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Found 1 result

  1. In this topic, DGz will help each other in the constructing of teams based around certain Pokemon. The idea of this being that the more experienced players can help out the "beginners" in constructing their own teams and a general team building process discussion can be made. Ideally, examples and discussion would be provided that can educate others when they build their own teams.    Rules You can only contribute one Pokemon that you believe should be added for each slot, as we will periodically add Pokemon to each slot of the team. Pick wisely! Include sets with each of your Pokemon and provide at least two sentences as to why you believe it should be added Try your best as to not post a Pokemon more than once for a certain slot. If you have a problem with the original poster's set, debate it rather than posting that Pokemon again with a different set.  Anyone is free to post a Pokemon set and after 3-5 sets are posted (was hoping for 5 or more but I have no idea how many people will participate thus far, this rule will possibly change), voting will start. Votes can be changed, but only once. Exactly 24 hours will mark the time when votes will no longer be accepted.  Teams will be archived after 6 Pokemon have been added and thus usable by anyone who wishes to use it.  Post your Pokemon's set in a fashion identical to that of Pokemon Showdown so that it can easily be copy and pasted Example of the last rule; [spoiler]Aegislash @ Life Orb Ability: Stance Change EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 Spd Adamant Nature - Shadow Sneak - Iron Head - Swords Dance - King's Shield[/spoiler]   I hope all of you interested in Pokemon take an attempt to participate and enjoy this!   To start this off, I thought we could go with a rather well-known Pokemon; Aegislash   Aegislash #681   Shield Form: 60 / 50 / 150 / 50 / 150 / 60 Blade Form: 60 / 150 / 50 / 150 / 50 / 60