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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all,   I recently just came out of a game against Artifact Shaddolls while I was piloting Spellbooks. I activate Tower's effect during my Standby Phase and he chains Sanctum, tossing Moralltach (Referred to as Sword in this article) out there. He destroyed Tower and said that it misses timing, but without thinking I agreed.   However, looking back on it, do I still get my Tower effect? I'm not an expert here but I just want to make sure I'm thinking about this correctly:         This sounds right in my head. However, I don't know if it is. How does this series play out?     Thanks, Cantus   EDIT: Clarified card in question
  2. So me and my  friend were fighting about this ruling. We were wondering if the spellbook card still goes under the deck before it misses timing or if the tower just misses timing all together, when the tower gets Mystical Space Typhooned during standby phase. 
  3. Situation: Opponent controls a face up Fire King Avatar Yaksha, and a face down Fire King Avatar Barong. I control Gyzarus. If I attack Barong with Gyzarus, then tag to Murmillo and Equeste (targetting Chariot), can I arrange the links of the chain such that Yaksha, when destroyed my Murmillo, would miss timing? I'm thinking something like this: Murmillo (CL1), Equeste (CL2). So, when Yaksha is destroyed my Murmillo, Equeste still has to resolve, so that Yaksha cannot get its "You can..." effect. This is correct, yes? Thanks!