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Found 40 results

  1. Hello to all my KuriHeads. This is DNastyKuriboh!!! Yeah Yeah I know. You all hate me since my last first DGZ post where I topped with Madolche STUN. http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=147642   I decided to stop judging with the best judges in the south US (Dallas) and make a trip to Shreveport to get my invite. I had been running +1 Fists and I decided to add a twist on the deck and speed it up even faster. Let's see if you can see the difference.     YEP. I max #Hobaning'd and ran 3 Reckless Greed. All my friend with YCS tops like Raul C, Joey L and Cameron N told me I was trash and they dont need Reckless. While I agree, I also wanted to prove a point of how broken reckless was, even in control decks like Fire Fist. The deck itself is pretty self explanatory. I dont liek Mirror Force because of cards like Wolfbark, Stardust, Dracosack, No.101 Shark Knight and Mermail Linde. Forbidden Lance is broke so I maxxed out on 3 and balanced between 2 MST and 2 Gyokkou. Gyokkou is broken, but doesnt need to be at 3 and I feel the same way about Space Typhoon, except not being as good. My rounds: (to the best of my knowledge) Round 1 vs Fire Kings WIN 2-0 I used Bear to pop his Flamevell Firedog and end phased his Security Orb. After I read it, he had to destroy his own bear, since Security Orb is Mandatory. Game 2 I beat him after I Reckless'd into Memory of an Adversary and Forbidden Lance. Round 2 vs Spellbook WIN! 2-1 This was one of my fears. He absolutely destroys me in Game 1. Game 2 we started where I had clear advantage with my 1 DNA Surgery, then by Turn 2 I noticed he still had 8 cards removed from play from last game. Because of that he gets a Game Loss. In game 3, he just gives up. /kanyeshrug Round 3 vs Madolche WIN 2-0 This game was extremely one sided. I am THE MADOLCHE MASTER OF THE SOUTH, so I know every single play he can ever wish to accomplish. I never let him get started game 1 or 2. Round 4 vs Geargia WIN 2-0 This guy was nice and he remembered me from Houston regionals. Since Im a celeb and all :3. Just kidding, im no one. Turn 1 I open 2 MSTs, Bear, Fiendish, Reckless and something else. I set Fiendish, MST and Reckless. He draws and sets 2 backrow and a monster. I end phase space because I read Geargia obviously. I was gonna Blind space the last card and reckless greed to get a fire formation, but i drew Gyokko. So I Gyokko'd his final set. Summoned Bear. MSTd the Gyokko'd card, then sent gyokko to destroy his f/d monster which was a Geargia Armor. I control the entire game 1 and 2 from there. Round 5 vs Geargia WIN 2-0 This kid was also cool. I dark hole'd his set after I mst'd and gyokko and it was also an Armor and Bear attacked directly. Later he drops Gigantees which was his key tech and I had 4 backrows. He attacked and I D.Prison'd him. I controlled the Games and won both of them. Round 6 vs Geargia Rodrigo Martinez. LOST 1-2 This guy is from my locals. I beat him last week in the matchup so I felt good going in. Once I found out he was maining Dust Tornado and didnt preside, I knew I was in trouble. I won Game 2 but he won game 3 with dust tornado again. GG Round 7 vs Karukuri Brandon Nunez WON 2-0 This was another friend of mine. I torrential his Karukuri Kuick/Ninishi and jumped his psychic commander. Game 2 I excition'd his 5 card field. He responed with Fiendish Chain and I chained Torrential Tribute. Next Turn I drew Bear. Round 8 vs Fire Kings Jesse Flores DRAW 1-1 I dominated game 1 playing through both Garunix and MSTing in the draw phase, that was a long game. Game 2 was I lost to Blaster, Wolf Bark, Onslaught right when time was called. Pros: Got my invite Topped Shreveport after only getting 9th place last time. Proved Joey Linch, Cameron Neal and Scott Page that Reckless is truly broken. NEVER PLAYED MERMAIL :) Got to meet Kevin Silva, seems nice. Bernard was cool as awesome. #DDGaming Epik (Texas best locals) dominated the regionals 4/8 CONGRATS TO MY FRIENDS Cons: Neal didnt top Ray didnt come No Legacy/DP cept Jacobz Kinda bad Spacing Some judging issues Changes: Not many. I probably wouldn't change anything. Needs a second 101 obviously. Shoutouts: Edgar for letting me borrow Exciton even though I pulled another that night. DP Legacy DJ Miles for teaching me everything about Fire loooong ago Michael Klasel, Taylor Wallace, Joey Linch, Cameron Neal, Raul Caulderon and Rodrigo Martinez and Jesse Flores. Epik Cards and Games Carlos Rivera for teaching me everything Warrens' Card Shop @ Trader's Village Jeff Jones Billy Brake
  2. Before I start with this report, I wanna introduce myself. I am a player from Lima, Perú that started playing the game competitively back in 2014. Back then, I was a really mediocre player, apparently destined to scrub out every single event. I really thought I was making an effort to change that, but the truth is, I never really did. I was kinda lazy, waiting for others to share their tech choices, or help me to build my deck for an event. Yes, I was awful.   At the end of 2014, I decided to change that. I started to learn the very basics of the game by myself. Reading tournament reports (something that I really do for a lot of reasons, and was my inspiration to write this very report,) watching deck profiles of relevant events, and lurking the Deck Discussions of this very forum were (and still are) my main tools for learning.    I was on a good path, but no, it wasn't enough. I kept misplaying, and scrubbing out of Regionals frequently. 2 years passed, and I still had no tops at big events. My goal was to improve, and I focused all my efforts, into the SA WCQ held in Lima, Peru last year. I remember that event vividly. I prepared specifically for it. I was sure it would be my time to shine. I think I played at it as I never did before. I was almost there! But, hey, a lot of people brick in the bubble, right? I was demoralized, as I thought all my efforts were for nothing (again.) So, I took the  RC-2 Judge Test the next day, passed it, and dedicated to be a Judge for about 6 months. lol.   Nevertheless, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, that my efforts would lead me to success. So, I brought 3 Monarchs structures, playtested a lot on DN, and locals for about 6 weeks (scrubbing locals while I was at it,) marked my assistance to the Regional on the FB page, and said "I am ready now."   Now, the actual report.   Before the Event: I was hanging out with my Girlfriend watching "The Blind Side" (A very good movie imo) on saturday night, then I got home at 2am, and slept on my bed with my clothes on. I woke up thanks to FB Chat notifications from my team, and surprise! I was almost late. I got into the venue 3 minutes before the registration was over. Yeah, I was really lucky. I hung out with some friends while the judges were preparing the tables, grabbed a Fanta, texted my parents that had no idea of my whereabouts, and headed to see the pairings.     Rounds:   -Round 1: Dracopals, Wyllis Inquil, (Regional Champion & YCS Colombia Top8.) So I just got paired with the player that decimated me at UDS Qualifiers the day before. It was my time to get revenge. (Oh, who I am kidding, I got there thinking the story would repeat itself again. lol)   Single 1: He started with the whole Draco Family & a Felgrand. I kinda broke it with a Stormforth, shuffled his Monkey back into Deck with Erebus, and activated Dominion. The game was mine, since his only card in Hand was a high scale he could not use. He topdecked that same Monkey I shuffled back... so unreal. After that game, I realized I made a misplay on my turn, so yeah, the end result was kinda my fault.    Single 2: I established a Dominion Lock, and popped one of his scales with Kuraz in his turn to brick his hand. He scooped.   Single 3: He got Ignister, Dweller, 2 scales, and a Set. I Twin Twister´d his Strike and Scale, got rid of his monsters with Erebus, and activated Dominion. He didn't have an out. 1-0   -Round 2: Mirror Match (Squires)   Game 1: I had the upper hand all game, but had a hard time killing him due to Prime. We kept repeating the Attack-Defend cycle, until time was called... as I said, I was ahead the whole game... 2-0     -Round 3: Blackwing   Game 1: He had double Whirlwind, and kept searching every single turn. I summoned Majesty and swung. I activated Return, and I was thinking on which monster to grab, between Mega Thestalos and Erebus, since I had Escalation on my hand. I finally chose Erebus, activated Domain, and passed. My opponent used Duality to grab a Raigeki. Oops... He established a really strong board, and left me with 800 lps. Nevertheless, I managed to summon Aether and attack for game.   Game 2: He bricked and Set 2. He flipped Anti-Spell, and I chained Twin Twister. I didn't brick. 3-0   Round 4: Kozmo Game 1: It was a long game. He drew Kozmo Town and unbricked his hand, and after some turns of grinding, he established a really strong field of a pilot and 2-3 ships. Nevertheless, he was at <1000lp so I summoned Erebus, attacked with Dominion boost, and it was over.   Game 2: He started with double Tincan and traps. There was 5 minutes left before time. I scooped. What else I was supposed to do? haha   Game 3: He veilered my Erebus, Raigekis, and summons Farmgirl in retaliation. I dumped Prime with Erebus during his MP1 to block Farmgirl´s attack. I activated Decree in his End Phase and resolved an Erebus in my turn. The game was over after that. 4-0   Round 5. Burning Abyss/Phantom Knights, Alejandro Loayza (Regional Champion x2. Top4 YCS Brazil. Top 32 YCS Colombia. Top64 South American WCQ 2015.) This was one of the best duels I ever had, against a really strong opponent and friend.    Game 1: He started with summoning Dante, searching 2 Fog Blades, and passed. He flipped Anti-Spell on my Draw Phase. I survived the next turn, and was able to activate Return, Dominion, and start searching every single Monarch in my Deck, attempting to get rid of all 3 Fog Blades (and a Veiler.) It was successful, and won the game after summoning my last Majesty, to pass through his Dante/Cir loop. I was gonna deck out, I won with 1 card left in Deck. lol.   Game 2: He summoned double Dante, set 2 Fog Blades, and passed. I summoned Majesty, activated Domain, tried to attack a Dante, and he used Fog Blade. I set a Decree and passed. I activated Decree in his Draw Phase, and he just Dark Hole´d me. Ouch. 4-0-1   Round 6: Infernoid Game 1: He activated Reasoning, and I called 8 thinking it was Kozmo. He milled Decatron. Oops. Nevertheless, he burned up all his resources to banish my 3 Primes, and I won the game after some grinding.   Game 2: He activated double Reasoning. In both I called "1." In both he just milled Decatron. My hand was weak, with just a blue and both Kuraz in Hand. I survived his turn, then managed the comeback by abusing Return search every turn. 5-0-1 I got my invite. YAS!   Round 7: Mirror Match (Squires) I got paired against my friend Cesar Wiese, from Piura. He got 3rd this event, and was one of the best mirrors I ever had. I really enjoyed it. Gratz mate for the success!   Game 1: We both bricked, but on his 2nd-3rd turn he unbricked by summoning Edea. After that, it was a really long grind game, in which we fucked each other up with Ehther plays on each others turn. But I was low on LPs, and Edea made my efforts to keep up the game a nightmare, so I scooped with 10 minutes left on the clock.   Game 2: I opened weak, while he opened Edea again. After he chaliced my Erebus, the game was over. 5-1-1   At this point, I started to feel the pressure of the "bubble," just like last time at the WCQ last year. But I wasn't going to fail like last time. No one would stop me this time. No. One.   Round 8: Magician "Shady" was the first word that popped in my mind, after seeing the way he shuffled, and how he cut my Deck all game. I was getting a nice surprise... Game 1: Opened 4 Monarchs, and a Prime. Nice. He OTKed me next turn. I must admit I was salty. But nevermind, I was sure I was going to win. As I said: "No. One."   Game 2: I opened playable, and established a Majesty/Dominion Lock. I Escalated into Erebus when he attacked with an Odd-Eyes Dragon, and with Return I searched Aether. I decided to keep her in hand. On my turn, he activated Mask of Restrict. Oops. I just keep poking, while he was locked with his own Monkey/Dragonpit as scales, with no out to Dominion.   Game 3: He started, activated Upstart, then Sacred Swords banishing Apex. I don't know when or how, but instead of the five cards he should have had in Hand, he had 6, and on top of that, he shuffled his Hand... judge was called, and after some minutes of explanation and arguing, a game loss was given to him.  6-1-1   Well yeah. Maybe winning the game that way was a dick move on my part, and I felt bad thinking about it, because that was not the way I intended to win the match. Thankfully, some friends came up, and cheered me up, while explaining to me that the game loss was fair, and should not feel bad about it. Well... maybe that´s right.     I was chilling with some Friends, looking for something to eat (I forgot I had my meal on backup.) Finally, standings were published, and I got extremely happy when they announced me coming as 6th place. I. Finally. Did. It. My first top. I was congratulated by almost all my friends at the event, and by FB Chat.  I felt happy with myself, because I finally achieved my goal of improve myself, and with that, secured my first top ever. That, or I got really really lucky but eh. I guess bricking 3 out of 5 games at locals for 6 weeks has its rewards (?) Now that I got my first top, I am eager to aim for bigger goals, like Nats and International Tops. It will be a long road, but hey, I am now aware more than ever that I am more than capable of doing it. But, as a friend said to me a long time ago: "One step at a time."       Deck explanation:   Quote   Pros: -Achieving my 1st top ever -Getting congratulated by all my friends -Friendly & funny Deck profile -My friends Alejandro Loayza, Cesar Wiese, Juan Carlos Lizarzaburu, Gerardo Delgado (South American WCQ 2015 Champion,) and Max Medina topping too. -Getting a nice meal @home (I was REALLY hungry.) -Brick.dek only bricked once or twice in the whole tourney! -Getting into the venue 3 minutes before registration was over -Super Upstarts & Vassals playmat were BAE <3 -Loayza getting the cards I needed to play the day before. Thanks buddy.   Slops: -My Friend Gonzalo getting 9th  :( -Horrible Prize Support (a lone playmat for Top8). -The way my final round finished. -Having to pay a debt of 100$ to Loayza for getting the cards I needed. (It is really fair, but I must start to save money now haha.) -Forgot to give cards to my friend to sell.     Final thoughts: -This was a great experience for me, because leaving aside the fact I finally topped, I finally realized that success depends on no one but yourself.  Sucess will reflect solely on the effort you put into it. People will think I got really lucky that day, and I will make sure to change their minds. Be sure of that.     Martín Lira 02/26/2016
  3. [size=12]       Hey guys. For those who don't know me, my name is Collin. I'm 17 years old and live in Northern Virginia. Anyways, this past weekend, at the Frederick, MD regionals, I went 9-0. In fact, I only lost 3 games in total over the corse of the entire day. I was the only undefeated after swiss, making me 1st place. I'm going to show you my decklist, explain the important card choices, then get into the actual tournament.[/size]   [size=12]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/size]   [size=12]DECK EXPLANATION:[/size]   [size=12]       First off, I want to explain why I decided on this version of Shaddolls. Last format, I played Lightsworn Shaddolls. This was because Soul Charge was at 3, and I wanted to play the deck that abused Soul Charge the best. The Lightsworn version did that more than any other deck. When Soul Charge became limited, this completely changed what would define what the best deck is.[/size]   [size=12]       At first, I thought that Burning Abyss would be the best deck. However, I quickly found out that I was wrong. The major problem about the deck was that it had literally zero auto wins. The best deck isn't going to have literally zero hands where you can look at your opening hand and say "I win". If you look at the best decks ever since Plant format, they all have opening hands where they just automatically win.[/size]   [size=12]       Another problem I had with the deck was that it had to run way too many cards that conflict with each other. Yes, the Burning Abyss monsters can special summon themselves you don't have backrow. Other than that though, the decks had monarchs, Tour Guides, Maths, etc. In order to make Mathematician good, they had to add Shaddoll Dragon, making the deck even worse. You can start to see the problem[/size]   [size=12]       The last huge issue I had with the deck is what Patrick Hoban wrote his second latest article about. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do. It's called "The Problem With Burning Abyss". Anyways, he talks about the deck having a "low ceiling". This means that if the deck's initial play got stopped, it couldn't continue. Shaddolls have a very high ceiling, meaning that if the opponent stops the initial play, they can keep going that turn. This is very important to a deck as you can bait out backrow while still being able to further your play, letting you purposefully lose "fights" to traps cards that you actually wanted to lose, so you can save your more relevant plays for after. I didn't actually know what to call it when I was testing Burning Abyss, but I knew something was off when I was losing to trap cards because I could only do one thing per turn.[/size]          Anyways, this lead me to continue to play Shaddolls. After testing the Mathematician Dark Armed version, I felt that the Lightsworn version was just worse than it. If you didn't open good, Burst Rebirth is just an awful card. Also, I didn't like how it didn't have nearly as a control over the outcome of the game as the Mathematician version did. Being able to immediately turn on the White and Black Dragons turn 1 is really important, and this version could do that. It could best use Shadow Games, and would always have the most options available. In addition, Dark Armed made for literally an infinite amount of games that I would just automatically win because of that card, a lot I probably shouldn't have won otherwise. Lastly, this version overall had near zero brick hands, whereas the Lightsworn version had quite a few. Those factors lead me to run this version over the Lightsworn version; however, I still think the Lightsworn version is the second best.[/size]   [size=12]       Also, Artifacts were never an option, as they were just subpar against everything. It created more brick hands, and the cards themselves didn't do nearly as much as Eclipse, the Dragons, or the Lightsworns. I definitely think that the Artifact version is the worst by far, and would never consider playing them. Anyways, on to the deck now.[/size]   [size=12]This is the list I ended up playing:[/size]   [size=12]Monsters: 23[/size] [size=12]3 Mathematician[/size] [size=12]3 Shaddoll Beast[/size] [size=12]2 Shaddoll Hedgehog[/size] [size=12]2 Shaddoll Squamata[/size] [size=12]2 Shaddoll Dragon[/size] [size=12]2 Shaddoll Falco[/size] [size=12]2 White Dragon Wyverburster[/size] [size=12]2 Black Dragon Collapserpent[/size] [size=12]2 Effect Veiler[/size] [size=12]1 Eclipse Wyvern[/size] [size=12]1 Dark Armed Dragon[/size] [size=12]1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning[/size]   [size=12]Spells: 10[/size] [size=12]3 Upstart Goblin[/size] [size=12]3 Shaddoll Fusion[/size] [size=12]1 Super Polymerization[/size] [size=12]1 Soul Charge[/size] [size=12]1 Foolish Burial[/size] [size=12]1 Allure of Darkness[/size]   [size=12]Traps: 7[/size] [size=12]3 Sinister Shadow Games[/size] [size=12]3 Vanity's Emptiness[/size] [size=12]1 Solemn Warning[/size]   [size=12]Extra Deck: 15[/size] [size=12]2 El Shaddoll Construct[/size] [size=12]2 El Shaddoll Winda[/size] [size=12]1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer[/size] [size=12]1 Lavalval Chan[/size] [size=12]1 Daigusto Emeral[/size] [size=12]1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight[/size] [size=12]1 Abyss Dweller[/size] [size=12]1 Armades, Keeper of Boundaries[/size] [size=12]1 Goyo Guardian[/size] [size=12]1 HTS Psyhemuth[/size] [size=12]1 Black Rose Dragon[/size] [size=12]1 Arcanite Magician[/size] [size=12]1 Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree[/size]   [size=12]Sideboard: 15[/size] [size=12]2 Puppet Plant[/size] [size=12]1 Caius the Shadow Monarch[/size] [size=12]1 Effect Veiler[/size] [size=12]3 Mystical Space Typhoon[/size] [size=12]2 Forbidden Lance[/size] [size=12]1 Mind Control[/size] [size=12]3 Royal Decree[/size] [size=12]2 Pulling the Rug[/size]   [size=12]       First off, I'm going to explain 2 Hedgehog. In the Lightsworn version, I think that 1 Hedgehog is correct. The 3 Raiden take the spot of the 3 Math, but they still run 2 Lyla and 1 Charge. That's 3 more normal summons. Also, the Lightsworn version relies less on Shaddoll Fusion and more on chaos monsters and Burst Rebirth. However, this version relies more on Shaddoll Fusion. Hedgehog is usually the second best normal summon in the deck behind Math. Sometimes, Hedgehog can actually be better for the monster heavy hands.[/size]   [size=12]       In addition to Hedgehog being one of the two best monsters to open with, it's also essential in your deck. You want to be able to send Hedgehog off Squamata to search Beast in the mirror match when you Shaddoll Fusion. Also, when you open with Shaddoll Fusion, you have to open a Squamata, a Hedgehog, or a light monster so you can tribute set Beast. I understand you can do all this with 1 Hedgehog; however, if you use the first Hedgehog to search Fusion, then having the second is essential.[/size]   [size=12]       In addition to searching Beast for the mirror or for going first against an unknown deck, the ROTA effect of Hedgehog is still extremely important. I send Hedgehog to add Squamata or Dragon at LEAST once per match to have a beater or a level 4. Also, if you have Allure in hand, using Math, Foolish, or Shadow Games to send Hedgehog and add an irrelevant Shaddoll monster that you don't want to draw. This turns Allure into essentially Pot of Greed. Also, when you open Fusion against non-Shaddoll match-ups, using Math or Foolish to send Hedgehog allows you to make a turn 1 Construct or Winda consistently. I know all these uses seem kind of self-explanatory, but with so many uses for Hedgehog, you can see why 2 is essential in this version. If anything, I would add a third before I'd ever cut 1.[/size]   [size=12]       With this, I think running 1 Armageddon Knight as a "fourth Mathematician" is terrible. Armageddon is 1400 attack making it awful for battling Deneb and Falco. As said above, the second Hedgehog is way more essential than Armageddon Knight. This deck runs a total of 11 good turn 1 normal summons, which is where this deck wants to be. These include: 3 Mathematician, 2 Hedgehog, 2 Squamata, 2 Dragon, 1 Falco, and 1 Foolish. The reason I only put down 1 Falco is because Falco is only a good turn 1 normal summon if you have a Foolish or a Shadow Games. That will be about 50% of the time. So 50% of 2 Falcos is 1 Falco. So for statistics stake that's how I'm going to write it. Adding Armageddon is just bad and unnecessary, as you don't always even summon Mathematician turn 1 anyways, and it's the 12th turn 1 normal summon.[/size]   [size=12]       The next thing I'm going to talk about is 2 Falco. I think that 2 is definitely not necessary. However, when I was testing certain match-ups, especially the mirror, when the kill the first one, this deck often wants a second one. It came in useful several times, and I would not cut it. Like I said, I started with 1 Falco and put it to 2 for a reason.[/size]   [size=12]       The baby dragons are what make this deck good. They allow for a constant supply of pressure, with also making insane synchro and XYZ plays. The deck just flows so smoothly and better when you draw these cards. I started with 3 white and 2 black, but I soon found that 3 white would get cloggy and bad, so I cut 1. I played 2 and 2 for a while, but at first I often found myself siding 1 black out a lot in testing. Everytime I would do this, I would kick myself. I found out quickly that 2 and 2 is the perfect number, and I never side any out.[/size]   [size=12]       The next thing I'm going to talk about is probably the most important thing in the deck: the Eclipse and Dark Armed. These cards literally finished every single match for me. The entire deck searches Dark Armed, and can make it live. These 2 cards allow you to brick less, as it allows you to use the Black Dragon in your hand early on by sending Eclipse to the grave. Then, the baby dragons return the favor by complementing the Dark Armed. They remove and add lights and darks to the grave, while most importantly, being able to make Lavalval Chain and Daigusto Emeral. You can also make Lavalval Chain to send Eclipse to search Dark Armed if you have a BLS (which I didn't draw very much at all) or Black Dragon. Literally, the entire deck searches and sets up Dark Armed. The engine adds consistency and auto-wins, it's literally the best of everything.[/size]   [size=12]       Effect Veilers overperformed all day. I felt that the only protection card better than Veiler this format that this deck can run are Vanity's Emptiness, Solemn Warning, Super Poly, and Breakthrough Skill. I felt that Veiler and Breakthrough are significantly worse than the other 3, but unfortunately 2 of those 3 are limited. This only leaves 5 protection cards in the deck. Based on tons of statistics I've done (which I won't go into cause this report is already way too long), a deck should have at least 7 protection cards. This means that I need at least 2 more in the deck. Although Breakthrough is slightly better than Veiler, as it can hit Vanity's Fiend, Artifacts, Winda, Construct, and Dweller, I never actually used Breakthrough's second effect. I played against infinite amounts of those cards, but it just never came up. I needed room in my side deck, so I cut 2 breakthroughs from the main and replaced them with 2 veilers from the side. I'm so glad I played Veiler, as it's a lot harder to make reads on. Most importantly though, the card is a light, making Shaddoll Fusion, Black Dragon, and BLS a lot better. This came up so many times throughout the tournament I can't count. Like I said before, this card over preformed for me and I'm glad I played this over Breakthrough Skill.[/size]   [size=12]       Something you might have noticed is that I decided not to include Compulsory Evacuation Device anywhere in the 55. I felt this card was only good in the mirror. Against Burning Abyss and Satellars, it never really did anything. It just delayed the inevitable and never progressed the game. I was siding it for just the mirror for a while, but I also found that it didn't do anything here. Players don't keep an extra deck monster on board in the mirror, making this card completely useless. This is why I think this card is extremely bad this format.[/size]   [size=12]       I most literally wrote a 7 page paper to why 3 Upstart should be played in every deck. I'm not going to go into specifics. The idea is that most literally the deck becomes 37 cards if you don't take into account life points. If you're playing a 40 card deck, why not play 37? Also, if you say life points matter more than your deck being the minimum size, here's what I have to say:[/size]   [size=12]Is Soul Charge a bad card?[/size] [size=12]Is Solemn Warning a bad card?[/size] [size=12]Why isn't your deck 60 cards and filled with burn cards, if you think life points are more important than running the minimum, right?[/size]          Anyways, you get the point. There's no logical reason to not be playing 3. Also, with this, never side any out. If you side 1 out, your deck becomes 38 cards. This completely goes against the point of running any to begin with. Remember, there's obviously no bad cards in your deck, or else you wouldn't run them; however, there is always a worst card in your deck until your deck is 1 card.[/size]   [size=12]       If your not running Soul Charge, your insane. That's all I have to say. I mean, have you read the card?[/size]   [size=12]       Solemn Warning. I can see the theory behind not playing it. I didn't really like having to run it myself. However, it's the only card that stops all the relevant threats in all match-ups. After this tournament, this card is the literal MVP (besides Dark Armed of course). It was so amazing, I can't even explain. It won me an uncountable number of games. Anyone who doesn't like this card is format is just wrong. I understand that the card is bad against established boards; but, unless emptiness is on board, this entire deck is built to deal with established boards. This format, you need protection cards that stop your opponent from doing something rather than dealing with established boards because once a player has an established board, they have already gotten value and done it's job.[/size]   [size=12]       In the extra deck, the most made card was actually Lavalval Chain. I made it infinite amounts of times to send Dragon then drop Dark Armed, or send Eclipse to search Dark Armed. I didn't make Daigusto Emeral much that day, but I've actually made it more than Lavalval Chain in the past.[/size]   [size=12]       One card I ran that I don't see many lists running is HTS Psyhemuth. It's extremely important for different reasons in all match-ups. Against Satellars, it can banish Deneb so they can't Altair. Against Burning Abyss, it removes Dante and the BA monsters. Against the mirror, it removes the fusions so they can't add back Shaddoll Fusion. Also, in the mirror, this card creates a good out to any threat presented without having to leave an extra deck monster on the field. I think Goyo is still better than this card, but it's still very important to have for the situations it can swing the game heavily in your favor.[/size]   [size=12]       The last thing in the extra deck I would like to talk about is no Volcasaurus. I had this in my extra deck for a while, but it never came up. The only time it does is with Soul Charge for 2 Beasts. I usually only have 1 Beast in grave because of White Dragon or DAD, there has literally been 0 times when I Soul Charge for 2 Beasts. The only time i can see this bing relevant is when you Soul Charge for 2 Beasts, and making Volcasaurus is game. This almost never comes up, as you USUALLY do a lot of damage in 1 turn, rather than a lot of small damage that adds up. So obviously, the situation for Volcasaurus never came up, and will continue to never come up. If I ever need to get over a monster, I can just make Castel or Arcanite Magician, both of which you can make without having to Soul Charge. The only things I'd ever consider cutting for it are Exciton or Dweller, both of which are a lot more vital than Volcasaurus.[/size]   [size=12]       The last thing I need to discuss is the side deck. I just focused on making my side deck for the 3 best decks, as anything else would be a free win for this deck. So, this is how I side for each match-up and why:[/size]   [size=12]Shaddolls:[/size] [size=12]+2 Puppet Plant[/size] [size=12]+1 Caius[/size] [size=12]-2 Effect Veiler[/size] [size=12]-1 Soul Charge[/size]   [size=12]       In the mirror, I always ask to keep out Mind Control. The card is degenerate and unfair in the mirror. There is literally 0 logical reasons to keep it in. Puppet Plant is obviously amazing. I decided to side Caius over Vanity's Fiend for many reasons. First off, the mirror relies heavily on tempo. Both players are trading off back and forth swings of set Falcos and Beasts. Caius allows you to completely change the game in your favor by getting rid of Beast or Falco, then doing a lot of damage. Also, there are a lot of outs to Vanity's Fiend. If they play smart, they can out Fiend and then still play their cards. The 1 turn tempo swing is usually good enough and actually better than trying to sit on Vanity's Fiend. In addition, it's an out to Emptiness or additional Vanity's fiends.[/size]   [size=12]       I think siding out Veiler is obvious in the mirror, as it does literal nothing. Veilering a flip effect is never where you want to be, and can be a losing strategy. Caius just does the same thing, but a million times better, as well as more things. I also side out Soul Charge in the mirror. Since you can't use the extra deck, Soul Charge can never be used to its fullest potential. You just bring back a bunch of guys, usually which your opponent can just capitalize on next turn. For example, during the last round of swiss, my opponent Soul Charged in the mirror. I didn't even care of feel pressured. Next turn I just set up Dark Armed and killed him. The card just doesn't apply the pressure it does in other match-ups, unless of course you draw Emptiness. If you have Emptiness in the mirror, you should already have a way to win though. Soul Charge just becomes a win more card at that point.[/size]   [size=12]Burning Abyss:[/size] [size=12]+2 Forbidden Lance[/size] [size=12]+2 Pulling the Rug[/size] [size=12]-1 Shaddoll Beast[/size] [size=12]-1 Shaddoll Falco[/size] [size=12]-1 Allure of Darkness[/size] [size=12]-1 Sinister Shadow Games[/size]   [size=12]       Forbidden Lance is probably the best card for this deck to see against Burning Abyss. The deck heavily relies on its discard traps to remove threats like Winda, Construct, Dark Armed, BLS, etc. When your playing against Burning Abyss, Lance can just completely turn the game around In your favor in an instant. If you have Lance, you can just be hyperly aggressive against them, and overwhelm them really fast. They can deal with everything your throwing at them and just lose. Also, you literally can't lose when you're setting up Dark Armed and have Lance.[/size]   [size=12]       Pulling the Rug is like a worse Solemn Warning against them; however, Solemn Warning is just amazing against them. Like Hoban said in his article, Burning Abyss have a "low ceiling". They can only do one thing per turn. Once you stop their normal summon, they can't do anything else. When you Pulling the Rug a monarch, TGU, or Math, you almost literally win because you stopped their entire turn.[/size]   [size=12]       Against non-mirror matches, I side out 1 Beast and 1 Shadow Games. Shadow Games is only gold early game. So, against decks where you're not trading back and forth flip effects (aka, non-mirrors), you never want to see Shadow Games past mid-game. You'd rather have the Shaddoll monsters in your deck for the long game and for Fusions. As for Shaddoll Beast, against non-mirrors, you rarely tribute set Beast. You mainly want to use him for Fusion and to send to grave. So, the third isn't necessary.[/size]   [size=12]       I side out 1 Falco because the card is more situational against Burning Abyss. They often out it with Phoenix Wing, Raiza, or Alucard, so setting Falco isn't always good. By having 2 Falcos in your deck, you're only setting yourself up to get blown out by one of the cards I listed above.[/size]   [size=12]       The last card I side out is Allure. I'm siding out 2 dark monsters, so the card obviously becomes worse. Since I'm siding down to 9 Shaddolls, removing 1 isn't always where you want to be. Keeping it in isn't bad, and if I was only siding 3 in I would. I just think it is next worst card, and there's nothing better to side out.[/size]   [size=12]Satellars:[/size] [size=12]+1 Effect Veiler[/size] [size=12]+3 Mystical Space Typhoon[/size] [size=12]+3 Royal Decree[/size] [size=12]-3 Sinister Shadow Games[/size] [size=12]-3 Vanity's Emptiness[/size] [size=12]-1 Solemn Warning[/size]   [size=12]       Against Satellars, they best you with trap cards. That's literally the only way they win. If you have Veiler + Decree or Winda + Decree, you can't lose. They aren't expecting it, so they just board normally for Shaddolls, siding in all their floodgates, and get even more blown out by Decree. This sideboard plan worked really well against this deck, and I'd suggest testing it (though test multiple games, as if you do a really small sample size, it doesn't really mean anything).[/size]   [size=12]       Lastly, I just want to say I don't side the third Veiler against Burning Abyss because I don't want too many protection cards. I feel like 2 Veilers is fine, but 3 is overkill. Pulling the Rug is strictly better as it gets rid of Mathematician or Monarchs, as a 1500 floater or a 2400 body is still very useful. I also don't side in Decree because Veiler + Decree or Winda + Decree isn't just game against them like it is Satellars or rogue decks. Monarchs are a real thing, and you often need Emptiness, Pulling the Rug, or Solemn Warning to fully stop the deck. Thus why siding into Lances and Rugs are better than the Decree side against Burning Abyss.[/size]   [size=12]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/size]   [size=12]THE TOURNAMENT:[/size]          The day started off with the usual suspects: Desmond, the Leveretts, and myself. We all got into the card, where we drove an unusual amount of hours just for a yugioh tournament, when I’m pretty sure other people would just fly or stay at home. On the way there, Mrs. Leverett got pulled over for speeding. When the cop looked inside the car, he had the most confused face when trying to figure out why our group of people would be traveling in the same car. In a short time, Mrs. Leverett ended up getting out of the ticket. I’m not quite sure how, but it sounded like it involved a lot of clapping. Anyways, after we got back on the road, we continued to talk about how strangely and hilariously related Desmond’s life is to the blind side.[/size]          Oh wait, ummmmmm……….I’m pretty sure that is the wrong tournament report………..[/size]   [size=12]       Okay, sorry. I just had to do that. For real though, the real tournament report. First off, I want to say that the regionals wasn't the first tournament I went to this past weekend. On Saturday, I went to a local tournament in Maryland, where the winner got a real millennium puzzle. It was in a nice Plexiglas case, with a display placard and everything. Apparently it’s worth about $100. Anyways, that morning, my brother and I went to Calvin Tahan’s house, where we met him and departed for the tournament. An hour later, we found ourselves at Thanks for Playing in Ijamsville, MD. I entered the tournament with the same deck I would eventually win the regionals with. I went 4-0 during swiss, then won out top 4 and top 2, to become the winner of the millennium puzzle.[/size]   [size=12]       Funny story about this tournament was when I faced Calvin during swiss. He was playing the 60 card Billy Brake shit deck. I win game 1. Then, I’m about to kill him game 2, but he sharks me for the win. What happened was that I flipped summon Beast, drew 2 and discard a Squamata. I used its effect to send Dragon and pop Calvin’s backrow. Then, I normalled Mathematician. This was literally game on board. I got so caught up in excitement knowing I had the 2-0 that when I sent Squamata off Mathematician, I had forgotten I had used its effect so I sent Beast and drew a card. Calvin didn’t say anything about it until I declared an attack with Beast, and he realized it was game. He then called judge where a big dispute happened. I laid the cards in my hand on the table, as it was literally completely irrelevant. I had game, and he was blatantly sharking me cause otherwise I’d win the match. The judge obviously didn’t have a choice but to side with him, since I shuffled my hand and we couldn’t prove anything. It was my fault, but it was still kind of gay how a friend would shark me for something I obviously won that turn. Anyways, we proceeded to game 3, where I won regardless. This 3-0 is the reason Calvin didn’t play the 60 card shit deck at regionals the next day.[/size]   [size=12]       Anyways, we all went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings that night where I got the second hottest wings on the menu, and it was delicious. At dinner, I told everyone that I might not even go to regionals, as I just wanted to stay home, relax, sleep in, and watch the season premiere of the Walking Dead. Everyone convinced me to go to the regional though, and I’m glad they did.[/size]   [size=12]       Waking up Sunday morning was a struggle, as I got less than 5 hours of sleep. This seems like a lot for some people, but I always try to get a good night’s sleep before an event.  Anyways, I wake up with just enough time to shower, get dressed, and leave. However, what I didn’t plan for was the side effects of the extremely spicy wings of last night to kick in. After being 15 minutes off schedule, I was worried I had kept Dilan waiting, so I didn’t get any breakfast. I was all ready to go, when I look outside and Dilan wasn’t there waiting. I was so excited that I could eat breakfast when Dilan calls me and says he’ll be there in less than a minute. I get sad again. I look to see if there’s anything good to take with me, aaaaaaaaannnnddd there wasn’t. So I go without food all day.[/size]   [size=12]       When Based Dilan picks me up, we start talking about basic shit. I forget to bring the broken modeling picture of Dilan that I was supposed to give to Calvin at home, so Dilan and I just hope Calvin forgets (which he does, and probably never did until he reads this). Anyways, the drive continues with Dilan complaining about his eyes way too many times. The normal Escape the Fate and Falling in Reverse don’t get played immediately because Dilan is too tired for that, so we listen to some softer stuff on the way to the dreaded and awful place of Springfield, VA.[/size]   [size=12]       Once we get to Calvin’s, we have to wait for Daniel D to get there, which takes several minutes. Finally, we all get in the car on our way towards Arlington to pick up the legendary Jessy Samek. Since I’m sitting in the back, it’s very uncomfortable once Jessy gets in between me and Double D. We get used to it, and we’re off to regionals.[/size]   [size=12]       On the way there, Jessy is the most hilarious person on Tinder. Calvin and Dilan are having their own conversation while Double D and I are witnessing the brokenness of Jessy on Tinder. Somehow, word that Calvin has a sister comes up, and we are all wondering if she is attractive. To our surprise, she looks nothing like Calvin, meaning that she’s actually pretty hot. We’re all freaking out, and we notify Alfonso Yamakawa via text right away. If you want to judge for yourself, look at Facebook if you’re friends with Calvin Tahan.[/size]   [size=12]       We continue to listen to Escape the Fate, when Jessy says “Hey, can you put on some nigger music? Like straight nigger. You all can put your screamo back on afterwards.” Dilan and Calvin jump on it. At this point, Dilan says “On a scale from 1 to 10, with Kanye West being a 5, how nigger do you want it?” Jessy responds with telling us that a 8 or 9 will suffice. Dilan plays something that’s a 7 or 8, but me and Calvin are freaking out because we have the perfect song. If Kanye West is a 5, this is at least a 12. The song is called Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill. The song is literally insane. Just listen to it, and read the lyrics while you’re listening. It’s not the same unless you read the lyrics. Also, listen to the entire thing, it gets better. I hate rap music myself, but this song is just straight up fucking broken man. If you aren’t inclined to listen to it yet, I’m going to quote two lines from the song. If this doesn’t give you the incentive to listen to it, I don’t know what does: “When I bought the Rolls Royce they thought it was leased[/size] [size=12]Then I bought that new Ferrari, hater rest in peace[/size] [size=12]Hater rest in peace, rest in peace to the parking lot[/size] [size=12]Phantom so big, it can't even fit in the parking spot”[/size]   [size=12]“If you ain't about that murder game then pussy nigga shut up”[/size]          Anyways, after the broken ass drive there finally came to an end, we got to the regionals. Apparently we got there like five minutes too late, because the vendor had Pulling the Rug for $1, but I was too late. So, I had to take the really big neg and buy one for $5. Doesn’t matter though, I didn’t care. I entered the tournament and resleeved my deck, ready for round 1. Now, to the actual tournament. I didn’t keep record of the tournament, so I’m going based on my memory. There’s very little details of the actual tournament I remember, so bear with me.[/size]       [size=12]ROUND 1: Burning Abyss (2-0)[/size]   [size=12]Game 1: He doesn’t open enough protection cards, so I bait out what he does have and drop Dark Armed very early for game.[/size]   [size=12]Game 2: I don’t remember much of this game. I just remember at one point I was going for game, so I drop Dark Armed. He Book of Moons it. I couldn’t game him, so I attack with Construct and Black Dragon, then set Super Poly. He adds Tour Guide at the end phase with Scarm. He then activates Raigeki, in which I’m really surprised. I decide to chain Super Poly to my face down Beast and Construct to make Winda. I decided to do this so he couldn’t kill me, and so I could add back Fusion for next turn due to Construct being sent to grave. He didn’t have an out for Winda, so he just sets a trap and passes. I end up beating him down with Winda, Shaddoll Dragon, and White Dragon. When he activates a Wind Blast on Winda, I Lance it to seal the game.[/size]       [size=12]ROUND 2: SATELLARKNIGHTS (2-1)[/size]   [size=12]Game 1: I remember this entire match very vividly. Game 1, I opened very poorly. He wasn't the greatest player in the world, be he did know how to open the foolish burial guy + call of the haunted + sanctum + 2 other traps. I lost this game essentially from the gate. One turn though, I had a White Dragon in defense. I was at really low life points. His board is the foolish burial guy and a Moralltach. He asks me the defense of the white dragon, and I say "1800". He sits there, and thinks for a while. Finally, he declares an attack with the foolish burial guy. I say okay. He looks at me confused to why I'm not sending my white dragon to grave. I thought he might have purposefully done it so he can Chalice or something in damage step because he specifically asked and then thought for a while. He then shakes his head and says sorry, attack with Moralltach. My dragon dies, and I search for the black one. He then says he's going to do Moralltach first then the other guy. I tell him "sorry, you already attacked with that one first". He then shakes his head, very pissed off, and says "Wow, it's way too early for this shit." Normally, I wouldn't have sharked him for something like this, but he took a while to think after he specifically asked the defense of white dragon. Next turn, I flip Falco to get a Squamata set, summon Black Dragon, then synchro for goyo and add another white dragon. I summon White Dragon and then Shaddoll Fusion into another Winda so my board is Goyo, Winda, and White Dragon. I kill both monsters, taking the Moralltach, to seal the game.[/size]   [size=12]Game 2: I open Dragon, both Falcos, BLS, and 2 decree. He opens Deneb set 2. Although I resolve a decree, he's able to make a Delteros to just pop my Shaddoll Dragon and kill me the following turn after.[/size]   [size=12]Game 3: I open a monster heavy hand again. I set Hedgehog and pass. He double ROTAs for Vega and Deneb and makes turn 1 Dweller (like I said, not the best player in the world). He then kills my Hedgehog, letting me add Shaddoll Fusion. He sets 1. On my turn, I activate Shaddoll Fusion. He activates Emptiness, I then chain MST. I ask him for a response after that. He specifically says no. Then I most literally ask him "Are you sure?" He thinks for a while, then still says no, and then sends Emptiness to the graveyard. I send Eclipse and Squamata and summon Construct. He then says that he would like to activate Dweller as chain link 4 in response to MST. I'm like "no, you can't activate Dweller after you send Emptiness to the graveyard AND saw what I was sending to grave." He then agrees, and Construct is summoned. I say Eclipse CL1, Squamata CL2, Construct CL3. He activates Dweller as CL4. I say okay, then go to resolve all their effects. He thinks that the Eclipse and Squamata would be negated, so I have to call over a judge to explain. Once everything resolves, I have Eclipse and 3 darks in grave, and DAD banished. I have a Black Dragon, so I just kill him that turn. He was really salty, but literally everything was his fault for not knowing rulings nor paying attention. I apologize for how the match went, and he says in a very salty and mad tone "It's a card game dude, you don't have to say sorry." I sign the match slip and move on with my life.[/size]       [size=12]ROUND 3: Burning Abyss (2-0)[/size]   [size=12]Game 1: This guy is someone from my locals. He wins the die roll, but he knows what I'm playing. He isn't sure whether to go first or second. After a good 30 seconds of thinking, he decides to go second. I open Mathematician and Shadow Games, punishing him for making the wrong choice about the die roll. I grind out of all his backrow. Then, I Soul Charge for a bunch of guys guys and drop Dark Armed to literally kill his entire field leaving him 1 card in hand. Although he's searching Tour Guide, he still can't get over everything and concedes.[/size]   [size=12]Game 2: He learns from the mistake game 1 and takes first. He makes first turn Dante + Scarm and sets some backrow. This game I again grind out of his backrow, but this time a lot slower than the first game because he has the Dante loop going. I eventually stop the loop with a Winda. I have a Lance to protect Winda. I Pulling the Rug his Raiza on his turn. He sets a trap or 2, and passes. I summon Falco to make Arcanite Magician, then do something (can’t remember exactly what it was) to make Dark Armed live. I drop Dark Armed and just kill him.[/size]       [size=12]ROUND 4: SATELLARS (2-0)[/size]   [size=12]Game 1: I don’t remember much of this game, but I remember that it was very grindy. I eventually stuck a Winda that he didn’t have an out to. I made a read that one of his 3 backrow was a D Prison based on the very specific way he was playing the game, so there was many turns of attacking with either a baby chaos dragon (can’t remember which one) and Squamata, without attacking with Winda. After many turns went by of grinding without attacking with the Winda, he had 1 backrow left. At this point, I was like now 99% sure it was a D Prison, but this turn I could afford to attack into it. He Prisons my Winda. Then, main phase 2 I do some stuff so I can drop Dark Armed. I then pop his foolish burial guy on board and set Emptiness to take over the game.[/size]   [size=12]Game 2: He opens with the foolish burial guy and sets backrow. I summon Dragon and kill his guy. On his turn, I Veiler his Altair and chain Decree to Call of the Haunted for the complete blowout. I kill him on one of the following turns.[/size]       [size=12]ROUND 5: BURNING ABYSS (2-0)[/size]   [size=12]Game 1: This game was extremely grindy in the beginning. He’s beating me down with Shaddoll Dragon while I’m trying to stabilize. I set a Hedgehog, and he attacks it with the Dragon. I add Fusion. In my draw phase, he Mind Crushes it. He gets to see my hand of 2 white dragons, 1 black dragon, and some other cards. I don’t remember exactly what happened in between the Mind Crush and the next thing I’m going to tell you. What I do know though is that during this time, I activated all 3 of my Upstart Goblins, so I felt very behind. However, I got him down to 1 backrow. I make Lavalval Chain with White Dragon and a Squamata to send Eclipse. I drop Black Dragon to add DAD. At this point I’m like 99% sure that his backrow is something irrelevant, like a Trap Stun, MST, or bluff. I drop Dark Armed and pop his backrow. It is a Trap Stun. I don’t remember what my exact board was, but I remember I had some way to make a Construct (it was either a Fusion or Super Poly) to do exactly 11,000 damage in one turn for exact game.[/size]   [size=12]Game 2: He bricks this game. He draws trap cards, but no way to get an engine going. I don’t remember any other details from this game, just that I win from drawing a playable hand and later killing him. If they aren’t getting value from their trap cards, then they aren’t really that good.[/size]       [size=12]ROUND 6: MADOLCHE (2-0)[/size]   [size=12]Game 1: I wonder how my opponent got 5-0 with Madolches. He laughs and responds “I’ve been getting very lucky”. This is where my opponent proceeds to summon Anjelly, and I literally thank God that I opened with Effect Veiler. So ya, I mean it’s Madolches. Game 2: I literally opened the most broken hand in the history of Yugioh. I open BLS and a way to make DAD live and just kill him on turn 2. Wish I could’ve used it against a non-Madolche opponent, but whatever.[/size]       [size=12]ROUND 7: MERMAILS (2-1)[/size]   [size=12]Game 1: We both know what each other is playing, so he lets me go first. I open Falco + Shadow Games, so I start off with a huge lead. After I bait out some of his backrow, I Soul Charge for a complete blowout.[/size]   [size=12]Game 2: I don’t remember much of this game, but just that my hand was very subpar. I mean, it’s not like I bricked this game. It’s just that he opened Linde into Pike, so I was under constant pressure. I had no way to stop his special summoning since I never drew Fusion. I later drew a Fusion, making a Construct. I attack over his Leed, but he has Compulse. I’m not dead yet, but I’m at 3800. I literally lucksack the top deck Soul Charge. I attempt to make Castel, but he has Breakthrough Skill. Next turn he summons Undine to send Tidal for game.[/size]   [size=12]Game 3: I open Shadow Games + Mathematician again, so I mean ya… I end up being able to drop DAD and kill him sometime during the early game and he gets very upset at the loss. I’ve played him in multiple events before and he’s never won, so that’s why he got even more upset. He still made Top 8 with Mermails though, so congrats to him.[/size]       [size=12]ROUND 8: LIGHTSWORN SHADDOLLS (Tom Mak, 2-0)[/size]   [size=12]Game 1: I know what he’s playing since we’ve been sitting next to each other all day, so I go set Squamata + Shadow Games. Like I predicted, he summons Raiden and gets blown out by Squamata’s effect off the Shadow Game flip. I drop DAD early game to kill him.[/size]   [size=12]Game 2: He opens with set 2 pass. This game I literally open DAD again, so it’s really easy. On my first turn of the game, I foolish burial to send Squamata and Hedgehog to add Dragon. I summon Dragon, then summon White Dragon. I make Lavalval Chain, detaching Dragon to send Beast and draw a card. I have exactly 3 darks, so I drop DAD. I then pop one of his two sets. He chains Shadow Games, sending Squamata and the Falco (I’m guessing he did this so he didn’t get OTK’d that turn). I then activate DAD again to pop his other face down, he chains Burst Rebirth to bring back Squamata. He’s already activated both effects, so I attack both with Lavalval Chain and Dark Armed. Main Phase 2 I then use Dark Armed to pop my own Lavalval Chain, then set Vanity’s Emptiness (Ya, this game and game 2 against Madolches I opened the complete nuts). He Compulses my Dark Armed, but I have Veiler for his Lyla. I have beaters to just to keep beating him down for game. Since he already used Lyla and Shadow Games, he has very limited outs to Emptiness left to draw and obviously doesn’t draw them.[/size]       [size=12]ROUND 9: SHADDOLL MIRROR (2-1)[/size]   [size=12]Game 1:  I was playing around the entire time since I had already locked up top 8. I just know that he Soul Charged, but I don’t care. I drop Dark Armed and just kill him.[/size]   [size=12]Game 2: My opponent dropped Dark Armed on turn 3 and gamed me, literally the same thing I’ve been doing to people all day.[/size] [size=12]Game 3: I don’t remember how I got to this point, but I know I thought I had lost since I drew all monsters. Some point in the game, he ends with Winda + Vanity’s Fiend. He thought he was so fly and won the game. This next turn was the most legendary way to win regionals. I Puppet Plant his Winda. Then, I tribute it for Caius, removing Vanity’s Fiend. I then do something so I can drop Dark Armed and kill him that turn.[/size]     [size=12]And that’s the story of how I won regionals everybody, thanks for reading![/size]       [size=12]Pros: -Dreams and Nightmares[/size] [size=12]-Jessy being broken[/size] [size=12]-being able to check the 1 top 8 club of Ryan, my brother, and Jorge -not falling off the mountain[/size] [size=12]-Dark Armed Dragon[/size] [size=12]-only losing 3 games all day[/size] [size=12]-the Red Robin waitress saying the most broken thing ever[/size] [size=12]-me topping so Calvin couldn’t make fun of me for bubbling my 8th regionals[/size] [size=12]-Dilan and Calvin being awesome by driving me everywhere like always[/size] [size=12]-Dilan letting me borrow dinner money[/size]   [size=12]Cons:[/size] [size=12]-David Benjamin[/size] [size=12]-less than 5 hours of sleep[/size] [size=12]-my backpack breaking[/size] [size=12]-awful judge staff (not Ryan and Sunny though)[/size] [size=12]-not being on Mrs. Leverett’s McChicken list[/size] [size=12]-not being able to watch the Pro Tour live[/size] [size=12]-not being able to get a Monster[/size] [size=12]-my Phantom being so big that it can't even fit in the parking spot[/size] [size=12]-not being about that murder game[/size]   [size=12]PS - I posted a deck profile of the deck, but it's literally just a worse and less thorough version of what I said in the top section, so there's not much point in watching it unless you want to: [/size]http://youtu.be/IvhD95Lt18o
  4. Hello everybody. I am gonna try to keep this small and with not too many details. San Antonio has been known as the worst Regionals in Texas (South) for sometime now. Mainly because of the bad accommodation to players. Granted, Heroes and Fantasies is a hugely successful anime/comic book store, the only issue with the place are the extremely uncomfortable seats and play space. Round 1 through 4, your usually interlocking elbows with your neighbors and sharing the same play mats. By round 5-8 your ass is completely numbed by the pain. I heard Magic hosted tourneys in the same area and MANDATED the store rent actually tables and chairs for their players. It is a sad thing to bring up first, but I have to set the setting because that is how strenuous it is to play their for so many rounds. Anyways, I used Shaddoll. My goal was to be the first in Texas to top with it. The tourney only gathered about 240 or so and was 8 rounds. A surprisingly low number considering Houston and Dallas Average 480-520 at there regionals. I will try my best to recollect the rounds as there weren't too many. Round 1 vs Shaddoll (2-0) Game 1- I beat him purely with Squamatas and Falco. Once he hit 2000. I made Tempest Magician for exact game. Game 2- It is hard for me to recollect, but I know I took a direct Winda attack. Somewhere down the line I must of beat him with Super Poly or De-Fusion. I honestly do not recall. Round 2 vs Shaddoll (A. Bockenstedt 1-1) My most difficult match of the day. Alex is a friend of mines who watches a lot of Me, Jimmy and Scott's games. I know he is very patient and studious, plus he knows about 90% of my techs and side choices so I knew going in this wasn't gonna be easily. Game 1- We had an EXTREMELY long game 1, as I expected with Shaddoll Mirrors. I made a mistake towards the middle of the game feeling overconfident and he ripped a BLS to continue to pressure me. We went through both Constructs and both Winda. Because we only had 3 minutes left in the round and I had Leo and Vanity's Lock vs top-decking Shaddoll with all the fusions gone. My life was 1200 to his 2100 and I decided to scoop and give him the win, because I felt he deserved to win that round and I did not want either of us to go into time with only 1 round. Game 2- I sided in my Hands/Defusion/NightBeams/Cylinder and took out every lifepoint card (Gorz/Warning/Soul Charge) after it became clear I had to play for the draw and inflict the most damage. I ended up inflicting the most and won Game 2 for the Draw after I surprised him with fire hand. Round 3 vs SylvanPlants (2-0) This was my easiest match. Game 1- I open Math finally for the first time today. He does some play involving Peacekeeper, One for One and Copy Plant. I remember winning easily. Game 2- He elects to go first. Use One for One to pitch Dandy. Spore for Formula with a Token. Sets a Card and passes. I was surprised he didnt make the LIbrarian/Form play. Because I had Hedgehog and I wanna keep formula on the field. I set Hedgehog pass and warning. Next turn he attempts to use Spore and I D.d. crow it.  Then summons Lonefire, tributes it and I warning. On my turn, I search and fuse from the deck. Sometime later, he used 2 Miracle Ferts, which I MST'd only to be followed by a third and he made a Draccosack with sage/copyplant and destroys and Construct. Next turn I just fuse from the deck and win the game. Round 4 vs Evilswarm (2-0) Game 1- He goes first. Opens Ophion and set 5. Search the Trap. I set Squatmata. Next turn he attacks and I destroy it. He summons Kerkyion and I Veiler it. I later Summon Dragon to attack and he responds Infestion to search another Kerykion. I set Warning and Pass. He Summons and get Warning'd and I won the game. Game2- I won fairly easy. He opened Ophion again, grabbed spell, set 4. I set Fire Hand and 2 backrow. Next Turn he searches for The Infestion trap, Summon Keryion grabs Heliotrope and summons it. Then declares attack with Kerkyion and ask "Do you have response to attack declaration"... I smiled and asked... "Do you pass prority to me?" He looked so shocked, it was priceless. He decides to retain priority and activates Macro Cosmos. AMAZED, I chain double Shadow Games and sent Dragon and Beast to destroy Macro Cosmos and draw a card. No replay happens and it kills Fire Hand, I pop Helio and summon Ice Hand. He decides to pass. Next turn I Summon Dragon and attack his keryrion. He decides to shuffle it into deck and get Kerkyion. I then Super poly his Ophion and Dragon into Winda. Pop a S/t and attacked some more. Next turn he summon Kerykion and I either veiler or negate it somehow to win the game. Round 5 vs FAT (2-0) Game 1 He goes first Set 2 and passes. I set Hedgehog. He draws and sets one more. I flip Hedgehog to grab Fusion and he breakthrough skilled. I summon Math. Sent Squamata/Falco. and attacked and he used sanctum and popped with Moralltach. Next turn he blind Ingnitions my Vanity's then summons Myrmeleo searches Void Trap Hole. Attacks with everyone, sets and passes. Next turn I confirm the only face-down I dont know. Fuse AD and Hedge for construct. He voids. I grab back fusion and search Dragon. I Set Dragon. Use AD Changer to flip it and won the game shortly after. Game 2 I space his Tenki and get his hands to miss timing. I win shortly after the game starts. Round 6 vs LIGHTSWORN, DRAGONRULER,CHAOS, GORZ, WHITE STONE, EHREN.dek by Christian Solorzano (2-0) Seemed like an okay guy but his deck just seemed so disrespectful. I had so many slow games, where I just outplayed and outplused my opponent and I didn feel like getting sack. Game 1- I ended up getting him to 4300 after I turn 2, He uses Michael to Banish my Fusion but I won the game shortly after. Game 2-Went almost exactly the way. I fuse and got him down to 4300 again. He even asked me what the life is and I said "Same as last game". He draw brick and I wound up beating him in 3 turns.... Just looking at my useless soul charges in my hand. Round 7 vs Shaddoll (2-0) Game 1- Another hard Match considering his Raiden got him so much so early on turn 1 and I decided not to Effect veiler, Next thing I know I am faceing down a Raiden and a felice with company. I later fused and beat his monsters leaving Raiden and set 2 cards. MST and Shadow games. He decided to make a Construct and set 2 more new cards which I blew up. Next turn I fused for Winda, flipped Beast and made No. 61 Volcasaurus for game. Game 2- Game 2 was much more simple. I used Math and Shadow Games. Turn 3 I fused for Winda and popped his f/d, once he revealed Book of Moon, I used De-Fusion to bring back Dragon and Beast and began to beat him down with Beast/Dragon and Math. Later he fused for Contruct and began to attack my monsters, but since they were Special Summoned I was gaining there effects. After I used Ice Hand to help seal the win!!! I began to clap, I was so happy my goal to top was complete!! Round 8 vs Mermail (1-2!!) I got paired down table 2 to a guy who wanted his first top. People asked me to give him the win and I considered it $$. If I beat him and the first guy(evilswarm) lost at Table 1, I could possibly finally win a regional!! Game 1- I let him go firstand he Gold Sarc for Tidal and search Dragon Ice. At that moment I began to feel afraid. 2 turns later I lost to double Sphere, heavy infantry on Math, Dragon Ice, Tidal, Megalo, Beelze, Undine. Game 2- I locked him down early fight through his sphere and used Super Polymerization (1 I sided out) to beat him in 2 turns. Game 3- Almost the exactsame thing happened and I lost to Tidal, Megalo, Teus, Goons, Sphere, Heavy In, Dragon Ice, Salvage. Final Results: 6-1-1 (7th place) I am so happy I accomplished my goal. I worked on the Shaddoll deck the most out of my group chat and people told me they expected me to top, but you know. I don't like to listen to that and stay focused. Pros: Scott Page topped (with mystery deck) Billy almost topped (Burning Abyss) Alex, my round 2 friend, earned his invite Made more money Cons: Couldn't stay in San Antonio and play Melee Apparently I am the Only shaddoll player smart enough to realize Felice and Soul Charge are not that good. Soul Charge, Soul Charge, Soul Charge. It was terrible. Shoutouts: Epik Cards and Games Legacy Jimmy Nguyen Alex Jack DP People who let me borrow cards. Mike Barnes/ Michael Fazi/ Rodrigo Based Loli Steve Klaus who helped me out Bohdan My idol, Jeff Jones
  5. Been trying to perfect worms over the past few weeks, managed to day 2 at Philly and get 21st at ARG DC but felt the deck still had some major consistency issues. I ended up replacing Rank-Up Magic the Seventh One with a cardcar and adding back Offerings to the Snake Deity. Can't remember the details of some matches, but I have the gist of them. The following was my build:       [Round 1] [Worm vs Constellar Artifact]   Game 1: I lose the die roll, opponent goes into first turn Pleiades. He runs it into a d-prison, and doesn't have many plays from there. Game 2: Late game I manage to set up my board with a King of the Feral Imps and a Cairngorgon. He goes to ignition his own backrow on my turn, and I use Cairngorgon to target the bottomless he dualitied. He picks my card up and reads it, and goes "Fooook, I scoop". Current record: 1-0   [Round 2] [Worm vs Pile of Cards]   This dude was playing some variant of Chaos Dragon I guess, with like 3 enemy controllers and some weird monsters I've never seen used. He made some synchro plays with the lvl 4 light and dark dragons, but essentially my monsters just easily answered his with backrow to follow.   Game 1: Won Game 2: Won     Current record: 2-0   [Round 3] [Worm vs Sylvan]   Game 1: I notice this guy is playing all 4 dragon rulers. Luckily I never got lonefire soulcharged all match, and a late game nebula wins me game 1. Game 2: Long grind with me putting him at 200 lp with Heartlanddraco. He somehow comes back and manages to summon three dragon rulers to push for game. Game 3: Had the maxx C for his early push, answer his big monsters with breakthroughs and somehow win from there.     Current record: 3-0   [Round 4] [Worm vs Traptrix Ninja]   I was engrossed in the corner of the store reading some bestiary book of a game I've never seen before, and the round starts without me. I arrive 6 minutes late getting a game loss.   Game 1: I get to go first, and just start farming cartaros while answering his monsters. He just starts setting upstart ninjas, and I win from the +1 advantage every turn. Game 2: He opens by pitching off upstart ninja, and I chain maxx. He lets me draw 2, and I just dark hole him and win easily. Current record: 4-0   [Round 5] [Worm vs Geargia]   Game 1: I lose the die roll and he opens with set a armor and 4 backrow. I go first turn cardcar and set an offering to the snake deity and breakthrough, but he warnings my xex next turn and otks. Game 2: I open with cartaros set 5, and on his endphase I flip triple nebula meteorite and he scoops it up.   Game 3: He doesn't open many monsters and I just answer his arsenal with bottomless, and win from there.    Current record: 5-0   [Round 6] [Worm vs Infernity]   Game 1: Won. Game 2: Have the maxx C for his first turn combo, he lets me draw 3 and his end board is subpar enough for me to grind him out with traps and a late-game rivalry.    Current record: 6-0   [Round 7] [Worm vs Geargia]   Game 1: I lose the die roll and he sets an armor and 2 backrow. Has the geargiagear on my endphase and the wiretap for my torrential, I lose from there. Game 2: I open one of the worst hand possible with worms, with 2 yagans, 2 xex, cataros, wiretap. I go set yagan wiretap pass. He sets 4 and has the double geargiagear, and just otks me his next turn.    Current record: 6-1     [Round 8] [Worm vs HAT] Was somewhat on tilt because I just lost 0-2 and my opponent is also asian, and he seems pretty good even though he is playing on holographic anime sleeves.   Game 1: Worms just have a pretty good matchup against hat, and I grind him out with cartaros and eventually draw into the nebula. Game 2: I don't draw into very many monsters, and he just starts beating me down with a 101. Ended up filling my backrow too, so I couldn't play the duality I drew into. Eventually he tries to push for game with a call of the haunted on ice hand after attacking with 101, and I manage to answer it with cl1 breakthrough cl2 torrential cl3 second breakthrough. Draw into a cartaros with a nebula set and win from there.    Current record: 7-1   [Round 9] [Worm vs Evol] Apparently there were rumors going around of a really good evol player that day, and I ended up getting paired with him at table 3 in the final round. Since I played evols for a while I didn't have to read his cards, which was probably an advantage I had over the people he beat.   Game 1: As soon as I won the die roll I was feeling pretty confident, open up with a myrmeleo and some backrow. He goes to set westlo 5 backrow, and I just dark hole on my turn. He doesnt draw into relevant monsters and loses. Game 2: I resolve a nebula early game, but he dark holes me and somehow manages to outgrind me.   Game 3: I open up all monsters and start to curse my deck, but my 6th card is the fuckin nebula and I go xex + yagan set pass. He's looking pretty happy when he searches out a najasho with diversity, but when he goes to set it I flip the nebula and bounce it to hand with yagan. He debates setting a backrow, but just passes and I +2 and special King. On my turn I just make King of the Feral Imps and otk him with kagetokage.    Final record: 8-1   Wound up placing 4th, which I'm happy with because I finally won the deck box I missed by 1 place the last time. Sold the mat to someone I know for $50 on the spot, but my friend who also made top 8 sold his for $40 + a XYZ Symphony mat worth 100. Salt.   Slops: -Worst, most uncomfortable regionals location -Game loss for showing up late AGAIN -No one was selling drugs   Props: -Back to back regional top 8's -Got the deck box -Topped with my favorite deck -Two of my friends top 16'ed
  6. Top 8 San Jose, CA Regionals 4-5-14 (Has other Decklists from Top 8 too)   Right off the bat I just want to say thanks to the people that made this event possible for me: My friend Nima and his amazing family for letting me crash with them again; just an overall amazing friend. I’m glad he managed to secure his first invite and almost make Top 8 (12th), losing only to first place and second place if I’m not mistaken.   I finished a dull morning of nothing special besides eating some Swiss chocolate on Friday, and decide to drive to the Bay Area from Sacramento around noon to meet up with my friend Andrey (Redlight) so we can chill and test. The last week I had managed to pick up everything for every deck, and had been given a Geargia list by 902 and Clay “Hairy Butt Fetish” Arvizu to test. Marhsaun Young and I also tested Fire-Fists the last week extensively on DN, but, the deck was just lackluster. I was solid with Pure Geargia, even though I was testing that and Fire Fist 3.5. I felt really uncomfortable with any of the decks because they all felt expected and easy to counter. I knew, in the back of my head, and after some collaboration with Andrey that Mermails could be the surprise factor deck that no one expects me or anyone to use for this regionals. I knew how to play it and wanted to make up for my 9th place finish the previous week at Reno regionals (the salt was real). We had a list that was running Salvages and several grind choices but were still iffy on how we could change the deck. We chill and grab some Quickly’s popcorn chicken while waiting for some flakey friends, which never showed up, to show up. We test for a bit and decide to go see Captain America 2 at the nearby theater in Alameda. The movie was amazing and I highly recommend it. Scarlett Johansson is an absolute goddess (marry me?). We get the munchies again and decide to go to Subway and test some more. We work out this savage variant of Geargia and Mermails but are leaning towards Water simply because we felt it was head and shoulders above the competition, especially if the optimal plays were made. The deck is finalized, although some of the small choices in the trap lineup were different for us because of preference going into this event. We leave and I drive to my friend’s house for the evening and test a bit with Geargia there, but am solid on Water being my deck for tomorrow.   Decklist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxBZ0cIxsa0   The morning of the event I am pissed because I realize I left the decklist I had Nima’s sister write the night before in my bag at his house. I scurry for a list but see that there’s a ton of people early in line. I made a few subtle choices that none of my friends advocated for the day. I never really wait in line so me, James, and several others get our lists in. I get a few foreign swaps for good luck from friends.   The event is announced and turns out to be the largest regionals in Northern California history. There were 648 players….damn….10 rounds.   * I lost every dice roll of the day except my Round 9 dice roll*   Round 1: Mermails vs Inzektors (chill guy who was getting back into the game so I had to explain some of the effects/chains to him for his future matches vs Water) G1: I’m freaked because I think he’s using Burn or something at first because all I see is backrows and Messenger of Peace, Threatening Roar, etc. I, eventually, see he’s using Inzektors so I capitalize and just annihilate him through standard water sequences. G2: He opens average like me but I hold a D.D. I sided for about 7-8 turns until he gets Hornet so I crow and win with a couple pushes.   Round 2: Mermails vs Bujins (Chad Buggs, a friend of mine from locals and neighborhood a few years ago) Game 1: He doesn’t open Yamato play so thank Neptune. I grind and am able to read a backrow and a bluff Bujincarnation he had. I played around it, not knowing he drew a second one. They were basically dead so I grind a long game 1 due to that. Game 2: I open trash and no side all game and he goes Bujin.mode and is on the verge of winning when I ask how much time is left. Thanks to Denny running his butt across the room….10 seconds….scoop phase into G3 fast so no tie. Game 3: I establish a solid Bahamut Shark opening with an irrelevant backrow. I push over the course of the next couple turns with Lindes, Pike, and a Tidal to put him at low life, which he can’t come back and deal enough damage in turns.   Round 3: Mermails vs 4-Axis Fire-Fist (Playing my friend Phong again, played him the last two regionals) Game 1: He doesn’t open spectacular so I push with a few weenie monsters to bait all his backrows like two Prisons and Mirror Force to win. Game 2: Tenki into Gorilla plus Dimensional Fissure+3 FD Backrows too strong. Game 3: We started playing and go into time. I push for some damage and bait his Wolfbark I read after he adds Bear with Gorilla in grave and no Tensu play going for him, knowing I have an answer for Bear. I win with Angineer and holding my two MSTs as much as possible for his real backrows.   Round 4: Mermails vs Mermails (Have to play my friend Johnathan, which we were supposed to play earlier/later due to some random bets Clay had going with him). I know his decklist but he doesn’t know mine. I know he runs Moulinglacia and hasn’t resolved it at all during the day so far and jokingly said that I’d be the first and only person he would draw and resolve Mouling against for the day. Game 1: We both open trash with Controller drawing into Undine within a couple turns. I have a strong board and need a MST to his last FD in case it’s BTH for my Tidal but I’m in a losing situation if I can’t get the Tidal to go through just because I opened 2 Turge with nothing else real. The following turn he rips a real card that he apparently didn’t want to tell me and nuts on me with….you guessed it…Moulinglacia discarding BOTH Turge missing a Marksman and Undine. Checked my next draw…MST…..shit. The Exciton play I tried to do miserably failed vs his board of Mouling, Leo, Draco+token, and Sphere. Long game. Game 2: Game 1 was long but I managed to secure this game and am in control for the most part, we go into time and I win just a few seconds after time is called. We are trying to figure out if we’re rolling for it or tying this early. I’m about to just side for G3 as some judge comes by and sees this. He forces us to Draw….worst part of the day so far because this judge was a dick the rest of the day, always around me and trying to scope me the following round too.   I’m 3-0-1 so far. Shit. The grind begins.   Worst part of the tournament begins…   Round 5: Mermails vs Mermails (Andrey Flynn aka Redlight) I would have to play my best friend where we both know our decks inside and out. However, a complication arose. I have made a promise to him a couple years ago that I would owe him a  match at regionals if we played each other again, regardless of my circumstance. I held up my end because he and I experienced some very unfortunate luck that last few events/regionals we attended. But, he didn’t have his invite yet like I did, so I had to give him the match. We chilled and goofed off a bit just getting some rust off for our next matches. Multiple people told me to drop at x-1-1 because I’d be playing all that bullshit decks and it’d be a waste of time knowing my luck of losing on the bubble or before it lately. I ignored them and played on.   At this point I’m x-1-1, so I’m playing serious and going G.O.A.T.mode the rest of the day.   Round 6: Mermails vs 3.5-Axis Fire-Fist Game 1: He opened the Tenki Leopard play but for some odd reason didn’t go through the Horse Prince sequence. Instead, he just set two backrows. I push through with a slow opening and Ocea+Linde attacks, until I draw some Marksmans and Teus to go for lethal. Game 2: He goes Banisher set 5. Well….challenge accepted. Trashy opening but I tried to bait anything with Turge attack. He BTH’s it. I hold onto my Tidal, Teus, Megalo for about two turns until I draw a Torrential Tribute, which I hold off on setting because I didn’t want to get blind spaced or Gyokou’d. I set up MST+Torrent set the following turn and he decides to get greedy and summon Gorrila. I proceed to go TT for game, wrecking any backrow that had an anus the following turn with my nuts.   Round 7: Mermails vs Mermails Chill kid. Game 1: He has Pike Dragoons but makes several questionable plays in a long, drawn out, game one. He, somehow, doesn’t know the chain links of Megalo+Marksman when he has a backrow I read as Sphere, which he didn’t chain until Megalo resolved. I’m shocked to assume it’s not a Sphere when he lets Megalo go without chaining but then tries to chain Sphere to Marksman resolution. It costs him the game. Game 2: He opens Pike Dragoons again but I am able to establish a strong board with Crow in hand for Tidal/Gunde if he should use either. I opt to put a bunch of damage on board and go Gaios with Shark+Trite in case he runs Dark Hole or can get through Gaios then Exciton me for game. Dweller was not the correct play, even in hindsight. I win that game swiftly.   Round 8: Mermails vs Madolche Ghostrick (Sweet & Spooky according to Jhub)*I’m not sure if he used the Ghostrick engine since I didn’t see it any of our games, I was merely told by people that’s what the Madolche player in top tables was using* Seemed like a cool cat right off the block with neat Mario mat. My lovely Naturia Hamjam Jackie McBoobs Bernal lost to him the previous round knocking her out of the tourney (after she lost to Andrey). She makes a remark where she lost to his Acid Golem over her Gaios. I think he’s using either 3.5 or Madolche. Game 1: Long game playing around his Hootcake plays and Angineer and massive backrow. I had to bait his Trap Stun, and the second one he got off Duality. I make a Leo play with Linde on board reading a Fiendish or Dprison. It was Dprison from what he showed me after the game, but Leo got in there and managed to buy me enough time to go Gaios for game with Call of the Haunted. Game 2: Similar to game 1, but he has opening Angineer. I opened very strong but defensive with Black Horn of Heaven, Warning, and a couple monsters. I know he’s not going to prematurely Stun so I just do the whole “I can’t stop your plays, sadly,” charade when get gets greedy for a massive push and gets punished after I make him think I have nothing after the Black Horn on Tiramissu. I warning a Dweller if I’m not mistaken, then go for Gaios, Draco, Tidal, too.strong.GOAT.plays.   Round 9: Mermails vs Lightsworns (Andrew Do-good player and friend of mine from locals, who I saw the previous round was using LS. He tied with Andrey a few rounds prior and they told me what happened, so I knew he used LS.). This was the only dice roll I won all day, and I felt bad because we played a coulple regionals ago and I beat him Game 1 in time in Dragon Mirror grind due to a savage draw on last turn of time. Game 1: He opens terrible and I know he has Recklesses and such, no real backrows other than Warning in his deck. He mills trash with Card Trooper, milling Honest, JD, and Charge. I just do what Water does and push so heavily through his weak opening that I win swiftly. Game 2: Similar to game 1, except he opens four backrows and like a Lumina, milling trash again with a second Lumina. He milled one irrelevant Wulf but I just destroy him with the nuts. I felt bad because he’s really cool and a solid player. He just wanted to top with an obscure deck like max rarity LS for the hell of it.   Round 10:   The Bubble Round….. Mermails vs 4-Axis Fire-Fist (Really nice guy and solid player) Game 1: He draws poorly with no Tenki plays so I pretty much just grind 2-3 turns until I just make a big push only to find out he opened draw into consecutive monsters with nothing short of trash. Game 2: Dimensional Fissure, Tenki, Gorilla, Three backrows. Scoop phase turn 4 after he goes blind space out of my 2 backrow to hit my Malevolent Catastrophe. I scooped without revealing it so he wouldn’t know I ran it. Game 3: We weren’t in time yet but were likely to get to it by like turn 4 or so. We exchange a couple water and fire bending techniques. He manages to go Avatar and topdeck MST for my Malevolent Catastrophe, which I wanted to hit his Tensu and other two irrelevant backs like Tenki and Tensen. He makes Cardinal to bounce my Trite and Shark. I have Gunde in hand from previous turn. I pray to the basedgod and draw my only rip of the day (given my track record, out of the 20+ cards I could have drawn, I’d normally draw the 1/5 bad topdecks). I drew another Linde and managed to do the Shark+Trite play again…lol…I guess I only needed one of each in the extra deck after all. He draws a backrow set, Cardinal to Defense. I use my last two waters banishing Gunde and whatever for Tidal in grave to try and bait it so I can push since we get time called. It turns out to be a Compulsory, which was irrelevant. I put damage on board and he draws another backrow. I rip a MST, which really wasn’t that much of a rip since I had Tidal and Trite in attack anyways and Shark in defense. I put all my faith into stopping YuGi Moutos mirror force with my Space of massive Mysticalness. It works. I win.   X-1-1 after 10 rounds. I’m nervous because Andrey was still x-1-1 and was a table behind me, yet I “lost” to him and he could make it in before me, making me be 9th….again…He was ahead of me in tables for the most part until that last round. Luckily, our amazing Head Judge, AJ Tachella, didn’t allow anyone to intentionally draw the last round. I had a chance. I cry in my Greatest of All-Time mode and pray more to the basedgod that I don’t get sodomized again by shit tiebreakers since Andrey was my loss and Jonathan dropped after he and I tied.   The G.O.A.T. makes it…as 8th place. Still, not too happy about it, but I can’t complain. I didn’t lose any matches in reality during the day since we’ll never know how game 3 would have happened the round I tied, and my match with Andrey will have to wait when neither of us needs to give the other the win. I loved this weekend.  Had some amazing memories from this regionals.   Pros: -Top 8 -iHop -Nima’s sister -Stayed with Nima for the weekend -Andrey also made Top 8 and got his invite. We haven’t topped together since he won with Gadgets several years ago, so that was cool. -Tommy made me less homophobic -Starbucks drive-through -Good testing for YCS Vegas -Captain America 2 -LARGEST NorCal Regionals -Another top -James lending me his Big Eye since mine was English, for good luck. -Making about $150 by the end of the day. -Getting deck profiles after the event. -Denny topping too, alongside Robert Gomez -Nima got his invite, he got 12th, his best performance ever.   Cons: -Not going undefeated or 1st in Swiss because of the draw and giving up a win. -Playing two friends back-to-back and it hindering my potential to top the regionals -Not having enough time to socialize -Nima’s sister ruining my $400 Spellground…the salt was real. -Not spending all day in the Bay Sunday due to a bunch of work I had to do at home. -Traffic -Lack of sleep and food. -Not having time to smash Tommy or Joey for money…again….   All in all, the weekend was fun and I hope to do it again. Onwards to Las Vegas. I’ll have my decklist, Andrey’s list, Nima’s list, Denny’s list during or after YCS Las Vegas. I’ll link the other video profiles of 1st, 3rd, and 4th place Geargia, Karakuri Geargia, and Evilswarms down below as soon as I make each one public on my Youtube page.   Hope to see you all at YCS Vegas, ARGCS Washington, Philly, and Detroit. :)
  7. Blackwings

    //Monsters_o16 oo3 Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow oo3 Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame oo3 Blackwing - Bora the Spear oo2 Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North oo1 Blackwing - Kochi the Daybreak oo1 Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind oo1 Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite oo1 Thunder King Rai-Oh oo1 Dark Armed Dragon   //Spells_o14 oo3 Mystical Space Typhoon oo3 Black Whirlwind oo3 Upstart Goblin oo3 Pot of Duality oo1 Allure of Darkness oo1 Book of Moon   //Traps_o10 oo2 Dimensional Prison oo2 Fiendish Chain oo2 Icarus Attack oo1 Delta Crow - Anti Reverse oo1 Bottomless Trap Hole oo1 Torrential Tribute oo1 Solemn Warning     //Side_o15 oo2 D.D. Crow oo2 Maxx "C" oo2 Light-Imprisoning Mirror oo2 Black Horn of Heaven oo2 Rivalry of Warlords oo2 Overworked oo2 Skill Drain oo1 Soul Drain   //Extra_o15 oo1 Ally of Justice - Catastor oo1 Blackwing Armed Wing oo1 Black Rose Dragon oo1 Vulcan the Divine oo1 HTS Psyhemuth oo1 Crimson Blader oo1 Number 101: Silent Honors ARK oo1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle oo1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight oo1 Ice Beast Zerophyne oo1 Evilswarm Nightmare oo1 Diamond Dire Wolf oo1 Steelswarm Roach oo1 Gagaga Cowboy oo1 Abyss Dweller     Card Choices: -Monsters: Overall, I feel like Sirocco is sub par this format. The boosting effect is great, but he only really shines with Whirlwind in play. Keeping that in mind, I want to play as many cards with standalone power as I can, and Sirocco no longer fits that bill. I also chose to forgo Vayu for a number of reasons: he isn't good without Sirocco and a 2300/2500/2800 vanilla beater isn't very threatening. Honestly, I feel like the days of Stardust+Silverwind are over. Instead, I chose to play Kochi, turning Shura into a 1-card Rank 4. I also chose to forgo Veiler in testing. Every time I saw it I wish it was another card.   -Spells: Basic spell lineup here. Max copies of Duality, MST, Upstart and Whirlwind, etc.   -Traps: I chose to go against my initial assessment of playing Delta Crow in the main over the 3rd Icarus. In testing, I felt like I had to play awkwardly sometimes to keep an Icarus live and that's not something I enjoyed doing. Instead, I'd rather play a card that could downright be a blowout against a number of decks, namely Fire and Gears in Delta Crow. I was playing a one-of Mirror Force but I just felt that it wasn't needed.     -Side: Nothing really needs much explanation except for Crow and Rivalry. I really like Crow right now. It has it's uses in a plethora of matchups but it's really solid against Books (sniping Master/Life targets and Fate control), Dark World (Grapha control) and D Ruler centric decks. I really like Rivalry against Mermail mostly, since it cuts them off from Rank 4 plays and can act as pseudo removal that doesn't destroy or target. Since this deck has easy Key Beetle access, it's really easy to play protect-the-Rivalry and just win out.   -Extra: The extra is pretty self-explanatory. I feel like this deck needs to move towards rank 4 spam/field control with Icarus/Delta Crow instead of a Synchro spam deck. I decided to only go with 1 level 8 in Crimson Blader since it can be a blowout in some situations against Water and Gears. I also feel like I don't need to play the other level 8s because I honestly see no need. Everything else is pretty self-explanatory. However, I'd love to fit in a Lavalval Chain and need help in doing so.
  8. Evilswarm Deck For Regionals .

    Hey guys, I have decided I was going to take this to my Regionals in Louisville on March 1st. Unless someone greatly convinces me otherwise. My main reason is, I haven't played with this deck at large scale tournaments for a while. I know this deck isn't very fun, at all. But to me neither is Geargia or Fire Fists. So it doesn't really matter which I take. I have been testing this on Dueling Network lately and it has been doing extremely good. So here is my deck, explanations will be at the end.   Main Deck 40:   17 Monsters: 3x Evilswarm Kerykeion  3x Evilswarm Castor 3x Evilswarm Thunderbird 3x Evilswarm Mandragora 3x Evilswarm Heliotrope 1x Rescue Rabbit 1x Dark Armed Dragon   10 Spells: 3x Infestation Pandemic 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 2x Forbidden Dress 1x Reinforcement Of the Army 1x Dark Hole   13 Traps: 3x Fiendish Chain 2x Mirror Force 2x Black Horn Of Heaven 2x Mistake 1x Bottomless Trap Hole 1x Torrential Tribute 1x Infestation Infection 1x Solemn Warning   15 Extra: 3x Evilswarm Ophion 2x Evilswarm Bahamut 1x Evilswarm Ouroboros 1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1x Evilswarm Nightmare 1x Number 101: Silent Honor ARK 1x Number 66: Master Key Beetle 1x Number 50: Blackship Of Corn 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Diamond Dire Wolf 1x Maestroke The Symphony Djinn 1x Abyss Dweller   15 Side: 2x Effect Veiler 2x Maxx "C" 2x Twister 2x Overworked 2x DNA Surgery 2x Deck Devastation Virus 1x Eradicator Epidemic Virus 1x Soul Drain 1x Macro Cosmos     Reasonings:   No Compulsory Evacuation Device [SPOILER]The card is subpar vs the meta. It really doesn't do much. Tbh most decks can easily come back. 1) Mermail: If your CED even makes it to their summons, which it could unless they blind MST, Marksman you, they can easily summon more. If you bounce their xyz they will still be able to do more if it is the same turn or not, mainly since if they summon Megalo they can search out their Squall or Sphere. There is never a situation where CED will hurt them very much due to the fact that most of their stuff is searchable and able to be summon easily through Sphere, Squall, Abysslinde. Running CED just to stop some of their summons won't help very much, I would much rather use Soul Drain, Abyss Dweller, Macro Cosmos. Because none of those really waste spots like Compulsory does.  2) Fire Fists: What? They already plussed of their monster if it's Prince. You just let them re-use it and hope they don't have Tensu or Rekindling. Which they can easily acquire with them both at three and one being searchable. And if you bounce their first monster summon they'll just have their card back in their hand for re-use. It will be even worse if they have Tensu. I mean unless you win the turn after you activate CED they'll just do the same thing. What will you do then? 3) Spellbooks: What does it do vs them? They easily get over it. They have monsters they can easily summon, if you bounce their first summon wow big deal. Unless you can OTK them, they'll do the exact same thing. They might even special summon priestess and laugh at you. I would rather run stuff that is assured to help when used, not a gimmicky card that really doesn't have much use for the top decks. 4) Hieratics: The only real competitive Hieratic deck is the Ruler variant. And CED hardly hurts them. Yeah you can bounce their first xyz. But their main goal is summoning Rulers it is what they revolve around. That will just fuel the grave. And if you bounce their first monster summon they will just summon rulers. They also run Dragon Shrine/Hieratic Seal Of The Ashes. That will make more and more fodder. They literally would care less if you use this against them. They have really good grind game, unlike the other variants.    Sure, this does hurt some decks. Mostly rogue. But tbh most decks I play, more than likely they won't be rogue. I'm preparing for the top decks, not rogue decks.[/SPOILER]   No Safe Zone/Vanity's Emptiness Lock: [SPOILER]Well this combo was nice to stop most meta decks, but in all honesty there wasn't many times you can say you've had a fully protected lock. And sometimes you only have one Xyz, which if it's protected with Safe Zone it won't be able to poke the opponent, so you won't be able to win unless you get another xyz/monster to poke with. And Vanity's Emptiness is nice, but situational unless you get Key Beetle which isn't always the best turn one move.[/SPOILER]   No Mained Effect Veilers: [SPOILER]As much as I'd like to main these, I just didn't feel the absolute need to main them alongside three Fiendish Chain. Which is why I have decided to side them. I side them because it hurts Spellbooks, Geargia, Fire Fists, etcetera. [/SPOILER]   Mained Dark Armed Dragon: [SPOILER]This card is nice to have, it isn't the most easy monster to summon. But it can be summoned if you know how to play your cards right. We have Kerykeion for easy grave manipulation also.[/SPOILER]   Three Evilswarm Thunderbird/Evilswarm Mandragora [SPOILER]These cards are really good at three in my eyes. Thunderbird is a really good floater that can get by almost anything. Plus he can stick around on the field until he is needed by his master Ophion (Xyz material). Mandragora is also really good, can easily be summoned sometimes, while being Castor/Kerykeion fodder. Plus if this is dead you can replace it with a Kerykeion via Infestation Infection.[/SPOILER]   Mained Black Horn Of Heaven: [SPOILER]I personally feel like this is a good meta call. It stops any Xyz's/synchros I could need to get rid of, without having to really worry much at all. [/SPOILER]   Three Forbidden Dress/Infestation Pandemic: [SPOILER]I personally like both of these at three, they help out a lot. I have also not felt right only running three Ophion targets. Forbidden Dress help again Fire Fists (Bear), Ryko, Snowman Eater (Just an example), etcetera. Another cool thing about it is that it helps beat over certain monsters. But that isn't really a reason for it to be at three though.[/SPOILER]   Three Mystical Space Typhoon: [SPOILER]This card is pretty good this format, there are a lot of Fire Fist players out there, so with that being said this says no to Tenki, and tells them they do not get to summon another time (Tensu). MST is also pretty good against Harpies, Geargia (To an extent, you won't always want to blind MST vs them though), and some other rogue decks.[/SPOILER]   Sided Maxx "C": [SPOILER]This card is really good, especially since a lot of decks special summon, e.g. Geargia Karakuri, Hieratic, Mermail, Dual Axis Fire Fists, Harpies, Infernity, etcetera.[/SPOILER]   Sided Twister: [SPOILER]Good backrow removable, plus it is chainable/usable in your and your opponents turn. Really nice against Fire Fists, Harpies, etcetera. I like this better than Dust Tornado mainly because it is a spell.[/SPOILER]    Sided Overworked: [SPOILER]This hurts fire fists, which is inherently one of our hardest matchups. So we need some hate against them, and this is really good. They will almost always have a faceup Tenki, Tensu, or Tensen.  [/SPOILER]   Sided DNA Surgery: [SPOILER]Hurts Spellbooks, GeargiaKuri, Bujin, etcetera. which we have a hard time against both. Spellbooks do have ways around this, but this is nice against them. Same with Bujin. This does kind of hurt GeargiaKuri, because it cuts off access to GGX, Burei, and Bureido. Yes I know it isn't the optimal choice against Geargia, but it does help.[/SPOILER]   Sided Deck Devastation Virus/Eradicator Epidemic Virus [SPOILER]EEV pretty much kills Spellbooks, and it hurts Fire Fists to an extent (No Tenki, Tensu, Rekindling, Gyokkou, or you could call traps.). Can help vs any trap heavy decks or rogue decks. DDV is pretty helpful also, it helps against rogue decks also.  [/SPOILER]   Sided Soul Drain: [SPOILER]This is pretty nice also, helps against Mermail, Bujin, etcetera. This card does help a lot against them. Since stuff like Dragoons, Marksman, Heavy Infantry, and any of the relics (Relics = Bujingi). [/SPOILER]   Sided Macro Cosmos: [SPOILER]Hurts Bujin, Mermail, Lightsworn, Fire Fists (To an extent), etcetera. This helps with a lot of our matchups, I don't know why this wouldn't be mained/sided it is extremely helpful.[/SPOILER]   I am looking for your opinions on the deck, I would also like to know what you guys think about maining Kaiser Colosseum? I personally think it would be pretty nice, due to the fact that there are a lot of decks that rely on getting more than just one monster on the field, e.g. Hieratic Ruler, Mermail, Geargia, Karakuri, Dual Axis, Harpies, Infernity, etcetera. I have also though about maining Thunder King Rai-Oh so I could have another standalone monster other than Thunderbird, plus he is pretty good. This is my last Regional of this format, I still have a few ARGCS' I can go to though.   If there are any other things you would like for me to explain just tell me. I tried to explain everything that people could see as "different."
  9. http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/events/wcqreg_locations.html
  10. So I decided that between the decks I had to chose from (Infernity, Gravekeeper's and Ghostricks) that GKs were the best bet to beat dragons. This is a very much anti-Dragon deck. Regionals is coming up and it will be in the September 2013 format, so any suggestions would be very helpful. Monsters 13 3 Gravekeeper's Spy 3 Gravekeeper's Commandant 2 Gravekeeper's Descendant 3 Gravekeeper's Recruiter 1 Gravekeeper's Assailant 1 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo Spells 14 3 Necrovalley 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Pot of Duality 2 Gravekeeper's Stele 1 Book of Moon 1 Royal Tribute 1 Dark Hole Traps 13 2 Divine Wrath 2 Imperial Iron Wall 2 Mirror Force 2 Dimensional Prison 1 Solemn Warning 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 2 Vanity's Emptiness 1 Bottomless Trap Hole Extra 15 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Diamond Dire Wolf 1 Evilswarm Nightmare 1 Evilswarm Ouroboros 1 Evilswarm Thanatos 2 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Gem-Knight Pearl 1 Lavalval Chain 1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn 2 Number 66: Master Key Beetle 1 Photon Papilloperative 1 Wind-Up Zenmaister Side 15 1 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo 3 Twister 2 DNA Surgery 3 Gozen Match 3 Light-Imprisoning Mirror 1 Eradicator Epidemic Virus 2 Rivalry of the Warlords Explinations: 2 Gravekeeper's Recruiter - the point is to try to get Key Beetle out and lock onto Necrovalley. I don't like cutting him to 2 because he searches out all Gravekeeper's except spy, but I need my level 4 darks. 3 Mystical Space Typhoon - it is currently a field spell war format and I need Necrovalley on the field to win. 3 Divine Wrath - it's a counter trap first off, second it negates Blaster's popping effect. All around a good card. 2 Gagaga Cowboy - this won't be changing any time soon. First off he can burn for game, second he can collide with anything as big as 3000atk. Good to have around. I feel the Side and Extra Deck are where I need the most tweaking. Thank you for any/all help!
  11. First tournament in roughly 14 months so I make the Dragon Rulers I've been playing on DN.   Rd1: BEWD RULERS G1: I resolve Crimson Blader. G2: I resolve Crimson Blader again. 1-0   Rd2: Dragons G1: Grind game, it appears he drew bad but still managed to mount a comeback. Unfortunately for him...i Scarecrow then followed it up by a game shot with Thunder Charger. G2: He had a defense position Dracossack with 2 tokens and a Colossal. I had all the colors, a corsesca in grave, and electric virus in hand. I knew I had to Blader him. So I virus'd a Sack token leaving him with colossal, a token and a sack. I put tidal on board removing tempest. Search debris, summon it, get corsesca...made a Blader Then run over the Sack. I make my own sack and 2 tokens. My field is now Blader, Dracossack and 2 tokens. He can't come back. 2-0   Rd3: Mermails G1: He summons diva. I win. G2: I resolve Crimson Blader and then I tribute summon Vanity's Fiend using a sack token after figuring out his hand was full of Big Mermail Guys and Gunsdes. 3-0   Rd4: Constellar G1: I rush him,after I raigeki break his iron wall and he runs out of dweller ammo. G2: I saw Pleades #2 and 5 mins left... I scoop it up. G3: I saw ravine, colors and 2 raigeki break and MST. He sets 3 and makes Constellar Omega. I bait out an iron wall with MST and a big dragon play. I Big Eye His Omega. I win 2 turns later vs his bluff sets. 4-0   Rd5: Dragons G1: I screw up and lost. G2: He forgot Thunder Charger was a card after leaving a sack token on board with only 1800 lp. G3: I resolve Crimson Blader, Return, and Sixth Sense turn 2. 5-0   Rd6: Dragon G1: I push with colors, nothing fancy. G2: Turning point that snatched the game was when I had star eater on board with ravine active, and raigeki break and torrent. He had a stardust on board with 3 sets.  He tidal'd and I torrent to force the Stardust. He makes big eye and I raigeki break it on summon. Next turn, I force a stardust negation and then i tribute summon Vanity's Fiend. 6-0   This was my first 6-0 start ever.       Rd7: Dragon (Suarez) G1: He surprised me with a Gorz and a Veiler, im like who mains those in dragons??? The Token was 28 so I tried to get cute with colossal but I scoop it up after he flips divine wrath. G2: im confused as fuck but whatever, I grind it out with traps and a clutch Electric Virus + Vanity's Fiend seals it. G3: Goes into time, he flips a return...I lose. 6-1   My first loss..no biggie.   Rd8: Dragons G1:  He makes a board, tried to push for game but I mirror force and flip sixth sense and resolve it for a draw 6. G2: I got refpanel'd on my turn 1. Needed that draw 2 to resolve, I scoop it up roughly 3 turns later. G3: I drew ass. 6-2 (no biggie, guy was real good and I believed finished undefeated)   Second loss....in a row...shit.       Rd9: Dragunity Rulers G1: I see no Maxx "C", I lose. G2: see game 1. 6-3   At this point, I was on a little mad that I've manage to Norv'd up a nice start by making silly mistakes.       Rd10: Madolche G1:  He doesn't have defensive traps and I just rushed him because I know what can happen if he starts Madolche'ing G2: I resolved Skill Drain and rape his board.   So, im really really mad and anxious. Mad because the 3 straight loses were brain farts that shouldn't have happened. Anxious because my tie breakers were all X-0 and X-1. I found out Top 64 gets their invite and i checked out the final standings i sneak in at 61st.     On my way home. my car blew a tire and I was stranded for a few hours in Anaheim....so I went to Disneyland.   Deck list Monsters 23 3 Maxx c 12 dragons 2 debris 2 corsesca 2 trooper (fucking hate this card) 1 trigon 1 scarecrow 1 guard Spells:8 3 sacred swords 3 ravine 2 consonance (always took 1 out g2) Traps: 2 raigeki break 2 PWWB 1 return *uhhhhhhhhh* 1 sixth sense *arghhhhhhh* 1 mirror 1 torrent Extra: standard, should've ran an armory arm Side: standard
  12. Took Evilswarms to Garden City regionals in MI, exact build I used at the ARG Circuit except I swapped deck dev for a twister in the side deck. Could not get my hands on a 6th sense before the tourney started, which sucked but it was alright because nobody flipped 6th sense on me all day. 340 people total, crowded and stuffy as all hell seriously my least favorite event location. Carpooled with 4 people in the backseat, 2.5 hr ride shit was rough I'm tired as hell. This regs did not even feel like a konami event lol most of the players were garbage and I played vs 6 rogue decks and only 2 dragons. I ended up getting 5th which sucks I really wanted the deckbox but  I'm okay with it I just wanted to get my invite out of the way.    [Round 1] [Evilswarm vs Blackwings] I was doing wager matches vs my friend's blackwings for hours the night before and was pretty familiar with the matchup. My opponent looks at the matchslip and asks me if I was the one that got 2nd at the ARG circuit with evilswarms, I told him I was playing dragons and didn't know what the circuit was. Both robbie khol and my friend were sitting next to me and knew what I was playing, and it was pretty funny. Game 1: Won I won die roll, overpowered him with good cards. Game 2: Won He opened TRIPLE WHIRLWIND bora on me with no backrow, I take his bora with bahamut and swing with both. Next turn he clears my board and summons Armades on me, I endphase mst an icarus (lol)? I top a kerykeion and go into 2nd bahamut for game.    Current record: 1-0   [Round 2] [Evilswarm vs Madolche] I ended up sitting next to my friend playing hieratics who just beat madolches round 1, and this round both of our opponents were playing Madolches LOL. Game 1: Won I won die roll, easily beat him with msts. Game 2: Won He pitches maxx C and banishes it with hootcake, I chain warning. He uses ticket to add anther hootcake to hand, uses double summon. Awkward times ensue when he realizes he banished his only monster in grave already and has no followup.    Current record: 2-0   [Round 3] [Evilswarm vs Evilswarm] Pretty much one of my least favorite mirrors, but my main and side are pretty well suited for it. Game 1: Won I won die roll, open ophion set 2. He opens bahamut, I flip safe zone on my ophion and win from there. Game 2: Won He opens ophion, I open bahamut and take it. Next turn he uses bahamut to take my bahamut and then the ophion. On my next turn I summon 2nd bahamut to steal his bahamut and then the ophion, and he scoops.    Current record: 3-0   [Round 4] [Evilswarm vs Inzektor] I've had a deep hatred for inzektors ever since the format everthing was at 3, because fuck that overpowered shit. Game 1: Won He wins die roll, dumps hornet off Armageddon knight and makes lavalval chain somehow to put dragonfly to top of deck. I beat over chain with helio, and torrential dragonfly on his turn. From then out he doesn't draw into inzektors, and I just beat him down. Game 2: Lost He opens Centipede ladybug and searches sword. I hit him with an overworked that doesn't do much and he otks me with dragonfly gigamantis.   Game 3: Won I open thunderbird set 3, he blind spaces my macro cosmos. I bottomless his centipede and just win with beaters.    Current record: 4-0   [Round 5] [Evilswarm vs Spellbook] Probably the matchup I was worried about most, hadn't played vs spellbooks in tournament for months. Game 1: Won He opens justice to search secrets and priestess. I open rabbit with kerk and hit him with a lot of damage early on, he ends up losing to ophion with pandemic. Game 2: Won He opens crescent into tower, normals kycoo and sets 3. I open ass also and run over kycoo with helio, and mst his tower on his turn. Then I normal another helio and keep beating him down, then get my cowboy fiendished. Next turn I top and mst and chain it to cowboy for game.   Current record: 5-0   [Round 6] [Evilswarm vs Dragon Ruler] First meta matchup all day, I was feeling pretty confident about it. Game 1: Won I think I win the die roll and win with an Ophion open. Can't remember much from games 2 and 3.   Current record: 6-0   [Round 7] [Evilswarm vs Jurracs] I get paired down to someone who is x-0-1 playing Jurracs have no idea how the deck works but figure it out pretty quickly, then proceed to LOSE TO JURRACS. Felt shitty, but I didn't feel too bad because it was pretty much a natural counter to my deck the way he played it with 3x lance, shrink, and dress. Game 1: Lost I lose to guaiba and can't get over laggia. Game 2: Won He sided into decree I think, or else he mained it. I control with infection and ketos, popping his cards and making sure I have no monsters on field whenever he attacks. Late game I diamond dire to set up my grave to drop DAD, and win from there.   Game 3: Lost I held much of the advantage early game, he hits my infection with mst leaving me with a field of maestroke and a live kerykeion on field to his two cards set and none in hand. He tops a monster that lets him summon guaiba from grave, and attacks over kerykeion going into dolkka. I top thunder king and then DAD, and he tops monsters to go into laggia.   Current record: 6-1   [Round 8] [Evilswarm vs Madolche] Madolches are somehow all over the top tables I didn't mind too much but madolches can go off and it's not a matchup I'm 100% confident about. Game 1: Won I win die roll, hit his duality with a refpanel game 1. The first and last time I resolve a refpanel all day. I win from my advantage basically. Game 2: Lost I didn't draw into msts, and he gains heavy advantage with ticket and field spell. I scoop it up when I have 2 cards to his 7+.   Game 3: Won I'm able to control early game with soul drain. He pitches maxx C and banishes it with hootcake, I chain maxx and he goes off to put me down to 900 life points. On my turn I go into king of the feral imps + blackship (to get over zenmaines) with infection set, search out azzathoth and swap for kerykeion. On his turn a monster and passes, I bounce it with ouroboros and attack for game.   Current record: 7-1   [Round 9] [Evilswarm vs Dragon Ruler (Parker Roberson)] I had no idea who Parker was going into this round, or about his stacking business but someone next to me told me he topped a ycs and lots of regionals so I knew he wouldn't be terribad I guess. Was kind of a dick after I won, implying my deck was terribad or something and some other salty shit. Game 1: Won I lose die roll, he opens dracosack with field spell. I don't open an out but I make ophion to search infection, then upstart into a safe zone. I chain safe zone to dracosack next turn, and topdeck a dress to beat over it and he scoops it up. Game 2: Lost He encores my ophion and flips return on his 2nd turn for game.   Game 3: Won I open up something like iron wall, allure, gozen, soul drain, warning with no monsters. Chain soul drain to his 7star, I warning his black rose after he msts my gozen and he hits me for 2800 with blaster. Next turn I top a castor and he flips skill drain. I activate allure and chain iron wall, and he rageki breaks it I think. I'm down in life but I take a risk and just twister his skill drain and pass. He has no grave setup and sets 6th sense and passes, I endphase mst it. On my next turn I top a mandragora and summon both, making him scoop with no outs to Ophion.   Final record: 8-1   I probably missed top 4 because I lost after getting paired down, really wanted the deckbox so it was kind of disappointing but I was happy with top 8. Really weird experience playing vs basically only rogue decks at a regional, and like I said the players weren't exceptional.    Props: -Top 8 -Didn't get 6th sense resolved on me -Beat that cheater Roberson -Didn't go into time -Two of my friends top 16'ed   Slops: -Worst most uncomfortable regionals location -Dead refpanel every match -Lost to JURRACS
  13. Burn it Down

    <object width="560" height="315"><param name="movie" value="//www.youtube.com/v/dxytyRy-O1k?version=3&amp;hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="//www.youtube.com/v/dxytyRy-O1k?version=3&amp;hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="560" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>   -MONSTERS- 3|Gaov|Cardcar D 1|Tlm|Elemental Hero Avian 1|Crv|Elemental Hero Bubbleman 1|Tlm|Elemental Hero Burstinatrix 1|Tlm|Elemental Hero Clayman 3|Taev|Elemental Hero Neos Alius   -SPELLS- 1|Sye|Dark Hole 3|Lon|Fusion Gate 2|Sye|Mystical Space Typhoon 3|Drev|Pot of Duality 1|Sd5|Reinforcement of the Army 2|Ptdn|Super Polymerization 2|Cp02|Terraforming 3|Mrl|Upstart Goblin   -TRAPS- 1|Lod|Bottomless Trap Hole 3|Ptdn|Chain Material 1|Ysd|Compulsory Evacuation Device 2|Gx04|Dark Bribe 2|Abpf|Fiendish Chain 2|Mrd|Mirror Force 1|Drev|Solemn Warning 1|Sd2|Torrential Tribute   -EXTRA- 2|Yg04|Elemental Hero Absolute Zero 3|Mdp2|Elemental Hero Electrum 1|Yg09|Elemental HERO Escuridao 2|Anpr|Elemental Hero Gaia 1|Lc02|Elemental HERO Great Tornado 1|Genf|Elemental HERO Nova Master 3|Yg06|Elemental Hero The Shining 1|Abyr|Abyss Dweller 1|Jump|Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max   -SIDE DECK- 2|Eoj|Banisher of the Radiance 2|Db2|Penguin Soldier 1|Eoj|Dimensional Fissure 1|Sye|Mystical Space Typhoon 2|Psv|Prohibition 1|Psv|DNA Surgery 1|Eoj|Macro Cosmos 2|Ltgy|Mind Drain 1|Redu|Soul Drain 2|Stbl|Vanity's Emptiness   EDIT: Deck updated based on YCS Austin T16 Build, updated for current format, as best as I can. Still would like suggestions about the Side though. Money is gonna be tight for a while though so changes need to count.    Edit #2: Deck updated to final list Before regionals.. Any more changes suggested, if implemented, won't be reflected until after Saturday.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sjlDi3W1OM   Fire Kings   Monsters: 13 3 Fire King Avatar Barong 2 Fire King Avatar Yaksha 2 Fire King High Avatar Garunix 2 Coach Soldier Wolfbark 2 Cardcar D 2 Maxx "C"   Spells: 17 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Pot of Duality 3 Onslaught of the Fire Kings 3 Circle of the Fire Kings 2 Forbidden Lance 2 Fire Formation - Tenki 1 The Seal of Orichalcos   Traps:10 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 2 Mirror Force 2 Horn of the Phantom Beast 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Solemn Warning 3 Imperial Iron Wall     Side Deck: 15 3 Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos 1 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear 1 Fire King Avatar Yaksha 3 Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua 2 Swift Scarecrow 1 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys 2 Dimension Prison 2 Prideful Roar     Hi, so far It have been testing really nice vs Dragon Rulers, and rogue decks. Want help for side deck and changes on main deck. I made some updates to the deck and did amazing at locals.   Some of my calls for side. Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua: Amazing vs Heavy Backrow decks like Lswarms and Gravekeepers. Swift Scarecrow: Stop Otk Decks (usually they overextend and garunix wins),   Special Thanks to: Spreme Jazz.
  15. Hey my name is Nick and this is the report for the Seattle regional held on September 21, 2013. I was considering playing the Earth Wind-Up deck I used last time, but I ended going with Inzektor. I made this choice because Inzektor is my favorite deck and the one I feel most comfortable with, but more so because I think Hornet is pretty good this format. Link to the list: http://i.imgur.com/3Lvzlhv.png THE REPORT I started up old faithful and stopped by the bank to use the Chase machine outside to get cash, then Fred Meyer to pick up some power bars to eat between rounds. I got to the tournament a hair past 8:30. Registration went smooth as expected and I pulled four rares and some Plant Princess card that had really cool art. I bought a French Ulti Dark Armed I had traded to a friend back from him for an amount of money I will never admit to paying. I picked up the Lance and Emptiness I needed from a friend from locals and played a couple rounds before round 1. *My memory isn't the greatest about these matches, especially posting two days later, so bear with me* Round 1: vs Spencer (Blackwing) Game 1: I remember this being slow, and I pretty much just grinded through his traps and eventually the advantage gained with Hornet and Dark Armed was too much. Game 2: I think I opened Hopper Sword, and he got rid of that somehow, and next turn I played the Hopper again and Messenger. He made this Ice Beast Zerofyne card and it annihilated me, that card is too good. Game 3: My Monk got veilered, and he had all the answers to my plays. It comes down to me having four darks in grave, with one being Hornet, and Dark Armed in hand. I have no field and he has Shura and Kalut with a dead Fiendish face up and no hand. If I drew ANY Inzektor I would equip Hornet drop DaD and win. I drew Armageddon Knight. 0-1 Round 1 Loss, ouch. That means every match is now "the bubble." Round 2: Justin (4 Axis Fire Fist) Game 1: I opened Armageddon Knight, milling Inzektor Hornet, and set an MST. He used Gyokkou on it, and I attempted to chain it without reading the card. He summoned Dragon and ran over Knight for 500 damage and set Tensen from his deck. He set another and ended. I ended up summoning Inzektor Hopper and popping Dragon with Hornet and swinging for 1700. The next couple turns are unclear, but I know I popped Gyokkou, used the set MST on a Tenki, and he eventually used Bear over Hopper and would later summon Tiger King. I ended up at 4600 with no monsters, as he kept freezing my Inzektors with Fiendish. He swung 1600 with Bear and 2200 with Tiger King. He forgot he had Tensen set and could have had game, as he left me at 800 after the attacks. This cost him, as I got Dragonfly through next turn and ended up wiping out all 6300 remaining life points right there. Game 2: I got in 3 early attacks with a Centipede equipped with Zektkaliber under his Shadow Imprisoning Mirror. He finally pulled out a Bear with 800 lp left, and knocked off the Centipede. I took a couple turns worth of attacks from him, as he used traps to keep the Centipede off the field when I attempted to summon it again after Sword gave it back. But I finally grabbed Hornet and popped his Bear and swung for the GG with my in hand Inzektors.   1-1   Round 3: Bishop (Malefic Geartown Skill Drain) Game 1: He Upstarts and plays Geartown with a couple sets and summons Malefic Stardust. He EEV's me for 3 spells in my standby, and summons Malefic Cyber End a couple turns later backed up by Skill Drain. I cannot handle it. Game 2: I hit him for 4000 early on with 2 Centipedes, one with a Sword, by Horneting Geartown to kill his Cyber End and make it miss timing. I clear his next monster with traps and do it again for game. Game 3: I take two early attacks from Barbaros, then end up hitting him for 2600 with Centipede and Dragonfly. He eventually clears them and puts me on a clock with Malefic Cyber End. He ends up bringing me to 3600, then attacking over a Ladybug to bring me to 100. That was my 3rd Dark, and big daddy comes out to play. He chains a trap, and I Trap Stun him. I push for 2800. He flips Skill Drain and it gets nailed with MST, and he ends up losing a Barbaros to Dark Armed. I finish him next turn after he draws no monster.   2-1   Round 4: Tylerphu (Mermail) I see the pairings and am playing a friend of mine. This gives me knowledge of his deck before hand. Game 1: I can't remember the details of this. I remember him pushing for a lot of damage early, and I punish his commitment to the field with Hornet and rack up the card advantage. Game 2: He makes a play to drop Moulinglacia, only to realize he sided it out. This leaves him in an unfavorable position, and Inzektors do what they do best and punish.   3-1   Sucks to play a friend, but a win is a win.   Round 5: Kameron (Mermail) Game 1: This game is pretty one sided. I open the Monk play, hit him for 1800 early on. He stops my OTK with Sphere, but he was playing on borrowed time and the Dragonfly and Dark Armed I stacked with Chain were too much. I never end up taking damage. Game 2: I get stomped. I hit him for 100 damage and am powerless. I can't exactly remember the gameplay. Game 3: The situation ends up being me 7800 him 7200. He has Decree and a dead Sphere up, with Abysspike and something else, Maybe Leed or Megalo. I have Messenger, a dead Call that he chained Decree to and a second Call facedown. I have Dragonfly and Hornet in grave. He summons Marksman to push for 1400 under Messenger and ends. I rip the Centipede and pop Decree, search Sword, flip Call for Dragonfly and finish his 7200 life.   4-1   Round 6: Aqua (T.G.) Game 1: I open Monk, ditch spell and grab Armageddon Knight, mill Hornet, make Lavalval and stack Dragonfly. I set Trap Stun and something else, and next turn Stun and pop all of his sets and end with Dragonfly, Centipede and sets. The card advantage is too much, and I have the Threatening to stop any pushes and win this one a turn or two later with 8000 lp. Game 2: He summons Warwolf sets two. I Armageddon Knight for Hornet and attack. He flips double Horn and kills Knight, draws two. I set MST and something else and end. He summons Dyna and pushes for more damage and sets two and ends. I blast one set with MST, it was the third Horn. I draw and use Spiritualism, which I side for Infernity but thought it would be useful against Drain, and return his set to his hand. This leaves him wide open for Dragonfly to come down with a Sword and pop his field and take out all 8000 life points. This one was fast, there was till 29 minutes on the clock when it ended.   5-1   Round 7: Luke (Mermail) I barely remember this match.  Game 1: I know I was positive he was playing Dragons, because he was the guy that beat me in round 2 last time with the deck while I was using Wind-Up. When he opened Pike I had to work to hide my satisfaction. This one was slower, but I had control most of the game. I know I got to Hornet right away and just started punishing him for playing cards until I had complete board control. Game 2: I hit in for some damage early with Centipede plus Sword, but he came back and wiped me out. Game 3: He opened badly, with both Tidals. I took a little damage early, then set myself up to hit him for 4000, then game the turn after. Sorry about the lack of details on this one.   6-1   Round 8: Jonah (Mermail) Another Mermail, whoopee. I sit down and he says, "So you're the Inzektor guy, huh?" This blew me away. "You've heard of me?" I exclaimed back. This surprised me, but I can't lie, it was sort of cool. Game 1: I open Monk, he uses Maxx "C". I mill the Hornet, but when I make Chain he draws the Veiler. Its ok. I set Warning and Threatening. He reveals Teus and pitches Teus. That makes me think he opened pretty bad, so I Warning. He Megalo's and searches Sphere, attacking Chain, but I Roar. I draw and stack Dragonfly. I think I get rid of his Megalo and blast him for 1800. I finish him on the turn after that. Game 2: I do 100 points of damage, but he controls this game and knocks me down to 4900 before wiping the rest out in one turn. Game 3: Super one sided. I opened Monk and OTK'd him straight from 8000 to 0. I didn't take any damage.   7-1   It is at this point that I finally allow a little hope of topping into my mind. I was very afraid of Dragons, however. I knew the likes of Chancy, Destin, and Hentz would be potential opponents this round, and they all used Dragons.   Round 9: Taylor (Mermail) So we sit down, and this guy rolls out his Mermail mat. I get a little excited. I turn around, and a friend from my shop mouths the word water. Yesss. He also recognizes me, acknowledging aloud that I am playing Inzektors. We shuffle and are about to begin when a judge comes over and says that we are getting deck checked. Wonderful. I look over, and Destin and his opponent get deck checked as well. They get their decks back after ten minutes. My opponent and I continue to just twiddle our thumbs. Finally, after twenty minutes, two judges come over. One sends my opponent away to the judge's table and the other talks to me. He points out one of my Call of the Haunted sleeves are bent in the corner. He tells me to change it and informs me I will be receiving a game loss. I change it and wait. My opponent is taking forever with his issue over at the judge's table. Another judge comes up and tells me my opponents issue is much worse than mine and he might just get a match loss. After this, the head judge comes over to my table and asks if the judge spoke to me. I said yes, and I told him the judge had me change the Call sleeve and asked if i had translations for my foreign cards, which I did. The head judge nods and explains that he doesn't believe I intentionally marked the sleeve because its just a Call, and it is easy for a corner of a sleeve to bend while shuffling without noticing. He says this is why he is not upgrading it to a match loss, and it will stay a game loss. He informs me my opponent is also getting a game loss, and has to resleeve his entire deck. I ask if we will side for our only game. He says because you side after playing a game, and we haven't played a game, we will not side. Five to ten minutes later my opponent returns, and the judges give us a thirty minute time extension and we finally begin. My opponent shakes my hand and says lets just have a fun game, good luck. We rolled the die before all the madness, and he won, so I tell him I will honor that and he has first turn. Game 1(only game): I open Dark Armed, double Duality, Warning, and two other cards. I get the feeling he opened sub par. I Duality into Centipede and set Warning and something else. I Warning the Abysslinde and I play my second Duality into Foolish Burial for Hornet. I take an attack. I Centipede him and search Dragonfly. He pushes in again, and I decide to go off. I resolve Dragonfly, and he chains Maxx "C". At this point, he has 6100 and I know I can game him with the OTK plus Dark Armed. I decide to take the Maxx "C" challenge, and he draws several cards while I start looping Hornet. My grave reaches three darks when I detach for Leviathan. I had Hopper and Leviathan on board with Mantis and DaD in hand. I drop the Dark Armed Dragon, and he offers the handshake. I don't know if he had the Veiler for Hopper or not.   I can finally relax. After 8 rounds of being on the bubble, I can rest easy. A bunch of people from locals congratulate me, and it feels good. I end up placing 6th, the lowest 8-1, because of my tiebreaker. The top 8 ends up being 7 Dragons and me. I get the Star Eater mat, which is beautiful. I have no choice but to celebrate...with DICKS.     Props Jake's Dragon Ruler Exodia deck Getting to play with Stibbins Not playing any dragons French Ulti Dark Armed Dick's Burgers Invite Destin and Chancy topping as well All my opponents were really cool, especially Taylor in round 9 Sold my binder Harold Davis for being great and getting his invite Noah getting 9th (hahahahahahaha) Star Eater Mat Getting my first top with the deck I love   Slops Round 9 bs (would have loved to play a full match) Losing round 1 and being scared all day long $32 total in parking Pulling crap from all 8 packs Jake having to leave early Edgar losing his binder
  16. Not really sure if this is the right area for this, but I figured more people frequent here instead of the Event forum. Anyway, Konami recently updated the Regional FAQ, and I noticed that there is no more top cut after swiss rounds.       Also, it seems like the number of rounds and invites based on attendance have changed as well. Although, I really can't remember what they were last time so don't quote me on that. The new invite system for the 2014 season is below.       http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/regionals/regionalsfaq.html
  17. Carry On

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZF5ke_ih6s   http://i.imgur.com/VHQtdvF.png   Monsters 13   1 GK Assailaint 3 GK Descendent 3 GK Spy 3 GK Recruiter 3 GK Commandant   Spells 11    3 Necrovalley 2 Royal Tribute 2 Pot of Duality 2 GK Stele 1 Book of Moon 1 Dark Hole   Traps 17   3 Fienish Chain 3 Dimensional Prison 2 Bottomless Trap Hole 2 Torrential Tribute 2 Mirror Force 2 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Solemn Warning 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Starlight Road   Extra 15   1 Number 20: Giga Brilliant 1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon 1 Wind Up Zenmaines 1 Number 30: Acid Golem 1 Leviair the Sea Dragon 1 Temtempo the Percussion Djinn 1 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Number 39: Utopia 1 Number 16: Shock Master 1 Maestroke the Sympony Djinn 1 Steelswarm Roach 1 Photon Papiloperative 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1 Stardust Dragon   Side 15   3 Droll and Lock Bird 3 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 2 Thunder King Raioh   1 Heavy Storm   3 Imperial Iron Wall 3 Anti-Spell Fragrance   I like my main and extra alot. I am unsure with the side, help and opinions overall?
  18. I'll be in Germany end of this year for a month in December.   Is there any info out on the locations and times of any Regionals?   Places I'll be at are Frankfurt am Main and Berlin, for a few days. I'm really keen to take part in an event as I've never been at one outside NZ, which is fucking small. Keen on picking up foreign (not english) cards that get relevant come september. If there's no Regional in Frankfurt at that time, are there any YCS' in Europe in mid-December?   That aside, I'd like to know what locations and dates local events are in Frankfurt am Main, in downtown or whatevs. And yeah, I know I'm 6 months late >.< Thanks for any info, if there is any.     If I put this in the wrong place, please put it in the right one.
  19. 6/1/2013 Madison TN

    Who will i get to see at this event? June 01, 2013 The Next Level Gaming Madison, TN 37115 615 859 8654 300 Person Cap http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events...locations.html
  20. Rock You Like a Hurricane

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/NZzhNy7Rdqk?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>     Monsters: [3] Harpie Lady [1] Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite [2] Effect Veiler [3] Harpie Channeler [3] Harpie Queen [2] Harpie's Pet Dragon [2] Maxx "C" [2] Rescue Rabbit [2] Summoner Monk [1] Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms   Spells: [1] Elegant Egotist [2] Harpie's Hunting Ground [1] Heavy Storm [3] Hysteric Sign [1] Monster Reborn [1] Pot of Avarice   Traps: [2] Hysteric Party [2] Icarus Attack [2[ Phoenix Wing Wind Blast [1] Solemn Judgment [1] Solemn Warning [2] Torrential Tribute   Side Deck: [3] Droll and Lock Bird [1] Effect Veiler [1] Dark Hole [3] Mystical Space Typhoon [3] Eradicator Epidemic Virus [1] Gozen Match [3] Imperial Iron Wall   Extra Deck: [1] Ally of Justice Catastor [1] Crimson Blader [1] Abyss Dweller [1] Diamond Dire Wolf [1] Gagaga Cowboy [1] Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon [1] Ice Beast Zerofyne [2] Lightning Chidori [1] Maestroke the Symphony Djinn [1] Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack [2] Number 11: Big Eye [1] Number 16: Shock Master [1] Number 50: Blackship of Corn   Not entirely sure where I'm going with this deck as I haven't tested quite as much as I would've liked. I'm pretty set on playing this deck for Regionals and I've liked this build in testing. So I guess I'll talk about some of my card choices.   Common Harpie Lady over others: I feel that this combined with Rabbit is a solid choice. It allows you for the instant XYZ like Evilswarms and Dino Rabbits were doing before I came up with this and allows you to get out of some tough choices. The Harpie Ladies are also easily gotten out of your hand via Harpie Channeler and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and can be brought back by Hysteric Party.   Tempest: This card should be pretty obvious, although it is only at one in my deck. It allows me to go for the clutch XYZ with Harpie's Pet Dragon for level 7's, its a 2400 beatstick, its a mill engine to get more cards into my graveyard to be brought back by Hysteric Party and more.   Summoner Monk: Being able to send Hysteric Sign and then summon a Harpie Channeler and then send a Harpie to the grave to summon another Harpie and make an instant Shock Master in this meta or just make another Rank 7 is really strong.   Pot of Avarice: I feel this card is still a strong card to run even though I run the Tempest. The Tempest does banish from the graveyard but I don't ever see it getting to the point where Avarice will be dead.   I'm open for criticism and discussion with this deck as I'd like to make it better for Regionals.
  21. So I travelled 3 hours without reception to play at a regionals in some dodgy cafeteria. Had 3 hours sleep because the people I stayed with decided to stream max volume porn all night. I had intended to play water for the last time but the last minute, they called LTGY to be legal at the tournament so I just pulled out Prophecy and worked off that. Travel was shit, floor was hard as fuck to sleep on but when I was awake and everybody else was still passed out, I pulled off their blankets and started playing hopscotch around the house. More like hopstomp.   Before tournament, we went for a Maccas run !! And bought like 24 bottles of energy drinks for $10. Value.   Round 1 Geargia. Roll 1-6 G1 + G2: I don't think this is a deck anymore cause he couldn't do anything despite opening armor both games. 1-0 Round 2 Elemental Dragons.  Roll 6-2 So here I am sitting down in front of Tingy again, my only loss at the previous regionals. And this is time to avenge myself. Although I agreed to scoop already as he had the pressure of his team and a mutual friend on him G1: I open TToC , Toon Gemini and Storm and just scoop t2. G2: So like I opened Dfissure, and Kycoo and a strong hand in general G3: He made T1 Big Eye and EEV for a +4, except hits a tower so I get a Kycoo out. Then I draw another Tower. Second Kycoo. Then I draw Jowgen for the icing on top. Story of how I won but didn't really win. 1-1 Round 3. Lightsworns Roll 5-4 G1: He opens CotlB and Recharge but nothing much else after G2: He summons aurkus and ends milling Gorz and Honest so I just go wild 2-1 Round 4. Chaos Dragons Roll 4-2 G1: On T1 I use 3 TToC and 3 Upstart without Jday, so Im sad. He drops me to 1.4k on his turn with DAD in hand and I just play around the DAD and win eventually after grinding G2: He opens TkRO with Warning for my High PRiestess and I lose after drawing 2 Magicians in a row G3: I open D-Fi he opens bosses 3-1 Round 5 Rescue Rabbit Roll 1-6 G1: He only sees a Saber so I win over time and using a well timed Solemn Judgment G2: He plays Saber beat down and BTH on my Justice in End Phase and I never see a High Priestess ever. G3: I take 2 hits from Saber in time, but I clear his board and am ahead by last turn 4-1   Round 6 Fire Fist.   G1: He gets game loss for not siding out G2: He opens Tiger King 4 back row, and has SLR and I have no plays really. G3: He storms my Tower + Fate, so next turn I activate tower, set 5 back row, priestess on field and offer him a handshake. 5-1. Conclusion: So thats how I went 5-1 (6-0) but like instead of coming second, this place uses some garbage technology that puts me 4th. Like 2nd place lost to 13th and 3rd place lost to 6th so there was no way I could have been 4th if my only loss came 1st. Prizes were distributed as 36/24/10/5/.....3 so i felt gutted only getting 5 packs but its all good cause it came from a fresh box and I got a Dracosex and TORRENTIAL REBORN!!! We have a few more invites etc. and like I topped first day using Prophecy. Wish I played Starhall.   Pros -BEATING TINGY. -MHMM FOOOD -SO much personal space     Cons - 6 hour return travel -Sleeping was hell -Not much else   1 Effect Veiler 3 High Priestess of Prophecy 1 Injection Fairy Lily 1 Jowgen The Spiritualist 1 Justice of Prophecy 3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy 1 Toon Gemini Elf   1 Book of Moon 1 Heavy Storm 1 Spellbook of Eternity 2 Spellbook of Fate 3 Spellbook of Judgment 1 Spellbook of Life 1 Spellbook of Power 3 Spellbook of Secrets 2 Spellbook of the Master 2 Spellbook of Wisdom 2 The Grand Spellbook Tower 3 Toon Table of Contents 3 Upstart Goblin   1 Solemn Warning 1 Solemn Judgment 2 Waboku   Extra Deck Used 1 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu 1 Daigusto Phoenix   Other Extra Deck 1 Ally of Justice Catastor 1 Ancient Sacred Wyvern 1 Armory Arm 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Crimson Blader 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 TG Hyper Librarian 1 Tempest Magician 1 Gem Knight Pearl 1 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 1 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Shining Elf   2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 1 Medium of the Ice Barrier 3 Dimensional Fissure 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Compulsory Evacuation Device 2 Rivalry of Warlords 2 Royal Decree     Criticize away.     ADDING ON: 10 GUYS WATCHING MAX VOLUME PORN 4AM DEF NOT HOMO. CHRIS SHORT LIVES FUCKING NOWHERE. NAMBIRI DQ FOR CHEATING. ETC.
  22. Who's going? Think I might be judging this one   ===========================   edit: won't be attending: plus relevant info:  
  23. Yo. So, I decided to take Gem-Knights to Kissimmee Regionals after waiting for years to play it. Went 7-2, got 17th place out of 300 somethin' people.   Little backstory: I've been playing the deck for a long time on DN waiting for everything to be legal. Hidden Arsenal 7 finally came out the other day, and my deck just exploded on everyone. No one understood how the deck worked and it just went to work.    Before I begin, I'll explain a few things about the deck. Gem-Knights are meant to be a fast-paced OTK deck. Basic play is to make Lavalval Chain with Rabbit to dump Fusion. But as you can see, it's not just that. The LS engine is just way too good in this. Lyla puts pressure against backrow heavy decks, while Lumina does the same thing and acts as a Rank 3 engine. Lumina's discard is also extremely free due to Gem-Knight Fusion being similar to Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade. Monk works in a similar fashion to Lumina. It's nothing but free, and I need it to make Pearl vs. Ophion. Snipe Hunter works the same way as well. Nothing but free. Answer to Ophion and Naturia Beast. Lot of milling going on, so Breakthrough Skill went to work.   Round 1 - Vs. Mermail   Game 1 - I lose because he opens Dragoons Pike and I'm all fuck. Was lame.   Game 2 - I open up nuts and eventually summon triple Zirconia and OTK him.   Game 3 - We both open bad, but my hand was pretty decent. I hard summon Lavalval Chain, made Citrine and ran over Linde. Eventually, I cleared his entire field and hand to him topdecking against my entire field of fusions. He tops Linde, swings into one, gets Dine, makes Zenmaines and passes. I show him the Big Eye and he scoops.   1-0   Round 2 - Vs. Ninjas   Game 1 - Destroy him, wasn't a challenge.   Game 2 - Open a little worse, but I eventually just beat him because Breakthrough Skill puts in so much work.   2-0   Round 3 - Vs. Mermails   Game 1 - Opens double Dragoons Megalo. Not even going to say anything.   Game 2 - Open good, but he again opens the nuts.   2-1   Round 4 - Vs. Dragunity   Game 1 - He's late, game loss   Game 2 - He goes first, makes Stardust, REDMD (full 2800 attack), and Atum. Couldn't get passed it.   Game 3 - I open nuts against him, OTK him turn 2, etc.   3-1   Round 5 - Vs. Fire Fist    Game 1 - He opens well, and I opened ass. He beats me after making Tiger King.   Game 2 - I OTK him easily.   Game 3 - Worst I've drawn all day.    3-2   Round 6 - Vs. Prophecy   Game 1 - OTK'd him, too easy.   Game 2 - He prohibitions me, I laugh at his silly attempts to stop me from winning. Destroy him. He also starts complaining about Citrine being busted.   4-2   Round 7 - Vs. Infernity   Game 1 - Get too much advantage, fuse over things, destroyed him. Left him topdecking. No Archfiend in sight.   Game 2 - He opens well, and I opened bad. He wins this one.   Game 3 - Don't really remember, but I wreck him.   5-2   Round 8 - Vs. Karakuri   Game 1 - He misplays mega hard after using Big Eye on Zirconia. He had too much room and couldn't make Naturia Beast. I Big Eye his Big Eye to get back my Zirconia, and I just win.   Game 2 - He opens AFWFUL. He makes turn 1 Zenmaines. He then makes Black Rose by reborning a monster and synchro'ing into it. I eventually run over his Zenmaines once, Big Eye it, pop his BRD and he just scoops. I had answers to Naturia Beast in hand, anyway.   6-2   Round 9 - Vs. Fire Fist   Game 1 - Open God-like, but I had no Fusion. I eventually draw into it and I OTK him.   Game 2 - Easily beat him, opened Rabbit and Heavy I believe.     7-2   Got 17th place in the end, pretty happy with how it turned out.   I also took the deck to locals today, and my locals is pretty competitive, so it was a good test run for the deck, too. I won't do a report on it, but I'll just say my wins and losses.   Round 1 - Beat Malefic Skill Dragin Round 2 - Beat Evilswarm (Yes, he did summon Ophion against me and I still won) Round 3 - Beat Hunder (friend of mine that I drove with to regionals, he got 4th in Swiss, lost in top 8) Round 4 - Lost to Dino Fist Round 5 - Beat Dino Fist   Top 8 - Beat Mermail Top 4 - Lost to Mermail   It was nice to beat Evilswarm, but it was hell.   Pros:  Deck is finally legal Deck took everybody by surprise Did really well against Mermail, but it's really 50/50 Didn't play against Evilswarm during regionals, thank God Snipe Hunter is pro Breakthrough Skill is so good No Maxx "C" at all   Cons: Deck sometimes doesn't get Gem-Knight Fusion fast enough, even though there are plenty of ways to get to it Dark Hole Fire Fist is annoying Evilswarm will destroy me 90% of the time Thunder King didn't really help, sadly   If anyone has any questions about the deck, please let me know. I'd love to hear feedback, thoughts, suggestions, etc.Kiss
  24. Wind-Ups for Regionals

    Hi Guys Im Bringing You My Decklist for A Regional Im Thinking of entering With Wind-Ups! All Help Will Be Appreciated, Fairly New To The Deck So Please Constructive Criticism Thanks :D The Deck Total (42) Monsters (15) 3 WU Rat 3 WU Shark 3 WU Rabbit 2 WU Warrior 1 WU Magician 2 Tour Guide 1 FF- Bear Spells (13) 3 WU- Factory 2 FF- Tenki 2 MST 2 Forbidden Lance 1 Heavy 1 Dark Hole 1 Reborn 1 Avarice Traps (14) 3 Fiendish Chains 2 Compulsory Evacuation Device 2 Bottomless Trap Hole 2 Mirror Force 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Solemn Warning 1 Trap Stun 1 Starlight Road Side Deck (15) 2 Snowman Eater 2 Swift Scarecrow 2 Maxx "C" 3 Dimensional Fissure 2 Soul Taker 1 Level Limit Area B 1 Messenger of Peace 1 MST 1 Trap Stun Extra (15) 1 Leviair 1 Leviathin 1 Soul of the Silver Mountain 1 Zenmaines 1 Temtempo 1 M-X Saber Invoker 1 Maestroke 1 Utopia 1 Pappy 1 Dweller 1 Shock Master 1 Tiras 1 Volcosaurus 1 Gaia 1 Stardust Dragon I Will be Happy To Anwser All Questions you have And Will Listen To All the Input you have ^^
  25. Who all is going to be attending this? Hoping to top at this event or atleast get some good trades since I already have my invite.