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Found 20 results

  1.     Monsters:   2x Shaddoll Beast 1x Dragon 2x Squamata 3x Magical Abductor - Free Scales 2x Damage Juggler 1x Hat Tricker 3x Plushfire 2x Hedgehog 1x Falco 3x Magician   Spells:   1x Spellbook of Power 1x Wisdom 1x Life 1x Eternity 2x Tower 2x Master 2x Fate 2x Crescent 3x Shaddoll Fusion 3x Secrets 1x El Fusion 1x BoM   Side:   1x Effect Veiler - Searchable 1x Droll & Lock Bird - Searchable 2x Maxx "c" 1x Damage Juggler 1x Dragon 3x MST 3x Wavering Eyes 3x Decree   Extra: Rank 2s Rank 4s Synrhos   So I heard that Magical Abductor SBs was a fun thing to try, at first I tried builds with Majespecters and Magicans and such but they didn't feel that great. I also tried the Luster Dracoslayer thing but I didn't really care for that either. In the end I decided I didn't like most of the Spellcaster based pendulum engines so I went with Performages since they fit fairly well with Spellbooks in previous builds I had tried and they had thier own scale as well. The deck still felt like it was missing something though, so I tried one of my favorites and threw in a sorta small Shaddoll engine. For now this is what I'm messing around with but it does still need work. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know~.
  2. happy dolls

    [spoiler] [/spoiler]   1 - Armageddon Knight 1 - Elemental Hero Blazeman 1 - Photon Thrasher 1 - Shaddoll Hedgehod 1 - Shaddoll Falco 1 - Shaddoll Dragon 2 - Shaddoll Squamata 2 - Shaddoll Beast 3 - Star Seraph Scepter 3 - star seraph sovereignty 1 - Performage Trick Clown 1 - Performage Hat Tricker 1 - Performage Damage Juggler 1 - Jigobyte 1 - Gem-knight Garnet 21-   1 - Polymerization 2 - Shaddoll Fusion 3 - El Shaddoll Fusion 3 - Brilliant Fusion 1 - Raigeki 2 - Reinforcement of the Army 3 - Instant Fusion 3 - Upstart Goblin 18-   1 - Shaddoll Core 1-   2 - Elder Entity Norden 1 - Gem-knight Seraphinite 1 - El Shaddoll Winda 1 - El Shaddoll shekhinaga 1 - El Shaddoll anoyatyllis 3 - El Shaddoll Construct 1 - Abyss Dweller 1 - Daigusto Emeral 1 - Castel, the skyblaster Musqueteer 1 - King of the Feral Imps 1 - Stellarknight Delteros 1 - Number 104: Masquerade 15-   3 - Denko Sekka 2 - Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 1 - Elemental Hero Prisma 1 - Cyber Dragon 1 - Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1 - Mystical Space Typhoon 1 - Galaxy Cyclone 2 - Dark Hole 1 - Stellarknight Constellar Diamond 1 - Steelswarm Roach 1 - Evilswarm Exciton Knight 15-   The side deck is just tentative, because i live in south america and crab king isnt legal, and didnt think about all the matchups yet.   With the release of Norden i really wanted to play a deck that can get the most value of it and brilliant fusion, because brilliant can tutor whatever you need at the cost of drawing the fucking garnet. At first i think that Nekroz was the deck that can do the trick, since using double ju AND having a way to put a masquerade in the field to OTK in the same turn with just playing 4 cards is huge.   But after goldfishing it, drawing double ju and a live brilliant only happened at 11% and the mathematician fiasco, so i was dissapointed about it until remebered that brilliant also gives all that dolls wanted all this time, a searcheable light without wasting the normal summon AND a way to unbrick the multiple normal summon hands, I think that hobban explains better this in his article in ARG, since it gives me the RotA engine to fix the nospellhand problem without clogging my hands with normal summons.   So now, i have a way to search a light, to search a spell/doll/light,what is missing? Something to abuse the double normal thing, here is where star seraph comes in. In the past, when you open scepter, you can only get value of it when you hit a second one after searchigng sovereignity, but with brillian, you can do the XYZ of 3 materials to draw more cards whenever you start with another level 4 ( pretty much the whole deck ). You brilliant for Juggler/Tricker, Normal the Scepter, Normal the other level 4, make delteros/X and draw another card after digging for 3-4 cards.   Right now, my only problem is how i deal with unicore, with engine cards since i really dont want to mainboard shitty cards like dark hole, and how this deck interacts with anothers Nordens decks of the format.        
  3. Hey guys, this is Collin Reardon. Some of you know me, some of you don’t. Regardless, I am considered to be one of the best deck builders in the Northern Virginia area by many of the good players. Now, I don’t mean this to come off as cocky, as I am not nearly as good as others in terms of skill during physical gameplay. However, in terms of deck construction, I feel like I have strong theory and have really improved on my deck building skill in the past couple years. Anyways, I won’t spend too much more time on that. This article is about the deck my team had prepared for ARG Richmond, the reasons we chose every single card, and the journey surrounding it. One team member got 3rd with the deck (Nic Colella, aka Ginger), and another almost topped as well (Nishaad Lorengo, aka “SQUIDS~” on DN).   The story of Team Islands (sponsored by The Island Games, theislandg.com) begins when me and my friend Nishaad started working on the Shaddoll deck. We both liked the deck a lot, and knew it would be the best or second best deck. What I really liked about it was it’s flexibility in match-ups, while also being able to play hate for Nekroz. Nekroz isn’t the best deck by a big enough margin right now like best decks have been in the past. If you build your deck to beat Nekroz, you can beat Nekroz. However, Shaddolls are also really good against everything else, while also being able to make plays that are also good against Nekroz. In other words, you can primarily focus on beating the Nekroz match-up while also being able to beat the rest of the field.   Anyways, there were several people asking me for a Shaddoll build and a Nekroz build. People in my local area are always asking me for builds as I am one of the most respected deck builders in the area. So one night, I made a Facebook group called “Collin’s Deck Building”. I only added 6 of my closest friends to the group, who respected me as a deck builder and who also I could trust for help. These 6 people are: -Nicky Reardon (My brother, and probably one of the best players I know) -Nishaad Lorengo (My newest friend out of the members, but became one of my closest. He’s very new to competitive play, but is probably the second best player on the team behind Nicky. Both he and Nicky just have a natural gift for strategic thinking that not many people have. He also made the biggest contributions to the deck compared to any other members by far. His ideas also surprised me, and I learned to respect his ideas very quickly.) -Dilan Solanki (Again, another great player who I respect as a player and he respects me as a deck builder, and keeps improving so much every week) -Ryan Levine (Another friend who came up with good ideas and also has an interesting view on things that not many people have) -Ginger (Also someone who I was also discussing the deck with, and who respects me greatly as both a deck builder and player. He top 4’d the ARG with the deck, and helped build it a little, but only a little. Also the best person I know at Goat format, and PS - I know people who topped SJC’s during the actual Goat format and have won Goat 1ks) -Tristan (Probably my oldest friend in the Yugioh community. He doesn’t play anymore, but frequently comes back randomly every couple formats, so definitely someone who I was going to include in this Facebook group.)   This group, originally just for deck lists, eventually formed into a team. We quickly realized that we have one of the strongest group of people and different skills in our area, and everyone was putting a lot of effort and an equal amount of good ideas, so the formation of a team almost sort of naturally occurred. So, originally in “Collin’s Deck Building”, I posted decklists of Shaddolls and Nekroz. This early version of Nekroz is VERY similar to the final decklist Ryan Levine and Nicky ended up playing at the ARG, Ryan also topping with the deck. However, the Shaddoll deck needed a lot of work. After a LOT (and I mean a LOT) of discussion within our team, we came to this list: Monsters: 21 3 Star Seraph Scepter 3 Star Seraph Sovereignty 3 Effect Veiler 3 Shaddoll Beast 3 Shaddoll Falco 2 Shaddoll Squamata 2 Shaddoll Hedgehog 1 Shaddoll Dragon 1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning   Spells: 14 3 Upstart Goblin 3 El Shaddoll Fusion 3 Shaddoll Fusion 2 Dark Hole 1 Raigeki 1 Foolish Burial 1 Soul Charge   Traps: 5 2 Call of the Haunted 2 Solemn Scolding 1 Vanity’s Emptiness   Extra Deck: 15 3 El Shaddoll Construct 2 El Shaddoll Winda 1 El Shaddoll Shekhinaga 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Number 10: Illumiknight 1 Evilswarm Ouroboros 1 Stellarknight Delteros 1 Stellarknight Constellar Diamond 1 Goyo Guardian 1 Arcanite Magician 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree   Sideboard: 15 3 Artifact Lancea 1 Thunder King Rai-Oh 1 Vanity’s Fiend 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Mind Control 3 Mistake 3 Royal Decree   We knew immediately that we were going to play the Star Seraphs, as we felt it was the best light engine the deck could play. It is very crucial that this deck has a good light engine as making Construct is essentially the entire deck. I know the Star Seraphs are inherently inconsistent as their OWN engine, but fusing for Construct is their primary goal in the deck. It’s just the fact that if you DO open one of each Seraph, Scepter + Call, or Scepter + Soul Charge, you have a near auto-win. If you think about it, that’s actually insane. Just for having lights in the deck (which is necessary for the deck to be functional), you are given a near auto win against ANY match-up, if you draw just any of many two card combos. That itself just concludes why Seraphs are the best light engine for the deck to run.   After we decided we would be running Shaddolls with Star Seraphs, I knew I had to find a good turn 1 play. If you open the Star Seraphs, you want to be able to do something broken on your first turn. I looked at OCG lists, and they ran Summoner Monk and Shock Master. Now, Shock Master is exactly what the deck needed, a busted turn 1 play to go into with the Star Seraphs. So since Shock Master is banned in the TCG, I went on DN and searched rank 4 XYZ monsters, to find a good turn 1 play for the deck. If I didn’t find a good one, our dream of Shaddoll Star Seraphs was dead. However, I came across this card called Number 10: Illumiknight. This was exactly the card we needed. Turn 1, if you open Sovereignty and Summoner Monk, you can do the Star Seraph combo, draw 2 cards, then summon Illumiknight. Scepter’s effect allows you to pop the random summoner monk on your field, and then draw a third card. Then, you can use it’s effect to discard a Shaddoll and draw a card, then use the Shaddoll monster’s effect. Even if you don’t discard a Shaddoll, this combo seemed insane. You draw 4 cards and use Falco or Hedgehog, or you can draw 4 cards while fixing your awkward hand, or just draw 5 cards. All these options seemed insane, and I knew I had found exactly what I needed.   Now, Summoner Monk ended up being cut for Call of the Haunted, as Summoner Monk was a huge liability with everyone starting to main 3-5 hand traps in literally every deck. Monk was good, as it let you open the nut draw more often, or you could just go Monk into Scepter, add Sovereignty, then overlay for Lavalval Chain to stack another Scepter; however, Call just ended up being better, as it didn’t fall to hand traps, and it allowed you to get back Construct and then use it’s effect, which is just amazing against Nekroz.   The early copies of the deck had 2 Mathematician in it. It seems like a great card, making your engine more consistent, being able to use any Shaddoll effect, a floater, making Shekhinaga, etc. However, the more and more I played the deck, the more and more I noticed how terrible the card actually was. The best turn one play in the deck that CONSISTENTLY happens (and by consistently, I mean the majority of games you play) is going into Construct with either a Squamata, Hedgehog, or Falco, then setting Falco and adding Beast, then tributing the Construct for the Beast. This allowed you to be able to have a set Beast and Falco (which are great against literally any match-up you face) while also being able to bring back Construct with Falco. Construct from grave is one of the best cards in the mirror and against Nekroz, because as many of you know, it doesn’t count as being from the extra deck. A Construct they can’t use Shaddoll Fusion from deck, Unicore, or Brionac is hard for either deck to deal with. Along with this play, it was ideal to also have the option to set your hand so they can’t Trishula you. With Mathematician in your deck, it was very hard to accomplish this play, especially the part where you set your hand. The deck itself is already pumping out Constructs and using Shaddoll effects. While your doing this, you have plenty of normal summons in the deck. The deck is constantly going into Construct, then using Hedgehog to search Squamata, do damage, then El Shaddoll into another Construct and get two more effects. Scepter, tribute set Beast, Falco, Hedgehog, are all great normal summons in the deck. Now, I understand Mathematician can sometimes be a better normal summon than those cards, but it’s better to normal summon the slightly less optimal one and have you be able to use all the cards in your hand than having to choose between two normal summons.   Also, the main reason we didn’t include Mathematician is just that it was overall underwhelming. We quickly realized that you are losing against Nekroz if you aren’t fusing, and Mathematician doesn’t help with that side of the deck. If you were going to play all mirrors and Satellars all day, Mathematician would be great in helping with the overall consistency of the deck. However, against Nekroz, Mathematician did absolutely nothing unless you were already fusing, and once you get to the point where you’re fusing, you never are going to not normal summon. The normal summon is just overall too important part of the deck when you’re fusing, and Mathematician just becomes cloggy and underwhelming. I hope that clears it up for all those that were doubting that specific choice.   Now, time to get into the deck. First, we’ll start off with the Shaddoll line-up. I think 3 Beast is necessary. Drawing a card is the only effect that is good in all stages of the game. You use Beast almost every turn, and go through them pretty quickly. In the mirror, tribute setting Beast is very important, and having others to use is extremely vital.   The next Shaddoll monster is Falco. Falco is great against all the top decks, and is good in majority of scenarios. It’s one you want early game (unless you brick of course), mid game, and late game. Because of that, we chose to run 3. This was sort of a last minute change (the Thursday before), because we just wanted to be able to access it as much as possible against Nekroz. I’m not sure if 3 is correct, but it wasn’t necessarily bad (by the way, this is really the only not completely thought out choice, the rest of the deck was really calculated).   Squamata is an automatic two of in this deck. Squamata isn’t actually a great Shaddoll, as it doesn’t do anything itself. It’s always just another Shaddoll. There’s no reason to run three Squamata and aggressively send it to grave. Most of the time, you just don’t send Squamata to grave unless you absolutely need it there. It’s only in the deck so you can search it for it’s 1800 body, it’s flip effect, or to use with El Shaddoll on your opponent’s turn, so you have the option of sending any Shaddoll monster. Other than that, it’s not very useful as it doesn’t actually do anything itself.   Hedgehog is very underrated. I want to stress how important two Hedgehog is. In this deck, Hedgehog is utilized to it’s full potential as we don’t run Mathematician. A lot of times you use Hedgehog to get Squamata or Dragon to fuse with. Since we use six fusions, it’s also important to have a Shaddoll that adds another Shaddoll, so you can fuse again on the same turn. Hedgehog is also the best Shaddoll monster to open with, as it unbricks your hand, allows you to search and tribute set Beast when you open a fusion, and then for the other reasons I listed above. I almost wanted to run three Hedgehog, but decided two was just the correct number as like Squamata, it adds another Shaddoll and doesn’t have it’s own effect like Beast, Falco, and Dragon do.   Dragon is by far the worst Shaddoll. It doesn’t accomplish anything on it’s own. Let me explain it this way, Shaddolls, by Yugioh deck building definition, is a combo deck. Now, it actually isn’t a combo deck, but by deck building parameters it is. What I mean by this, is that Shaddolls thrive when it has access to multiple cards. It doesn’t want to simplify the gamestate, as Shaddolls want to constantly fuse and gain advantage through their own cards. If you gain advantage just by minusing the opponent, you aren’t going to be able to accomplish much as your plays require you to have multiple cards. This is why Dragon is by far the worst Shaddoll. During the early turns, it doesn’t accomplish anything. Even if they have backrow, you would rather save Dragon for when they have a problem card or only have one backrow. You almost never want to fuse using Dragon. The only reason it’s there is to pop problem cards, as another Shaddoll effect, out problem monsters (which Squamata can also do), and for it’s 1900 body. It’s definitely necessary to the deck, but you never want to draw it. It’s n the deck strictly for utility. All these reasons are why Shaddoll Dragon is definitely a one of.   Next, for Effect Veiler. Veiler is just by far the best hand trap for this deck. Like the Star Seraphs, it’s used a lot of the time for a light monster. Construct is literally the deck, so being a light alone is a reason to max out on this card. In addition, it’s also single handedly one of the best protection cards against Nekroz, Satellarknights, and Star Seraphs. Being able to stop Beast and Falco in the miror is also extremely relevant. Stopping Trish and Brionac is a priority for this deck, and also stopping a Manju or Senju can be detrimental. This card does all of that. I see absolutely no reason why this card shouldn’t be a three of.   BLS should be obvious, every time you draw that card you win. The fact it’s a light is also just nuts.   Upstart is also not a card that I should need to explain. It literally is the same thing as having a 37 card deck, if you don’t take into account life points It’s simple, having the minimum amount of cards in your deck is more important than life points. It’s just that simple. Anyone who doesn’t understand this just doesn’t understand other basic principles of Yugioh or card game theory, I can promise you that.   Now, at first we weren’t maxing out on the fusion cards. We started with 3 El and 2 regular, the we went to 2 and 2, then back to 3 and 2, but eventually came to the conclusion that 3 and 3 is correct. After playing the other options, I would never play any less than six fusions. Like I said before, if you’re not fusing by turn two against Nekroz, you’re usually just dead. You need to get to one ASAP. I know drawing two or more fusions sucks, but it’s better to draw multiple than zero. There’s more monsters in the deck than fusions, so it’s more likely that you brick with too many monsters and not too many fusions. It’s just too important that you are able to play Yugioh against Nekroz to not max out on these cards.   The three board wipes, two Dark Hole and one Raigeki, was a concession to many things. First off, they’re our only answers to the Djinn lock if they are smart and search Trish. They are also outs to the detrimental monster floodgates Diamond, Dark Law, Majesty’s Fiend, and Vanity’s Fiend. In addition to that, they are some of the best cards in the deck against both Nekroz and the mirror match. Against Nekroz, once they find out you’re not playing Nekroz, they have absolutely no reason not to leave monsters on the field. Unicore is great against us, and being able to wipe the board against Nekroz can be great. A good strategy against Nekroz is outgrind them with Constructs and Falcos. Normally they will either be able to have a bunch of ritual spells but no monsters in hand, or they will run out of all their ritual spells. Dark Hole and Raigeki help accomplish both strategies extremely well. Against the mirror match, the board wipes are the best cards. Normally, the best field in the mirror will be a set Falco, a set Beast, and a Construct (usually from grave). Now, I understand if you were to Dark Hole them here, they would get to draw a card, get a fusion spell, and reset the Falco. However, none of these are really relevant. The last turn, they set it up to tribute set Beast. Drawing two cards and discarding one is so different from just drawing one card that I can’t even explain it. Also, they won’t have a 2200 body. Even just Dark Holing just a set Beast can be really detrimental to the opponent. In addition, getting back a fusion spell is completely irrelevant. In the mirror, you never want to leave an extra deck monster on the board. Constantly making fusions and having to tribute them off leads to a build up in fusion spells and not enough monsters to use them. The loser of the Shaddoll mirror usually ends up having 3-5 ritual spells that are just useless. This is another reason why the draw two discard one from Beast is extremely important, because you can turn a dead fusion spell into a real card. Lastly, a set Falco that has already used it’s effect is completely useless, as when you use a board wipe in the mirror, you always follow it up with killing their Falco they brought back. Any board wipe in the Shaddoll mirror is game breaking and usually game winning as well.   Foolish Burial is a card a lot of people are iffy about in their Shaddoll decks. However, I think the card is absolutely insane. Most of the time, it’s our fourth Upstart Goblin that doesn’t have the opponent gain 1000 life. Other times, it can be a ROTA, Falco, or MST. The card just has too much utility and is one of my favorite cards to see early or mid game.   Soul Charge is just an insane card. Have you read the card? I don’t think I’ve ever resolves a Soul Charge in this deck and not won the game. In addition to just bringing back Construct(s) (which is usually just game winning on its own) and other random guys, making Arcanite Magician, or making Castel, it also has great utility with the Star Seraphs (obviously lol). If you ever don’t play this card in Shaddolls you’re just insane.   Call of the Haunted is great. It has great synergy with the Star Seraph engine, and getting back Construct against Nekroz or the mirror can be really problematic for the opponent. It’s one of the best cards in the deck once you start making Constructs (which you want to do ASAP every game). It also has great utility with the three Artifact Lancea and one Thunder King Rai-Oh in the sideboard, but that’s just bonus upside the card offers. I have to give Nishaad credit for coming up with this (he also came up with the idea before it started becoming an actually thing some Shaddoll decks started running).   Solemn Scolding is something I was really against at the beginning. Nishaad is also the one to credit for this idea. Most of the time, it’s used as a Diving Wrath against the top three decks. However, it also stops Dark Hole and Raigeki, fusion spells, etc. Every time I drew it where I didn’t brick, I straight up won the game. The card is literally insane. It goes extremely well with the rest of the deck, as Call of the Haunted and Vanity’s Emptienss are continuous, so it doesn’t conflict. If you need to use El Shaddoll Fusion, you can set both and then activate it during the opponent’s draw phase, immediately turning on Scolding. If you don’t want to use it then you can just set both cards and wait until you use El Shaddoll, then you have Scolding live. Also, after you sideboard, a floodgate plus Scolding is the most insane thing ever. The card is so good I can’t even put it into words. It’s also not expected, which actually makes it near impossible to lose when you draw it.   Vanity’s Emptiness is obvious. The card should get banned. You just have to use it more conservatively now. All you do is wait until you have board control, then you set it. Once you start doing this, you won’t lose a game you draw this card (assuming you didn’t completely brick).   I want to bring up why we didn’t run the card Shaddoll Core. We went back and forth on this card for quite some time, but ended up opting not to run it. Against Satellar, it’s great obviously being able to add Shaddoll Fusion back and keeping pressure. Against the mirror it can be good by allowing you to not run out of fusion materials. However, the one problem is drawing it. I know that sounds like a bad reason, but literally every single time you draw it against Nekroz, you lose. The deck already has problems about drawing a fusion but not enough monsters or monsters without a fusion. The -1 this card brings to your hand when you draw it is almost ALWAYS enough to lose you the game on the spot to Nekroz. We decided that the very slight upside it gave you against the other match-ups was just not worth it compared to the downside of what happens when it’s bad.   The last thing I want to talk about the main deck is opting to not main deck Mistake. Now, I understand Nekroz is the best deck and we would play a lot of it. However, the deck needs to be as streamline as possible. I felt the deck is overall good enough to win game one against Nekroz without main decking Mistake. The inconsistencies the cards brought to the other match-ups was just too high of a cost to main deck this card. I wanted to make the deck as streamlined and consistent game one as possible against all the decks of the field, rather than the deck just be Mistake or bust against Nekroz and praying you don’t draw Mistake against the other match-ups. Now, I know some people will say that it’s not terrible because it’s good against Satellars too. Now, first off I expected to play a lot more mirrors than Satellars, and about equal amount of rogue as Satellars, which was all true. The way this deck loses to Satellars is just drawing an awkward hand and losing to their beaters. Mistake doesn’t help with that problem at all. Cutting a Deneb search or two won’t make or break the game. It is far more important to be able to use Hedgehog to search another Shaddoll against them, so when you have a Winda, if they do something to it you can chain El Shaddoll and make another Winda. That play is extremely vital to beating Satellars and even with Mistake on the board, sometimes they can just cut your resources if you aren’t able to make that specific play.   I won’t dive too much into the extra deck, just a couple things. I’m going to bullet it so it’s faster:   -Three Constructs is necessary, you make three almost every game. -You can run two or three Windas. You only make three when you don’t have access to a light, but I found by the time you would make a third, most of the time you’ve found a light. -The only earths for Shekhinaga in the deck are Leo and Goyo, but I found you make it a lot when you make Leo and then add back El Shaddoll to do a lot of damage or go for game. -Castel is mainly for Soul Charge, but sometimes comes up with flip summon + normal summon or call + normal summon. -Illuminknight I already explained. -Ouroboros is great when they have a fusion you want to return to the extra, only one mirror in grave, or are low on hand resources, but isn’t made much outside of that. -Delteros is obvious, shouldn’t have to say much about that. -I feel Diamond is essential. The extra deck isn’t tight enough to not warrant one spot for an auto-win in the mirror match. It’s literally a free win just by sacrificing one extra deck spot. -Goyo is just there for a level 6 (obviously lol). It doesn’t come up much, but when it does it’s crucial to have one. -Arcanite is obvious. It’s made very often after you do the turn one set Beast and Falco play and when you Soul Charge. -Black Rose isn’t actually that obvious. You barely make it against any of the match-ups, it just doesn’t come up as often as you would think. I was running Daigusto Emeral over it for quite some time for the long mirror match games or games where it was good to put back Seraphs so you can Seraph combo again, but in the end just decided I’d rather put in Black Rose so I don’t lose one random game to rogue or Satellar just because I don’t have it. I would get so mad at myself if that happened. -Leo is made very often as a 3100 beater that allows you to get back El Shaddoll Fusion to usually push for game, and if not, definitely a lot of damage. It can also just randomly win the game sometimes in certain match-ups, but that doesn’t happen very often.   I hope that explains everything I need to for the extra deck. Anyways, now on to the sideboard. I’m going to start off each section by explaining how I sideboard for each match-up, then explain why we sideboard that way and why the cards I chose are there.   Against the mirror: -1 Effect Veiler -1 Shaddoll Fusion +1 Vanity’s Fiend +1 Mind Control   We only sided two card in for the mirror. I know it doesn’t seem like many, but we actually don’t have that many bad cards against the mirror. Effect Veiler is pretty bad, but I feel like it’s necessary to keep in at least two just as a concession to the Star Seraphs. It also can sometimes come in clutch against an important Falco or a Beast, but it’s generally a very situational card in the match-up you never really want to see more than one of.   In regards to Shadoll Fusion, like I said before, the mirror often ends up going kind of late, and the way you lose is having too many fusions. You have a lot more turns to find a fusion card, so it’s better to sacrifice the small percentage early game of opening a fusion to get the late game advantage of not getting too fusion flooded. It’s a lot better to draw two El Shaddolls than it is to draw two regular Shaddolls, so this is why I side out the regular one.   Mind Control has always been known to be one of the best cards in the Shaddoll mirror. Often times if you steal a Falco, Beast, or even a Hedgehog (in certain scenarios), which denies the opponent the effect they thought they were going to get and give you for free, usually wins the game on the spot.   For the second card in the mirror, I wanted to side a card that would be a free win if it stuck on the board. The only two cards I could think of are Vanity’s Fiend or Majesty’s Fiend. To solve this, I posted a debate in the Facebook group of Vanity’s Fiend vs. Majesty’s Fiend. In the end, we decided that Vanity’s Fiend was overall better as BLS, Soul Charge, three level fours, and the fusions all out Majesty’s Fiend. Also, Mind Controlling Majesty’s Fiend and fusing just seemed like an auto-lose we didn’t need, even if it’s not very likely. The only downside to Vanity’s Fiend was if people ran Mathematician into Peropero. However, it’s very likely that Mathematician would be summoned before Vanity’s Fiend came down, so it was unlikely they had one once it did. Also, people think Majesty’s is better because Squamata and Dragon are searchable. The thing is, they are very rarely going to be able to be searched out if the opponent can’t fusion summon, and also they would’ve probably also been used for other purposes before Vanity’s Fiend came down, so it’s unlikely they saved one in hand.   Against Satellars: -1 Shaddoll Beast -1 El Shaddoll Fusion -2 Call of the Haunted -2 Solemn Scolding -1 Vanity’s Emptiness +1 Thunder King Rai-Oh +3 Mystical Space Typhoon +3 Royal Decree   You don’t really need three Beast against Satellars, as you almost never tribute set it. You only use it to make Winda most of the time, and sending it off Construct doesn’t happen as often because it’s often better to send Falco, and even then Construct doesn’t come up as much since Winda is so good in this match-up. The traps obviously come out because we transitional side into Decree, and we don’t want any card conflictions. MST is to out floodgates, which is the most common way they beat us, and Thunder King is just another light that can occasionally give us a free win. El Shaddoll comes out because like the mirror, we aren’t as stressed to fuse early, we can give ourselves a little more leeway. I’m siding out a Shaddoll so I want to keep the count somewhat even. However, unlike the mirror, regular Shaddoll Fusion is a lot better than El in this match-up since Satellars use the extra deck a lot more.   The main plan against Satellars is to set-up Winda + Decree as fast as possible, and Veiler their power play if they get over it. If you draw Decree in this match-up or can spam Windas, it’s pretty hard to lose this match-up.   Against Nekroz: -3 Star Seraph Scepter -3 Star Seraph Sovereignty -1 Shaddoll Beast -1 Shaddoll Dragon +3 Artifact Lancea +1 Thunder King Rai-Oh +1 Vanity’s Fiend +3 Mistake   Now, this is where the sideboard plan starts getting weird. Against Nekroz, the easiest way to beat them is with cards that shut them down. This means that post-board, we get to side into an anti-Nekroz deck. Now, the Star Seraphs are still great in this match-up, don’t get me wrong, but what’s even better than the Star Seraphs are just a bunch of cards that say Nekroz can’t play. The only way we can side in all these cards that beat Nekroz is if we side out the Star Seraphs. If you were to not side out the Star Seraphs, you would either have to side out a lot of consistency cards, or side a lot less for Nekroz. Both of these options just seem a lot worse than boarding out a good light engine for an even better one, then siding into all anti-Nekroz cards. This way, you don’t lose the consistency of the deck while also being able to sideboard into literally an entire anti-Nekroz deck. Now, some might think that it could be bad since we are siding out six light monsters for four light monsters, but the deck already had more light monsters than it needed to begin with. Also, if you don’t open a light but open a card like Mistake, it kind of makes up for it. But mainly the light count isn’t a factor since we already get to run so many.   Now, I know a lot of you guys are going to respond asking why I didn't just main the cards I'm siding in instead of the Seraphs. Again, it's not the the Seraphs are bad against Nekroz, it's just that I'd rather have an anti-Nekroz deck than a Star Seraph deck with couple floodgates post-board. I wanted to keep the deck as streamlined and consistent as possible against any deck game 1. The Star Seraphs are still the best light engine, allowing you to get free wins against any deck if you happen to open one of a couple two card combos. It's just that since I'm siding into literally an anti-Nekroz deck, I have to side out my light engine into another light engine that's slightly better so I don't ruin the consistency of the deck.   That’s it for the deck explanation. I hope you guys found it helpful. Now, Ginger got 3rd at ARG Richmond with the deck, but his was three cards different in the main, and one in the sideboard. These were his changes: -1 Shaddoll Beast +1 Allure of Darkness -2 Solemn Scolding +2 Fiendish Chain Sideboard: -1 Mind Control +1 Secret Village   Now, I can explain why he did these things, but I’m not going to say I 100% agree with them.   He wanted to run Allure of Darkness because he wanted to maximize the chances of drawing a fusion card. I can agree with this logic, I’m just not sure if a Beast is the card I would cut for it.   He ran Fiendish over Scolding for two simple reasons. First, if you draw if with the most common turn one play of setting Beast and Falco, you can set your whole hand and still activate Fiendish. I can get behind this reasoning, it makes sense. I’m actually just not sure yet if it’s worth all the upside that Scolding gives you. Also, it’s a good draw against an established field. If they have a monster, sometimes Fiendishing it later can come in clutch (thus why it’s better than Breakthrough Skill). Again, I think it’s a great card, I’m not not quite sure yet if these reasons outweigh the upside and versatility Scolding gives you.   For the sideboard, he cut Mind Control for Secret Village. Now, Secret Village is an unreal card, and probably one I should’ve included 1-2 copies of in my deck myself, but I definitely don’t think Mind Control is the card I would cut for it. I would probably cut a Lancea for one, then play Majesty’s over Vanity’s Fiend to keep the light count the same. Thanks for reading everyone, hope you liked it! Please comment any questions or constructive criticism you have. Thanks again!
  4. YCS Chicago Top 32- JeffDolls

    Hello, Duelistgroundz. I am back for another tournament report since I won ARG Milwaukee with Sylvan. This time, I topped YCS Chicago with Shaddoll, and I went x-1 during swiss and got 3rd place. Going into the event, I was not confident with the deck. I was worry about opening hands with all Shaddoll monsters, opening many fusions with no Shaddoll monsters, or have no out to dijnn. Even though, Jeff proved to me that his Shaddoll deck is really powerful against Nekroz. I was still worried. However, the tournament proved those worries weren't necessary. Here is my list that I entered the tournament with: Here is the deck profile. Jeff and I discussed the card choices!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXkmCloEqZQ   Okay… Let’s get into the tournament report. It has been a while since the tournament. I forgot how most of the games went. Sorry that the report couldn't be as detail as I wanted to be. Round 1: Nekroz (2-0) Game 1: I won the dice roll and chose to go second. He just passed his turn, and I ended up having Construct and mistake. Game 2: I ran out of Constructs and Falco too fast. He couldn’t get over my Shekhinaga, so he overlayed his ju and Unicore into Number 52: Diamonds Crab King…… (I don’t know why)  Then I summoned Math and dumped PeroPero. I attacked my math into his defense mode Crab King and took damage. Then PeroPero effect destroyed his Crab King, and attack for game with my Shekhinaga. Round 2: Loli Satellaknight (2-1) Game 1: I went first opened mistake and Fusion. Game 2: I lost because I didn’t open any fusion, and he made Diamonds. Game 3: He ended up having a Dweller and Diamond on board, but I topped deck Rageki and came back with Shaddoll fusion. Round 3: Nekroz (Maybe) I don’t remember this match at all. I just know I won. lol Round 4: Patrick Hoban Nekroz (0-2) Game 1: He dijinn locked me and set scrolling. I crushed carded him, but it didn’t do anything to all jus he had in hand. Game 2: He dijnn locked me again. I drew fusion, falco, crush card, core. Round 5: Joey Chou Nekroz (2-1) Game 1: I won the dice roll and made him go first. He just passed his first turn without doing anything. I had an OTK hand, but I got distracted when he maxx ced me and I proceeded to lose. Game 2: He bricked Game 3: We both had a really slow hand, but I opened mistake and slowed him even more. I won by flipping up Beast and drawing fusion and more mistake. Round 6: Burning Abyss (2-0) Game 1: Windna and El Shaddoll fusion. Game 2: Windna and Denko Sekka!!!!!! He breakthrough skilled my Windna, and tried to push with Tour Guide but I had veiler. Game 7: Satellknight (2-0) Game 1: I lost the dice roll, and he made me go first. My hand was really bad. It was all fusion spells. He summoned Vega and Altair. He just attacked, made a Giant Hand and set 4. I used Shaddoll fusion, and then made Winda for game. Game 2: I made Winda, and he had to waste all his resources to get over the Winda while I maintained my advantages and won the game. Round 8: Nekroz (2-0) Game 1: I lost the dice roll. I made a Construct and set all my traps. He scooped when I flipped mistake on his rota. Game 2: I was thinking he was playing Satellknight because all I saw in Game 1 was Veiler and Rota.  Before presenting my deck, I suddenly figured out that he is playing Nekroz because Satellknight shouldn’t play veiler. In the game, I had the warning for his Denko and flipped mistake. He couldn’t anything but scooped. Round 9: Satellaknight (2-0) Last round of Day 1. Game 1: I ended my board having Winda and mistake. He couldn’t even use the rota that he topped deck. Game 2: Again, I made Winda, and he wasted all his resources on her. Then I made Shekhinaga and negated his Deneb that was summoned from Altair. He just scooped.   That ended up my Day 1, I was really excited that I did this good in a YCS being x-1. My friend and I went to T.G.I.Friday and got drunk, which I shouldn’t have done.   Round 10: Feature Match Nekroz (2-1) https://yugiohblog.konami.com/?p=20084   Round 11: Nekroz (2-0) Game 1: I ended up with set falco and set Beast with Construct in grave. He trished me, but then he attacked my falco. I got my Construct back from grave. I just kept attacking with her, and he couldn’t get over her. Game 2: I soul charged and my field ended with a Construct, Leo, Beast, and falco. However, he excitoned me, but he didn’t attack my falco. The next turn, I just flipped falco and got back my Construct. He couldn’t deal with her again.   Top 32: Nekroz (2-1) Elvis V. He is a really good player from C.A. He topped the last 4 YCS. Game 1: I came back with a Shaddoll fusion with mistake. Game 2: I had a mistake and a Construct on board. He ended up bringing out a Clausolas and Decisive Armor. He made my Construct to 0 attack and attack with Decisive Armor for game. Game 3: I grinded the whole game. We ended up with a empty board, and he is out of all his ritual spell. He topped deck preparation of Rites, summoned Unicore with Nekroz Mirror, and attacked for game.   This is my weekend in Chicago...  Shout out to my friends espically Jeff Jones and  Marjanco for playtesting with me, and people who loaned me cards. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have topped this YCS.   Props: Topped my first YCS Got 3rd places after Swiss meeting all my cool yu-gi friends made new friends bought 2 Denko People recognized me from ARG Got drunk for free on Saturday Had an amazing time with my friends   Slops: Top 32 Wasting money on unnecessary foods Bought 2 Denko for $50   If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I will try my best to answer them. And thank you so much for reading this far!!! See ya next time!!
  5. shaddoll april 2015

    hello everyone, I've been working on and playing shaddoll on ygo pro since the new list has come out and i cant figure out a decent build for it. So im asking all of you for some help on the list.. please and thank you.   Main 40   Monster 22 Shaddoll Beast x3 Shaddoll Squamata x3 Shaddoll Dragon x2 Shaddoll Falco x2 Shaddoll Hedgehog x2 Mathematician x3 Felis, Lightsworn archer x1 White Dragon Wyvernburster x2 Black Dragon Collapserpent x1 Eclipse Wyvern x1 Dark Armed Dragon x1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning x1   Spells 13   El Shaddoll Fusion x3 Shaddoll Fusion x3 Mystical Space Typhoon x2 Allure of Darkness x1 Raigeki x1 Foolish BUrial x1 Book of Moon x1 MInd Control x1   Traps 5   Shaddoll Core x1 Sinister Shadow Games x2 Crush Card Virus x1 Compulsory Evacuation Device x1   Reasons why I'm playing these monsters..   shaddoll monster-explanatory mathematician- dumps monsters like felis, wyvern and shaddoll monsters eclipse wyvern - dark armed dragon and light target wyvernbuster and collaserpent - chaos engine and targets for shaddoll fusion's dark armed dragon - removal black luster soldier - aggro and removal   Spells and how they can be used in the duel...   shaddoll fusion - main fusion card for the deck, lets me fuse out of deck when extra deck monster is on the feild el shaddoll fusion - allows me to use during battle to make otk possible allure of darkness - draw through the deck faster mind control - take opponents monster and helps with otk book of moon - protection and out to djinn lock raigeki - clears monsters on opponents bored mystical space typhoon - helps clear back row   Traps why so little and what they do?   shaddoll core - protection and helps get back my shaddoll fusions when sent to grave sinister shadow games - helps with flip effects and allows me to dump monsters to grave compulsory evacuation device - clear problem monsters on opponents side of the bored, crush card virus - looks at hand and allows me to destroy big monsters   Extra 15   El Shaddoll Construct x 3 El Shaddoll Winda x2 El Shaddoll Shekhinaga x1 Goyo Guardian x1 Black Rose Dragon x1 Castel, The Skyblaster Musketeer x1 Lavalval Chain x1 Abyss Dweller x1 Gagaga Cowboy x1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight x1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK Number 103: Ragnazero   The Fusions...   El shaddoll Construct - main beat stick, dumps core, and kills special summoned monsters El shaddoll Winda - stops opponent from special summoning to much, consistent threat on board El shaddoll Shekhinaga - effect negation, defensive wall   Synchros...   black rose dragon - board wipe  goyo guardian - out to big monsters, allows me to use there monster in el shaddoll fusion   Exceeds...   lavalval chain - dumps monsters and sets up my next draw if need be gagaga cowboy - game finisher castel - gets rid of a problem card on board 101 - steals special summoned monsters exciton knight - board wipe if i have less cards 103 - out to qliphort and other cards that gain attack plus draws cards abyss dweller - stops graveyard shenanigans   Side 15   Mystical Space Typhoon x1 MIstake x2 Effect Veiler x2 Flying "C" x2 Fairy Wind x2 Vanity's Fiend x2 Denko Sekka x2 Shared Ride x2   Why i choose these... mystical space typhoon - clear back row plus pendulams(qliphort and floodgates) mistake - stop add to hand from deck(nekroz, qliphort) effect veiler - search effects (nekroz and burning abyss) flying "C" - stops exceeding plays(burning abyss and satellarknights) fairy wind - heavy face up back row (qliphort, fire fist and other floodgates) Vanity's Fiend - Stops specail summoned monsters(nekroz qliphort and burning abyss) denko sekka - freezes back row (anything that plays a lot of back row) shared ride - draw power(nekroz and other search decks)   Any form of help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again craan92... 
  6. Lightpulsar Shaddolls

    For those visual learners: http://i.imgur.com/8aRp4AN.png       This is my first post, though I've been lurking the forums for a bit on my friend's account. Reading through a good portion of the Shaddoll discussion thread, I decided to put this together in light of the post-SECE format.  This particular build is based on the "deal 8k as fast as possible" mentality that Shaddoll already has, but to further it. After seeing the Trapless Burning Abyss build floating around and eventually topping an event, it became apparent that Denko Sekka would no longer be an optimal main deck if BA permanently drops all of its traps.  It's been testing very well against Qliphort and Nekroz, but I haven't had an opportunity to test heavily against trapless BA. It kind of crumbles to the "standard" BA build due to the abundance of removal, but this build was just a theory if BA drops their traps.      Monsters (24)   3 Shaddoll Beast 2 Shaddoll Dragon 2 Shaddoll Squamata 2 Shaddoll Hedgehog  2 Shaddoll Falco 3 Lightpulsar Dragon 3 White Dragon Wyverburster 1 Black Dragon Collapserpent 1 Eclipse Wyvern 1 Dark Armed Dragon 1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 3 Mathematician      Opted to main deck the Lightpulsars. If BA is dropping traps, there is no use for Denko Sekka in the main deck anymore. With that note, I needed a way to chip 8k off as quick as possible.  Lightpulsar Dragon is a light fusion target that can help push in for big damage and manage graveyard for DAD. Considering that BA starts off with an extra deck monster on board, Qli is starting from 7200 or less, and Nekroz monsters can be stepped over by Construct, using Lightpulsar as an offensive Light to beat face in is extremely easy on top of your standard Fusion plays. Opted to have Felis sit this one out. She's situational and does not help me get any damage in if I draw her.    Spells (15) 1 Foolish Burial  1 Snatch Steal 1 Raigeki 3 Shaddoll Fusion 3 El Shaddoll Fusion 3 Enemy Controller 3 Mystical Space Typhoon   The elephant in the room is clearly Raigeki. In the post-SECE format, Raigeki will be decent enough against 2/3 decks in the metagame, so it is worth the slot. Definitely enforces the 8k damage perspective, but could also come out depending on the percentage of BA I'll be going up against. I'd normally play a third Squamata over Foolish, but Wyvern/DAD will help you chip in the final points for game more often than not, and is easier to make live with 5 ways to banish it from the grave. E-Con at 3 is immensely powerful even if you are not tributing Black/White Dragon for it every time. Stealing monsters is absolutely destructive in the meta. Even though BA is dropping its traps, all 3 decks have the power to support Vanity's Emptiness, so 3 MST in the main is my choice. I'd rather draw it dead against Nekroz than to have BA or Qli stop a big power push with Emptiness.     Traps (1) 1 Shaddoll Core     Most people have comprehended that traps in the Shaddoll deck are subpar at the moment. "Staples" are completely slow and will get you killed. Shadow Games doesn't do much to help achieve your goal, and will get you killed when you draw it instead of something disruptive like E-Con. It's only worthy in the mirror match, and your main deck should not be made with the mirror in mind.        Extra (15) 3 El Shaddoll Construct 2 El Shaddoll Winda 1 El Shaddoll Shekhinaga 1 El Shaddoll Grysta 1 Armades, Keeper of Boundaries  1 HTS Psyhemuth 1 Arcanite Magician 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Downerd Magician   A very difficult decision to make is whether to play 2 Shekhinaga or 1 and 1 Grysta. Grysta finds use against Qliphort, but only if you're in a winning position. Shekhinaga is very good, and will only get better with BA eliminating traps. I like Abyss Dweller because it helps put me in a very good position if I cannot get BA to 0 within 2 turns, but Exciton is excellent against Qli so I'm very torn on that. Downerd goes on top when you Snatch Steal Dantes. Psyhemuth is situational, but is guaranteed to work whereas Goyo does not do much for the deck. It's got 400 atk on Psyhemuth, so it could be something to consider with the 8k damage mentality.         Side Deck (WORK IN PROGRESS) (15) 3 Maxx "C" 3 Denko Sekka 2 Vanity's Fiend 1 The Monarchs Stormforth 2 Twister 2 Sinister Shadow Games 2 Mistake        Side deck based on theories, and will definitely change in the future. 3 Maxx is still for BA and the randomest of random rogues like always. Denko Sekka is to clip those Tellarknight players who believe their new Xyz is god and will save them. It's probably not needed in the side, but there's something about spending $100 on a playset of cards that will make you test them as much as you possibly could. Vanity's Fiend is for really everything not named Qliphort, and the Stormforth is to ensure I have tribute means for it, though I wouldn't mind dropping Stormforth for a third Vanity's. The topic of Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer came up in the Discussion thread, but I'd prefer to have this online against the SECE meta. Kycoo is interesting enough to be bookmarked, though. 2 Shadow Games is for the mirror match, and the Vanity's Fiends supports this. The goal of the main deck is to OTK your opponent as fast as possible with the help of fusions, and you can't be doing that in the mirror. Shadow Games lets you play the flip flop game featuring Falco and Beast all day so you don't get stepped on by the opponent's fusions.  2 Mistake makes me sad, because I hate the idea of playing stun traps. Clips Nekroz and Tellarknight, plus an infinite number of rogues. If there were anything faster to play that is hate against Nekroz, I'm open to the idea. I was thinking that these could be Kycoo or even the third Vanity's and a second Stormforth.     I've done a hell of a lot of lurking and research before I started my writeup, so I hope I'm justified in where the theory behind this build comes from. Open to suggestions and would absolutely love to get a discussion going on this thread. 
  7.   Monsters: BLS DAD 3 Beast 2 Dragon 3 Squamata 2 Hedgehog 1 Falco 1 Black Dragon 3 White Dragon 1 Eclipse Wyvern 1 Felis 3 Mathematician   Spells: 1 Allure 3 Fusion 1 Hidden Armory 3 Elfusion 3 MST 3 ECon 1 DDR 1 Snatch Steal 1 Nephefusion   Trap: 1 Shaddoll Core   Extra: 2 Shekhinaga 2 Winda 3 Construct Leo Black Rose Power Tool Arcanite Psyhemuth Castel Exciton Dweller   Side: 2 Vanity's Fiend 3 Maxx C 1 Grysta 2 Hidden Armory 1 Book of Moon 2 Twister 2 Shadow Games 2 Mistake     The idea behind Power Tool is that if you open Mathematician, you can get one of three extremely powerful Equip Cards instantly by going into Power Tool. Going second, this means you can get Snatch Steal very quickly, or if you have some way to play a Shaddoll that turn, you can start making fusions with Nephe. I feel like Power Tool can get you very far ahead in the early game if you grab anything, really. Unfortunately it becomes dead if you happen to draw or use any of your equip cards, but between PTD and Armades (which I cut for it), I don't miss Armades at all.   Nephe Shaddoll Fusion and Snatch Steal need no explanation, but one cool interaction I found with DDR is that you can discard Eclipse Wyvern for it and search DAD while getting a monster back. Also, you can banish Falco for Wyverburster and DDR it back to synchro for 6.   About 3 Squamata: Squamata and Nepheshaddoll Fusion is actually the greatest thing since sliced bread as it can search any of the other fusions.     I need help on the side deck. I have too many cards in for Qli, but I want to make Snatch Steal part of the main gameplan against Qli in games 2 and 3 so I will side in the 2 Hidden Armories and drop typically one copy of Shaddoll Fusion as well as Falco. I also have MIstake and Twister but then I can't actually side everything for fear of oversiding.   Note: I have yet to try out Lightpulsar Dragon. I will test that out and report back results soon.
  8. No Music

    3 Dragon 3 Beast 2 Hedgehog 1 Falco 1 Squamata 2 Denko 2 White Dragon 1 Black Dragon 1 Wyvern 1 Sorceror 1 BLS 1 DAD   3 Upstart 3 MST 3 Fusion 3 El Fusion 3 E-Con 1 Super Poly 1 Soul Charge 1 Raigeki 1 Foolish   2 Shadow Games   3 Construct 2 Winda 1 Shiekinaga 1 Lavalval Chain 1 Excition 1 Castiel 1 Volcasarus 1 Goyo 1 Black Rose 1 Arcanite 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Leo   For the past month I've been mulling over how I want to make this deck, for example going back and forth on Upstart. The whole rationale on Upstart is to help me get to my power cards faster, basic theory I know, but its something I don't see too many lists taking into consideration and just hoping their opening 5/6 is good enough to save their ass; I understand that Qli is a deck but at least g1 vs them, I want to make sure that I see my best cards as quickly as possible, as that deck can put Shaddolls on a 1 turn clock/otk at the drop of a hat. This also lends to the reason why I chose Chaos over Artifact, as I feel Chaos is much more aggressive and can put them/BA on a clock or otk much easier and thus I run Upstart to grab my combo/game winning pieces sooner.   With this in mind, you're probably wondering why I'm not playing Allure. Simple: I never want to banish anything for its effect. Every monster I want to use in a Fusion or a push for damage. I also feel that unless the monster I'm trading away will always equal another monster + a Fusion spell, its not worth banishing for the chance to get more monsters or more spells without many monsters/spells already in hand/on board to use them with.    No Math is probably another question you have. As I said in the discussion thread, its just too fair and if I'm going to be using my normal summon, I rather do something unfair such as Denko. Bad enough some hands force you to set a Shaddoll, I don't want to be in situations where I either have to do that or play Math, or do that THEN play Math all the while they continue to do unfair shit and stay ahead of me. I haven't missed it tbh; you would have to try playing without it to fully understand why I think its just too fair and too weak and not the be all, end all as some of you may think.
  9. Top 16 ARG Seattle

    Ok so I'll start by saying i didn't really intend to go to this event. The new world of warcraft expansion has just come out and because of the ridiculous log in ques i haven't gotten to play all that much and i was wanting to use my saturday to play. However my friends wanted to go and i had said before that i would drive so i ended up going.  I'll also say that this was one of the most competitive events i have ever been to despite the low turnout. I saw very few "bad" players or bad decks and most players there were people i recognized as good players from regionals or other event tops. I went in with the mind set of not really caring and expecting to go home around 3 cause me and my friends scrubbed out. That wasn't the case though. I apologize if i get the rounds mixed up and that this isn't very detailed. I 2-0'd most of my matches but i don't remember exactly which ones so some of these might be guesses. I was a little tired going into it and i got a bit drunk after it Round 1: Burning Abyss. this was one of the good players i recognized from OR so i figured this wouldn't last that long. Game 1: I win dice roll and make him go first. He opens dante+ backrow. My turn i summon denko, play shaddoll fusion and otk with BLS+construct Game 2: i open all dudes and no spells while he opens virgil, dante and backrow. i concede this game relatively quick. Game 3: i get decree and setup turn one. Activate decree and turn 2 send wyvern and banish for dark armed, BLS and construct  1-0 Round 2: Burning Abyss Game 1: i open dark armed, bls, fusion. i send for math and wait till i have denko and then otk him Game 2: Turn 2 i have Vanity's Fiend and Royal Decree on board and he has nothing 2-0 Round 3: Burning Abyss. At this point i'm like, really?  Game 1: he goes first, puts dante+ backrow on board. I open denko and double fusion and win Game 2: he mst's the first decree but i had the second and i put yazi on board. When he tried to summon tour guide i chain el shaddoll fusion to send 2 from hand and put winda on board so he can't make acid golem.  3-0 Round 4: Satellarknights. Was not expecting this but the guy ended the tournament 6-0-2 Game 1: Denko+ double fusion is an otk  Game 2: back and forth, he slowly out advantages me with shadow mirror and he crashes into denko and soul charges into a board i cant recover. Game lasts a long time Game 3: we go into time. I'm ahead but attack into honest so i lose by 200 life points.  3-1 Round 5: Evilswarm. guy from one of my locals. Good player, wasn't expecting this deck choice though Game 1: he sets a hand and a backrow and passes. I attack into Fire Hand with dragon and pop his backrow. I don't really play backrow in my deck so icehand is useless and i never let him set up and eventually drop bls dark armed Game 2: he gets ophion + backrow and has both chalices to negate my dragons Game 3: i open nuts and he doesnt. i win by turn 3 4-1 Round 6: Chaos Shaddolls Game 1: he opens set guy and backrow. I figure shaddolls. i otk him turn 2 with fusion, denko and envoy Game 2: He bricks. Summons lyla and passes with one backrow. Got a draw from beast but i put a ton of damage on board turn 1 with serpents and i have the core + el shaddoll fusion in case he tries to do anything.  5-1 at this point the realization hits me that i can probably top this event. I still look at it from a relaxed point of view cause i have lost on the bubble before and it isn't a big deal if i lose again and i am expecting to only play qliphorts at this point. Round 7: Qliphorts. Yeah i expected this Game 1 he opens broke, i go back and forth a bit but he disk combo's me and i otk's me Game 2: he has scales, shadow mirror and Skill Drain. I stall with serpents and am able to recover with Fairy Wind after he didn't otk me and gave me life points with upstart to play it. i out bls+ construct on board and crash his disc and he can't do anything after i break his board Game 3: i get Fairy Wind and mst and a little setup but he still manages to get a tool on board through my backrow and he otk's me 5-2 Figured as much. I was at table 5 before this round though so i could still pull off a top if i won the last round.  Round 8: Shaddoll burning Abyss. Game 1: He turn one dante+ backrow. I get Denko Construct but cant put enough damage on board to win that turn. His turn he plays shaddoll fusion and reality hits me that i'm in trouble. I grind out for awhile but he plays a beginning of the end and i end up scooping with 15 minutes left on the clock.  Game 2: Really grindy. He gets beginning of the end to resolve again but i sack out of it by top decking envoy when i had denko and shaddoll fusion. This game ends with 30 seconds on the clock so i rush to side in ceasefires and i present my deck when time is called.  Game 3: He ops to go second so he can get turn 5 for damage. I open with foolish to send lizard and hedgehog. Search falco to set and set shadow games and Royal Decree before passing. He summons dragon, attacks and i chain shadow games sending beast. I end phase decree him and draw for turn. After i draw i show him my hand of White dragon, BLS, Shaddoll Fusion and shaddoll beast and he scoops. i end 14th place on day one so i gotta drag my ass back to seattle for day 2. In the player meeting i look at the other 15 players and decide there is only one person i do not want to play against in top 16. Of course i get paired against him right away. So i go home with my friends, we get donuts and i pick up some rum. I go to bed thinking i did great that i got the top 16 and i don't really care all that much about the outcome of my game tomorrow. I figure if i open denko i will win the match but if i don't i will probably lose. I don't prepare for it, just go into it treating it like a casual game since i'm playing against one of my friends and i feel it would be a bit better if he won since he could go further than me into the tournament because of his deck choice and what he would play against in top 8.  The next day i wake kinda sick to my stomach and a little hung over. I go to pick up my friends and i start running late. One of them wont answer his phone or the door cause he sleeps like a brick and over slept so he wastes my time and gas and then the other doesnt want to go. So i'm running late and speeding to get back into seattle (normally a 40-50 minute drive, i do it in 25) I have to stop cause my stomach hates me for some reason and we get taken off of the live stream because i might have to get up mid match.  Top 16 VS Chris Hentz I'm not looking at this game as a super serious game. I go in looking at it like i got top 16. If i lose i lose if i win i win. The outcome doesn't mean to much to me and there is no shame in losing to him.  Game 1: i brick. I draw all monsters, set dragon and pass. He goes dante virgil and 2 back row and knocks out 5k of my life points. Next turn i have the fusion, math and the set up to drop dark armed+ collapse and otk him. I send dragon and hit his mst. I drop my field and his backrow is wingblast so i'm 1500 points short of winning cause of it and next turn he makes nightmare shark and acid golem.  Game 2: there isn't much to say about this game besides i got outskilled and out side decked. I didn't open to good but i didn't open that bad but he outplayed me the entire game. After the game he told me he was testing against my deck all night and realized he was in trouble cause my deck beats his if i get denko or decree. He decided it was best to side out all of his traps and leave me with dead cards and win off of the monsters summoning themselves and storm forth. It works, i have dead cards and he reads the denko in my hand and standby phase emptiness's me where as if he didnt i had denko, fusion and envoy and was going to break his board. I accept my defeat and wish him luck on top 8 while i go and collect my prize support. I talk to jarrod who had been test playing against Chris with my deck and he tells me about how worried they were about the matchup and talks to me about a few different deck choices to make sure i get the otk more often.  After i talk to him i get my prize support, talk to a few more friends who congratulate me and go home happy that i was able top another event. Deck list: 1 Dark Armed Dragon 1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 2 White Dragon Wyverburster 1 Black Dragon collpaseserpent 1 Eclipse Wyvern 1 Glow-Up Bulb 3 Mathematician 3 Denko Sekka - Card is nuts. I've been testing it for months in ocg lists and it's one of my favorite cards 3 Shaddoll Beast 2 Shaddoll Falco 2 Shaddoll Squamata 2 Shaddoll Dragon 2 Shaddoll Hedgehog 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 El Shaddoll Fusion 3 Shaddoll Fusion 1 Allure 1 foolish 1 Raigeki 1 Super Poly 3 Sinister Shadow Games 1 Shaddoll Core 1 Star Eater 1 Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree 1 Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing 1 Goyo Guardian 1 Armades Keeper of Boundaries 1 Armory Arm 2 El Shaddoll winda 2 El Shaddoll Construct 2 El Shaddoll Shekhinaga 1 Lavalval Chain 1 Caringorgon 1 Exciton Knight - Card was completely useless. Never summoned it or had a position where it would help me Side: 2 Vanity's Fiend 2 De-Fusion 3 Royal Decree 3 Fairy Wind 2 Trap Eater 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Ceasefire
  10.   How does this work with pendulums, exactly? It says it can be activated when more than one monster is special summoned, but it also says to "destoy that monster" which implies only one can be destroyed. I'm unsure as to whether or not Black Horn of Heaven and Solemn Warning follow OCG rulings, so I didn't want to look there.
  11. left school early since I had a free period last (i.e. you can do whatever you want in that time) by faking a medical appointment to go to pre reg since im not actually missing any new school work so im pretty sure I couldnt fall behind on more important things in life doing this, arrive at excel after like an hour and a half and im reminded quickly of how shit east london actually is thank god I live in north london holy crap pre reg and borrow some cards from my locals tournament organiser ollie hickey, really nice guy those puppet plants really came in handy, downerd not so much but oh well wanted to pick up quasar mat but no one told me they were selling it outside the room I feel so fuckign stupid no way im paying the 60 to 80 they were holding on to the last few mats for on day one just piss off if u think im paying that much my list was horse shit but I actually thought the theory made some sense even though in practice elements of it could be much improved, here it is regardless 2 shaddoll beast 2 shaddoll dragon 2 shaddoll falco 2 shaddoll hedgehog 2 shaddoll squamata 3 mathematician (mvp I cant believe anyone would consider not playing this card its so damn good) 2 effect veiler 2 black dragon collapse 2 white dragon wyverburster 1 eclipse wyvern 1 dark armed 1 bls envoy 3 shaddoll fusion 1 allure 1 foolish 1 mind control 1 soul charge 1 super poly 3 sinister shadow game 3 vanity emptiness 2 burst rebirth 1 shaddoll core 1 solemn warning 2 of each shaddoll because I found on dn that I was running out with 9 and 3 sinister and foolish and theres just no chance im cutting either of those so I stuck with 10, I wanted to avoid drawing multiples of the same shaddoll so I avoided going to 3 and it couldnt have worked better, each one did what I wanted it to do in its own way 3 mathematician because opening with it puts you so far ahead in the mirror, sending squamata beast vs unknown was great since I always got a +1 which isnt guaranteed with raiden, the added utility of level 8 synchros was nice but raiden not floating came up more often and having it mill nothing then get run over by unuk or dante sucks so it had to be avoided, as much as I loved charge of the light brigade in testing for setting up mini dragons math was the way to go 100% eclipse wyvern + dad package gave the deck more explosiveness, it allowed me to get full value out of the mini dragons and you while drawing wyvern is gay the ability to otherwise search out dad is just amazing, this had to be in the deck you cant tell me searching dad isnt broke effect veilers gave me a better collapserpent, easier access to armades and extra defense against burning abyss, I predicted them to be so much more popular than they were, I quickly realised that after round one just walking around and seeing shaddoll after shaddoll I thought veiler was a mistake, although I sided out in all games against shaddoll im wondering if I was using theory more than results, I hit shaddoll beast flip summons several times in g1s and I definitely wouldnt have won those if they had resolved their beasts mind control was just the tits in the mirror I thought maining it was just a good idea, also the downerd in the extra deck was in case I could either pierce them in time and steal a win or more likely if I draw mind control against burning abyss in g1 its live on their dante especially since with my build the extra deck had space for niche situations 2 burst rebirth because shaddoll is a combo deck and opening math burst, foolish burst, sinister burst etc to get shaddoll beast face down asap was actually just awesome, this card was nuts no regrets on using it whatsoever 1 shaddoll core since I could send it with construct or squamata (math foolish sinister) to get back a shaddoll fusion, they can karma cut/pwwb all they want but the advantage just keeps snowballing if I can add fusion back, unfortunately maining this was a mistake since I only played one ba, it only even came up against a shaddoll mirror where I got back a shaddoll fusion to kill his guy but still lost the game urgh this should have been compulse or bts solemn warning stopped mathematician and tgu so I could stop them getting back into the game, I saw it as a combo piece more than anything else since I could make fields then just set this and feel so comfortable, it acted like a 4th vanity and damn it was good over the weekend ok onto the main event ill try to put detail but memory is a little hazy flamed round 1 vs a friendly Croatian bloke named Kenny (shaddoll) g1 mathematcian opener gets me going pretty sure he just has to set a hedgehog and sinister and pass, the beatdown starts up when I draw mini dragons but raigeki and shaddoll fusion set me back further than anticipated because loss of board presence and pressure, top deck my own shaddoll fusion though and with super poly I can arcanite his board (he had no s/t) and attack with construct, super poly for the final blow good start g2 he opens falco sinister but mind control comes up big for the first time, I feared stealing a hedgehog but thought the ruling would let me get his shaddoll flip effect so it wouldnt be a disaster, as it turned out when he chained and sent hedge to flip falco and after a quick judge called I am disappointed to find he gets to revive his hedgehog as well, gotta normal summon puppet plant make armades to beat over and set vanity, cancel out his shaddoll fusion and just swing each turn until he is setting creatures and losing advantage fast, stick a dragon on the field to deal more damage and he loses before getting an out round 2 vs friendly English guy using ba g1 I want to make this detailed but I cant, math and collapse gets dad in hand t1 and an unopposed shaddoll fusion on his dante next turn made this a massacre g2 raiza sets me back far and with no aggressive plays in sight the traps and 2400 body gets him there easily I didnt make him break a sweat this time g3 the long and short of it is that he forgot a crucial scarm searches since he was thinking hard about whether to take back a milled astral force and must have forgot about the pwwb/kama cut he played earlier in the turn, he gifted me this game and should have beaten me round 3 vs some satellarknight guy who was from England g1 deneb gets going t1 and I actually had a playable hand but for whatever reason I couldnt win this, it should be a good matchup g1 but im sure I misplayed somewhere in there and lost because of it g2 open math collapse shaddoll fusion for winda wih falco set and beast in grave, he scoops after a turn or two the raw aggression was too much g3 cant remember the early game I just remember sticking dragon + vanity to win, he rips duality and picks mst for vanity and altair vega deneb gets delteros to put him too far ahead if you noticed the anomaly in that you are right, he duality'd and used altair in the same turn but I didnt catch it becase I was too frustrated at my setup being killed by mst to remember the restriction, im absolutely confident I would otherwise have won since I could next turn castel his deneb so he has to xyz into -1s but I have enough self awareness to accept blame for this defeat, not only was it avoidable but a truly amateur mistake after having played this game since the first starter decks when I was just little I should really have known better and in that respect I deserved to lose just for that mistake alone round 4 vs a dutch? madolche guy named lars g1 he arrives a few minutes late and gets game loss g2 magiliene gets him going I put up a fight but setting monsters and normal summoning squamata was the best I could do and chateau makes his creature too big, I get overrun after a while g3 fairly solid opening hand, just play carefully, mst his ticket searched off hoot and be careful with vanity to make sure I dont lose it too soon, eventually I mst my own vanity since he has no s/t so I can bls dark armed for the game shot round 5 vs an english guy, I think his name was Duncan with shaddoll g1 I have weak hand and have to set hedgehog, he has several mathematicians and steam roles me quickly and efficiently g2 this time I do the same thing to him but bls goes in somewhere I think to just end things g3 he has the advantage early game and pushes for lethal with lavalval chain bls dark armed, I super poly with falco to make construct but unfortunately send dragon and target de fusion. nvm, lavaval chain and dark armed make direct attacks but i live to fight another day, on my turn mind control his dad blast the fuck out of his field the pop itself afterwards since I obviously dont want him getting it back in the end phase, this made my dead dark armed in playable with only one or two darks left in grave I could finally set it up, I just go massive beatdown after, a few good topdecks keep him in it but eventually I take the match round 6 vs some annoying asshole using lightsworn shaddoll robert was his name I think, fucking crying faggot g1 makes goyo to kill my set hedgehog and steal it so I shaddoll fusion and go aggro but some sick ls mills and a clutch super poly bring him back into it and a topdeck late game shaddoll fusion kills me fuck that was annoying im sure there was a way to win that game but my mind is too foggy now, second or third winnable game i've dropped to misplays already damn g2 his ls mills suck this time and I just beat over his guys quickly and win just in time, unfortunately g1 took ages so winning with like 30 seconds left meant I quickly throw out that last burst rebirth for an mst just so I dont have a dead card going into time g3 he opens not truly bad but not as good as he would have hoped, still he lyla mills beast which is alright but with no backrow I math and puppet plant his lyla, I didnt think a neg 1 would matter as much as 3200 damage in time so I go for the damage, he summons raiden I think and attacks me, end phase sinister and dark armed is ready to clear the way for more damage and he loses in time after that he keeps calling me lucky even though he had the luck of the irish in game 1 with several good top decks to save him, says he wants to play on and see who would have won if there was more time to play the full legit game, I agree but first have him sign the match slip and hand It over to a judge there aint no roy st clair shit happening here baldy, he gets overconfident and overextends saying see I would have won or something of that nature, compulse gets his construct and falco reviving dragon gets rid of winda, draw the shaddoll fusion with two shaddolls in hand LOL make winda revive the falco and tribute it for vanity to just win, eat shit asshole round 7 vs rafael neven a dutch guy using artifact shaddoll I remember this guy because he topped, his blonde hair was gel back so immediately I think he is a douche considering pretty boys usually are g1 mathematician gets me there I think I draw a couple copies, his trap stuns and sanctums are frustrating but I get there in the end, cant remember this game much g2 i have a weird hand, set up dad but he sanctums for moralltech and I just cant put any more pressure he wins easy g3 well there wasnt a g3 because despite being extra careful when siding (since he pile shuffled all 3 times there was a chance I could make a mistake and get a game loss) I counted several times but make one last change deciding to try out a decree or two for his artifact engine, something went wrong somewhere and I end up with 42 cards in the main for the game loss since I cant count up to 15 for the side FUCK round 8 vs nice dutch or german guy, his name was Marcus and he used stellarknights g1 opens set 5 but I went first and sinister falco into beast, he fiendish chains beast I make arcanite he breakthough skills, drop DARK ARMED DRAGOOON the best card I swear and just blow him out g3 he opens set 5 again still no deneb in sight i cant believe it yessss, dragon beatdown starts but I stupidly decide to set a couple dead cards like burst rebirth in case gets rid of dragon because why not right? Well heres why not his draw and set I declare an attack and ice hand gets me I have like 3 backrows I cant use its gonna take me forever to get through since i cant get these damn purple cards of the field I wanna slap myself for that it was so pointless but i never expected to be punished with a hand, exciton was out of the question since he had severel back rows unused, oh well I have to keep going and watch my traps and monster die. summon squamata next turn after fire hand gets dragon and keep going but late game he eventually gets the deneb, i wasnt even salty it was inevitable but I get through all 3 altairs somehow, unfortunately he ends up with shadow imprisoning mirror and soul drain both face up, go minus for leo and he makes rhapsody forgetting that shadow mirror stops it from equipping and tearing my rectum, I kill it quickly but his raigeki destroys leo and I have to burst rebirth it back to cancel his alsahm attack to survive as he runs over with 101 aft the replay, so sure im gonna lose the game but of course like a motherfucker I rip the almighty bls to his 101, alsahm, SIM and soul drain with one unknown s/t, I fear d prison but go for thhe attack since i win if they go through, he concedes revealing another set shadow mirror so I made day 2 for my second ycs ever after day 2 on ycs London 2013 losing to a misplay back then aginst jack brunn, at least my hotel room wasnt a waste of money at this point we were kept outside the room in the cold for about 10 minutes while they set everything up konami why am I not surprised. It doesnt help that the excel centre staff are actually just rude, im a paying customer so dont fucking talk down to me asshole u wouldnt see that from any other business so dont pretend im stupid when I ask a legitimate question about how long until its ready, the queue was quite long at that point everyone was wondering the same thing round 9 vs kevin, a French shaddoll artifact player he arrives late and get a game loss, quite literally 3 more seconds (9 minutes 57 seconds or some shit late) and he would have gotten a match loss, not gonna lie I was heartbroken when he sat down as the just had just picked up the match slip and was literally in the process of writing the match loss down g2 he just combos me with artifacts, I lose field presence and ignition on end phase stops me resolving my sinisters and a late game Pleiades adds insult to injury g3 he draws utter shit after I go first, has to super poly me on my second turn, I gladly take the opportunity to activate shaddoll fusion fully expecting vanity but nope he didnt have it and was hoping I didnt have a fusion, well make construct, puppet plant his winda and tribute for vanitys to end him round 10 vs miniboss: floris van asch with shaddoll artifact g1 he plays well and just resolves sanctums and mathematicians for the win, I expected to lose this match and get knocked out but I have to keep going, my mum came with me to the venue to give me for moral support, I never expected to win the last round of day 1 since im just not a very confident individual in general but it actually helped me will myself on to keep going, he still needs to beat me once more so the dream is still alive barely, hope was the last thing to come out of pandoras box I still have that going for me and I still have a chance however slim so get your game on! g2 open math and collapse, take it quickly with a late game bls after refusing to commit with dark armed in fear of super poly g3 he goes first, PLEASE dont have sinister falco that makes things so much harder. he examines his hand annnnnd... ends!? He must have tons of artifacts or shaddolls and tribute monsters (i found out he had caius falco and other weak cards) that don't intract with each other to have bricked that bad, either way drop mathematician for squamata into falco, quick poke for 1500 set sinister and pass. He ends again this is just too good to be true hes done literally nothing whatsoever this game, end phase sinister for beast and revive, beast FLIP effects draws into wyvern and holy fucking fuckedy fuck bls is here again are u kidding me, theres no way he plays gorz just shit my fusion and bls dark armed u name it everything was on the field and otk the hell outta him round 11 final boss: vs the bubble with rajesh and his artifact shaddolls g1 he draws sub par, mathematician puts in work god that card is good, keep attacking with creatures, he ignition begals to get back in but i main phase 2 castel the moralltech since I dont have a read on shaddoll fusion and Pleiades will be a serious threat, still begal walls for a while. eventually I set up dad, pop begal but not the two sets he has since i'llcry If I target a set moral, he sanctums as I attack for game and I have to pass after tribute setting beast over castel, I was pushing my luck keeping it on there for as long as I did anyway and everyones luck runs out eventually. he soul charges for pleiades and a random squamata left on the field, bounces the set beast and passes. I make goyo with a mini dragon to bait out the second bounce and eventually just take the game since hedgehog gets me to fusion with his Pleiades still sitting there. g2 he just bricks and I lay the smack down quickly and easily so im 9-2 and get 20th place, finally topped a ycs after playing this game from the very beginning its like a dream come true, topping was out of the question on friday but everything has fallen into place, mind you I had a lot of luck with bls and opening math quite a bit but 10 years (give or take) of hard work has paid off at last, they announce an update to the standings and I get nervous but am pleased to see im moving up to 19th place due to the changes indirectly affecting me. all my friends congratulate me as does mum who phones my family to tell them the good news, cant get ahead of myself though I still have a job to do in the knockout stage top 32 vs Dominik burrowski with shaddoll artifacts we get deck checked and everything is fine 10 minute time extension lets go g1 I annihilate him the eclipse dad package was too strong once again g2 sanctum kills my momentum and he takes control after a power struggle for several turns and closes the game out g3 we start in time roll the dice and I start, weak hand with no aggression is annoying though so set hedgehog and some s/t and pass, he sets falco sinister monarchs storm forth and sanctum, end phase double sinister for falco and dragon and flip hedgehog, lets clear his backrow since this is my last turn I have to do damage, pop storm forth. draw, summon math send the other dragon since even if I hit sinister I think its ok as long as thats one more unknown backrow out of the way, unfortunately I target the 50/50 sanctum and he chains for moral to pop my set falco with sanctum and math with moral, my plan just falls apart here since morals in defense mode I cant deal damage and I was counting on that falco to get me into armades but now its killed I cant flip it, kill the moral but with no defense the end phase sinister into hedge for dragon deals first damage over math and he wins im confident I could have won with more time but of course unlike the other guy who complained to me, im not gonna be rude enough to say that to a reasonably friendly dude overall, I wish him luck in the top cut, collect the prize mat with my friends and leave to go home. I think this experience has taught me a valuable lesson, playing on dn and at a locals where there are no draws means I need to work on playing in time a lot since clearly its one of my weaknesses, it was very humbling to get this far since like I said I didnt expect to do well at all. There were definitely plenty of other, better players than me in the room so to do well was very lucky for me and helped me put things into perspective rather than get arrogant for getting a premier event top like some other people might. even after losing in the top cut im delighted with how everything has turned out. I hope I made this report reasonably entertaining I dont think im particularly good at writing so I hope you enjoyed, thanks to dgz for helping me improve greatly as a player this couldnt have been possible without this site, I hope this small contribution is me giving back to the community, I hope to enjoy more success at this game but even if I never top another event again i'll be pleased out what Ive done, i've stamped my mark on yugioh history and even though no one will remember me in a weeks time i'll remember what happened on 24-26 october 2014, the 3 days where 10 years of hard work came together for me thanks for reading, nick
  12. So this came up today in a FB group I'm in- and wanted to raise awareness/get a definite answer on this. So the conjecture was that if you flip summon a Shaddoll monster, even though the effect text reads "You may"- the activation of the effect itself is mandatory by virtue of being a flip effect, which restricts your ability to use that same named Shaddoll's effect(s) for the rest of the turn. This seemed off to me, but I figured maybe it was an obscure corner-case that people didn't encounter, or that people were just playing the cards as they read and missing this finer point? For what it's worth as an Aussie we fall under European rulings, but I cannot see this causing division on this ruling- since the core difference (effects being able to activate in zones they don't trigger in) isn't applicable to this.  
  13. I have always been a huge fan of chaos decks, but I never enjoyed Lightpulsar and Darkflare, I always felt that they were underwhelming. I started putting in some Shaddolls in place of the Dragons, added in the baby chaos dragons, found a nice tempo and kept changing things up. This jumble of a deck is the end result. I at first made this deck with the intention of it being something just for laughs. After playtesting it and continuing to tweak it, I discovered that it actually began to play really nicely. Everything felt like it had massive synergy with everything else, and all the plays felt rewarding. This build is capable of making more plays, opens better, and makes better comebacks. It is focused on mid game tempo, as most chaos decks are.   This is one of those decks that seem very scattered in theory, but actually play out really well. The best way to understand this deck is to actually just take down this decklist and play it. The theory starts all coming together through actual playtesting. I'll go way more into detail on everything in the actual decklist, which I will get into right now!   The decklist can be found here.   Monsters (33): Pretty standard for a chaos deck to have a high monster count. When you mill cards, you want to be sending lots of monsters to the grave, not a bunch of spell or traps. The only spell/traps you run are very important ones.   Chaos Engine 1x BLS - Envoy of the Beginning   2x Chaos Sorceror   1x Dark Armed Dragon   2x Gorz   The core of any chaos deck. BLS and Chaos Sorceror are easily summonable due to you milling light and dark monsters into the grave very quickly. BLS and Sorc are extremely relevant in the meta, and can get rid of so many problem cards while making sure your opponent doesn't get that Dante plus or that Shaddoll Fusion back. 2 Gorz are your offensive "backrow" in this deck, they will get you through so many bad situations and bad hands. Watch your opponent swing into an empty field, thinking they have game. Proceed to laugh at their face when they try to push for game. I've excluded Tragoedia because he is horrible in the late or even mid game, but Gorz is still a consistent threat so he remains in.   2x Black Dragon Collapserpent   3x White Dragon Wyverbuster   2x Plaguespreader Zombie   1x Glow-Up Bulb Anyone who has to question running the baby chaos dragons has not played with them. I was hesitant to put them in, but I playtested them once and realized just how much they can do. They help you get around your normal summon limit in a high monster count deck, they let you make plays after your first one was stopped, they let you synchro and then add the other dragon so you can synchro again, they make an Xyz after you've used a Lyla effect, they make plays with Raiden on the first turn... And Plaguespreader is there just because he is needed in any Chaos deck, just helps you make synchro plays without using your normal summon.   Shaddoll Engine 2x Shaddoll Beast 2x Shaddoll Squamata   2x Shaddoll Falco   2x Shaddoll Hedgehog 1x Shaddoll Dragon   The Shaddoll engine is a bit bigger than before because I run Fusion now. I only run 1 Dragon because it is the worst one to open with. You can only set it and pray that your opponent doesn't just normal something and swing.   Lightsworn Engine 3x Raiden 2x Lyla   Lyla is pretty standard for a chaos deck as she pops spell/trap cards and then gets you monsters in grave. You can also use her for xyz/synchro fodder after you pop something. Raiden is a tuner and lets you mill stuff. Milling Shaddolls is always awesome, and you can mill a Scarm too. Overall, they just fill up your grave for Chaos stuff if nothing else.   Tour Guide Engine 3x Tour Guide   2x Scarm   Scarm lets this engine work much better than in previous chaos decks. You can mill a Scarm or set one, which then cycles you into a Tour Guide. Tour Guide just opens up some nice plays, as making an Alucard to pop a backrow can help clear the path for a big play or boss monster. Leviair can get back anything banished from your various banish outlets, and most importantly, can get back a banished Plaguespreader allowing for 2 more uses (1 on field and 1 in grave).   Spell/Traps (7): 1x Allure of Darkness 2x Shaddoll Fusion 1x Soul Charge 1x Charge of the Light Brigade   1x Vanity's Emptiness   1x Solemn Warning Allure of Darkness helps you cycle through bad hands, and you run a ton of darks anyway. Shaddoll Fusion is a given because you can make good plays even if you don't fuse from a main deck. Popping a S/T with Lyla and then fusing it into Construct is great. Soul Charge is mandatory because your grave fills up with nice monsters to Charge back very quickly.Charge searches Lyla or Raiden usually and gets you some mills. I do not like Solar Recharge because it can dead draw easily. The warning would be another emptiness if I had one.   Extra Deck (15): El Shaddoll Winda 2x El Shaddoll Construct Standard. I run less of each because I have limited room and do not need to fuse often anyway. These numbers have never given me problems so far. Armades   Goyo Guardian   Black Rose Dragon   Hot Red Dragon Archfiend   Stardust Spark Dragon   Star Eater   My synchros of preference. You want to make sure you have at least 2 level 5 and level 6 synchros each because you will make them a lot due to Plaguespreader, Spore, and Glow-Up Bulb all being level 1/2. 101: Silent Honor ARK   Evilswarm Exciton Knight   Lavalval Chain Dante   Alucard   Leviair   My Xyz of preference. Leviair is pretty mandatory because of reasons I mentioned somewhere above (getting back Plaguespreader is really nice). Lavalval is great as it lets you stack a BLS or mill a Shaddoll.   Side Deck (15): I have absolutely no clue what to put in this side deck, considering there is very little I would ever want to side out in the first place. Help me out here.   So yeah, that's pretty much it for Chaos Disco. Feel free to leave any comments, feedback, criticism, or suggestions you have!
  14. [spoiler]   [/spoiler]   A while back, I posted a thread on a Destiny Dark World Creator Turbo deck: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=161982 So...soul charge is down from 3 to 1. Shadow Mist isn't released in TCG yet but I want to play something in TCG... so I came up with this!   Deck list:   Monsters: 22   3 Grapha 3 Broww 3 Snoww   2 Fabled Raven   2 Shaddoll Beast 2 Shaddoll Dragon 1 Shaddoll Faclo 1 Shaddoll Hedgehog 1 Shaddoll Squamata   3 Dark Creator   Spells: 14 1 Allure of Darkness 3 Dark World Dealings 2 Shaddoll Fusion 3 The Gates of Dark World 2 Trade-In 3 Upstart Goblin   Traps: 4 1 Shaddoll Core 3 Sinister Shadow Games   Extra Deck: 15   2 El Shaddoll Construct 2 El Shaddoll Winda   1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Crimson Blader 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Stardust Spark Dragon   1 Alsei 2 Felgrand 2 Heliopolis 1 Zombiestein   Side deck: 15   3 Maxx "C" 2 Tragoedia 2 Ryko   2 Lance 2 MST   2 Decree 2 Emptiness     Please disregard the current side deck, but I would greatly appreciate input as to what I can use to compose the side deck.   Card Choices:   0 Beiige: I originally included a single copy because it had some cool interactions with fabled raven and made instant Felgrands possible, but I felt that it was more of a "win more" card. I wanted to fit in 3 upstarts.   2 Shaddoll Beast: 3 seems to result in more dead hands, as if Dark World alone doesn't brick often enough. Ironically, Beast is probably one of the more important cards in the deck as drawing 2 and discard 1 as an EFFECT triggers Dark World cards too, resulting in a net +2. It also functions as a secondary broww since it activates from dealings.   2 Shaddoll Dragon: I don't maindeck MST or lance, so Shaddoll Dragon and Grapha are my only methods in getting rid of Vanity outside of the extra deck. It's cool how he triggers from dealings as well.   1 Falco: gets Shaddoll Beast on the board. Is scrap dragon fodder to recycle Beast.   1 Hedgehog: searches out Beast to tribute a fusion summoned monster and also resolves from dealings.    2 Squamata: I don't like running 3, but he's essentially the searcher for the shaddolls when he gets discarded by dealings/raven/helio. I like how it can access any shaddoll in the deck when sent to the graveyard. Also, it plays an important role in searching Shaddoll Fusion (explained later).   3 Dark Creator: trade-in fodder. Graveyard fills up quickly from Shaddoll Fusion, Shaddoll Squamata, and Sinister Shadow Games.  Standard Dark Creator play: SS creator in DEF, use creator to SS Snoww, bounce to hand for Grapha, normal summon Snoww, bounce to hand for Grapha, attack with both Graphas, overlay for Felgrand. Spam Felgrand protection on Dark Creator's 3000 DEF wall and keep pumping out more rank 8s or spam Felgrand nukes. Alternatively, if the opponent has a clear field and you control gates, you can summon creator in ATK position and swing in with 2 Graphas for 8300 damage.   2 Shaddoll Fusion: I dislike drawing multiple copies of this card. I only use 2 because I can effectively search it from the deck using a combo described later.   2 El Shaddoll Construct - I won't be making her often since I essentially only run 2 lights, but she makes for some interesting interactions with pushing for OTKs and baiting traps before creator spamming. Also is the waifu of Grapha since they can make Rank 8s together.   3 Sinister Shadow Games: Gets DARKs in the grave and thins the deck, increasing the consistency of the deck. Dark World is fairly inconsistent and needs the extra consistency.   1 Shaddoll Core: Is a spare Shaddoll Fusion Material. Has cool interactions with a combo mentioned later.   2 Fabled Raven: is LIGHT, triggers Shaddolls, triggers Dark Worlds, is a fiend for gates, is a tuner that can manipulate its level to the appropriate level...this card is great in this deck, but is atrocious when drawing multiples.   One of the most interesting interactions I found in this deck was the ability to essentially search Shaddoll Fusion from the deck. Here's how you do it:   Send a Shaddoll Fusion to the graveyard from the deck via squamata/shadow games Send a Shaddoll Core to the graveyard from the hand from DARK WORLD DEALINGS, FABLED RAVEN, or from the deck via squamata or shadow games.   Any advice, especially that of composing a side deck, would be greatly appreciated as I am not as experienced in this game as most of this forum's regulars. Thank you!   P.S.: Please note, that this deck is, not by any means, a fully competitive deck. It is just a very fun, consistent, and sacky deck that I would like to improve.            
  15. Razor Sharp

    [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMokMQ8Bu7Y[/media]     18   [1] Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning [3] Saffira, Queen of Dragons [1] Shaddoll Beast [2] Shaddoll Dragon [1] Shaddoll Squamata [1] Shaddoll Falco [1] Shaddoll Hedgehog [3] Tour Guide from the Underworld [1] Djinn Demolisher of Rituals [1] Djinn Releaser of Rituals [1] Effect Veiler [2] Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands   17   [3] Upstart Goblin [3] Hymn of Light [3] Preparation of Rites [3] Shaddoll Fusion [2] Soul Charge [1] Mystical Space Typhoon [1] Super Polymerization [1] Allure of Darkness   5   [3] Vanity's Emptiness [1] Compulsory Evacuation Device [1] Solemn Warning   Notes: Inspired by victor's post in byakk's thread.   Shaddoll lineup is, I feel, pretty standard for a stripped down engine.  The reason I'm not running the 3 Dragon/1 Hedgehog/0 everything else ratio that Bazaar favors is because Saffira and Hymn both trigger Shaddolls so drawing them isn't complete ass.  I wouldn't run Hedgehog at all but being able to search Beast on demand in the mirror is pretty big.  That said, I'd like to find room for a second Beast.   Djinns: I'm not at all sure Demolisher is necessary.  The only deck it would be remotely good against would be BA, and I already have a good matchup against it.  Might replace it with a Scarm, which turns TGU into an independent 1-card play if you don't draw enough Ritual combo pieces.   Veiler: Would like to up to 2 as well.  Being able to recycle this every single time your opponent makes a play is absolutely nuts.  Space is a bitch.   Manju: Probably need to up to 3 as first priority over everything else, but it's pretty bleh.   Soul Charge: Pretty good card, as usual, given that this deck pretty easily dumps level 4s in the grave.  Extra deck space is pretty tight but there are enough auto-wins to make it worth running.  3 is probably too much, though; this deck is not as fast as LS Shaddolls and opening multiples is disgusting.   MST/Super Poly: Testing ratios.  Vanity is a bitch.  6 Shaddolls with Super Poly is all right, especially given that Hymn is basically a free discard with Preparation and the Djinns are half-free too.   Foolish: Need to find room.   Extra: Missing Emeral, missing Scrap Dragon.  Maybe Arcanite too.  Leviair may be unnecessary, but only running 2 rank 3s with 3 TGU is ???   Side: A mess.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPHPMkau50Y         2 Shaddoll Beast 2 Shaddoll Lizard 2 Shaddoll Hedgehog 2 Shaddoll Dragon 1 Shaddoll Falco   2 Armageddon Knight 2 Reinforcements 1 Photon Thrasher 3 Masked Chameleon   17 Summons   1 Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning 3 Soul Charge 3 Shaddoll Fusion 1 Foolish Burial   8 Sorceries   3 Effect Veiler 3 Vanity's Emptiness 1 Solemn Warning 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device   8 Counterspells   3 Facing the Shadows 1 Allure of Darkness   4 Advantage engine cards   Total of 37 cards in the main   Extra   2 Winda 2 Construct 1 Excition 1 Castel 1 Dweller 1 Excition 1 Feral Imps   1 Dark-End Dragon 1 Crimson Blader 1 Thought Ruler Archfiend 1 Stardust Spark Dragon 1 Goyo Guardian 1 Arcanite Magician   14 in Extra.     Side deck is irrelevant and is just a suggestion.  And no the 3 missing cards aren't secret tech, they're just open slots.  I haven't built a side deck ratio for this, and if I don't know what I'm siding out g2 and 3 vs Tella BA and the mirror, then choosing cards for the side is pointless.  Your side isn't just throwing good cards in, your side is thinking about what you side in and out vs a deck and how to best utilise those slots.     The last three slots in the main are really dicey.  I do not think they should be upstart because    a) I think the life points are valuable in the mirror match,   b) this isn't a combo deck, even though you have Arma/Charge your gameplan IS NOT to tunnel for Soul Charge and Combo off like in the Thunder Dragon build or Satella where assembling a handful of your most limited cards is the MOST essential thing.  The game plan I've set out to do is to grind them out with Masked Chameoleon, which is absolutely not Shaddoll's best gameplan which is why I'm putting this deck in the garage, because it sucks and it's hipster,    c) look at my monster ratio.  The ratio of summons and orange cards to all the other shit is definitely tilted.  I absolutely want more cards to support the chameleon approach and what work well with waht this deck does overall, but I struggle to find some that are worthwhile enough overall to play in this format and works with everything else.  Book, Prison, mained MST, Mained super poly, BTS, torrent, BTH???     But I don't know what they will be.     This is just a casual deck I put together because a friend messaged me about masked chameleon and Crimson Blader access in the mirror, TRA in other matchups, and Dark End Dragon as a Hyperion in general is super cute.  It's not the best deck at all for Toronto.     Also if you haven't realised by now, Feral Imps, Gear Gigant into Masked Chameleon, normal summon a lvl 8 synchro monsters including Crimson Blader in the Shaddoll mirror, activating Shaddoll fusion after you synchro off masked Chameleon and and take advantage of the pressure you applied with Masked Chameleon.   That's what this deck does.  It's not very good at all, but it's cute.  
  17. Hello everybody. I am gonna try to keep this small and with not too many details. San Antonio has been known as the worst Regionals in Texas (South) for sometime now. Mainly because of the bad accommodation to players. Granted, Heroes and Fantasies is a hugely successful anime/comic book store, the only issue with the place are the extremely uncomfortable seats and play space. Round 1 through 4, your usually interlocking elbows with your neighbors and sharing the same play mats. By round 5-8 your ass is completely numbed by the pain. I heard Magic hosted tourneys in the same area and MANDATED the store rent actually tables and chairs for their players. It is a sad thing to bring up first, but I have to set the setting because that is how strenuous it is to play their for so many rounds. Anyways, I used Shaddoll. My goal was to be the first in Texas to top with it. The tourney only gathered about 240 or so and was 8 rounds. A surprisingly low number considering Houston and Dallas Average 480-520 at there regionals. I will try my best to recollect the rounds as there weren't too many. Round 1 vs Shaddoll (2-0) Game 1- I beat him purely with Squamatas and Falco. Once he hit 2000. I made Tempest Magician for exact game. Game 2- It is hard for me to recollect, but I know I took a direct Winda attack. Somewhere down the line I must of beat him with Super Poly or De-Fusion. I honestly do not recall. Round 2 vs Shaddoll (A. Bockenstedt 1-1) My most difficult match of the day. Alex is a friend of mines who watches a lot of Me, Jimmy and Scott's games. I know he is very patient and studious, plus he knows about 90% of my techs and side choices so I knew going in this wasn't gonna be easily. Game 1- We had an EXTREMELY long game 1, as I expected with Shaddoll Mirrors. I made a mistake towards the middle of the game feeling overconfident and he ripped a BLS to continue to pressure me. We went through both Constructs and both Winda. Because we only had 3 minutes left in the round and I had Leo and Vanity's Lock vs top-decking Shaddoll with all the fusions gone. My life was 1200 to his 2100 and I decided to scoop and give him the win, because I felt he deserved to win that round and I did not want either of us to go into time with only 1 round. Game 2- I sided in my Hands/Defusion/NightBeams/Cylinder and took out every lifepoint card (Gorz/Warning/Soul Charge) after it became clear I had to play for the draw and inflict the most damage. I ended up inflicting the most and won Game 2 for the Draw after I surprised him with fire hand. Round 3 vs SylvanPlants (2-0) This was my easiest match. Game 1- I open Math finally for the first time today. He does some play involving Peacekeeper, One for One and Copy Plant. I remember winning easily. Game 2- He elects to go first. Use One for One to pitch Dandy. Spore for Formula with a Token. Sets a Card and passes. I was surprised he didnt make the LIbrarian/Form play. Because I had Hedgehog and I wanna keep formula on the field. I set Hedgehog pass and warning. Next turn he attempts to use Spore and I D.d. crow it.  Then summons Lonefire, tributes it and I warning. On my turn, I search and fuse from the deck. Sometime later, he used 2 Miracle Ferts, which I MST'd only to be followed by a third and he made a Draccosack with sage/copyplant and destroys and Construct. Next turn I just fuse from the deck and win the game. Round 4 vs Evilswarm (2-0) Game 1- He goes first. Opens Ophion and set 5. Search the Trap. I set Squatmata. Next turn he attacks and I destroy it. He summons Kerkyion and I Veiler it. I later Summon Dragon to attack and he responds Infestion to search another Kerykion. I set Warning and Pass. He Summons and get Warning'd and I won the game. Game2- I won fairly easy. He opened Ophion again, grabbed spell, set 4. I set Fire Hand and 2 backrow. Next Turn he searches for The Infestion trap, Summon Keryion grabs Heliotrope and summons it. Then declares attack with Kerkyion and ask "Do you have response to attack declaration"... I smiled and asked... "Do you pass prority to me?" He looked so shocked, it was priceless. He decides to retain priority and activates Macro Cosmos. AMAZED, I chain double Shadow Games and sent Dragon and Beast to destroy Macro Cosmos and draw a card. No replay happens and it kills Fire Hand, I pop Helio and summon Ice Hand. He decides to pass. Next turn I Summon Dragon and attack his keryrion. He decides to shuffle it into deck and get Kerkyion. I then Super poly his Ophion and Dragon into Winda. Pop a S/t and attacked some more. Next turn he summon Kerykion and I either veiler or negate it somehow to win the game. Round 5 vs FAT (2-0) Game 1 He goes first Set 2 and passes. I set Hedgehog. He draws and sets one more. I flip Hedgehog to grab Fusion and he breakthrough skilled. I summon Math. Sent Squamata/Falco. and attacked and he used sanctum and popped with Moralltach. Next turn he blind Ingnitions my Vanity's then summons Myrmeleo searches Void Trap Hole. Attacks with everyone, sets and passes. Next turn I confirm the only face-down I dont know. Fuse AD and Hedge for construct. He voids. I grab back fusion and search Dragon. I Set Dragon. Use AD Changer to flip it and won the game shortly after. Game 2 I space his Tenki and get his hands to miss timing. I win shortly after the game starts. Round 6 vs LIGHTSWORN, DRAGONRULER,CHAOS, GORZ, WHITE STONE, EHREN.dek by Christian Solorzano (2-0) Seemed like an okay guy but his deck just seemed so disrespectful. I had so many slow games, where I just outplayed and outplused my opponent and I didn feel like getting sack. Game 1- I ended up getting him to 4300 after I turn 2, He uses Michael to Banish my Fusion but I won the game shortly after. Game 2-Went almost exactly the way. I fuse and got him down to 4300 again. He even asked me what the life is and I said "Same as last game". He draw brick and I wound up beating him in 3 turns.... Just looking at my useless soul charges in my hand. Round 7 vs Shaddoll (2-0) Game 1- Another hard Match considering his Raiden got him so much so early on turn 1 and I decided not to Effect veiler, Next thing I know I am faceing down a Raiden and a felice with company. I later fused and beat his monsters leaving Raiden and set 2 cards. MST and Shadow games. He decided to make a Construct and set 2 more new cards which I blew up. Next turn I fused for Winda, flipped Beast and made No. 61 Volcasaurus for game. Game 2- Game 2 was much more simple. I used Math and Shadow Games. Turn 3 I fused for Winda and popped his f/d, once he revealed Book of Moon, I used De-Fusion to bring back Dragon and Beast and began to beat him down with Beast/Dragon and Math. Later he fused for Contruct and began to attack my monsters, but since they were Special Summoned I was gaining there effects. After I used Ice Hand to help seal the win!!! I began to clap, I was so happy my goal to top was complete!! Round 8 vs Mermail (1-2!!) I got paired down table 2 to a guy who wanted his first top. People asked me to give him the win and I considered it $$. If I beat him and the first guy(evilswarm) lost at Table 1, I could possibly finally win a regional!! Game 1- I let him go firstand he Gold Sarc for Tidal and search Dragon Ice. At that moment I began to feel afraid. 2 turns later I lost to double Sphere, heavy infantry on Math, Dragon Ice, Tidal, Megalo, Beelze, Undine. Game 2- I locked him down early fight through his sphere and used Super Polymerization (1 I sided out) to beat him in 2 turns. Game 3- Almost the exactsame thing happened and I lost to Tidal, Megalo, Teus, Goons, Sphere, Heavy In, Dragon Ice, Salvage. Final Results: 6-1-1 (7th place) I am so happy I accomplished my goal. I worked on the Shaddoll deck the most out of my group chat and people told me they expected me to top, but you know. I don't like to listen to that and stay focused. Pros: Scott Page topped (with mystery deck) Billy almost topped (Burning Abyss) Alex, my round 2 friend, earned his invite Made more money Cons: Couldn't stay in San Antonio and play Melee Apparently I am the Only shaddoll player smart enough to realize Felice and Soul Charge are not that good. Soul Charge, Soul Charge, Soul Charge. It was terrible. Shoutouts: Epik Cards and Games Legacy Jimmy Nguyen Alex Jack DP People who let me borrow cards. Mike Barnes/ Michael Fazi/ Rodrigo Based Loli Steve Klaus who helped me out Bohdan My idol, Jeff Jones
  18. If Nobleman of Crossout is activated CL1, and Sinister Shadow Games CL2, does Nobleman of Crossout resolve or just fizzle? The ruling at my locals was that since Nobleman already got a target, it will banish said target no matter what happens to it. I think this is false, and I am looking for some official ruling/source/documentation/way to explain it so. Thanks.
  19. Void

    So this is my first draft Shaddoll build. Just something I'm going to mess around with and probably upset some kids at locals for a bit. I really wanted to play the baby chaos dragons because I do feel that they add a little something to the deck, but I feel like it's not enough. I've been having trouble finding a reliable light engine like most people it seems, but I've been having some success (granted a small sample size) playing just the single BLS, Felis, and A/D Changer. Changer sucks to draw just as much as anything else but once it's in grave it opens up a lot of possibilities that have constantly put me in favorable positions, or just let me push for extra damage. I haven't been fond of Super Polymerization in the main deck, although I do plan on testing it out some more in the near future. Since this is just my first build and something I plan on playing at locals, I'm going to leave it out for the time being (there aren't many decks it does anything against where I play). I'm also iffy on Allure as I play a minimal amount of monsters and don't always want to remove one. I've been considering dropping it for a single Forbidden Chalice or a Wiretap/Dimensional Prison. Monsters: 16 1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 2 Shaddoll Beast 3 Mathematician 3 Shaddoll Hedgehog 2 Shaddoll Dragon 2 Shaddoll Squamata 1 Felis, Lightsworn Archer 1 Shaddoll Falco 1 A/D Changer Spells: 14 3 Soul Charge 3 Shaddoll Fusion 3 Upstart Goblin 2 Forbidden Lance 1 Allure of Darkness 1 Book of Moon 1 Foolish Burial Trap: 10 3 Sinister Shadow Games 3 Vanity's Emptiness 2 Breakthrough Skill 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Solemn Warning Extra Deck 2 El Shaddoll Winda 2 El Shaddoll Construct 1 Armades, Keeper of Boundaries 1 Goyo Guardian 1 Arcanite Magician 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Castel, Avian Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK 1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle 1 Number 61: Volcasaurus [spoiler] [/spoiler] (the backwards card is Castel, my friend has my copy still)  
  20.   There's been talk about Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell to lock out Shaddoll Fusion. To me, this is a much better option from the side.   Pros: No Spell discard, so any deck can use this. Has no effect on any non-Shaddoll deck, so everything other than Shaddols can side this (Shaddolls can side it as an Oppression-like card). Hits El Shaddoll Fusion at the same time (when released) as well as Super Polymerization if pre-emptively activated.   Downsides: It's a floodgate. Shaddoll will always side up to 3 MST. Dragon pops this - but popping it facedown is the same as Cursed Seal, and if it's faceup it already got value by negating a fusion card. Does nothing to Qliphorts, but is Cursed Seal really what you want to be siding against them instead of stuff like Spell Shattering Arrow, Fairy Wind, or other s/t kill?