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Found 8 results

  1. ARG Atlantic City

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a tournament report, and since I did reasonably well at Atlantic City and the trip was a lot of fun, I figured I’d do one. I’m mostly interested in talking about the changes I’d make to the deck, but there’s a brief match report at the end. For context, I’m on spring break so going to Atlantic City was a no-brainer, but between school and a lack of good simulator options, prior to this event I had played basically no Yugioh after Zoodiacs came out. I also didn’t have any Zoodiac cards, which in my mind basically left Windwitch Invoked as my option. As an additional benefit, the deck is easy to play, which mitigated the lack of testing problem. Going into the event, there were 33 main deck cards I was sure I was going to play, and I wanted the remaining cards to go to some combination of the following: Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit Forbidden Chalice Twin Twisters Call of the Haunted Chain Disappearance Vanity’s Emptiness Ghost Ogre I wanted since it was a light and was an additional hand trap to beat the Fusion Substitute combo. Chalice and Twin Twisters were both for going second (though Twin Twisters is also quite good going first). Call of the Haunted is generically good since every extra deck monster + Scythe get a lot of utility from Call. Chain Disappearance I liked because it had applications against every deck, and because I figured any good player with actual experience in the format could outplay me pretty easily, and blowout cards like Chain Disappearance are a great way to avoid complicated game states which lead to those mistakes. Emptiness is Emptiness, and is more easily protected in this deck since Mechaba stops destruction cards and the opponent can’t Dark Hole/Raigeki your Crystal Wing to clear Emptiness. I decided against playing Call or Emptiness in the main because they were the worst going second. I couldn’t decide between the remaining four, and so ended up playing 41. That left me with this list: 3 Aleister the Invoker 3 Windwitch – Ice Bell 2 Windwitch – Glass Bell 1 Windwitch – Snow Bell 2 Artifact Scythe 2 Maxx “C” 2 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 3 Magical Meltdown 3 Terraforming 2 Invocation 3 Pot of Desires 3 Wonder Wand 2 Forbidden Chalice 2 Twin Twisters 3 Artifact Sanctum 3 Dimensional Barrier 2 Chain Disappearance 1 Invoked Cocytus 1 Invoked Purgatorio 1 Invoked Magellanica 1 Invoked Elysium 2 Invoked Mechaba 3 Invoked Raidjin 1 Windwitch – Winter Bell 1 Clear Wing Synchro Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon 1 Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon 1 D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga 3 Artifact Lancea 2 Dark Hole 1 Forbidden Chalice 1 Raigeki 1 Twin Twisters 3 Royal Decree 2 Xyz Universe 1 Chain Disappearance 1 Vanity’s Emptiness Post-tournament, I’d make a lot of changes. First obviously is getting the main deck down to 39. I hit no Aleister access way more than I hit three Meltdown/Terraforming/Aleister, and I think the full 9 is the way to go. Wonder Wand and Desires are both insane as well, so I’d keep the core 33 cards. Of the remaining four unique cards I played, Chain Disappearance was easily the worst, and should probably be moved to the side. I didn’t have access to Strikes for the tournament, and they should probably be main-decked, so after that I’m not sure about getting to 39. Not sure about Warning either. After the three Lancea, the five cards for going second against Zoo, the Decrees for Paleozoic, and the third Chain Disappearance and Emptiness for going first against Zoo, I had thirteen cards in my extra and wanted two more cards for going first against Zoo. Even knowing the whole Drident effect to make Apocrpyha/Universe fizzle interaction, I figured Xyz Universe was my best option, as I didn’t think the last two extra slots would come up (which is why I played two Universe targets). I was wrong on both accounts. Grisaille Prison (which I didn’t remember was a card until I read Tyler’s report) is probably miles better than Xyz Universe, though it is likely dead if you get Lancea’d turn 1. Normal summon Aleister set traps pass is not too uncommon in the mirror, and I think you really want Caliga for that, since then you can crash Aleisters, banish both to summon Caliga, and potentially lock your opponent out of activating their Invocation. If you play Caliga you probably want to play a rank 4 as well so you can overlay Aleister and Caliga. I also played against two Burning Abyss Zoodiac decks. I also wanted the second Magellanica a few times, since against Zoo you sometimes only have access to Earths. I wanted Volcasaurus in one game as well. Another big thing that happened games two/three was that my first Invocation would get Lancea’d, my second would get Barrier’d, and I would have no way to shuffle Invocation back into my deck since Aleister never got banished. To address this problem you could side a third Invocation or some other way to banish Aleister – Allure of Darkness (though then you need an Aleister to keep in your hand which isn’t all that common), Wyverburster, BLS, etc. Apart from the above there aren’t any changes I would make, though there might be something better for Paleozoic than Decree. Possibly Psychic Shockwave + Jinzo. I’m not so interested in recounting the actual games, though I can go into more detail on any matches if asked. I made lots of basic mistakes (forgetting Invocation, wrong order of operations, just plain forgetting to chain Maxx “C” to Sanctum when I was going to banish it for Invocation anyway), but thankfully the deck is forgiving in addition to easy to play. In order, my match-ups were: Chain Burn, Windwitch Invoked, Burning Abyss Zoodiac, Metalfoes Zoodiac, Windwitch Invoked, Burning Abyss Shaddoll Zoodiac, Pure Zoodiac, Pure Zoodiac, Pure Zoodiac. A common theme this weekend was my not understanding how Ice Bell actually worked, and I ended up attempting to Chalice my opponent’s Ice Bell while it was still in hand, and thinking I could get the special summon effect if I normal summoned Ice Bell. The latter play happened against Brian Pham in round 8 and neither of us caught it, so I feel bad about that L. I didn’t realize until after I lost in top cut that Ice Bell isn’t just a better Terrortop. All in all though, a Crystal Wing that can’t be destroyed by card effects is really good, summoning Book of Moon is unexpectedly good, and the deck grinds really well as long as you aren’t locked out of Fusion access. And Scythe/Barrier are degenerate. My losses were to Evan Burlaga in round 5, Moises Valentin in round 9, and Andrew Fredella in top 16. My games against Evan were fairly complex and I’m not sure if I could have done anything differently to win. Against Moises my opening hand game 1 was Scythe, Scythe, Wonder Wand, Wonder Wand, Invocation, and game 3 he had Terrortop + two traps + Anti-Spell to my hand of four spells without Twin Twisters. Against Andrew he was the higher seed and game 1 had Terrortop + traps + Maxx “C” to my hand of Ice Bell + dead cards. Then game 3 he had Rat combo + traps and I had Dark Hole + Twin Twisters, but my Glass Bell summoned off Ice Bell got Ghost Ogre’d and I didn’t have Aleister access, so he eventually resolved Rat combo again and won. Overall very fun event though, thanks to everyone who let me borrow cards, everyone from Maryland, and especially my car/hotel for the weekend. As always it was great seeing people, and I’ll definitely see everyone in Pittsburgh. I’ve now lost the first round of top cut in 7/8 Konami/ARG events, so hopefully that ratio improves at Pittsburgh!
  2. Seven. The number of days in a week. Seven. The amount of colours in a rainbow. Seven. The number of continents on this world. Seven. The amount of other planets in our solar system. Seven. The average cost of a Chipotle burrito. Seven. Two hours and two minutes before the most important time of the day. Seven. The number of premiere event tops now held by the esteemed Calvin Tahan.   My name is Sir Craigery I. Rochester, and it is both my duty and pleasure to fully research and convey the events that occurred on the weekend of July 18th, 2015, in Charlotte, North Carolina regarding the self-proclaimed "Best In The World", the aforementioned Calvin Tahan. I swear on my good name that all I share here today is true and correct to the best of my knowledge; I have been the leading investigator in cases like these for over half of a decade, and I promise to solemnly uphold the truth with integrity and grace. I am and have always been a reporter of the people, by the people, and for the people.   It was 10:24pm on Saturday in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the duelist formally known Calvin Tahan had once again found himself in the spotlight. As I stood across the room and marveled at the spectacle that was his celebratory jig as his name was being announced, I knew I owed it to the great people of this community to hear firsthand from this incredible man. I assembled my news team and we managed to arrange a shoot interview. When asked of the likely unprecedented amount of enthusiasm he was surely feeling at this time, Mr. Tahan had this to share: "I feel an unprecedented amount of enthusiasm right now," he began, before being summoned by the tournament officials for a highly important meeting. We were not able to reach Mr. Tahan again for further comment.   In truth, the dawn of this day was unlike any other I had witnessed in the vast entirety of my life, let alone my career. The fountain aside the convention center glistened with the hope of a brighter tomorrow, and yet I felt it in the very essence of my being that there would be no day brighter than the current. As my research team and I entered the event hall, it was truly a sight to hold in reverie. There, at the first table by the door, sat the legend himself - his face meticulous and focused, his eyes warm and true, and his sideburns blazing with glory. It was no surprise to me that Calvin Tahan was amongst the very first entrants into the tournament; I have followed this man's career for nearly as long as I have held my own, and if there was one consistent thing that Calvin Tahan always was without fail, it was prepared. The man always came with a plan and always knew exactly what he was doing. We approached his table, which was decorated with an assortment of cards such as Card Trooper, Black Luster Soldier, Outstanding Dog Maron, and multiple copies of Peropero. When asked of his expectations for himself and his performance in the upcoming tournament, Calvin had this brief sentiment to offer "yeah I'm not prepared for this at all; I have no plan whatsoever and don't really know what I'm doing in the slightest". His humility nearly brought me to tears.   I decided to respect Mr. Tahan's personal space and spectate him from afar; I could tell the gears of his mind were turning as he kept eying a loosely assembled group of Shaddoll cards, continuously moving his lot of 90 or so cards between two piles, presumably ones containing cards he didn't wish to run, and ones containing cards he did. Once he had properly designated which cards he had wished to run in the right-most pile, he counted them up, uttered "fifty" and shrugged, did a quick shuffle, drew a test hand, looked at the clock which read 9:37am, and began scribing his decklist.   Round 1 began about an hour later, and Calvin Tahan was found sampling a Blueberry Bagel with Strawberry Cream Cheese from the nearby bagel kiosk. At the start of round 2, Calvin was seen taking selfies by the Bojangles. Through my many years of reporting, I have never seen any metaphor so powerful in my entire life. This man was so very confident in his creation that he did not even consider partaking in the first two rounds of play. We approached Calvin to get the inside scoop. The deck, dubbed by him as "Suicide Squad", is a literary masterpiece and can be found after the jump:   --- Monsters: 25 3 Graff 3 Scarm 3 1 Cir 1 Farfa 1 Tour Guide 3 Mathematician 3 Kuribandit 2 Shaddoll Beast 2 Shaddoll Squamata 2 Shaddoll Hedgehog 2 Shaddoll Falco 1 Shaddoll Dragon 1 Effect Veiler   Spells: 11 1 Raigeki 1 Foolish Burial 1 Allure of Darkness 1 Beginning Of The End 1 El Shaddoll Fusion 3 Shaddoll Fusion 3 Supply Squad   Traps: 14 3 Phoenix Wing Blast 2 Karma Cut 1 Solemn Warning 1 Breakthrough Skill 1 Mistake 2 Torrential Tribute 3 Mind Crush 1 Crush Card Virus   Side: 15 3 Maxx C 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Galaxy Cyclone 2 Typhoon 3 Spell Canceller 1 Vanity's Fiend 1 Skill Drain   Extra: 15 2 Dante, Traveler of Burning Abyss 1 Virgil, Rock Star God 1 Downerd Magician 1 Ghostrick Alucard 1 Mechaquipped Angineer 1 Acid Golem 1 Nightmare Shark 2 El Shaddoll Winda 1 El Shaddoll Construct 1 El Shaddoll Shekinagga 1 Arcanite Magician 1 Armades, Keeper of Dreams 1 Leo, Keeper of Nightmares ----   It became very clear to me that this was a newer, much more refined version of Calvin Tahan than I had encountered in my private research throughout years prior. We were clearly dealing with a strategic mind far more sophisticated than our own. Before we knew it, round 3 was underway, and we wished Mr. Tahan the best of luck, to which he bantered back "consistent luck is sometimes referred to as 'skill'," a statement that would later come to define his legacy.   As a highly trained professional, I, Sir Craigery I. Rochester, consider myself to be a virtuoso at play-by-play recountment. As with all of my writings, I swear on my honor that the entire account to follow is both true and correct.   Round 3 saw Calvin Tahan pitted against an undefeated Qliiphort duelist utilizing the card "Wavering Eyes" in a trapless fashion. Though Calvin lost the roll and was forced to go second in the first duel, the Qliphort duelist lead out with Pot of Duality and added Scout, which searched a generic. The Qliphort duelist played Wavering Eyes, searching out another Scout, which searched out Towers. Upon attempting to pendulum, Calvin reached into his opponent's graveyard and read the text of Pot of Duality aloud in a very slow and ordained fashion order to help kindly and politely correct his opponent's misunderstanding. Calvin destroyed him on the following turn. Game 2 saw the Qliphort player once again attempting to go first and open the FTK. However, upon the activation of Wavering Eyes, Calvin chained Typhoon from his hand and that was match.   Round 4 saw Calvin pitted against a mirror match! Could the greatest Burning Abyss player the world has ever seen overcome the odds and defeat his opponent in a 2-0 fashion? Though his Scarm milled off Kuribandit took a hit early on with Fiend Grieving, Squamata and Falco were still able to resolve their effects, and Beginning of The End would still be added to hand. The answer to our previous question, of course, is yes.   Round 5 vs Jordan Bermudez saw Calvin's deck pitted against its first Budget Nekroz matchup, and I am sad to say it didn't go very well for him. Though his opponent seemed to have no actual understanding of how to pilot his deck ( game 1 lasted 4 turns yet took about 31 minutes, over 25 of which were not on Calvin's turn), The Best In The World still suffered a decisive defeat, reminding us all that even Gods can bleed. On the bright side, Calvin had managed to sneak in multiple micronaps throughout his opponent's lengthy turns, and was now fully rejuvenated for the rounds to follow.   Round 6 vs Desmond Johnson (Budget Nekroz) saw Calvin Tahan return with a vengeance. Throughout my studies, I have noticed that Calvin had never previously defeated Desmond in tournament play, most recently losing to him in a round 7 feature match at ARG Raleigh held 7 months ago in the same state. This time around, it would be Calvin named the victor, in a 2-0 fashion nonetheless.   Round 7 vs Casey Barbee (Budget Nekroz) saw Calvin pitted in yet another revenge matchup which he had never won. Casey Barbee is single handedly responsible for knocking Calvin out of placing into the top cut on the bubble of one tourney, as well as eliminating him in the top 16 of another. This time around, in a feature match streaming for all the world to see, Calvin Tahan would return the favor. In an interview after the match, we asked Calvin what had happened in the final game. His answer might shock you:   Sounds to me like Casey Barbee was heavily outplayed.   Round 8 saw Calvin Tahan pitted against yet another Budget Nekroz competitor. Calvin answered the challenge with a timely 2-0 and quickly headed to the stage to deliver the match slip. The countdown timer read 31:22, and Calvin Tahan took the moment to announce himself as the first official guaranteed entrant into the top 16.   I once again caught up with Calvin and asked for his thoughts on his standings. "Hopefully I don't play against some idiot who doesn't want to ID because they are scared or have literally no understanding of how tiebreakers work or want to try to get their shitter x-2 friend in". Surely enough, round 9 was announced and would you believe it! Calvin's opponent did not wish to draw. "I'm X-0-1 and we are at table 2. I really want to get first place." Frustrated but unbroken, Calvin explained very clearly to his opponent "The person at table 1 is also X-0-1, as you drew each other last round. He is going to ID his opponent. You being at Table 2 does not mean you have worse tiebreakers than him. The only reason you aren't at table 1 is because you cannot play him, because you already did. It's literally arbitrary. If you draw with me here, there is still a 50% chance that you will get first. However, if you do not, I will make sure you get last." Before the DGZ Cairo Champion could make good on his promise, his opponent was spared through means of a repair. This time, Calvin would be matched against his local friend and travel companion, Nicky Reardon (Budget Nekroz), who after hearing that Calvin had 2-0'd 3 of 4 of his Budget Nekroz matchups, as well as the rest of his opponents altogether, wisely agreed to Draw. Calvin and Nicky shook hands, shared an intimate moment of selfies and smiles, and proceeded to the scorekeeper's stage to confirm their standings. It is said that they drove down together from Northern Virginia. Though it happens from time to time, it is still quite rare to see 100% of a person's car make the top cut, and despite all my years reporting and subsequent Knighthood, I could not write a better ending to this story if I tried. ~ Thus ends this final chapter in the much larger story of Calvin Tahan's climb to the top. I could not be there to witness the events that occurred on Day 2, but my sources are telling me that Calvin Tahan did not go on to win this event. While I can't say this shocks me, I can say that it saddens me. As a reporter, I have seen many faces of the world and have seen many great men held back by a series of unfortunate events. While it's clear that The DGZ 2014 Player Of The Year was met with some misfortune on Day 2, it is even more clear that he will continue to rise above all expectations and shatter the glass ceiling that's been looming over him for so long. All things considered, when your deck is this big, there simply are no ceilings.   My name is Sir Craigery I. Rochester. It is my sworn duty to actively detail the endeavors of Calvin Tahan and his climb to the top, and I will not rest a day until my duty is done.   Regards,   Sir Craigery I. Rochester   Leading Factual Authority on The Best In The World Now Available For Private Bookings   Contact: Sir.Cir@aol.com  
  3. Hey all, my name is Fletcher Thomas and I made Top 16 this past weekend at the 150th YCS playing Burning Abyss.  I’ve been playing this deck a lot recently including at the previous YCS Chicago where I finished X-2-1 after Swiss in 42nd place.  Well now after a new set release gave BA some nice new tools, I made some significant changes to the deck I played in Chicago and took the following to Columbus.     Main (40) Monsters (19) 3 Absolute King Back Jack 1 Alich 3 Cir 2 Draghig 1 Farfa 3 Graff 1 Libic 1 Rubic 3 Scarm 1 Tour Guide From the Underworld   Spells (2) 1 Foolish Burial 1 Soul Charge   Traps (19) 2 Breakthrough Skill 1 Crush Card Virus 3 Fiend Griefing 2 Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss 2 Karma Cut 3 Mind Crush 3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 2 Raigeki Break 1 Vanity’s Emptiness   Side (15) 2 Artifact Lancea 2 Effect Veiler 2 Maxx “C” 2 De-Fusion 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Raigeki 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Breakthrough Skill 1 Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss   Extra (15) 2 Virgil, Rock Star of the Burning Abyss 3 Dante, Traveller of the Burning Abyss 3 Downerd Magician 1 Ghostrick Alucard 1 Mechquipped Angineer 1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon 1 Number 20: Giga-Brilliant 1 Number 31: Acid Golem of Destruction 1 Number 47: Nightmare Shark 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines       The Deck Basically, to have any chance at beating Nekroz with BA, you need to draw traps.  Brio and Trish just absolutely annihilate the deck.  This is one reason why I like Back Jack so much.  Even if you open with too many monsters, you have a reasonable chance of milling a Back Jack which gives you at least a 50% of getting another trap (much higher if you don’t search off Scarm).   Fiend Griefing was an amazing addition to the deck.  It ups the consistency a ton by giving you another card to access your key early cards, Graff and Scarm.  It also acts as disruption frequently netting you a +1 on each resolution.  Alternatively if you already have your engine rolling, you can send Back Jack to replace the Griefing with a new trap.  This card is amazing and I can’t see playing anything except 3.  It only really sucks in the Qli matchup which is pretty good anyway.   I played 7 discard traps to try to remedy the main problem with Back Jack, drawing it.  Discarding Back Jack off of a trap is similar to sending it with Griefing in that you just get a new trap after the first resolves.  It’s a lot of disruption for your opponent to try to deal with.  Also leaving yourself with 1 card in hand with a discard trap is surprisingly effective for making your opponent summon Trish.  If this interaction occurs, it usually leaves you far enough ahead to win the game.   It seems to me that many people aren’t a fan of the new monster, Draghig, who stacks a Burning Abyss card.  I like this card mostly for his synergy with Back Jack.  If you don’t have your engine going yet, you can stack Scarm/Graff and mill it with Back Jack or if you already have a field, stack Fire Lake and set it up on your opponent’s turn.  If you have a discard trap with Back Jack or Draghig along with a Fiend Griefing, you can just set Fire Lake from your deck.  This is amazing against pretty much anything that isn’t Nekroz, Shaddoll, or sometimes the mirror.  I may cut it down to 1 in future builds though I’m not sure.  He also synergizes with Traveller which I didn’t really consider for this tournament but think may be worth a slot.   I only played one of Alich, Farfa, Libic, and Rubic.  I think Alich, Farfa, and Libic are fairly obvious choices at 1 since you don’t really want to draw them.  You just want the option of searching them if they are needed to out something.  Alich is especially important for the Nekroz matchup since you can chain Fiend Griefing or a discard trap to their ritual spell putting Alich on the chain after their ritual summon providing a way to negate Trish. Rubic isn’t as clear cut, but I guess the deck has more searching power from Fiend Griefing, and you don’t want to draw more than 1 Rubic which makes it seem fine as a one of.   I’m not going to go too in depth on the side deck since I think all of these choices are fairly standard and have seen play in other decks.  I put Bottomless in since I thought Qli would have a fairly large showing and I had too many dead main deck cards that I wanted to take out for them.  Here’s how I sided for some common matchups:   Nekroz I was mostly afraid of Denko and Decree in this matchup post siding so I wanted hand traps. Out: 1 Back Jack 1 Draghig 1 Fire Lake 1 Raigeki Break 1 Soul Charge In: 2 Lancea 2 Effect Veiler 1 Raigeki   Shaddoll Out: 1 Fire Lake 1 Draghig 1 Crush Card 1 Mind Crush In: 2 De-Fusion 1 Raigeki 1 Breakthrough Skill   Qliphort Out: 3 Fiend Griefing 2 Breakthrough Skill 1 Vanity’s Emptiness In: 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Raigeki 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Fire Lake   Tellar Siding for this depends on first/second.  I put in the 3rd Lake for first over I think Soul Charge.  I don’t really like Mind Crush because they have Call/Oasis/Altair/ROTA to get their monsters going again.  All they need is 1.  I also might have sided in Raigeki for Diamond going second. Griefing really shines in this matchup. Out: 3 Mind Crush 1 Crush Card In: 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Breakthrough       The Journey The crew, James, Joe, Jon, Mark, Ryne, and I, left from Minneapolis Thursday night in Jon’s Taurus with 3 of us stuffed in the front with the fold down seat and 3 in the back.  Fortunately I have relatives in the Chicago area (shoutout and thanks to them even though none of them will read this) so we could stop there after about 7 hours of driving and leave the remaining 6 hours or so to Columbus for early Friday morning.  That night we just watched some TV, got some pizza, and using some solid Theory-Oh, I made a bunch of changes to my side deck that I hadn’t really liked at some locals earlier in the week.   We were pretty worried about the tournament filling up since Konami was saying they’d cap it at 2100 entrants.  So we left at about 7AM on Friday thinking that would get us there at about 1PM for the start of preregistration.  Well we forgot about the time change, so we ended up getting there closer to 2:30.  In the hour before we got there, there was talk online saying that somewhere around 1700 people had already registered.  Needless to say, we were nervous about making it putting us in a big rush.  I had to let a bunch of people pass me in line as I scrambled to finish writing out my deck list.  Fortunately there was really no need to worry as only 1763 people even ended up registered.  Friday afternoon/night I played a few test games against Joe’s Qliphorts, walked around the city, and helped others decide on some last minute deck choices.     The next morning, I got up, had some (very unsatisfying) complimentary breakfast and got to the convention center where I resleeved and prepared myself for the coming rounds.       Round 1 vs Lucas with Tellars Game 1 he goes first with Deneb set 4, but my Dante goes through and I think I had about 3 traps.  I get a Back Jack or 2 and force 2 Alphas on my Fiend Griefings on Altair’s effect letting my Fire Lake resolve on 3 Back Row.  I take the game from there.   Game 2 he goes first. I think he had less (or maybe just worse) backrow this time and I’m able to get the Fire Lake off even more quickly. This leads to a win fairly soon.   1-0     Round 2 vs Brian with Shaddolls Game 1 I resolve a Wing Blast on Winda during his end phase when I know El Shaddoll was set that turn.  He never finds another Fusion as I take the game after 2 turns of hits from a Dante and a Cir.   Game 2 he gets off the Fusion while I have Dante, but I’m able to grind him out of it with some good traps including a Mind Crush on Fusion after he adds it back.  He’s down to El Shaddoll and a Core.  I make a new Dante (probably not something I should have done), and he draws a monster next turn in Mathematician allowing him to get the ball rolling by adding Fusion back off Core and overwhelming me.   Game 3 I open a Dante with scarm searching Tour Guide and time is called at the start of his turn.  He sets 4 backrow and passes (ouch).  D.D. Ground is flipped in my Standby so I just make a second Dante and hit him for 2000 since I can’t mill.  I Downerd them both so I can pierce anything he puts in defense since to win in time.  He has an El Shaddoll, but I still have traps and it’s simply not enough.   This guy ended up making Day 2.   2-0     Round 3 vs Nekroz (forgot to write down his name, but I think he said he was from Nashville) Game 1 he Maxx “C”s my turn 1 Dante made with Farfa and Cir.  I detach Farfa instead since I didn’t really want to get a special off Cir.  I set Lake and Mind Crush leaving 1 card in my hand, a second Lake.  This is a mistake on my part since he’s playing Nekroz and I should have played around this.  He starts his turn with 7 cards and summons Manju to search Kaleido and I Mind Crush his Unicore when he activates it.  He reveals Book of Eclipse, Brio, Valk, ROTA, and Clausolas.  This easily lets him summon Trishula even after the Mind Crush and he wins shortly after.   Game 2 I go first opening Graff, Veiler, Mind Crush, Wing Blast, and Fiend Griefing.  I set the traps and pass.  He uses Clausolas for Kaleido and I call Unicore on Mind Crush when he uses it but I whiff losing my Veiler.  He reveals his hand of Maxx “C”, Decree, an irrelevant card I can’t remember, and summons Valk tributing Shurit to search Trish.  He hits me with Valk and tributes it in MP2 to draw a card.  He uses the Kaleido in grave to search Mirror and I’m ready to Griefing his Shurit when he activates it since he neglected to search Brio first earlier.  Well the card he drew off Valk was Denko so I lose.   Fortunately this guy finished day 1 X-2 so he was a good tie breaker.   2-1     Round 4 vs Ousama with Tellars Game 1 I go first with a Dante made with Scarm and Cir searching Graff with 2 Wing Blasts and Crush Card set.  He tells me his hand is bad as the game is starting and it definitely isn’t great as he Vegas into Deneb making Constellar Omega (not sure why) and only has 2 backrow.  I blind Wing Blast 1 to get my Graff effect and set him back a turn.  His one remaining trap is Compulse and he uses it on the Dante during Standby letting me special Graff with the Cir material and make  a new Dante to kill Omega.  The card I spun was Raigeki and he starts his turn by using it. I then use Crush Card to get rid of his Altair and an Unuk leaving him with no plays.  I try to finish him off next turn forgetting about Crush Card, but it doesn’t matter as his topdeck doesn’t do anything for him.   Game 2 he starts Deneb set 3.  He forgets to use his sideboard Mischief of the Yokai before I make a Dante with Graff and Cir specialing Scarm setting Lake.  The Lake resolves on a bunch of his cards and I take the game shortly from there.   3-1     Round 5 vs Brandon with Nekroz Game 1 I open a Dante made with 2 Cirs (ouch) setting a Karma cut and a Wing Blast.  He starts poorly as well with ROTA for Clausolas for Cycle tributing Shurit to summon back the Clausolas and searching Trish.  I mill a Graff off of my detached Cir from Dante and he Maxx “C”s so I just pass after summoning a new Graff and Cir.  He summons Trish, but I Karma Cut it discarding my last card in hand, Back Jack, getting me a Griefing Fiend.  He uses Book of Eclipse when I overlay for Dante next turn giving me a draw.  I forgot what happened the next few turns, but he runs out of resources and scoops when I chain Griefing targeting Djinn on his activation of Cycle.   Game 2 he goes first with just a set monster.  I assume it’s a Djinn and attack it with my Dante that has a specialed Cir under it.  Unfortunately I didn’t think enough about it and it’s a Fire Hand. I hit Unicore with Mind Crush on his Kaleido next turn.  He reveals his hand of MST, Swordmaster, Ice Hand, and Bull Blader so I feel pretty good about winning this game now.  It takes a while for me to get through his cards, but I’m way up on resources the whole time eventually leading to a win.   This guy also finished X-2 day 1 giving me another lucky good tie breaker.   4-1     Round 6 vs Shante with Yang Zing Game 1 I open with 4 backrow pass.  He activates the Zefra field spell and I panic a little because I have no idea what the vast majority of the Zefra cards do and I hate reading everything. Fortunately he’s actually playing Yang Zing as he searches one of their new Zefra cards.  He summons the level 2 Dark Tuner guy and pitches two including the one he searched.  I Breakthrough and he chains Book of Moon.  This next part is weird as he just doesn’t flip it facedown from Book and I somehow forget he has to do this, and he just resolves the effect. Neither of the monsters he summoned are tuners so I Wing Blast the level 2 discarding Scarm. He passes with no backrow so I search Tour Guide and the 2 specialed Yang Zings are banished (I had no idea this happened as I guess I’m more unfamiliar with Yang Zing than I thought).  Next turn I Guide for Graff and hit him with Dante Cir.  I mind Crush the lvl 2 in his Standby and he scoops.   Game 2 takes a while.  He opens with 3 or 4 backrow and a set monster.  I don’t attack for the next 3 or 4 turns as I set up a field of defense position BA monsters and stack a Lake with Draghig.  He just keeps setting cards and maybe using a few traps to little effect on my plays.  I draw the stacked Lake.  Resolve it for 3 of his backrow adding it back off Dante.  Set it again.  In his next End Phase I use MST on his last backrow chaining Lake on his 3 set monsters.  They all miss timing and he has 0 cards left.  I take it from there.   5-1     Round 7 vs Jordan with Burning Abyss Game 1 I open 5 monsters going first getting me 2 Dantes and a Graff in defense with Back Jack milled in graves and a trap stacked.  If he was playing Nekroz, Shaddolls, or Tellars I probably would have lost, but fortunately a field of just monsters is good in this matchup.  He Virgils and I use the Back Jack trap on it.  He makes a Dante or something too and sets 3 backrow.  I try to Virgil forcing one of them.  I believe the other two go off in my Battle Phase, and I set my own drawn trap with a Dante still on board.  I don’t remember the rest of the specifics, but I mill another Back Jack at some point for a very relevant trap and stick a field of Virgil Dante to his 1 or 2 cards in hand getting me the win shortly.   Game 2 he goes first and I have Maxx “C” for his Dante play using Graff and Cir.  he plays through it specialing Scarm giving me 3 draws.  He then has no backrow or Maxx “C” (bad hands are bad).  I start my turn with 8 cards, 3 Graff, Scarm, Cir, and 3 solid traps.  I make a Dante specialing Rubic off Graff to make Virgil losing Scarm and a Graff to no effects but removing his Scarm.  There are some back and forth turns and we enter time at 8000 life each.  He summons a BLS to my empty board at some point and I have to use Griefing to send Farfa and prevent the damage.  On my next turn he has 1 trap left.  I make a Virgil and he thinks for a while on the trap. He opts to not use it and I Virgil away BLS.  I go to Battle and he Wing Blasts my Virgil getting a Graff of of his Cir discard.  He can’t push any damage through my newly drawn Karma Cut and we finish both at 8000 resulting in a drawn game and a match win for me.   6-1     Round 8 vs Galo with Nekroz Game 1 I Mind Crush his Unicore on Kaleido activation.  The rest of his hand isn’t great.  He summons a Cameraclops to kill my Dante.  I leave it up after my next turn to delay him getting any spell searches.  I go way up on cards after a little while and take the game.   Game 2 his hand is even worse than the first game.  I get another good Mind Crush leading to another win.   Galo also made top 16 so a big congratulations to him as well as thank you for the tie breaker.   7-1     Round 9 vs Marjanco with Nekroz   Game 1 I resolve Crush Card causing him to lose 4 cards.  That’s all you need to know.   Game 2 I opened 5 traps, set 4 to keep discard traps online and maybe bait Trish.  He summons Denko and Brio and I scoop it up after drawing another trap.   Game 3 I go first with Scarm, Farfa, Fiend Griefing, Raigeki Break, and Lancea.  I special the Farfa and he Maxx “C”s me so I set the traps and pass not wanting to give him a bunch of draws when I can stop his next turn regardless of what he has.  He has Denko, but I Lancea when he activates Mirror with Trish in hand and Brio Clausolas in grave.  The Mirror fizzles and he reveals Trish, 2 Forbidden Lances, and Djinn.  I draw Alich and kill his Denko next turn after making Dante searching Guide off Scarm.  He searches Cycle from grave banishing Clasolas.  When he activates it I think for a long time about what he could have drawn and what I should do because of it.  I eventually decide to Griefing the Brio, but he tributes Shurit summoning Trish hitting my Guide from hand and Dante on board.  I should have Raigeki Breaked the Cycle discarding Alich to negate Trish.  Instead I make things even worse by choosing to use the Farfa from under Dante banishing his Trish.  This lets him search another ritual spell to summon the Brio he searched tributing Djinn.  My Raigeki Break is useless against his 2 Lances and I can’t break the lock.     This game was quite possibly (even probably) winnable.   7-2     I was pleased that I made day 2 at a second YCS in a row, but it would have been much nicer going into day 2 at X-1 with less pressure.  Mark and Ryne also make Day 2.  We order pizza and get to sleep since Sunday starts at 9.     Round 10 vs Michael with Qliphort Game 1 I open with 2 Dantes and set Breakthrough and Griefing.  He plays Scout, searches Stealth, activates Carrier, pendulums 2 Helix, tributes for Stealth destroying both of my useless backrow and spinning the Dante with an Alich under it.  The Stealth kills the other Dante with Cir and Graff under it giving me a Graff and a Rubic on board.  He sets 2.  I make Virgil and special Scarm off Graff.  I discard Cir to shuffle in Scout, but he uses Fiendish Chain.  I special Draghig from grave and make a Dante with it and Scarm.  I summon Guide and he uses Re-qliate.  The detached Draghig stacks Lake.  I set my drawn Mind Crush and put Downerd over the Dante to protect it from the potential Stealth/Carrier.  Mind Crush hits the Stealth he searches off Scout. He pendulums backs the 2 Helix and tributes them for his drawn Odd-Eyes.  It attacks over Guide and he passes.  I draw Lake.  Downerd crashes with Odd-Eyes giving me Cir.  I normal Cir and set my last card, Lake.  I Lake his relevant cards during his Standby sending Cir and Virgil.  Win from there.   Game 2 he starts with Scout, Saqlifice on Helix, and 2 backrow.  I make 2 Dantes milling a Back Jack off of a Draghig detach letting me stack Lake.  I also set Mind Crush.  In his Standby I banish Back Jack to set the stacked Lake, use it to destroy Helix, Scout, and a trap.  He searches Scout.  I Mind Crush it.  The game is over.   8-2     Round 11 vs Imran with Nekroz Game 1 I Raigeki Break his Trish on summon discarding my last card in hand.  Then when he tries to Mirror, I use Griefing to shuffle in Shurit causing it to fizzle.  The Black Jack I discarded off of Raigeki Break got a Mind Crush which I use on his next turn hitting the Shurit he searches.  All he has left is spells so I win.   Game 2 I make a Dante with foolish and Graff along with set Breakthrough and Vanity’s.  I Breakthrough his Manju.  He Raigeki’s and I use Graff to summon Rubic.  He sets 1 backrow.  I make a Virgil to shuffle in the backrow ending with Virgil, Cir, Dante, set Vanity’s.  I flip the Vanity’s on his Kaleido and he never finds an out as I continue to use Virgil’s effect almost every turn.   9-2     At this point, I feel fairly confident about making top cut since I knew a bunch of my early opponents did well giving me pretty good tie breakers despite taking my first loss really early in Round 3.  I sneak in at 30th.  Unforunately Mark, who also finished X-2, had worse tie breakers and finished at 41st.     Top 32 vs Justin with Nekroz Game 1 we get deck checked and it’s taking longer than normal.  The judges come back with my deck out of the box and my deck list in hand.  Apparently I forgot to write 2 Fire Lake in the trap column and neither me nor the judge that reviewed my deck list at registration noticed that I was 2 short of 19 traps and the 40 card deck total that I had written down.  So I start top 32 with a game loss and a warning for mismatched extra deck sleeves which I honestly didn’t know was a rule.  I’ve been deck checked multiple times at regionals with mismatched extra deck sleeves without anything happening.  We go to game 2 with a time extension without siding.   Game 2 I make a Dante with Cir specialing a milled Draghig with a backrow or 2.  He summons Denko and kills the Draghig and I choose not to stack because I want to draw a trap.  He passes. I kill the Denko while making a second Dante and he scoops on his next turn.  I’m not sure what he’s playing so I side in Veilers, but not Lanceas in case it’s Shaddolls.   Game 3 he chooses first and searches Cycle with Clausolas summoning it tributing Shurit to search Brio and setting 2 backrow.  I have Scarm, 2 Graff, Tour Guide, Raigeki Break, and Fiend Griefing.  I activate Scarm and he Mind Crushes it.  I Guide for Cir into Dante specialing Scarm and milling a Back Jack.  I special Graff for a second Dante without milling, Downerd them both to protect against Brio, set my backrow, and pass.  He flips Decree in my End Phase.  Fortunately his hand is slow so he just summons Unicore and clears both Downerds by changing Clausolas to attack mode and setting a backrow.  I special back a Dante with the Graff into a Cir on first Downerd kill, add Cir Graff off the Dantes, and Rubic off Scarm.  On my turn, I summon Cir and kill the Clausolas.  He just kills Cir with Unicore, I special Scarm, and he sets another backrow.  I normal Rubic to make Virgil, attack over Unicore, and spin the Decree.  He chains his two backrow, both MST, to clear mine.  I empty my hand by making another Dante with a Libic from Graff and Cir from hand detaching Libic to special last monster in hand, Graff, and set my drawn Breakthrough Skill.  He draws Prep giving him a lot more plays.  He summons Brio tributing Shurit and I chain Breakthrough to the Shurit search so he can’t negate it with Trish which he does search.  I use the Back Jack from earlier randomly hitting Karma Cut (very solid).  He ends his turn with Unicore and Brio on field and Valk and Trish in hand.  I detach Cir from my Dante chaining Breakthrough in grave on Unicore and specialing Farfa to make Mechquipped with the leftover Graff.  I try to kill Brio with Virgil in Battle and he Valks, but I use Mechquipped to negate it.  Dante kills the Brio.  I crash my other Dante to get Virgil fuel.  I try to shuffle in Unicore but he negates it with Trish.  I set my drawn Soul Charge and search off Scarm for one card in hand for Karma Cut.  He tops Manju to search Brio.  I Mechquipped detaching Farfa to banish his Unicore so he can’t make an Exciton or something.  He summons the Trish, but I just Karma Cut.  The game is mine from there.     Top 16 vs Benedict with Qliphort Game 1 he goes first with Scout and Monolith, pendulum Helix and Carrier, tribute for Stealth, bounce Scout, replay and search Re-Qliate, set one, and draw 2 in End Phase.  I have a very mediocre hand of 2 Cir, Alich, Rubic, Lake, Breakthrough.  I normal Cir to make Dante with Alich but don’t hit any BA off the mill.  I special Rubic to turn on Lake.  I use it in his Standby to clear Scout, Monolith, and Stealth.  He has the second Scout and the game is over.   Game 2 I go first with a Dante and a few backrow.  He summons Helix with Saqlifice and 2 backrow.  He flips Emptiness when I try to special but I chain Wing Blast and his other backrow is Lose 1 Turn which is fortunately irrelevant against my deck.  I use a Dante to mill Back Jack and detach Draghig to set up Fire Lake.  I believe I Lake the monster with Saqlifice and his Backrow giving him a Scout search, but I just set up Lake again on my next turn and take the game.   Game 3 he goes first with Scout, Monolith, pendulum Carrier, tribute for Helix, set 2, and draw in end phase.  I have 5 monsters and a Raigeki Break.  He flips Emptiness on my Scarm special.  I set it and Raigeki Break.  He searches Carrier with Scout and tributes Helix to pop my Raigeki Break which I chain discarding Farfa on his 1 remaining backrow, Book of Moon, to remove Emptiness.  He Pendulums 3, kills Scarm, hits me for 5400, sets 1 trap, and draws off Monolith.  I search Rubic off Scarm.  I make Virgil and he thinks on his trap but opts not to use it.  I spin his Scout and make a Dante killing both of his Carriers leaving him with 2 Helix, a backrow, and Monolith to my Virgil, Dante, and set Karma Cut.  He has the second Scout giving him the game shortly.   I question if there may have been some way to play my Virgil turn that would have allowed me to stack Lake with Draghig, mill it with another Dante, and crash Dante to add it back while leaving 2 BA on board.  Or maybe I should have made 2 Dante instead to try to maximize the chance of hitting a Back Jack for the Lake.  I’m not sure, but I haven’t found the line of play yet.  My hand was Cir, Graff, Draghig, Rubic (which could have been something different from the Scarm), and Karma Cut with a clear board to his 2 Carrier, 2 Helix, Scout, Monolith, and 1 backrow (which ended up being Bottomless that he chose to not use on Virgil, but use on Cir).  Because he had the second Scout, I think I would have needed to Virgil the Scout AND get Lake to have a chance at winning.  Also, maybe I should have set Graff instead of Scarm after he used Emptiness since I knew I would have to chain Raigeki Break on his set to remove Emptiness when he tributed Helix, but discarding Graff wouldn’t get me his effect while Scarm would.  This play somewhat depends on him using the 2400 Carrier to remove my set so he couldn’t kill the Scarm/Rubic I got off Graff. I doubt he would have done this after seeing me discard Scarm off of Raigeki break.  Maybe it would have given me a better chance though.     Overall, it was a great weekend.  The top 32 mat looks pretty sick.  They’re mailing me a complete set of Crossover Souls (does that mean every card in the set?  Does it include every rarity of the card as well?  If anyone knows, that information would be great).     We drove back to my relatives’ place in Chicago on Sunday and spent the night before a leisurely morning and finishing the rest of the drive on Monday.  Shoutouts to James, Joe, Jon, Mark, and Ryne for help on deck decisions and being great to travel with.  Also to the UMN Yu-Gi-Oh Club and Minnesota players in general.  We have a Youtube page for the club which I’ll shamelessly link here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdFz8euecqUmVUZwUN0IVOw.  It’s not that active right now, but I hope to put up a deck profile pretty soon.   Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.  If you have any questions about my list or whatever feel free to ask.  
  4. Hey guys, if you don’t know me, my name is Mike Albanese and I just got my 3rd top this past weekend at YCS Philly. I am honestly writing the tournament report not only because I did well, but because all of the ridiculous savagery I witnessed and had to deal with this weekend.   Leading up to Primal Origin I was pretty sure I was playing artifacts, regardless if Nebra Disk was released or not. When the full set was released I started testing. Joey Chou (ARG Vegas winner) sent me a decklist to try out with 5 artifacts, 3 Maxx “C” Cardcar D, Dichotomy, hands and I actually fell in love with the deck and couldn’t imagine not playing it for the YCS. As the event got closer I paid attention to DGz lives that were won mostly with Traptrix over the Cardcar D’s, and when Chumlee Doublestack told me he preferred that I immediately took his word for it.  I know he tests a lot more than I do, and basically told him that I would play whatever decklist he told me to play for the event. I made the deck Thursday, and immediately went 0-2 at locals with it. I typed out a decklist Thursday, confident I would play something like it, and it ended up being the exact list I played.   http://i.imgur.com/xi97U44.png   The Wiretaps were for opposing wiretaps mostly, and breakthrough skill, sanctum, D Prison, and Debunk Post Board. I really liked ignition and red guy all weekend. Ignition is great post board, along with Traptrix Dianaea (Which I don’t think I resolved more than twice all weekend, lol). Crossout was great, because you just can’t really beat armor.   Friday:   We drove down to Philly early, which for us was luckily less than a 2 hour drive. We dropped our stuff off at the hotel and got to the convention center in time for us not to be allowed in -___-   When they let us in at 3 I just signed up got some foreign stuff from vendors, and were kicked out after a fight happened lol. That night I tested a lot against geargia which was a really hard matchup as expected, and the mirror which just takes forever. My room all start arguing about whether or not to play allure of darkness in evilswarm and phrases are said such as “I would rather just play upstart” and “If I have allure and only 2 monsters and I banish 1 of them then I can’t make ophion.” I realize I can’t handle that and just decide to finalize my decklist. I talked to Chumlee Doublestack after this to finalize my decklist and we make final tweaks before I re-sleeve and go to bed.   Saturday:   I tried to get a bunch of translations for all my stuff but I really just hoped nobody would be a faggot which of course is never the case. Round 1 pairings go up and I get matched up against someone who I know from NYC.   Round 1 vs Cecil Duran (Geargia)   Game 1: I win the roll with a 12 and open 1 of each hand and really good traps like warning and wiretap. He sets 4 and ends. I flip ice hand and swing and he takes. The next few turns were me swinging for little damage and warning/wiretap/nightmare everything he tries to do. He eventually goes really plus off a macro chained to ignition targeting my own backrow, but he is so low I just need to stick one monster attack and I do 2 turns later.   Game 2: He opened armor gear but I have warning black horn wiretap and a hand or 2. I summon Ice hand, NOC his armor and swing in for 14. Next turn I top another Nobleman for his 2nd armor, and swing with another ice hand for damage. Eventually he is able to establish a floating board with mk2 getting back accelerator but eventually am able to make them miss timing with ignition + torrential. At one point my grave was a hand and myrmeleo and I had dichotomy in hand and he had 4 backrow and was at 1300. I topped dionaea, popped a non chainable, wiretapped his torrential, made ark and attacked into Prison. Next turn I dichotomy into normal summonable monsters and just summoned and attacked until 1 stuck.   1-0   Round 2 vs Madolche   Game 1: I open 2 Sanctum, Ignition, Fire hand, along with red guy and wiretap. I set them all but 2nd sanctum and pass. He activates ticket and summons Anjelly and I ignition the ticket setting blue guy, and sanctum for red guy popping blue guy which pops Anjelly. He sets multiple backrow and passes. I summon Ice hand and swing with everything, and set nightmare and pass. Next turn I nightmare his hootcake off the boggart knight guy and he scoops. Game 2: He opened Magileine search for Mewfuelle, activates chateaux and passes with 1 set. I draw and set ice hand and a few backrow including needle ceiling. Next turn he summons Mewfuelle into anjelly into hootcake, banishes to summon messengelato and I just needle ceiling his whole board and chain ignition on his field spell. He is already super low on cards and I just swing with hands a bit for game.   2-0   Round 3 vs Geargia   Game 1: He opens arsenal into geargiano back into arsenal, special accel to make gigant to add the accelerator back, and sets several good traps including geargiagear. I open a slow hand and this game is virtually unwinnable.   Game 2: I recall winning this game quickly, I open myrmeleo for nightmare, setting black horn with it, next turn I Crossout his armor, black horn his Gigant off geargiagear, and bury him in advantage.   Game 3: He opened Arsenal + Gear again and literally says how lucky he has gotten today so far. Luckily I have Nobleman for his armor and warning for the Gear Gigant. Late game he uses Gear #2 for gigant, and makes a board of set armor, gear gigant x and 2 backrow and Ally of Justice Quarantine in hand, to my ice hand set, fire hand in hand, and beagulltach in defense, and 1 backrow. I use both hands to destroy his whole field, make emerald main phase 2 to draw into a trap, and he can’t do anything and I win 2 turns later. Another match in which I never saw sanctum, sigh.   3-0   Round 4 vs Evilswarm   Game 1: He rolls an 11 and opens rabbit and my hand is sanctum, ignition, blue guy, red guy, wiretap, and myrmeleo which fetches bottomless, he end phase blind spaces but hit the red guy (if he hits sanctum I win the game when it pops ophion, but I am not that lucky). I know if I draw a hand I can win this game but I don’t and I loss turn 4 to just big monsters attacking.   Game 2: I open hands and traps and t1 sanctum and he is already too far behind. He scoops really early in this game to Moralltach, ice hand, myrmeleo, and my endless backrow.   Game 3: This is when I knew I was not going to do well at this event. He summons thunderbird and sets 2 backrow. I can crack with ice hand but decide to set it since it’s my only monster and I saw Prison game 2. I set 4 backrow, which were breakthrough, 2 black horn, and I believe call of the haunted, compulsory and MST. He end phase spaces my breakthrough and I act really upset, and my body language convinces him to XYZ into ophion which is answered by my black horn. He uses castor summon to summon another thunderbird and passes. I draw another non-monster and decide to try and go in with ice hand. I attack into 3 backrow, he responds with soul drain and I am forced to MST, he chains Pandemic, then MST (Hoping to make Ice hand auto lose) and I have 3 set, a dead call, compulsory (Which I plan on using on the hand) and Black horn. Of course he targets the black horn, I chain compulsory to put ice hand back in my hand. He draws MST for turn, hits my black horn which is my last backrow, summons castor, makes ophion to search, summon kerkyeon attack for a lot and make dweller. I draw another brick and scoop it up   3-1   Round 5 vs Mythic Ruler   Game 1: I lose the die roll and my opponent opened trade-in, dragon shrine, cards of consonance, and soul charges and his turn takes literally 7 minutes. I consider scooping but I do not, which if I drew a fire hand would have been fine but I don’t and I lose to turn 1 Spark, Felgrand, and some other shenanigans.   Game 2: I summon myrmeleo and search bottomless and set it along with prison, debunk, and everything else ridiculous. I push with hands through his fake backrow, banish all his dragons and he scoops.   Game 3: He opens several draw cards again but with no soul charge. He banishes a redox from hand and guard from grave for tidal and I use Maxx C, he sets 3 and passes. I summon fire hand, pop his tidal, and get ice and swing for 1400, or so I thought. I attack directly, set 3 backrow, and he claims that I never attacked for 1400. We argue for a few minutes and he finally agrees to take the damage (BECAUSE PLAYING BY THE RULES REQUIRES CONVINCING, APPARENTLY). So on his turn he trap stuns and makes stardust and star eater under maxx c, I try to ignition a moralltach during this but he has dd crow for the moralltach, and  swing in for a lot. Next turn I set a bunch and then his turn he is turn 0 of time. I bait a stardust with ignition, so he takes the bait and but I forget that he cannot attack next turn (Literally why I made the play in the first place I can’t believe how stupid I am). When stardust tries to come back I debunk it, and my opponent does not believe that I can do that so we call a judge, and appeal to the head judge again. He rules you can debunk it (Obviously) and I am ahead by 3000 so all I need to do is draw a monster to stop a star eater attack because I have another debunk set. I draw duality which nets me needle ceiling, needle ceiling, deep dark trap hole and I take deep dark. He attacks for 3200 next turn and I can’t find a monster or trap to stop star eater and I lose in time, after realizing the ignition will not allow him to attack. Even if he didn’t attack due to ignition I still lose the game in time by 200. Damn.   3-2   Round 6 vs Geargia   Game 1: He wins the roll and opens armor gear but I stop them, but we both start walling up behind monsters and I realize I will not be able to beat him before I deck out so I scoop for the sake of time.   Game 2: I open myrmeleo to search bottomless and pass with backrow. He sets a monster and backrow and passes. I draw and swing into D prison with myrmeleo, summon myrmeleo to search nightmare and pass. He normal summons accelerator, special summons accelerator, and I ignition chain torrential to make both accelerators miss timing. He then gears into Gear Gigant, which I nightmare, and he doesn’t believe that it makes it miss timing -____- .So we call a judge and he rules that he misses timing, and my opponent appeals to the head judge. Seriously, I know I am X-2 but I didn’t think I would play against actual retards. A FULL SEVENTEEN MINUTES LATER THE JUDGE RETURNS. He explains how it misses timing. I actually just win this game pretty handily with Nobleman of Crossout and hands soon after.   During the Judge call, I posted this status. Needless to say, I wasn't happy.    http://i.imgur.com/v8d7nnA.png     Game 3: He sets a monster and sets 2 backrow, I summon myrmeleo to search nightmare, duality into Nobleman of Crossout, and use it on geargiano, which made my opponent happy because he didn’t lose an armor. I swung for 16 and he doesn’t have the end phase gear! He sets another monster and passes. Luckily, I had another nobleman in my opening hand and this time it hits armor. I summon ice hand and swing for 3000 more. Next turn I warning his zenmaines and the game is over.   4-2   Round 7 vs Bujin - Darren Villanueva   Game 1: I go first with a hand and backrow, and summon hands and swing until he is at a few hundred. He tops duality into yamato and already lost this game but he just decides to show me what he is playing for no reason. I warning yamato. He doesn’t scoop. I attack for game. He scoops. Sometime during this game he mentions his brother won 2 SJC? Like couldn’t he teach you how to be good so you don’t have to play bujin?   Game 2: He opens Yamato and 2 decree and I don’t see MST or ignition or ice hand. I almost win this game but he takes it because I have an inherent -4 due to 4 traps in my opening hand.   Game 3: This is when the shenanigans start. I turn 1 duality into sanctum and he says “You took artifact sanctum correct?” and I tell him yes. He asks “What does it do” because it is foreign. He then starts complaining and calls a judge trying to create a game state which would give me a game loss because I apparently lied about what Artifact Sanctum does. I get a PE minor because I do not have an on hand translation and the game continues. I open very strong and he opens a lot of monsters and it comes down to the point where he is turn 0 in time when I have Pleadies with 1 material that has already bounced this turn. On his turn he blind MSTs my Ignition and I make him aware that he cannot attack this turn. He summons a guy and tries to kill a few of my hands and tries to attack with mikazuchi when I remind him that he cannot conduct his battle phase this turn. This is the following conversation that takes place. “Attack with Mikazuchi” “You cannot attack, you skip your next battle phase” “No, you’re wrong, I skip the battle phase of my next turn” “No, that is incorrect. You skip your next battle phase” “Well maybe I would know that if I could read any of your fucking cards” “WELL I’M SORRY THAT YOU CAN’T READ WHAT THIS ENGLISH YUGIOH CARD DOES” (Everyone watching laughs at him)  He ends his turn with a face up tenki and Mikazuchi. I draw and bounce mikazuchi, summon fire hand for damage, upgrade pleadies into M7, and attack for 4300 for first damage on my 3rd to last turn. I set debunk and black horn and pass. On his 2nd to last turn down by 4300, he summons quilin, specials Hirume, makes Susanowa which I black horn. He Carnations into Susanowa, detachs to search crane to hand, and then uses quilin to pop my M7 which I allow. He attacks my fire hand and on attack declaration he uses hare which I debunk, and fire hand pops his monster and I get ice hand, he summons mikazuchi and attacks ice hand which pops tenki and passes. I draw and use dichotomy and I draw 2 traps off of it, and set them; debunk and black horn, and I set another monster and pass. He draws during his last turn of time and uses Pot of Duality….CONTEMPLATES WHAT TO TAKE FOR A FULL MINUTE and everyone around is like what is this guy thinking about. He takes a card, and then says that he loses….I actually couldn’t physically lose in time to that deck because hands exist but he didn’t have to be such a dick the entire match.   5-2   I struggle to get translations but Chris Leblanc just gives me the whole deck so I have translations lol.   Round 8 vs Hieratic Ruler   Game 1: I win the roll and open myrmeleo into bottomless and have warning as well. He summons tefnuit and I allow it, but I warning the Su. I summon a hand and pass, and swing for 16s and my traps deal with his monsters pretty easily game 1.   Game 2: He opens kuribandit and mills 4 hieratics and a wiretap. I open with black horns and debunks and a hand which swings over the vanilla. He specials tefnuit and tributes it for eset, and I debunk the tefnuit. He doesn’t think I can because it doesn’t require it to his the grave, only be tributed. He calls a judge and he rules you can debunk it. My opponent wishes to appeal and 15 minutes later the judge comes and says you can debunk it. I get him down to 2000 but he pushes with hieratics and gets through all my backrow and the dragons rulers seal it for him.   Game 3: I open insane with myrmeleo black horn and like 2 debunks. He never really sticks a summon and I sanctum for a moral and swing for lethal 2 turns later after stopping every summon and using debunk on his blaster and deep dark trap hole on BLS (lol). If I recall correctly, he soul charged back 3 hieratic and I bottomless them.   6-2   Round 9 vs Madolche   Game 1: Early on I swung with multiple hands putting him at 400, but he came back with a trap stun + palooza play which I maxx c’d in which I drew into all my artifacts remaining and 2 sanctum. He tiramasu’s 2 artifacts in my backrow back to deck (Swag) and attacks into a set fire hand which he tries to divine wrath and casually goes -2 off of it. Next turn I set my sanctums and pass and during his turn destroy everything and swing for game on mine.   Game 2: He opened magiliene into anjelly activate field spell and passed. I summon ice hand and pop his field spell and fire hand attacks of magiliene. I set sanctum and ignition and pass. He Anjelly into hootcake and I Maxx him and he gets messengelato to search the field spell or ticket idr which. I pop his hootcake with fire hand leaving him with a messengelato. He switches gelato to defense and sets a monster and I ignition it leaving him with no backrow. I summon ice hand and make dweller beats over a set fire hand which I made the read on. Next turn he sets 2 and passes and I just swing in for damage. He draws, trap stuns which I allow, and chains palooza which I wiretap. Next turn I just swing, and I swing for lethal the turn later.   7-2   I get 54th after day one as an above average x-2. I switch decks with my friend so my deck is 100% English so I don’t get DQ’d lol. Out of my car that went, 2 of us were x-2 and one was x-1-1 all using the same list. We get some food and crash at the hotel.   Sunday:   We all rush out early and pack the car and get to the convention center before they even open the doors. We get in and post the pairings and see I am playing someone I know pretty well, unfortunately.   Round 10 vs Jarred Randolph – Spellbook   Game 1: He wins the roll and opens crescent into secrets, summon magician, and establish fate for 3. My hand is artifacts and hands. He fates the hand when I attack and I have 0 traps to stop him. I lose pretty quickly.   Game 2: I open 1 of each hand and double sanctum, popping everything during his turn and swinging for a lot and making durendal t2 after attacking for 6500. His turn 1 crescents into secret again, and next turn I negate Master with Durendal and it becomes an MST that hits a Moralltach for the blowout. He can’t really do much and scoops it up.   Game 3: He opens Crescent into secrets for the magical 3rd time in a row, sets up fate for three, summons jowgen and sets 4 backrow. My hand is decent with 2 MST. I savagely eye the fate and MST it. I summon Traptrix Mymeleo and he responds with bottomless trap hole, to which I search bottomless, activate duality and grab sanctum, enter battle phase, and he questions why the myrmeleo isn’t banished and then he reads the card. I attack into Dimensional prison (This D prison hurt a lot because Dionaea was in my hand, but it would be one less Prison to banish my hands). During his standby I chain my other mst to his tower and he sets a backrow and passes. I summon a hand and attack into prison. He summons justice and I am forced to sanctum because time is approaching. I attempt to moralltach the justice but he has fiendish chain which I ignition to set another. During my turn I swing and pass with several traps set. During his turn he outs the moralltach (I don’t remember how) and activates secrets to search tower and pass, still with 3 backrow and this is turn 0 of time. I draw sanctum and set it on turn 1. He draws and bricks on turn 2. I draw fire hand and attack and he is forced to book of moon (I am already up by 1100 and he only has one remaining turn). He draws for turn and for tower, now on his last turn of time. My field is a fire hand in defense mode, a set moralltach, a set sanctum, and a set debunk. He activates reckless, then another reckless, and draws to 8 cards in hand. He tries to summon priestess and I debunk it, and then summons another priestess which I sanctum to pop with moralltach. He them summons Justice of Prophecy. He activates spellbook of fate, looks at his graveyard, and tries to take it back but I can’t let that go. I call a judge and he makes him activate it because the activation was legal. He uses it to put my Moralltach face-down. He  uses crescent and hits secrets FOR THE 4th TIME IN A ROW. He uses it to get life. Uses Life on Priestess to pop my face-down, but it is moralltach which I summon in defense and gets fiendish chained I believe. He uses eternity to get back fate (Which he banishes to used priestesses effect). He enters battle phase and attempts to use spellbook of fate but I have to remind him he already used it and he scoops it up.   8-2   This was the same round I played next to Dalton, and his opponent tried to savagely cheat him but that is a story for another post lol. All my friends are X-2 so I just need to dodge one of them and I manage to.   Round 11 vs Hieratic   I sit down and my opponent doesn’t look familiar and am just incredible thankful I didn’t get paired up against a friend.   Game 1: He goes first and summons Cardcar D and draws 2 cards, and I immediately am relieved when he discards Labradorite dragon. I duality for a compulsory and summon fire hand and attack. He summons dragard targetting labradorite and I have to compulsory the labradorite but he has lance. He attacks my fire hand and it dies. I top a brick and pass and take the 3100. I top ignition or sanctum and am able to get a beagulltach to pop a moralltach and pop the Leo because Moralltach doesn’t target. Main phase 2 he sets another and passes, now with 3 backrow and 1 of which is Breakthrough (Searched with duality I believe). Next turn I swing with beagul and moral and mp2 make zenmaioh, target the 2 that aren’t the breakthrough, then wiretap the breakthrough when he chains it. He is super low on cards and scoops next turn.   Game 2: He opens really slow with just set backrow. I turn 1 summon Myrmeleo and search bottomless and pass after swinging for 16 and setting a few. On my opponents turn he summons eset, tributes to special su and I black horn so and he specials labradorite dragon and passes. On my next turn I summon another Myrmeleo and search for deep dark trap hole. Attack over monster and attack for 1600. At this point I was going to XYZ for Honor Ark because it is just a body that lives and it was another type for the dichotomy in my hand, but I decide to just pass. He summons Koaki Meru Drago and swings over myrmeleo for 300 and passes. During his end phase I am thinking how many outs in my deck there are, 6 hands, 2 dionaea, breakthrough, compulsory, dualities to see them so I figure that I am fine. I draw for turn, Sanctum. Switch myrmeleo to defense and pass. He swings over and passes. My next draw, Another Moraltach, great I think, and pass. He beats my face for 1900 leaving me at 5800. I draw for turn, another irrelevant card and pass. This repeats until three turns later and I am at 100 life points. I draw Maxx C and set it, and he beats over it and passes. I draw for turn, Compulsory and set it as my 5th backrow and pass. He attempts to attacks for game but doesn’t have lance so it returns to his hand. Still in battle phase I sanctum for beagultach, top a set morall and beagul just to wall up. During his main phase 2 he special summons eset, tributes for nebthet, normal summons eset and makes volcasaurus which gets hit with my last backrow, traptrix trap hole nightmare. He looks at his hand, looks at my field, and scoops it up.   9-2. Just as I win I see my friend Nick Blandin win right next to me, shout out to him for his first top and getting 2nd at this YCS. I leave the play area and feel an immediate relief. I was at table 18 and won, I was a stronger X-2, I definitely will get to the top 32. I stand in front of the judges as they start going down the list, all my X-2 friends are getting called.  Tahmid Zaman, Titto Maret, Mike Kinsley, Chris Woolheater, all my friends that are X-2 are called and I am starting to worry. When they get to 25 I obnoxiously ask “What number was that” and they let me know that it was 25th. When they call 27th I sigh in relief, they call my friend Nick who was sitting next to me last round, so I assume I will get 28th. They call 28th, it’s not me and I am starting to freak out. I look to my right and Jonathan Aguero, Jeff Strain, and Luke Feeney, all other X-2’s that also have not been called. This isn’t happening.  29th, nope, 30th, nope, 31st, nope. I start at Luke and realize, there is no way that we are both making it. 32nd, Michael Albanese. Thank god. I breathe the biggest sigh of relief as I walk away from the podium and Christian and Tahmid call me the biggest sack for sneaking in at 32nd lol. I look at the seedings and my friends tell me the guy who got 1st after swiss is playing Inzektors? I look at my side and am wonder what to side for this matchup lol. They take us to the seats and I get ready for top 32.   Top 32 vs Jakob – Inzektors (Literally)   We are sitting down in our pairings for quite a long time and I get a long on congratulatory texts and facebook messages and they made me feel great, I really appreciate the support from all of my friends. I want to thank Scott Page, Parker Roberson, Henry Lee, Alex Ahearn, and everyone else that was following the coverage from away from Philly. But let’s talk a bit about my opponent.  This was his first top, you could tell, and he was insanely nervous. He was asking questions for no reason, asking how many dice I wanted to roll, and I’m just like dude chill we aren’t starting for a while. Then he started asking the judges about how draft work and I want to be like dude don’t worry about it there is absolutely no way you are making it to draft lol.   Game 1: I win the die roll and open myrmeleo, Ice hand, Artifact Sanctum, Solemn Warning, Maxx C, and artifact moraltach. I summon Myrmeleo and get bottomless, setting 3 and feeling confident with my opening. My opponent summons dragonfly and I just immediately pull the trigger too early and flip warning. He passes his turn with 2 backrow. I draw Moralltach and summon ice hand, swinging in for 2900 damage. His next turn consists of him looking at his graveyard, summoning mathematician, sending ladybug, and passing. I end phase Sanctum and pop Mathematician and he chains bottomless trap hole on Moralltach. Next turn I swing in for another 2900, afraid to XYZ due to a read on warning (Which was correct). He draws for turn, immediately looks at his graveyard and I ask when he is trying to leave standby phase. He does and I activate Maxx C. I was right, his card was dark armed dragon which he summons and I draw a card. He activates soul charge to put himself at 200 life points, pops everything that he knows isn’t an artifact, and passes. End phase I use ignition on his last backrow, and set my last moralltach from deck. At this point the following back and forth takes place: Me: Cowboy for game? Him: How? Me: This level 4 and this level 4? Him: Do you play cowboy? Me: OK I am just going to play my turn So I draw and summon a 4 and make cowboy for game.   Game 2: He opens mathematician to send dragon fly, soul charges dragonfly, equip ladybug, does his play and ends with Dragonfly with sword, Centipede, Hornet in hand, and mathematician on the field after I Maxx C his soul charge I open 7 cards. I have sanctum, breakthrough, and fire hand. I draw phase sanctum the centipede but he fiendish chains the moralltach. I breakthrough the dragonfly but he has lance and he makes some ridiculous board and entering battle phase with dweller, centipede, mathematician, dragonfly, dwellers the hand, swings for a lot, and main phase 2 makes Mechquipped angineer. If I had another hand I could break this but unfortunately I draw a brick for turn and lose.   Game 3: I draw my 6 card hand, and immediately look at my friend to my left like “Yeah I definitely top 16’d this event. I have myrmeleo, warning, breakthrough skill, Maxx “C”, Ice hand, and pot of dichotomy. I open myrmeleo into bottomless and set all my traps. I warning his card trooper, and during my next turn I summon ice hand and swing in for 3000. He summons mathematician and a breakthrough skill it, he lances, and sends hornet to grave and passes. I summon another ice hand and swing in for 2900 and he draws a card for mathematician putting him at 2100. He summons centipede, and I bottomless, and he seemingly forgets that he already used lance lol. He soul charges back card trooper and mathematician, putting him at 100, to my field of ice hand, ice hand, myrmeleo. I draw ignition for turn and think, Okay one of his backrow will stop my attack (Waboku) and I will let it resolve, then I will ignition the other backrow and make cowboy for game. I enter battle phase, swing over both monsters, attack with myrmeleo, and he scoops. We have to sign the invite sheets now, and a judge has to escort me to the bathroom (ARG>Konami). But after that Christian Georges and Joe Bogli give me some draft advice on cards to take and not take and after a while draft starts.  Of course I get the draft feature which gives you less time to pick and every reader can see how I can’t draft lol. I open my first pack and my first card is Memory of an Adversary. I was like this isn’t happening lol. My picks are decent and my deck seemed Okay but I didn’t even see most of the cards Joe and Christian told me about. The highlights of my deck were memory of an Adversary, 2 Warwolf, Luster Dragon, Goblin attack force, Book of Moon, Evilswarm Salamandra, White Knight Dragon, but nothing else really notable.   Top 16 vs Adam – Stupid Draft Deck   The judge brings us to the feature match area and tells us that they always feature the players that they feature during the draft portion. We sit down and we are informed they are featuring dragon duels instead LOL.   Game 1: He wins the Roll and sets some mecha phantom beast garbage and he gets 2 tokens when I attack it. He tribute summons something I don’t remember and proceeds to beat me because he has a set up and my spells and traps are just plain awful.   Game 2: He locks himself under reckless greed and I ride White Knight Dragon to victory. This game he also asked WHAT MEMORY OF AN ADVERSARY DID. OKAY.   Game 3: We are approaching time and he is winning and starts ruthlessly stalling in defense because he is ahead. At one point I think that I am going to win because he makes a huge mistake with an interaction with Krebons. I declare an attack and he uses an attack modifier, and I use an attack modifier, then he tries to negate the attack with Krebons LOL. I am down in time and he top decks Sinister Serpent to stall out and last turn of time I finally top a piercer, summon it into his field against a set sinister serpent but he has fucking threatening roar. So stupid. FUCK. Unreal. Didn’t know how Krebons worked or what Memory of an Adversary did. God Damnit.   I lose and wish good luck to Corey, Nick, and Chris and they all ended up getting top 4, so congratulations to them. I get my pity packs and wait to open them and pull shit. Right now it’s Monday and I’m writing this and I am sick as shit. But I digress. Besides people being savages all weekend and the judging being subpar, I am happy that I got my 3rd top this weekend, and it was great seeing everyone that I rarely get to see.   Lastly I want to give a big thanks to Chumlee Doublestack (Matt) for helpings me out and giving me the list I played for the weekend.   Props:   -          Sneaking into top 32 -          Getting past top 32 for the first time -          3rd top! -          A lot of people from my locals, area, and my friends doing well in the event   Slops   -          Luke going X-2 and not topping -          Losing to someone that I know that I am better than -          Draft -          Time -          Savages/assholes/sharks that I had to face all weekend -          Riddge, Azad, Manny, TJ, and all my friends that lost r11 -          Getting really sick -          Having so many judge calls, like since when did people become so retarded?   See everyone at ARG DC!
  5. TCGplayer YGO Open Orlando

    So leading up to this weekend, I had no idea what I was going to play with the drop of PRIO the day before the event. My initial plan was to run Madolche and get the Anjellies when I get there. Well work all week cut my testing down to 0. The only ygo I was able to play was DN, lol. So I discuss with the people that'd be going with me what to run. My first three choices were Madolche, ArtiTrix, and Dragon. I still really liked Dragon going into post-PRIO because I believe it makes best use of the "Big Three" (Skill Drain, Vanity's Emptiness, and Soul Charge). So fast forward to Saturday morning, and we head out. 3 hour trip? How about 2 hour? So we make it there and I ask around for a Super White Stone/ Wing Blast to which about 90% of the venue had no idea existed. So I finish up my decklist and decide on the final choices. This is what it looked like:   *Main:40   Monsters:16 4 Rulers 2 Flamvell Guard 1 Debris Dragon 1 White Stone 1 Blue Eyes 2 Card Trooper (MVP) 2 Kuribandit 2 Mythic Water Dragon 1 Mythic Earth   Spells:17 3 Dragon Shrine 1 Gold Sarc 1 Foolish Burial 1 Burial from a DD 1 Sword of Seven Stars 2 Cards of Consonnce 2 Trade-In 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Soul Charge   Traps:7 2 Vanity's Emptiness 2 Skill Drain 2 Pheonix Wing Wind Blast 1 Torrential Tribute   Extra Deck:15 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Number 11: Big Eye 2 Dracossack 1 Giant Grinder 1 Heliopolis 1 Felgrand 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Crimson Blader 1 Spark Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Colossal Fighter 1 Azure Eyes 1 Star Eater   Side:15 2 Fire Hand 2 Ice Hand 3 Maxx "C" 3 MST 1 Emptiness 1 Skill Drain 1 BTH 2 Debunk   *This deck was heavily influenced by Welchy in the dragon thread. I feel as though his input was quickly glanced over by a lot of ppl, but I just wanna give a shout out for the nuggets of wisdom dropped in there. (I do also realize this veeeery similar to Loli's list from ARGCS Richmond, which wasn't brought to my attention til I got back. But I know they help each other out, so it makes a lot of sense in hindsight).   Prior to the tournament starting, I joke about wearing a Coolstuff shirt around because Phoenix Games (a rival cardshop) was hosting the tournament and I wanted to just give them a giant middle finger if i did well (Phoenix has done some really scummy things as a card shop). Much to my surprise, one of my buddies said he had two Coolstuff shirts with him (he works there). So I change my shirt, and with that, the tournament begins. 162 people, 7 rounds, cut to Top 16 for single elim.    Round 1: Mythic Ruler v Noble Knight (2-1) G1:Don't remember too much about this game but my notes show I Soul Charged for 4 and he never touched my life. G2:Hand starts really slow and he resolves King Arty wiith 2 Excaliburn, Caliburn, and Destiny. I draw Wing Blast for turn and have 2 MST set. Set that and Wing Blast, tell him to go. He swings, I double MST his Excaliburns on declaration then PWWB him to the top. He sets 3 and tells me to go. Flips Vanity, and I dig for MST, but to no avail. He summons Honest and swings. With about 10 cards left in deck, I draw Sarc. I contemplate sarcing the last MST and I do, which turns out to be my next card -_- and he summons dudes and beats me down. G3: I start with Stardust, and a set. He goes Medraut equip, I Stardust the Medraught. He Soul Charges me 2x this game and tries to attack both times. The 2nd time around, he makes Excalibur and attacks, I remind him he can't. Passes to me. I make Grinder for the win.   During this round one of the guys watching me asks when Azure Eyes was released lol.   Round 2: Mirror (2-0) I always somehow play this guy everytime I go to Orlando. G1:Summon all 4 dragons, that was all she wrote. G2:We both start realllllly slow, but he eventually tribute summons and Blue-Eyes and flips Vanity on me. He's forced to Shrine to go for game, but i have my own Vanity to stop him. With a 2nd Vanity in my hand, I PWWB his set S/T, kill Vanity. Make my own board, he draws, Charges and I Vanity him again. He concedes.   Round 3: Mythic Ruler v Water (2-0) G1: He wins the roll, and makes Bahamut, Angineer, and Linde. I Felgrand, kill Angineer and set Skill Drain. I Drain his Bahamut effect and my Felgrand never leaves the board the whole game. G2: He goes first and sets 2 S/Ts and a monster. I Trooper, mill 3, he Iron Walls me. I attack and hit Ice Hand, lol. Hold the MST and find a spot to go off and win. Guy was extra salty, not sure why.   Round 4:Mythic Ruler v Karakuri Gear (2-0) G1:I Felgrand backed by PWWB about t3 and its more than he can deal with. G2: He attempts to explode, I Maxx on his Birdman. He stops, i draw another maxx and wreck his board. He attempts to explode again and I have Maxx/Drain and he scoops it up.   Round 5: Mythic Ruler v Noble Knight (Again?) (2-0) G1: He never gets to a Medraut and loses very quickly. G2: Don't remember too much about this other than he Medrauts, I Drain, he lances and I PWWB for the win. He can't answer the board I make next turn.   Round 6: Mythic Ruler v Water (0-2) G1: He starts with Undine and some sets. I start really slow and Bandit. He kills me next turn. G2: I start with Trooper and no backrows and he Teus Goons me but decides to let me live. I Big Eye to answer his board, but he plays 2 Big Eyes and it gets him there. He had Angineer to protect him from anything i could do, as i was sitting on 2300 life and had to Soul Charge to clear everything but the Eye and I concede.   Round 7: Mythic Ruler v Bujin (2-0) Saw this guy in the earlier rounds playing Bujin with mained Decree and a full Trap suite. We both know what the each other is playing as he makes the comment he didn't want to play me haha. G1:He starts Mika and can't get too much going. G2: He once again starts Mika and 2 backrow, I have Fire and he can't get anything going.   So Top 16 is called and I'm 4th seed. I have to play Bujins from last round in top.   Top 16: Mythic Ruler v Bujin (0-2) G1: He does Bujin things and has Yamato Tenk. I attempt to Debris back my Tree Dragon and Exciton, he Veilers my Debris. I Soul Charge for 1 and attempt to Exciton, he TTs, I chain, he Veilers and Hares and I can't establish anything. G2: I start with BTH, MST set with Tidal, Redox, Tempest in hand and a blank. He summons hare, I let it through, he hits. Draw for turn and get Kuribandit. Bandit into nothing, pass. He summons Turtle and attacks with both, I take it and he tries to Susanowo and I BTH. I have to go for something so I summon Tempest banishing Redox/Tidal, he Debunks. I search Mythics, summon Earth and he Maxx "C"s me and I stop. He runs it over and I draw and set Ice Hand. He summons and attacks, but has the Debunk for it. Shake hands, and wish him good luck. He ends up t2ing to lose to Madolche.   Deck ran amazingly well all day. Resolved Bandit 3 times all day and Trooper almost every game. Welchy brought up that Trooper makes your Soul Charge play so much better. He's incredibly good, easily the best card all day. The changes I plan on making are -1 Bandit + 1 PWWB. Also, the 2nd potential field wipe in the extra is also amazing as that is that kind of gamestate Dragons pray for. Between access to BRD and Exciton, I only Excitoned once all day, and it didnt resolve. I summoned BRD about 5 times all day and never used the effect. Never needed to. Just being a level 7 Dragon is amazing. The hands were really good when i sided them in. Fueling Tidal and Blaster makes them absolutely unfair in this deck. Of course I was bummed to lose in Top, but I misplayed. Should have Felgranded under C and BTHed the Hare. Planning to use this deck at Nats. Gonna keep testing til then. Drain/Stardust and Vanty/Spark are just too much for the meta to handle. Deck is really solid. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this, hope you can forgive me for the lack of details. See you guys at Nats!
  6. Top 16 NAWCQ Report

    So I've wanted to visit Chicago for a long time since the Bulls are my favorite team and this past weekend I finally got the chance. We left Wed night to head up there, stayed about 30 mins away from Chicago, about a 12 1/2 hour drive. We leave day 0 early to get Giordano's and it's amazing.    Now to the good stuff.   Day 1   Rd 1 - Evilswarm This match is kind of a blur. I mostly remember g3. He opens Ophion 3 set. I go heavy, he judgments. I double mst then Electric Virus his Ophion, reborn his Castor and otk. Not the prettiest win but I'll take the 1-0 start   1-0   Rd 2 - Evilswarm This guy wasn't too good. He actually beat my friend the previous round. Like maining divine wrath and evilswarm katos lol. Easy win.   2-0   Rd 3 - Spellbooks He played weird things like d-prison and never resloved judgment but I still lost due to almost unplayable hands.    2-1   Rd 4 - Evilswarm This guy is playing on a Digvorzhak mat, tells me he won it at a west coast YCS (I don't remember which one) getting top 8 with Machina Gadgets. He opens g1 with ophion deck lockdown and eev set. Deck lockdown slows down my hand a lot so I just slow roll until I can otk. G2 he opens way to strong and I have no chance. G3 I open skill drain and fusilier so it was wrapped up soon.   3-1   Rd 5 - Dragon Rulers I was so excited for the mirror because it was what I was most prepared for. G1 I burn through all his veilers and end up Blader locking him. G2 he gets me through alot of my deck but he has the otk. G3 I pitch stream and blaster for tidal and time is called. I summon a tidal from my hand and make gaios, set deck dev and pass. He goes big eye, I negate. He goes another big eye, take my gaios and swing. My turn I go big eye, activate targeting my his big eye, he uses gaios and I chain deck dev. His face was priceless. Pitch veiler psi-blocker and scarecrow out of his hand. Take his other big eye, then take gaios and otk.   4-1   Rd 6 - Darkworld He tells me he hasn't played against "real decks" all day. It was a pretty easy win but the guy was nice.   5-1   Rd 7 - Mahjid Khan Spellbooks G1 he opens super nutty and I have no hope of winning. G2 I turn one EEV him and he scoops.   G3 is where it gets crazy. He opens decent and over a few turns is able to amass a field of double starhall, mind drain, tower, and 2 set unknowns to my 2 set EEV's and 5 dragons in hand. I topdeck fusilier and set it. EP he goes wing blast, I chain EEV calling spells getting rid of most of his hand and seeing gagagashield set. On his turn he draws warning and can't do much so he swings for minor damage sets warning and passes. I draw into my other fusilier! I set it, EEV calling traps, tempest search blaster, blaster pop jowgen, and do lots of nutty stuff. Game was crazy felt really good to win.   6-1   Rd 8 - Dragon Rulers (Top 32) Super nice guy but obviously a little nervous. Makes a few big misplays and I'm able to win.   7-1 after day 1, 46th place.   Get home and sleep a tiny bit before waking up for day 2.   Rd 9 - Garrett Byrd Evilswarm (Top 64) Really nice guy, I don't remember too much about it but side deck cards put in mad work.   8-1   Rd 10 - Brandon Dixon Dragon Rulers (Top 32) I know him from regionals and stuff and had seen him playing earlier so I knew he was playing dragons. There was a point in g3 where I thought I had it. He was at 1 in hand and I had burned through his set chalice. I go for the safe blader play instead of the otk and sadly it's veiler so he wins.   8-2   I always seem to find a way to lose on the bubble so I was a bit nervous.   Rd 11 - Joseph Chou Spellbooks I go first, go 2 draco 3 tokens with a veiler in hand and he scoops. I side like almost identical things for spellbooks and evilswarm so I decided to go with spellbooks. Win. I remember big eyeing 2 seperate kycoo lol.   9-2 yay first nats top.    Top 64 Dragon Rulers He gets a g1 game loss (he was missing a blaster from his deck :/ oh well) and g2 I just blader lock early.   Top 32 Aaron Furman Dragon Rulers G1 I win, G2 I get decked out because he left in card d and I was under maxx "c". G3 I resolve deck dev t1 and kinda lock him out a big before otking.   Top 16 Steve Silverman Dragon Rulers Game one he plays his hand absolutely perfectly and otks, then game 2 I put myself in a good position with a set emptiness and a good field and he has heavy dark hole followed by an otk.   So I get alot of really cool stuff and more importantly my nats top.   Props: - My brother/best friend Bryson for being awesome - "You git it" - Garon topping - My friends and teammates Bryson, Andrew, and Jason watching me and having my back all weekend - Keller being hilarious - You've got the touch - Sockboy - Gio's pizza - Topping - Getting pics in front of the Jordan statue - Our hotel  - "Hold it pimp"/other Patrick things - The Vault   Slops: - Tolls and traffic - Getting a flat on the way home   Decklist   Main Deck: Monsters (27) 3 Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos 3 Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls 3 Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms 3 Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders 2 Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks 2 Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets 2 Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Drafts 2 Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles 3 Maxx "C" 3 Effect Veiler 1 Flamvell Guard Spells (13) 3 Super Rejuvenation 3 Sacred Sword of Seven Stars 2 Gold Sarcophagus 1 Card Destruction 1 Dark Hole 1 Heavy Storm 1 Monster Reborn 1 Book of Moon   Extra Deck: 3 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 2 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger 1 Mermail Abyssgaios 1 Armory Arm 1 Ancient Sacred Wyvern 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Karakuri Shogun MDL 00 "Burei" 1 Colossal Fighter 1 Scrap Dragon 2 Crimson Blader   Side Deck: 2 Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast 2 Electric Virus 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Eradicator Epidemic Virus 2 Skill Drain 2 Vanity's Emptiness 2 Deck Devastation Virus   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7EkGXyixRg
  7. Australian Nationals

    [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]I decide that I am going to be taking Dragons to nationals about a month before the event. So then casually the week before nationals the guy I’m borrowing all my Lightsworn stuff from decides he is going to play Dragons as well; so I go searching around for all the stuff I need and manage to get everything par 2 Solar Recharge and 2 Royal Decree. Jackson manages to get me 2 Solar Recharges after I leave, so it seems I’ll be able to play it.[/color][/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]I finish my last exam on Thursday so I have about a day and a half to prepare for nationals. I head into Good Games on Friday to try and pick up some Decrees and get some randy stuff for my friend Carl. I meet with Jackson there and we do some trading with the people from other states. Jackson and I head over to a different card shop to get some testing in with all the above par players. I test the mirror match for about an hour and decide to main Plague instead of siding it.[/color][/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Jackson and I head back to my house and Carl heads to mine as well. We test mainly Rabbit vs Dragon and then a few games of Rabbit vs Hero and then decide on our side deck based on what we think we will see. Both Jackson and I think it’s going to be roughly 60% Dragons and 30% Rabbits, so I end up siding 2 Victoria over 2 Maxx “C”. We get our decklists down an hour later than planned and head to bed. We talk about some funny shit for around an hour and then I try to get to sleep. Carl decides to play Ds and turns his sound up to full just to tilt me. I manage to get to sleep around 2:30 and we set our alarms for 7.[/color][/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Wake up on Saturday - Day 1 and have some Weet-Bix. Leave my house at 7:30 and catch the train to the venue. People are flipping shit because only 30 people who didn’t pre-register can enter. All these people are writing decklists and I wonder how un-prepared you can be to not have a solid list down. I find a friend who can lend me 2 Decrees and proceed to talk shit about everyone else with the other Melbourne players.[/color][/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]The normal pre-premier event talk and pairings go up.[/color][/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Round 1: Me vs Rabbit[/color][/size] [size=4]Game 1:[/size] [size=4]I sit down to face some guy with a structure deck mat, apparently he has the downs and thinks table 103 is table 3, (this guy makes top 8 btw). Anyways my real opponent shows up and after he flops a first turn Rabbit I know what I’m playing against. Game proceeds pretty fairly, which is surprising for this format. Pretty sure I lost this.[/size] [size=4]Game 2:[/size] [size=4]I legit open the stone cold nuts and proceed to drop multiple Lightpulsars to victory.[/size] [size=4]Game 3:[/size] [size=4]Game goes on for a while. My opp has 4 backrow a dead Laggia and a Dolkka with one material left. I draw into my 7[sup]th[/sup] card to make a 7 monster hand. I think stuff through for a few minutes and realise I can game through 2 Torrentials and a D-Prison. Summon Tour Guide, which he doesn’t negate and make a Leviathan. Can’t remember how this plays out, but I game through his 4 backrow, one of which was a torrential.[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Round 2: Me vs Wind-Up[/color][/size] [size=4]Game 1:[/size] [size=4]I open 3-4 chaos monsters a Lyla and something else, proceed to summon the Lyla instead of passing and hope I mill like a god, (pretty sure I hit red eyes Lightpulsar and Darkflare =P). He starts off by making a Zenmaighty drops a shark and then proceeds to Mind Control my Lyla. He makes Utopia and then asks me if he can take it back, I say sure as I know he can do 8600 with the Utopia in attack, (3 Zenmaighty, Hunter and Utopia). He goes and makes a Maestroke in defense and ends with a board of hunter, 2 Zenmaighty and a Maestroke after tributing one Zenmaighty for Hunter. I proceed to drop a lot of shit and win in 2 turns.[/size] [size=4]Game 2:[/size] [size=4]One of the few games I opened future fusion all day, I proceed to do some crazy shenanigans with Darkflare and take this game pretty quickly.[/size] [size=4]Props to this guy, made some pretty bad plays but was really nice.[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Round 3: Me vs Rabbit[/color][/size] [size=4]Game 1:[/size] [size=4]He opens a Rabbit and a Macro to my 4 chaos monster hand. I lose this pretty quickly.[/size] [size=4]Game 2:[/size] [size=4]Plays out a little, he summons a Mole and I forced to Veiler to maintain board presence. I have to Sorc the Mole or risk losing to a Rabbit/Tour guide play. A couple of turns pass and he then tops a Tour Guide into Leviair, Utopia to attack over my lone Darkflare. I lose this when I realise he has the Mole removed and I can’t really do much. I summon a Lightpulsar and swing into his Utopia which he negates. He then just pulls back Mole and swings for game.[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Round 4: Me vs Rabbit[/color][/size] [size=4]Game 1:[/size] [size=4]This game is really straightforward I open crazy stuff and we manage to get to a simplified game state. I top like a G and win from there.[/size] [size=4]Game 2:[/size] [size=4]Pretty much the same as game 1, I manage to hold cards and then after some correct reads just make a big push for game which he can’t stop.[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Round 5: Me vs Final Countdown[/color][/size] [size=4]Game 1:[/size] [size=4]I open 2 MST, Such a G for this match up. I proceed to Future fusion otk him in my 2[sup]nd[/sup] turn since he doesn’t have a Fader or Scarecrow and has already payed 2000 for Countdown.[/size] [size=4]Game 2:[/size] [size=4]I pass turns with 2 Lylas trying to mill off my Plague. I end up milling it with 3 cards left in deck. Top deck for the Plague and make the side-decked Tempest and ditch 5 cards for game.[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Round 6: Me vs Heroes without Skill Drain [/color][/size] [size=4]Game 1:[/size] [size=4]We trade cards for a while and I end up dropping BLS into the obvious BTH and then dropping Darkflare combos for game.[/size] [size=4]Game 2:[/size] [size=4]I open pretty badly. I see a Veiler in my hand and realise that I sided like a spastic. He summons the Stratos so In the end it isn’t to bad. He proceeds to gain to much card advantage and takes the game.[/size] [size=4]Game 3:[/size] [size=4]I open MST’s, a future Fusion and a Lyla and proceed to win from there. He draws pretty badly throughout the game so I pretty much attacked into set Super Poly’s when he has no heroes.[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Round 7: Me vs GB’s[/color][/size] [size=4]Game 1:[/size] [size=4]He does some nutty Gyzarus stuff and has set Chariots. I play like a donk so he proceeds to win.[/size] [size=4]Game 2:[/size] [size=4]Heads into time and I manage to make a brio under his macro and swing for 2 turns to force a draw.[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]I finish 14[sup]th[/sup] after Swiss at 5-1-1[/color][/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Proceed to talk to Jackson and Carl and decide that there is no point going to someone’s house as we had already tested the Dragon vs Rabbit math-up extensively and I wanted to get at least 8 hours sleep. Carl comes back to my house to pick up some stuff he left behind and we stop by a super market and I drink a 2l Big M out of the carton like a proper Australian.[/color][/size] [size=4]I spend an hour checking out Gk’s as I was really scared about playing the one Gk player who topped. Necrovalley + Malefic Stardust + protection = not good[/size] [size=4]I get up at 7 get ready and head off to the venue. After arriving I talk to some people and hand in my deck to get deck checked before we start.[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Top 32: Me vs Rabbit[/color][/size] [size=4]I talk to Rokman and he says the guy I am playing is playing GB’s[/size] [size=4]Game 1:[/size] [size=4]He summons a Rabbit and I’m like what? I lose this in literally 2 minutes. He opens Macro and Laggia + a few backrow to my now dead hand.[/size] [size=4]Game 2:[/size] [size=4]Can’t really remember what happened. I think I may have summoned a bunch of monsters in one turn to win.[/size] [size=4]Game 3:[/size] [size=4]Really good game to begin with. Becomes extremely simplified and I top some pretty good stuff. I suppose that’s Yu-Gi-Oh but I feel bad sacking someone so badly.[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Top 16: Me vs Wind-Up[/color][/size] [size=4]Game 1:[/size] [size=4]He loops me turn 1. Enough said.[/size] [size=4]Game 2:[/size] [size=4]He opens pretty average and I manage to have the clutch Veiler to stop any play he has. Proceed to drop heaps of stuff after a few turns and take the game.[/size] [size=4]Game 3:[/size] [size=4]He loops me and ends with a Roach + Zenmaines, (I think these are different turns). I top Card Trooper which goes through like a G but draw a dead future Fusion off it. He tops into Avarice and draws a Rat off it. I was thoroughly outplayed so it feels pretty salty.[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]My goal was to top so I’m happy with the overall result. Jackson beats Rokman to seal the nationals so we are pretty happy.[/color][/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]List:[/color][/size] [size=4]3 Tour Guide From the Underworld[/size] [size=4]3 LightPulsar Dragon[/size] [size=4]3 Effect Veiler[/size] [size=4]3 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress[/size] [size=4]3 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter[/size] [size=4]2 Darkflare Dragon[/size] [size=4]2 Eclipse Wyvern[/size] [size=4]2 Chaos Sorcerer[/size] [size=4]2 Card Trooper[/size] [size=4]1 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon[/size] [size=4]1 Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning[/size] [size=4]1 Dark Armed Dragon[/size] [size=4]1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness[/size] [size=4]1 Sangan[/size] [size=4]1 Plaguespreader Zombie[/size] [size=4]3 Mystical Space Typhoon[/size] [size=4]3 Solar Recharge[/size] [size=4]1 Charge of the Light Brigade[/size] [size=4]1 Allure of Darkness[/size] [size=4]1 Monster Reborn[/size] [size=4]1 Dark Hole[/size] [size=4]1 Heavy Storm[/size] [size=4]1 Future Fusion[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Extra Deck:[/color][/size] [size=4]1 Five-Headed Dragon[/size] [size=4]1 Scrap Dragon[/size] [size=4]1 Black Rose Dragon[/size] [size=4]1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier[/size] [size=4]1 Ally of Justice Catastor[/size] [size=4]1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger[/size] [size=4]1 Photon Strike Bounzer[/size] [size=4]1 Inzektor Exa-Beetle[/size] [size=4]1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn[/size] [size=4]1 Wind-Up Zenmaines[/size] [size=4]1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon[/size] [size=4]1 Leviair the Sea Dragon[/size] [size=4]1 Number 20: Giga-Brilliant[/size] [size=4]1 Muzurhythm the String Djinn[/size] [size=4]1 Temtempo the Percussion Djinn[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Side Deck:[/color][/size] [size=4]2 Koa’ki Meiru Drago[/size] [size=4]2 Victoria[/size] [size=4]1 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon[/size] [size=4]1 Prime Material Dragon[/size] [size=4]3 Soul Taker[/size] [size=4]3 Royal Decree[/size] [size=4]2 Dust Tornado[/size] [size=4]1 Tempest Magician[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Props:[/color][/size] [size=4]Melbourne top 2[/size] [size=4]Jackson winning and Rokman coming 2nd[/size] [size=4]Kye Baker putting straws into everyone’s hoodies during the top 2 play-off[/size] [size=4]Jackson making me side/main Plague and Tempest[/size] [size=4]Top 16[/size] [size=4]Side fringes[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Slops:[/color][/size] [size=4]Carl scrubbing[/size] [size=4]Being like one out of 5 people In the room who had taken a shower[/size] [size=4]Taking out Maxx “C” for Victoria[/size] [size=4]Siding stuff specifically for the Dragon match-up which I never came up against.[/size] [size=4]Random Dragon player stacking everyone and making top 4[/size] [size=4][color=#BCBCBC]Thanks for reading[/color][/size]
  8. Top 16 YCS Atlanta

    I don't remember much about my matches,but I'll try my best. So this all starts off the weekend before Atlanta. I live in FL,and theres an Orlando Regional. I figure that WInd-Ups is the best deck (imo),so i take that to the regional. I go x-2,losing to Rabbit and Inzektor. Was thinking about playing another deck,but i decide to stick with Wind Ups. Fast forward to Thursday night,me,Prez (Vic),and a few others head out. We get there at about 1 am. Get some ihop,and head back to the hotel for sleep. Friday nothing really happens. Go to the Hot Sauces Games tourney for Vic to get his deckbox,but doesnt happen. Now for Saturday,i get up,get some breakfast and take the shuttle over to the center and turn in my decklist. Sit at my round 1 table and here we go.....1319 people and 11 rounds,9 today and 2 tomorrow,a lot more than what i expected. *Sorry for lack of details in the matches* Round 1 I play the mirror,loop him first turn for 4,then side. Quick 2-0. Was a pretty nice guy,tho. Round 2 i play some kind of Gallis/Wind Up/inzektor Hybrid. I go to loop him turn 1,but he has the veiler. I loop him turn 2,and win from there. Game 2 i chain disappearance his Hornet and its a wrap from there. Round 3 Game 1,i lose the die roll and open Sangan,Dark Hole,Maxx,Warning,MST,and Shark(?) I set Sangan/MST. He t sets and Upstarts,ends turn i mst. i dont draw anything useful,use Hole to clear the field and it was a sangan...he searches Morphing Jar,and i get the other combo piece to loop him. I get g1. Game 2....i dont really know what im playing,because i only saw a Morphing Jar,Sangan,and Upstart. I have a feeling its Empty Jar,but dont have anything for that in the side. I side in Chains and Crow,and hope it works. He FTKS me. G3,i go for the loop.the first card i hit is.....NEKO MANE KING. So he actiavtes D Fissure and proceeds to deck me out. Great. Yea,i was salty.*Flashback* Last Atl,in round 8 or 9,i lose to Empty Jar being piloted by Kris Perovic (who i didnt know who he was at that time) that knocks me out. so i bitch,a lot. But dont get off tilt. Just brush it off. Round 4 I play against Rabbit. Loop him turn 1,he loses. Game 2,he opens Laggia,Solemn,Dustshoot and another backrow. I open pretty good with Dark Hole,Decree,and Smashing. It gets down to him top decking with a Catastor on board against my field of 2x Zenmaighty and a Tiras w/no material. He atks my Tiras and tributes for Cydra,making a 3k Chimera. Im at 1300,with a dead Warning set. I draw....tour guide! make last Zenmaight,get Kitten,and bounce his stuff,tell him to go. He draws gorz. So i detach for Hunter,pop his Gorz with Hunter and swing for game. The whole time he whines. So im thinking this has gotta be Spaceman cuz i knew he was here. Never found out if it was.... Rounds 5 & 6 i dont remember much. Round 7 i play Maurice Brantley (hes playing Inzektor/Wind Up Hybrid. I like this guy,hes pretty chill and i respect him as a player,so this was gonna be pretty cool. G1,i loop him for 5 w/Reborn. G2,im walled up behind a Magician at 6000. He goes Zenmaighty x3,Limter Removal for game. (All under Maxx "C") Didnt expect that,haha. G3,i open Factory,shark,search another Shark. He Dark Holes,so i can tell his hand is pretty weak. I summon TK and atk next turn. It gets down to the point where he summons Rat,i chain disappearance. That won it for me. Found out he opened 3 Duality. Tk shut off 2:/ bad beats,but ggs no less. Round 8 i play against andre timm,playing Inzektors (only reason i know who he was is because someone said he goes to their locals in the ATL thread). Pretty cool guy. G1,same ol same ol. I loop him. G2,i go tiras,go. Im sitting pretty low on life points. He goes Leviathan,Giga Brilliant for game. G3,i loop him yet again,hitting his Crow first (yea,i got pretty lucky there). Round 9 (I found it pretty funny i end the day with the table i started at-14) Play against Rabbit,beat him down with Utopia g1. G2 i luck out big time. He has tk up and a monster set,i already went through my loop,so everything is in grave,and im at 300 and top my Snowman! yea! So i set it,he atks it and i destroy it. i top avarice. i get a monster and mind control for his reaper,and game him. I had Decree up,but that was pretty irrelevant,as his sets were MST and Heavy.... so i go into day 2 being x-1. Get absolutely no sleep that night. i apparently jump outta bed on top of someone on the floor...i dont remember that. All i know is im soooo tired for Day 2. Get a gatorade,since the hotel didnt have any 5 hr energy...fail. Get some free breakfast and head out. Round 10 i play the mirror. dont remember too much about games 1/2. But i only get the match because he misplays. My opening hand is Maxx,Cydra,Heavy,hunter,Judgment. He goes TGU,i let it go. He Factories and i maxx c the Zenmaighty. Draw Mst,he gets Rabbit. he sets 1. I Heavy Storm,Cydra,make Chimeratech,hit for 3600. Eventually he lets rabbit die,and he summons rat. I have Crow in hand and Judgment set and i know he has the shark from Factory. I let it goes and he targets Rabbit,i crow. He realizes his misplay,and i won from there with a Warning to seal it. Round 11 I play the Evol guy. He was pretty cool. I go for the loop,he veilers. Im sitting behind a Utopia and im at 3000 something he dark holes->Najasho/Force for game. Game 2 he sets 5 and says "if u have heavy,u win". I reveal Heavy,but my only monsters were Rat x2 while he had a cerato up. Not much i can do....but he scoops :/ g3,i have the rat after the Torrent. That gets the win. I end up 4th seed after Swiss. Turns out the Empty Jar i lost to also goes x-1. That worked out well. Top 32-Mirror Match (He plays Upstarts and Soldiers....he doesnt have Maxx "C"s or Chain,so that was pretty onesided. somehow he made top? Nice guy,though. Top 16-Mirror Match (Oxendizzle from here) I thought this was pretty funny,considering hes on Hitlist,and we're in a war. He gets a gameloss for having a bth behind his deckbox facedown in a white sleeve. Judge says he cant prove he used it or didnt,so its a gameloss. so he loops me first turn,i lose. G3,hes at 6300. He has a Cydra on field,i go zenmaighty x2 and leviair get my shark back,and on the last draw from maxx "c" he rips the Veiler...thats ygo. pretty good games,tho. So i get my packs and pull Rat,Shark,Zenmaighty x2 (Ult & Ultra),Gagaga Girl and some other crap holos. Not too bad at all. Was pretty excited,my decklist is pretty standard,nothing abnormal. Was a good weekend overall. Dgz made up a good part of top,so gj guys. Was fun,but not rly looking forward to a format of this...:/ Props: Wind-Up Kitten Wind-Ups in general 2/3 in Ycs Tops,batting .667 "A wild Charlie appeared!" LMAO The mat i was using,so awesome DGz making up a good part of top Lux topping All of Most Wanted being there,that was awesome Slops: No sleep Day 2 No Maxx "C" against Oxendizzle in Top 16 Snoring....