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Found 2 results

  1. This Deck is mean to be a mash-up of Chaos Dragons and a form of Zombies. It utilizes the most out of its mills and the two engines compliment each other very well. I've been playing this for 6 months and have been continuously changing it to adapt against the metagame. With the new banlist, the boost that Zombies and Chaos Dragons recieved might improve its playability and show back up in the competitive scene. You might recognize me and this decklist from POJO. Let's go onto the decklist....     Monsters: [1] Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning [1] Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon [1] Dark Armed Dragon [2] Chaos Sorcerer [3] Lightpulsar Dragon [3] Zombie Master [3] Goblin Zombie [3] Mezuki [2] Plaguespreader Zombie [2] Effect Veiler [3] Destiny Hero - Malicious [1] Eclipse Wyvern [3] Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress Spells: [1] Charge of the Light Brigade [1] Allure of Darkness [1] Dark Hole [1] Dragon's Mirror [1] Book of Life [1] Foolish Burial [3] Mystical Space Typhoon   Traps: [2] Phoenix Wing Wind Blast [2] Breakthrough Skill Extra Deck: [1] Underworld Dragon Draconecro [1] Crimson Blader [1] HTS Psyhemoth [1] Jeweled Red Dragon Archfiend [1] Stardust Spark Dragon [1] Orient Dragon [1] Constellar Ptolemy M7 [1] Queen Dragun Djinn [1] Diamond Dire Wolf [1] Evilswarm Ouroborous [1] Gauntlet Launcher [2] Lavalval Chain [1] Silent Honors Noble Ark [1] Maestroke the Symphony Djinn [1] Noblswarm Belzebuth   This build is nowhere finalized until I receive updates and results from the competitive metagame. Side Deck is currently a bunch of possible cards (Yes I know it looks awkward but I'm lising out options). As you might notice, I'm playing a couple OCG cards in the extra deck. For the time being in the TCG, I play Burial from a DD (Dragon's Mirror) Master Key Beetle, Scrap Dragon, Abyss Dweller, and Blackship as replacements.   Cards Options and Ratios   3 Lightpulsar: Boss monster, Key player in rank 6 plays with Malicious and level 8 synchro plays with Plaguespreader 2 Veiler, 2 BTS: I'm not very fond of using this type of ratio but Lavalval Chain dumps can open up many plays with BTS against anti-meta cards 3 Lyla, 3 MST: Zombies are a very agressive deck and needs some protection from backrow, Lyla can setup grave. 2 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast: I anted to make effective use of Mezukis, Plaguespreader, and Malicious in hand without entirely relying on Zombie Master. It's also very good against the meta 0 Chaos Dragon Minis and Raiden: A common denom for Zombies but I found the rank 4 engine already had enough speed to promote plays and the level 6/PSZ enine was already effective for making level 8 synchros.   LOOKING FOR CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. I WILL NOT MAKE HUGE CHANGES TO THE DECK SO MUCH THAT IT LOOKS LIKE AN ALIEN COMPARED TO THIS. Please and thanks...  
  2. Gusto-Dragunities

    Main 3x Zephyros 2x Aklys 3x Dux 3x Legion 3x Phalanx 1x REDMD 1x Grif 1x Windaar 1x Baby Roc 2x Veiler 2x Maxx C 2x Consonance 3x Ravine 1x Heavy 1x Reborn 3x MST 1x Avarice 3x Terraforming 2x Warning 1x Judgment 1x Mirror Extra 1x Dearg 3x Vajrayana 1x Stardust 1x Thoughtruler 1x Crimson Blader 1x Scrap Dragon 1x Brionac 1x Librarian 1x Catastor 1x Colossal or Trident Dragion 1x Atum 1x Gaia Dragoon 1x SMP7 Notes: - Grif can be at 2-3x as discarding it via Ravine allows its effect to work - REDMD and Baby Roc can be at 2x - if you're scared of opening a Windaar, he can be at 2x - can add in extra 1x Atum, 1x Gustaph and 1x Gachi... see below The idea behind it is to go through a long setup to get REDMD (2800 ATK), SPM7 (1 attachment) and Stardust on the field on your first turn IF you open Terraforming/Ravine AND [Zephyros OR Dux]. After that, you continue playing Dragunities like normal with the synchro-climbing or legion-aklys controlling the duel. This becomes super explosive on your second turn (2x Atum, 1x Gustaph) if you manage to keep your monsters alive during your opponent's turn. The point of extra Grifs is to discard them with Ravine if you have an inconsistent hand so you can SS Windaar, search Phalanx/Aklys and summon them to go straight to level 8 synchros after your first turn or when you don't open a Zephyros with Ravine. Here are the steps of the initial setup: terraforming / ravine > discard zeph and search dux (or discard something and pitch zeph) > zeph effect > ss zeph > ravine > discard something and then pitch phalanx > summon dux > ss phalanx > ss vajrayana > ss phalanx > ss dearg > dearg effect > search grif and pitch it > ss windaar from deck > xyz atum on dearg and vajrayana > detach dearg and ss redmd > redmd effect > ss dearg > dearg effect > search and pitch aklys (if setting up control for next turn) or pitch baby roc (if you have 2x and are going for option 3 below) > xyz spm7 on dearg and windaar [quote]REDMD (0/0) | SMP7 (2 attach) | Atum (1 attach)[/quote] Now, you have choices: [quote]REDMD (2800/2400) | SMP7 (1 attach) | Stardust[/quote] > detach dearg > return redmd to hand > banish atum to ss redmd > ss dearg > search, discard and ss baby roc > ss stardust => 8000 atk [quote]REDMD (2800/2400) | SMP7 (1 attach) | Atum (no attach)[/quote] > detach dearg > return redmd to hand > xyz gaia dragoon on atum > banish gaia dragoon to ss redmd > ss atum => 7900 atk [quote]REDMD (3200/2800) | SMP7 (3100/2400; 1 attach) | Gae Dearg (2800/1200; effect used) | Gachi (2 attach)[/quote] * You had to have dumped Baby Roc earlier instead of Aklys. > detach dearg > return redmd to hand > banish atum to ss redmd > ss dearg > search, discard and ss baby roc > ss gachi => 9100 atk or you can keep the original configuration and try to weather your opponent's turn and then start making Gustaph and other neat combos: [quote]REDMD (0/0) | SMP7 (2 attach) | Atum (1 attach)[/quote] > detach dearg > atum effect > detach vajrayana > ss redmd >ss dearg > do whatever > do whatever > xyz gustaph > gustaph effect > do whatever Personally, I think the one with Stardust choice is the best because now you can use SPM7's effect to bounce an opponent's card and have Stardust to protect Ravine or your monsters. Let me know what you think!