So i drop as i felt like shit and didnt think i could win 7 in a row this was literally the most uneventful day of the event, the way they had the conventin center was incredibly poor and there was very little room with only 1400 people. I end up dropping with a 3-2 record as my two losess come from incredibly bad beats, and I didn’t feel like playing as chain burn for me at least drained all the fun out of playing. I finish up the day hanging out and meeting other people. I end up seeing Vic,Luis,Lux and Allen all throughout the day at different points. And meeting Kitsko and Marcus for the first time. Both of them are incredibly chill and I hope to see at future events. After a long day of fiendin’ I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours, I was so fucking hungry that I savaged so much food from denny’s. Then we all go t sleep as we plan on getting out invites. Sunday: So I planned on at least entering a regional, but that evaded me. I took the day watching the top cut and see Joe almost get savaged by Jerry, but like a true duelist pulls it out. After Watching t16 Weigle comes up to me to and askes if I want to cube, and I accept because I had wanted to try it. CUBE: So to my left was Lux and to my right was Mike, Pack 1 pick 1 I get an Chaos Emperor dragon and just go for an all in chaos mill type deck, after the first two packs I had a lot of good staple cards, but were lacking the lights and darks. But pack three comes through for me and I get a good set of both light and darks and my pile becomes pretty good. R1: I play vs Billy game 1 and alistar 2/3 Game 1: obviously I play vs GBs running all in chaos, and get fucked pretty hard by his swift iron scarecrow/armored bee combo. I have a way back into the game through a crush on a 1/2ed sirocco but billy has trap stun. Game 2: I am able to get a solid stream of both light and darks, and am in a great spot to win, and I just draw CED to win now. Game 3: Alistar plays nightmare wheel on my jain and it basically decks me, it gets to end game and I play mirage and need to get 1 monster to win, but I don’t and just lose qqqq. After this I get my mat signed by a lot of people on DGZ and head back toward new jersey. This was an all around good trip, but I wish more people Ryan,Hentz, Jhub etc all went. Nats should be pretty sweet though. I also learned during the cube draft all songs are made to be about hoban, ask DJ Pauly C about it for more details. Props: Cube drafting Meeting new people The old cast and crew, Weigle, Goofy, Hoban, Joe, Paul Meeting more dgz people Slops: Not too many people went Didn’t go to any good places to eat Playing chain burn