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Found 6 results

  1. Why is this an idea I had?

      Monsters (13):   1 Block Golem 1 Gaia Plate 3 Guardian 2 Sandman 2 Wall 1 Dionea 3 Myrmeleo   Spells (11):   1 Book of Moon 1 Dank Hole 3 Diamond Core 2 Lance 3 Duality 1 Soul Charge   Traps (16):   1 Bottomless 1 Time-Space 1 Traptrix Nightmare 2 Call of the Haunted 1 Compulse 1 Dimensional Prison 3 Fiendish Chain 1 Solemn Warning 2 Vanity's Emptiness 3 Wiretap   Side Deck (15):   1 Grand Mole 1 Mind Control 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Acid Trap Hole 2 Deep Dank Trap Hole 2 Gozen Match 2 Shadow-Imprisoning 3 Skill Drain   Extra (15):   2 Dweller 1 Cairngorgon 1 Castel 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Diamond Dire 1 Exciton 1 Fairy King Alverdich 1 GGG Cowboy 2 SHArk Knight 1 Blackship 1 Rhapsody 1 Heartlandraco 1 Crazy Box     OKAY SO LIKE...   This deck needs a LOOOOOT of explaining so I'm actually going to bother to start from the beginning. So basically what happened recently is that I got BORED. So I went and looked through some of my old binders for something to do, and I came across a skeleton for old-fashioned Rock Stun (3 Block Golem 3 of each Rock Meiru and some random junk like Fossil Dynas and this Gaia Plate). You see back when I was a scrub, and Block Golem was first released I was like "OH COOL THIS DECK HAS THIS NEATO RESUCE RABBIT FOR LIKE +1 ERRDAY GOLLY GEE BATMAN." My undeveloped scrub brain didn't understand that a deck with 50 billion normal summons and no searchers and a ridiculous EARTH restriction had no way of not being shit. So I gathered the cards, built the deck, and played many people. The record of the deck was pretty sporadic.   So fast forward to me in present day and my reminiscing and while I remember how shit the deck was I too also remembered how broken it could open. Getting openings like two Guardian, Warning, Call and some real trap were pretty brutal. When you have a choosable Doomcal on top of real backrow and a call of the haunted to get double shots out of him basically meant some pretty brutal autowins. And you know the whole Rescue Rabbit thing was actually pretty cool when you could resolve it. So I figured I might as well, since I had a bunch of extra staple cards and generic backrow and stuff, take another look at the engine now that they have this Diamond Core thing, which is actually a pretty fucking sweet searcher card no lie.   Block Golem:   First reality to come to turn with was that while Block Golem's effect is pretty much too good to pass up since resolving not only puts 3800 damage on the board, but leaves two stun cards (typically Guardians) on board that your opponent has to play through ON TOP OF your backrow in order to establish anything. However it only works if you haven't accessed, or at least haven't graved any of your extra deck monsters. My compromise was deciding it was an optimal 1-of considering. I either want to see this card early enough to set it up and resolve it for a huge advantage early, or I pretty much don't want to see it at all. It's worth mentioning that it can be set up with a Daigusto Emeral, who himself can be banished by Gaia Plate (more on him later). And once Block Golem does in fact resolve in a game, you're free to call of the haunted or soul charge the thing in order to get off some sick plays, such as Soul Charge for 3 (two 4s and him), 101 or Castel something, and then revive those materials to get another free rank 4, or to choke them under your stun rocks. Like this card is astounding in terms of value when you can resolve it. One is the number.   Fiendish Chain:   It... was the card I had multiples of lying around. That's the reason for a couple of these card choices honestly this is a sort of ghetto build because I assumed the competitive viability of this was so limited I shouldn't invest any money in it. Any money cards you see in the main deck are either pulled from other decks and then returned or borrowed from someone. However it's worth noting this has positive interactions since it let's me maintain a vanity's when I would normally lose it (and my Guardian) negating in the expected way. This interaction has been rather relevant. in addition to that it's something that gives me a solid reactionary way of dealing with boss monster threats like BLS. If I BTS or Veiler these they still just run over whatever Meiru I have standing up and then either I have Call, a live Dionea, or Golem, or I don't and I better have a real trap out. I considered Skill Drain in the main deck because it seems like a no brainer with the Meirus working under it but it would interfere with the suite of cards I want to talk about next...   Traptrix Engine:   This is a deck that just kind of sits on it's normal summons and pokes you to death, and I really only gain any early game tractions via disruptive traps and aggressive use of Guardian to prevent established boards from shitting on my ability to play. Having a normal summon engine that both offers a 1-card Xyz and more monster-removing reals traps consistently in my early game is PRETTY MUCH NECESSARY and helps deal with this decks issues in ways the natural advantages skill drain provides does not. On top of all of that, all the monsters are EARTH. So the main-deck is Gozen-approved as well as Block Golem friendly. Neat.   Gaia Plate:   Remember how I just complained about big beaters being a problem because of the power established boards hold over my meager little stun pebbles? Yeah this card is literally the best kind of answer to this. If you don't know what it does, it halves anything it battles during battle via continuous effect, and it can be special summoned by banishing two rocks from your grave.   It has 2800 attack. To crash with it in battle you need something with 5600. Being able to just drop this at will from mid-game and beyond to randomly steal games and put holes an an established board is amazing. If you draw it too early, it's at least a rock to reveal for the other Meiru! The only reason I only run one copy is because you need to banish a rock from grave every standby as maintenance and this deck can't really ensure that on top of 2 to banish for it's summon for multiple. My one regret. Something else worth noting is he's not a nomi or anything so you can just steal games randomly by call of the haunted during battle phase for a free 2800. Speaking of...   Call of the Haunted:   All of my monsters either have an effect for being special summoned, or have immediate utility when put on the board during the opponents turn. This card, come mid game, is a veritable swiss army knife that gives me all the options in the world and I love it. Summon Guardian when they standby, or when they set up a play. Call a Gaia Plate/Meiru in response to Vanity to make it worthless, or end phase a Myrmeleo as MST. Even just for the standard ability to rank 4 with an extra monster is noteworthy utility. I never thought I could appreciate drawing this card this much.     Okay enough card choices, how has this deck played for me? Well to be honest I've gotten only like half a dozen games tops and only like 3 of them were relevant (Shaddolls). More will come as I play more, but anyway:   Shadolls:   I thought this would be so one-sided I'd give up on this hilarious nonsense BUT OH THE INTERACTIONS. Most builds lack a good spell to bait Koa'ki Meiry wall with, so it being up means they can't fusion without an answer. Soul Charge is the only good bait but an early bottomless set basically nullifies their ability to threaten with the card. Guardian allows me to choose which Shaddolls I allow to resolve and therefore whether my opponent can get ahead by any capacity. Standing on Guardian makes Mathmat, Kuri, and Falco plays dead, and as a call of the haunted, walls Construct from attacking (the mandatory special summon pop is something I could negate with Guardian to +0 the monster out of my sight). With this in mind if I just manage to backrow disrupt them long enough to establish something as simple as having Guardian Wall Call as cards in play, I can win just that easily.   To be fair this is all pretty exaggerated. They have decent normal summons to drop and will completely savage me if they open moderately well or better during the early game, doubly so if they win the die roll. This isn't a competitor in that sense. The only thing worth nothing is that Guardian is actually a really good yugioh card and has insane interactions.   Speaking of...   All Hands are dead:   Guardian can damage step, so you're free to +0 hands at will. In addition, you can banish Diamond Core to out a Fire Hand. Hands are really bad against this deck. It's kinda hilarious. Your main normal summon is a natural counter to those 6 particular cards and while they are phasing out of the meta due to the good decks of the format being made of floaters adds to this problem. Shaddolls, or BAs. ABOUT BAs....   Guardian can break the loop if you kill a BA:   Negate a Burning Abyss monster, and there goes the loop. Cir blown out? No loop. Scarm stopped? SOL. Graff shafted? Too bad. HOW NEAT. You can pause the advantage tidal wave! Not to mention that Kuribandit and Tour Guide are dead if you control a Guardian so... either their PWWB/Karma Cut resolves or they kind of lose because I happened to have Wiretap or Lance or I'm sitting on Sandman. Again, gross exaggeration to merely highlight the fact that this deck has good card interactions with a ton of decks because it's full of swiss army knives.     So yeah TO STOP RAMBLING THE SKINNY IS THIS:   This deck is kind of bad at dealing with established boards. Gaia Plate, Call of the Haunted, live Dionea, and Soul Charge are my limited suite of answers to this issue. Dark Hole (in the future, Raigeki) are somewhat helpful in this arena but it's just kind of a salve. If there are obvious ways I could adjust my real trap line-up or deck in general to put a dent in this problem, I'M ALL EARS, YA SEE.   I kinda feel like playing this deck with winning in mind would basically follow the same idea as the +1 Fire phenomenon that popped up. Take a decent, but competitively non-viable deck and shove main-deck Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror into it to level the playing field and further capitalize a just having a working, decent frame. I mean Shadow-Imp with assorted flavor Doomcals and Myrms is a pretty easy road to victory. So uh free feel to replace the fiendishes and let me know how that goes...   And the big one: Everything except Gaia Plate is a normal summon. Gross. There really isn't a fix for that it's just a fact. This deck is normal heavy, and the impact of that reality can't be overstated. If you get rolled early it's not likely you're going to be able to spring a valid Xyz answer in time to fix that. You either hit a Dark Hole/Raigeki, you have a backrow answer, or you die in a fire. Have fun fixing that! This is honestly just a restatement of the established board issue. Toss me ideas! Or just laugh at me for making this! Yeah! I don't know. I'm rambling. This deck is weird and kind of bad and yet I felt pretty much compelled to post it and spill a ridiculous amount of words about it and uh I'm not sure why. So let's see how that turns out!
  2. I've been building on a competitive level for four years, but have only attended a few locals before this. After playing infrequently for so long (went a couple years not playing at all), I decided to start going to regionals/ycs to attempt to get a nationals invite. I also started going back to my locals recently. One of my friends works at the shop; He had friends from New Orleans coming in that were judging/playing and they were really good (one of them was the Geargiakuri player that won Tuscaloosa regionals last weekend). After some discussion, I dropped two Mirror Force and Compulsory Evacuation Device for two Dimensional Prison and Torrential Tribute. Stayed up ridiculously late of course, but made it with time to spare.   I'll start off with the decklist:   Monsters: 14   3x Infernity Archfiend 3x Infernity Necromancer 2x Summoner Monk 2x Stygian Street Patrol 2x Dark Grepher 1x Armageddon Knight 1x Archfiend Heiress   Spells: 12   3x Upstart Goblin 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 2x Instant Fusion 1x Reinforcement of the Army 1x Foolish Burial 1x Book of Moon 1x Infernity Launcher   Traps: 14   3x Infernity Barrier 2x Infernity Break 2x Fiendish Chain 2x Dimensional Prison 2x Trap Stun 1x Bottomless Trap Hole 1x Solemn Warning 1x Torrential Tribute   Extra: 15   1x Abyss Dweller 1x Darkfire Dragon 3x Diamond Dire Wolf 1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Kamionwizard 2x Lavalval Chain 2x Leviair the Sea Dragon 1x Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1x Number 66: Master Key Beetle 1x Number 101: Silent Honor ARK   Sideboard: 15   2x Black Horn of Heaven 1x Dark Hole 2x Debunk 1x Dimensional Fissure 2x Needle Ceiling 2x Overworked 1x Soul Drain 2x Twister 2x Zombie World   Round 1: Rock Stun - lost the die roll   Game 1: This guy has not kept up with the game for a few years. I see a Diamond Dire in his extra deck and he still has to read mine along with every other card I play. I'm able to combo out and seal the win.   Game 2: Opening hand: Zombie World, D-Fissure, Barrier, Break, Necromancer, Fiendish. Next monster is a few cards in and it's another fucking Necromancer. I'm stuck with two dead fiendish chains and trap stun/mst in hand. I scoop it up in an attempt to avoid going into time.   Game 3: I monk into key beetle, chain and archfiend turn 1 only to get wrecked by mirror force and a set fossil dyna that I knew were there because of duality. I could have prevented this by using key beetle again before battle or just making smarter decisions in general but my anger has pushed out my common sense at this point. I try to swing with a stygian in turn 5 of time to get 100 lp more than him but he has the fucking book for it. I scoop it up and go smoke a cigarette to calm down.   Round 2: Chaos Dragons - won the die roll   Game 1: He shrines a tri-horned and I'm just like wtf. He tells me it's his own teched build and I give him props (he was very nice and fun to play with). Barrier on eclipse wyvern and trag for gg.   Game 2: He fiendishes my lavalval chain so I can only swing for 3600. Next turn I go for game and he tries to drop gorz with his fiendish still out. GG.    Round 3: Geargiakuri - lost the die roll   Game 1: He trap stuns into double burei and scrap dragon to my set necromancer and frozen backrow. I scoop it up to make him blind side.   Game 2: He end-phase decrees me, I don't chain break in an attempt to keep necromancer fodder in. Completely wrong call as he shows me that he can go for game. Worst way to find out that geargiakuri doesn't suffer from d-fissure bar hand traps. Did I mention this guy was 14? Not as aggravating as round 1, but still upset nonetheless.   Round 4: Hanzo.dek - lost the die roll   Game 1: He Hanzos into super transformation and sets three, I set up for exciton but he doesn't read it. I blow his field; He tries to insist that Exciton can't start his own chain so I get a judge after the game to clarify for him.   Game 2: He summons king tiger wanghu of all things. I thank my higher power that I wasn't able to find a second kamionwizard and go for exciton again only to be stopped by a maindecked starlight road. Probably not the best call on my end in hindsight. I upstart into a combo and put 8800 on the board then follow up with cowboy for game.   Round 5: Fire Fist (Dragon build) - can't remember die roll results (probably lost because Infernity)   Game 1: He summons Dragon, so I'm not worried at all. Another nice player/fun match. I combo out for the win.   Game 2: I end up regretting putting in zombie world as it locks out my diamond dire plays (I was expecting it to get destroyed so that I could flip my overworked). I get my overworked and another trap frozen, so my turn I read mirror force and key beetle one of my frozen traps to make a push. Grind it out for the win and have the answers for bear.   Round 6: Dragunity - won the die roll   Game 1: I go off and he says "Oh boy, this deck." I just laugh a little and keep going. He summons a dragunity and I ask him how it runs without ravine. He tells me it runs but it won't with two barrier set. Barrier on dragunity effects and bottomless on tempest takes it easily.   Game 2: Mid-game he gets a field wipe and he ends up with no hand or field to my three set backrow. I topdeck into stygian and go into beatdown with it; He sets a card and looks at his graveyard so I flip Soul Drain (Not sure if that is a situation where a judge could be called to penalize me [if it is please tell me in the comments; I need to know more about event rules]). He mirror forces stygian and I'm able to topdeck an Infernity Necromancer to take the win.   Round 7: Fire Fist - won the die roll   Game 1: Another really cool guy, he came into town from Houston with DNA (the comic shop hosting the event). I think his build was the +1 build with duality and upstart, but I didn't see cardcar all match. I take a classic ten-minute Infernity turn going through all three diamond dire wolves and both leviairs ending with key beetle, leviair, lavalval chain, Infernity Archfiend, and four backrow. I leave him with 100 lp and he scoops it up.   Game 2: I open Archfiend Heiress, mst, and traps (some sideboard). He is a bit despondent about his matchup and goes duality into mst, mirror force, and upstart (chooses upstart and draws into nothing). He reads incorrectly for d-prison and doesn't have a fire formation, so he tiger kings right into my black horn. I go into heiress beatdown and topdeck another blackhorn. He has two level fours on the field and is considering scooping to my four backrow. He asks if I have another black horn and goes into tiger king; I reveal it and he scoops. I told him during the match that I was playing for my invite, so he was nice enough to stay in and not dick me out of my chances.   Round 8: Mermail - lost the die roll   Game 1: This was probably the coolest guy I met all day. He came in from Houston with DNA comics and about halfway through the event we played a couple of fun games and looked at each other's builds/sides. When we ended up at table 11 together we were just like awww hell. His buddy came to sit in on the match. He opens by setting a monster, so I (admittedly unfairly) read linde, make abyss dweller, and get an archfiend search. He comes back with double teus and double pike and I just can't come back after drawing archfiend heiress.   Game 2: He starts shuffling and I ask if he's siding. He says he'll only side if I do or if he loses. After some inner debate, I decide against it since I've seen two skill drain and three crevice in his side (among other things that would wreck me). I'm able to make a nice field and he spits out megalo, but I fiendish it to limit his marksman targets. He ends up with teus and marksman on the field and makes dewloren, I hesitate but end up using warning which ended up being the correct play. I end up taking this one (MST on Sphere is real).   Game 3: Neither of us sides. I open ass with heiress, stygian, and mostly dead cards; He opens up decent is able to keep the pressure on me. I 101 his teus and swing at his undine, which is a terrible call on my part since I left him with pike on field and controller in hand (I even calculated that he could black rose and still left pike out, but I like the guy and the match so I shrug it off without really getting upset). He recklesses and I chain trap stun with no real backrow on my side. He black roses and specials teus with linde, swings to put me around 1000 lp, and ends with gaios and dweller. My hand is heiress, infernity archfiend and mst. I draw bottomless for turn and scoop it up. He figured Mermail would get hit hard in April and sold his deck after the event, as did most other water players (they were very well represented).   For my first big event, I feel I did alright; I did experience some tropes such as getting sacked/bricking  and misplaying by ignoring my instincts, but overall I'm not too upset about my performance and am planning on going to more events to get my invite/more experience. Ended up X-3 at table 11 in an 8-round event with 178 players netting 44th. Only 24 got an invite; most players I beat dropped and the two that beat me before round 8 didn't end up at the top tables.   Props: Trading away my battle city mat and token for super foolish (TU02), secret Italian grepher, three overworked and an extra abyss dweller that I lent out the night before the event Getting a custom tele-dad mat Cool judges who didn't fuck me My buddy getting third with a unique Bujin build Pulling Ghostrick Mary from my entry packs 2-0ing four rounds in a row Meeting cool people Getting event experience Selling/Trading and NOT getting fucked or fucking anyone Slops: Misplaying against rock stun and losing round 1 because of it Getting 2-0ed by a 14-year-old Geargia player that tried to black horn my Archfiend summon off of necromancer (In hindsight, he probably knew he couldn't but thought I was a scrub and tried to bluff me into letting it go) Losing to rock stun Fucking rock stun Getting fucked by the vendor I traded my battle city mat to (I had to throw ten bucks in because of course he overvalued his shit and undervalued mine) Losing my cool in round one Not siding in round 8. It would have been a more skillful matchup and I could have had more specific outs. Something else I'm probably missing
  3. Casual Lunar Conquest

    3 Golem Sentry 3 Legendary Jujitsu Master 2 Medusa Worm 1 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole 1 Morphing Jar 2 Tour Guide from the Underworld 1 Sangan 2 Pot of Duality 3 Attack the Moon! 3 Stumbling 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Monster Reborn 2 Macro Cosmos 3 Anti-Spell Fragrance 2 Solemn Warning 2 Dimensional Prison 2 Bottomless Traphole 3 Dark Bribe 1 Solemn Judgment
  4. Rock Stun 2012

    [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/qjh7A.jpg[/IMG] 3x Koa'Ki Meiru Negaters=9 3x Fossil Dyna 3x Block Golem 1x Gaia Plate 1x Grand Mole 1x Morphing jar 1x Earth Spirit God-Gran Soil 3x POD 1x MRB 1x Dak Hole 1x Heavy Storm 1x Mind Control 3x Typhoon 1x Solemn Judgement 2x Solemn Warning 1x Starlight Road 1x Mirror Force 2x Torrential Tribute 2x Bottomless Trap Hole 2x Fiendish Chain The extra deck is basicaly a lot of EARTH XYZ monsters because i need to use block golem effect a lot hes pretty much bringing the deck back..but of course theres utopia and black corn for some stall and push and the single stardust.I need help with the side i dont know if i want to do a Macro side and about Gaia Plate i have never drawn him in a duel so ill remove him i need suggestions what to remove it for.Block Golem makes grave control for Gran Soil so easy so a free MRB is always good.So tell me what u think ill post a screenshot later here.

    Updated. Not sure which way to take the deck, both seem somewhat viable. Rock Stun: Version A monster 19 3 Card Car D 3 Block Golem 3 Koa'ki Meiru Guardian 3 Koa'ki Meiru Wall 3 Koa'ki Meiru Sandman 3 Gogogo Giant 1 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole spell 12 3 Pot of Duality 2 Forbidden Lance 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Smashing Ground 1 Monster Reborn 1 Book of Moon 1 Heavy Storm trap 9 2 Call of the Haunted 2 Torrential Tribute 2 Spiritual Earth Art – Kurogane 2 Solemn Warning 1 Solemn Judgment extra whatev Rock Stun: Version B monster 15 3 Legendary Jujitsu Master 3 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo 3 Koa'ki Meiru Guardian 3 Card Car D 2 Block Golem 1 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole spell 13 3 Rock Bombarding Area 3 Terraforming 3 Pot of Duality 1 Monster Reborn 1 Book of Moon 1 Dark Hole 1 Heavy Storm trap 12 2 Safe Zone 2 Dark Bribe 2 Dimensional Prison 2 Solemn Warning 2 Torrential Tribute 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Mirror Force extra blah
  6. Rock Stun

    [url="http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=139881&pid=3036743&st=0&#entry3036743"]In my earlier thread[/url], I came to the conclusion that Rock Stun would be a great deck for me to build, considering I own nothing, have the shallowest pockets ever, and don't plan on buying an extra deck anytime soon. I don't plan to win any events with this, but its more something to toy around with for fun and go to locals with. I still feel it could be edited here and there and made into a more "finished" product. This is what I've got so far: [3] Koa'ki Meiru Guardian [3] Koa'ki Meiru Sandman [3] Koa'ki Meiru Wall [3] Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo [3] Legendary Jujitsu Master [1] Morphing Jar [1] Neospacian Grand Mole [1] Gaia Plate the Earth Giant [3] Pot of Duality [3] Solidarity [2] Smashing Ground [2] Mystical Space Typhoon [1] Monster Reborn [1] Dark Hole [1] Heavy Storm [1] Book of Moon [2] Bottomless Trap Hole [2] Solemn Warning [2] Dimensional Prison [1] Mirror Force [1] Torrential Tribute