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Found 1 result

  1. HickTown Mafia - Day 6

    Yippy-cay-ay motherfuckers! Welcome to Hoo-ha's-ville, Missouri, the site of our incredibly racist stereotypical game of mafia!   It appears there's some felons in town, and it's yer job to round 'em up!   Here be the list of the dudes and dudettes livin' in this here po-dunk town we cawl home: 1. Nishi 2. aurirevoir 3. Dango 4. Gemstone Mine 5. wrw.chrono 6. Malcolm 7. Ammit 8. LFN 9. Yoshino takigawa 10. everest 11. rei 12. NetRepTodd 13. JC 14. my bloody arcanine 15. Papasmurfkof 16. isalty 17. hd LSD druglord 18. urthor   Now let's all be civil, y'all, and remember all the things a good ol' cowboy's gots ta do: -All players are expected to make at least 4 posts per day. Don't wanna go gettin' lost now, do y'all? -Remember that y'all ain't allowed to edit ya posts. We'll have ta take ya out to the stocks and beat y'all to death with a stick -All manners a' claimin' are a'ight, but no screenshots or whatever that there new-fangled technology be a-doin' -Sun rises and sets over 24 hours, moon takes the same amount of time, y'all -GET OFF MAH LAWN YA MANGEY HOODLUMS *spits into jug*   Day Phase 1 begins now, and will end at 2:30 PM EST or when a voting majority (10) is reached.