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Found 1 result

  1. New format HAT

        Monsters (21)   Traptrix Myrmello x3 Traptrix Dionaea x2 Nekroz of Unicore x3 Nekroz of Clausolas x3 Heroic Challenger - Assault Halberd x3 Heroic Challenger - Thousand Blades Juragedo x2 Kagetokage Maxx C x2 Thunder King Rai-Oh   Spells (9)   Preparation of Rites Raigeki Nekroz Mirror  Nekroz Kaleidoscope x3 Reinforcement of the Army x3   Traps (10)   Vanity's Emptiness Solemn Warning Bottomless Trap Hole Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare x2 Fiendish Chain x3 Mirror Force x2   Extra Deck    Number 80: Rhapsody of Berserk Gagaga Samurai Gagaga Cowboy Number 82: Heartlandraco King of the Feral Imps Castel, the Sky Musketeer x2 Abyss Dweller Evilswarm Exciton Knight Number 101: Silent Honour ARK Number 103: Ragnazero Diamond Dire Wolf Herald of the Arc Light x3           So this deck is a rnk4 deck which focuses on abusing floaters and making advantage         Nekroz Engine         This is in the deck for a couple reasons, Kaleido into Unicore is a strong turn 1 play as well as once you hit that combo then you have a stream of Unicore Floaters which can be used for rnk4s or beat sticks which can be pretty strong, Unicore on its own is pretty tough for some decks to deal with   The only negative with using nekroz monsters is that it can be pretty inconsistent at times when you open up a ritual spell but nothing else so its a 2 card combo     Traptrix Engine        Even now about the Traptrix engine is still pretty strong, and Nightmare hole is very nice against some decks like nekroz and satella       Only downside to the engine is drawing Dionaea before Myrm     Heroic Engine        Assault Halberd is really nice for its recruiting effect and its not that hard to get it off when you draw into it as there arent many trap heavy decks, Thousand Blades is nice to search for through Halberd as it leads to lots of free rnk4s but you normally wouldn't want to search it off rota cus its a dead normal summon normally, although it does work well with Kage, Unicore, Halberd and Mirror.      1 Kage      Often I would find myself left with 2 lvl 4s on the field and nothing to do with them so I added in Feral Imp rnk4 and a Kage which isnt awful, often I'll make plays like ss Halberd and another lvl4 for example Myrm getting the Trap Hole search, attacking with both searching a Thousand Blades then going into Feral Imp and searching Kage which gives me plays for next turn and just gives me advantage although obviously there are many variants of this play     No MST    This deck is rogue, so I don't want to risk opening with a dead card as well as the main deck space is very packed as it is           Overall this deck definitely isnt taking any big tournaments but it could definitely have some potential at regionals. It has a good matchup against Nekroz, rogue and Satella, its alright against Qli and Shaddoll, but terrible against BA which obviously limits its competitive potential but I made this more for fun anyways which it is very fun just racking up the advantage as well as when your opponent is surprised at seeing the nekroz cards alongside the other monsters   I'd love to hear any questions or improvements I could make :)