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Found 34 results

  1. YCS Pittsburgh 2017

    http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/2017/YCS-Pittsburgh_FAQ.html When: May 13th - 14th, 2017 Where: David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Halls D & E 1000 Ft. Duquesne Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Time to round up the boys and show up for MACR format!
  2. YCS DENVER 2017

    http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/2017/YCS-Denver_FAQ.html When: April 8th - 9th, 2017 Where: Crown Plaza Airport Convention Center 15500 E. 40th Ave., Denver, CO 80239 Who's going?
  3.       Event Information: http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/events/ycs_prague2016.html   Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1498286433808726/
  4. Nig Spoof here from TheCardChaps

    Hey guys it's Nig Spoof here with TheCardChaps and I just wanted everyone to know I'm starting my own YouTube channel where we will be providing only the best of the best yugioh player top cut deck profiles, matches, and player interviews. Please like and subscribe for more fresh content. You already know who it is! Nig Spoof with TheCardChaps  
  5.       http://www.yugioh-card.com/oc/events/ycs_sydney_2016.html   https://www.facebook.com/events/890939607640938/    
  6. Complexity Card Gaming are hosting a major tour stop in Lille due to YCS Lille being cancelled by Konami. Great news for everyone who had non-refundable travel or accomodation, extremely quick thinking to get something arranged in under 2 weeks. I think a lot of the playerbase will be grateful for this.     ===============================   Details:     Date:   5th/6th December 2015   Venue:   Stadium Lille Metropole Avenue de la Chatellenie 59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq France   http://www.stadium-lillemetropole.fr/     Prize Support:   €1500 Prize Pool in vouchers for yugiohcardmarket.eu + Travel & Accomodation to ARG Finals in USA available Also, side-events will take place for 4 different 3D Custom Art (CCG Prize) Cards   Other Details:   Entry fee - €20 Registration starts at 10AM on Saturday, tournament kicks off 11AM Some side-events have been announced, there is a cross-banlist side-event where you can play under any banlist from 2008-2015 (no cards released after your chosen banlist are allowed) where you can win a flight to another CCG Major Tour Stop   ===========================   Figured I'd make a thread for this since I didn't see one, we had Lille all booked so were going anyway regardless of the YCS, so this will be nice to go to.   Anyone else going?
  7. http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/news/press_ycs_lille_cancelled.html This has also been posted in the YCS Lille thread but I'm cross-posting it here to get the word out.
  8. YCS Rimini

    http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/news/ycs2015.html   29th-30th august, who will I be seeing!? I booked yesterday London to Rome, and then a direct train to Rimini :)
  9. Top 16 YCS Charleston: Ignorance is Bliss.   Alternate Names: Pure Ignorance.  My Experience as a Terrorist. The most ignorant deck that I've even played, the craziest trip that I've ever been on, and my explanation on why this format sucks.   Hello everyone, my name is Michael Albanese. This weekend I ventured to YCS Charleston (And at this point, Monday night at 8 pm I am nowhere near getting home) and finished in top 16 where I lost to the eventual winner. This was my 4th premiere event top (5th if you count myARG 2nd place finish). But this report is less about the tournament itself (Which I really enjoyed), but more about the time leading up to it, the insane things that happened during the weekend, and the shit that I've had to go through to get back home (which I am still not at).   I booked my flight to Charleston the day before the new banlist dropped, and I hoped that it didn't suck. When it did, I considered canceling but I realized I hadn't been to an event since ARG providence in August and a Konami event since nationals. At the time I was introduced to what I will refer to as a "Middle finger to the format," storm Qliphort, by my friends Jeff Torres and Matt Natisco. I fell in love with the deck. You could always go 2nd, have more cards than your opponent, and could go insanely plus turn 1, if you aren't killing your opponent or dropping towers. I played it at 2 regionals and misplays made me not top both of them, but I realized I just needed to stop being retarded and start being more ignorant, like the deck. A few friends of mine started testing it, and they also loved it. I enjoyed the deck mostly because I really disliked BA, hated the mirror, and hated the idea of you just losing to towers vs Qli, and all the stupid cards people can side against you. Here is my list of reasons that I chose not to play BA. 1. Maxx C 2. Flying C 3. Towers 4. Ojama Trio 5. Revival Gift 6. Their best card is Fire Lake, which is a trap card, and trap cards suck 7. Vanity's Emptiness 8. Majesty's Fiend 9. Vanity's Fiend 10. Shadow Imprisoning Mirror 11. Shaddoll Fusion 12. Masked Hero Dark Law 13. XYZ Universe 14. Diamond I'm sure there are more.   Leading up to the event, I tried testing a more ignorant version of Stellarknight, because if you can just start looping calls and Oasis's you can just win, but I stopped shortly after once I realized the issues that the deck always had, and that trap cards just suck. I kept considering it because it could more effectively side flying C and XYZ universe, but stopped considering the deck as viable. I was back to Qliphort.                 I went to class on Thursday, and basically the whole day I spent trying to finalize my main deck and side deck. I even forgot all my notebooks and stuff for class (Shows how much I was caring about school that day). I got home around 6 and realized that I hadn’t packed yet but it was far too early to start. I hopped on DN and grinded some rated and then decided that I would be social and hang out with a few of my non duelist friends. I went to chill with them around 10 and as soon as I get there Denny, Joey, and Scott invite me to a skype call, but they are talking mostly about Nekroz so I ignore them. I head home to pack about 1AM and it starts snowing, and immediately all the thoughts of a cancelled flight entered my mind. I finish packing and get to sleep around 3:30, and set my alarm for 8. I wake up at 8:30 and immediately get pissed off because I am already behind schedule (Flight is at 10:30). I take the fastest shower and get my mom to drive me to the airport, and thankfully the traffic stops and I get there in time for my flight. Security was a breeze and they didn’t check my cards so I didn’t have to waste any extra time. I get to the gate and see absolutely zero duelists, something that really surprised me for a flight out of Newark on a Friday afternoon on a YCS weekend. I board the flight and it’s the smallest plane in the history of planes and start listening to ignorant music for the remainder of the flight. The flight was uneventful, so crying babies or anything so it actually went by really fast.                 I land at the airport and see that Chumlee’s flight was delayed a bit (And Azad’s was delayed like 5 hours) so I have to wait for them at the airport.  I see my friends Mike, Paul, and Tyler and they explain how their flight was a lot less boring, Paul had some kid ask him if he was going to the YCS and even asked for trades, lol. Once Chumlee and Tim arrive we hop in a cab (Because for some reason our hotel’s shuttle service isn’t running at the current time). Let me say a little bit about Tim. He is the most ignorant person that I have ever met. He doesn’t care what he says, what he does, or where he says/does these things and who is watching. While we are in the cab he says things like “Hey driver how about you pay a little more attention to the road.” When we arrive at the hotel, we get into problem number one of the weekend. We pay the cab driver 32 dollars. 1 Twenty, 1 ten, 2 singles. The cab driver runs back into the hotel, claiming we only gave him 12 dollars. Tim is livid, he starts freaking out at the cab driver, calling him scum, etc etc and eventually the person at the hotel desk just decides to pay the cab driver just so he will leave the hotel and stop causing a scene. On the way to the room we make several ignorant statements about the cab driver and how we can’t believe what just happened.                 We leave for pre-registration, and get there and are really surprised that there aren’t more people there already. We also had the disappointed of finding out that NOBODY had typhoon. We could sign up without handing in our decklists, so that was cool. I was able to catch up with Korey, Loli, Tyree, and everyone else that I only get to see at events. They were all playing BA and I really just couldn’t bring myself to tell them that I was going to be a terrorist and play Qliphort. There really wasn’t much else for us to do at pre-registration, and we end up leaving around 5:30 to get back to the hotel early so we can finalize our decks and get some sleep. This is where hilarious cab driver story number 2 comes in. The hotel still didn’t have the driver of the shuttle working, so they sent us a cab driver. We get into the cab, and there is a lot of traffic so we figure this won’t be the 5 minute drive we expected (Also he just went the wrong way). Shortly into the cab ride, we realized this man was absolutely insane. Here I will list things that he said over the course of the next 10 minutes -          9/11 didn’t happen -          The Aurora move theatre shooting as an inside job -          Columbine was done by the government -          The shooter in Newton Connecticut died the day before the shooting so it was someone else who actually shot the people (Someone from inside the government) -          In one of the batman movies, the Sandy Hook school is shown on a map and labelled “Strike Zone” therefore the shooting was planned very far in advanced -          He claimed all black women “Are pumping out kids faster than a chocolate factory (Racism was there on purpose, I’m sure)” -          Everyone in the USA should carry a gun, because recently there were 2 men who had an altercation at a McDonalds over “Who would get there happy meal first” and one man shot the other man -          Something about how the monkeys in planet of the apes are smart than black people today The whole time Chumlee and I are just in the back of the car trying not to laugh because we are afraid that this insane man is going to murder us.  I have the video of this cab ride and I might post it.                   We get back to the hotel and I sleeve up BA, play one match of the BA mirror, and immediately put the cards away and decide that I’ll just stop lying to myself and just make my list for Qliphort.  I have the majorty good at go but decided to change my side deck up a bit and play a lot more hand traps. I wish I could have fit 1Tenacity of the Monarchs as an extra copy of Stormforth for the mirror, but I have no idea what I would cut for it.  Chumlee convinced me to side even more hate for Burning Abyss so I also put a pair of effect veilers in my side deck. This whole time Tim is trying to decide what to play but I assume he is going to play BA because that is what Chumlee is going to play.  I go downstairs to print out my decklist and translations and here is what I came up with.     The build is pretty standard for Storm Qli, I never resolved Qlimate Change but that card is still ridiculous. Stealthy kinda sucks but it's Utility made me still play a single copy. I think I sided in and resolved every card in my side deck. I only went into my extra deck a couple of times, but that was to be expected. This whole time, we were waiting for Azad who was rooming with us to show up, as he left his house at noon and it was already approaching midnight. Well after a bunch of delays he shows up just as we are going to sleep and starts asking for cards for tomorrow. He is missing a lot; I’m talking like burning abyss rares and other stuff. He is not ready for the event and I ask why he even came.                   We get to the convention center very early the next day and just chill until the tournament starts. At one point I was sitting with Korey McDuffie talking about his deck and he has no less than 5 people come up to him and ask him to sign cards. It was ridiculous and hilarious. I get to catch up with Luke Feeney at this time, which was cool because we haven’t really spoken since he left for college.  As soon as we know it, round 1 is up and unfortunately I already have to play someone that I know. Round 1 vs Deon Akridge – Burning Abyss with Traps and Masked Change 2.   Game 1: He wins the die roll and elects to go first. He opens Tour Guide into Graff, making Dante and milling nothing of consequence. He specials a Scarm from the deck, and a Cir from his hand and makes a second Dante, this time milling Good and Evil, Masked Change 2, and Creature Swap. He sets 3 backrows and searches Cir on end phase.  On my turn I look at my hand and think how this tournament is going to go well for me. I search Scout with Summoner’s Art, use it to get Saqlifice, and set a total of 3 Saqlifice before using Storm to blow up all 3 of Deon’s backrows, which were Emptiness, Book, and another card which I can’t remember. I search 2 Carriers and another Scout, put Monolith in the pendelum zone and summon Towers by tributing 2 Carriers and a Scout, bouncing his 2 Dantes. He brings out Cir and I can’t really do much except attack and use Tower’s effect, so I pass. A few turns pass where he constantly sets up Lake, and destroys my scales but without outing towers. He is barely in the game and eventually I summon disk and am able to make a full field and he scoops. This game took 29 minutes (I’ll give you a hint, I play very fast).   Game 2: He starts off by revealing Farfa, and normal summoning Cagna, to which I let him borrow my Flying C. He uses Cagna to send Good and Evil to grave and passes. On my turn I can’t do much, but I can’t lose because I have Scarecrow. So I scout for a Carrier, and set Saqlifice and end. On his turn he uses good and evil discarding Libic to search for lake, and specials calcab from his hand. He then summons tour guide and gets Graff and attacks with everything, and I scarecrow, fearing time (Because like game 1, this game is going rather slowly). I draw and he Lakes the Flying C and my Scout when I pay 800, and he doesn’t kill his own tour guide. He uses Graff to get an End Phase Scarm search, and I summon Carrier and equip Saqlifice and attack over Tour Guide, my last 2 cards in hand being Maxx C (Which I drew for turn) and Disk to his searched tour guide and draw for turn. He draws to 2, summons Tour Guide and I Maxx C him, and he just gets Graff and passes. I draw and tribute Carrier for Disk, and he scoops, and leaves before even signing the match slip.   1-0   Unfortunately, having an opponent who didn’t sign the match slip can be an issue, but we had a bit of a crowd watching our match so I wasn’t worried. I bring the slip up to the judges, and one of them comments how “It won’t be an issue, that’s the guy who started the fight at Anaheim.” I comment how I’m just trying to give my slip and get my win and continue with the tournament lol.   Round 2 vs Billy Brake – Satellarknight   We exchange pleasantries, I’ve never played Billy before and he was a very nice opponent. I win the die roll and decide to go second, to which he exclaims something like “oh no”   Game 1: He goes first with a Vega into Unuk to send Deneb, making Ragna Zero and setting 3 backrow. I use Scout to search Saqlifice, set 2 of them, and am able to storm him for all 3 of his backrow. I am then able to pendulum a few monsters and tribute for disk while carrier bounces Ragna Zero and attack for game that turn.   Game 2: He opens Deneb searching Vega and setting 3 backrow, and my hand is fine, but after he twisters my Scout I am forced to Snatch his Deneb just to get in damage. On his turn he summons Vega and uses its effect to which I Maxx C, and he summons Altair from hand. He attacks over Deneb and directly for some damage, and then uses Oasis to bring back Deneb, and makes Triverr to bounce all his cards back. He rips a Night Beam from my hand with Triverr’s effect, and sets 3 backrows and I draw to 6 cards. I place 2 Carriers in the Pendulum zone and he uses Oasis targeting Deneb, which I banish with Cycle Reader. I storm him for his other 2 backrows and my carriers and he chains Threatening Roar, and my last 2 cards in hand are Summoner’s Art and Towers. I search for scout and then Monolith, pendulum my 2 Carriers and Scout, and drop Towers, bouncing Triverr and discarding the only card in his hand. He looks at his top card and scoops.   2-0   After this round someone asked me to sign their mat and I was like wtf who am i Round 3 vs Qliphort – David Tavarez   I recognize this guy from NYC and I’m pretty sure he is playing Qliphort   Game 1: He chooses to go first, which is nice and he ends with scout, 1 set, and a monster with saqlifice. I open 3 upstart so I assume that I won’t be OTK’ing this turn, unfortunately. I have scout for saqlifice, set 2 saqlifice and storm him, and he thinks that he selects what I kill with storm (My only judge call of the day) but I kill everything he has anyway and he doesn’t chain Soul Transition. I search Scout and Carrier and use Scout to search Helix. I pendulum Carrier, Helix, and Scout and use Cat to bounce Scout and use it again to search Saqlifice. I equip Saqlifice to Scout and tribute it for Disk, bringing out 2 Monolith and attacking for 9400, leaving him at 800. I show him storm and then I show him Cowboy for exact game.   Game 2: He goes first this game with 2 backrows, Scout, and Carrier. I use Scout, and he MST’s, so I simply just night beam his other set, equip Saqlifice to his monster, and tribute it for Disk to bring out 2 Monolith and attack for game.   3-0   Round 4 vs Joe Bogli – Burning Abyss with a lot of traps   Me and Joe talked a bit leading up to this event and we knew each other’s deck pretty well. We were also at table 1 so that was pretty neat.   Game 1: He wins the roll and tells me to go first, and I start with Scout and Carrier equipped with Saqlifice along with a set Night Beam. He summons Tour Guide and mills nothing great and makes Dante and Virgil and spins the Saqlifice and beats over Carrier, sets 2 and passes and searches for Scarm after putting me to 4000. I draw enter main phase, and 50/50 night beam hit MST, get another Saqlifice, and Storm him for his set Karma Cut, search for Scout, Pendulum a few, and kill him later than turn after summoning Disk and bouncing Dante with Carrier.   Game 2: He opens with a bad BA and Scarm, making Dante and milling nothing, searching Tour Guide. My hand is 5 Scale 1’s and Swift Scarecrow. I summon Carrier and Pass. He doesn’t push, he just swings with Dante and passes. I draw another brick card and summon another Carrier. This turn he goes Tour Guide into Scarm to Dante and swings for a bit and searches another Tour Guide. I draw another brick card and set it and pass, he swings next turn and I pause him for a bit with Scarecrow, and next turn after drawing another Monolith I set my scales with 1 and 1 to see if he has Lake, he does, and I scoop. I had no follow up, just wanted to the curves of a few of his cards. First 10 cards were Scarecrow, 3 Carrier, 2 Monolith, 2 Disk, Stealth, and something else. Sweeeeeet. Game 3: I let him go first and he opens Tour Guide to Dante, milling Cir obviously, and eventually ends with Double Dante and Virgil, 2 backrow, and a searched Graff on end phase. One Dante had Graff and Farfa under it. My hand is pretty good too, but since he searched Graff I have to actively play around Wind Blast, which is the only card that can cripple an otherwise devastating storm play. I set Saqlifice and Storm him, he has no response and I get my search, and MST the other card. His sets were Book and Enemy Controller. I immediately get pissed because I could have straight up won the game if I went Scout first, but that play lost to Wind Blast so I figured I played it right. I searched Carrier, was able to bounce 2 cards, and end my turn with 2 draws off Monolith (Neither of which yielded me one of my 9 hand traps) and him only searching Tour Guide. He draws to 2 cards, and his Dante mills that turn result it Cir, Graff, and Scarm. I am livid and the crowd watching is obviously freaking out lol. He clearls my board he says that he will be thinking on my standby phase. I draw and don’t even look at the card, and he decides to lake my scales and I realize I just straight up win the game if the card I drew was a 9 scale to match my in hand Disk. I flip it over for everyone to see, and it was another Scale 1. RIP.   3-1    I can’t help thinking that if I used Scout first I would have been able to drop towers, but that would have played right into the wind blast he could have had. I call him a sick person for searching Graff, and sign the slip.   Round 5 vs Kamal Crooks-Valdez – Qliphort with Traps   Game 1: He chose to go first, and seems like a competent player but starts off with Scout and I immediately am ready to accept my free win in the mirror when my opponent goes first. He ends with Carrier equipped with Saqlifice, Scout, and 1 set backrow. I set up a Storm with 2 Saqlifices and clear all his backrows, one of which was a set Saqlifice, but it doesn’t matter. I get my other Scout and use my Art for a Monoith. I stop to consider if I should not go for game in case of Scarecrow but that goes against the theme of the deck, which is “Deal 8000.” I put Carrier in the zone, Pendulum a Carrier and Monolith from my hand and a Scout from my extra deck, and tribute for Disk and swing for a million damage.   Game 2: He graciously allows himself to go first and he ends his turn the same as he did game 1, with Carrier equipped with Saqlifice, Scout, and 2 Backrow. I look at my hand which is most certainly game because it contains Stormforth and Disk, as well as 1 Night Beam. I try to use Scout to bait one of his backrows but it resolves netting me Saqlfice. I decide to 50/50 the Night Beam, and it hits Qlimate Change? I go for the Stormforth and he uses Soul Transition and I am infinitely behind now. Next turn he night beams my Spell Shattering Arrow and hits me for well over 8000 through my disk equipped with Saqlifice. Game 3: I graciously allow him to go first and he opens with 3 set backrow and passes. I have Scout but it is promptly MST’d so I summon Helix and attack for 1800 and set arrow, which catches an end phase MST. He draws Upstart, slams it on the table and says “SCOUT!” and he draws Scout and I get sick. He searches his own Helix, equipped a set saqlifice and attacks. I draw my own MST, and end phase he Soul Transitions to pop it, draw 2 cards and search Disk. My life ends shortly after.   3-2   My opponent asks me why I let him so first. I excuse myself to go throw up that I lost to an opposing mouth breather. Nah he was cool though, and a good player. He lost last round of swiss, wish he topped.   I really hoped I would start playing straight retards and get free wins at this point…   Round 6 vs Burning Abyss – Matthew Grooms   Game 1: He wins the roll and opens Tour Guide into Graff, detaches it to get Scarm, and specials a bad BA from hand to make a 2nd Dante and mill 3 more. He sets 2 backrow and promptly forgets his Scarm search. I open 2 Arts, and after he MST’s my first scout, I set 2 Saqlifice and am able to storm him, then Pendulum summon 2 Carriers and Scout after putting Monolith in the Pendulum zone. I tribute for Towers and bounce his monsters and he requests a translation on it. I give it to him, and after he reads it, he asks “So I basically can’t do anything right?” and I tell him yeah basically so he calls a judge and verifies that this card “Says I can’t do absolutely anything.” The judge verifies once again, along with my translation, what the card does. He scoops up his cards. After the game he comments “My other deck would never let that happen, it summons Krystia and then you can’t do anything.”   Game 2: He opened Tour Guide again this game, but I had Maxx C and he goes for Dante with Scarm and searches another Tour Guide and passes with a few backrow. I open with 7 cards and Scout doesn’t resolve so this game was a bit of a grind. I end my turn with Carrier Saqlifice and nothing else, after he MST’d my scout. On his turn Dante mills nothing of consequence, and I veiler his tour guide. He attacks for 700 through Carrier, then makes Downerd Main Phase 2 and sets 1 backrow. I draw and Night Beam his backrow, tribute carrier for disk to bounce tour guide and bring out Scout and Monolith, make Volcasaurus for swag value, detaching Monolith and popping Downerd, overlay for Gaia Charger, then Scout into Monolith to set the scales and Pendulum back Monolith and Carrier for game.   4-2   Round 7 vs (Insert Name here) – Trap Qliphort   This was one of those magical matches where my opponent only got 2 turns the entire match. Game 1: My opponent wins the roll, and summons Helix and sets 2 Backrow and ends. I open Scout which he promptly MST’s, and I set Saqlifice and Storm his other backrow, which ends up being solemn warning. I search Scout which gets carrier, then I put Trampolynx in the Pendulum Zone, Pendulum Scout and Carrier, bounce Scout to get Saqlifice, and put it on Carrier and tribute it for Disk to put like 9000 on board.   Game 2: He opens 2 backrow, summon Helix and passes. I again, open Scout and Trampolynx and OTK him on my very first turn, this time with MST, Night beam, then Scout + Cat into Pendulum 2 Carrier, equipping one with Saqlifice, and tributing for Disk “Outplayed”   5-2   Round 8 vs Daniel Murdock – Storm Qliphort with main decked Stormforth   I talked to Daniel a bunch this weekend, it’s just really unfortunate we had to play each other.   Game 1: I win the most important die roll of the day, and allow Daniel to go first. He simply summons a Carrier and Equips Saqlifice and passes. Unfortunately, not matter how I did the math, I couldn’t game him. I could put him at 900 and draw 2 cards or I could put him at 100; I chose the latter. I raigeki’d his monster and he searches Scout, then I use Scout to search Carrier, put them in the Pendulum zone and summon Helix and Monolith. I tribute both for Disk to bring out Carrier and Monolith, and attack leaving him at 100. He draws and tries to activate Scout, saying “If you have MST, it’s game” and I’m just like due you are at 100. And he is like oh yeah I lose and scoops.   Between games he asks if I will agree to side out towers...I am really confused by this and I'm like sure i guess lol   Game 2: He allows me to go first and I use Scout to Search Carrier, and set 3 Backrow, MST, Arrow, and Saqlifice. He activates Scout and I MST, and then uses Summoner’s Art for another Scout. Usually I hold the Arrow here, but because he might just straight up lose if I use it, I decide to use it. He is forced to put Helix and Carrier in the zones, Pendulum back 2 Scouts, equip one with Saqlifice and tribute for Stealth (I hate this card I started siding it out every match, but back to that later) to bounce his Helix and searches Scout with Saqlifice so he can play it and put a Saqlifice on his Stealth and pass. I draw the sickest Stormforth of my life and just tribute his Stealth for my Disk and bring out 2 Monolith and use Scout to search Carrier to put it in the Pendulum Zone and Pendulum summon another monster in my hand and attack for game.   6-2   The printer broke this round so the fact that my opponent left before the judges came around collecting the wins almost became a problem. Calvin was sitting close to me this round and asked for me to introduce him to Chumlee, and he was ecstatic and took a selfie with him lol. They put up the standings and I get like 54th or something which is fine enough to top if I win the next 2.                   This night wasn’t anywhere as eventful as the others; I just went over what all the X-1’s were playing for Azad but I honestly thought he would go 0-2 and not top. We got McDonalds across from out hotel, where Tim dropped another legendary quote, referring to the plates that they give you at McDonald’s, “Usually I just leave these here and don’t even put them in the garbage.” I found this so funny, but he decided to put it in the garbage for the first time ever   . We left and started going back to our hotel, and immediately Tim threw his Drink on the ground and exclaimed “This is fucking Coke, God damnit.” I found this hilarious…I guess you had to be there   . We get to sleep and decide to get to the event center early the next morning.                   We wake up and take a shuttle to the Convention Center with another person from our Hotel, who at first wasn’t allowed to take the shuttle because he actually just didn’t have a room there. This man was later arrested at the convention center for stealing   . He kept saying “I don’t have a room here, but I stayed here with my friend” or something. But I digress, we get to the convention center and the room wasn’t even open for the judges to get in so I just catch up with a few friends who all happen to be X-2 also. We just hope not to play each other, and they open the doors for round 9 to start.   Round 9 vs Some guy– Shaddoll   At first he didn’t show up so I prayed for a free win, but he shows up.   Game 1: He wins the roll, and elects to go first. He activates Shaddoll Fusion and I chain Maxx “C”, and he makes construct with Falco and Light Dragon, and sends Beast. He uses Falco and sets 2 backrow, and I start my turn with 7 cards. He MST’s my first Scout, and I night beam his 2nd backrow and search another Scout with Art. I am a few life points short of game so I activate Upstart, with any Qliphort monster or Snatch or Raigeki being game. I draw a Disk, put it in the Pendulum zone and summon 2 Carriers and Scout back. I tribute the 2 Carriers for Disk to bring out 2 Monolith, bounce his 2 monsters, and attack for game.   Game 2: He again chooses to go first, and opens with El Fusion and I chain Maxx C (I kept it in because he seems awful) and he sends Light Dragon and Falco from hand again, making Construct and sending Beast but not activating Falco this time. He sets three and passes, and during my standby phase flips Anti-Spell Fragrance. My hand is Night Beam, Scout, Trampolyx, Snatch Steal, Disk, Saqlifice. I set the 3 and pass.  He summons Squamata and attacks with both Squamata and Construct, then uses El Fusion to make Winda and attacks, putting me at 1200, and he passes with one additional backrow. I draw Stormforth, and flip my Night Beam to hit his set MST. I Snatch Steal the Construct, summon Disk and equip it with a set Saqlifice, and attack over Winda and attack for 2100 and he takes back El Fusion from Grave. He draws to 3 (Falco, El Fusion, and his draw for turn). He flips his set Fusion, fuses from the main deck, pops Snatch and swings with 2 Constructs over Disk for 1400, which is enough for game.   Game 3: He chooses to go first and sets 1 backrow and 1 monster and passes. My hand is Night Beam, MST, Carrier, Disk, Saqlifice, and Stormforth. I Beam his set, Stormforth his monster and summon Carrier. He tries to use Squamata’s effect and I inform him that that is not a legal play. I equip Saqlifice and attack for 2700. He draws and summons Mathematician, to send Squamata and Beast to draw a card and passes. I tribute for Disk and bounce his Math and bring out 2 Monolith and searching Scout. He requests that I declare which monster is attacking first, so I choose Disk (and MP2 I can Volcasaurus the Gorz) but he doesn’t have anything and scoops up his cards. A few of my friends commented how they thought he was going to cry.   7-2   At this point Ned Salkovitch got kicked out of the convention center for rolling for cards, lol. This round takes forever and most of my friends are still X-2, so it would only be fitting that I would have to play one of them. The pairings go up and a few friends walk up to me and laugh at my matchup. I check the pairings and my opponent is my friend from locals, Phil Pena.   Round 10 vs Phil Pena – Ape Qliphort aka do 8000 mirror match.   Game 1: He wins the roll and allows me to go first, and we comment that we will still be friends after this match. I open Scout for Saqlifice, play Monolith in the Pendulum zone, and pendulum summon Helix and equip it with Saqlifice. I tribute it for Disk to bring 2 monsters out of the deck and search another Disk and draw 1 with Monolith and pass. He opens Scout + Trampolynx but he can’t kill me, so he Pendulums 2 Helix and tributes for Stealth to bounce his Scout for another Search and destroys both of my Scales, and ends his turn with an equipped Saqlifice and passes. When he ends his turn I immediately apologize for the savagery about to happen. I draw, equip Saqlifice to his monster, which prompts him to ask if I main Stormforth. I don’t, but I slam Raigeki and use my Saqlifice to get Scout, which gets Carrier, which allows me to Pendulum summon 5 monsters and attack for game.   Game 2: He once again allows me to go first, and I open Scout searching Saqlifice, and setting 3 backrow. He opens Summoner’s Art for Scout, which I MST upon him paying 800. He summons Helix and attacks, and he passes. I see the top right in front of me, I pay 800 to search Disk, put Carrier in the Pendulum Zone and Pendulum summon another Carrier and equip it with a set Saqlifice. I tribute it for Disk, bounce his monster, bring out 2 Monolith, and he scoops up his cards.   8-2   I walk around and see both my Tiebreakers lose, and then I witness TJ Kinsley lose to an actual retard who passed up an on board kill like 10 turns in a row.  I make fun of that retard for a while, by some overpriced water, and wait for them to announce top 32. They start announcing the top 32, and Elvis and I are worried that we aren’t going to make it. They get to 26th and they call Elvis, and I get called at 28th, thank God. We congratulate each other, and acknowledge the testing that we did with each other certainly paid off.  I check the pairings on the wall and Stephen Dabreo is 5th so he will be my top 32 opponent.   Top 32 vs Stephen Dabreo (The Selfie Guy) – Satellarknight with main decked Mind Crush and Dust Tornado.   Allen Fung is the judge next to our match, and I request that he watch another match, because the last time he judged my match I lost in the finals to Lavals.   Game 1: He wins the roll and elects to go first, with ROTA searching Unuk and sending Deneb to grave, and setting 3 backrow. I draw and have to set my Saqlifices and Storms to play around Mind Crush, and use start my turn by using Night Beam to hit his Call of the Haunted. I flip Art to search Scout and there is no Mind Crush in sight. I use it to get Saqlifice and Storm his other 2 Backrow and get my 2 searches. I Get Scout and Carrier, Scout searching Disk and am able to Pendulum Carrier and Scout, tribute for Disk and bounce his monster and attack for game.   Game 2: This game starts with Unuk sending Deneb, and setting 3 backrow. I draw and once again Night Beam his Call of the Haunted, and use Scout but it gets MST’d. I summon Helix and attack over Deneb. He draws and uses Altair to bring back Deneb and searching another Altair, and thinks for about 30 seconds of what to make. The judge issues him a slowplay warning and Stephen absolutely freaks out, appeals the slowplay warning and basically tells the judge that he is full of shit and is just abusing his power as a judge. I was honestly shocked he didn’t get a game loss. He decides to make Cowboy and passes. I draw and summon Stealth and decide to make Exciton, assuming both of his backrows were MST’s or Alphas, which they were. He draws and summons Vega for Altair for Deneb to make Triverr, and searches Alsham with Deneb. He rips towers from my hand, and I draw and try to make a comeback with Disk, but I can’t game him and I attack Triverr and he just brings back Vega into Alsham for game.   Game 3: I tell him to go first, and he opens with Deneb searching Vega and 3 sets and passes. My 6 card hand is Night Beam, Maxx C, MST, Scout, Saqlifice, and Helix. I immediately Beam his Call of the Haunted, set my Saqlifice, and use Scout to search Saqlifice which he promptly Mind Crushes, and I chain MST on his last backrow which is also MST, which he DOES NOT CHAIN to kill my Scout. He sees my Maxx C and I Summon Helix equip Saqlifice and attack over Deneb. He draws and summons another Deneb and searches Altair, sets 1 backrow and ends. I draw another Summoner’s Art, and use Scout to search Stealth. I tribute summon Stealth (FOR THIS FIRST TIME THIS TOURNAMENT) and bounce his Deneb and pop his backrow with Helix, which was Alpha. I use Saqlfice to search Carrier, and he asks if I have another monster. I reveal the Art which would get Monolith, and he scoops up his cards.   I look around and see my friend Manny lost to Elvis, see Azad won vs the retard that beat TJ on the bubble, and see Pat, Desmond, Hansel, and Alex Decolator all win. Elvis and I get a Judge to escort us to the bathroom and to get a few more overpriced drinks and return to the top cut Area. Sehabi helped me as much as he could with draft, suggesting that I draft 3 Sunlight Unicorns and good equip cards. Azad, Alex, Elvis, and I sit at a table and talk about draft for a bit, while Johnathan Gomez is deck checked for over an hour. Eventually we are given our draft pods, and I am at the same table as Johnny Nagel, Alex Decolator, Azad Deihem, Jonathan Gomez, and 3 people that I have never seen before. My draft goes extremely well, and it becomes pretty apparently that some people at the same table as me have no idea what they are doing. I get a pick 5 Silent Psychic Wizard, like a pick 9 Pyramid of Wonders, a really late pick Koaki Meru Drago, and even a last pick Nordic Relic Laeventinn. The highlights of my draft deck were 2 Sunlight Unicorn, 2 Silent Psychic Wizard, Tardy Orc, Psychokinesis, Noble Arms Aferderter, Freya with 2 Call of the Atlanteans and 2 Arsenal Bugs, Pyramid of Wonders, and Mark of the Rose. Unfortunately I only had 8 trap cards, but they were all pretty good.   Top 16 vs Jonathan Gomez aka Rabbitlover13, the eventual winner   Game 1: I win the role and choose for him to go first. He sets 3 backrow and passes, and I summon Airbellum and try to sneak in a direct attack but he switches it to defense mode. He sets an addition backrow and I summon Sunlight Unicorn and he hits a Mask of Brutality, and Sunlight attacks and is switch to defense mode. He draws and summons a monster to beat over Unicorn. At this point I basically keep drawing monsters and fall victim to his traps and he wins shortly after.   Game 2: I choose for him to go first and he starts with a monster and 3 backrow. I summon Unicorn and hit Arferdteur, and pop a set card which becomes equipped to my monster and makes it attack Zero. He beats over Unicorn and attacks with another monster directly. I miracle fertilizer back Unicorn, hit One shot wand and equip it, and attack and my monster is once again put to defense mode. He beats over Unicorn and I draw a card. I summon a monster and attack and he flips his last backrow, Bark of Dark Ruler. I scoop up my cards.   I leave the top cut area, but stay near it rooting on the rest of my friends still in the tournament. Azad gets DQ’d in top 4, so Elvis automatically got an Ascension after he lost to Patrick (The match was great, it’s a shame the feature was never posted). Obviously you guys know the rest, Jonathan beats Patrick and the Patriots win the Super Bowl. At least one Pat wins today! Enough excitement for one weekend, right? Wrong. I get back to my hotel and immediately find out that my flight got cancelled. I spend some time on the phone and my mom helps out and calls United also, and I have another flight booked for 4pm on Monday. I got to bed and Azad is literally missing but whatever, he is probably cheating somewhere.   I wake up around 11 and get our stuff together, and Chumlee and Tim’s flight also got cancelled. We leave for the airport around 1, and have another legendary cab ride. We get in the cab and the driver immediately asks if Chumlee and I are brothers, and we inform him that we are not related. He then asks if we are cousins, and we again tell him that no, we still aren’t related. Tim, trying to be funny, tells the driver that we are actually dating. He driver starts giggling like a retard, and asks who the man is and who the woman is.  He says a bunch of more ignorant things, like telling us how next time he comes to check out some gay club, and how he loves gay people. He drops this legendary quote, “Being gay is great, you get blowjobs.” The strong majority of this cab ride has also been recorded.  We arrive at the airport and meet up with Galo, Allen Fung, and a few others. Most of their flights were cancelled, but my replacement flight was good to go; they got put up in the Crowne Plaza for the night and left the airport, while I headed through security to my gate. When I went through security they made me take out every deck box that I had in my bag, and while we did so a few of the security guys were like “What is this Yugioh game anyway?” I walked into the terminal and so a bunch of my NY friends, some of which who I assumed were on my plane. I chatted a bit with Manav Dawar, and he said how bad his tournament went, and how he hates BA, etc. My friends from NJ, Mike, Paul, and Tyler then enter the Terminal and we hang out for a bit, as they came a bit early for their flight (Assuming it would probably get cancelled, anyway). Around 3:45, when they were about to announce my boarding, they announce that my flight is cancelled instead. I expected this, but decide to stay in the terminal hanging with my friends and hoping to hop on another flight. No such flight existed, and I found out that only 1 flight left from Charleston to the NY/NJ area (And my friends were on it, and they constantly made fun of me for that). Paul, Mike, and Tyler were flying into DC, and then driving up to NJ, and they said if I could get into a flight to Washington DC, then I could drive up with them. Unfortunately, all flights to DC were cancelled, except for theirs, which was super overbooked. I stayed for a bit more, and was notified at about 6:00 that there was an opening on their flight. I get a free ticket to get on, go back through security (They recognize me and don’t make me remove all my cards from my bag this time), and re-enter the terminal. I see a few more friends from my locals getting onto this flight to DC (Although their connecting flight from DC to NJ is cancelled, and they spent the night at the airport). The boarding process starts, the whole time we are actually still expecting the flight to be cancelled.  I manage to get a seat in a row by myself after the man next to me moves (Hurray for being fat), and we take off. The flight is fast and we land after about an hour and head to the parking lot. The parking lot is so large that there are several different shuttles that take you to each parking area. Mike remembers that he is in area 15, but the guy driving the shuttle actually doesn’t speak English and we reach the end of the ride and he said he called area 15 like 10 minutes ago. He points us to the area that we should walk to, and the second we get out of the shuttle we are right in front of Mike’s car.  Me and Paul make sure that we make many racist comments about the Shuttle driver and how he shouldn’t be allowed in our country. We hop into Mike’s car and are into the next part of our journey.                   The first thing that happens when we get into the car is that Tyler exclaims that he will get to experience a legendary Paul and Mike car ride; We have similar ignorant personalities and Tyler missed out on the trip when we went to ARG DC last year.  We actually just never care, we say whatever we want, wherever we want.  We make a few phone calls, and we find out the roads up by South Jersey are going to be really hard to drive on, so we decide to get a hotel. I have class that I have to be at 11:30AM, and have an assignment I have to email to a professor at 1PM, and both of these seem unlikely that I will be getting to. We drive up through Maryland and stop at an Applebee’s, and have literally the most unpleasant bitch waitress in the history of the universe. We get to our Hotel around 2 AM and crash, and wake up around 10 for the last leg of our journey. This whole time I am questioning, how did I get myself into this situation, driving in a car with my friends back up to NJ after 3 of my flights were cancelled. I still couldn’t believe I did all of this. We head back to Jersey, I get to school at 12:30 PM, and the rest is history. I can’t believe that it took that long to finally get home, but I guess it was worth it.  It was definitely an adventure that I don’t look forward to having again.   Props:   -          Topping with a deck I actually enjoyed -          Actually going to a YCS and not bitching out like usual -          My pity packs actually being broken -          Me and Elvis topping an event together after actually testing together -          Doing 8000 -          Winning most of my games on my 1st or 2nd turn -          Topping with a decklist that Chumlee didn’t make   Slops   -          Losing the first round of draft, again -          Chumlee not doing so well after testing so much -          The format sucks -          Having to play a few friends in Swiss and top -          Not winning the YCS with a broken Draft deck -          Me sucking -          Azad being a savage cheater -          TJ and Denny both going 0-2 day 2 and not topping -          A bunch of my friends losing the last round of Swiss -          Ned getting kicked out lol -          I’m sure there were a lot more but I suck and can’t remember them   Shout out to Scout for always being there when I needed him. Shout out to Elvis for getting 3rd, Rabbitlover for winning, and a bunch of my other friends for topping. A big thanks for everyone who helped me test and with the decklist, including Jeff Torres, Matt Natisco, Chumlee Doublestack, Omar Daoudi, and everyone else.  Shout out to Sehabi, Joey Chou, and Tim Bailey for trying to help me with draft.  Shout out to Jeremy Brunwasser for lending me a BA deck that stayed in my hotel room the whole weekend. Shout out to Paul, Mike, and Tyler for being the reason that I actually got home.  And shoutout to this awful format for being over; Bring on the Nekthots. See everyone at YCS Chicago and ARG Hartford. I’m just trying to get a win.
  10. https://docs.google.com/a/alterealitygames.com/document/d/1zHSVTHTW723rOgioCQtsyqD7gN6_she9vzrCqxhKPb4/edit
  11. Any idea when the YCS for germany for february is going to be announced? It was said Europe is having a YCS in the same country at the same time every year. It held for 2 years straight an now it doesn't anymore?
  12. So about 2 months ago I win the Regionals (a glorified locals) in my state and got my invite, and made enough money off being a sick cunt to fly to Sydney. (I live in Launceston and it is a shit hole with good bud and worse people) It was about a dozen of us but only 4 of us were playing actual decks if you count bls turbo shaddolls as a deck I guess I was playing Shaddolls. Josh playing Squiddolls (and hoping not to scrub out to melodious Shaddolls again), Liam playing Disk.dek. I decided on Shaddolls as I am a smoker and I do not have much time for permissive play, grind games, complicated gamestates, etc I just like to win on my first turn, and I didn't like the idea of Qli being able to do that as that does allow some player interaction in the form of msting scout I haven't got enough time for that shit, I just want to reveal denko fusion e con bls allday and go char down a few champion rubys eyyy. In hindsight I probably didn't practise enough. maybe 25 hours of dn and a fuckload of theory-oh. I managed to pick up Denkos the day of our NECH pre-release knowing that card is insane but I didn't think to main it until it became a thing. I only ever sided it against floodgate.dek or tour guide, not thinking that every time I drew it against those decks that I almost always won. idk I'm bad I guess I was unsure about maining Mind Control about a month prior to the event. I reallllly liked it, how it was never bad vs any deck, even if you just overlayed their dude vs qli or pushed for game against BA Plus it won mirrors and I expected a lot of those now the deck is arguably the most jew one of the format. I ended ran the jeff jones build (what a fucking babe) with e cons, that card is so dumb lol I also mained 2 Maxx "C". Realistically, you don't need to drop the card immediately despite going second - I generally want my opponent to overlay so I can abuse fusion (wow what a revelation I must be a yugioh god) but the idea was unless you opened the god hand, you're not going to otk your opponent every single time, right? if you put up a massive board and threatened an otk next turn, while saving the C you just pressure BA to clear it with a virgil + traps which is generally not very resource efficient (considering denko is a card) and they can't afford to do it while giving you infinite cards while going for game, plus the pressure that little bug cunt puts on that deck is unreal man standard cockroach logic really but I just felt like clarifying, I felt like Maxx was popular mained in Qli as they have floodgates / defensive cards they can use to stop otks but it put in some fucking work for me mate Dirtboy stayed at my house and wouldn't shut the fuck up about rings of saturn and i couldnt sleep until 4am. had an early flight hungover so we had some beer i double checked if i left my chopping scissors in my bag again like last time lol once we're in sydney we have to wait fucking ages to actually get to pre reg because our group were apparently gronks that had never left the state?? and we had to wait 2 HOURS for a shuttle bus . lol wtf glad i wasnt born here Okay pre reg all done seedy hostel checked in, made some pretty mad trades sold and bought some shit, went out got drunk etc usual yugibro shit right? I took my boy Liam to a pretty dodgy Ramen place and fed him the filthiest shit beef teriyaki they had on the menu, while I had the same one but xxxx spicy. it was fluorescent, I stared into the abyss of my noodle soup and it stared back we both feel absolutely fucked after we eat it but dont think much of it we go to sleep way too late. We rocked up at the event a little bit seedy. Liam decided that he was going to out-scum everyone and chuck a mad vomit all over himself from food poisoning before round 1 began. If you saw a guy in a Justin Timberlake shirt (that he didn't even wear ironically), with a lil beard scouting for qlis, who smelt like bile and 14 year old pussy at the event then that was him. rounds are up, I'm going against some kid wearing one of those hats that have ears and I think I caught something Round 1 Me VS Sylvan. Ok. Cool. Late to the party but w/e. Game 1 He milled like 2 lonefire off kuribandit? I mentioned to him this thing we discovered a few months ago that if you open lonefire + soul charge you can do some pretty cool combos and its a really great opening but you have to think really hard if you open it and told him about some lonefire soul charge combos. He said he didn't play soul charge so I asked him to sign the match slip so I could go have a smoke. nice guy There was also a chain burn player next to me who was staring down an endphase decree really hard I may have scared the shit out of the guy playing it by laughing that hard in his ear 2-0 Game 2 was Yang Zing. ok I remember flip summoning a masked chameleon he creature swapped to me (says it all right? and some other bullshit happened allowing me a quick smoke break. Easy. I wish I played more mirrors which I had prepared for early on because my tiebreakers were garbage. battlerecruiter.dek didn't do me any favours 2-0 Once again, another Chain Burn player was next to me. Before the round started, I didn't realise he was playing it and struck up a lovely conversation with the guy playing against him as I remembered seeing him at pre reg, talking about this fucked kid asking for volcanic queens (to out denko... lol) Then, firey and passionate as I am, I started loudly mouthing anyone who played the deck. "If you are playing burn RIGHT NOW you are more of an adorable motherfucker then normal, it isn't even a good meta pick." "How the fuck does that deck out denko? Do they kill themselves? How do they beat fire lake on their endphase without self harm?" Then 10 minutes into the round as I was packing up my shit to go char one, I saw he was playing chain burn and staring down a denko. I should have offered him a cig he needed one Round 3 was mirror. Arfifacts tho. ) He went into a Winda with dragon + beast and didn't set a beast over it with 1 set. He was new to the deck and I didn't get to punish him for that, so I had to go shard wizard liz falco pass and he had a sanctum, El Shaddoll in hand and bls to kill me. I felt annoyed because I had practised this matchup for a long time. w/e its one of those formats Game 2 he used DDG and it blew me out for a minute having only used this card in testing and knowing that it was particulary scary in artifact variants, spot removal + ddg is dumb in the mirror I baited out sanctum, then Raigeki'd him for a huge tempo change and eventually we went into time and I drew bls and he didn't. fuck I hate that card but its good to be controlling the lusting soldier Round 4 Me vs Lightsworn Shaddoll He went raiden mill wyvern banish dad pass and I'm like fuck off mate don't have time for this shit. He had a couple of sets. I needed to not let him blow me out next turn, so I went normal dragon swing, he El Shaddoll'd on atk, I'm thinking that if he had a chaos monster I lose anyway, so I shot gunned a e con on Raiden and he had to fuse with dragon beast. I then milled a lizard + regular fusion with his raiden in m2,  lol I am such a fucking sack. I would be able to core > tutor a Fusion to punish him next turn while he had no way to get rid of his winda. Eventually after he set 3 I Denko Fusion'd him and his sets were all reckless greeds. wow I am such a cunt Game 2 I opened mathman, 2 veiler, plant and games, drew super Poly for turn. next turn I drew Lyla. He opened 2 bts, 2 white dragon 1 Black and I beat him the fuck down. (I sided out a Denko for Lyla in the mirror as long as it wasn't Artifacts, imo freezing Shadow Games with Denko is alright but thats not really optimal as if they have mathman + sets they can out it next turn and you're too far behind as the mirror's early game is about flipping dat beast and resolving games til you make a big push) i'm really good at lyla milling too so it usually gave me a +2 and baited out an el shaddoll) Sorry man I wanted a smoke break more then you did apparently. 2-0 Round 5 Me vs BA FUCKING FINALLY Game 1 I opened Denko Fusion. Should've just revealed it and hope he scooped. As I checked my deck to fuse I saw a Lyla still in it and was like fuck Then I drew it off Beast, then dirtboy came and sat next to me. being the fuckboy that he is after asking if this was game 1/2 I imagined him blurting out WAIT YOU DON'T MAIN THAT SHIT and then the kids friend was watching me I fucking hate the pressure of being watched sometimes, and despite the fact that if I wanted to late game i could've castel'd his bls for game. I just scooped so I had a fresh mindset oh well Chucking a mad Cheng eyyy Game 2 I didn't have my head in it from the last game and by the time dirtboy walked away to go bum a smoke off someone, it was out of my control. I castel'd his bls, cut the deck, he ep searched for scarm, then drew bls for turn fuck off I felt bad about losing as this kid was actually bad (maybe I am too, I should kill myself), like he forgot searches and didn't capitalise on all monster hands I then beat him in side events, but still I was pissed off 0-2 Round 6 Me vs Burning Fedora I was on fucking tilt m8 He milled a cir off dante and made double dante set 1 pass. if he didn't mill that i would've had game with an e con, but I still put him on 1k life. I went I made a board that ripped through his floating dante and e con'd his other Dante, made a downerd so I had piercing for any floaters he may have had while depriving him of his monster, and a winda up. I was in a commanding position. he went foolish alich winda, calcab'd his set through a tour guide, dropped a bls and spun my shit. I burnt through all my resources, the only outs to that field were like raigeki + a goodtrap, bls and foolish Game 2 he made double dante set emptiness, then he shotgunned it on standby. i chained el shaddoll and he looked shattered, and despite having the fusion in my hand to go off I needed to get rid of my own winda. I drew an e con a little too late off Beast and misplayed, should've tributed my winda so I could've made downerd and put him on a 1 turn clock with a winda + construct up. he had the foolish for alich again anyway. oh well thats yugioh right 0-2 The guy with artifact dolls dropped and my tiebreakers were horrendous. I hoped I went against someone good... Gravekeepers. Fuck off, is this like 400BC? ughhh Easy 2-0, he was being cute but I'm playing the better deck. He sided cross out and I lol'd so hard, I think Liam took a photo of the guy while he asked a judge for a crossout ruling (fuck off mate) and chained shadow games all day until he killed himself I was 14 spots from day 2 and felt shit. I'm so bad at this game. Luckily there was a bro who managed to hook us up with some bud and we hit up the buges pretty hard, dirtboy ended up smoking my half of the deal and he still owes me a tenner to this day. Liam and Josh made day 2 then scrubbed out to Disk (Josh was being a fuckboy and only caring about foiling his glad beasts, what an autist) As we were leaving the event we met Bodan in the elevator, dirtboy (who was playing mermails) forgot to ask him to sign his Tidal :( sucks, RIP the dream of max rarity mermails Shout outs to Scott Jones for being on our train, looking full tilted and fuckeyed, we took some sick pictures with him, which was pretty ironic Liam and I were looking at his sisters nudes early at that morning Props - Smoking some prime as bud Stomping Mad trades Scott Jones' Sister free drink vouchers making money Slops - Not making day 2 Scott Jones' Sister running out of bud Here is the list I used; 3 Denko 3 Math 3 Beast 2 Lizard 2 Dragon 2 Falco 1 Hedgehog 3 White Dragonb 1 Black Dragon 1 Envoy of the Win Condition 2 Cockroach 3 Fusion 3 El 3 E Con 1 Raigeki 1 Mind Control (steal ur beast, steal ur mirror, steal ur girl) 1 Super Poly 1 Allure 3 Shadow Games 1 Core I kinda regret the 1 Hedgehog but I hated bricking with it, especially because going second, setting hedgehog pass is like playing Geargia and its nearly 2015, geargia will not do, thanks I did miss it a lot though. The second falco was for e con plays and I didn't regret it. Extra 3 Construct 2 Winda 1 Shek 1 Armades (Shit cunt Idk why I ran it I haven't made this since August) 1 Goyo (lol I know HTS is waay better but 28 is a big motherfucker) 1 Arcanite 1 Scrap Dragon (it came up a fair bit especially vs qli with mind control and e cons) 1 Leo 1 Exciton 1 Castel 1 Downerd (THIS CARD IS WAY TOO GOOD) 1 Chain I won a game by stacking BLS Armades sucks, never missed a 2nd shek Side 2 Gorz This card tested really well vs BA, the theory behind it is they have to deal with your board by using Virgil + traps if you don't have Denko up and if you gorz it basically skips their battle phase, they can't emptiness it, and they can't do much except standby fire lake otherwise they risk denko On top of that, NO ONE expects it (because this is not 2011, Gorz is not a card) but I felt like if I didn't have something to draw into off Maxx I would wind up getting double dante acid golem'd lol 2 Lyla I like this more then denko sometimes and it helps against rogue shit (aussies LOVE rogue shit) 2 Puppet Plant This card isn't that good with all of the other monster stealing shit available, as I generally switch out e cons for it post siding in the mirror. Sometimes having too many blowout cards sucks in that matchup as you have nothing proactive, only reactive cards. which in turn would make you want to go 2nd more.. 3 MST 1 Twister (sick cunt) 1 Dust (meant to be another Twister but I couldn't find another Ulti one, I am a vain cunt) 2 Fairy Wind (I don't like this card that much but its like, that good you kind of have to play it)  
  13. left school early since I had a free period last (i.e. you can do whatever you want in that time) by faking a medical appointment to go to pre reg since im not actually missing any new school work so im pretty sure I couldnt fall behind on more important things in life doing this, arrive at excel after like an hour and a half and im reminded quickly of how shit east london actually is thank god I live in north london holy crap pre reg and borrow some cards from my locals tournament organiser ollie hickey, really nice guy those puppet plants really came in handy, downerd not so much but oh well wanted to pick up quasar mat but no one told me they were selling it outside the room I feel so fuckign stupid no way im paying the 60 to 80 they were holding on to the last few mats for on day one just piss off if u think im paying that much my list was horse shit but I actually thought the theory made some sense even though in practice elements of it could be much improved, here it is regardless 2 shaddoll beast 2 shaddoll dragon 2 shaddoll falco 2 shaddoll hedgehog 2 shaddoll squamata 3 mathematician (mvp I cant believe anyone would consider not playing this card its so damn good) 2 effect veiler 2 black dragon collapse 2 white dragon wyverburster 1 eclipse wyvern 1 dark armed 1 bls envoy 3 shaddoll fusion 1 allure 1 foolish 1 mind control 1 soul charge 1 super poly 3 sinister shadow game 3 vanity emptiness 2 burst rebirth 1 shaddoll core 1 solemn warning 2 of each shaddoll because I found on dn that I was running out with 9 and 3 sinister and foolish and theres just no chance im cutting either of those so I stuck with 10, I wanted to avoid drawing multiples of the same shaddoll so I avoided going to 3 and it couldnt have worked better, each one did what I wanted it to do in its own way 3 mathematician because opening with it puts you so far ahead in the mirror, sending squamata beast vs unknown was great since I always got a +1 which isnt guaranteed with raiden, the added utility of level 8 synchros was nice but raiden not floating came up more often and having it mill nothing then get run over by unuk or dante sucks so it had to be avoided, as much as I loved charge of the light brigade in testing for setting up mini dragons math was the way to go 100% eclipse wyvern + dad package gave the deck more explosiveness, it allowed me to get full value out of the mini dragons and you while drawing wyvern is gay the ability to otherwise search out dad is just amazing, this had to be in the deck you cant tell me searching dad isnt broke effect veilers gave me a better collapserpent, easier access to armades and extra defense against burning abyss, I predicted them to be so much more popular than they were, I quickly realised that after round one just walking around and seeing shaddoll after shaddoll I thought veiler was a mistake, although I sided out in all games against shaddoll im wondering if I was using theory more than results, I hit shaddoll beast flip summons several times in g1s and I definitely wouldnt have won those if they had resolved their beasts mind control was just the tits in the mirror I thought maining it was just a good idea, also the downerd in the extra deck was in case I could either pierce them in time and steal a win or more likely if I draw mind control against burning abyss in g1 its live on their dante especially since with my build the extra deck had space for niche situations 2 burst rebirth because shaddoll is a combo deck and opening math burst, foolish burst, sinister burst etc to get shaddoll beast face down asap was actually just awesome, this card was nuts no regrets on using it whatsoever 1 shaddoll core since I could send it with construct or squamata (math foolish sinister) to get back a shaddoll fusion, they can karma cut/pwwb all they want but the advantage just keeps snowballing if I can add fusion back, unfortunately maining this was a mistake since I only played one ba, it only even came up against a shaddoll mirror where I got back a shaddoll fusion to kill his guy but still lost the game urgh this should have been compulse or bts solemn warning stopped mathematician and tgu so I could stop them getting back into the game, I saw it as a combo piece more than anything else since I could make fields then just set this and feel so comfortable, it acted like a 4th vanity and damn it was good over the weekend ok onto the main event ill try to put detail but memory is a little hazy flamed round 1 vs a friendly Croatian bloke named Kenny (shaddoll) g1 mathematcian opener gets me going pretty sure he just has to set a hedgehog and sinister and pass, the beatdown starts up when I draw mini dragons but raigeki and shaddoll fusion set me back further than anticipated because loss of board presence and pressure, top deck my own shaddoll fusion though and with super poly I can arcanite his board (he had no s/t) and attack with construct, super poly for the final blow good start g2 he opens falco sinister but mind control comes up big for the first time, I feared stealing a hedgehog but thought the ruling would let me get his shaddoll flip effect so it wouldnt be a disaster, as it turned out when he chained and sent hedge to flip falco and after a quick judge called I am disappointed to find he gets to revive his hedgehog as well, gotta normal summon puppet plant make armades to beat over and set vanity, cancel out his shaddoll fusion and just swing each turn until he is setting creatures and losing advantage fast, stick a dragon on the field to deal more damage and he loses before getting an out round 2 vs friendly English guy using ba g1 I want to make this detailed but I cant, math and collapse gets dad in hand t1 and an unopposed shaddoll fusion on his dante next turn made this a massacre g2 raiza sets me back far and with no aggressive plays in sight the traps and 2400 body gets him there easily I didnt make him break a sweat this time g3 the long and short of it is that he forgot a crucial scarm searches since he was thinking hard about whether to take back a milled astral force and must have forgot about the pwwb/kama cut he played earlier in the turn, he gifted me this game and should have beaten me round 3 vs some satellarknight guy who was from England g1 deneb gets going t1 and I actually had a playable hand but for whatever reason I couldnt win this, it should be a good matchup g1 but im sure I misplayed somewhere in there and lost because of it g2 open math collapse shaddoll fusion for winda wih falco set and beast in grave, he scoops after a turn or two the raw aggression was too much g3 cant remember the early game I just remember sticking dragon + vanity to win, he rips duality and picks mst for vanity and altair vega deneb gets delteros to put him too far ahead if you noticed the anomaly in that you are right, he duality'd and used altair in the same turn but I didnt catch it becase I was too frustrated at my setup being killed by mst to remember the restriction, im absolutely confident I would otherwise have won since I could next turn castel his deneb so he has to xyz into -1s but I have enough self awareness to accept blame for this defeat, not only was it avoidable but a truly amateur mistake after having played this game since the first starter decks when I was just little I should really have known better and in that respect I deserved to lose just for that mistake alone round 4 vs a dutch? madolche guy named lars g1 he arrives a few minutes late and gets game loss g2 magiliene gets him going I put up a fight but setting monsters and normal summoning squamata was the best I could do and chateau makes his creature too big, I get overrun after a while g3 fairly solid opening hand, just play carefully, mst his ticket searched off hoot and be careful with vanity to make sure I dont lose it too soon, eventually I mst my own vanity since he has no s/t so I can bls dark armed for the game shot round 5 vs an english guy, I think his name was Duncan with shaddoll g1 I have weak hand and have to set hedgehog, he has several mathematicians and steam roles me quickly and efficiently g2 this time I do the same thing to him but bls goes in somewhere I think to just end things g3 he has the advantage early game and pushes for lethal with lavalval chain bls dark armed, I super poly with falco to make construct but unfortunately send dragon and target de fusion. nvm, lavaval chain and dark armed make direct attacks but i live to fight another day, on my turn mind control his dad blast the fuck out of his field the pop itself afterwards since I obviously dont want him getting it back in the end phase, this made my dead dark armed in playable with only one or two darks left in grave I could finally set it up, I just go massive beatdown after, a few good topdecks keep him in it but eventually I take the match round 6 vs some annoying asshole using lightsworn shaddoll robert was his name I think, fucking crying faggot g1 makes goyo to kill my set hedgehog and steal it so I shaddoll fusion and go aggro but some sick ls mills and a clutch super poly bring him back into it and a topdeck late game shaddoll fusion kills me fuck that was annoying im sure there was a way to win that game but my mind is too foggy now, second or third winnable game i've dropped to misplays already damn g2 his ls mills suck this time and I just beat over his guys quickly and win just in time, unfortunately g1 took ages so winning with like 30 seconds left meant I quickly throw out that last burst rebirth for an mst just so I dont have a dead card going into time g3 he opens not truly bad but not as good as he would have hoped, still he lyla mills beast which is alright but with no backrow I math and puppet plant his lyla, I didnt think a neg 1 would matter as much as 3200 damage in time so I go for the damage, he summons raiden I think and attacks me, end phase sinister and dark armed is ready to clear the way for more damage and he loses in time after that he keeps calling me lucky even though he had the luck of the irish in game 1 with several good top decks to save him, says he wants to play on and see who would have won if there was more time to play the full legit game, I agree but first have him sign the match slip and hand It over to a judge there aint no roy st clair shit happening here baldy, he gets overconfident and overextends saying see I would have won or something of that nature, compulse gets his construct and falco reviving dragon gets rid of winda, draw the shaddoll fusion with two shaddolls in hand LOL make winda revive the falco and tribute it for vanity to just win, eat shit asshole round 7 vs rafael neven a dutch guy using artifact shaddoll I remember this guy because he topped, his blonde hair was gel back so immediately I think he is a douche considering pretty boys usually are g1 mathematician gets me there I think I draw a couple copies, his trap stuns and sanctums are frustrating but I get there in the end, cant remember this game much g2 i have a weird hand, set up dad but he sanctums for moralltech and I just cant put any more pressure he wins easy g3 well there wasnt a g3 because despite being extra careful when siding (since he pile shuffled all 3 times there was a chance I could make a mistake and get a game loss) I counted several times but make one last change deciding to try out a decree or two for his artifact engine, something went wrong somewhere and I end up with 42 cards in the main for the game loss since I cant count up to 15 for the side FUCK round 8 vs nice dutch or german guy, his name was Marcus and he used stellarknights g1 opens set 5 but I went first and sinister falco into beast, he fiendish chains beast I make arcanite he breakthough skills, drop DARK ARMED DRAGOOON the best card I swear and just blow him out g3 he opens set 5 again still no deneb in sight i cant believe it yessss, dragon beatdown starts but I stupidly decide to set a couple dead cards like burst rebirth in case gets rid of dragon because why not right? Well heres why not his draw and set I declare an attack and ice hand gets me I have like 3 backrows I cant use its gonna take me forever to get through since i cant get these damn purple cards of the field I wanna slap myself for that it was so pointless but i never expected to be punished with a hand, exciton was out of the question since he had severel back rows unused, oh well I have to keep going and watch my traps and monster die. summon squamata next turn after fire hand gets dragon and keep going but late game he eventually gets the deneb, i wasnt even salty it was inevitable but I get through all 3 altairs somehow, unfortunately he ends up with shadow imprisoning mirror and soul drain both face up, go minus for leo and he makes rhapsody forgetting that shadow mirror stops it from equipping and tearing my rectum, I kill it quickly but his raigeki destroys leo and I have to burst rebirth it back to cancel his alsahm attack to survive as he runs over with 101 aft the replay, so sure im gonna lose the game but of course like a motherfucker I rip the almighty bls to his 101, alsahm, SIM and soul drain with one unknown s/t, I fear d prison but go for thhe attack since i win if they go through, he concedes revealing another set shadow mirror so I made day 2 for my second ycs ever after day 2 on ycs London 2013 losing to a misplay back then aginst jack brunn, at least my hotel room wasnt a waste of money at this point we were kept outside the room in the cold for about 10 minutes while they set everything up konami why am I not surprised. It doesnt help that the excel centre staff are actually just rude, im a paying customer so dont fucking talk down to me asshole u wouldnt see that from any other business so dont pretend im stupid when I ask a legitimate question about how long until its ready, the queue was quite long at that point everyone was wondering the same thing round 9 vs kevin, a French shaddoll artifact player he arrives late and get a game loss, quite literally 3 more seconds (9 minutes 57 seconds or some shit late) and he would have gotten a match loss, not gonna lie I was heartbroken when he sat down as the just had just picked up the match slip and was literally in the process of writing the match loss down g2 he just combos me with artifacts, I lose field presence and ignition on end phase stops me resolving my sinisters and a late game Pleiades adds insult to injury g3 he draws utter shit after I go first, has to super poly me on my second turn, I gladly take the opportunity to activate shaddoll fusion fully expecting vanity but nope he didnt have it and was hoping I didnt have a fusion, well make construct, puppet plant his winda and tribute for vanitys to end him round 10 vs miniboss: floris van asch with shaddoll artifact g1 he plays well and just resolves sanctums and mathematicians for the win, I expected to lose this match and get knocked out but I have to keep going, my mum came with me to the venue to give me for moral support, I never expected to win the last round of day 1 since im just not a very confident individual in general but it actually helped me will myself on to keep going, he still needs to beat me once more so the dream is still alive barely, hope was the last thing to come out of pandoras box I still have that going for me and I still have a chance however slim so get your game on! g2 open math and collapse, take it quickly with a late game bls after refusing to commit with dark armed in fear of super poly g3 he goes first, PLEASE dont have sinister falco that makes things so much harder. he examines his hand annnnnd... ends!? He must have tons of artifacts or shaddolls and tribute monsters (i found out he had caius falco and other weak cards) that don't intract with each other to have bricked that bad, either way drop mathematician for squamata into falco, quick poke for 1500 set sinister and pass. He ends again this is just too good to be true hes done literally nothing whatsoever this game, end phase sinister for beast and revive, beast FLIP effects draws into wyvern and holy fucking fuckedy fuck bls is here again are u kidding me, theres no way he plays gorz just shit my fusion and bls dark armed u name it everything was on the field and otk the hell outta him round 11 final boss: vs the bubble with rajesh and his artifact shaddolls g1 he draws sub par, mathematician puts in work god that card is good, keep attacking with creatures, he ignition begals to get back in but i main phase 2 castel the moralltech since I dont have a read on shaddoll fusion and Pleiades will be a serious threat, still begal walls for a while. eventually I set up dad, pop begal but not the two sets he has since i'llcry If I target a set moral, he sanctums as I attack for game and I have to pass after tribute setting beast over castel, I was pushing my luck keeping it on there for as long as I did anyway and everyones luck runs out eventually. he soul charges for pleiades and a random squamata left on the field, bounces the set beast and passes. I make goyo with a mini dragon to bait out the second bounce and eventually just take the game since hedgehog gets me to fusion with his Pleiades still sitting there. g2 he just bricks and I lay the smack down quickly and easily so im 9-2 and get 20th place, finally topped a ycs after playing this game from the very beginning its like a dream come true, topping was out of the question on friday but everything has fallen into place, mind you I had a lot of luck with bls and opening math quite a bit but 10 years (give or take) of hard work has paid off at last, they announce an update to the standings and I get nervous but am pleased to see im moving up to 19th place due to the changes indirectly affecting me. all my friends congratulate me as does mum who phones my family to tell them the good news, cant get ahead of myself though I still have a job to do in the knockout stage top 32 vs Dominik burrowski with shaddoll artifacts we get deck checked and everything is fine 10 minute time extension lets go g1 I annihilate him the eclipse dad package was too strong once again g2 sanctum kills my momentum and he takes control after a power struggle for several turns and closes the game out g3 we start in time roll the dice and I start, weak hand with no aggression is annoying though so set hedgehog and some s/t and pass, he sets falco sinister monarchs storm forth and sanctum, end phase double sinister for falco and dragon and flip hedgehog, lets clear his backrow since this is my last turn I have to do damage, pop storm forth. draw, summon math send the other dragon since even if I hit sinister I think its ok as long as thats one more unknown backrow out of the way, unfortunately I target the 50/50 sanctum and he chains for moral to pop my set falco with sanctum and math with moral, my plan just falls apart here since morals in defense mode I cant deal damage and I was counting on that falco to get me into armades but now its killed I cant flip it, kill the moral but with no defense the end phase sinister into hedge for dragon deals first damage over math and he wins im confident I could have won with more time but of course unlike the other guy who complained to me, im not gonna be rude enough to say that to a reasonably friendly dude overall, I wish him luck in the top cut, collect the prize mat with my friends and leave to go home. I think this experience has taught me a valuable lesson, playing on dn and at a locals where there are no draws means I need to work on playing in time a lot since clearly its one of my weaknesses, it was very humbling to get this far since like I said I didnt expect to do well at all. There were definitely plenty of other, better players than me in the room so to do well was very lucky for me and helped me put things into perspective rather than get arrogant for getting a premier event top like some other people might. even after losing in the top cut im delighted with how everything has turned out. I hope I made this report reasonably entertaining I dont think im particularly good at writing so I hope you enjoyed, thanks to dgz for helping me improve greatly as a player this couldnt have been possible without this site, I hope this small contribution is me giving back to the community, I hope to enjoy more success at this game but even if I never top another event again i'll be pleased out what Ive done, i've stamped my mark on yugioh history and even though no one will remember me in a weeks time i'll remember what happened on 24-26 october 2014, the 3 days where 10 years of hard work came together for me thanks for reading, nick
  14. Glensworn

    Hi, my name is Glen.  i hav been using this deck for a while now and i think its very good. but i sometimes draw into dead hands with multiple big monsters which is why i added a few cards to the deck, so i woulden't draw all my big guys at once . I am looking for advice as i have not played this game since 2008 until now. however do not ask me to take out dark magician or blue eyes as they are my two favourite and oldest cards and have been in every deck i ever played! Keep it clean guys, I'm all about positivity and constructive feedback. http://i.imgur.com/7x5Zyhu.png  
  15. So I saw where Slim posted that there was a fight at the pre registration, but I just kinda shrugged it off. But then I saw this post, and this really sparked my interest.  Hustleman was a big influence on Pro Winston, who was my mentor at one point.  Was anyone there, or does anyone know of anyone that saw it go down?   Apparently homeboi whooped someone's ass.   And here is the last bit of info in the comment section.
  16. Hey guys, if you don’t know me, my name is Mike Albanese and I just got my 3rd top this past weekend at YCS Philly. I am honestly writing the tournament report not only because I did well, but because all of the ridiculous savagery I witnessed and had to deal with this weekend.   Leading up to Primal Origin I was pretty sure I was playing artifacts, regardless if Nebra Disk was released or not. When the full set was released I started testing. Joey Chou (ARG Vegas winner) sent me a decklist to try out with 5 artifacts, 3 Maxx “C” Cardcar D, Dichotomy, hands and I actually fell in love with the deck and couldn’t imagine not playing it for the YCS. As the event got closer I paid attention to DGz lives that were won mostly with Traptrix over the Cardcar D’s, and when Chumlee Doublestack told me he preferred that I immediately took his word for it.  I know he tests a lot more than I do, and basically told him that I would play whatever decklist he told me to play for the event. I made the deck Thursday, and immediately went 0-2 at locals with it. I typed out a decklist Thursday, confident I would play something like it, and it ended up being the exact list I played.   http://i.imgur.com/xi97U44.png   The Wiretaps were for opposing wiretaps mostly, and breakthrough skill, sanctum, D Prison, and Debunk Post Board. I really liked ignition and red guy all weekend. Ignition is great post board, along with Traptrix Dianaea (Which I don’t think I resolved more than twice all weekend, lol). Crossout was great, because you just can’t really beat armor.   Friday:   We drove down to Philly early, which for us was luckily less than a 2 hour drive. We dropped our stuff off at the hotel and got to the convention center in time for us not to be allowed in -___-   When they let us in at 3 I just signed up got some foreign stuff from vendors, and were kicked out after a fight happened lol. That night I tested a lot against geargia which was a really hard matchup as expected, and the mirror which just takes forever. My room all start arguing about whether or not to play allure of darkness in evilswarm and phrases are said such as “I would rather just play upstart” and “If I have allure and only 2 monsters and I banish 1 of them then I can’t make ophion.” I realize I can’t handle that and just decide to finalize my decklist. I talked to Chumlee Doublestack after this to finalize my decklist and we make final tweaks before I re-sleeve and go to bed.   Saturday:   I tried to get a bunch of translations for all my stuff but I really just hoped nobody would be a faggot which of course is never the case. Round 1 pairings go up and I get matched up against someone who I know from NYC.   Round 1 vs Cecil Duran (Geargia)   Game 1: I win the roll with a 12 and open 1 of each hand and really good traps like warning and wiretap. He sets 4 and ends. I flip ice hand and swing and he takes. The next few turns were me swinging for little damage and warning/wiretap/nightmare everything he tries to do. He eventually goes really plus off a macro chained to ignition targeting my own backrow, but he is so low I just need to stick one monster attack and I do 2 turns later.   Game 2: He opened armor gear but I have warning black horn wiretap and a hand or 2. I summon Ice hand, NOC his armor and swing in for 14. Next turn I top another Nobleman for his 2nd armor, and swing with another ice hand for damage. Eventually he is able to establish a floating board with mk2 getting back accelerator but eventually am able to make them miss timing with ignition + torrential. At one point my grave was a hand and myrmeleo and I had dichotomy in hand and he had 4 backrow and was at 1300. I topped dionaea, popped a non chainable, wiretapped his torrential, made ark and attacked into Prison. Next turn I dichotomy into normal summonable monsters and just summoned and attacked until 1 stuck.   1-0   Round 2 vs Madolche   Game 1: I open 2 Sanctum, Ignition, Fire hand, along with red guy and wiretap. I set them all but 2nd sanctum and pass. He activates ticket and summons Anjelly and I ignition the ticket setting blue guy, and sanctum for red guy popping blue guy which pops Anjelly. He sets multiple backrow and passes. I summon Ice hand and swing with everything, and set nightmare and pass. Next turn I nightmare his hootcake off the boggart knight guy and he scoops. Game 2: He opened Magileine search for Mewfuelle, activates chateaux and passes with 1 set. I draw and set ice hand and a few backrow including needle ceiling. Next turn he summons Mewfuelle into anjelly into hootcake, banishes to summon messengelato and I just needle ceiling his whole board and chain ignition on his field spell. He is already super low on cards and I just swing with hands a bit for game.   2-0   Round 3 vs Geargia   Game 1: He opens arsenal into geargiano back into arsenal, special accel to make gigant to add the accelerator back, and sets several good traps including geargiagear. I open a slow hand and this game is virtually unwinnable.   Game 2: I recall winning this game quickly, I open myrmeleo for nightmare, setting black horn with it, next turn I Crossout his armor, black horn his Gigant off geargiagear, and bury him in advantage.   Game 3: He opened Arsenal + Gear again and literally says how lucky he has gotten today so far. Luckily I have Nobleman for his armor and warning for the Gear Gigant. Late game he uses Gear #2 for gigant, and makes a board of set armor, gear gigant x and 2 backrow and Ally of Justice Quarantine in hand, to my ice hand set, fire hand in hand, and beagulltach in defense, and 1 backrow. I use both hands to destroy his whole field, make emerald main phase 2 to draw into a trap, and he can’t do anything and I win 2 turns later. Another match in which I never saw sanctum, sigh.   3-0   Round 4 vs Evilswarm   Game 1: He rolls an 11 and opens rabbit and my hand is sanctum, ignition, blue guy, red guy, wiretap, and myrmeleo which fetches bottomless, he end phase blind spaces but hit the red guy (if he hits sanctum I win the game when it pops ophion, but I am not that lucky). I know if I draw a hand I can win this game but I don’t and I loss turn 4 to just big monsters attacking.   Game 2: I open hands and traps and t1 sanctum and he is already too far behind. He scoops really early in this game to Moralltach, ice hand, myrmeleo, and my endless backrow.   Game 3: This is when I knew I was not going to do well at this event. He summons thunderbird and sets 2 backrow. I can crack with ice hand but decide to set it since it’s my only monster and I saw Prison game 2. I set 4 backrow, which were breakthrough, 2 black horn, and I believe call of the haunted, compulsory and MST. He end phase spaces my breakthrough and I act really upset, and my body language convinces him to XYZ into ophion which is answered by my black horn. He uses castor summon to summon another thunderbird and passes. I draw another non-monster and decide to try and go in with ice hand. I attack into 3 backrow, he responds with soul drain and I am forced to MST, he chains Pandemic, then MST (Hoping to make Ice hand auto lose) and I have 3 set, a dead call, compulsory (Which I plan on using on the hand) and Black horn. Of course he targets the black horn, I chain compulsory to put ice hand back in my hand. He draws MST for turn, hits my black horn which is my last backrow, summons castor, makes ophion to search, summon kerkyeon attack for a lot and make dweller. I draw another brick and scoop it up   3-1   Round 5 vs Mythic Ruler   Game 1: I lose the die roll and my opponent opened trade-in, dragon shrine, cards of consonance, and soul charges and his turn takes literally 7 minutes. I consider scooping but I do not, which if I drew a fire hand would have been fine but I don’t and I lose to turn 1 Spark, Felgrand, and some other shenanigans.   Game 2: I summon myrmeleo and search bottomless and set it along with prison, debunk, and everything else ridiculous. I push with hands through his fake backrow, banish all his dragons and he scoops.   Game 3: He opens several draw cards again but with no soul charge. He banishes a redox from hand and guard from grave for tidal and I use Maxx C, he sets 3 and passes. I summon fire hand, pop his tidal, and get ice and swing for 1400, or so I thought. I attack directly, set 3 backrow, and he claims that I never attacked for 1400. We argue for a few minutes and he finally agrees to take the damage (BECAUSE PLAYING BY THE RULES REQUIRES CONVINCING, APPARENTLY). So on his turn he trap stuns and makes stardust and star eater under maxx c, I try to ignition a moralltach during this but he has dd crow for the moralltach, and  swing in for a lot. Next turn I set a bunch and then his turn he is turn 0 of time. I bait a stardust with ignition, so he takes the bait and but I forget that he cannot attack next turn (Literally why I made the play in the first place I can’t believe how stupid I am). When stardust tries to come back I debunk it, and my opponent does not believe that I can do that so we call a judge, and appeal to the head judge again. He rules you can debunk it (Obviously) and I am ahead by 3000 so all I need to do is draw a monster to stop a star eater attack because I have another debunk set. I draw duality which nets me needle ceiling, needle ceiling, deep dark trap hole and I take deep dark. He attacks for 3200 next turn and I can’t find a monster or trap to stop star eater and I lose in time, after realizing the ignition will not allow him to attack. Even if he didn’t attack due to ignition I still lose the game in time by 200. Damn.   3-2   Round 6 vs Geargia   Game 1: He wins the roll and opens armor gear but I stop them, but we both start walling up behind monsters and I realize I will not be able to beat him before I deck out so I scoop for the sake of time.   Game 2: I open myrmeleo to search bottomless and pass with backrow. He sets a monster and backrow and passes. I draw and swing into D prison with myrmeleo, summon myrmeleo to search nightmare and pass. He normal summons accelerator, special summons accelerator, and I ignition chain torrential to make both accelerators miss timing. He then gears into Gear Gigant, which I nightmare, and he doesn’t believe that it makes it miss timing -____- .So we call a judge and he rules that he misses timing, and my opponent appeals to the head judge. Seriously, I know I am X-2 but I didn’t think I would play against actual retards. A FULL SEVENTEEN MINUTES LATER THE JUDGE RETURNS. He explains how it misses timing. I actually just win this game pretty handily with Nobleman of Crossout and hands soon after.   During the Judge call, I posted this status. Needless to say, I wasn't happy.    http://i.imgur.com/v8d7nnA.png     Game 3: He sets a monster and sets 2 backrow, I summon myrmeleo to search nightmare, duality into Nobleman of Crossout, and use it on geargiano, which made my opponent happy because he didn’t lose an armor. I swung for 16 and he doesn’t have the end phase gear! He sets another monster and passes. Luckily, I had another nobleman in my opening hand and this time it hits armor. I summon ice hand and swing for 3000 more. Next turn I warning his zenmaines and the game is over.   4-2   Round 7 vs Bujin - Darren Villanueva   Game 1: I go first with a hand and backrow, and summon hands and swing until he is at a few hundred. He tops duality into yamato and already lost this game but he just decides to show me what he is playing for no reason. I warning yamato. He doesn’t scoop. I attack for game. He scoops. Sometime during this game he mentions his brother won 2 SJC? Like couldn’t he teach you how to be good so you don’t have to play bujin?   Game 2: He opens Yamato and 2 decree and I don’t see MST or ignition or ice hand. I almost win this game but he takes it because I have an inherent -4 due to 4 traps in my opening hand.   Game 3: This is when the shenanigans start. I turn 1 duality into sanctum and he says “You took artifact sanctum correct?” and I tell him yes. He asks “What does it do” because it is foreign. He then starts complaining and calls a judge trying to create a game state which would give me a game loss because I apparently lied about what Artifact Sanctum does. I get a PE minor because I do not have an on hand translation and the game continues. I open very strong and he opens a lot of monsters and it comes down to the point where he is turn 0 in time when I have Pleadies with 1 material that has already bounced this turn. On his turn he blind MSTs my Ignition and I make him aware that he cannot attack this turn. He summons a guy and tries to kill a few of my hands and tries to attack with mikazuchi when I remind him that he cannot conduct his battle phase this turn. This is the following conversation that takes place. “Attack with Mikazuchi” “You cannot attack, you skip your next battle phase” “No, you’re wrong, I skip the battle phase of my next turn” “No, that is incorrect. You skip your next battle phase” “Well maybe I would know that if I could read any of your fucking cards” “WELL I’M SORRY THAT YOU CAN’T READ WHAT THIS ENGLISH YUGIOH CARD DOES” (Everyone watching laughs at him)  He ends his turn with a face up tenki and Mikazuchi. I draw and bounce mikazuchi, summon fire hand for damage, upgrade pleadies into M7, and attack for 4300 for first damage on my 3rd to last turn. I set debunk and black horn and pass. On his 2nd to last turn down by 4300, he summons quilin, specials Hirume, makes Susanowa which I black horn. He Carnations into Susanowa, detachs to search crane to hand, and then uses quilin to pop my M7 which I allow. He attacks my fire hand and on attack declaration he uses hare which I debunk, and fire hand pops his monster and I get ice hand, he summons mikazuchi and attacks ice hand which pops tenki and passes. I draw and use dichotomy and I draw 2 traps off of it, and set them; debunk and black horn, and I set another monster and pass. He draws during his last turn of time and uses Pot of Duality….CONTEMPLATES WHAT TO TAKE FOR A FULL MINUTE and everyone around is like what is this guy thinking about. He takes a card, and then says that he loses….I actually couldn’t physically lose in time to that deck because hands exist but he didn’t have to be such a dick the entire match.   5-2   I struggle to get translations but Chris Leblanc just gives me the whole deck so I have translations lol.   Round 8 vs Hieratic Ruler   Game 1: I win the roll and open myrmeleo into bottomless and have warning as well. He summons tefnuit and I allow it, but I warning the Su. I summon a hand and pass, and swing for 16s and my traps deal with his monsters pretty easily game 1.   Game 2: He opens kuribandit and mills 4 hieratics and a wiretap. I open with black horns and debunks and a hand which swings over the vanilla. He specials tefnuit and tributes it for eset, and I debunk the tefnuit. He doesn’t think I can because it doesn’t require it to his the grave, only be tributed. He calls a judge and he rules you can debunk it. My opponent wishes to appeal and 15 minutes later the judge comes and says you can debunk it. I get him down to 2000 but he pushes with hieratics and gets through all my backrow and the dragons rulers seal it for him.   Game 3: I open insane with myrmeleo black horn and like 2 debunks. He never really sticks a summon and I sanctum for a moral and swing for lethal 2 turns later after stopping every summon and using debunk on his blaster and deep dark trap hole on BLS (lol). If I recall correctly, he soul charged back 3 hieratic and I bottomless them.   6-2   Round 9 vs Madolche   Game 1: Early on I swung with multiple hands putting him at 400, but he came back with a trap stun + palooza play which I maxx c’d in which I drew into all my artifacts remaining and 2 sanctum. He tiramasu’s 2 artifacts in my backrow back to deck (Swag) and attacks into a set fire hand which he tries to divine wrath and casually goes -2 off of it. Next turn I set my sanctums and pass and during his turn destroy everything and swing for game on mine.   Game 2: He opened magiliene into anjelly activate field spell and passed. I summon ice hand and pop his field spell and fire hand attacks of magiliene. I set sanctum and ignition and pass. He Anjelly into hootcake and I Maxx him and he gets messengelato to search the field spell or ticket idr which. I pop his hootcake with fire hand leaving him with a messengelato. He switches gelato to defense and sets a monster and I ignition it leaving him with no backrow. I summon ice hand and make dweller beats over a set fire hand which I made the read on. Next turn he sets 2 and passes and I just swing in for damage. He draws, trap stuns which I allow, and chains palooza which I wiretap. Next turn I just swing, and I swing for lethal the turn later.   7-2   I get 54th after day one as an above average x-2. I switch decks with my friend so my deck is 100% English so I don’t get DQ’d lol. Out of my car that went, 2 of us were x-2 and one was x-1-1 all using the same list. We get some food and crash at the hotel.   Sunday:   We all rush out early and pack the car and get to the convention center before they even open the doors. We get in and post the pairings and see I am playing someone I know pretty well, unfortunately.   Round 10 vs Jarred Randolph – Spellbook   Game 1: He wins the roll and opens crescent into secrets, summon magician, and establish fate for 3. My hand is artifacts and hands. He fates the hand when I attack and I have 0 traps to stop him. I lose pretty quickly.   Game 2: I open 1 of each hand and double sanctum, popping everything during his turn and swinging for a lot and making durendal t2 after attacking for 6500. His turn 1 crescents into secret again, and next turn I negate Master with Durendal and it becomes an MST that hits a Moralltach for the blowout. He can’t really do much and scoops it up.   Game 3: He opens Crescent into secrets for the magical 3rd time in a row, sets up fate for three, summons jowgen and sets 4 backrow. My hand is decent with 2 MST. I savagely eye the fate and MST it. I summon Traptrix Mymeleo and he responds with bottomless trap hole, to which I search bottomless, activate duality and grab sanctum, enter battle phase, and he questions why the myrmeleo isn’t banished and then he reads the card. I attack into Dimensional prison (This D prison hurt a lot because Dionaea was in my hand, but it would be one less Prison to banish my hands). During his standby I chain my other mst to his tower and he sets a backrow and passes. I summon a hand and attack into prison. He summons justice and I am forced to sanctum because time is approaching. I attempt to moralltach the justice but he has fiendish chain which I ignition to set another. During my turn I swing and pass with several traps set. During his turn he outs the moralltach (I don’t remember how) and activates secrets to search tower and pass, still with 3 backrow and this is turn 0 of time. I draw sanctum and set it on turn 1. He draws and bricks on turn 2. I draw fire hand and attack and he is forced to book of moon (I am already up by 1100 and he only has one remaining turn). He draws for turn and for tower, now on his last turn of time. My field is a fire hand in defense mode, a set moralltach, a set sanctum, and a set debunk. He activates reckless, then another reckless, and draws to 8 cards in hand. He tries to summon priestess and I debunk it, and then summons another priestess which I sanctum to pop with moralltach. He them summons Justice of Prophecy. He activates spellbook of fate, looks at his graveyard, and tries to take it back but I can’t let that go. I call a judge and he makes him activate it because the activation was legal. He uses it to put my Moralltach face-down. He  uses crescent and hits secrets FOR THE 4th TIME IN A ROW. He uses it to get life. Uses Life on Priestess to pop my face-down, but it is moralltach which I summon in defense and gets fiendish chained I believe. He uses eternity to get back fate (Which he banishes to used priestesses effect). He enters battle phase and attempts to use spellbook of fate but I have to remind him he already used it and he scoops it up.   8-2   This was the same round I played next to Dalton, and his opponent tried to savagely cheat him but that is a story for another post lol. All my friends are X-2 so I just need to dodge one of them and I manage to.   Round 11 vs Hieratic   I sit down and my opponent doesn’t look familiar and am just incredible thankful I didn’t get paired up against a friend.   Game 1: He goes first and summons Cardcar D and draws 2 cards, and I immediately am relieved when he discards Labradorite dragon. I duality for a compulsory and summon fire hand and attack. He summons dragard targetting labradorite and I have to compulsory the labradorite but he has lance. He attacks my fire hand and it dies. I top a brick and pass and take the 3100. I top ignition or sanctum and am able to get a beagulltach to pop a moralltach and pop the Leo because Moralltach doesn’t target. Main phase 2 he sets another and passes, now with 3 backrow and 1 of which is Breakthrough (Searched with duality I believe). Next turn I swing with beagul and moral and mp2 make zenmaioh, target the 2 that aren’t the breakthrough, then wiretap the breakthrough when he chains it. He is super low on cards and scoops next turn.   Game 2: He opens really slow with just set backrow. I turn 1 summon Myrmeleo and search bottomless and pass after swinging for 16 and setting a few. On my opponents turn he summons eset, tributes to special su and I black horn so and he specials labradorite dragon and passes. On my next turn I summon another Myrmeleo and search for deep dark trap hole. Attack over monster and attack for 1600. At this point I was going to XYZ for Honor Ark because it is just a body that lives and it was another type for the dichotomy in my hand, but I decide to just pass. He summons Koaki Meru Drago and swings over myrmeleo for 300 and passes. During his end phase I am thinking how many outs in my deck there are, 6 hands, 2 dionaea, breakthrough, compulsory, dualities to see them so I figure that I am fine. I draw for turn, Sanctum. Switch myrmeleo to defense and pass. He swings over and passes. My next draw, Another Moraltach, great I think, and pass. He beats my face for 1900 leaving me at 5800. I draw for turn, another irrelevant card and pass. This repeats until three turns later and I am at 100 life points. I draw Maxx C and set it, and he beats over it and passes. I draw for turn, Compulsory and set it as my 5th backrow and pass. He attempts to attacks for game but doesn’t have lance so it returns to his hand. Still in battle phase I sanctum for beagultach, top a set morall and beagul just to wall up. During his main phase 2 he special summons eset, tributes for nebthet, normal summons eset and makes volcasaurus which gets hit with my last backrow, traptrix trap hole nightmare. He looks at his hand, looks at my field, and scoops it up.   9-2. Just as I win I see my friend Nick Blandin win right next to me, shout out to him for his first top and getting 2nd at this YCS. I leave the play area and feel an immediate relief. I was at table 18 and won, I was a stronger X-2, I definitely will get to the top 32. I stand in front of the judges as they start going down the list, all my X-2 friends are getting called.  Tahmid Zaman, Titto Maret, Mike Kinsley, Chris Woolheater, all my friends that are X-2 are called and I am starting to worry. When they get to 25 I obnoxiously ask “What number was that” and they let me know that it was 25th. When they call 27th I sigh in relief, they call my friend Nick who was sitting next to me last round, so I assume I will get 28th. They call 28th, it’s not me and I am starting to freak out. I look to my right and Jonathan Aguero, Jeff Strain, and Luke Feeney, all other X-2’s that also have not been called. This isn’t happening.  29th, nope, 30th, nope, 31st, nope. I start at Luke and realize, there is no way that we are both making it. 32nd, Michael Albanese. Thank god. I breathe the biggest sigh of relief as I walk away from the podium and Christian and Tahmid call me the biggest sack for sneaking in at 32nd lol. I look at the seedings and my friends tell me the guy who got 1st after swiss is playing Inzektors? I look at my side and am wonder what to side for this matchup lol. They take us to the seats and I get ready for top 32.   Top 32 vs Jakob – Inzektors (Literally)   We are sitting down in our pairings for quite a long time and I get a long on congratulatory texts and facebook messages and they made me feel great, I really appreciate the support from all of my friends. I want to thank Scott Page, Parker Roberson, Henry Lee, Alex Ahearn, and everyone else that was following the coverage from away from Philly. But let’s talk a bit about my opponent.  This was his first top, you could tell, and he was insanely nervous. He was asking questions for no reason, asking how many dice I wanted to roll, and I’m just like dude chill we aren’t starting for a while. Then he started asking the judges about how draft work and I want to be like dude don’t worry about it there is absolutely no way you are making it to draft lol.   Game 1: I win the die roll and open myrmeleo, Ice hand, Artifact Sanctum, Solemn Warning, Maxx C, and artifact moraltach. I summon Myrmeleo and get bottomless, setting 3 and feeling confident with my opening. My opponent summons dragonfly and I just immediately pull the trigger too early and flip warning. He passes his turn with 2 backrow. I draw Moralltach and summon ice hand, swinging in for 2900 damage. His next turn consists of him looking at his graveyard, summoning mathematician, sending ladybug, and passing. I end phase Sanctum and pop Mathematician and he chains bottomless trap hole on Moralltach. Next turn I swing in for another 2900, afraid to XYZ due to a read on warning (Which was correct). He draws for turn, immediately looks at his graveyard and I ask when he is trying to leave standby phase. He does and I activate Maxx C. I was right, his card was dark armed dragon which he summons and I draw a card. He activates soul charge to put himself at 200 life points, pops everything that he knows isn’t an artifact, and passes. End phase I use ignition on his last backrow, and set my last moralltach from deck. At this point the following back and forth takes place: Me: Cowboy for game? Him: How? Me: This level 4 and this level 4? Him: Do you play cowboy? Me: OK I am just going to play my turn So I draw and summon a 4 and make cowboy for game.   Game 2: He opens mathematician to send dragon fly, soul charges dragonfly, equip ladybug, does his play and ends with Dragonfly with sword, Centipede, Hornet in hand, and mathematician on the field after I Maxx C his soul charge I open 7 cards. I have sanctum, breakthrough, and fire hand. I draw phase sanctum the centipede but he fiendish chains the moralltach. I breakthrough the dragonfly but he has lance and he makes some ridiculous board and entering battle phase with dweller, centipede, mathematician, dragonfly, dwellers the hand, swings for a lot, and main phase 2 makes Mechquipped angineer. If I had another hand I could break this but unfortunately I draw a brick for turn and lose.   Game 3: I draw my 6 card hand, and immediately look at my friend to my left like “Yeah I definitely top 16’d this event. I have myrmeleo, warning, breakthrough skill, Maxx “C”, Ice hand, and pot of dichotomy. I open myrmeleo into bottomless and set all my traps. I warning his card trooper, and during my next turn I summon ice hand and swing in for 3000. He summons mathematician and a breakthrough skill it, he lances, and sends hornet to grave and passes. I summon another ice hand and swing in for 2900 and he draws a card for mathematician putting him at 2100. He summons centipede, and I bottomless, and he seemingly forgets that he already used lance lol. He soul charges back card trooper and mathematician, putting him at 100, to my field of ice hand, ice hand, myrmeleo. I draw ignition for turn and think, Okay one of his backrow will stop my attack (Waboku) and I will let it resolve, then I will ignition the other backrow and make cowboy for game. I enter battle phase, swing over both monsters, attack with myrmeleo, and he scoops. We have to sign the invite sheets now, and a judge has to escort me to the bathroom (ARG>Konami). But after that Christian Georges and Joe Bogli give me some draft advice on cards to take and not take and after a while draft starts.  Of course I get the draft feature which gives you less time to pick and every reader can see how I can’t draft lol. I open my first pack and my first card is Memory of an Adversary. I was like this isn’t happening lol. My picks are decent and my deck seemed Okay but I didn’t even see most of the cards Joe and Christian told me about. The highlights of my deck were memory of an Adversary, 2 Warwolf, Luster Dragon, Goblin attack force, Book of Moon, Evilswarm Salamandra, White Knight Dragon, but nothing else really notable.   Top 16 vs Adam – Stupid Draft Deck   The judge brings us to the feature match area and tells us that they always feature the players that they feature during the draft portion. We sit down and we are informed they are featuring dragon duels instead LOL.   Game 1: He wins the Roll and sets some mecha phantom beast garbage and he gets 2 tokens when I attack it. He tribute summons something I don’t remember and proceeds to beat me because he has a set up and my spells and traps are just plain awful.   Game 2: He locks himself under reckless greed and I ride White Knight Dragon to victory. This game he also asked WHAT MEMORY OF AN ADVERSARY DID. OKAY.   Game 3: We are approaching time and he is winning and starts ruthlessly stalling in defense because he is ahead. At one point I think that I am going to win because he makes a huge mistake with an interaction with Krebons. I declare an attack and he uses an attack modifier, and I use an attack modifier, then he tries to negate the attack with Krebons LOL. I am down in time and he top decks Sinister Serpent to stall out and last turn of time I finally top a piercer, summon it into his field against a set sinister serpent but he has fucking threatening roar. So stupid. FUCK. Unreal. Didn’t know how Krebons worked or what Memory of an Adversary did. God Damnit.   I lose and wish good luck to Corey, Nick, and Chris and they all ended up getting top 4, so congratulations to them. I get my pity packs and wait to open them and pull shit. Right now it’s Monday and I’m writing this and I am sick as shit. But I digress. Besides people being savages all weekend and the judging being subpar, I am happy that I got my 3rd top this weekend, and it was great seeing everyone that I rarely get to see.   Lastly I want to give a big thanks to Chumlee Doublestack (Matt) for helpings me out and giving me the list I played for the weekend.   Props:   -          Sneaking into top 32 -          Getting past top 32 for the first time -          3rd top! -          A lot of people from my locals, area, and my friends doing well in the event   Slops   -          Luke going X-2 and not topping -          Losing to someone that I know that I am better than -          Draft -          Time -          Savages/assholes/sharks that I had to face all weekend -          Riddge, Azad, Manny, TJ, and all my friends that lost r11 -          Getting really sick -          Having so many judge calls, like since when did people become so retarded?   See everyone at ARG DC!
  17. Follow My Voice

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAPbYqCiU3Q       1 Rescue Rabbit 3 Maxx "C" 3 Evilswarm Castor 3 Evilswarm Mandagora 3 Evilswarm Kerkyion 3 Evilswarm Heliotrope 3 Evilswarm Thunderbird   1 Book of Moon 1 Reinforcement of the Army 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Infestation Pandemic 3 Forbidden Chalice 3 Upstart Goblin   1 Solemn Warning 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Infestation Infection 3 Vanity's Emptiness   1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Dark Hole 1 Dimensional Fissure 1 Soul Drain 1 Macro Cosmos 2 Black Horn of Heaven 2 Needle Ceiling 3 Debunk 3 Light-Imprisoning Mirror   3 Evilswarm Ophion 1 Evilswarm Bahamut 1 Evilswarm Nightmare 1 Evilswarm Excition Knight 1 Number 101: Silent Honor Ark 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1 Number 85: Crazy Box 1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle 1 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Diamond Dire Wolf 1 Maestroke, the Symphony Djinn   Thoughts? I will give explanation for card choices upon request.  
  18. Geargia for YCS Philly

      Deck List: 40 Monsters: 13 3x Geargiaccelerator 1x Geargiano 3x Geargiano Mk-II 3x Geargiarmor 3x Geargiarsenal Spells: 9 1x Book of Moon 1x Dark Hole 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Soul Charge 3x Upstart Goblin Traps: 18 2x Black Horn of Heaven 1x Bottomless Trap Hole 2x Call of the Haunted 1x Compulsory Evacuation Device 2x Fiendish Chain 3x Geargiagear 2x Mirror Force 1x Solemn Warning 1x Torrential Tribute 3x Wiretap Extra Deck: 15 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Daigusto Emeral 1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight 3x Gear Gigant X 1x Ghostrick Alucard 1x Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 1x Number 101: Silent Honor ARK 1x Number 103: Ragnazero 1x Number 20: Giga-Brilliant 1x Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk 1x Soul of Silvermountain 1x Temtempo the Percussion Djinn 1x Wind-Up Zenmaines Side Deck: 15 1x Ally of Justice Cycle Reader 2x D.D. Crow 2x Maxx "C" 1x Dimensional Fissure 1x Mind Control 2x Breakthrough Skill 2x DNA Surgery 1x Macro Cosmos 2x Mind Crush 1x Soul Drain   Hey DGZ! As the name implies, this is the deck that I intend to play with at YCS Philly next weekend. However, I'm aware that this isn't as good as it can be. I've been a little out of touch lately with the latest techs and strategies for the post-PRIO format, so I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing to prepare for it other than expect the obvious increase in play of Scraps and Madolches, as well as the introduction of Artifacts. My main concern is with the Side Deck, which is constantly changing. What are the best cards to side for this event? Overall though, I believe that every aspect of the deck could be improved to some extent. So please, give me any constructive criticisms that you may have, and I'll do my best to either replicate the advice, or explain to you why I choose not to make that decision. Thanks for reading!
  19. my ghostricks for regs

    Main Deck: (40 Cards) Monsters: (16 Cards) 3x Ghostrick Jiangshi 2x Ghostrick Lantern 3x Ghostrick Specter 3x Ghostrick Mary 2x Ghostrick Jackfrost 1x Dark Armed Dragon 2x Cardcar D   Spells: (8 Total) 3x Pot of Duality 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Book of Moon 1x Dark Hole   Traps: (16 Total) 1x Bottomless Trap Hole 2x Needle Ceiling 3x Ghostrick Panic 1x Compulsory Evacuation Device 1x Solemn Warning 1x Torrential Tribute 2x Dimensional Prison 3x Fiendish Chain 2x Black Horn Extra Deck: (15 Cards) 2x Ghostrick Alucard 1x Mechquipped Angineer 1x Temtempo the Percussion Djinn 3x Ghostrick Dullahan 2x Slacker Magician 3x Downerd Magician 1x Giga-Brilliant 1x Zenmaines 1x Acid Golem   i made some changes!
  20. From near and far to fair Turin you came To nobly test your skills, and in the end Inscribe today, for ever more, your name Onto the glorious list of those who did prevail. Be crowned the Champion of this tournament Joining a hundred, four-and-twenty peers, Or else, if bested, proudly still to claim I Dueled in the 125th Event! Click here for live coverage!
  21. Machina Gadgets

    Main Deck: 42   Monsters:17 3x Green Gadget 1x Machina Cannon 2x Machina Fortress 2x Machina Gearframe 3x Red Gadget 3x Tin Goldfish 3x Yellow Gadget   Spells: 15 1x Book of Moon 1x Dark Hole 3x Double Summon 1x Forbidden Lance 1x Heavy Storm 1x Limiter Removal 1x Monster Reborn 2x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Night Beam 1x Pot of Avarice 2x Pot of Duality Traps: 10 2x Bottomless Trap Hole 1x Dimensional Prison 1x Mirror Force 1x Solemn Judgment 1x Solemn Warning 1x Starlight Road 2x Torrential Tribute 1x Ultimate Offering   Side Deck: 15 1x Cyber Dragon 2x Effect Veiler 1x Genex Ally Duradark 1x Maxx "C" 1x Tragoedia 1x Mystical Space Typhoon 2x Soul Taker 1x Breakthrough Skill 2x Mind Crush 3x Soul Drain   Extra Deck: 15 1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1x Stardust Dragon 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Daigusto Emeral 1x Evilswarm Ouroboros 1x Gagaga Cowboy 2x Gear Gigant X 1x Gem-Knight Pearl 1x Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 1x Number 11: Big Eye 1x Number 16: Shock Master 1x Number 39: Utopia 1x Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1x Number C39: Utopia Ray     I am trying to make this deck the best that I can before YCS Meadowlands comes around. I have no idea what's missing, I just feel like there's some aspect of this deck that I can improve on. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. I want as many opinions on this deck as possible so that it can be at it's full potential for Jersey. Thanks for your time.  
  22. Power Trip

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/VMeirNg87AY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>     Mainboard [40] Monsters [15] [3] Green Gadget [3] Kagetokage [3] Red Gadget [3] Tin Goldfish [3] Yellow Gadget   OR   Monsters [15] [2] Green Gadget [3] Machina Gearframe [2] Machina Fortress [1] Machina Force/Cannon [2] Red Gadget [3] Tin Goldfish [2] Yellow Gadget   Spells [13] [1] Dark Hole [3] Double Summon [2] Forbidden Lance [1] Heavy Storm [1] Monster Reborn [3] Mystical Space Typhoon [2] Pot of Duality   Traps [12] [2] Bottomless Trap Hole [2] Dimensional Prison [2] Fiendish Chain [1] Solemn Judgment [1] Solemn Warning [1] Starlight Road [2] Torrential Tribute [1] Ultimate Offering   Sideboard [15]   [2] Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo [1] Neo-Spacian Grand Mole [3] Dimensional Fissure [2] Soul Taker [3] Dust Tornado [2] Macro Cosmos [2] Mirror Force   Extra [15]   [1] Stardust Dragon [2] Abyss Dweller [1] Diamond Dire Wolf [1] Evilswarm Ouroboros [1] Gagaga Cowboy [2] Gear Gigant X [2] Maestroke the Symphony Djinn [2] Number 16: Shock Master [1] Number 39: Utopia [1] Number 50: Blackship of Corn [1] Steelswarm Roach   Been thinking of running this for YCS Jersey, only reason being it's cheap, and Shock Master is a hell of a card. Afraid of Gaios mostly, not so much Fire Fist. Unsure of what approach to take either, rank 4 spam with Kagetokage which makes Ouroboros/Shock Master possible with Goldfish/Double Summon + Gadget or even 2 Kagetokage + Gadget. Or the standard Machina suite which adds searchable aggression. Any suggestions/thoughts welcome as long as they are decent and well-informed. 
  23. This is my first report so yeaaaaaaaah.....Tuesday morning friend txts me and asks if I'm down to go to Austin. Friday night I help him look for shit he still needs, he decides to run heroes and I decide to run Agents cuz I'm cheap and don't wanna spend money on megalos. Saturday morning I take a shower and put and my shit in my backpack including the Coaster of Pimps (silver plated coaster fuk yeah) so around 7 am we should up to the center but its closed so we decide to go eat. We find an iHop and see some friends, then bobby brake and friends showed up, pretty cool. Finally get inside the convention center and have to wait for some time to get in. I look for a dweller but ppl kept giving me shitty prices. Sell some stuff, register and I'm ready to roll. Rd1- Fire Fist- Courtney Waller Pretty chill guy G1- I go heavy right into his starlight and it all ges downhill from there. G2- Master hyperion spam G3- Open shitty and he takes the game with rabbit into tiger king ++++++ 0-1 felt like shit after losing the first round but whatever I can still day 2 Rd2 Chaos Dragons-scott something G1- I deal a lot of damage using venus, Phoenix and just take it with a kristya G2- he sets up fast using solar recharges but I was able to take it using electric virus and hyperion 1-1 Let's fucking do this R3- Water-random G1- push his shit in using venus+hyperion+ phoenix G2- he goes undine dragoons, and during draw phase he does aoi getting rid of my only monster... fuk me G3- he opens the nuts compared to my x2 shine ball and BLS... SALT 1-2 Okay so I have to win 6 in a row, not impossible R4- Spellbook- Random G1- he goes magician to secrets, secrets to master, master to tower. Summon venus he does fate -_- and then summons kycoo. :/ G2- go venus into gachi, he does spellbook shit and just shits on my with kycoo 1-3 So no way to day 2 :/ but decide to just enjoy the rest of my day play a guy for 5's. He opens gateway D: not fun. Decide to do win-a-mat since there was nothing better to do. Rd1 Wind-ups G1 he goes factory set 1 summon rabbit end phase search. I go heavy, venus phoenix banish agent in hand to leave him really low. He brings back rabbit summons rat goes into invoker, special warrior summon shark make volca kill hyperion run over venus and phoenix. My turn I go mind control volca eff he fiendish chains and I just summon kristya for GG G2- venus phoenix Hyperion is not fun Rd2 Fire fist G1- he goes tenki into bear set 1, I mst and tell him I have game... procced to win using hyperion x2 and venus. G2- he goes tiger king but hyperion just runs over it and royal decree just shuts him down R3 Chaos Dragons G1- he draws shit and he doesn't have a lot of answers G2- x2 solar recharge and allure set up his hand but I sided in electric virus and I attack with everything since he milled gorz and trag. So fuck yeah I won the mat find out it goes for around 80+ so its cool I guess Props: -won the mat - sold a lot of stuff -bought a lot of cheap stuff - met a lot of chill people - didn't get jacked - ate some good bbq - saw a lot of hot chicks Flops: - did really bad - friends didn't do too well either - wasn't able to language swap with the german guys there since I couldn't find them - didn't get any girls number - didn't pull anything good from my packs
  24. [color=#CCCCCC][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2]Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series - Miami, Florida[/size][/font][/color] [color=#CCCCCC][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2]Miami Airport Convention Center[/size][/font][/color] [color=#CCCCCC][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2]Feb 15-17 2013[/size][/font][/color] [color=#CCCCCC][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2][More information will be edited in when available][/size][/font][/color]
  25. First Time in Wash St.

    Well, I don't really know how I want to start this report, but here goes. At first, I thought about taking Inzektors here since I'm super comfortable with the deck, but I didn't feel like dealing with all of the Wind Up match ups. When everyone started talking about bringing back Dino Rabbit back into play that stopped me from running it altogether. I get destroyed by Allen in this tournament match by Agents, idk if he just drew really well or what, but I still got destroyed, so I considered running Agents. They have a lot of coverage, and a well-timed Kristya stops everything cold. I immediately start testing the deck, and testing results turned out pretty well. I hadn't had much testing against the Water.dek and I got zero testing against MacroRabbit. My tournament report will be different this time since I feel like giving a match to match report may take away since I won't remember every single detail. I obviously remember the losses, so I'll highlight those. The breakdown of everything I played against was: 2 Wind Up 2 Atlantean 1 Gravekeeper 1 Macro Rabbit 1 Junk Doppel 1 Hero 1 Dark World 1 Frog So I finished x-3, eventually losing to tabman (Wind Up) r9. My other two losses were against Atlantean and Macro Rabbit. I should have won the Atlantean match 2-0, but I didn't go into Gachi under Maxx C, because his only out to me leaving everything up was Dark Hole, and of course he had it. g3, I believe I opened with Tour Guide, Earth, Soul Drain, Bottomless, Dark Hole, Heavy Storm. Instead of sitting on Zenmaines w/ Soul Drain + Bottomless, I just summoned an Earth, set the two and passed. I get my Bottomless blind Mst'd, and I chain Soul Drain to Megalo. He still has Diva, so he gets Marks, and pushes for 7k through my Earth. Not really much I can say about the Macro Rabbit loss. I opened x2 Herald, Kristya, Sangan, Venus, and Warning I want to say against Tkro + Macro and 2 other sets. g2 was pretty much the same thing, except my opening was 2 Earth, 2 Venus, Tking, and Kristya. He opens with Banisher + Lance and sets. Game went downhill from there. There aren't too many other highlights from other matches, although I would like to point out a few situations. There was a scenario where I played against this Wind Up player, he lets my Dark Hole go through, destroying his Shark/ Mag/ and ripping a material from Zenmaines, I have Trag in hand, so I don't commit to the field, and in my end phase, he destroys his set Starlight. Last round of swiss on Saturday, I thought I was going to get blown out by DW, even though he made a desperate play. He hits me with two Dragged Downs, ripping Hyperion and Venus, but on the Snoww discard, I had to Herald it. After that, I'm left with Kristya, Monster Reborn, and a Earth I believe. He Card D's with no cards in his hand, but he tore my strong hand apart. It was still a grind with him topdecking and me trying to stabilize a field before he rips into his own Reborn for my Kristya. I end up pressing with Earth and Card Trooper, so by the time he does get to my Kristya, I have an answer for it. In the last round of swiss, I just decide to play for the heck of it. We're playing and all, and I make a bold play summoning Earth, setting two Warning and passing. My hand was Hole, Storm, Venus, Hyperion, Kristya iirc, so anything outside of him having SLR was pretty much game. I warning both his Alius and AHL play, then I otk him next turn, and he's like "did you present your deck to me at the beginning of the match?" I tell him, "yeah, right after you asked me if I was playing 40 cards." So he goes into this whole thing about me stacking, and how I didn't stack well enough because I ended up being an x-3. I'm like, you know we're both x-3 right? Even if I wanted to cheat you, it wouldn't serve me much of a purpose. He says, so you are cheating me then? I'm like unfreaking believable. We're in g2, and he's all apologizing talking about he was just frustrated that he works so hard (blah blah blah) to make top cut and he just loses. Going back into g3, I hold all of my power cards, grind him down, and blow him out. As he's scooping, he's like, just to make sure, you didn't stack me in g1 right? I just sign my slip and pack my stuff up. I should have called a judge, but I was just so stunned that someone could be like that, as someone with no hope for contention no less, asking me something like that. So that's pretty much how my weekend went as far as ygo was concerned. Saturday night, I did run some matches with that Justin Delhoun guy. I was casually playing just to get a fix, but he destroyed me match one. I couldn't let him dougie on me like that, so I destroyed him the next two matches. As far as the list goes, its pretty much Bobby's deck card for card. You can ask him for the side deck if you like, but I copied that as well. I do regret not getting more testing in with the deck myself. As usual, it was nice seeing all the other dgzers again, and meeting new ones this time, since I've never been to that area to play before. I think Gagaga took like a mini pic, since everyone else had their own stuff going on. It was rather unfortunate that most of the favorites for taking it were eliminated in Rounds 9/10, but it happens I guess. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this breakdown of what ygo was like for me this weekend. Thanks for those that were rooting for me, and actually considered me along with the other favorites. I appreciate it much more than people may think.