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Found 2 results

  1. Shooting Quasar - Discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Enj2qRG0UGE Shooting Quasar Dragon needs no introduction. If you're not familiar with the card then you're not a true Yu-Gi-Oh fan. But incase you aren't, here's the introduction so you can become one anyway. During his duel against Z-One with the future of his timeline at stake, Yusei is backed into the wall against Z-One's full field of Time Lords. As he falls towards his death, he is greeted by the apparition of his deceased father. Saved from death by his Yusei-Go, he is rejuvenated by his father's words, and his love for his friends give him the courage to continue the fight. With the bonds of his friends alongside him, Yusei performs a miracle. As clustering stars become one, as new bonds enlighten the future, as he and his friends become the path the future's light shines on, Yusei achieves Over Top Clear Mind, and Limit Over Accel Synchros the Light of Evolution, Shooting Quasar Dragon. This kills the Z-One.   -----------------------------------------   Deck Introduction   Shooting Quasar Dragon is unique in the Yu-G-Oh anime. It is the only boss monster to date where the summoning conditions are absurd but not unreasonable, where its effect is worthy of the effort you put in summoning it. Unlike other boss monsters, succeeding at this endevor rewards you not only with the coolest Yu-Gi-Oh monster ever printed, but the strongest as well, allowing you to kill your opponent in style.     It will also make your balls feel huge.   ------------- Being a level 12 Synchro Monster requiring a tuner Synchro and 2 or more non-tuner Synchros, summoning Quasar isn't a trivial task. Not only do you have to dedicate your extra deck monsters to be the synchro materials, you need to dedicate the entirety of your main deck towards your combo to pull it off successfully. Most of my Quasar designs forego conventional traps, hand traps, dark hole, and minimizes dead hands by cutting even avarice (when it wasn't banned), in order to maximize the success rate. This is because none of your cards are about stopping what your opponents are going to do; They are about making sure your opponents cannot stop what you're going to do. ------------------------------------------   Boring card stuff, you can skip this [spoiler] Core Synchros   The Boss This is the guy you're trying to summon. Once you get him out, he can negate any Mirror Forces or Prisons that they might have and attack a minimum of two times for exactly 8000. Even if your opponent burns the negate and deals with Quasar, Shooting Star Dragon comes right out. Tengen Toppa Style. The Warrior Brothers The first 3 are the most important Synchros that you'll need to fit into your Extra deck as you need them to either combo off into Quasar or let you set up for Quasar. Road Warrior especially allows you to get more tuners/non tuners as needed. The last 4 are not as important, and are used as utility cards to deal with different threats when you feel that comboing is not a good option. They're important because their Synchron requirement means that Quickdraw can be used to summon any of them,but it also means Quickdraw can only be used to summon them. The Yusei Bruno Combo This duo is the core advantage and synchro engine of your deck. Hyper Librarian allows you to replenish your hand whenever you spam a synchro, and Formula Synchron allows you to draw a card when its summoned, while being the tuner synchro needed to summon Quasar. The Utility Synchros Armory Arm is a level 4 synchro that can be used to summon Quasar while allowing you to OTK through monsters if equipped to Quasar, and the rest are Synchros that can be summoned if needed. You'll hardly synchro into Shooting Star, but he comes out of Quasar when Quasar leaves the field. Other Honorable Mentions include Mist Bird Clausolas, HTS Behemoth, Gaia Knight, Orient Dragon, and Colossal Fighter as utility synchros.   ----------------------------------------------   Core Main Deck Monsters The Loner He's the loner because he doesn't fit into the combo of the trio below, although he works with them. He specials any level 1 or 2 monsters giving you instant access to Armory Arm or Librarian. The things he bring back can also trigger Doppel Warrior. The Trinity   Quickdraw is your free synchro card combined with level eater. By discarding level eater and summoning a Quickdraw, you can eat the Quickdraw and summon Junk Warrior, or eat something else and summon Drill Warrior. He gives you access to Road Warrior, which gives you another tuner/nontuner to work with. Level eater is free synchro fodder provided you have monsters on the field, and allows you to lower the stars of your synchro, making the summoning of Quasar easier. Although it is a completely useless card by itself, you need at least 1 in your grave to make Quasar. Synchron Explorer brings back Quickdraw for an instant level 7, and if you have any other monsters out, allows you to have instant access to road warrior. It can also bring back Junk Synchron for instant level 5's. But they're the trinity for a different reason. If you open up these three cards in your opening hand, provided your opponent does not have a Veiler then you will make Quasar. This will be discussed later.   The Rockstar This guy is the most versitile tuner you can have at level 1. Its a Machine for Road Warrior, and it can change its own level or you can remove one from your grave to change the level of another one on the field. The only flaw is that it has 600 attack so it can't be machine duplicated. Spells and Traps Tuning: This card allows you to search up either Junk or Quickdraw Synchron, and mills a card as part of the effect, which is relevant if you mill a good monster. Foolish Burial: Finds Level Eater fast, or buries something for Junk/Explorer Synchron Forbidden Lance: This is the only card I play for protection against traps. Unlike Typhoon you don't have to blind space, especially in a format with no Storm and helps against compulse bottomless raigeki break and book of moon, however it is useless against Torrential and Warning. Reckless Greed: The only trap I play. Speeds up the deck by a turn, which sometimes is enough to summon Quasar. If you open up in multiples then the chances of success is much greater. Iron Call: Now that Reborn is banned, this card is used instead. It brings back any machine for further synchro, and quickdraw and armory arm/catastor are all machines.   From here, the paths diverge. There are two reliable ways to build a Quasar deck that focuses on different cards, each with their own advantage and disadvantage. 1. One-Axis Quasar 2. Junk Doppel Quasar The first one is a more dedicated build, focusing on going all-in on summoning Quasar while being less affected by Veiler, but is impossible to side deck with as all the cards are important pieces, while the second has room and even encourages the use of hand traps and is easier to side with, but is extremely weak to veiler.   ------------------------------------- One-Axis Quasar The Twins These guys fill up your hand if you use them to synchro summon. Bring them back with Junk, make armory arm, get a free card. Make a drill, draw a card. But most importantly they're machines that are Machine Duplicable so you can draw 3 cards if you dupe them and synchro. The Core of the deck focuses on three cards: Machine Duplication, Tuningware/Dark Sea Rescue, and De-Synchro. With Quickdraw, Duping the twins allow instant Road Warrior access +3 cards without veiler even getting a chance to hit anything, and Desynchro means that the Road they veiler turns back into the twins+Quickdraw allowing for 3 more cards and a fresh Road to use again, thus dodging Veiler. This version of Quasar is my favorite as it is very proactive, and provides card advantage. The problem is that you're unable to fit any hand traps or traps (don't want them anyway) nor can you really side out any cards because they work so well together but are useless on their own. On the flip side, you can run HEAVY SLUMP. If they decide to C you, summon a bunch and then slump them back to the stone age. This is a luxury Junk Doppel doesn't have. One-Axis has enough draw power to dig for the slump if its not in your opener, something that Junk Doppel does not have. -----------------------------------------------   Junk Doppel Quasar This deck relies on doppel warrior to power out its plays   Not only is he a Special Summon, he provides tokens for future Synchros. The combo of this deck is to have a level 1 tuner in the grave. Summon Junk, get the tuner, special Doppel, tune for Librarian, and then tune a token with the level 1 tuner for a formula for +2. If you have a Quickdraw and a level eater in hand then its another +1 from Junk, and that's an instant Quasar. The plants are there for different synchro plays with spore and lonefire, and there are applications with foolish burial as well. Because of the reliance on Junk warrior and having tuners, it has the luxury of being able to play Veiler, which is a tuner that goes to the grave, and Maxx C, which is a level 2 that Junk can bring back for instant level 5, cards that One-Axis cannot play since it does not further their game plan. Its cards are also less reliant on each other. C's can be replaced by Rykos, and so on. On the flip side, the deck is extremely weak to veiler. Once your opponent veilers your Junk Synchron you are a sitting duck with no other plays. If you also cannot get a tuner into your grave, it is hard to get your deck started.   [/spoiler] -----------------------------------------------   Summoning Shooting Quasar Dragon and other combos   To Synchro Summon Shooting Quasar Dragon you must do two things. 1. Be in the state of Over Top Clear Mind 2. Play the song at the beginning of the thread while dueling. ~~~~ Ideally, this would be the way to summon Shooting Quasar Dragon ++++= But since Konami decided to fuck us in the asshole and print this,     Life Stream Dragon 1 Tuner + "Power Tool Dragon" When this card is Synchro Summoned, you can make your Life Points become 4000. Any effect damage you take becomes 0. If this face-up card would be destroyed, you can remove from play 1 Equip Spell Card from your Graveyard instead. instead of this,   Life Stream Dragon 1 Tuner + "Power Tool Dragon" When this card is Synchro Summoned, you can have any player's Life Points that are under 2000 become 2000. You take no effect damage. Once per turn, you can choose a Level from 1 to 12, and change the Levels of all other Synchro Monsters you control to that Level. the dream is dead. Instead of being able to Limit Over Accel Synchro into Quasar, we simply have to be content with Delta Accel Synchro into Quasar.   ~~~~   Summoning Quasar   [spoiler] Using Formula Synchron as the tuner leaves 10 stars left for the Synchro monsters. This can be done with: 2 Level 5's (One can be the easily summonable Junk Warrior), Armory Arm+Level 6. Using Level Eater helps out the process a lot, allowing you to even make quasar with a Formula, Junk Warrior, and a Road Warrior (15 stars).   The Trinity Combo below demonstrates this, and requires no field or grave set up, just 3 specific, non limited cards in your hand, and a level 1 machine tuner in your deck. And you can do it in two simple steps   Cards in hand: Quickdraw, Level Eater, Synchron Explorer 1. Summon Quickdraw, discard level eater. 2. Level eater Quickdraw (4), summon level eater, synchro for Junk Warrior, summon Explorer, bring back Quickdraw. Eat Junk Warrior (4), bring back eater, synchro explorer quickdraw eater for road, road summon a level 1 tuner, eat road (7), bring back eater, synchro eater and level 1 for formula, draw, eat road (6), tune road (6) junk (4) formula (2) for Shooting Quasar Dragon (12). Junk Dopple Quasar Combos No. 1: Set up: Junk Synchron, level eater, quickdraw, and doppel warrior in hand, level 1 tuner in grave. 1. Summon junk get tuner. summon doppel. 2. Tune doppel and junk for Librarian, get 2 tokens 3. Tune token and lvl 1 tuner for Formula, draw 2. 4. Discard level for quickdraw, eat quickdraw, summon Junk warrior (5), draw 1. 5. Synchro Junk, TG and Formula into Quasar.   No. 2: Set up: Junk Synchron, Rose Warrior, and doppel warrior in hand, level 1 tuner in grave.   1. Summon junk get tuner. summon doppel. 2. Tune doppel and junk for Wayne, get 2 tokens and special Rose 3. Tune token and rose for Librarian 4. Tune token and level 1 tuner for Formula, draw 2. 5. Synchro Wayne, TG and Formula into Quasar. First Axis combos 1. Discard a card, summon quickdraw, summon a darksea rescue or tuningware. 1a. If you feel brave you can discard darksea/tuning for quickdraw and summon Junk Synchron. However this leaves you super susceptible to veiler but gets you a level 3 Tuner. 2. Machine Dupe the tuningware/Darksea 3. Synchro into Road, draw 3 cards, hope you hit some kind of level eater and tuning/Quickdraw combo and start eating and use Road's effect to get a tuner to make Formula akin to the 3 card combo 3a. If you duped tuningware and followed 1a you can synch the Junk and tuningware for Librarian for a card, then the other tuningwares and the quickdraws to draw 3 more cards and get road. 4. Hope you have Desynchro!! At this point there are no set plans as the cards you draw affect what you can do. But usually if you get this far you can Quasar them or overwhelm them with Synchros. DRILL WARRIOR As you play this deck you will realize that Drill Warrior while not essential to any of the combos, is one of your best friends. He's level 6, has respectable attack, and his effect is super relevant allowing you to dump bad cards and get back Junk Synchrons or Quickdraws. Dropping him, getting back Junk Synchron, summoning back Formula Synchron and making Armory Arm into Quasar (depending on field or grave) is very real.   [/spoiler] -----------------------------------------------   Why Quasar? Why not Dragon Rulers? Why not Constellas? Why not play a deck that are less combo oriented than Quasar while being more powerful and able to play better cards? Why play a deck that can only sometimes beat a bottomless trap hole, and most of the time can't beat any of the back breaking continuous traps? Quasar is not competitive. You will be lucky to win maybe a third of your games. But while it is uncompetitive does not demerit it, as it accels in the other area: To have fun and feel cool when you win, because your dedication paid off. Many Yu-Gi-Oh players started off young, watching the show. We started this game because we thought the characters were cool and the cards were interesting and awesome, and want to copy what our favorite characters do or summon. But as we've kept playing we have long tossed away our delusions about winning with a dedicated Dark Magician or Roid or Sacred Beast decks, because we understood that even if we painstakingly summoned those monsters, they were weak and their effects are terrible. Even if we did summon those monsters, it didn't matter as we couldn't win with them, and so we traded away our own initial desires and motivations for playing the game for our current desire to win. But it's different with Quasar. With Quasar we can finally live through some parts of that dream which we've thrown away. With Quasar we can have fun. Because unlike other signature monsters, we can summon Quasar. And when we do, We win. And its a different kind of winning. Winning with Quasar is satisfying, sometimes more satisfying than the usual ways meta decks win. You could win by flipping return, or you could push through 2 veilers and a C and kill them.   [spoiler]   [/spoiler]   --------------- You could win by playing around their C's in Dragunity Tempest, or you could push through the C and do this   [spoiler]   [/spoiler]   ---------------   You could win by drawing Gateway and winning on second turn, or you could push through a full board of tokens and Dragons and Dracossacks through a veiler on turn 2 and do this   [spoiler]   [/spoiler]   ---------------   You could sit on a Gozen Match or Rivalry and win, or you could fight a turn 1 Stygian Stirge and use it instead to actually Limit Over Accel Synchro your Quasar and attack 3 times to win.   [spoiler]   You could sit on 3 hand traps and Dragons and win, or you could push through THREE veilers and a maxx C and STILL resolve Armory Arm Quasar for game.   [/spoiler]   --------------- None of these screenshots are faked. They're all real games on DN against real people with Dragons, Zombie Synchro (yes I know they're a joke) and other real and semi real decks. And when I won those games I had a lot of fun, so I post this now hoping you all will have as much fun playing this as I did. ----------------------------------------------------   Decklists   Here are the decklists I use. Now we can all use them. I've tweeked these decks to the best of my ability, but now we can all work on it together. Through our bonds, lets make Quasar into a competitive deck!   One-Axis Quasar   [spoiler]   [/spoiler]   Junk Doppel Quasar   [spoiler] [/spoiler]  
  2. [img]http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/310103_287484617939767_117042784983952_963643_69528328_n.jpg[/img] FLYER HAS SLIGHT ERROR Tournament is gonna be $10 entry Prize is GUARANTEED 2 Boxes of Photon Shockwave to the Top 4(1 Box to First place, 12 Packs to second, 8 packs to 3rd and 4 packs to fourth), With Store Credit and other goodies[i] IF[/i] turnout is as expected. (Will Payout to top 8 and/or increase Top 4 prize IF turnout is as expected) Please come out if you can we are trying to make this one as big as possible Tournament is on Saturday Dec 3rd @ 5:30pm (registration) Decklists required/Adv format Store has a duel terminal Is also a videogame/magic the gathering store. Game Corps 2920 Buffalo Road Erie, PA 16510 [size=4]Phone: (814) 899-2673[/size] [size=4]Email: [email="gamecorpshq@gmail.com"]gamecorpshq@gmail.com[/email][/size] If u have any questions you can also ask here.