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Found 1 result

  1. http://ygorganization.com/tcg-official-tag-duel-rules/ Or for those of you who prefer to read under the spoiler: [spoiler] Basic Rules The Match is between two teams; of two Duelists (designated Duelist A and Duelist B). Teammates are seated next to each other with the team on the opposite side of the table. o For a tournament, each Duelist designation (A or B) is chosen at the start of the tournament and never changes. Each Duelist has 5 Monster Card Zones Each Duelist has 5 Spell & Trap Card Zones. Each Duelist has their own Field Spell Card Zone. Each Duelist has their own Deck Zone & Extra Deck Zone. Each Duelist uses their own Deck (2 Decks per team). Each Duelist has their own Graveyard. (Duelists may use their teammates Graveyard as if it was their own.) The Team has a combined Life Point Total of 16,000. (if it reaches zero, the team loses) There can only be 1 Field Spell Card in play at a time, just like a 1-on-1 Duel. Each Duelist has their own Extra Deck. (Duelists my only summon from their own Extra Deck and not their teammates.) Any member of a team may use any Monster Cards in play on their teams side of the field for Tribute Summons, Ritual Summons, and Extra Deck Summons (Example: You may use your teammates monster for a Tribute Summon). Teammates may talk, compare hands, and share information freely and with each other. Teammates must come to an agreement before making plays involving each others cards. Any communication must be verbal and loud enough for the other team to hear. A team loses if the teams Life Points reach zero or either Duelist on the team cannot draw a card from their Deck when required to. If a Duelist reaches a special win condition (such as Final Countdown or Exodia the Forbidden One), that team wins. Limited Cards are counted per team and not per Duelist. So, for any given Limited Card, each team could include 1 copy in either Duelist Deck, making a total of 1 copy that team can use. Semi-Limited Cards are counted per team and per Duelist. So for any given Semi-Limited Card, each team could include 2 copies in any combination between the teams Decks (Example: Duelist A can run 2 copies of Mirror Force, but Duelist B cannot run any copies. If Duelist A runs 1 copy of Mirror Force, Duelist B can run a copy as well, for a team maximum of 2 copies). Both Duelists on a team can have up to 3 copies of a card that is not on the Forbidden and Limited list. (Example: Both Duelists on a team may each run 3 copies of Mystic Tomato, for a total of 6 copies amongst the team). Turn Procedure Duelists on the same team sit next to each other, Duelist A sits on the right of Duelist B. Team 1 is Duelists 1A & 1B and Team 2 is Duelists 2A & 2B. The turn order starts with Duelists A of the team that is chosen to go first and then alternates between teams. The first Duelist who can make an attack is the Duelist who goes fourth. (In the example below, Duelist 2B). Turn of Turn Duelist 1.) Team 1 Duelist 1A 2.) Team 2 Duelist 2A 3.) Team 1 Duelist 1B 4.) Team 2 Duelist 2B 5.) Team 1 Duelist 1A Continue until one team wins Attacking The active Duelist can only attack with Attack Position monsters that are in their own 5 Monster Card Zones. Duelists may not attack with their teammates monsters. If there is a monster on the opponents side of the field (in either Duelists Monster Card Zones) then it must be attacked before an attack of their Life Points directly. Additional Rules During a Duelists turn, either opponent may activate Spell Speed 2 or higher effects (just as they could in a standard Duel). The teammate may also activate Spell Speed 2 or higher effects (as if it was an opponents turn). When a Duelist activates an effect or performs an action, each other Duelist must be given the opportunity to add an effect to the chain or respond to the action before it is resolved. The order of Duelists who get to decide who responds next is the same as the turn order and all Duelists must pass in order to resolve the chain or resolve the action. If multiple trigger effects activate at the same time, the turn Duelists effects will be added to the chain first, followed by their teammates effects, and finally the opponents effects (in an order of their choosing). Card effects that count turns count all appropriate turns. EXAMPLE: Swords of Revealing Light is activated by Duelist 1A of Team 1. Team 2 cannot attack on Duelist 2As next turn (1 turn), Duelist 2Bs next turn (2 turns), and Duelist 2As turn after that (3 turns). Swords of Revealing Light will be destroyed at the end of that turn, because three opponents turns have passed. Card Effects If a card specifically states it affects an opponent, and any part of the cards effect affects your opponents hand, Deck, Extra Deck, Graveyard, or Banished Zone, then the Duelist activating the card effect must choose the opponent sitting directly across from them If a card affects only your opponents side of the field, it affects the e ntire side, or both opponents. If a card specifically states it affects all Duelists, Monsters, Spells, or Traps, then it affects both Teams (all 4 Duelists.) If a card affects both Duelists, then the Duelist activating the effect and the opponent sitting directly across from them are affected. If a card references another card that you control, it counts cards in your teammates Zones as well as your own. In the same way, cards that reference a card your opponent controls count both opponents sides of the field. A Duelist can allow their teammate to use monsters in their Monster Card Zones as Tribute Summons, Ritual Summons, Extra Deck Summons, or for other appropriate card effects. Cards Set by a Duelist can be viewed by the teammate, but they must be activated by the Duelist who Set them. Owner means the same thing as a standard Duel. The owner is the Duelist whos Deck the card started in [/spoiler]