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Found 2 results

  1. Solemn Notice (BOSH)

    Kami no Tsuukoku / Solemn Notice Counter Trap (1) Activate 1 of the following effects by paying 1500 LP. -When a monster effect is activated: Negate that activation, and if you do destroy it. -If either player would Special Summon a monster(s): Negate that Special Summon, and if you do destroy it.   New counter trap in the upcoming Breakers of Shadow set. Seems pretty much a straight upgrade to Solemn Warning to me in many situations. Stops all inherent special summons at a lower cost than Warning, and anything not inherently special summoned is either going to be used for an inherent summon, or going to want to use its effect. Can't negate fusion spells, things like Reasoning, or troublesome normal summons like Denko Sekka though, which are points against it.
  2. Exit Bag

    [Edited only to clarify a point and fix a typo. My stances on the subject remain unchanged regardless of being negged into oblivion/banned/having gunmen show up outside my apartment, etc.] I started playing the YGO TCG on April 15, 2002. During the time I spent with the game, I met some of the coolest people I've ever known, traveled to places I otherwise would not have, and had a lot of fun. All at the cost of a lot of time and a lot of money, but that's to be said for all hobbies, is it not? On a rainy day in September 2012, a good friend of mine put things into perspective for me and, maybe unknowingly, did me one of the single greatest favors ever. He led me to see the way things really were in this game and that I'd been lying to myself. He handed me an exit bag. I think my life has been a bit better off ever since. The closest I've ever gotten to acquiring any kind of wide-scale notoriety (in life, not just cards) had to be in 2006 when I achieved my one and only SJC top 8 finish. It was a great feeling and a monumental occasion. Even better was the fact that the deck I piloted was something that I had been working on for quite sometime and had yet to be done. That deck,  playing off-beat decks, and a reputation for winning made me somewhat famous in the So Cal YGO scene. I was somebody. In the language of player archetypes, I'm a Johnny. That means I like win, but I want to do it with style and on my terms. So naturally what attracted me to the game was the fact that you could play the way you wanted and express yourself through deck making. I also thought it was very cool that I could put in practice and be good at something while having fun. Once upon a time these things were true about the YGO TCG. But times changed. Decks got stronger and stronger. Effects got more unbelievably outrageous. The game just turned into something totally different. This wasn't YGO anymore. But I kept playing. In hindsight, I can see that the signs were there all along. Part of me wanted those days back again, where you could make it if you knew how to attack correctly and didn't walk into your opponent's outs. I really thought that sharpening my skill as a player could negate what I saw happening to the game right in front of my eyes, but refused to admit. Look, I'm getting long-winded here, so I'll make it short and simple. The powers that be don't care about guys like you, like US. We are DGz. We play to win and pride ourselves on playing at a high level. All we want is a solid game where player skill takes a front seat as opposed to what OP, pre-packaged deck Konami hands you. As long as they keep printing shit like Soul Charge or Dragons or the other stuff I tagged, that won't happen. We are all just destined to be warm bodies, moving cards around and following directions with no independent thought as to what you played or why. Yes, you're good at it. You may even have fun now and again. But if you're a competitive player, the time is here, man; has been for a long time. The game now is a bunch of cash grabs to make everyone feel like a winner and help guys that wouldn't have survived Goats or any other period where there was no insta-win yo cold just luck into. The game now pretty much caters to guys that do shit like summon into +3 TT or swing at a +2 Mirror. Just about every deck can either OTK you or put you in an EXTREMELY disadvantageous situation with far fewer resources than it should take to do so. THIS is what wins games nowadays. THIS is what makes you "pro." Embarrassing. If you're a guy that put in all those years of practice to be on the same level as guys that started a few weeks ago, this is for you. If you use cards aren't just thrown at you in order to win, this is for you. If you're tired of seeing people sack games with cards that shouldn't exist, this is for you. If you never saw a problem with 1-2 summons per turn, this is for you. Game Over Has been for quite some time now and will never again return. If you want to stay on, that's your business, but if you're like I was and didn't want to stand for it anymore, then hopefully this post was your exit bag.