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Found 6 results

  1. Felt Cute, Might Delete Later

    Rate and fix! 1x Mimikyu GX 4x Gardevoir and Sylveon GX Tag Team 1x Lusamine 2x Bill's Analysis 2x Lillie 2x Judge 4x Green's Exploration 4x Power Plant 4x Super Scoop Up 4x Pokegear 3.0 2x Reset Stamp 4x Great Potion 4x Custom Catcher 2x Energy Spinner 4x Cherish Ball 2x Tag Switch 4x Switch 1x Choice Helmet 9x Fairy Energy
  2. Top 16 ARG Seattle

    Ok so I'll start by saying i didn't really intend to go to this event. The new world of warcraft expansion has just come out and because of the ridiculous log in ques i haven't gotten to play all that much and i was wanting to use my saturday to play. However my friends wanted to go and i had said before that i would drive so i ended up going.  I'll also say that this was one of the most competitive events i have ever been to despite the low turnout. I saw very few "bad" players or bad decks and most players there were people i recognized as good players from regionals or other event tops. I went in with the mind set of not really caring and expecting to go home around 3 cause me and my friends scrubbed out. That wasn't the case though. I apologize if i get the rounds mixed up and that this isn't very detailed. I 2-0'd most of my matches but i don't remember exactly which ones so some of these might be guesses. I was a little tired going into it and i got a bit drunk after it Round 1: Burning Abyss. this was one of the good players i recognized from OR so i figured this wouldn't last that long. Game 1: I win dice roll and make him go first. He opens dante+ backrow. My turn i summon denko, play shaddoll fusion and otk with BLS+construct Game 2: i open all dudes and no spells while he opens virgil, dante and backrow. i concede this game relatively quick. Game 3: i get decree and setup turn one. Activate decree and turn 2 send wyvern and banish for dark armed, BLS and construct  1-0 Round 2: Burning Abyss Game 1: i open dark armed, bls, fusion. i send for math and wait till i have denko and then otk him Game 2: Turn 2 i have Vanity's Fiend and Royal Decree on board and he has nothing 2-0 Round 3: Burning Abyss. At this point i'm like, really?  Game 1: he goes first, puts dante+ backrow on board. I open denko and double fusion and win Game 2: he mst's the first decree but i had the second and i put yazi on board. When he tried to summon tour guide i chain el shaddoll fusion to send 2 from hand and put winda on board so he can't make acid golem.  3-0 Round 4: Satellarknights. Was not expecting this but the guy ended the tournament 6-0-2 Game 1: Denko+ double fusion is an otk  Game 2: back and forth, he slowly out advantages me with shadow mirror and he crashes into denko and soul charges into a board i cant recover. Game lasts a long time Game 3: we go into time. I'm ahead but attack into honest so i lose by 200 life points.  3-1 Round 5: Evilswarm. guy from one of my locals. Good player, wasn't expecting this deck choice though Game 1: he sets a hand and a backrow and passes. I attack into Fire Hand with dragon and pop his backrow. I don't really play backrow in my deck so icehand is useless and i never let him set up and eventually drop bls dark armed Game 2: he gets ophion + backrow and has both chalices to negate my dragons Game 3: i open nuts and he doesnt. i win by turn 3 4-1 Round 6: Chaos Shaddolls Game 1: he opens set guy and backrow. I figure shaddolls. i otk him turn 2 with fusion, denko and envoy Game 2: He bricks. Summons lyla and passes with one backrow. Got a draw from beast but i put a ton of damage on board turn 1 with serpents and i have the core + el shaddoll fusion in case he tries to do anything.  5-1 at this point the realization hits me that i can probably top this event. I still look at it from a relaxed point of view cause i have lost on the bubble before and it isn't a big deal if i lose again and i am expecting to only play qliphorts at this point. Round 7: Qliphorts. Yeah i expected this Game 1 he opens broke, i go back and forth a bit but he disk combo's me and i otk's me Game 2: he has scales, shadow mirror and Skill Drain. I stall with serpents and am able to recover with Fairy Wind after he didn't otk me and gave me life points with upstart to play it. i out bls+ construct on board and crash his disc and he can't do anything after i break his board Game 3: i get Fairy Wind and mst and a little setup but he still manages to get a tool on board through my backrow and he otk's me 5-2 Figured as much. I was at table 5 before this round though so i could still pull off a top if i won the last round.  Round 8: Shaddoll burning Abyss. Game 1: He turn one dante+ backrow. I get Denko Construct but cant put enough damage on board to win that turn. His turn he plays shaddoll fusion and reality hits me that i'm in trouble. I grind out for awhile but he plays a beginning of the end and i end up scooping with 15 minutes left on the clock.  Game 2: Really grindy. He gets beginning of the end to resolve again but i sack out of it by top decking envoy when i had denko and shaddoll fusion. This game ends with 30 seconds on the clock so i rush to side in ceasefires and i present my deck when time is called.  Game 3: He ops to go second so he can get turn 5 for damage. I open with foolish to send lizard and hedgehog. Search falco to set and set shadow games and Royal Decree before passing. He summons dragon, attacks and i chain shadow games sending beast. I end phase decree him and draw for turn. After i draw i show him my hand of White dragon, BLS, Shaddoll Fusion and shaddoll beast and he scoops. i end 14th place on day one so i gotta drag my ass back to seattle for day 2. In the player meeting i look at the other 15 players and decide there is only one person i do not want to play against in top 16. Of course i get paired against him right away. So i go home with my friends, we get donuts and i pick up some rum. I go to bed thinking i did great that i got the top 16 and i don't really care all that much about the outcome of my game tomorrow. I figure if i open denko i will win the match but if i don't i will probably lose. I don't prepare for it, just go into it treating it like a casual game since i'm playing against one of my friends and i feel it would be a bit better if he won since he could go further than me into the tournament because of his deck choice and what he would play against in top 8.  The next day i wake kinda sick to my stomach and a little hung over. I go to pick up my friends and i start running late. One of them wont answer his phone or the door cause he sleeps like a brick and over slept so he wastes my time and gas and then the other doesnt want to go. So i'm running late and speeding to get back into seattle (normally a 40-50 minute drive, i do it in 25) I have to stop cause my stomach hates me for some reason and we get taken off of the live stream because i might have to get up mid match.  Top 16 VS Chris Hentz I'm not looking at this game as a super serious game. I go in looking at it like i got top 16. If i lose i lose if i win i win. The outcome doesn't mean to much to me and there is no shame in losing to him.  Game 1: i brick. I draw all monsters, set dragon and pass. He goes dante virgil and 2 back row and knocks out 5k of my life points. Next turn i have the fusion, math and the set up to drop dark armed+ collapse and otk him. I send dragon and hit his mst. I drop my field and his backrow is wingblast so i'm 1500 points short of winning cause of it and next turn he makes nightmare shark and acid golem.  Game 2: there isn't much to say about this game besides i got outskilled and out side decked. I didn't open to good but i didn't open that bad but he outplayed me the entire game. After the game he told me he was testing against my deck all night and realized he was in trouble cause my deck beats his if i get denko or decree. He decided it was best to side out all of his traps and leave me with dead cards and win off of the monsters summoning themselves and storm forth. It works, i have dead cards and he reads the denko in my hand and standby phase emptiness's me where as if he didnt i had denko, fusion and envoy and was going to break his board. I accept my defeat and wish him luck on top 8 while i go and collect my prize support. I talk to jarrod who had been test playing against Chris with my deck and he tells me about how worried they were about the matchup and talks to me about a few different deck choices to make sure i get the otk more often.  After i talk to him i get my prize support, talk to a few more friends who congratulate me and go home happy that i was able top another event. Deck list: 1 Dark Armed Dragon 1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 2 White Dragon Wyverburster 1 Black Dragon collpaseserpent 1 Eclipse Wyvern 1 Glow-Up Bulb 3 Mathematician 3 Denko Sekka - Card is nuts. I've been testing it for months in ocg lists and it's one of my favorite cards 3 Shaddoll Beast 2 Shaddoll Falco 2 Shaddoll Squamata 2 Shaddoll Dragon 2 Shaddoll Hedgehog 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 El Shaddoll Fusion 3 Shaddoll Fusion 1 Allure 1 foolish 1 Raigeki 1 Super Poly 3 Sinister Shadow Games 1 Shaddoll Core 1 Star Eater 1 Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree 1 Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing 1 Goyo Guardian 1 Armades Keeper of Boundaries 1 Armory Arm 2 El Shaddoll winda 2 El Shaddoll Construct 2 El Shaddoll Shekhinaga 1 Lavalval Chain 1 Caringorgon 1 Exciton Knight - Card was completely useless. Never summoned it or had a position where it would help me Side: 2 Vanity's Fiend 2 De-Fusion 3 Royal Decree 3 Fairy Wind 2 Trap Eater 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Ceasefire
  3. Ycs Sydney experience

    Probs dont deserve a tournament report but I'll write one anyway Wednesday: Go to meet up with Timmy/Oli/Louis/Frances/Charlie and steal each others cards before going to work. Oli you still have my black horn of heavens you jew. Thursday: Wake up, go to multiple locals to steal cards and nothing happens Friday: There are like 140 people in a tiny locals (Shoudlnt be legal) on a 40 degree day. I left and went to the restaurant across the road, best decision of my life. Still scouting and deciding what to play and I dont own fire fists. We go hooters with the kiwis/aussies for dinner and then go home and i build a deck. I tested a bit of Hieratic OTK before accepting the Druler build is probably more safe to play in a 10 round event.   Saturday: Get there early, sign up and hang around. Its still like 40 degrees outside. Round 1: Spell books 5-6 Table 316/ So table 316 is so far into the depths of hell, it took forever to get there. Due to technical difficulties we sat in front of our r1 opponents for at least 40 min. Wouldnt have been so bad if my opponent wasnt socially awkward. G1: he obviously didnt know what he was doing so I won G2: He still had no clue what he was doing, he eternity for cres then tried to use it. Tried to master without a caster etc. 1-0 Round 2: Constellar  3-5 Table 28 G1: I won by spamming board and OTKing G2: Lost to top deck honest cause that card is real G3: I won but was annoyed cause had to leave him with 100 LP cause tidal is weak. 2-0 Round 3: Bujn 1-3  Table 19 (Geoff Peters) G1: So he opens brick and I open OTK and he scoops G2: I use Rekdless and then didnt put dice on my deck so i could use more draw cards, then accidently draw under reckless and looked at my shit hand and accept i couldnt win g2 even if i got a gameloss G3:  So like I've got an empty board with 3 ccd's in hand and he has pikachu and tomato on field and he searched the carnation. I top deck a dark hole and win cause I can use 3 ccd consecutively and advantage is good I hear. 3-0 Round 4 Geargia 2-1 Table 33 (ryan bensley) G1: I Wingbeat for 4. G2: I wingbeat for 4. Go balls deep under maxx, realized i couldnt go for game. I wingbeat for another 4 and win. 4-0 Round 5  Geargia 5-4 Table 19 (James O Brien) G1: I wingbeeat for 4 and win G2: I misplay somewhere and lose G3: I have electric virus and other cool cards and eventually he has no cards left to play. 5-0 Round 6 Spellbooks 5-3 Table 2 (Ben Douse) Started from the bottom and now I'm table 2. G1: I get wrecked. G2: I wingbeat for 4. G3: He gets off turn 1 World and shows me Life with Master. On my turn, I make M7 and bounce world to hand and basically win from that. 6-0 Round 7 Fire Fist 1-2 Table 2 (Jimmy Lam) G1: So he opens atrocious but he knows I play hieratic, makes turn 1 roach and i feel like shoving a long metal pike up my ass. G2: I opened shit, he opened stones. 6-1   Kinda on tilt after day 1, wanted to go clean. We eat ribs and rumps then go home and sleep   Round 8 Spellbooks 6-3 Table 15 (Adrian Cilmi) G1: So I'm fucking retarded and forgot to make Gaia Charger for game so he lives and wins cause infinite advantage G2: I OTK on turn 2 G3: We grind this one out but eventually I win it out. Probs a wingbeat inhere. 7-1 Round 9 Spellbooks 5-2 Table 9 (Leroy) G1: This grinds out but ends in my favour G2: This also grinds out and its close to time, figure I should just draw in time but realize I'd be on the bubble either way so I get greedy and scoop it up G3: I basically lose in time and misplay because I forgot he couldn't veiler while my skill drain is up. 7-2 Realise its all or nothing now   Round 10 Spellbooks 1-3 Table 21 (Gareth Murphy) G1: Basically I CCD, Upstart, pass. He shows me 3 Priestess, 3 books and secrets into blue guy and OTK's me with prophecy. Im there thinking is this real life. I mean I didnt open bad and I didnt play bad but I lost. G2: So like this game I open enough bricks to build a new house. My hand was like 2 Wingbeat, 2 Skill Drain, 2 Su. I realize at this point that I wasn't meant for top cut but whatever. 7-3 Ended up 45th after swiss out of 821 people. Although if you're not top 32, you're irrelev anyway   Decklist   1 Flamvell Guard 1 Labradorite Dragon 1 wattail dragon 1 BLS-eotb 4 Dragon Rulers 3 Cardcar D 3 Eset 3 Tefnuit 3 Su 1 REDMD 2 Scarecrow   2 Wingbeat 2 Shrine 1 Book of Moon 3 Upstart 3 Convocation   3 Seal from the Ashes 3 Reckless     Good shit: Got to meet up with the kiwis/qlders etc/. 821 person event event was nice venue (5 min from home) first event of the year met a lot of cool people Wingbeat is nuts in a shit meta. Would play 3 if i could re play   Bad shit: REDMD/BLS were complete garbage Too bloody hot Got god handed on the bubble Didnt make top Didnt get Giant Hand ):    
  4. YCS Miami

    Starts Thursday afternoon, where I pack all my shit at the last moment (around 11:30am) to drive to Miami with one of my friends and a couple others that I don't know. I had asked for info on the hotel room weeks before to confirm shit, Neo (guy I know who was driving) told me 4 people were in the room. Come to find out, between then and that Thursday, that number increased to 9. For some reason 5 of them just didn't want to sleep in a bed, so I guess it didn't matter. It fucking poured the entire way there, and we nearly died multiple times. Once we arrived, checked into the hotel and tested a bit. Ordered dominos with 4 of them since EVERYONE in my car was like "omg we're in Miami we should have authentic Cuban food". No, it's fucking Miami, not Cuba. It's a YCS, you get pizza. So I get my pizza and test some more, then sleep. Friday morning, Neo apparently wants to go to the mall. Sure. We end up going into approximately 9 different shoe stores before they apparently all find a pair of shoes to buy, I just buy a pair of sunglasses and a shirt (will post pics later, on phone posting this at work). We go back to the hotel and of course it's packed with people since it's the hotel of the venue. There were these 3 Chinese guys there, apparently all carrying 100k each, just buying cards at retail since they sell them in China and make a killing. Met Johann (anti-talent) to buy some Stardust Dragons and Decrees, saw Klaus and Klasel (who loaned me Cardcar D's, much appreciated bro), talked to the ARG crew, met up with Vic and company, and pre-reg'd before going back to the room. I planned to play Rabbit (good meta call IMO since Macro > the meta and Dolkka is a G). Tested the mirror and vs water, but the people in my hotel weren't exactly veterans so I didn't really get much out of it. Pennington got in around 6:30 and we went to Texas de Brazil with Neo, Klaus, and one other guy in my room. Was legit. Got back, wrote up the decklist, resleeved, and went to bed. Saturday I woke up rather early despite going to bed at 1am. Went to submit my decklist and met some more Dgz (iSlickz and itswhatever). Walk around a bit before they announce rd 1, then at the player meeting (which took forever to begin due to PA issues) they announced San Diego as the first US sealed event in April (going, lol). So rd 1 begins, I won't go into the specifics of the main event since I scrubbed but ill point out the funny shit Rd1 vs Machina Geargia He basically 2-0 scrapes me, since I misbuilt my deck to only have 16 monsters mained (1 being gorz) and 4 monsters sided, so I was pretty much monster deficient all day. G1 he opens all 3 geargiarmor, but insists on summoning them and attacking with them all before setting them (that 1100 damage is apparently far too important) so I get to Prison 2 of them but he has Lance when I try to Chain the 3rd and he beats me down with random machines since he just auto-sets every trap he draws and I only saw one MST. G2 he has gearframes and armors again, along with a ton of traps. I baited out removal with normals but he had more traps for the rabbits and guides too, so I brick like 12 turns in a row on drawing a monster and get beat down by a Geargiaccelerator. Rd2 was psychics, win 2-1 since he got out some giant synchro thing that I couldn't answer G1. Rd3 vs Agents....or not. You know you're in Miami when Erick Rodriguez sits down, but apparently sat at the wrong table since there were 2 Erick Rodriguez's in the tournament. So I actually play against Water. I go first g1 and go Saber set 4, flip macro draw phase. Only card I saw him play was TT, which got hit by SLR. G2 wasn't much closer, I stuck a Dfissure and he couldn't bait out my Laggia through multiple lances and traps. This guy was nice, and actually went 8-2 before losing on the bubble (surprised me). Rd4 was vs Luis Zambrano, skilled Florida native. Unfortunately he was playing Geartown/Skill Drain/Malefic.dek and drew well, so I got 2-0 scraped. Rd5 was vs the Dragunity guy from one of the feature matches. G1 he goes first and, after playing cards like Garuda the Wind Spirit, Ravine, some level 2 wind tuner that special summons itself when discarded, and the basic dragunity shit, ends his first turn with Atum, 2 Stardust Dragons, a REDMD at full attack, and bth/solemn set. G2 was probably my favorite of the tourney. I go first and go Saber, set Solemn and Dprison. He sets 2. I have Kaba in hand and draw SLR so I set SLR and end. He sets a 3rd s/t. I go summon Kaba, he obv torrentials, I SLR, he chains DECREE and then Threatening Roar, essentially turning my SLR into a better Harpies Feather Duster. I push his shit in. G3 he goes first and only makes a stardust dragon, setting 1. I play Dfissure and set Dprison, he obv runs SDD into it. I eventually stick a TKRO while he had Ravine up. It eventually gets to a point where he has Ravine, 1 set (it's a nothing) and 1 CIH vs my Saber, Dfissure and set MST with Cardcar in hand. He draws to 2, thinks, and pitches Dark Hole to Ravine, I chain MST and he. Gets. Pissed. Lol. GG Rd 6 vs Machina again, he's really nice but he has no side and he isn't really that good. He makes an effort to -1 himself into every TT, BTH, Dprison, and Warning I set, won 2-0. Rd 7 vs Agents, nice kid. I get him pretty good with Dfissure and take it 2-1. Rd 8 vs WU, he Mag Sharks g1, I rabbit + shit my hand to my backrow g2, and misplay my way out of g3. I have a legit made Stardust, Gorz in def, and Solemn set with Kaba in hand at 4400 life vs his Zenmaines in def with 1 material and 3 CIH at 8000. We're in time, he goes run Zenmaines into SDD, activate heavy. I only have 2 battle phases left in time so I allow it, then he soul takers SDD and reborns it, killing gorz with Zenmaines. I draw a Guaiba and concede. So I drop. Fortunately Joe and company are about to cube draft so I partake in that. We get studs like Paul Clarke, joe bogli, wiggles, klaus, among others. I draft the sickness DW Chaos Lightsworn deck with Yata and Stein/Mega/Limiter and just wreck everything. We order pizza and then watch some randoms play for cash. I head up to bed around 3:30am. Wake up Sunday at like 8am, get a call from Vic around 8:30 asking for a ride, since he's not at the hotel of the venue and made day 2 (and everyone else in his room did not, so they're all passed out cold). Neo and I get him and make it back to the venue before 9. My goal for Sunday was just to grind a couple side events and earn the side event prize card. I enter 4 fire king structure events (keep the structures sealed obv) and 2 battle pack sealed events. I end up just dropping all the fire king events after I get the box and play the 2 BP events. The first one I get a deck that just fucking sucks (Duality and Witch are my only power cards, but they both absolutely suck if you don't draft any good cards to select. Lol) so I get scraped by a 10 year old whose entire deck is either monster removal, power cards, or high attack monsters. The second event I draft considerably better and 2-0 all my opponents with the quickness (Horn of the Unicorn is just too good in that event). I get a Starfoil Reaper that apparently isn't worth jack shit. Anyways, my name is called for the side event thing, so I borrow a water deck from someone in my room. I build it to my liking: 3 Megalo 3 Dragoons 3 Teus 3 Linde 3 Marksman 3 Diva 2 Pike 2 Infantry 1 Glacia 1 Leed 1 Gunde - 3 MST 2 Salvage 1 Avarice 1 Hole 1 Heavy 1 Reborn - 3 Sphere 2 Torrential 1 Mirror Force T4 vs the mirror: g1 I go first and set sphere, he sets 1 backrow and ends. I space his sphere, but I had megalo dragoons infantry so I just kill him. G2 he makes a push with Leed and Megalo to put me at like 600, then makes a Gaios. I summon infantry and Diva and he allows it, then I make Armory and he chains Gaios so I can't equip it, but the diva and infantry made my avarice live. I draw dark hole and megalo with no other cards in either of our hand and just play the hole. I'm at 600 and he's at 1400. He draws and bricks, I draw a Pike and win. Match was over in 15 minutes, so I talk to the British judge about random shit while the other 3 matches all go into time (lol). T2 vs Fire Fist: g1 he goes bear set 3. I summon Pike and pitch Marksman to target a backrow SLR, searching another marksman. I heavy and he plays A Huge Revolution is Over (lol?). And I shit the rest of my hand onto the field (Megalo Teus etc etc) and Marksman his Dprison, then attack for a lot and he scoops. G2 I open megalo dragoons infantry and just YOLO into his 2 backrows after MSTing his Dfissure. Was almost as quick as the first match. So I win the prize card and sell it to ARG for 250. I talk to Jim about some stuff but Neo wants to get home to watch Walking Dead (lol way too late for that). He wanted to leave at 4 but he said I had to drive home if I wanted to grind sides, so I drove home. It was actually a pretty entertaining drive home. Props: Winning something I guess Seeing all the Dgz ppl I did Vic, Elijah, Billy, Hoban topping (gj guys) shame Elijah won't be travelling anymore, since I don't think there is a vehicle, plane, or venue that can accommodate how large his head probably is now. Joe's cube is really fucking good. I'm honestly surprised a cube with Fusions and Synchros actually works. Oakleys Texas de Brazil Water.dek for being good and wrecking the upcoming format Rabbit.dek for being a good meta call Had a bed every night despite 9 ppl in my room (13 in it on Friday night, lol) Dominos Being able to associate the bad kids who autopilot (set/summon/activate their most powerful cards at the first given opportunity) with their DN counterparts. X-Saber deck without a side for not topping Slops: Scrubbing Sucking at the game as usual Mis-building my deck and regretting it as soon as rd 1 game 1 ended Hoban not getting 33rd - 40th like usual Good players that didn't top because variance/poor R&D Driving 4 hours home
  5. This was my first "big" yugioh event since I started playing the TCG about 2 months ago. I was pretty excited the night before and couldn't get any sleep. Kept waking up every other hour. I finally woke up around 6:10am this morning to get ready for the trip up. I wanted to get a head start to make sure I didn't overlook anything. Departed around 6:40AM. Stopped by the Circle K next to my home to pick up some breakfast items and drinks for the road. The drive from San Diego to LA took about an hour and forty minutes give or take. The trip was uneventful until I got to the Border Patrol checkpoint in San Onofre. The line was crawling when a couple of really old dudes in a really old school car rolled up next to me with their window rolled down. They glanced over at my widebody S2000 and asked, "Did that used to be a Miata? Looks nice". I thanked them for the partial compliment lol. Arrived at the Convention Center area around 8:40am. They had some entrances closed, so the traffic to get into the lot was ridiculous. Good thing I got there early. I proceed to the registration table, get my Cossy ID, submit my forms, and wait for the matches to begin. I brought a trap heavy Samurai build with me. It had been testing well over the last couple weeks and I was confident going in that I could deal with any deck I expected to see. Overall, I think the deck did great, and most/all my losses were attributed to misplays on my part. [b]Match 1: Taylor (Dark World)[/b] G1: I lose roll. He sets one to each zone. I have Gateway, Dojo, MST, and Samurais. MST his DDV, Swarm, and OTK. G2: This second game made me regret not bringing Gemini Imps for my side. Taylor opens gates, DDitG and other shenanigans. He ends turn with two FD s/t and no monster. I swarm turn 2 with GM/Kizan/Hand. Leave him with 100LP and I have Utopia, Hand,GM and Warning on field with no hand. Next turn, more DW shenanigans…Grapha, Goldd, Leviair on field. Utopia blocks attacked from Grapha and Goldd. Hand of the Six cleans house, and Utopia attacks for game. 1 - 0 [b]Match 2: Edgar (LS)[/b] G1: Lost roll. He pretty much rapes with Chaos Sorcerer, lylas, etc. G2: I get early Shi En out. Rivalry interrupts his potential Trishula play, and he can't recover. G3: I have Rivalry out, Shi En comes out. Rivalry blocks my other synchro options. End of turn, GM+Spirit on field with Kizan in hand. He drops JD, double nukes, I retrieve Kagemusha with GM's effect. He gets my LP down to 950. He sets a monster (I read Ryko). I summon kage, special kizan, atk face down ryko, he pops kagemusha, I set Magatama. He goes for the nuke as planned, and I Magatama. However, he drew Card Trooper at the beginning of the turn...the only card out of the 6 left in his deck that could get over Kizan. In hindsight, I *think* I remember him forgetting to mill with JD the turn before he topped Trooper, but I wasn't paying attention ([color=#ff0000]Misplay #1[/color]) 1 - 1 [b]Match 3: Jon (Agents)[/b] G1: Lost roll again. This guy was one of those players that played insanely fast. Almost seemed like he wasn't taking time to think. He owned me first game with typical Agent shenanigans though. G2: Early game, he has Earth on field with a single set backrow. I special Elder and Asceticism for Kagemusha. He says "ok". I announce that I'm synchro'ing, and he says "Oh wait I'm going to Book Kagemusha". I tell him he already passed priority back to me. He gives me the wtf look, but ends up saying "whatever" and allows me to continue. I win shortly after. G3: Forgot what happened here exactly, but I won with Sam spam + Utopia. He gives me beef about the Book from the game before saying it was a "common sense" move that I should have let him have. I told him misplays are part of the game, he gives me the "it's just a game" spiel, and runs off before he can verify the results. 2 - 1 [b]Match 4: Eugene (zombies)[/b] G1: Finally win a roll. Nice kid. Was dressed up in some getup that made him look like Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. Guy didn't know how Sams work…have to explain every card. I OTK with Shi En, GM, and 2x Kizan. G2: Kid sets monster and passes. I trishula next turn, set 3 including SLR. He heavys, I SLR, game from there. 3 - 1 [b]Match 5: Robert (TG Drain)[/b] G1: Won roll…spammed Shi En, back rows. Ended up taking the game with Barkion neutralizing his backrow. G2: Couldn’t draw any monsters…lots of backrow…he owned me with Tengu, TG’s and Horn. G3: Opening hand was United, 3 Asceticism, Kagemusha, and MST. Spammed the field with Sams, united, and a Dojo I drew into. Ended turn with Shi En + Beast + Kagemusha . Problem was all I had to set was MST. Was banking on him not opening Striker + synchro fodder. He opened Striker + Rhino, attacked kagemusha, sync’d for Brionac, and the rest is history. In hindsight, I think the overextension had the best odds of putting me in an advantageous position. Playing conservatively with the opening hand I had would have just had me playing catchup....especially since he topped 2 Warnings and Judgment opening hand. In my opinion, this is the only loss I couldn't do anything about. 3 - 2 [b]Match 6: Andrew (Agents)[/b] Cool guy…was talking about how he had lost two in a row and needed another win. G1: I won roll. Opened shi en, dustshoot, and some random cards. Dustshot the only other monster he had besides Shine ball. He ended up winning tho somehow. I don't remember what happened the next two games, but I ended up winning in part by getting Shi En out quickly, and the fact that he couldn't draw into his boss monsters and sides. I got him one game with Leeching. 4 - 2 [b]Match 7: Eric (Dark World)[/b] G1: I open the nuts – Shi En, Kizan, Magatama, BTH, judgment. He can’t get anything going, and I win. G2: He sets two and passes. I open with Dimensional Fissure, 4 traps, and kagemusha. I play fissure, 4 traps, and hold onto kage. He dust tornados fissure at end phase. The rest of the game was a battle between me not topping monsters, and him just going at it with his discards + Grapha bounce. [color=#ff0000]Misplay #2: [/color]At one point, he had Grapha in grave and Beiige in hand. He normal summoned Beiige and bounced for Grapha. I BTH'd Grapha. Later, he ended up using discarding Beiige for DWD, and I asked "is that the same card you normal summoned for Grapha?". He said yes, and I beat myself over the head for not BTH'ing Beiige when he summoned it originally. I had mistaken it for Broww and didn't activate BTH. I would have won the game had I BTH'd as he drew nothing else to bounce Grapha with and/or discard for the rest of the game. G3: Really really close game. Ended up being really slow play between both of us...I continued chipping at his LP while he plussed (seemingly ineffectively) with Gates. Near the end, I had kagemusha and GM on the field thanks to Gateway. He had gates on the field and nothing else. Ufortunately, I don’t run AFD and coudnlt’ summon one to pop. Next turn, he proceeds to double puppet plant me, then attack for game. I knew he was siding puppet plants from last game…I probably should have at least summoned BRD to avoid that >.< All in all was disappointed with this last game as I beat myself with misplays. 4 - 3 [b]Match 8: Trey (Frog Monarchs)[/b] G1: He sets one, then ends. I open Dojo shenanigans and get out shi en + spirit. He tries to MST my dojo after he already passed priority right before I synchro summoned (similar to the Agent guy from before), but I told him it was too late. He had Gorz, but I was able to get rid of him and won before he could get anything going. G2: He sets a monster and passes. I open Hand + United + back row (including rivalry) and attack his face down poison draw. I think he sets something after that. But it’s too late…next turn I go Kagemusha into Shi En, Draw with united, top another united, summon more, draw more, swarm. He has Gorz, but I flip Rivalry to get his token off. Hand takes care of Gorz. He can’t recover with Rivalry on the field. 5 - 3 [b]Match 9: Adrian (TG Drain)[/b] G1 & 2: Don't remember too much as I was already pretty tired at this point. I just know I won one, and he won one. G3: Close game trading blows for blows. I have traps to remove his TG's and he can't get any cycling going. He ends up getting Tengus out while I'm struggling to draw a monster (I have 3 backrow and Gateway + United in hand). I finally top a Spirit. Drop Gate + United and attempt to summon Spirit. He negates with Warning. Next turn, he summons Spirit with Reborn. [color=#ff0000]Misplay #3: [/color]I completely forget that United and Gateway still gets counters when *any* Six Samurai is summoned. He XYZ's Spirit + Warwolf...I BTH. He attacks and gets me down to 1700. I top Zanji, he judgments, I judge him back. Draw one with United...top Heavy but don't want to use it since I have 4 backrow including Gateway. I attack into Mirror force =\ I have no face downs that can deal with two attacking Tengus and lose. He points out to me afterwards that I was supposed to add counters. I beat myself over the head repeatedly. 5 - 4 [b]Afterthoughts[/b]: Even though I scrubbed [myself] out, it was a rather enjoyable regionals. It was fun to experience the large-scale competitive feel that a 500-ish participant event brings. I learned a bunch of things including that Samurai's still got it as long as I can avoid misplaying lol. I was surprised that I didn't run into any plants. This regional seemed like it was pretty diverse. I definitely saw more samurais that I thought would be there...almost every table I sat at had another Sam deck besides mine. Hopefully with a little tweaking and practice, I can get farther in future events. [b]Props:[/b] Samurai's doing well. Running 12 monsters and only having monster issues in 1 or 2 games. Transmigration Prophecy side. Most of my opp’s being cool peoples. Not losing 0-2 any of my matches. Good/close games...minimal sacking. [b]Slops:[/b] Misplays Dimensional Fissure being of no help Mained Maxx "C" seeing zero action Couple of my opponents siding Kinetics and Puppet plants. Not bringing my own lunch and shelling out $14 for a Sandwich + drink Guy who said he liked my pink keyboard (I was borrowing my wife's laptop) Fight between some random guy and a girl + boyfriend...attracted all the judges and security.