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Found 1 result

  1. The Perfect Soul

    Hey Dgz, if you follow the decks I post it's usually herald of perfection or monarchs. So I wasn't sure if I was even going to nationals or not this year, as I've been trying to save money to buy my first car and have had issues with work as such. However some friends just had a space open up in their car and hotel room, so I will be able to go now relatively cheap (saves me about $100 or so). Anyways, living in Oceania means we have to share our World Champion spots with New Zealand, so we have this other tourney called "Oceanics" which alternates between the 2 countries each year. This is Australia's off year, so to even think about entering the tournament, it's either pay for a holiday in New Zealand, or win a flight over. There are 2 chances up for grabs, one at a pre-national tourney and the other our actual nationals itself. Because of this, this attracts the country's best players, so the pickings is relatively slim I'll say. So for this reason, as well as saving me money trying to buy dragons, mermails etc, I'm just going to run my favorite deck and have all the cards for, and to try and have fun. If I do well even better. This also will probably be my last tournament for a while, as I am thinking of quitting or going on break from this game in order to pursue other things in life.   Onto the deck.   Monsters; 25 3 Herald of Perfection 3 Herald of Orange Light 3 Metaion the Timelord 3 Maxx "C" 3 Archlord Kristya 3 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands 3 Gellenduo 3 Gyakutenno Megami 1 Honest   Spells; 12 3 Pot of Duality 3 Soul Charge 3 Preparation of Rites 2 Advanced Ritual Art 1 Dawn of the Herald   Traps; 3 2 Trap Stun 1 Vanity Emptiness   Extra; 15 1 Gauntlet Launcher 1 Constellar Ptomely M7 1 Constellar Omega 1 Fairy Cheer Girl 1 Starleige Paladynamo 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Number 101; Silent Honor Ark 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Herald of Pure Light 1 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Angel of Zera 1 Crimson Blader 1 HTS Psyhemoth 1 Powered Inzektron   Side Deck; 15 2 Consecrated Light 1 Psi-Blocker 3 Mystical space Typhoon 2 Royal Decree 2 Rivalry of Warlords 2 Imperial Iron Wall 2 Vanity's Emptiness 1 Soul Drain   Explanations; This version of the deck was inspired by robert's lockdown version of herald which he made last year around the same time to combat the meta; http://blog.coretcg.com/lock-em-out-teched-herald-of-perfection/. Unlike his though, this is a different meta so a such the deck has its alterations. I also like it because it minigates 2 problems herald decks have; 1) Too many normal summons, 2) drawing too many normals. Nothing is worse then having a hand with a agent and manju I find, as well as multiple normals. 6 normal summons (7 if you include honest), and 3 vanilla's has minigated these problems.   [spoiler] Monsters; 3 of everything?;  I like to think my ratio of 3 for nearly every card is some-what correct, for the reasons being that they are all cards I find extremely useful for the deck's function or beating the meta. Herald of Orange light must be maxed to stop veiler, and to dump another fairy to use for kristya or for another card that will be discussed in a second. Maxx c is one of THE cards this format I believe, nearly every single match up I can think of I can use it, and even if it only nets me 1 draw, that makes the deck closer to its goal of getting herald or other combo pieces. 3 Metaion; This guy is actually just so handy, he can help me live while I set up bar effect negation like fiendish chain or felgrand effect etc, and right now is a hot side deck choice. Being fairy as well though is ultimately what got him into the main deck. 3 Gellendou; he is probably one of the more handy fairy monsters in the game, and synergizes well with kristya. Being lv4 as well also works with manju, and 1700 atk is not that bad. He is also a good t1 option if I have nothing else going in the hand at that moment.   Spells;  3 Soul Charge; This card is no doubt incredible, and even so in this deck. It gives the deck a second wind, a chance to come back even if your opponent made you use all your fairies and got rid of herald on the field. You drew kristya too late and have a graveyard full of fairies? Bring them back to modulate the grave, or better yet, use herald to discard kristya and use charge as a 1000 lp reborn. Need a beater on the field to go with herald? Sych for a lv8 with either the herald on field with orange light, or revive orange light with megami, revive 2 megamis for a rank 6, manju, honest or gellenduo for a rank 4. The card is incredible and gives the deck the ability to use discard costs as another hand  similiar to d rulers and to utilize your extra deck.  3 Duality/ no upstart goblins: Quite simply the reason I am not using upstart is room. If maxx c wasn't such a good card at the moment I would have considered them over the C's, but if I'm vsing infernity or mermails I want that C in my hand first turn. The reason I'm using duality over upstarts as well is because duality gives me the choice in what I want to get to my hand, and isn't just the random top card of my deck, which could be a dead card for me since drawing megami still happens sometimes or a maxx c I didn't need to an established field. There are also turns where I'm just sitting on herald and can not do anything else, so using duality to fetch me another fairy or a soul charge to use next turn is also very satisfying.  3 Prep and the 2:1 Ara to dawn ration has always been correct I believe, just to up consistency of seeing first turn herald. Prep has sometimes become dead though which makes me think maybe should go down to 2, but every time I do that I get a game where I think "now if only this card I replaced the 3rd prep with was prep".    Traps; The ratio of 2 trap stun and 1 Vanity emptiness is something I'm trying, as the ratio used to be 2:2 of each, but I wanted to include the 3rd duality to increase my consistency as much as possible. I was also finding while Vanity's emptiness is a good card, it is only great if I have set up first with herald, other then that it would sit there, might stall out bigger monsters while smaller ones attack me, and I couldn't then use herald or kristya etc because my own vanity was blocking me. This meant that I would then have to use either duality to get it to go away, leaving my opponent free to special summon, or prep, but that wasn't always the case. As for the 2 trap stun, I need them as my only real way to deal with first turn vanity against me. This is something I'm having trouble with as I am not sure how to better address this. Skill drain also very real against me, and trap stun will only stop if for one turn, which is not very good for me unless I can get rid of it. I really don't have many other ideas for the main deck to deal with a t1 skill drain/ vanity lock with stardust. The latter can be dealt with alittle more easily with metaion and such, but unless I run royal decree in the main , I can not think of anything else. And for royal decree, there is the problem of them chaining raigeki break or phoenix wing wind blast to that....   Side; 2 Consecrated light; Evilswarm, infernity, dark worlds 1 Psi-Blocker; testing over 3rd consecrated light, another out to vanity and can crash into fossil dyna, prohibition on legs. 3 MST; problem cards 2 royal decree; trap heavy decks like infernity 2 rivalry; mermails, evilswarm, constellars, plants. 2 Imperial iron wall; bujins, prophecy, mythic dragons, breakthrough skill 2 Vanity; mermails, dragons, other go happy special summon decks like chaos dragons 1 soul drain: mermails, darkworld, bujins.     [/spoiler]   Anyways as per usual any advice would be great on the deck, I can answer any questions I left unanswered, and if people want to help me test as well then that would be cool, pm a message but it will have to be on Devpro as I am banned from Dn. Thanks for reading this wall text if you made it this far lol.